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Features of the tattoo of a mustache and beard: application technique

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Today, men pay a lot of attention to the beard. Scientists claim that men with a beard are more trustworthy, look wiser and more attractive, and a bearded jobseeker will seem more competent to the employer than his smooth-shaven competitor.

Features of the tattoo of a beard and mustache

Trichopigmentation is a tattoo technique that visually removes the effects of partial baldness. It is used to correct bald patches in men and women.

  1. The procedure has become a budget replacement for a hair transplant.
  2. Mustache and beard tattoo do not use standard equipment. A machine is needed in which it is possible to regulate the frequency of pigment administration.
  3. The tattoo of the mustache and beard is similar to the microblading used to create a visually natural eyebrow. The master draws hairs. With the help of microblading, voids are filled, the width is changed, a new contour is derived, which transforms a person’s face, makes it fresher, more beautiful, more confident.

In the process of tattooing the mustache, beard, the pigment is introduced under the skin in several stages, an area of ​​more than twenty square centimeters is not processed in one session.

What tools are used and how many sessions will be required

The face area requires a special approach. When tattooing on a mustache and beard, much attention is paid to the selection of color, its introduction under the skin of the client. For such purposes, do not use conventional tools that are used for lips, eyes, eyebrows.

To ensure that the result meets expectations, specialists work with trichopigmentation machines. Such a machine is called trichodermograph.

The tattoo machine allows you to adjust:

  • pressing force
  • the frequency of introduction of the coloring base for tattooing,
  • depth of entry into the skin.

A trichodermograph for applying an artificial beard is used by a specialist of appropriate qualification. It is not recommended to contact the master without certification and experience with the tool. An inexperienced beauty master is capable of making such mistakes that cannot be fixed.

The number of sessions required for tattooing the mustache, beard area is calculated individually. The treatment area in one approach is 5-10 square centimeters. Drawing bristles or a clear contour of the beard requires attention and scrupulousness. Clients are not limited to one trip to the master. Fixing the effect requires correction. The specialist appoints a visit a month after trichopigmentation.

How to choose a suitable color

The color of future hairs is chosen by the master of tattooing. The pigment used for correction has the following requirements:

  1. Quality. The mustache and beard area is special. Pigment of poor quality changes saturation, from black it becomes bluish, greenish. The color of a quality material does not change for a long time, it may fade.
  2. Consistency. Since the pigment is driven to a shallow depth for tattooing the mustache or beard, it is important that it does not spread, does not wash out. A special preparation is used for the procedure.
  3. Concentration. Pigment for mustache, requires high concentration. Applying it, the master takes one stroke without re-drawing the hairs.

The color palette for high-quality beard tattoo is wide, when choosing a shade, the specialist focuses on natural hair. Skin areas should not be highlighted by brightness, saturation. The color is selected either to match the natural, or a shade lighter.

Four techniques are distinguished:

  • shading
  • reconstruction on the site of the scar, flaws,
  • spot tattooing
  • linear technique.

The spot technique is used to fill the bald spots of the beard located inside the contour of the treated skin area. The master arranges the points in a chaotic order, but evenly, without leaving voids.

The linear technique is used in tattooing for alopecia, with its help fill bald areas on the head. On the face is rare.

Reconstruction of damaged skin is done at least six months later. First, a client’s skin color pigment is applied to the scar site, and after healing, the hair pattern is restored.

Feathering is used as an additional way to tattoo a beard.

Skin Care After Tattoo

The healing process is as follows:

  • for some time the skin will be inflamed, swelling and redness are observed,
  • stands out
  • in the place where a needle with a pigment penetrated under the skin, crusts will appear - this indicates the healing of wounds on the beard,
  • crusts go away, heal.

It is strictly forbidden to touch the wounds, comb, remove them. A scar may form in the place from which the crust was peeled off, in the worst case, an infection will get into an open wound, the disease will begin. Where the peel was removed, the pigment leaves, the area of ​​the beard looks uneven.

