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How to choose cufflinks for a shirt and a suit

According to historians, cufflinks appeared much earlier than buttons and pins. Since its inception, this accessory has significantly changed, has become more stylish and practical.

For cufflinks to make up a harmonious ensemble with a suit, shirt and tie, you need to carefully select them and learn how to wear them correctly.

What are they needed for?

Their main purpose is to fasten cuffs devoid of traditional buttons. These stylish clasps are threaded through the holes on the cuff of the shirt and fastened to the back.

Important! Not all shirts are suitable for dressing cufflinks, but only models of a special cut, called French.

Why use:

  • To create a stylish classic look, thought out to the smallest detail. In this case, a jacket, tie and classic shoes should be combined with them.
  • As an element of the business style of a leader or dignitary. It is recommended to wear at important formal events and business meetings.
  • Cufflinks with special symbols can be used as a sign of support for your favorite sports team or as part of a corporate image.
  • Bright accessories made in a playful or even shocking style can be worn at a theme party or a fun friendly meeting.

Reference! Cufflinks are not in vain called the calling card of a true gentleman - they add sophistication to the masculine image, emphasize the individuality and good taste of its owner.

The video tells the story of this elegant accessory:

The main advantage of cufflinks is that this attribute is suitable for absolutely all men, provided that it is correctly combined with clothes and other accessories.

How to wear?

Dressing cufflinks can not be called a special art - just practice several times to subsequently easily use this accessory.

First you need to prepare a shirt of the “French” style.

Sleeves of shirts of this type are equipped with long cuffs that are turned outward. Instead of buttons, there are only bilateral cuts on them.

Thus, after threading the cufflink will have to hold four layers of the cuff, which gives along with a certain elegance.

Important! In addition to French, combined shirts are also suitable, where usual buttons and holes for cufflinks are provided.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. To put on a shirt, alternately on outstretched arms, wrap each cuff out. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the edge that is closer to the fingers forms an even straight line.
  2. Connect the open edges of the cuffs, combining them with each other's inner surfaces, and then press firmly.
  3. Align the slots on the cuffs so that they form a kind of channel for threading the cufflink.
  4. Insert the cufflink into the received channel and fix the accessory in accordance with the design. Fasteners should be completely immersed in the cuff fabric, while firmly holding in the hole.

On the arm lowered along the torso, the fastener decor should be outside. Inexperienced cufflink holders may try attaching them to the cuffs before putting on their shirts.

reference! The simplest and most common mount is a pin rotating around its axis. It can be easily threaded by placing the pin parallel to the cuffs and easily secured by turning the lock perpendicular to it.

Watch a video that shows how to put this accessory on a shirt:


Stylists say that in the arsenal of a modern man there should be several pairs of cufflinks at once - different in color, style, design and construction (see photo).

It is very difficult to classify this attribute of a dress due to the variety of forms and decisions.

Types of hitch mechanism:

  • rotating pin
  • flat mount - with a sealing plate on the back side,
  • “Rod” - fastening in the form of protrusions adjacent to the front side of the device, they do not have moving parts, fastening is due to the special rigid form of the structure,
  • chain - flexible paired elements for fastening.

By symmetry:

  • asymmetric - only one side of the accessory is decorated,
  • symmetrical - both parts of the cufflink are furnished with decor.

According to the base material:

Rhodium-plated cufflinks are less prone to scratches and are considered more durable.

The selection of cufflinks in design and price is huge: From budget-themed models for youth parties to expensive exclusive items adorned with gold and precious stones.

Fans of the classics will appreciate strict models of oval, round or square shapes made of brushed metal.

Watch a video that talks about what cufflinks are:

How to choose a shirt and a jacket?

In addition to choosing the right shirt style, it is important to pay attention to its combination with the color and design of the clasp.

Important! A win-win option - a white shirt and classic metallic cufflinks without jewelry. This image is suitable for office work or a romantic date.

With white shirts cufflinks with a black tint look good - they create an attractive game of contrasts.

Cufflinks to plaid shirts they are chosen so that the color of the stripes harmonizes with the color of the accessory, and not the main tone of the clothes. If the cage is large, then small cufflinks will not work.

Against the background of pale pink shirts cufflinks look great in the same color scheme. With jeans, blue and blue shirts, models decorated with blue varnish can be worn.

Important! When putting on a jacket, it is important that the cuff with a cufflink peeks out of the sleeve by no more than 2 cm.

