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10 best hemorrhoids ointments

If symptoms of hemorrhoids are detected, do not delay treatment. It is necessary to consult a specialist, or to independently choose an effective home remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids in men or women. It is worth considering that in this case the drugs will differ depending on the patient’s gender, therefore it is best to choose a medicine aimed at treating hemorrhoids and the male or female body. Male hemorrhoids are considered more progressive and complex., Since it is most often caused by physical work and overstrain.

Differences between male and female drugs

As a rule, drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease for men do not have strong differences from female medicines, except for the composition. The gender criterion should not be the main one when choosing a medicine. However, it is worth considering that female drugs for the prevention of hemorrhoids can differ in increased dosages of the drug, due to the predisposition of the female body to this disease, as well as a reduced dose, in the case of treatment during pregnancy.

There is no such division of drugs for hemorrhoids into male and female, none of the medications indicates which gender they are suitable for, except for medicines for pregnant and lactating women.

As a rule, a strong half of humanity needs to take drugs with high doses of drugs to treat hemorrhoidal ailments. In particular, this applies to bleeding, acute and chronic hemorrhoids. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor.

The best drugs for treating male hemorrhoids

It is difficult to choose a high-quality and fast-acting remedy for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids in men due to the wide variety in the pharmaceutical market. In this case, it is worth paying attention to preparations containing diosmin, rutin, troxerutin, hydrocortisone.

Among the most popular and effective drugs are:

A drug

Release form



Venotonic, anti-protective, vasoconstrictive, anti-inflammatory

Vascular strengthening, tonic, wound healing

210-698 rub. (depending on the form of release)

Pain reliever, vasoconstrictor, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial

Hemostatic, wound healing, venotonic, angioprotective

Healing, healing, hemostatic, strengthening

Wound healing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, disinfecting

Anesthetic, restorative, wound healing, anti-inflammatory

The effectiveness of drugs of various forms

There are many drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids in men, which differ not only in production and basic composition, but also in the form of release.

The following categories of drugs for hemorrhoids are distinguished:

  • anticoagulants - adversely affect blood clots, prevent thrombosis,
  • anesthetics - anesthetize, relieve tightness, burning and tension of the anus,
  • venotonic - stop blood loss, narrow and strengthen blood vessels,
  • anti-inflammatory - stop the process of inflammation, suppuration, prevent the penetration of bacteria,
  • antibacterial - eliminate sensitivity, irritation, itching in the anus.

Medicines of various forms of release have a different effect on the course of the disease and affect the body in different ways. It is worth noting that some forms of drugs are considered more effective than others.They should pay special attention.

Ointments and gels

This form of medication is the most desirable and effective for the treatment of external hemorrhoidal disease. Thus, the agent is applied directly to the nodes and quickly penetrates the root of the disease. Similar preparations can also be used for internal administration into the anal area using a special applicator.

Among the most popular ointments can be distinguished:

  • Relief, Relief Advance,
  • Heparin ointment,
  • Hepatrombin,
  • Troxevasin,
  • Troxerutin
  • Vazoket,
  • Posterized.

The use of ointments for external use allows you to quickly get rid of redness and irritation, itching, relieve swelling of tissues and contribute to the healing of cracks.

Hemorrhoid Cream

The cream also refers to external medicines, which are most often used to treat external hemorrhoidal disease. The cream has a thicker, astringent texture compared to ointments, moisturizes and protects against damage.

Popular preparations of a creamy base include:

  • Relief
  • Zenmed
  • Natural cream based on belladonna and chamomile.

Also, for this purpose, home-made products, baby creams can be used to moisturize and soften the affected area.

Pills and capsules

In the prevention of hemorrhoidal disease, oral medications are often used. Tablets and capsules help to quickly cope with internal bacteria, kill microbes, eliminate inflammatory and infectious processes, and also accelerate the healing process.

Among the popular drugs for the treatment of male hemorrhoids can be identified:

It is worth noting that drugs of this form of release have a strong effect, and therefore should be prescribed exclusively by the attending physician, in order to avoid overdose and the appearance of side effects.

Rectal suppositories

Suppositories or rectal suppositories are considered one of the most effective drugs in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Due to their release form and composition, they penetrate directly to the pain point, relieve pain and heal microcracks.

Among the known active preparations in the form of suppositories suitable for the treatment of hemorrhoids in men, it is worth highlighting:

  • candles from belladonna or belladonna extract,
  • sea ​​buckthorn
  • ichthyol,
  • Nigepan
  • Procto-glivenol,
  • Ultraproduct,
  • Olestesin
  • Proctosan.

A distinctive feature of suppositories from hemorrhoids is naturalness, ease of use, accessibility and almost complete absence of contraindications.

Remedies for hemorrhoids - choose the most effective

It is necessary to choose a medicine for the complex treatment of hemorrhoidal disease, taking into account the characteristics of the body, the form and severity of the disease. It is also important to choose medicines by composition and favorable properties. It is best to avoid medications that have a large list of side effects and contraindications.


Detralex is available in the form of tablets coated with a protective coating, the main active ingredient in the composition is diosmin, and the dosage is 500 mg. This drug is suitable for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoid ailments of various forms, it has proved itself well in the treatment of acute, chronic and impaired hemorrhoids.

  • Indications: hemorrhoids, venous insufficiency, brittleness, ulcers.
  • Contraindications: individual intolerance and allergy to diosmin, pregnancy and lactation.
  • Side effects: dizziness, digestive upset, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting.
  • Features of admission: take 2 tablets during and after meals, the course of treatment is from 7 days.


The drug is presented in the form of ointments and tablets, the main active ingredient in the composition: troxerutin, lactose, magnesium stearate, carbomer.The medicine is suitable for the treatment of hemorrhoids ailment of the 2-3 form of development, reduces the severity of edema of the lower extremities with varicose veins, is used to heal cuts, wounds, abrasions, trophic ulcers.

  • Indications: bleeding and dry hemorrhoids, venous insufficiency, ulcers, therapy after removal of varicose blood clots.
  • Contraindications: individual sensitivity to composition, breast-feeding, early pregnancy.
  • Side effects: allergic reaction, rash, redness, dermatitis and skin diseases.
  • Features of reception: capsules take 2 pcs. twice a day for 3-4 weeks, the ointment is applied to the sore spot twice a day, the course of treatment is not limited.


Available in the form of a medicinal gel and suppositories, the main active ingredient in the composition: phenylephrine, hydrochloride, shark liver oil, glycerin, petroleum jelly. As auxiliary components of candles, paraffin, corn oil, wax, vitamin E and mineral oil are used. This remedy of both forms is useful for eliminating bleeding, inflammation, healing of wounds and cracks.

  • Indications: hemorrhoids of the external and internal type, anal microcracks, itching, erosion of the walls of the colon.
  • Contraindications: thromboembolic disease, sensitivity to components, allergies, granulocytopenia.
  • Side effects: a sharp increase in the tendency to hypercoagulation.
  • Features of admission: ointment is applied externally to the affected area from 2 to 4 times a day, suppositories are applied internally 3 times a day, the course of treatment is purely individual.


Therapeutic and preventive medicine, produced in the form of a cream and rectal suppositories, the main active substance: heparin, allantoin, dexpanthenol. It is rapidly absorbed by the skin, penetrates a pain point, relieves burning sensation and pain, improves the condition of blood vessels, and also stimulates blood circulation.

  • Indications: prevention of venous pathologies and thromboses, ulcers, convulsions, hemorrhoids, sports injuries, wounds, abrasions.
  • Contraindications: increased bleeding, bleeding disorders, hemophilia, tendency to form blood clots, thrombocytopenia.
  • Side effects: allergies, spots, itching, redness, rash.
  • Features of admission: ointment is applied to the affected area up to 3 times a day, with venous inflammation, do not rub, but apply a bandage to the wound, a course of treatment of 3 weeks.


The drug is a local anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, produced in the form of rectal suppositories, the main active ingredient in the composition: sodium etazole, extraction of sea buckthorn oil, anestezin, tween. The drug helps to accelerate wound healing and regenerative processes in the tissues of the colon, eliminates inflammation, soothes itching and irritation of the mucosa. Due to its conditional naturalness, pregnant women from the third trimester are allowed to use.

  • Indications: hemorrhoids of different stages, itching of the anus, erosion of the anus, fissures, prostatitis therapy.
  • Contraindications: individual sensitivity or total intolerance to the constituent components.
  • Side effects: an allergic reaction is possible with anus sensitivity.
  • Features of admission: standard dosage - 1 suppository twice a day, the course of treatment varies from 5 to 10 days, depending on the complexity of the case.


A natural medicine, produced in the form of an ointment, the main active ingredient in the composition: heparin, anestezin, benzyl ether, the basis for ointment. Heparin favorably affects inflammatory and infectious processes inside the colon, reduces irritation and swelling of tissues, dilates blood vessels, quickly anesthetizes, and reduces itching and the sensation of bulging anus.

  • Indications: thrombophlebitis, venous inflammation, various forms of hemorrhoidal disease, ulcers, obstruction of the veins of the colon, erosion.
  • Contraindications: reduced ability to coagulate blood, necrotic ulcer phenomena.
  • Side effects: hyperemia of the skin, allergies, hypersensitivity of the dermis, rash, itching, redness.
  • Features of admission: ointment is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin 2-3 times a day, is rubbed, does not wash off, the course of treatment is from 7 days.


Known antihemorrhoid drug in the form of ointments and rectal suppositories, the main active drug substance: bufexamak, bismuth subgallate, lidocaine hydrochloride, titanium dioxide. As auxiliary components can be: wax and petroleum jelly - for candles, ointment base - for ointment. This combination drug is able to quickly cope with severe pain, spasms and swelling of the colon, therefore it is often used to treat acute and chronic hemorrhoids, as well as erosion and cracks in the walls of the colon.

  • Indications: hemorrhoidal disease of stage 1-2, skin pathologies of the anus, inflammation and infection in the rectum, eczema and erosion of the anus.
  • Contraindications: hypersensitivity to the components, tuberculosis, syphilis, anamnesis, dermatitis at the site of the disease, age up to 18 years, pregnancy, feeding.
  • Side effects: allergies, swelling, peeling of the skin at the site of application, rash, itching.
  • Features of admission: one candle twice a day, to maintain health and periodic prevention of the disease - 1 candle per day, the course of treatment for hemorrhoids is 1 week.

Prevention of hemorrhoids in men

In order to ensure lasting health and to prevent the re-emergence of hemorrhoidal disease, men should adhere to the recommendations of prevention, lead an active lifestyle, try to move more and sit less in one place. It is also advisable to maintain a moderate dietary diet, which will facilitate the work of the intestines and achieve stable stool. It is recommended to refuse to lift too heavy, engage in moderate sports, exclude intense power loads on the body. In addition, it is important to carefully monitor personal hygiene, try to wash yourself after each bowel movement, use soft damp wipes instead of hard toilet paper and do not neglect preventive measures, such as baths, ointments and healing creams.

10 Ichthyol ointment

An effective medicine derived from resins has a wide spectrum of action. The use of such a remedy for a specific disease will help to immediately get rid of three symptoms - pain, inflammation and burning. Nevertheless, they notice that this drug is ideally used only with first aid and the initial stage of hemorrhoids. In severe cases, the product will become just a waste of money. The formula perfectly relieves pain and helps with the first manifestations of the disease, but then the doctor should prescribe a more serious drug.

Proctologists recommend applying an unspecialized pain reliever to areas where special cones and nodes are probed. It can be applied with bandages and tampons, while the product is advised to be diluted with glycerin for a milder effect on the mucosa. Application is possible for both women and men.

The use of ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Presented on the pharmaceutical market a large number of drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids in different dosage forms: tablets, gels, ointments, creams, suppositories, and others. A special place in the line of antihemorrhoidal agents is occupied by ointments with various compositions.

Medicines in the form of an ointment compare favorably with preparations in the form of a cream or gel in that, in contrast to them, the ointment has a fat base and, therefore, better moisturizes the skin, restores and maintains the lipid barrier.The choice of ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids directly depends on the goal that must be achieved as a result of therapy.

So, hemorrhoids ointments are classified as follows:

    Ointments containing anticoagulants. What is the best ointment for hemorrhoids?

The one in which the main active substance of the drugs is heparin, which has a thrombolytic, hemostatic property (stops bleeding), relieves inflammation and swelling.

  • Hormonal ointment. These drugs relieve inflammation, eliminate itching and burning.
  • Antimicrobial ointments. The composition of antimicrobial ointments contains one or a combination of antibacterial substances that prevent or eliminate the complications of hemorrhoids associated with infection.
  • Ointments are analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Ointment preparations containing venosclerosing active substances.
  • Combined preparations in the form of an ointment.
  • When choosing the best ointment for hemorrhoids, you must be guided by the advice of a proctologist. After all, only a specialist can correctly diagnose the disease and prescribe treatment, taking into account the stage of development and the severity of symptoms.