Skin care after a beard tattoo is simple. In the early days, it is recommended to drink antihistamines, they relieve swelling and relieve pain. It is allowed to apply ice to the tattooed area. For this, ice cubes are wrapped in a napkin, carefully pressed to the swollen skin.

Dill the throat with a clean, dry cloth no more than twice a day so that the crusts do not burst.

The most difficult period for the client is two to three days after the procedure. At this time, you need to pay maximum attention to the areas that have been exposed to the needle.

Moisturizer helps to speed up the healing process and the removal of crusts on the beard after tattooing. It can be of any brand, it should be applied several times a day, focusing on the sensations. If the skin tightens from dryness, then it needs more hydration.

Crusts come off after seven days. However, caring for a tattoo does not end there. For three to four weeks, avoid direct sunlight and do not visit the solarium.

Contraindications and consequences

Tattooing is a serious procedure that requires attention to it. A client who refuses to inform the master about the disease takes responsibility.

Contraindications to the procedure are as follows:

  1. An insulin-dependent form of diabetes.
  2. Renal and liver failure.
  3. Wounds on the beard.
  4. HIV AIDS.
  5. Epilepsy.
  6. Oncological diseases.
  7. Elevated body temperature.
  8. Hepatitis.

Pigment allergy is an important reason why the master refuses to carry out the procedure. It is recommended to come for a consultation and discuss the nuances with a specialist, to do a test for an allergic reaction.

The consequences of neglecting the recommendations for tattooing can be different: from blood clotting to pigment rejection and the occurrence of an open wound at the puncture sites.

Beard and tattoo: a unique personality

Tattoo on a man is cool! The beard is stylish! Incredible combination of " beard and tattoo "- it’s super cool, amazingly stylish and stunningly sexy (at least, many representatives of the weak half of humanity say that when they see men with a beard and tattoo they become so weak that their legs give way).

This article presents a cool selection of photos proving that beard and tattoo are a harmonious combination, but only if:

  • the first is lush and well-groomed,
  • and the second is colorful and suitable for a man.

Although exceptions are possible, in most cases they only confirm the above rule!

Beard and tattoo: a new male trend

Let's admit that the beard has re-become popular for a relatively long time. For several consecutive years, bearded guys have been quite common on the streets of cities - and these are by no means geologists, directors or artists. Today, it is primarily IT people who wear a beard, although other respectable, successful and far from the fashion world representatives of a strong half of humanity do not mind growing a magnificent beard.

This trend even managed to get a new name, which only emphasized its incredible power, thanks to which more and more men allow the vegetation on their face to leave less and less clean, bare skin. So, the trend is called - lambersexual. And if you translate it, you get a simpler and more understandable definition - the style of a lumberjack.

Beard and tattoo: how to complement the lumberjack style

Naturally, it is not suitable for everyone - it should be a strong, confident man, with straight shoulders and a really thick, magnificent beard.

In fact, Lambersexual is a kind of response to metrosexuals who flooded the streets of large cities and European countries many years ago. Only the first - flaunt their true masculinity, what nature has endowed them with!

And more and more bearded men complement their image with various tattoos applied to:

Often these are bright, consisting of several saturated colors of the image. The subjects of such drawings can be very diverse - it all depends on personal preferences and the inner world of men.

What is remarkable beard and tattoo Perfectly fit any style of clothing, combining even with strict three-piece suits.

Beard and mustache tattoo: techniques and features of the procedure

Beard tattooing is a procedure for men, which has become fashionable relatively recently. Beauty salons provide all kinds of services, including trichopigmentation. Men who want to correct shortcomings as soon as possible, change their face shape, do permanent makeup on the beard and mustache.


Singer Timati conquered all fans by the fact that his body is covered with tattoos. There is almost no place on his body where there would be no tattoo. He decided to decorate his image with a beard. Timati loves his beard so much that he’s not ready to part with it even in the summer. He constantly changes his image with different types of beards.