To wear a tuxedo only metallic cufflinks with large black stone are allowed. With blue suits and jackets, discreet models with blue stones look attractive. For all formal occasions, you must adhere to the principle of combining the colors of a cufflink and a jacket.

Gold-plated cufflinks are a universal solution for any shirt and suit.

Useful Tips

Some important tips for choosing and using cufflinks:

  1. By color, they should be in harmony with the accessories and accessories of the entire outfit (silver / silver, gold / gold).
  2. The shirt and suit with which the accessory is used must be carefully ironed.
  3. Cufflinks can not be combined with sports and plastic watches.
  4. It is not recommended to wear accessories of bright colors and bizarre shapes at formal events.
  5. Cufflinks can be matched not only to match the tone of clothing, but also to match the tone of a business card holder, belt buckles, lighters, tie clip.
  6. Products should be stored in a special case - it can be purchased separately or use the box from the kit.

reference! There are no strict rules for using cufflinks. In the absence of a strict dress code, a man can use the most unusual cufflinks for self-expression.

Stylists, on the other hand, recommend purchasing at least one classic model from gold or silver, which will look elegant in any look.

How to choose cufflinks: where to start?

When choosing accessories, and not only cufflink, you should understand what the jewelry will be worn in the future. If a man prefers a sporty style of clothing, then he needs to abandon the idea of ​​buying cufflinks: they are traditionally associated with shirts and classic suits.

REFERENCE! Cufflinks are not suitable for daily wear, even if a man wears classic clothes every day. This is a “weekend” accessory for business receptions, formal events and business meetings. Sometimes they are a required attribute according to the dress code.

The rest should be guided by the features of the cut of the shirt and suit, color and personal preferences.


The cuff is the extreme part of the sleeve, which is the narrowest and always fastens with a button. Classic and casual long-sleeved shirts have this element without fail, but in appearance it can be different.

The cuffs not only perform a shaping function and hold the sleeves “in place”, but also attract additional attention. Sometimes this can be achieved through unusual buttons, in other cases, the cuffs have an internal contrasting part.

In total, 3 types of cuffs are distinguished:

  • Italian (sports),
  • French (double),
  • Viennese (combined).

The Italian cuff is always single-layer and does not have a hole for a cufflink, therefore, this type of accessory is not worn under any conditions.

The French type has opposite characteristics and is worn exclusively with cufflinks. The peculiarity of this cuff is the presence of two layers and the absence of buttons: in their place there is a place for cufflinks.

REFERENCE! Double cuff shirts are the only option for tuxedo shirts.

It is easy to guess that this wardrobe item is more common in the framework of classic and business style.

A Viennese or combination cuff can be worn with buttons and cufflinks. On top of such a shirt you can wear a regular jacket or dress coat.

White shirt

Classic color, refreshing and versatile, albeit not the most practical, but very attractive. The shirt in white execution is probably in the wardrobe of not only men, but also women.

It’s easiest to choose cufflinks for a white shirt: only the cuff variety matters.

To create a concise classic look, you can choose ordinary cufflinks made of metal with its characteristic luster. Such an accessory looks simple and tasteful, gives an image of completeness and makes a man feminine and doubles the severity of appearance.

In the context of classic and business style, attention should be paid to the shape of cufflinks. The most harmonious will look like oval or square cufflinks without additional jewelry and details. In this form, you can persuade any business partner to sign an important contract and win the heart of a beautiful lady.

Another good option for a white shirt is cufflinks with black agate. This model is more suitable for respectable older men - leaders, speakers. Laconic and deep black with a characteristic brilliance will give the man not only rigor and efficiency, but also a certain charm and sexuality.

In combination with a black suit and black tie, you get an image that does not go beyond the office dress code, but cufflinks with a stone will become an unusual accent. In addition, the combination of snow-white fabric and a rich black accessory will make the bow finished even without a jacket.

Shirts of other colors

In addition to snow-white shirts, men's wardrobe usually has blue, pink or pale purple. More interesting patterns - striped, checked or patterned - can also be combined correctly with cufflinks.

A pale pink shirt will look great with shiny cufflinks. It may be a classic metallic luster, but it’s best, of course, to choose a pink mother of pearl. Such a combination will suit both fair-haired men and brutal brunettes, and in both cases it will help soften the image.

REFERENCE! The universal color of cufflinks for colored shirts is white.