    General indications and contraindications

    Before deciding which ointment is the most effective for hemorrhoids, you need to figure out whether you can use it. Treatment of hemorrhoids with ointments shown in most cases of the disease:

    • with external hemorrhoids, accompanied by bleeding, ointments with a hemostatic effect are indicated,
    • hemorrhoids, in which surrounding tissues are involved in the pathological process, ointments with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects are indicated,
    • if the disease is accompanied by a high risk of thrombosis of the falling veins, it is necessary to prescribe ointments with sodium heparin,
    • with external hemorrhoids, the symptoms of which are severe itching, burning, inflammation of the canal region, it is advisable to prescribe ointments with a hormonal component.

    However, in some situations, the use of an ointment against hemorrhoids may be contraindicated:

    1. Individual intolerance to the active substances or auxiliary components of the ointment.
    2. For ointments with a hormonal composition, the use in the presence of tumor diseases is excluded.
    3. Ointments containing sodium heparin are not used for bleeding disorders (bleeding tendency).
    4. Ointments with any composition are not used for weeping purulent wounds.

    Action spectrum

    When asked what to anoint hemorrhoids, you need to pay attention to the effects of ointments. The spectrum of action is due to the action of the active substances that are part of the ointment from hemorrhoids. The main effects of ointments against hemorrhoids:

    • hemostatic
    • thrombolytic
    • pain medication
    • anti-inflammatory
    • ansipetic,
    • antimicrobial
    • decongestant
    • antipruritic.

    Antihemorrhoidal ointments solve the main problems associated with the manifestation of the disease. Basically, ointments have a local effect, not absorbed into the systemic circulation.

    The main

    How to smear hemorrhoids, what ointment? Here are the main remedies ointments for hemorrhoids.

    Heparin ointment. Perhaps this is the best ointment for hemorrhoids. As active substances contains heparin sodium, anestezin and benzyl nicotinate.

    It has a resolving effect, a light anesthetic property, relieves inflammation and swelling. It is used to treat almost all forms of hemorrhoids in men.

    The drug is contraindicated in case of reduced blood coagulability, traumatic skin disorders at the site of application, with individual intolerance.

    Hepatrombin. Ointment is a lifesaver for hemorrhoids, which contains Heparin sodium as the main active ingredient, as well as Dexpanthenol and Allantoin.

    The drug has a resolving effect and well relieves irritation symptoms. It is used only for the treatment of external hemorrhoids.

    Rootless.If you are interested in which ointment to use for hemorrhoids, then this is a good option. The ointment has a rather interesting composition.

    It contains zinc in the form of carbonate, amber, pearls, Borneol and Bezoar. This wound healing ointment for hemorrhoids perfectly relieves swelling, pain in the anus, stops bleeding, has an astringent and antiseptic effect, effectively relieves itching.

    The drug has no contraindications, provided that all the components that make up the ointment are well tolerated.

    Relief Ultra. A combined preparation in the form of an ointment containing shark liver oil and benzocaine in its composition.

    Rectal ointment for hemorrhoids with a healing and analgesic property. Effectively eliminates itching and pain in the anus.

    Proctosan. Very effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids, the most powerful ointment for rectal use.

    It contains several components: aryl acetic acid derivative - aBufexamac, Titanium Dioxide, Bismuth and Lidocaine. It has an astringent, drying effect, relieves inflammation and soreness. It is used in almost all forms of hemorrhoids.

    Hepatrombin G. The drug contains heparin sodium, prednisone, polydocanol.

    The drug relieves the inflammatory process, reduces exudation, has a regenerating, antipruritic and decongestant effect. It is used for all forms of hemorrhoids.

    Aurobin. The prednisolone, lidocaine and dexpanthenol included in the composition provide the complex effect of the drug - anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, analgesic.

    It is a universal remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids, that is, it can be used in all forms of the disease to relieve pain and itching in the anus.

    Fleming's ointment. Homeopathic medicine. It is used for external hemorrhoids.

    Ointment has no contraindications. Well tolerated. It is usually prescribed as an adjuvant in the treatment of any form of hemorrhoids. The drug relieves inflammation, soothes, softens irritated skin.


    Now you know what ointments for hemorrhoids are. Also in the treatment, other ointments with a different composition are used. What hemorrhoid ointments help relieve symptoms?

    Hydrocortisone ointment with hemorrhoids without prednisone. Quickly relieves itching, inflammation, swelling.

    Prednisone ointment. It has the same effects as hydrocortisone ointment.

    Vishnevsky ointment, or balsamic liniment. The ointment contains several components: Tar, Bismuth, Silicon dioxide and Castor oil. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. It is used for external hemorrhoids. May cause an allergic reaction.

    Tetracycline ointment for hemorrhoids, synthomycin. Ointments are used for hemorrhoids with the involvement of surrounding tissues in the inflammatory process.

    The drugs have an antibacterial effect. Antibacterial ointments are applied to the affected surface 2-3 times a day, after hygiene procedures.

    Levomekol. The ointment in its composition contains chloramphenicol and methyluracil, which provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

    It is used for hemorrhoids, when the inflammatory process affects nearby tissues.

    Ibuprofen, Ibuprofen. Ointment is used for external hemorrhoids. The drug has anti-inflammatory properties, relieves pain and discomfort in the anus.

    What is hemorrhoids

    One of the common pathologies of the circulatory system is internal or external hemorrhoids, which is accompanied by acute pain and discomfort of the rectal region against the formation of hemorrhoids. The disease has a recurrent nature, characteristic of the weaker sex from the age of 20 to 50 years.

    The expansion of the veins of the rectum with the formation of external hemorrhoid cones is called external hemorrhoids. This disease leads to stagnation of blood in the corpora cavernosa, the inflammatory process and thrombosis of the nodes. It is considered one of the most common diseases in the world (5 to 30 percent of men and women suffer). The following symptoms are considered the main symptoms of the external form of pathology:

    • itching in the anus, irritation, discomfort,
    • pain during bowel movements, which is characteristic of exacerbation of the disease,
    • prolapse of hemorrhoids
    • manifestations of minor swelling of the anus,
    • bloody discharge caused by cracks or damage to the veins and fecal mucosa,
    • upon palpation, the doctor reveals cone-shaped formations around the anus.

    Due to the fact that modern office workers are not sufficiently mobile, they suffer from congestion and venous circulation disorders, the logical consequence of which is hemorrhoids.

    This delicate disease manifests itself in pain in the anus, bleeding from it and the formation of hemorrhoidal cones. Many (especially men) are embarrassed by their situation and go to the doctor when the situation is already pretty running out. And this is a big mistake!

    In the early stages, conservative treatment is possible, then you have to "go under the knife." To avoid this situation, you need to contact a specialist on time. And then for treatment it will be enough to use ointments from hemorrhoids, effective in the first stage of treatment - with its external manifestation.

    In medicine, hemorrhoids are a disease that is varicose veins and thrombosis of the veins of the lower rectum. Inflammation is often complicated by bleeding. A common cause is a violation of blood circulation in the vessels of the hemorrhoid plexuses. They consist of cavernous Taurus. Hemorrhoidal nodes are represented by 3 pads and there are:

    • internal - located in the anus,
    • external - perineum located near the anus.

    If only the internal nodes are enlarged, then the hemorrhoids are internal, if the external ones, then the external. According to the type of course, it is acute or chronic. Depending on the cause of the disease, it is classified into:

    1. Primary. It occurs due to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, which is often associated with pregnancy, sedentary work, hard physical labor, and constipation.
    2. Secondary. It develops against the background of other diseases, such as tumors, cirrhosis.

    This is one of the pathologies of the circulatory system that arises as a result of its violation in the vessels of the hemorrhoid plexuses of the lower rectum. This is manifested by discomfort, pain near the anus. The disease is inflammation and an increase in the internal venous nodes of the rectal plexus. They feel itching, burning. The most unpleasant symptom of the disease is bleeding from damaged nodes, their loss from the rectum.

    Domestic preparations

    For the most part, ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids in men, presented on the modern pharmaceutical market, have a fairly high cost. This is more true for imported ointments.

    But among domestic drugs, you can choose an ointment for nodes with hemorrhoids with a relatively low cost: Heparin ointment - the price per pack is 70 rubles, Hydrocortisone ointment - 55 rubles, Vishnevsky ointment - 67 rubles, Levomekol - 120 rubles. With properly prescribed treatment, these drugs can be combined and achieve the effect of expensive foreign complex preparations.

    Types of Ointments

    To stop an exacerbation, a cream for hemorrhoids must have an analgesic effect, relieve inflammation and swelling, and also have a hemostatic property.Therefore, most of the products sold are combined and contain many active substances. However, according to the main therapeutic effect, they can be divided into the following types:

    • anti-inflammatory - steroidal and non-steroidal (NSAIDs),
    • hemostatic (hemostatic),
    • venotonics - anticoagulant and antithrombotic,
    • homeopathic.

    As a rule, all anti-inflammatory ointments have an analgesic effect. However, for therapy should be used all types of creams for hemorrhoids and other medicines prescribed by your doctor. The use of homeopathic remedies is justified by their availability, naturalness and a minimum of contraindications, but not all of them are highly effective.

    The name of the group of funds

    The name of the drug

    The principle of action of the drug

    heparin sodium, benzocaine, benzyl nicotinate

    relieves inflammation, anesthetizes, course - 2 weeks.

    dexpanthenol, heparin, allantoin

    eliminates the occurrence of congestion in the pelvic organs, relieves inflammation.

    prevents the formation of exudate, prevents thrombosis. Absorbs hematomas, relieves swelling, removes pain.

    shark liver oil, phenylephrine

    prescribed for bleeding, the "shark" component acts without side effects.

    shark liver oil, benzocaine

    removes an acute attack of pain, promotes the regeneration of injured tissues.

    reduces itching, pain, swelling of soft tissues. Improvements occur after the first application of the composition.

    accelerates the healing of tissues, reduces the fragility of capillaries, prevents bleeding.

    Prednisone, lidocaine, triclosan, dexpanthenol

    The hormone acts as an analgesic, venotonic. Dexpanthenol regenerates the affected areas of the mucous membrane and epithelium.

    hydrocortisone acetate, esculoside, heparin, benzocaine, framycetin sulfate, butamben

    The hormonal preparation removes pain, inflammation, swelling and redness of the anus, prevents capillary fragility, and contains an antibiotic.

    fluocortolone pivalate, lidocaine

    helps to reduce dilation. capillaries, interstitial edema, tissue infiltration.

    helps relieve inflammation and pain in the anal canal, restores blood circulation.

    calendula, menthol, gammamelis, zinc oxide, esculus

    antihistamine, analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent that strengthens blood vessels and dries up weeping hemorrhoids, can cool an attack of pain.

    horse chestnut extract

    the composition fights inflammation in the rectum, increases the tone of the veins, removes pain, swelling, itching.

    What remedies help with hemorrhoidal disease? It all depends on the active component of each drug.

    The action of the main substance can be:

    • Anesthetizing (relieving pain). Popular ointments: Proctosan, Procto-glivenol, Posterisan, Aurobin, Ultraproct, Relief Advance, Emla,
    • Anti-inflammatory (procto-glivenol, hepatrombin, proctosedyl),
    • Antithrombotic (Heparin ointment, ointment with troxerutone),
    • Antimicrobial
    • Improving blood flow by reducing blood viscosity,
    • Immunomodulatory
    • Wound healing
    • Antipruritic
    • Hemostatic.

    Hemorrhoids often manifests itself immediately with several characteristic signs. For example, hemorrhoidal bleeding is often combined with inflammatory processes, damage to the mucous membrane and infection of wounds.

    A proctologist at the appointment can prescribe a whole range of medications containing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Also, a person may feel itching or burning in the anus. Sometimes quite severe pain in the anal area. In such situations, doctors prescribe ointments that contain several active ingredients at once and give a complex effect.

    Ointments for cones and thrombosis of hemorrhoids

    Before the doctor determines what to treat external hemorrhoids, he examines the patient and only then prescribes a remedy depending on the symptoms, the severity of the disease and other factors. Modern medicine distinguishes several types of medicines for local use. Funds are classified by composition, existing constituents. Often, the treatment of the external form of the disease is carried out using the following groups of drugs:

    1. Ointments with anti-inflammatory effect. Effectively eliminate inflammation, have a mild analgesic effect, remove swelling, redness, and other signs of the disease.
    2. Immunostimulants. Necessary to prevent complications of the disease by strengthening the immune system.
    3. Antiseptics. They are prescribed for disinfection in severe inflammation, which is caused by putrefactive bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.
    4. Homeopathic medicines. They are necessary for the general strengthening of the body. They contain natural active ingredients and are used as adjuvant therapy.
    5. Venotonic medicines. Often included in complex therapeutic measures. They strengthen the membranes of capillaries and veins, improve the elasticity of the vessels of the rectum. Such funds eliminate the symptoms of the disease, and can also affect the cause of the onset of the disease.
    6. A group of hemostatic drugs. Helps stop bleeding in inflamed nodes, increasing blood coagulation.