One of the reasons he wears a beard is because of his roots. Timati is half Muslim, so he thinks that wearing a beard is not a matter of choice, but a duty. The singer believes that a real man should be distinguished from a woman by a beard and tattoos.

Johnny Depp

This actor has long been wearing a beard and tattoos. This combination of men's jewelry looks unique, as it emphasizes the masculinity of the stronger sex and its confidence.

Johnny Depp wears a round beard with a mustache.


Many other actors wear a tattoo and a beard. These include Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, Robert Dayney Jr., Dmitry Nagiev, Antonio Banderas and James Frank.

Thanks to the right beard and tattoo, the man will look beautiful and stylish.

Ordinary guys with a tattoo and a beard

Not only celebrities, but also ordinary guys wear a beard and tattoos. When you decide to change your image, seriously approach the choice of tattoos, since then they are very difficult to remove. You can shave your beard and grow a new one, but this number will not work with the tattoo.

In order for a beard to look beautiful, you need to determine your face type, hair structure and appearance flaws. A correctly selected beard will hide the flaws of your chin and give you masculinity.

Tattooed moms: young moms with tattoos told how society reacts to them

It would seem who surprise tattoos in our body-positive times? It turns out that you’ll be surprised if you are a young mother with a couple of pictures on her body. You can even hear "what kind of mother will you make?" From the gynecologist.

Our heroines, beautiful tattooed mothers, talk about how to get used to the exclamations of “squeeze out!” And explain to children the meaning of body painting.

Tattoo as an Art

She made the first tattoo at the age of 20 - she was a tattoo master, and for me this was a matter of course. Of course, I did not plan to become a mother then and did not think about how tattoos would look on me in the future. For me, this is art, decoration. On my body there are simply beautiful pictures that I like in composition and color.

How do others perceive

When my first child was born, Arseny, I was already different from other mothers. I was a black sheep. And when I came to the kindergarten to the children, I did not want to be very noticeable at all, so I try to hide the tattoos. But negativity cannot be avoided from the older generation.

I had to deal with this in one of the state clinics. The clinic staff allowed themselves unflattering comments about my appearance. Naturally, I won’t go there anymore. I prefer to pay money in a private clinic.

Maybe there they won’t think anything good about you, but at least they will keep silent. (Smiles.)

How do children perceive

My daughter says that I have a "colorful sun." From childhood, my son saw my work, the people who surround me, and he does not think that this is something unusual. As a rule, the children of tattoo artists do not wear a tattoo, because for them there is no forbidden fruit, which means that there is no internal protest that requires expression.

About freedom of decision

If one of my children asks to get a tattoo, I will not dissuade him in any way, because the main task of the parents is not to forbid, but to direct.

This is the freedom of every person: to dye their hair, do piercings or tattoos. The main thing is that it be consciously, professionally and not bring problems in the future.

I’m upset, of course, if the tattoo is done without my knowledge and of poor quality. I can advise good craftsmen.

About role compatibility

I believe that my appearance has nothing to do with who I am in ordinary life - the director of my studio, my mother. Just tattoos ... It's mine, like my health, my hair, teeth! My appearance does not belong either to society or to children - to anyone. Therefore, if I feel comfortable in this, it will be good for my loved ones as well. But the nature and behavior of my tattoos in no way affect.

About the meaning of tattoo

I have three big tattoos. Just the first of them I did in honor of the birth of my son. It depicts a clock that shows the time of his birth, and autumn leaves symbolizing September. The birth of a son is a very significant event in my life that I would like to capture on myself. For me, a tattoo is not just a picture, but a meaning. Fashion is leaving, but the meaning remains with me.

About the reaction of others

I like to stand out from the crowd. It's nice when they pay attention to you. Of course, this attention can be different ... Grandmothers on a bench ask, "Why did I ruin my pen?" (Laughs)

I believe that my tattoos do not detract from the qualities of my mother that are inherent in me. With tattoos, I remain the same mother of Daniel: tender, kind, dear.