A checkered shirt will harmonize well with cufflinks that have a stone in the tone of the stripes. Similar shades, on the one hand, will create a soft and light look. On the other hand, this accessory will not merge and get lost on the background of the shirt, but, on the contrary, will emphasize the depth and peculiarity of the color.

Nobleness and sophistication can give gold cufflinks of soft round shape that go with any shirt: white, plain, striped or with other patterns.

Variety of types

Do not rack your brains when considering how to wear cufflinks on a shirt with buttons. They require a special cut cuffs, which are called French. The only life hack: forever cut off buttons and make slits.

Cufflinks differ from each other in several ways:

  • mounting method
  • style of manufacture.
  • the presence or absence of symmetry.

Exquisite jewelry can be attached in different ways:

  1. Swivel pin. The clasp is turned parallel to the leg, threaded into the cuffs and set perpendicular to the leg,
  2. Using a flat plate (it replaces the pin)
  3. All-metal rods. It is not easy to fasten, but it pleases with a long service life (no removable elements),
  4. Fastening with a chain with a ball (it is located on the other side),
  5. Clip. One part of the cufflink is attached to the shirt, the second is used for threading through the loop and fastening.
  6. Double-sided decor (look attractive on both sides).
  7. Chain connection. This type is preferred by those who want to be able to relax the fit of the cuff, making it loose as needed.

Being interested in how to wear cufflinks on a shirt, it is useful to know about an unusual option for fastening. There is a male accessory that imitates cufflinks. It can be used with a regular shirt, as these are linings that are attached to buttons.

In terms of symmetry, two types of cufflinks are distinguished: with identical parts, with different front and back sides.

Compatibility is important

One type of cufflinks for all occasions - Moveton. Accessories should be skillfully selected for clothes:

  • The combination of colors should be harmonious. If cufflinks are made of gold or silver, then they look good with different shirts,
  • Well, when the decor elements of the accessory are in harmony with the pattern of the fabric,
  • Going to a solid business event, it is better to give preference to classics. Catchy or bizarre gizmos should be left for a friendly party or holiday without officialdom,
  • Buying an expensive shirt, do not save on cufflinks. Otherwise, a dissonance will result. And the flip side: a rustic fabric will not organically combine with expensive stylish accessories,
  • The color scheme and the main touches of the design of cufflinks should be in harmony with other jewelry (for example, a ring or a clothespin for a tie).

Spinning in a series of important meetings and meetings, a man may not notice that the shirt cuffs look stale. Please note: cufflinks can attract special attention to the sleeves and aggravate the untidy look. Therefore, it is important to change the contaminated shirt in time. If home gatherings take place in a hurry, it happens that the cufflinks are confused and put on the wrong side. Do not allow such a slip. An important rule for those who care about how to wear a shirt with cufflinks with a jacket: her sleeve can look 1-1.5 centimeters.

Install and fasten

There are three types of men's shirts:

  • French (providing for putting on cufflinks). Can be worn with a suit or tuxedo,
  • Italian (with buttons), it is called sports,
  • Viennese, designed to be worn with a tailcoat.

When planning to use cufflinks, you should:

  • Put on a shirt
  • Tuck the edges of the cuffs,
  • Fold them so that the slots match,
  • Insert the accessory and fix it (depending on the mounting mechanism).

The front side will be outside. Single French cuffs are more convenient for attaching accessories than double ones. In addition, shirts with them can be worn without a jacket.

Storage of cufflinks requires scrupulousness, otherwise they can be accidentally scratched, and the view will not be the same. If the jewelry is not made of precious metal, protect it from moisture.

When doubting how to wear cufflinks with a jacket or blazer, keep in mind that jewelry does not have to be visible. You can demonstrate them to the public by taking off your jacket (for example, in an informal setting).

Where could I buy

A large selection of exquisite jewelry is presented in the catalog of the Amorem online store. Buy cufflinks at competitive prices in the Amore catalog. Among them are interesting models of cufflinks made of gold and silver. Accessories impress with their original design and impeccable workmanship. There are options for everyday wear and special occasions. Jewelry “with meaning” delight with originality of the author’s idea. For example, cufflinks made of sterling silver 925 (or gilded) with an engraved winged phrase: “A coward does not play hockey.” Cufflinks from the Two Lilies series in gold and silver have a classic look.

If you want to order jewelry as a gift and doubt the taste preferences of their future owner, you can purchase a gift certificate. To find out more information and get help in choosing, call the telephone number indicated on the website or order a call back.