    Complex therapy

    Now you know which ointments help with hemorrhoids better than others. However, the use of only ointments in the treatment of hemorrhoids will not be highly effective. For successful treatment of hemorrhoidal disease, complex treatment is necessary.

    How to treat hemorrhoids without ointment and with what?The basic principles of hemorrhoids treatment:

      Local treatment: the use of external preparations in the form of gels, ointments for hemorrhoids (their names are listed above), creams. The use of suppositories (suppositories) is also very effective, since this dosage form is able to exert an effect on a painful focus with internal hemorrhoids.

    Suppositories, like other local remedies, may contain one active substance or a combination of both.

    A selection of 12 of the most effective rectal suppositories for hemorrhoids you can see here.

    One of the types of local treatment is therapeutic sessile baths with decoctions of medicinal herbs. Systemic treatment of venous insufficiency. Assigned funds for hemorrhoids in men, ointments and others that can strengthen the venous wall - Venotonics Detralex, Venarus, Troxevasin, Phlebodia.

    The drugs of this group are quite effective in the treatment of the acute stage of hemorrhoids. They are also used as supportive treatment for all forms of venous insufficiency. Diet therapy. Compliance with the principles of proper nutrition is very important in the treatment of hemorrhoids and the prevention of its exacerbation. First of all, the quality of dishes should eliminate the risk of constipation.

    You should also limit spicy, smoked, fried foods, the excessive use of which often leads to exacerbation with hemorrhoids, the ointment in the end will also be required. It is advisable to saturate the diet for hemorrhoids with fresh vegetables, juices, dairy products. Sclerosis treatment of hemorrhoids. The procedure is shown in the initial stages of hemorrhoids, provided there is no thrombosis of hemorrhoids and the inflammatory process of the anal area.

    The procedure is carried out using special solutions that cause denaturation of the vascular wall protein. Infrared photocoagulation. The essence of the procedure is the effect of high temperatures, which cause the process of necrosis of the nodes.

    The method can be used on an outpatient basis. Surgical treatment. Surgical removal of hemorrhoidal nodes.The method has been used for a long time. There are several methods for the surgical treatment of hemorrhoids.

    There is an opinion of experts that surgical treatment should be used only in exceptional cases, when other methods of treatment do not bring the desired effect.

    How to cure hemorrhoids ointment? Basically, one ointment is not enough. The definition of hemorrhoid treatment tactics largely depends on the stage of the disease, which can be diagnosed by a proctologist:

    • at stage 1 of the disease, conservative treatment (local and systemic) is indicated, sclerotherapy and infrared coagulation are possible,
    • at stage 2, conservative treatment, sclerotherapy, coagulation or ligation therapy using latex rings is used,
    • at 3 stages, all types of treatment are indicated, in especially severe cases, surgical removal of hemorrhoidal nodes is performed and maintenance treatment is prescribed.

    If your ointment does not help with hemorrhoids, contact a proctologist to prescribe a more effective treatment and determine which ointments can be used for hemorrhoids in your case.

    Now you know how to spread hemorrhoids at home. We hope our article helped you determine the treatment tactics. Finally, a few recommendations.

    Conservative treatment methods can be prescribed by general practitioners, and minimally invasive (sclerotherapy and infrared coagulation) and surgical treatment are carried out exclusively by a proctologist, followed by outpatient monitoring.

    With the right professional diagnosis of the disease, adequate treatment and the correct determination of which ointment is better for hemorrhoids in your case, the prognosis of the disease is quite favorable. As a rule, the course of treatment for uncomplicated forms of hemorrhoids takes up to three weeks. This time is enough to eliminate the acute manifestations of the disease.

    Recovery period, or the residual period usually takes up to two months. The sooner the disease is diagnosed and rational therapy is started, the faster recovery occurs and the man's quality of life improves. Therefore, it is extremely important not to self-medicate, but to seek medical advice in a timely manner!


    The drug belongs to angioprotectors, anesthetics, microcirculation correctors. It is recommended to use when bleeding occurs. Active components: tribenoside, lidocaine - have a venotonic, hemostatic, vasoconstrictive effect. Due to its combined composition, the drug acts on the cause of hemorrhoids and has a powerful healing effect. Indications: local treatment of hemorrhoids (internal, combined and external), fissures. Apply twice daily until symptoms disappear. Dosage form: suppositories, ointment.


    • relieves swelling and inflammation,
    • improves blood microcirculation, well-being,
    • quickly relieves pain
    • restores the tone and elasticity of the venous plexus,
    • reduces capillary permeability,
    • reduces discomfort
    • convenient forms of release allow you to choose the appropriate treatment option that matches the individual characteristics of the disease.


    • side effects: anaphylactic reactions from the immune system, allergies, increased peristalsis,
    • contraindications: individual intolerance of the active components of Procto-glivenol, liver failure, pregnancy.


    It belongs to the drugs of the levomycin group. It is recommended to use when attaching an inflammatory process (pus, dead tissue) on the skin of the anorectal region. Active components: chloramphenicol (antibiotic) - have an antibacterial effect by inhibiting protein synthesis in the cell of the microorganism, methyluracil has an immunostimulating effect.Indications: boils, burns 2, 3 degrees, purulent wounds, trophic ulcers, the period after surgery to remove hemorrhoids, weeping hemorrhoids. Apply externally for 4 days. Dosage form: ointment.


    • positively affects tissue regeneration in wounds,
    • effective against anaerobic and aerobic positive bacteria,
    • powerful anti-inflammatory effect,
    • relieves swelling, pain,
    • effective not only at the initial stage of the disease, but also when complications occur,
    • Penetrates quickly into tissues
    • there is no negative effect on cell membranes,
    • accelerates healing processes.


    • long-term use is not recommended,
    • banned for use in children under 3 years old,
    • side effects: allergy,
    • contraindications: hypersensitivity.

    List of effective ointments for hemorrhoids

    In complicated forms of pathology, patients are prescribed drugs with a combined composition. They have anti-inflammatory, healing, analgesic, hemostatic, improving local blood flow action. Such hemorrhoid ointments for women or men are not advisable to use with mild symptoms. In these cases, there is an unjustified pharmacological burden on the patient's body. Therefore, treatment schemes include funds that help get rid of the main clinical sign. They contain one of the following ingredients:

    • anticoagulants. Inhibit the activity of the blood coagulation system and prevent the formation of blood clots. Components with a blood circulation improving effect are part of the heparin ointment, hepatrombin G,
    • coagulants. They stop bleeding from the rectum and hemorrhoids due to increased blood coagulation. Hemostatics are contained in the Relief therapeutic line,
    • immunostimulants. Strengthen local immunity, prevent the development of bacterial, fungal infections. The most effective local remedy for activating the body's defenses is Posterisan.

    If the compositionointments from internal or external hemorrhoids do not include antiseptics, then they are prescribed separately. Such medicines are used to prevent complications of the underlying pathology of secondary infections.

    The active ingredients of antiseptic agents are tar, ichthyol, chlorhexidine. It has proven itself in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Streptocidal ointment due to the antiseptic and drying effect of streptocide.


    Hirudoproct ointment is usually used to treat hemorrhoids, complicated by inflammation of the hemorrhoids. The composition of the external agent includes:

    • horse chestnut and sea buckthorn phytoextracts,
    • methyluracil.

    But the main ingredient is a medical leech saliva extract. It has a diverse effect on tissues affected by pathology. After applying the drug, inflammation and swelling are relieved, pain and bleeding from the anus quickly disappear.

    There are many bioactive substances in the saliva of medical annelids that stimulate tissue regeneration. Therefore, Hirudoproct is recommended to be used in the recovery period after surgical removal of nodes.

    Fleming Ointment

    Fleming's ointment helps to get rid of both internal and external hemorrhoids with regular use. The healing properties of the drug are provided by the active ingredients of natural origin:

    • phytoextracts of calendula, witch hazel,
    • horse chestnut extract.

    The course use of a homeopathic remedy improves cellular respiration and microcirculation. Regenerative processes are also accelerated by eliminating venous stasis, increasing the body's defenses.

    This is one of the best analgesic ointments for hemorrhoids. Thanks to its menthol, uncomfortable sensations disappear immediately after application.And zinc oxide gently dries the tissues, preventing the penetration of pathogenic bacteria into them.

    Heparoid Zentiva

    Heparinoid determines the therapeutic effect of Heparoid Zentiva, considered one of the best ointments for hemorrhoids. This high molecular weight chemical compound has anti-inflammatory, antiexudative effect. It is also characterized by anticoagulant activity, which allows the use of Zentiva heparoid for bleeding. Why is the drug prescribed for patients with hemorrhoids:

    • preventing the formation of blood clots,
    • acceleration of resorption of hemorrhages and inflammatory edema,
    • elimination of a feeling of heaviness and pain.

    Despite the fact that the drug contains only one active substance, it is often used for monotherapy. The heparoid Zentiva becomes the first choice for the treatment of sluggish chronic pathology.


    Posterisan does not contain anesthetics and analgesics, however, successfully coping even with intense symptoms. It consists of microbial cells of E. coli, or E. coli, deprived of activity. The drug is intended for the formation of non-specific and specific immunity. Thus, the course use of Posterisan stimulates an increase in the body's defenses. The drug also has other therapeutic properties:

    • relieves inflammation of the rectal mucosa, enhancing the activity of white blood cells,
    • accelerates the restoration of affected tissue pathologies due to the acceleration of metabolic processes.

    Posterisan is an effective ointment for severe itching with hemorrhoids and anal fissures. To accelerate the recovery of the patient, it is combined in treatment regimens with the same rectal suppositories.


    Aurobin ointment should be applied to the inflamed areas of the anorectal region when the first signs of hemorrhoids appear. The composition of the combined drug contains lidocaine, which instantly has an analgesic effect. Aurobin also contains other active ingredients with diverse pharmacological properties:

    • prednisone is a glucocorticosteroid with anti-allergic and decongestant action. A hormonal agent increases the tone of the walls of the blood vessels, reduces their permeability,
    • dexpanthenol is a stimulator of regeneration of the affected epithelium and mucous membranes.

    The therapeutic activity of Aurobin is enhanced by the presence of triclosan. This is a broad-spectrum antiseptic that destroys pathogenic bacteria and fungi.


    In the instructions for use, Proctosedil is recommended to use it for the treatment of both internal and external hemorrhoids. It includes ingredients included in various clinical and pharmacological groups. A local remedy is prescribed for patients with complicated secondary infection and hemorrhoid inflammation. The pronounced therapeutic efficacy of Proctosedil is provided by the following components:

    • hydrocortisone suppresses the inflammatory process, eliminating irritation, swelling, pain,
    • framycetin - an antibiotic that suppresses the activity of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria,
    • heparin sodium, preventing thrombotic complications of chronic pathology,
    • esculoside is a chemical compound that reduces the increased fragility of small blood vessels.

    Proctosedil contains benzocaine and butamben as the main ingredients. They exhibit local anesthetic and antipruritic activity, reduce sphincter spasms.


    The local remedy Procto-Glivenol has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect due to the high content of tribenoside. This component stimulates a decrease in the production of serotonin, histamine, and bradykinin. It is these mediators that are responsible for most of the clinical manifestations of hemorrhoids. Tribenoside also has the following pharmacological properties:

    • contributes to the rapid resorption of edema in the rectum,
    • eliminates venous congestion,
    • reduces the pathological permeability of blood vessels.

    Procto-Glivenol contains lidocaine, which has a local anesthetic effect. This hemorrhoid ointment is relatively safe for pregnant women in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.


    Bezornil is not used in the acute and subacute period, since it does not have a pronounced analgesic effect. He is appointed by proctologists at the stage of remission of chronic pathology to heal injuries. The product contains natural ingredients and useful synthetic additives:

    • artificial musk
    • pearls
    • artificial bezoar
    • amber,
    • borneol
    • zinc carbonate.

    During treatment with Bezornil rarely even local clinical manifestations rarely occur. Therefore, an ointment for hemorrhoids is used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    How to apply hemorrhoids ointments

    Single and daily doses of local funds are determined by the proctologist. It necessarily takes into account the degree of damage to the mucous membranes and skin, the general state of health of the patient. Before the treatment procedure, it is advisable to empty the intestines. If natural defecation is difficult, an enema or a mild laxative should be used..

    If the ointment is intended for introduction into the rectum, then you need to use the applicator. It must be attached to each package. The applicator should be screwed onto the neck of the tube, and then squeeze out the amount of ointment recommended by the doctor. For the treatment of external hemorrhoids, the drug must be applied with a thin layer on the inflamed areas of the skin.