How does the son perceive

My son is used to being surrounded by people with tattoos from birth. After all, my husband is a tattoo master. Therefore, for Daniel, this is in the order of things, and he does not ask what kind of drawings on my body.

I hope he doesn’t come home one day with a tattoo on his shoulder. We have nothing against the tattoo. But better let Daniel tell us that he wants to get a tattoo. Together we will choose the wizard.

Maybe it will be his dad. If, nevertheless, he secretly makes a tattoo, we will not scold him in any case.

We do not raise our voices for a child, let alone physically punish, we only explain what is good and what is bad.

About people with tattoos in the future

I think that it is unlikely that the time will come when people with tattoos will cease to cause discussion. A tattoo for a person is something individual. Even just sketches on each person look different.I think that a particular style may become obsolete, but the fact that a tattoo will always be an element that stands out from the crowd is certain.

Mom with tattoos

I made the first tattoo myself when I was a teenager. Then it was just fashionable, and I did not think how my tattoos would look in the future. When Mark was born, nothing changed. Tattoos don't stop me from being a good mom. Most recently, I made another tattoo. The birth of a son does not stop me from new pictures on the body.

About social circle

I understand that I stand out among other mothers. Therefore, in my circle of friends there are only those people for whom tattooing is a common thing and who are not interested in what I will do with them in old age. I immediately understand that I will not make friends with people who ask questions, why I did it or what my tattoo means. For me, this man was stuck in the last century.

How Mark reacts to tattoos

Mark is very attracted to the color pictures on me. He is interested in tattoos, because they are big, bright. They amuse him. When he grows up and wants to get a tattoo, we will not mind. Maybe his dad will get a tattoo for him. The main thing is that it be consciously, and not just “I so wanted today” or “it is fashionable”. He must understand what he is doing.

How does society perceive

Tattoos exist for a long time, they just change their shape. Previously, it was customary to invest in them, but now most often tattoos have an aesthetic purpose. Perhaps in the future there will be new styles.

Tattoos will become more familiar, and people with them will seem special. In October, we were in Bergen, Norway. Met there a couple of grandmothers with "sleeves."

Kindergarten teacher with a beard and all in tattoos? So what? For them, this is the norm.

This is perceived by us as something supernatural. When I was pregnant, one of the gynecologists asked me, "what kind of mother will work out of me and what can I give to my son." Stereotypes work: if you have a “tattoo”, as some say, it means you were sitting, and the butterfly on the lower back is a sign of a girl of easy virtue. But all this has nothing to do with reality.

24 older people answer your question "What will a tattoo look like in 40 years?"

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When you decide to get a tattoo for yourself, you naturally think about how it will look in old age. Will it be as beautiful as in youth? Of course, everyone has their own priorities and understanding of the beautiful, you won’t get anywhere from this. And before deciding to get a tattoo, you need to think carefully. And if you are at a crossroads now, we hope these guys will help you make such a difficult choice.

In her youth, she knew exactly how to attract the attention of all the guys in the area.

Because you took responsibility for these symbols on your body.

By the way, in old age everyone’s skin will be flabby, saggy, and this will not add beauty.

Even if you're just a harmless old man.


“What will you do with these tattoos when you're an old man?”

“I don’t know, my friend. I will probably let go of my luxurious beard and hang out with other tattooed old peppers. What will you do when you become an ordinary elderly grandfather?

Beard and tattoo: stylish, brutal and sexy

Tattoo on a man is cool! The beard is stylish! Incredible combination of " beard and tattoo "- it’s super cool, amazingly stylish and stunningly sexy (at least, many representatives of the weak half of humanity say that when they see men with a beard and tattoo they become so weak that their legs give way).

This article presents a cool selection of photos proving that beard and tattoo are a harmonious combination, but only if:

  • the first is lush and well-groomed,
  • and the second is colorful and suitable for a man.