Sometimes the sleeves of the jacket are slightly shorter than the sleeves of the shirt. But even if the cufflinks are not visible in the usual state, if the man puts his hand into his hair or takes a sip of champagne at a light route, the cufflinks will be exposed and will undoubtedly attract the attention of the opposite sex.

REFERENCE! For shirts with cufflinks, you should choose a jacket so that the cuff peeks out from under the sleeve of the jacket by no more than 2 cm.

If we are talking about a classic tuxedo, only natural metal cufflinks with black stone are allowed. Valid inserts are agate, onyx or mother of pearl. It is better to dwell on simple forms - round or square.

For a blue suit, it is better to choose cufflinks with rich blue stones, covered with enamel. Such an image will be appropriate at a business dinner, and at a festive event. Such an ensemble is very suitable for blue-eyed men and emphasizes the depth and expressiveness of the look.

Also, do not forget about universal gold cufflinks.

Cufflinks for wedding

If brides when creating a wedding dress should think about manicure, makeup, hairstyle, jewelry, garter, dress, shoes and gloves, then men are limited only to the choice of a suit, shoes, boutonnieres and cufflinks. Nevertheless, this almost the only accessory should be chosen very carefully.

REFERENCE! Cufflinks should be combined not only with the suit of the groom, but also with the outfit of the bride and the overall style of the celebration.

For a traditional black or white costume, cufflinks are selected taking into account the color of the tie and the clip for it, as well as the wristwatch. At the wedding, a shirt with a French cuff is necessarily put on, which implies the presence of cufflinks.

Cufflinks in a men's wedding suit - always an emphasis and additional attention. They emphasize the individuality of men and talk about the presence or absence of taste.

You should not think that, since the wedding is an important celebration, the cufflinks should be bright, catchy and unusual. Classic metal and gold cufflinks have a place to be if the shirt is pink, blue or with a pattern.

More interesting models of cufflinks, including those with stones, are allowed if the shirt is white. In this case, the color of the cufflinks should overlap with the boutonniere and tie. It is better to refuse a watch, because the image can be overloaded.

Since the wedding is a celebration of the bride and groom, the newly made husband does not have to limit himself. It is quite possible to afford curly cufflinks of various shapes, for example, in the form of figures of the bride or groom or custom-made with the names of the newlyweds. The main thing is that the groom feels comfortable and the accessory fits alongside in style.

Cufflinks - one of the few possible accessories for men, which every stylish young man must acquire, especially if he appreciates the attention from the outside. Cufflinks give the strong sex sophistication, style and sexuality.

How to wear cufflinks?

The simplest and most common option is models with a rotating bullet-shaped pin located between two supports. It is inserted into the slots, and then bridged to a vertical position, thereby ensuring the most reliable fixation.
Chain cufflinks are a true classic of the genre. These accessories consist of two parts connected by a chain, which makes it possible to adjust the density of the girth of the cuff. A big plus of such products is that they look equally good on both sides. However, it should be noted that the fastening process is rather complicated here, especially if there is no practical experience.
For cufflinks with a rigid connection, the back is fixed, which makes donning somewhat difficult. But they serve as long as possible.
In flat mount products, the direct support is attached to the flat plate. The latter is inserted into the slot, being in a vertical position, and then switches to horizontal (similar to a pin).

Can I wear cufflinks on a regular shirt?

If you couldn’t get a shirt with French cuffs, and you really want to demonstrate the cufflinks, you can do the usual one, having prepared it for this beforehand. First of all, you need to unfasten the button by installing a second loop instead. A new hole must be swept over with an overlock. If you wish, you can do it yourself, but it is better to contact the studio. Everything will be done there both faster and better.

Tip:The main requirement for cufflinks today is matching the costume. Experts recommend paying special attention to the color of the product in harmony with other accessories (belt buckle, watch bracelet, tie clasp, etc.). In all other respects, the owner can focus solely on his taste. In particular, nothing prevents you from choosing cufflinks of the original form. Nowadays, almost no one is surprised by the extravagance in clothes, even if we are talking about a serious business meeting. Cufflinks are by no means the most noticeable attribute, and even if there was a desire to “dilute” the severity of your outfit a bit without attracting much attention, then why not satisfy it.

Watch the video: How To Combine & Pair Cufflinks with Shirts, Suits & Ties (April 2020).

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