    The most effective ointments for hemorrhoids during pregnancy

    One of the safest is Vishnevsky ointment for hemorrhoids and pregnancy. But many women do not like her very specific smell. Proctologists prefer to prescribe pregnant women with external agents with venotonics. They improve the condition of small and large blood vessels, strengthen their membranes. The use of venotonics (Troxerutin, Procto-Glivenol) has a positive effect on the permeability of veins, arteries, capillaries. But even such relatively safe drugs are not used in the 1st trimester.

    Heparin ointment is used for hemorrhoids during pregnancy. But only after assessing her benefits for the mother and the risk for fetal development.

    How to treat hemorrhoids with ointments

    You can fight the manifestations of the disease with conservative methods in the home environment. First of all, you need to consult a proctologist, go through a detailed diagnosis. The external use of ointments for hemorrhoids depends on the nature of the prevailing symptoms, the stage of the pathological process and the characteristics of the affected organism.

    8 Balsamic liniment according to Vishnevsky

    The cheapest domestic product that appeared at the beginning of the 20th century has been used for almost a hundred years to treat burns, deep skin wounds with suppurations and ulcers. It is also suitable for hemorrhoid therapy. A simple composition of tar and castor oil will have beneficial effects on inflammatory zones. The product remarkably heals wounds and reduces inflammation. Xeroform in the formula has a drying and disinfecting effect. The drug relieves swelling and has an analgesic effect, which is so important for a patient with hemorrhoids.

    In Russia, the treatment of an intimate illness with the help of this product is common. Users respond positively to the best combination of low price and high quality in it. A significant minus will be the strong smell of tar, probably familiar to everyone since childhood. Many patients jokingly notice that even all microbes die from it.


    Refers to hemostatic drugs. Recommended for use with bleeding. The drug is an analogue of water-soluble vitamin K.With a lack of this vitamin in the body, increased bleeding appears, the medicine makes up for this deficiency and has a hemostatic effect. Indications: hemorrhagic disease, bleeding with ulcers of the duodenum, stomach, parenchymatous and capillary bleeding, etc. Dosage form: injection, tablets.


    • allowed during pregnancy, with lactation,
    • quickly and easily absorbed
    • low price,
    • supports hemostasis
    • normalizes blood coagulation,
    • prevents the formation of blood clots,
    • suitable for bleeding of various origins.


    • contraindications: impaired absorption of vitamin K, liver disease, increased blood coagulability, thromboembolism,
    • side effect: hemolytic anemia, allergies, dizziness, jaundice, a change in taste,
    • prescription
    • tends to accumulate in tissues (spleen, liver, myocardium).

    The most effective hemorrhoids ointment for men

    A good ointment for hemorrhoids: which is better? Let's understand the entire spectrum of hemorrhoids ointments according to the list.

    How to smear hemorrhoids, what ointment? Here are the main remedies ointments for hemorrhoids.

    Heparin ointment. Perhaps this is the best ointment for hemorrhoids. As active substances contains heparin sodium, anestezin and benzyl nicotinate.

    It has a resolving effect, a light anesthetic property, relieves inflammation and swelling. It is used to treat almost all forms of hemorrhoids in men.

    The drug is contraindicated in case of reduced blood coagulability, traumatic skin disorders at the site of application, with individual intolerance.

    Hepatrombin. Ointment is a lifesaver for hemorrhoids, which contains Heparin sodium as the main active ingredient, as well as Dexpanthenol and Allantoin.

    The drug has a resolving effect and well relieves irritation symptoms. It is used only for the treatment of external hemorrhoids.

    Rootless. If you are interested in which ointment to use for hemorrhoids, then this is a good option. The ointment has a rather interesting composition.

    It contains zinc in the form of carbonate, amber, pearls, Borneol and Bezoar. This wound healing ointment for hemorrhoids perfectly relieves swelling, pain in the anus, stops bleeding, has an astringent and antiseptic effect, effectively relieves itching.

    The drug has no contraindications, provided that all the components that make up the ointment are well tolerated.

    Relief Ultra. A combined preparation in the form of an ointment containing shark liver oil and benzocaine in its composition.

    Rectal ointment for hemorrhoids with a healing and analgesic property. Effectively eliminates itching and pain in the anus.

    Proctosan. Very effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids, the most powerful ointment for rectal use.

    It contains several components: aryl acetic acid derivative - aBufexamac, Titanium Dioxide, Bismuth and Lidocaine. It has an astringent, drying effect, relieves inflammation and soreness. It is used in almost all forms of hemorrhoids.

    Hepatrombin G. The drug contains heparin sodium, prednisone, polydocanol.

    The drug relieves the inflammatory process, reduces exudation, has a regenerating, antipruritic and decongestant effect. It is used for all forms of hemorrhoids.

    Aurobin. The prednisolone, lidocaine and dexpanthenol included in the composition provide the complex effect of the drug - anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, analgesic.

    It is a universal remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids, that is, it can be used in all forms of the disease to relieve pain and itching in the anus.

    Fleming's ointment. Homeopathic medicine. It is used for external hemorrhoids.

    Ointment has no contraindications. Well tolerated.It is usually prescribed as an adjuvant in the treatment of any form of hemorrhoids. The drug relieves inflammation, soothes, softens irritated skin.

    Which hemorrhoid ointment is better?

    Hemorrhoids involve complex therapy, including oral administration of tablets and symptomatic treatment with local drugs. The latter method is carried out using candles, gels, creams or ointments, which have vasoconstrictive, anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the properties of venotonic or analgesic. The choice of an effective drug depends on certain symptoms of hemorrhoids and their severity.

    The risk of developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy is increased. The reason is a violation of blood circulation in the pelvic area and the pressure of the growing fetus on the internal organs. Pregnant women are prescribed only safe medications, among which inexpensive and effective ones also stand out:

    1. Ichthyol ointment. The active ingredient is ichthammol. The advantage of the tool can be considered multifunctionality. It exhibits antiseptic, keratoplastic, anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic effects. The minus is the specific smell of the drug.
    2. Relief The basis of the medication are shark liver oil and phenylephrine. Plus - can be used with both external and internal hemorrhoids. The drug copes with anal fissures and erosion. Of the minuses of the patient, a persistent and pungent odor is noted.

    It is impossible to determine exactly what is the best ointment for hemorrhoids. Each patient requires an individual approach. Depending on the severity of the disease and the severity of symptoms, various inexpensive and effective ointments for hemorrhoids are prescribed. The doctor, when prescribing a treatment regimen, is guided by the following principles:

    • with mild hemorrhoids without complicated symptoms - heparin,
    • in acute pain, local preparations are indicated that contain anesthetics, for example, lidocaine or anesthesin - Proctosan ointment,
    • during exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids with complications of pain symptoms, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used - Diclofenac,
    • for bleeding, combined drugs with a venotonic, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive effect are recommended - Relief, Procto-glivenol cream.

    To date, getting rid of hemorrhoids is not so difficult. The disease, which has been bothering us for several hundred years in a row, has forced people to look for new ways of treatment and to produce effective drugs to combat it. Modern pharmacies offer many different drugs. The most popular and effective remedies for hemorrhoids are ointments. Prescribe the drug, of course, should be a proctologist. Only in this case, you can be sure that the selected tool will be the most effective.

    In each patient, the disease can proceed in different ways, it can be internal or external, accompanied by bleeding from the rectum or inflammatory processes of the rectal zone. And perhaps the combination of several forms at the same time, and the presence of many symptoms at once. Then, how can the remedy be effective for a symptom that is not observed in this patient.

    As a rule, remedies for external hemorrhoids include natural or synthetic components. A proctologist can prescribe both options to the patient, depending on the symptoms and condition of the person. Natural medicines have much less side effects, contraindications, they are allowed for use during pregnancy and lactation. An ointment from external hemorrhoids can consist of elements that have such properties:

    • hemostatic (stop bleeding),
    • anesthetic (relieving itching, pain, burning and similar symptoms of the disease),
    • antiseptic effect (elimination of the inflammatory process, prevention of infection),
    • ointment with hemorrhoids of the external type may have a wound healing effect,
    • phlebotonic (increase in vascular tone, reduction of nodes in size).

    Advantages and disadvantages of medications for treatment:

    • convenience, ease of use,
    • safety for the body, thanks to the local action of active substances (most drugs are prescribed for the treatment of children, pregnant women),
    • medications in the form of ointments, unlike suppositories or tablets, relieve swelling, inflammation much faster, actively fight bleeding, heal cracks in the anus,
    • there is one minus - incomplete absorption of the drug, which sometimes leads to the formation of spots on linen, clothing.

    Not everyone can afford expensive drugs, so there is a great alternative. In many pharmacies, you can buy inexpensive effective funds or buy budget options in an online store. The most popular low-cost medicines are:

    1. Vishnevsky ointment is a time-tested remedy. It contains birch tar and castor oil. The medicine gives an anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates swelling, promotes the healing of anal fissures, reduces pain.
    2. Levomekol is a combination drug that relieves inflammation, fights bacteria and protects wounds.
    3. Methyluracil 1% ointment helps to cope with inflammation and itching, heals the skin and mucous membranes.
    4. Inexpensive remedy - Bezornil. The drug is effective in the presence of anal fissures, eczema and similar problems in the rectum.
    5. Chinese ointment is a unique remedy that eliminates discomfort, inflammation, bleeding, and swelling. She heals wounds, cracks.

    It is difficult to single out the most effective remedy for external hemorrhoids, because the choice of medication depends on many factors. The doctor selects the drug individually, depending on the type of disease, its severity, clinical picture, personal characteristics of the patient. The following is a list of drugs that are often used for therapeutic measures aimed at eliminating the symptoms of the external form of hemorrhoids.

    In order for the treatment of the disease to have only a positive effect, you need to know how to choose the right ointment. Doctors prescribe drugs of various kinds, which depends on the stage of the disease, the general condition of the patient. Rules for choosing a drug:

    1. With hemorrhoids with bleeding, it is better to use medicines of a combined composition. They well eliminate the primary symptoms, facilitate the patient's condition.
    2. When the disease is accompanied by a significant, rapidly developing inflammation of the tissues and mucous membranes, an agent with an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect is useful.
    3. In the presence of severe pain, the doctor prefers drugs with anesthesin, lidocaine.
    4. When the pathology does not have pronounced complications, local anticoagulants are used.

    The most famous and available in the list of hemorrhoids ointments is Heparin ointment. It contains heparin and anesthetics. Heparin is an anticoagulant, has an antithrombotic effect. It reduces blood clotting and thus prevents the formation of new blood clots and ensures the resorption of old blood clots. Thanks to the anticoagulating effect, blood flow is established. Which leads to a decrease in inflammation in the area of ​​hemorrhoids.

    The composition of the heparin ointment includes anesthetics (benzocaine or anestezin). They eliminate pain, reduce sensitivity.

    Also, benzyl nicotinate was introduced into the composition of the ointment. It dilates blood vessels and thus ensures the rapid absorption of drugs into the blood.

    Heparin ointment cannot be used in advanced stages of the disease when bulging nodes bleed. The anticoagulating effect of heparin disrupts the healing of cracks.Also for this reason, the composition of the heparin ointment is not recommended to be introduced into the rectum. Internal hemorrhoids often bleed, dry feces injure him, and heparin is contraindicated during bleeding.

    Also, because of the ability to increase bleeding, heparin ointment is contraindicated in women during menstruation. And people with erosive diseases of the intestinal mucosa.

    Due to its low toxicity, heparin can be used by women during the period of gestation. In pregnancy with hemorrhoids, heparin ointment is a popular treatment. It is prescribed for normal blood coagulation.

    Heparin ointment in itself is not very effective. For a better therapeutic effect, other medicinal components are introduced into the composition, which enhance its effect.

    The Relief brand offers four types of rectal suppositories and hemorrhoids ointment. Their choice is determined by the characteristics of the course of the disease, the stage of the disease, as well as the necessary treatment effect. We give the composition and features of the action of the drug Relief.

    Relief from hemorrhoids ointment contains a unique active ingredient - oil from shark liver. The components of this oil provide the composition with an anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect. They reduce the filling of venous vessels with blood, and this reduces the size of the hemorrhoidal cones.

    A synthetic vasoconstrictor component, phenylephrine hydrochloride, was also introduced into the composition. It stimulates the stretched walls of blood vessels, makes them strain and narrow. As a result, the blood begins to move more actively through the veins, stagnation is weakened.

    To enhance the therapeutic effect of the ointment, vitamin E, thyme oil, corn oil, glycerin, petroleum jelly, white wax, paraffin help penetrate the main components, as well as for healing cracks and wounds.