Although exceptions are possible, in most cases they only confirm the above rule!

What kind of work do not take with tattoos and a beard

Tattoos and beards are in fashion. In tattoo parlors, there are many examples where mothers take their daughters by the hand to remove an ax tattooed on their hips, and barbershops open everywhere in cities - brutal hairdressers for men, where, along with a haircut, facial hair can be put in order.

Employers are in shock, complaining that it’s scary to look at jobseekers under 25 years old, not like hiring.

VN.ru found out where and why they don’t take it with tattoos and a beard in order to remind once again the wise rule - think seven times, fill it once.

According to the research center of the portal Superjob.ru, 15% of personnel officers refused to hire candidates precisely because of the tattoos flaunting on their bodies. The most stringent requirements for models, sellers, office managers, civil servants, and unexpectedly - for applicants for the position of loader or storekeeper.

They don’t take a tattoo to the Kremlin regiment

- If you plan to engage in the modeling business, tattoos should not be done in any case. Tattoo makes expensive clothes cheaper and looks inappropriate on the podium, ”says Irina Volchkova, director of the Miss Nsk modeling agency. - In Russia, this is even worse than in the West, since the customer in most cases does not accept tattoos. Of course, if you are a world-famous model, then a small tattoo will not hurt you. For example, my favorite model, Stephanie Seymour, has a couple of small drawings on her body.

Another important moment for beginner models is beauty contests. In most status beauty contests, tattoos are prohibited.

As for men, tattoo owners can say goodbye to their dream of serving in the Kremlin regiment. They don’t take such people there.

"Suddenly Gref will see - it is impossible"

Very strictly with tattoos in a bank, where a strict dress code traditionally reigns. If your tattoo is in a conspicuous place, noticeably from under the sleeve of your shirt, or on your ankle and peeks out from under your trousers, it is very likely to become an obstacle when applying for a job.

- It’s also important who you arrange. If you work with people, then very strictly. There, selection by appearance is the first, ”an employee of a large bank of Russia told VN.ru. - If in any technical support, then less strictly. It also depends on the unit. Sberbank’s central office or VTB with visible tattoos will definitely not be taken. Suddenly, Gref will see you, he will still fire you and your boss. In the regions, everyone is copying this approach. It is simple - the harder the better. Otherwise, everyone does not care if your tattoo is not visible. They do not force to undress.

The press service of the Siberian branch of Sberbank clarified: “Sberbank has standard requirements for a dress code, so all tattoos must be visually hidden under the employee’s clothes. The presence of a tattoo is not a criterion in refusing employment, we pay attention primarily to the professional competencies of potential candidates. ”

But beards in banks are not prohibited. Personnel officers are quite loyal to this manifestation of male brutality.

Peter I would approve the rules of the Ministry of Emergencies

Officially in the Ministry of Emergencies, tattoos are prohibited. There is order No. 167, which describes how a real fireman should look like - neat, clean-shaven, “blue special” uniform.

- In fact, no one is being chased or persecuted for tattoos. Of course, the rescuer didn’t get the idea to tattoo his skull and face on the subject of Diablero or tattoo the whites of the eyes, ”says an EMERCOM employee with 7 years of experience.

- I am familiar with a couple of rescuers, real professionals who love yakuza tattoos.

One has a whole back - one large picture in the style of medieval Japanese miniature depicting a carp fighting the stream of a mountain river, and nobody tells him anything at all.

A completely different matter is beards, which are strictly prohibited in the Ministry of Emergencies. There is a certain logic to this. Firefighters and eyebrows with eyelashes several times burned during their careers, and even a beard can even fail at the crucial moment.

“If there is a paradise for the haters, this is the ranks of the Ministry of Emergencies,” our interlocutor continues. - Even a small stubble on the face of the rescuer causes a storm of emotions and tantrums among the senior staff.

