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Strange men's hairstyles: with photos

Today, about 100 varieties of haircuts and hairstyles are popular, although more recently, men had only a few models. Despite this, cases of poorly selected and even extreme images with hair are not uncommon due to low awareness or special outlooks on life. Not every man has the time and ability to find out the latest fashion trends or visit a salon.

Due to inexperience or strangeness in the character, unsuccessful male haircuts are often selected that give the image of comicity, absurdity or completely spoil the idea of ​​a person. But the image and reputation of a modern man directly depend on the condition of the hairstyle, so you should talk separately about the most curious and ridiculous haircuts, which you should not choose and try on for your image.

Why are some haircuts considered unsuccessful?

If you carefully consider strange men's hairstyles on photos and Internet sources, you can see several distinctive trends that spoil the look. Most often, men make a mistake in choosing a haircut, not taking into account their own hair structure, age or face shape. As a result of this, the hairstyle does not lie down correctly, and the appearance acquires an awkward and comical shade.


The most common mistake of a chosen hairstyle is its excessive lickiness. This effect can be achieved in several ways. For example, with excessive use of styling products, such as gel, varnish or wax. Also, a sleek hairstyle will look if a man lacks the natural volume of hair and improperly selected technology for cutting hair. For rare and thin hair, an experienced master selects a graduated, multi-layer, cascading version of the haircut, which creates additional volume.


Strange inclinations and preferences are also not uncommon in modern society, as for men's haircuts. Haircuts with a curly clipping that can be complemented by shocking coloring also look very strange on adult men. This trend is observed more often among young people, although there are representatives of respectable age who prefer to stand out from the crowd in a very strange way.

Not suitable for appearance

The type of appearance and shape of the face are also indisputable criteria by which it is important to choose a haircut and hairstyle for every man. Several forms of face are distinguished - oval, round, square, elongated, heart-shaped. Only the first is suitable for any haircut model, the rest need correction. Due to ignorance, many men incorrectly choose a haircut for the shape of their face, further emphasizing its shortcomings and imbalance.

Inexperienced hairdresser

The success and new experience of a man directly depends on the qualifications and experience of the hairdresser, therefore it is important to select the institution of such services responsibly. Often on the street you can meet the victims of an uneducated hairdresser or a novice in this business. As a result of this, you can observe awkward haircut forms, uneven edging or complete asymmetry and disproportionate haircuts.

Photo gallery of unsuccessful haircuts

You can view the most extreme hairstyles of men in the following photos, collected from different sources by stylists and hairdressers.

Bad Celebrity Haircuts

In fact, the most terrible men's hairstyles can be seen not so much on the average person as on public figures who regularly flash on TVs. Many Internet and print publications publish photographs and stories about the most famous horrible men's haircuts, which were shown to the world by the media of show business.

The following names are in the top list:

Robert Pattinson and his extravagant haircut with a shaved element on the back of the head, which neither society nor stylists accepted at all.

James Franco also shocked the public when he appeared with a clean-shaven head and a tattoo on the back of his head.

For shooting a movie, Colin Farrell tried on an image of an extremely terrible hairstyle, namely combing off rare hair on a receding hairline.

Zac Efron, a popular American actor, also once went too far with the image in pursuit of sloppy grunge styling.

Donald Trump closes the top five most unsuccessful male haircuts of celebrities. Rare and thin hair of such a yellow shade look completely inappropriate for such a status person, according to stylists.


First of all, any terrible male haircut not only spoils the idea of ​​a man, but also radically changes his facial features for the worse. Wrong choices can cost a reputation, image and many other important aspects of life. Therefore, it is worth once again looking at photos and cases of extreme male images in order to remember how you do not need to look.

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