    Troxevasin gel - is used to treat diseases caused by chronic venous insufficiency. The gel contains Troxerutin, an analogue of rutin, a natural angioprotector. Reduces the permeability of the walls of veins and capillaries, leads to a state of tone of the stretched walls of blood vessels, improves blood circulation, treats inflammation.

    This composition in medicine is used to correct conditions that lead to purulent discharge. But with hemorrhoids, such a composition can be useful.

    Folk recipes for healing ointments

    How to remove inflamed hemorrhoids at home? For therapeutic purposes, baths with cool, hot and warm medicinal compositions are used. For goods, wormwood, chamomile, calendula, yarrow, and eucalyptus are used. After taking a cool sitting bath in an herbal infusion, patients noted a significant improvement. The edema disappears, the cones freely set in place. After reposition of the node, the anorectal region should be lubricated with a bactericidal composition.

    The initial stage of hemorrhoids with small nodes is treated with herbs with a venotonic effect (horse chestnut seeds). To relieve inflammation and eliminate bleeding, compresses are prepared from raw grated potato gruel. The vegetable is rubbed on a grater, squeezed out a little, the gruel is wrapped in gauze and applied to the anorectal region. You can do 4-6 times of such compresses per day. Small injuries can be cured at home using honey, propolis, and wax candles.

    The effectiveness of ointments in the treatment of hemorrhoids

    To completely eliminate the inflamed hemorrhoidal node by such a conservative method is really possible exclusively at an early stage of the pathological process, in the running clinical pictures, ointments for external use only suppress unpleasant symptoms, prolong the period of remission.If up to 3-5 times a day, according to the instructions for use, lubricate the anus during inflammation, pain, itching and burning pass, stool and the bowel movement normalize. To enhance the overall therapeutic effect, an integrated approach to the problem is needed, which includes:

    • compliance with basic rules of personal hygiene,
    • the use of local anesthetics, thrombolytics, anti-inflammatory drugs,
    • the choice of a therapeutic diet without fatty, salty and fried foods,
    • the implementation of physiotherapeutic procedures, especially Kegel exercises,
    • strengthening the veins and blood vessels of the anus area with alternative methods.

    Inexpensive and effective ointments for the treatment of external hemorrhoids

    They always try to talk about hemorrhoids quietly due to the fact that the disease occurs in a delicate place.

    The choice of treatment method depends on the type of hemorrhoids, due to the fact that the symptoms are different.

    This problem occurs from time to time in almost every person, but there is a category of patients in whom hemorrhoids acquire an acute painful form, therefore, an integrated approach to treatment is required.

    About 30% of the population knows firsthand what external hemorrhoids are. This type of disease is formed from a sedentary lifestyle, which has recently been very characteristic of modern man.

    To get rid of external hemorrhoids, you need to know what ointments should be used, when they are used and at what stage of treatment.

    How to remove a formed bump with hemorrhoids medication? Pathology is better treatable at the beginning of its development. Treatment should be comprehensive with the use of external and internal agents. First of all, it is necessary to improve plasma circulation by unloading and strengthening the vascular walls. In addition to improving the efficiency of blood vessels, lymph outflow is enhanced, swelling is eliminated.

    How to reduce the resulting hemorrhoids tells the doctor after a thorough examination, tests, visual and instrumental examination. Therapy is selected based on the patient's condition, each specific case is individual.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the product

    Choosing an effective and at the same time inexpensive cure for hemorrhoids, with proper use, you can count on the steady positive dynamics of the disease in the shortest possible time. Already after 3 to 5 procedures, inflammation passes, soreness during bowel movements reduces its intensity. The advantages of this form of hemorrhoids medication are presented below:

    1. Therapeutic compounds act locally, do not penetrate into the systemic circulation, therefore, representatives of this form of release have fewer contraindications and side effects, exclude drug interactions.
    2. Such medications have a direct effect on the focus of the pathology, demonstrate anti-inflammatory effect, venotonic and regenerative properties after 2 to 3 procedures.
    3. With a mild degree of the disease, only anti-hemorrhoid formulations can achieve complete recovery, with a complicated stage it can significantly alleviate the general condition of the patient.
    4. Medicines for topical or rectal administration can be safely combined with tablets for oral administration, thereby, accelerating the receipt of the desired result of treatment, recover faster.
    5. As part of the therapeutic essence, plant and synthetic components can be involved, and the former act in a gentle manner, have fewer contraindications and side effects in the instructions.
    6. Preparations from hemorrhoids in the form of a homogeneous paste with a specific odor are distinguished by their multifunctionality, that is, they simultaneously reduce itching, swelling and soreness, remove heavy bleeding, as if they “freeze” the focus of pathology.
    7. This is the most convenient form of release, which has a homogeneous structure, soft consistency, while ensuring uniform distribution over the focus of the pathology, rapid absorption of the active components into soft tissues.

    Among the disadvantages of using a homogeneous structure from hemorrhoids, side effects in the form of allergies and local reactions, a selective therapeutic effect, and not always the desired result of home treatment should be highlighted. The hemorrhoid after inflammation of the intestine is still inflamed, stopping the acute stage of the disease becomes problematic without the participation of medications with a systemic effect in the body. So cheap ointment for hemorrhoids does not always facilitate going to the toilet, solves this piquant health problem.

    How to choose an ointment for hemorrhoids

    In this clinical picture, immediate medical intervention is necessary, since effective treatment can be determined only after a detailed diagnosis, identification of the etiology of the pathological process, elimination of the main provoking factor. The final choice of medication requires emphasis on the following important aspects:

    1. Composition. It is preferable to give preference to plant and natural components, to a soft and purposeful action in a weakened body, to avoid interaction with the so-called "chemistry".
    2. Mode of application. Alternatively, pharmacological positions with an applicator can be administered rectally, the rest of the topical drugs can be administered externally (anorectal method) in the absence of internal discomfort during the procedure.
    3. Price. The cost of conservative treatment is of no small importance, many patients prefer inexpensive medications. In this matter, it is advisable not to save on your own health, not to launch a pathology.

    Hemorrhoids ointment and cracks

    With such a disease, it is required to immediately contact a proctologist to determine the cause of acute hemorrhoids. It all starts with a microcrack in the anus, after which a secondary infection with further inflammation is not excluded. To ensure a long period of remission of hemorrhoidal nodes, it is recommended to use the pharmacological positions proposed below, which should be used rectally or externally 2 to 3 times a day until the pain symptoms disappear completely.


    With hemorrhoids, it is important not only to normalize blood circulation and prevent exacerbation of thrombosis, but also to reduce (eliminate) acute pain syndrome. Among the shortcomings of such intensive therapy, doctors distinguish the so-called “addictive effect”, when the medicine ceases to act after steady positive dynamics. The main advantage is quick relief after using a single dose. The following pharmacological positions have a pronounced analgesic effect:

    From hemorrhoids

    If women and men have such a nuisance as internal or external hemorrhoids, a competent proctologist will solve the health problem. If the etiology of the pathological process remains unclear to the end, it is necessary to use inexpensive universal remedies, which are such pharmacological positions:

    Hemorrhoids - what is it

    First you need to remember what hemorrhoids are, and for what reason it develops. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins located in the anus. As a result of the disease, the veins begin to protrude beyond the mucous membrane of the anus, the surface of the rectum or the skin around the anus, forming hemorrhoidal nodes. These nodes can hurt and bleed during an act of defecation or when sitting. Also, a patient with hemorrhoids can feel severe burning and itching in the anus.

    By location, hemorrhoids are divided into external (external) and internal. In the first case, nodes are formed on the skin around the anus and are visible during a visual examination. In the second case, the disease affects the veins located at the very end of the rectum, and visually hemorrhoids in this case are not visible, except for the most advanced cases.

    Ointments, gels or creams - which is better?

    Ointments, gels and creams are similar dosage forms, however, they have several differences consisting in different chemical bases. The ointment is based on exclusively fatty substances - petroleum jelly and other oils, while gels and creams are partially made on a water basis. The medical effect of ointments is much higher than that of gels and creams, since they have a higher concentration and are better absorbed into the affected area. In the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is also preferable to use ointments. However, in most cases, in the absence of a preparation in the form of an ointment, a cream or gel can be successfully applied.

    Ointments or candles?

    Ointments are most effective for external hemorrhoids, that is, in the case when the hemorrhoids are located on the outside of the anus. In this case, they can be easily applied to a sore spot. With internal hemorrhoids, candles are more convenient. However, the use of ointments is also possible. Only in this case, they must be applied to the affected area using a special applicator or simply with a finger.

    Rules for the use of ointments

    Before using the ointment, it is necessary to empty the intestines, rinse the anal area and wipe it with a soft cloth. The ointment should be applied in a thin layer. The usual frequency of use of the ointment is 2-3 times a day, or after each bowel movement. However, the instructions or the doctor may determine a different frequency of use. The course of treatment depends on the parameters of the drug, as well as on the characteristics of the disease. Ointments containing hormones can be used no more than a few days, and their cancellation should be carried out smoothly. If intolerance reactions occur, discontinue use of the drug immediately. Most ointments should be stored in the refrigerator, but this point must be clarified in the instructions.

    The mechanisms of action of hemorrhoids ointments

    According to the principle of action, the components contained in ointments from hemorrhoids can be divided into the following main categories:

    • anti-inflammatory non-steroidal,
    • anti-inflammatory steroid,
    • antibacterial
    • hemostatic
    • anticoagulants
    • venotonic
    • painkillers.

    Not so many drugs can be found that would have only one component in their composition. As a rule, ointments have a complex composition, which guarantees a comprehensive therapeutic effect. However, in most cases, the emphasis is on any one therapeutic property of the drug.

    The choice of a particular drug is the prerogative of the doctor. It should be borne in mind that many drugs have contraindications and are prohibited for use in certain circumstances (pregnancy, childhood, some concomitant diseases). So, the drug should be selected not by trial and error, but taking into account the recommendations of the proctologist, who not only has significant experience, but also, unlike the patient himself, can visually examine the area affected by the pathological process, and based on the picture diseases, develop an optimal treatment strategy.

    Hemostatic drugs

    Hemorrhoids are often accompanied by severe bleeding, which can lead to anemia. To prevent this phenomenon, ointments with hemostatic components are used. However, as a rule, such components are combined with anti-inflammatory.

    The family of drugs combined under this name contains shark liver oil as the main component.This natural component has a wound healing, hemostatic, and immunostimulating effect. In addition, the drug includes phenylephrine adrenergic agonist, which is characterized by a vasoconstrictor effect.

    Indications: inflammatory processes of the rectum, cracks in the anus, internal and external hemorrhoids.

    Contraindications: thromboembolism, granulocytopenia, individual intolerance to the components. With caution, the drug is prescribed for hypertension, hyperthyroidism, urination disorders, prostate adenoma, during pregnancy and lactation.


    Refers to dietary supplements. Apply with mild forms of hemorrhoids. Due to its natural composition, the drug has a mild venotonic effect, relieves inflammation and prevents the formation of hemorrhoids. Indications: prevention of hemorrhoids, treatment of mild forms of the disease, cracks, itching and inflammation in the anorectal region. Apply three times a day for 3 weeks. Dosage form: capsules and cream.


    • prevents the expansion of the walls of hemorrhoidal veins, strengthens them,
    • regulates the intestines, relieves constipation, flatulence,
    • relieves itching and inflammation,
    • helps to prevent exacerbation of hemorrhoids, the rapid healing of cracks in the anus,
    • reduces pain
    • cleanses the intestines
    • prevents bleeding
    • provides immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, healing effects,
    • has an antioxidant effect,
    • restores the mucous membrane.


    • contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, diarrhea, hypersensitivity,
    • not suitable for the treatment of acute forms of the disease.


    This type of drug is prescribed if in the veins that make up the hemorrhoidal nodes, a process of thrombosis is observed. Anticoagulants prevent blood clots and slow down blood clotting. These drugs can not be used in case of hemorrhoidal bleeding.

    Affordable ointment with antithrombotic, vasodilating and analgesic effect. The main components are sodium heparin, benzocaine and benzyl nicotinate.

    Indications: thrombophlebitis, chronic hemorrhoids in the acute stage.

    Contraindications: open wounds, ulcers, low blood coagulation, necrotic processes.

    Application: ointment must be applied to the swab, and then enter it into the anus. Or the ointment can be applied to a pad of tissue, attach it to the inflamed node and fix it with a bandage. It is recommended to use the ointment 2-3 times a day, until the symptoms disappear, but not longer than for 10 days.

    What remedy for hemorrhoids to buy

    1. If hemorrhoids are uncomplicated and accompanied by slight discomfort, it is better to purchase a hepargin ointment. It helps to reduce blood clotting and the formation of blood clots.

    2. If hemorrhoids are accompanied by disturbing itching, burning and pain, then it is necessary to choose the drug of the anesthetic group - Relief Advance.