I witnessed a situation when a lifeguard was fired because of his sudden desire to grow a beard. Not a beard, but such a beard of a Soviet geologist. Right at the divorce of the guards, he was offered to immediately go shave.

He refused out of love for his beard and human dignity - he was dismissed.

The happiness that passed the time of Peter I, who shaved beards to the boyars, and applied much less humane punishments to those who disobeyed.

Tattoo disgraced uniform

Visible tattoos on the body are not recommended for police and prosecutors. Officially, there is no such clause in the rules for hiring, but it is implied.

- There is a “Code of Ethics and Official Conduct for the Federal State Civil Servant of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation,” the press service of the prosecutor’s office said, “according to this code, the appearance of public servants should promote respectful attitude of citizens to government bodies, consistent with the generally accepted business style, which distinguished by formality, restraint, traditionality, accuracy, reasonable sufficiency when using cosmetics, jewelry. Nothing is said about tattoos, but the official style does not imply the presence of tattoos.

At the same time, we were assured that if the tattoo from under the form is not visible, then when applying for a job, it does not affect the decision.

The presence of a tattoo on the body of a police officer may raise questions from a psychologist who will surely ask you for what purpose you applied it, what significance the drawing has for you. If you manage to convince a specialist of your adequacy, they will take you. But again, tattoos should not be too noticeable so as not to contradict the aesthetic norms of wearing uniforms.

  • Taboo on prison tattoos
  • Thieves' stars, epaulettes and prison rings will not add to the attractiveness of the labor market.
  • Employees of HR-services are surprisingly well versed in the symbols of prison tattoos, and the most advanced ones can even determine the Criminal Code article corresponding to the figure.

When applying for a job as a storekeeper or a loader, even if the applicant has a certificate of no criminal record, difficulties may arise. The same applies to poor-quality tattoos made in the army, which personnel officers can also take for prison. There are no restrictions on ordinary art tattoos in this area.

Pros and cons

Beard is a stylish decoration of a man’s face, which many began to grow rapidly in the past few years. She - one of the main trends in the world of men's fashion - emphasizes good taste, well hides face imperfections.

You can find out whether girls like the beard of guys from their posts on various forums. Opinions differ dramatically, so men will have to think about which of them he is ready to listen to.

Abundant facial hair looks brutal and a little primitive, but this is what always attracts the eyes of girls. A well-groomed and neatly laid beard combined with well-chosen clothes is an excellent option for those who would like to be successful with girls.

According to statistics, about 60% of women believe that a beard is a sign of maturity. With such a man I want to start a family and follow him at least to the ends of the world.

Ksyusha writes on Woman.ru: “I really like it, the man must be different from the woman, for that the Almighty gave him a beard so that he would shave her smoothly.”

Dasha supported her: “Men with a beard are the sexiest. They feel something animal, wild. I would like to pounce on him ... Kissing with such an unforgettable pleasure. Like kissing a hunter, a getter, war ... I love bearded men. ”

A beard is a kind of decoration of a man’s face, which many girls love. Such a simple detail allows you to make the image more attractive: even cute features that, despite their age, seem childish, with well-designed vegetation will look completely different.

To make the beard fit, it’s best to go to the barbershop right from the start. Barber will tell you in choosing a style, arrange it correctly, and then a man only needs to use a trimmer.

  • women consider bearded men to be the best fathers

About whether girls like bearded guys is best answered by a study conducted by the team of the scientific journal Evolution and Human Behavior. At a subconscious level, a woman perceives a bearded man as one who is distinguished by health and physical endurance.

From him you can give birth to a child, about which the father will anxiously take care.

Babies themselves also prefer bearded faces more - they gladly hold their hands by the hairs, clinging to their dads.

Young mothers at the Agulife forum share their experiences: "My also loves to touch his dad, regardless of whether he is shaved or not, he often also puts his nose into his beard."

  • girls love kissing with bearded men

This item is quite controversial. But still there are those who consider kissing with bearded guys the best experience among all their relationships. It feels quite ticklish, but still very nice - there is an additional tenderness that only adds sparks.