    3. Procto-glivenol and Vikasol will quickly relieve bleeding and pain during hemorrhoids.

    4. If the disease is complicated by infection or purulent inflammation, it is better to use Levomekol.

    5. A drug that improves venous blood flow, strengthens blood vessels, relieves inflammation and eliminates hemorrhages - Troxevasin.

    6. An excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of mild forms of hemorrhoids is Proctonis. This supplement is especially relevant for those who have a sedentary lifestyle, have bad habits, sedentary work, and other factors predisposing to hemorrhoids.

    7. A drug that is suitable for all types of hemorrhoids - Hepatrombin G. The drug effectively removes inflammatory processes and promotes resorption of hemorrhoids.


    These drugs contain components that increase venous tone, and, more precisely, the tone of the muscle walls of the veins. As a result, the diameter of the veins is reduced, and the hemorrhoidal nodes are reduced in size. Thus, drugs containing venotonic components can affect the immediate cause of the disease, and not its symptoms.

    This drug is available in gel form, as well as in capsules. The main component is the flavonoid troxerutin. It has a beneficial effect on the veins, protects them and increases their tone, strengthens the venous walls, reduces the fragility and permeability of capillaries. Also, when applied topically, troxerutin has an anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.

    Indications: The drug is usually used for various diseases of the veins, such as thrombophlebitis, chronic venous insufficiency, peripheralitis. Also, the tool can be effectively used in the treatment of chronic hemorrhoids, especially if the nodes are large.

    Contraindications: Troxevasin has few contraindications. First of all, it cannot be used for open wounds and bleeding. In addition, a contraindication is hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

    Application: It is best to use the gel after the act of defecation, as well as before bedtime. To apply the drug to the area of ​​inflammation, it is recommended to use cotton swabs.

    Anti-inflammatory ointments

    This is the most numerous group of medicines. It includes drugs that contain either non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or anti-inflammatory drugs based on hormones - glucocorticosteroids (GCS). Anti-inflammatory ointments relieve symptoms of inflammation, reduce pain, burning and itching, contribute to the speedy healing of the mucous membrane and cracks in the anus.

    An anti-inflammatory drug containing, as the main component, a synthetic compound from the class of corticosteroid hormones, prednisone. In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, prednisone stimulates the tone of the walls of blood vessels and reduces their permeability. The drug also contains lidocaine, which reduces pain, and provitamin B5 - dexpanthenol, which stimulates tissue regeneration and regulates metabolism.

    Indications: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, inflammation, eczema and dermatitis in the perianal region, fistulas and itching in the anus.

    Contraindications: inflammation accompanied by a bacterial or fungal infection, age up to one year, 1 trimester of pregnancy, breastfeeding. In the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy, for children over one year of age, the drug is prescribed with caution.

    Application: In case of inflammation of the external hemorrhoidal nodes, a small amount of ointment (pea-sized) should be applied to them. It is necessary to do 2-4 procedures per day, the total duration of therapy should not exceed a week.

    A complex anti-inflammatory ointment containing bufexamak is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent. The drug can be used in cases where the patient has contraindications for taking steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition to NSAIDs, the composition of the drug includes bismuth subgallate, lidocaine and titanium oxide. Compounds of titanium and bismuth have an astringent and drying effect, and lidocaine has an analgesic effect.

    Indications: hemorrhoids, fissures, anus, anal eczema, proctitis and other inflammatory processes in the rectum.

    Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, childhood, syphilis, tuberculosis.

    Application: Ointment can be used both in external pathological processes and in internal ones. In the first case, the ointment is applied directly to the area of ​​inflammation after the necessary hygienic procedures and bowel movements.In the second case, it is necessary to use a special applicator, which is inserted into the anus. Ointment is recommended to be used 1-2 times a day, and the duration of treatment is usually 8-10 days.

    Antibacterial ointments

    Hemorrhoids are often accompanied by a bacterial infection caused by microorganisms that multiply on the surface of the mucous membrane of the anus, inside wounds and ulcers. To prevent this phenomenon, bactericidal or bacteriostatic drugs are used. A special kind of antibacterial drugs are ointments with immunomodulatory components. They contain particles of killed bacteria that stimulate local immune forces.

    This ointment acts as a kind of vaccine against a bacterial infection, allowing tissues to intensively develop local immunity. The composition of the drug includes inactivated bacterial cells. Thanks to bacterial antigens and metabolites, the activity of T-lymphocytes and phagocytes increases, which, in turn, reduces inflammation, accelerates tissue regeneration and wound healing.

    Indications: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, itching, burning and eczema in the anal area.

    Contraindications: The drug contains phenol as a preservative, therefore it cannot be used with hypersensitivity to this substance.

    Application: It is recommended to apply the ointment with a thin layer on the affected area twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. To apply the ointment to the affected areas located inside the anus, it is recommended to use the applicator supplied with the drug. The duration of treatment is 2-3 weeks.

    This ointment is recommended for use in cases where hemorrhoids are complicated by a bacterial infection, or for the prevention of its appearance. The drug contains chloramphenicol (better known under the trade name Chloramphenicol) - a broad-spectrum antibiotic. In addition, the ointment contains another important element - methyluracil, a substance that promotes tissue regeneration.

    Indications: wounds, including purulent ones and with mixed microflora, hemorrhoids, including in advanced forms.

    Contraindications: eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections.

    Application: Before applying the ointment to the affected area, the anal area is washed with warm water and dried with a towel. It is best to carry out the procedure for applying the ointment before bedtime. The recommended duration of treatment is 10 days. If necessary, use the ointment for a longer time should consult a doctor.

    Ointment, or Vishnevsky liniment, is considered a modern medicine by a somewhat outdated drug. However, this inexpensive and effective ointment is still very popular, largely due to the small number of contraindications. The composition of the ointment includes birch tar, a bismuth compound - xeroform and castor oil. The ointment has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, astringent and wound healing properties.

    Indications: The spectrum of application of the ointment is wide enough. It is used not only for the treatment of hemorrhoids, but also in the treatment of abscesses, boils, ulcers, phlegmon, bedsores, burns.

    Contraindications and side effects: ointment is not recommended for patients with impaired renal function. Prolonged use of the ointment can lead to skin irritation.

    Application: Before using the ointment, it is necessary to undergo a preparatory procedure, which consists in lotions to the hemorrhoidal nodes of gauze soaked in potassium permanganate. It must be applied to the affected area three times a day for three days. Only after the direct application of the Vishnevsky ointment itself is allowed. It also needs to be applied to gauze and applied to inflamed external nodes, fixing with a bandage.In addition, every 12 hours it is necessary to change the gauze with ointment. The course of treatment at the same time lasts 2 days. Or you can apply compresses of gauze moistened in liniment to the affected area. The duration of this variant of the procedure is 2 hours, it must be done 3 times a day.

    List of the best hemorrhoids ointments: top 10 most effective. Reviews and prices

    Hemorrhoids are varicose veins located inside and around the anus. With irritation and swelling, it can lead to pain and even bleeding.

    The most common signs of the disease themselves disappear spontaneously in a week or two. However, frequent and painful relapses are possible.

    Today's medicine offers many treatment strategies that have tremendous opportunities - from home remedies to instrumental methods.

    The assortment of pharmacies offers various proctological preparations, for example, ointments, gels, tablets, suppositories, creams. They fight burning, itching, act as an analgesic, decongestant, anti-inflammatory agent.

    Complex preparations

    In preparations of this type, as a rule, components of natural (plant, animal or mineral) origin are contained. Most of these drugs owe their origin to traditional medicine. Many of these drugs are not inferior in their effectiveness to drugs recommended by official medicine.

    The drug, created several centuries ago by traditional healers. It contains components that are popular in Chinese medicine - musk, pearls, amber, borneol and zinc carbonate. All components enhance each other's action, creating a cumulative therapeutic effect. The ointment has an astringent, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and hemostatic effect.

    Indications: Hemorrhoids, insect bites, burns.

    Contraindications: high sensitivity to components. During pregnancy, it is used after the appointment of a doctor.

    This ointment is an excellent choice for those who prefer preparations from herbal ingredients. The ointment contains extracts of calendula, witch hazel, horse chestnut, as well as menthol and zinc oxide. Thanks to these components, the medicine provides analgesic, venotonic, softening skin and anti-inflammatory effect.

    Indications: external hemorrhoids without complications, allergic dermatitis.

    Contraindications: age up to 2 years, intolerance to components.

    Application: should be applied to the affected area 3 times a day with a cotton swab. The duration of the course of treatment is a week.

    The most popular ointments, gels and creams for hemorrhoids

    How to choose the ointment correctly?

    The following therapeutic regimens are used to treat hemorrhoids, depending on the type and severity of the disease:

    1. To relieve pain, such anesthetic ointments for hemorrhoids containing lidocaine and anesthesin: Procto-Glivenol, Relief Advance, Proctazan, Emla, Irobin and others, will be effective.
    2. You can defeat a relatively mild initial degree of hemorrhoids with heparin ointments, as well as rectal suppositories containing benzocaine and heparin, for example, Nigepan,
    3. In the event that the inflammatory process from hemorrhoidal nodes spread to nearby tissues, antimicrobial and antibacterial agents are prescribed, such as Vishnevsky ointment, Levomikol, Ichthyol (ichthyol ointment), Mafenida acetate,
    4. When the disease progresses rapidly, doctors usually prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs for short), such as Diclofenac, Pyroxecam, and Ibuprofen,
    5. For rectal bleeding, combined medications (hemostatics) are used, which contain both anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive components, as well as anesthetic and venotonic substances, for example, Adroxon in the form of a solution, as well as Procto-Glivenol and Relief.

    Below we will move on to a more detailed examination of inexpensive and effective ointments for hemorrhoids.

    Pros and cons of ointments

    In the treatment of hemorrhoids, two types of external agents are used - ointments and rectal suppositories. Ointments have different modes of action and scope. The choice of the drug can only be done by the doctor after the examination.

    Local remedies differ in the content of active substances, the petroleum base is vaseline, lanolin, and other emollients. These substances help better absorption and hydration of the inflamed tissues of the anus.

    External agents are used in combination with oral medication. They have a local effect on the focus of inflammation and pain. The main advantages of ointments:

    • pronounced local effect on the nodes,
    • quick elimination of discomfort,
    • good absorption right to the source,
    • lack of systemic effects on the body,
    • ease of use
    • Availability, over-the-counter leave of most funds.

    The disadvantages of using creams include:

    1. it is impossible to cure the disease only with an external agent, the ointment basically just eases the condition, reduces the severity of symptoms,
    2. ointment stains linen, if necessary, an active lifestyle - the use is not very convenient.

    When deciding what is the best way to treat hemorrhoids - with suppositories or ointment, most are guided by their own preferences. It is easy to lubricate the external nodes with an ointment; for internal administration into the anus, it is also possible to use it. In the absence of external cavernous manifestations, which is rare, candles can be selected.

    How to use?

    Features of the use of ointments in the treatment of hemorrhoids:

    1. Before using the product, you need to wash the area around the anus without soap and dab the skin with a napkin,
    2. Apply the product around the anus and inside the anus, using special nozzles and applicators,
    3. The usual frequency of use is 2-3 times a day and after each bowel movement, a single application is possible in the remission stage,
    4. Ointments and gels with hormonal components are used with extreme caution, in minimal portions, and, if possible, in a short period, they are canceled gradually.
    5. The course of treatment with ointments on average takes from 5 to 7 days, therapy with heparin ointment can last up to 2 weeks.

    List of ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids

    Currently, there are many medicines that can help solve such a delicate problem as hemorrhoids. You just need to make the right choice in favor of the most suitable comprehensive treatment for this disease. To do this, it is best to seek the help of a proctologist who will conduct a full examination and prescribe the therapy that is right for you.

    According to reviews, the top 10 most common ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids are presented below:

    • Proctosan - 290 rubles
    • Aurobin - 270 rubles
    • Levomekol - 100 rubles
    • Proctosedyl - 320 rubles
    • Relief - 330 rubles
    • Hepatrombin G - 220 rubles
    • Posterisan - 340 rubles
    • Heparin ointment - from 40 rubles.
    • Troxevasin - 180 rubles.
    • Fleming's ointment - 290 rubles

    In addition to the ointments listed above (the best drugs for reviews), other drugs are also used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, for example, Glinkor Fort or Proctonis capsules, Venarus tablets, Adroxon hemostatic suppositories or Dexpanthenol healing ointment. The active compounds that make up the Glinkor Fort preparation strengthen the blood vessels and thus relieve swelling of the hemorrhoidal nodes and adjacent tissues.

    Overview of antihemoroid ointments

    Depending on the characteristics of the disease and symptoms, they choose drugs that can best alleviate the condition. For therapy, several types of antihemorrhoids ointments are used, which differ in effect.

    At the same time, the most effective ointments for hemorrhoids are not necessarily expensive, many of them have been used for a long time and are still in demand, despite the emergence of new drugs.

    Vishnevsky ointment

    Vishnevsky ointment can be used to treat the external form of the disease.The presented medicine helps to eliminate various ailments of the human body, but Vishnevsky must be used correctly, strictly adhering to the instructions. Only then will the ointment have the necessary effect.

    1. First, lotions with the addition of a potassium permanganate solution should be placed on the outer nodes. Such actions must be performed within three days.
    2. Then it is allowed to start using the composition of Vishnevsky. Ointment should be added to the compress and applied to the sore spot. Do not remove the compress from Vishnevsky for 12 hours.

    Vishnevsky's drug is absolutely safe, so pregnant women and lactating mothers can use it to treat the disease. The only negative is its smell, but this is a temporary phenomenon.

    Hemorrhoid ointment during pregnancy

    During pregnancy, as well as during lactation, most drugs are prohibited for women to take. This is primarily due to the fact that the biological active compounds included in the chemical composition of drugs, not only of synthetic, but also of natural origin, can harm the health of the child.

    For this reason, during pregnancy, as well as during breastfeeding, a woman should not self-medicate without the knowledge of her doctor. This rule applies to all drugs without exception. However, the vast majority of pregnant and giving birth to women face such an unpleasant problem as hemorrhoids.

    Safe ointments are drugs that include natural ingredients that are unable to harm the body, especially during pregnancy and in young children.

    1. Ichthyol ointment is a sulfur-based medicine that has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, drying, wound healing effects for hemorrhoids,
    2. Troxerutin - has a similar effect with Troxevain, eliminates puffiness, prevents stagnant processes, restores blood flow.
    3. Fleming's ointment is a homeopathic medicine, including marigold, witch hazel, horse chestnut extract. Natural components in the composition of the medication allow you to quickly and safely eliminate the inflammatory process, soreness.

    Vishnevsky ointment, Heparin ointment, Levomekol, Troxevasin are allowed during pregnancy.

    This was the most popular list of ointments that are acceptable for use with hemorrhoids for men and women. Preparations have different functions, therefore it is important to consult a proctologist before use.

    Review of the 5 best ointments for hemorrhoids or choose an effective drug

    Hemorrhoids is a rather unpleasant problem, which is shy to speak out loud. This disease causes a lot of inconvenience, which is sometimes difficult to get rid of. The following is a summary of the disease, its symptoms, the causes of hemorrhoids and the best ointments and creams used to combat hemorrhoids.

    Reasons for the appearance

    Doctors have proven that hemorrhoids develop under the influence of a combination of several factors, including:

    • lack of exercise
    • prolonged sitting
    • constipation
    • increased physical activity,
    • frequent consumption of spicy food and alcohol,
    • pregnancy and childbirth.

    Symptoms of hemorrhoids

    There are two main symptoms due to which hemorrhoids can be detected almost unmistakably. It:

    • Bleeding from the anus before, during, or immediately after defecation. The reason for this is stagnation of blood in hemorrhoids, which is why their venous walls are worse fed by oxygen, atrophy, and cracks and tears appear on them. If these walls are damaged by passing feces, blood begins to flow from them. Sometimes hemorrhoidal bleeding can be quite massive and lead to the development of anemia.
      At the heart of this symptom is a violation of the influx and outflow of blood to the hemorrhoidal nodes, in connection with which they are overflowed with blood. Sometimes an admixture of blood in the feces does not indicate hemorrhoids, but a malignant formation in the large intestine. Therefore, an immediate visit to a proctologist to make an accurate diagnosis after detecting this alarming symptom is strongly recommended.
    • The loss of hemorrhoidal nodes, which is a consequence of a violation of their connective tissue skeleton, with which they are attached to the anal canal. Due to the thinning of the fibrous tissue, the nodes are poorly fixed and, when exerted and defecated, fall into the perianal region.
      The cause of this symptom is connective tissue dysfunction, which becomes unable to hold the nodes in place. This violation can be either acquired (due to old age, sprains, tears), or genetically determined.

    The remaining symptoms are a consequence of the two previous ones:

    • foreign body sensation due to swollen hemorrhoidal veins,
    • burning and itching, indicating erosion of the venous walls and the release of blood, which irritates the mucous membrane of the colon,
    • severe pain that occurs during bowel movements in a standing and sitting position due to the presence in the anus of a large number of receptors that are irritated by the fallen nodes,
    • humidity and swelling, which are the result of the joining of the inflammatory process (75-80% of cases).

    Forms of the disease

    Hemorrhoids have an acute and chronic form of the course.

    Acute is characterized by pronounced clinical signs, appears suddenly or is an exacerbation of a chronic form.

    The chronic form of hemorrhoids is an alternation of periods of exacerbation and remission. The latter can be quite long. Despite this, the disease progresses, and without treatment will eventually pass into more severe stages.

    How to treat hemorrhoids?

    Treatment for hemorrhoids can be conservative and surgical.

    Surgical intervention involves an invasive method of getting rid of unpleasant symptoms at the extreme stages of the disease. Often during surgery, the affected, necrotic hemorrhoidal nodes and, in some cases, adjacent tissues are removed.

    A conservative approach is preferred in the early stages of the development of the disease. Therapy consists of general and local treatment.

    General treatment consists in the use of drugs that increase venous tone, improve blood flow, reduce the likelihood of thrombosis and normalize microcirculation.

    Important! Local drugs are often combined and able to simultaneously neutralize several symptoms of the disease. When used correctly, they have a local effect and lead to a significant improvement in the well-being of patients.

    The most convenient means are precisely ointments and creams, since their application does not cause severe pain.

    Corticosteroid preparations

    1. Ointment "Aurobin"

    Ointment for hemorrhoids "Aurobin" is a combination drug based on corticosteroids - hormones of the adrenal cortex, which are distinguished by their immunosuppressive effect. Thanks to this, the drug has its anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect.

    • It also contains lidocaine, which has a local analgesic (analgesic) effect, relieves itching and burning sensations in the perineum.
    • Triclosan, which is part of Aurobin, is a broad-spectrum antiseptic and protects the affected perianal region from fungi and bacteria, and dexpanthenol promotes the regeneration of the affected epithelium and rectal mucosa.
    • The components of the drug effectively complement each other, which helps to successfully deal with the unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids.
    • It is worth noting that the drug has a number of contraindications, among which:
    • age up to 1 year
    • taking lidocaine for other purposes (its excessive concentration in the body is fraught with bradycardia),
    • skin infections (in this case, corticosteroids are not used),
    • hypersensitivity to individual components of the drug.

    It is important! Because of the corticosteroids that make up Aurobin, prolonged use of the drug by children of any age is prohibited because of the possibility of adrenal insufficiency.

    2. Posterisan ointment against hemorrhoids

    Unlike the previous drug, Posterisan hemorrhoid ointment has a pronounced immunostimulating effect due to its antigenic properties.

    Local application. Promotes rapid healing and regeneration of damaged areas of the skin and mucosa, and also has anti-inflammatory activity.

    In addition, Posterisan has a mediated analgesic effect, prevents the development of secondary infection and superinfection.

    3. Ointment for hemorrhoids "Proctosedyl"

    Combined preparation for local use. One of the most effective ointments for hemorrhoids.

    Combines anti-inflammatory, angioprotective, antipruritic, local anesthetic and antibacterial effect.

    It successfully fights against itching, burning, serous secretions, inflammation and prevents thrombotic lesions of hemorrhoids due to the heparin included in its composition.

    Important! Hemorrhoids ointment “Proctosedil” contains hydrocortisone corticosteroid, which is why the drug is not prescribed for children under 12 years old, pregnant and lactating.

    1. For children over 12 years of age, the drug is prescribed with caution due to possible complications in the form of impaired water-electrolyte balance, adrenal insufficiency as a type of withdrawal syndrome, and the appearance of Itsenko-Cushing's syndrome.
    2. The low price and effectiveness make it very popular among patients with hemorrhoids.
    3. 4. Ointment "Relief"

    Very high-quality ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is unique in composition due to shark liver oil.

    This component has a local hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and immunomodulating effect on precipitated and inflamed hemorrhoidal nodes.

    The ointment is suitable for the treatment of both external and internal hemorrhoids. Relief also includes phenylethylamine, which has a vasoconstrictor effect.

    Thanks to this, a balance is established between the blood supply to the hemorrhoidal nodes and the outflow of blood from them, resulting in a decrease in swelling, itching and serous secretions in the perinatal region.

    The ointment also includes additional emollient ingredients (vitamin E, glycerin, corn oil, thyme oil). It is usually well tolerated by patients, but is not recommended for use by pregnant and breastfeeding.

    Side effects have not been identified, but there are contraindications, among which hypersensitivity to certain components of the drug.

    5. Ointment for hemorrhoids "Ultraproct"

    Ultraproct is a complex drug that has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and analgesic effects. The composition of this ointment for hemorrhoids includes a corticosteroid fluocortonolone, which has properties that are standard for its group of hormones.

    • It reduces inflammation due to the inhibition of hyaluronidase, pepdidase and other enzymes that destroy the connective tissue, inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins and leukotrienes, which act as mediators of inflammation, inhibits lipid peroxidation, which has an antioxidant effect on the tissue, reduces the permeability of blood vessels and fluid white blood cells, has antipruritic and anti-allergic effect due to the stabilization of mast cell membranes, which prevents the release of the latest histamine.
    • The second active ingredient of the drug is zincoquine, which has a local analgesic effect by stabilizing the membranes of nerve endings, which inhibits the generation and conduction of a nerve impulse.
    • The great advantage of treating hemorrhoids with Ultraproct ointment is that it not only is not absorbed by the blood and does not have the systemic effect of the corticosteroids included in its composition, but also successfully fights both external and internal hemorrhoids both with and without hemorrhoidal vein thrombosis. .

    It is not recommended to take the drug for more than a month. Overdose is not possible.

    6. Rectal cream "Doloprokt"

    A topical preparation that alleviates the symptoms of hemorrhoids, proctitis, eczema of the anus zone. It contains the glucocorticosteroid fluocortolone, which, due to the immunosuppressive effect, relieves swelling, tissue infiltration, itching, burning and pain in the perianal region. Doloproct hemorrhoids ointment also includes lidocaine, which is a local analgesic.

    Preparations containing local anesthetics

    1. Ointment "Anestezol"
    Anestezol is a complex antihemorrhoidal drug. It is also successfully used to treat anal fissures. It consists of 4 active substances, which in combination provide anti-inflammatory, local analgesic and astringent effects on precipitated hemorrhoidal nodes. In addition, the drug facilitates the act of defecation.

    1. Anestezole is usually well tolerated by patients, but with prolonged use, it may cause disturbances in the blood system, including methemoglobinemia.
    2. 2. Hemorrhoid ointment for hemorrhoids
    3. A complex preparation based on horse chestnut, which has a bactericidal, astringent and antispasmodic effect, which distinguishes it from the previous ones.

    Relieving spasm in the area of ​​the external and internal anal sphincter, facilitates bowel movements and relieves discomfort. Hemorrhoid ointment “Hemorrhole” has an anti-inflammatory effect, quickly relieves itching and burning in the perineum.

    It includes such anesthetics as benzocaine, chamomile, beladonna and cinquefoil extract, which partially eliminates the pain syndrome. Aimed at the symptomatic treatment of hemorrhoids.

    Many patients report hemorrhoid as a very good ointment for hemorrhoids.

    3. Ointment for hemorrhoids "Anuzol"

    Integrated topical preparation. It has a number of positive effects, including anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, astringent, antiseptic and antipruritic.

    The composition of the drug includes extract of beladonna, so patients who are sensitive to it, the use of the drug is prohibited. This component relaxes the muscles of the distal gastrointestinal tract and tones the anal sphincters.

    4. Ointment for hemorrhoids "Betiol".

    It has a pronounced antihemorrhoidal effect. It has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects. It is a local anesthetic. It contains belladonna extract, which contributes to the rapid healing of damaged tissues. Treatment of hemorrhoids with Betiol ointment is available to many because of its low price.

    5. Ointment for hemorrhoids "Hemorron."

    A Canadian combination drug that can dissolve hemorrhoids, quickly eliminating burning and itching in the perianal region.

    It contains shark liver oil, which has a hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and reparative effect (healing of wounds and microcracks). Phenylephrine locally narrows blood vessels, relieves swelling of tissues and balances the flow and outflow of blood in the cavernous bodies of the rectum. The action of the drug occurs very quickly and lasts from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

    It is one of the best ointments for hemorrhoids.

    Interesting! In a special group of hemorrhoid ointments, Fleming ointment should be distinguished, which does not contain substances that can adversely affect the mother and child, therefore its use is allowed during pregnancy.