The fair-haired Bestia wrote on the forum: “My husband has a beard - he doesn’t climb anywhere, in any intimate situations. The only thing is that when she cuts it, then three days it tickles, although it is still a pleasant tickle. But he has it neat, not a broom. Beautiful and modern. "

But still, not all women have a positive attitude towards the male beard, for which there are several serious reasons.

  • the beard must be thick

This is the golden rule for all bearded men. If the vegetation grows very poorly, bald spots are visible that do not overgrow in any way, it makes sense to refuse growing. An alternative is not a very thick beard, which will cover only part of the face. Goatee, goatee, Mexican, islet are much more suitable.

If the hairs on the face do not grow well, you can try to stimulate them with special oil masks.

A guest on Woman.ru writes: “Yes, I like it if a man goes. But this rarely happens. Our men of the Slavic type with flabby full-bodied white-skinned faces and thin, thin hair look disgustingly with a beard. Beards go dark-skinned, with a thin face or a clear bone structure. "

Particles of food by hair - a real nightmare for a bearded man. That is why, during meals, they need to take care of themselves much more carefully than men with a smooth face. Pi yourself always need to have napkins in order to eliminate all traces and not cause bewildering looks from the side of like or beloved girl.

Ganya jokingly writes in a psychological forum: “I like this, so that when he ate, she dabbles in borsch. And if he eats bread, then crumbs of bread remain on it. And if he drank tea with cookies, then this is complete ... ".

The guest on Woman.ru answered in the same ironic vein: “Well, yes, you kiss such a man - you will have dinner at the same time.”

Many women indignantly look at guys aged 18 to 23 years, whose face is covered with dense vegetation. They say that the faces of the guys in these years so far look childish and so naive, and the beard creates a strange contrast that does not emphasize the natural beauty.

Young gentlemen can be advised to choose not a full beard, but a neat beard that will look much more organic.Goatee or goat is well suited for young guys who want to look courageously and confidently.

Discussed the issue and the girls on the "Picaba".

Demaxyma writes: “Not every man / guy has a stubble / beard. For example, at 20 years old, for those who have not yet grown very densely, puberty vegetation looks very funny. There are those to whom she gives maturity, masculinity.

I know those who are trying to grow a beard, but the beard looks ridiculous in the structure of their hair: the hair is curly and sticks out in different directions.

Bristle is buzzing, but present it as a bristle that gives you a special charm, and does not give out your elementary laziness (cultivate it). ”

This is a controversial point: some girls love bearded kisses, and for some it seems unacceptable.

Kishonka on the Woman.ru forum shared: “As I can imagine, you kiss and you have hair in your mouth, that’s what“ bueee ”.”

She was supported by $$$: “I hate bearded and mustachioed! Here is a slight unshavenness - it’s very sexy! ”

There is no consensus on whether girls like beards among boys. Each girl in her own way relates to male vegetation, so men will have to independently find out how their beloved relates to facial hair.

But one thing is certain - when growing a beard, watch her! Facial hair should be aesthetic!

Which is better

View this Instagram post

Publication of. (@ rud.ea) Sep 12, 2019 at 10:06 am PDT

Guys need to be responsible for their choice - it should ideally harmonize with facial features and create an elegant image. Only in this case, you can achieve vegetation, which will appeal to girls.