    This disease is quite serious, but there are a number of effective ointments for hemorrhoids that can significantly improve the patient's quality of life.You should understand this and not start the process, since inaction is fraught with such complications:

    • paraproctitis
    • proctitis
    • anemia,
    • phlegmon of the pelvis,
    • stool incontinence, etc.

    Hemorrhoid ointments: 10 best drugs + instructions for use

    The substances that make up this dosage form have a wide range of medicinal properties. Thanks to this, with the help of hemorrhoids ointments, you can quickly remove unpleasant symptoms of the disease, such as pain, itching, burning, and also accelerate the healing of cracks, stop bleeding or dissolve blood clots.

    An ointment against hemorrhoids is a mild dosage form that is intended for both external and rectal use.

    Almost all ointment preparations are made on the basis of petroleum jelly and lanolin. The composition of these agents may contain one or more active ingredients, which significantly expands the spectrum of antihemorrhoidal action.

    In the treatment of hemorrhoids, ointments differ from other drugs in their simplicity and ease of use. In addition, when using them, there is no systemic effect on the body, which helps to significantly reduce the list of side effects of the drug. Due to this, antihemorrhoidal ointments are the drugs of choice in the treatment of hemorrhoids in women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    In addition, the active substances of the ointment penetrate directly into the varicose veins of the anus, which makes it possible to instantly eliminate the painful symptoms of hemorrhoids.

    Unfortunately, ointments for treatment also have negative sides, which is confirmed by patient reviews. The disadvantage of this dosage form is mainly due to the fact that due to the oily base, the drug is not completely absorbed into the skin of the anorectal region and leaves spots on underwear or even clothing.

    Despite the advantages, hemorrhoids ointment is better used in combination with systemic drugs, since this is the only way to influence the pathogenesis and symptoms of the disease. Monotherapy with ointments will only eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but will not affect its cause.

    Hemorrhoids ointment will be effective only if the instructions for use are followed. Consider how to use this dosage form for various forms of hemorrhoids.

    Ointment for external hemorrhoids: instructions for use

    1. Before applying the ointment, it is necessary to empty the intestines. This can be done with bowel movements or enemas.
    2. After emptying the intestine, it is necessary to conduct a hygienic toilet of the anus and genitals, since not all ointments have an antimicrobial effect.

    To do this, wash the skin with warm water without detergents and dry it with a soft cotton towel or napkin. Some patients leave positive reviews about the use of laundry soap when washing the anus. But here you need to be careful, because this soap overdries the skin.

  • After a hygienic toilet, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and take a comfortable pose - squatting or elbow-elbow.
  • On the index finger, one gram of ointment should be squeezed out for the treatment of hemorrhoids (approximately a pea) and greased with external hemorrhoids and cracks, if any.

  • After the procedure, you must also wash your hands thoroughly so that the ointment does not get into your eyes or mouth.
  • What ointments for hemorrhoids can only be better known by a specialist - a proctologist, since each patient has its own characteristics, therefore, the approach to treatment should be individual.

    The doctor will be able to take into account the prevailing symptoms of the disease, their severity, the presence of complications, age and physiological condition, after which he will select the most effective and safe ointment.

    The frequency of use and the duration of treatment with hemorrhoidal ointment is also determined by the attending doctor.But on average, the drug is applied 2-3 times a day, and the average duration of the course of treatment is 5 days.

    Preparation for the use of ointments for internal hemorrhoids is no different from that for external. The difference only determines the application of the drug.

    In the treatment of hemorrhoids of internal localization, the ointment is injected into the anal canal using a rectal nozzle. If there is no rectal applicator in the kit with the drug, then the ointment can be introduced into the rectum with a cotton swab or finger.

    It is also important to properly store the ointment - in the refrigerator at a temperature of + 4-6 ° C and pay attention to the shelf life, which is mainly 2-3 years.

    To allergics, in order to avoid an allergic reaction, it is recommended to conduct a sensitivity test before applying the ointment. To do this, we need to apply a little on the inner surface of the forearm. If itching, swelling, burning or redness appears in the area of ​​application after 15 minutes, this means that the drug is allergic and should not be used.

    In addition, it is necessary to inform the attending doctor of all side effects of the ointment so that he adjusts the treatment.

    What are the best hemorrhoid ointments: a list

    We studied the opinions of specialists and patient reviews and compiled a rating that will help determine which hemorrhoid ointments are better to choose.

    1. Relief
    2. Procto-Glivenol.
    3. Ultraproct.
    4. Aurobin.
    5. Proctosed.
    6. Hepatrombin G.
    7. Heparin ointment.
    8. Proctosan.
    9. Posterized.
    10. Levomekol.

    But to say reliably what the best ointment for hemorrhoids is impossible, since each drug has its advantages in a particular case. For example, Hepatrombin G ointment is effective for the treatment and prevention of thrombosis of hemorrhoids, Ultraproct ointment instantly relieves pain in the anus, Procto-Glivenol ointment - normalizes the tone of the veins and relieves inflammation, etc.

    Which ointment is better for the treatment and prevention of thrombosed hemorrhoids?

    For the treatment and prevention of thrombosis of hemorrhoids, the most effective ointments are those based on heparin, a direct anticoagulant. Heparin slows down blood coagulation and minimizes the risk of blood clot formation in hemorrhoidal veins.

    • Heparin ointment. This drug belongs to inexpensive and effective ointments for hemorrhoids. Heparin ointment has a hemorrhaging and analgesic effect, since it contains, in addition to heparin, anestezin. Heparin ointment can not be used for necrosis of the hemorrhoids, congestion disorder and in the first trimester of pregnancy. Undesirable effects in the drug are extremely rare in the form of an allergic reaction or bleeding from the anus. The price of the drug is in the range from 40 to 100 rubles.
    • Hepatrombin G. This medicine also effectively copes with blood clots in the hemorrhoidal veins and relieves inflammation in the anus, so contain prednisone. In addition, the composition of the ointment contains polydocanol - a sclerosant, from which the hemorrhoid cone sticks together and decreases in size. In addition to a wide spectrum of action, Hepatrombin G has a lot of contraindications for use, namely:
    • active infection of the skin of the anal area,
    • bleeding disorder,
    • specific lesion of the anal area (tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.),
    • neoplasms of the rectum and anal region,
    • allergic to the components of the drug,
    • the first 12 weeks of gestation.
    • The most common adverse reaction to a drug is allergy.
    • Hepatrombin G is also an inexpensive hemorrhoid ointment, since its price does not exceed 200 rubles per tube.
    • Anti-inflammatory ointments include drugs that contain non-steroidal and hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Aurobin ointment belongs to anti-inflammatory drugs, as it consists of the prednisolone glucocorticosteroid, which has a complex effect - relieves inflammation, relieves itching and swelling.

    Also in the composition of the ointment there is lidocaine, which instantly anesthetizes anorectal tissues. The third component of the drug is D-panthenol, which helps to heal anal tears and erosion.

    Aurobin can be successfully treated with external hemorrhoids both in the initial stages and advanced forms of the disease, especially when there are anal tears.

    Aurobin ointment is not recommended for use in the following cases:

    • allergic to the components of the drug,
    • active infection of the tissues of the anus,
    • neoplasms of the anorectal region,
    • the first 12 weeks of pregnancy
    • lactation.

    Aurobin hemorrhoid ointment cannot be used for more than 7 days, since with prolonged treatment it increases the risk of side effects, in particular skin atrophy in the area of ​​application.

    The average price of the drug is 312 rubles.

    Ointment Ultraproct

    This drug is a combined action, as it consists of two hormones - fluocortolone caproate and pivolate, as well as an anesthetic - chinchocaine.

    Due to the presence of two hormones, the drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, and also stops swelling and itching. In addition, the drug normalizes microcirculation, which explains its healing effect.

    Contraindications to the use of Ultraproct ointment are as follows:

    • specific infection of the anorectal region,
    • viral damage to the tissues of the anus,
    • the first 12 weeks of pregnancy
    • allergy to the components of the drug.

    But patient reviews prove that adverse reactions are very rare. Most often, allergies are observed in the form of itching and urticaria.

    Since the drug contains hormones, it can not be used for longer than 7 days.

    The drug is currently being re-registered.


    The only representative of this group is Posterisan ointment - a drug consisting of inactivated Escherichia coli. The drug increases local immunity and thereby reduces inflammation, accelerates the restoration of affected tissues.

    The drug has a minimal amount of undesirable effects and contraindications - an allergy to a history of ointment components.

    The drug is highly effective in preventing infection of hemorrhoids cones to a rather expensive - 620 rubles per tube.

    For pregnant

    Since the risk of congestive blood in the pelvic organs is especially great when the fetus is born, future mothers in every third clinical picture suffer from systematic bouts of hemorrhoids. Among the causes of the disease are eating habits, a tendency to chronic constipation, non-compliance with preventive measures and basic hygiene procedures. Medicines must be selected selectively so as not to harm the unborn child. Here's what a competent person recommends:

    • Vishnevsky ointment,
    • Fleming's ointment,
    • Beornless
    • ichthyol ointment.


    This group of drugs is used for hemorrhoidal nodes with cracks and bleeding. The action of drugs is the opposite of anticoagulants, they increase the rate of blood coagulation.

    Important: because of the need to use drugs with opposite therapeutic effects in hemorrhoids, self-medication should be ruled out, consult a proctologist for the purpose of the drugs.

    One of the best tools in this group is Relief - suppositories and ointment.

    Known tool contains medicinal oil made from shark liver. It has the following effects:

    • hemostatic - stops the bleeding of small vessels,
    • constricts blood vessels
    • relieves swelling, helping resorption of exudate,
    • promotes tissue regeneration,
    • reduces soreness
    • eliminates itching and burning.

    The main component is phenylephrine hydrochloride.

    For the treatment of internal nodes, an applicator is applied to the cream, which is inserted into the anus for better penetration to the lesion site. A doctor's consultation is required, as there are contraindications:

    1. diabetes,
    2. hypertension
    3. thromboembolic disease and others.

    Manufacturer Greece, price - from 300 rubles.

    Homeopathic and herbal preparations

    This group of medicines contains plant extracts, their use is based on the traditions of traditional medicine. Unlike hormonal drugs, they do not have a pronounced quick action and are suitable for the prevention and treatment of minor inflammation.

    The medicine has a composition that provides a comprehensive treatment for hemorrhoids. It fights well with eczema and anal fissures, stops bleeding.

    • synthetic benzoar, muscon (similar to natural),
    • pearls
    • amber,
    • calamine
    • borneol.

    Bezornil has an analgesic, antimicrobial, astringent effect. It relieves swelling and stops blood from cracks.

    Production China, price - from 450 rubles.

    Among the contraindications are only reactions to the components of the drug.

    How to help expectant mother

    During pregnancy, women often develop hemorrhoids due to squeezing veins of the growing uterus and stool disorders. With a previously diagnosed disease, exacerbations are rarely avoided. The use of oral agents is not recommended because of the danger of affecting the fetus when passing the placental barrier. Hemorrhoids ointment for nursing mothers must be chosen with the help of a doctor.

    External remedies often remain the only way to alleviate the condition before starting complex treatment. For expectant mothers and with hemorrhoids after childbirth, ointments are recommended for use:

    Pregnancy and lactation require a mandatory consultation with a doctor before using drugs, even if a woman has already been treated for hemorrhoids before.

    Ointment after hemorrhoid surgery

    Surgical removal of hemorrhoids is often the only way to alleviate a patient’s condition. In recent years, in unreleased cases, operations are performed using minimally invasive methods, recovery after them takes about a week.

    In the rehabilitation period, the use of ointments is shown, which accelerate healing, protect against infection, help overcome possible complications. The following groups of tools are used:

    1. anesthetics
    2. antibacterial
    3. anti-inflammatory
    4. hemostatics
    5. venotonic.

    List of drugs used after surgical removal of nodes:

    • Methyluracil is a drug that stimulates the restoration and regeneration of tissues, the growth of muscle fibers. It is prescribed after operations on the mucous membranes in proctology and gynecology.
    • Relief Possible use for pregnant and lactating women.
    • Ichthyol. Well heals wounds, accelerates tissue repair.
    • Levomekol. Assign with purulent inflammation of the wounds.
    • Proctosed. It improves the condition of blood vessels, relieves itching and swelling.
    • Aurobin. A good anti-inflammatory agent, quickly relieves pain, accelerates wound healing.
    • Heparin. An effective remedy for hemorrhoids, used to treat wounds after surgery.
    • Troxevasin. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves their patency, restores vein valves.

    The use of external agents contributes to the rapid restoration of tissues and the healing of postoperative wounds.

    Doctors call the treatment of hemorrhoidal nodes external means symptomatic. It will not be possible to get rid of varicose veins of the rectum with ointments. They help alleviate the condition, some can be used prophylactically to prevent exacerbations. Most patients consider ointments to be the first aid for hemorrhoidal pain and inflammation, as well as a way to prevent deterioration.

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