  1. Skipper. This is an interesting option for those who would not want to run the whole face, and is ready to carefully monitor the length of the hairs. Such vegetation must be trimmed with a trimmer so that it does not look too lush.
  2. Goatee. She girdles her chin, if desired, the guy can also grow a mustache. This is a universal option that adorns both young men and more mature men.
  3. Screen. A beard like Abraham Lincoln is becoming more popular. Its subtlety lies in the fact that lush vegetation encircles the entire lower part of the face, starting from the temples. A prerequisite - the cheeks and neck should always be smoothly shaved. In the classic version, mustache is also prohibited.
  4. Bandholz. Full, emphasizes the strong character and courage of the guy. It must be grown for 8 months or even a year, completely forgetting about using a dangerous razor or shaving machine. It requires careful care - it must be washed thoroughly, use oils and conditioners, so that it remains soft and silky.
  5. Island. The beard remains almost invisible, does not bother women and is well suited for those who are just starting the path of a bearded man. She does not require too much attention to herself, is easy to care for. View this Instagram post

Publication by Nagendra Singh Deora ™. (@ _deora._) Sep 12, 2019 at 9:51 am PDT

This is not the whole list. There are those who prefer the "French fork" - it seems so original to them, as well as the "duck tail", Suvorov, "anchor". There are a lot of options, you just need not be afraid to experiment with your appearance.

Starry Women

You can be inspired by interesting decisions regarding the look of Hollywood and domestic actors who began to grow a beard and made it a highlight of their image.

  1. Brad Pitt. The favorite of millions of women over the past 10 years has invariably appeared everywhere with a small beard - it suits him so well that it’s even difficult to imagine him without vegetation now.
  2. Keanu Reeves. The era of smooth cheeks has ended for the irresistible Konstantin - now he prefers a neat goatee, which he does not forget to trim from time to time. Sometimes he shaves it off, then again forgets about the machines and pleases women's hearts with yet another trick - light unshaven.
  3. Jared Leto. The actor and singer also stopped shaving smoothly and released his full beard, so that his image became much more courageous and brutal, from a favorite of teenage girls he became a real conqueror of hearts.
  4. Danila Kozlovsky. The Russian actor shaves only for roles, and in ordinary life outside the shootings he prefers dense vegetation. His facial features allow him to conduct any experiments with appearance.
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio. Another Hollywood actor who has been wearing a beard for a long time - goatee became his permanent choice. Film critics say that Leo dared to take such a step only because otherwise his face looked childish and naive.

The images of beautiful actors will be a great source of inspiration for guys.

What about the bristles

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Bristle is the vegetation that adds sexuality to men. Almost all girls love her, with rare exceptions - with her, the face of her beloved guy becomes so attractive that it is impossible to resist.

Slight unshaven is the moment when the bristles do not yet look like an incipient beard, but already quite prickly. A woman on the forums writes that touching such cheeks is a pleasure: they are nice to stroke, rub on her face and just kiss. It can be prickly, but at the same time create pleasant and piquant sensations, and not discomfort.

Bristle is the perfect balance where you won’t have to rack your brains on whether the girls like men with or without a beard.

Unshaven is very popular among famous actors of domestic and foreign cinema. This is a universal option for those who like to experiment with their appearance.

  1. Liv Schreiber. An actor with aristocratic features and a penetrating gaze adds even more masculinity thanks to his bristles.
  2. The Scot Ewan McGregor also prefers not to shave too often - without vegetation, he still resembles the young Mark Renton from On the Needle, whom the actor played more than 20 years ago.
  3. Edward Norton does not part with his stubble - it makes his kind face a little more mature and brutal. The actor managed to grow a universal option for everyday life, and for publication.
  4. Gerard Butler. Gerard spent about 10 years with stubble, which he periodically releases. Light unshaven is his highlight, driving crazy millions of women.
  5. Daniel Radcliffe. The guy has long moved away from the role of the young wizard Harry Potter - now on his face flaunts not a scar in the form of a lightning, but a careless stubble that suits him very much.

Light unshaven is a great option for a casual look that women value so much.

Shaved head combination

A shaven-headed man with a beard is a very successful combination that men can afford. It turns out a great contrast that many women like. You can be inspired by the images of Fyodor Bondarchuk, Vlad Yama, John Basley.

There are many options for experiments - you can try on yourself both as an image of a brutal bearded man and a calmer man who prefers light unshaven. The secret lies in the correct selection of the form of vegetation and in the mandatory careful care of it.

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