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How to understand that a girl wants to part with you

Happy is he who being in a relationship never thought about parting. Although in most cases the girl shows that she wants to leave, but more often than not, her decision becomes a complete surprise for the man.

Only after her departure, he usually realizes that this was preceded by "bells", which were ignored. So that you are not taken by surprise, we will tell you how to understand that a girl wants to break up.

  1. Communication . Although you can’t say for sure that the reduction in communication in your case indicates a breakup, you should pay attention to it. If a girl has problems in her life, then she can isolate herself a little from everyone for a while. And this will not be a harbinger of separation. But if everything is fine with her, and communication between you is at a minimum, then you should prepare for an unpleasant conversation.
  2. Spending time together . One refusal is normal, two are randomness, and three is regularity. If a girl began to avoid your meetings or time alone, then something is wrong in your relationship and you are pushed into the background. This is hardly an indicator of great love.
  3. Provocations . Think about who provokes your quarrels. If even little things began to annoy her in relation to you, then this is the most common sign of an impending break. Perhaps the girl is looking for a reason to part with you and then not feel guilty. After all, you will definitely say too much, and she will leave the "thankless goat" in the status of a victim. And what a good move and conscience is clear.
  4. Manifestation of feelings . Have you stopped walking hands, hugging for no reason, saying nice words to each other? This is a sign that your relationship has cooled. Try to talk to her, take the initiative. If she does not respond to your affection, most likely the girl is thinking about a break.
  5. Signals . Words can lie, the body can never. Pay attention to her movements in relation to you, her views, the distance between you. To the person to whom you feel feelings, you always want to come closer, see, touch. If this is not so, then the relationship clearly has a problem.

  1. Conversation . Try to meet her for a conversation at a time convenient for her. So she can’t refuse to meet. Say you would like to speak with her on a very important topic. Be prepared for the fact that at this meeting you will part, but hope that this is just a “black line” in your relationship. And perhaps during the conversation you will find out that she has problems that are not related to you, and her behavior and absence in your life are just the consequences of these events.
  2. Peace talks . In no case do not start the conversation with claims and accusations. Take an interest in how she is doing and why lately you rarely communicate, whether your relations suit her. If you start with accusations and hints of parting, then the girl will defend herself and will surely leave you, even if she did not plan it.
  3. Listen and hear . Be sure to let her talk. Do not interrupt, maintain eye contact and do not show your displeasure or disagreement with her words. Perhaps the separation is due to completely objective reasons that are not dependent on you. Or maybe this is just a difficult period in her life. If you do not listen to it, then you may not recognize it.
  4. Time to talk . Based on what she said, you can begin to say what you think about this. He wants to leave - try to restrain yourself in your statements, but voice your opinion on this matter. Wants to continue the relationship - explain why you suspected a breakup.
  5. conclusions . Whatever the outcome of your conversation, draw conclusions. Do not raise this topic again and again, it will only cause irritation and unnecessary nerves.

  1. Personal space . If you notice any sign that she wants to break up, try to give her some personal space and time to become aware of her feelings. Try to distance yourself from the girl for a while. So she can determine your place in her life.
  2. Second chance . If you do not want to end the relationship, try to save them. But you should not be intrusive. When a girl is unhappy with a man, this cannot be changed. But if the reason is in some moments, try to understand whether you can refuse something for its sake. If so, conquer it again.
  3. The right decision . If you see that the girl wants to leave, but does not dare to say this, take the first step. Explain to her what you see and feel that she does not want to continue the relationship, so you better get separated. Survive this gap with dignity, because it is not a fact that the girl will not want to return, having realized her mistakes.

How to understand will the girl return after breaking up? No one can give a concrete answer to this question, even she herself.

But an important factor is how exactly you broke up. I don’t want to return to the hysterical man who expressed everything he thinks about the girl goodbye.

But always understanding and calm. First, messages, calls, meetings appear, and then the relationship resumes.

Fake breakups and what to do with them

Among the diverse arsenal of female manipulations, there is also such as a fake parting or parting for fun. This is when she either makes a “scandal with leaving” or at least blackmails you with it. The goal in this case is not to part in real life, but to achieve something from you. Usually a global change in your behavior.

It is assumed that you immediately rush to return it, apologize, change, and so on. And you are likely to rush. It will break for a while for a while - and everything will return to square one. Such TUZ drama can be repeated time after time for the slightest reason, or serve as "heavy artillery" for extreme cases. But in any case, it is not assumed that you really part.

Analysis of personal page and correspondence

If the girl offered to leave, you should immediately see what is her family status in the account, if this item was indicated. Before the break, many people remove this line or change to "active search". An alarming sign, when a woman is chatting longer than usual, smiles at the phone, and in case of unexpected appearance of a partner, she gets scared. Explicit peeping, obsessive attempts to catch, a frank check of correspondence will anger the companion, therefore it is better to limit yourself to checking the status and proceed to sincere communication.

Emotional Change

To determine the attitude of a companion, you need to evaluate body language. Women in love tend to be closer to the beloved, to meet his eyes with him, to turn to the chosen one with his whole body. A closed posture (arms crossed), a desire to pull away and a look to the side indicate cooling of feelings.

To understand that a girl undoubtedly wants to leave, is possible due to the lack of physical interaction. It's not just about intimacy. A woman can make love mechanically, reluctantly, without affection. More dangerous is the reluctance to touch, hug, kiss, because the need for tactile interaction betrays a man in love. But one must not forget that there are people who are not very sensitive by nature. Their physical closeness seems unpleasant to them, and they contact the chosen one more intellectually and spiritually.

TOP 9 Anxiety Symptoms of a Meeting Couple

An omen of a future gap is manifested in standard actions. They are clearly visible before parting, but many do not pay attention.

The main thing is to understand in time that your feelings have cooled down, your choice is to correct or allow separation.

Symptom number 1. You rarely stay together

  • If before you often went to the cinema together for a walk or just spent a lot of time in private, and now you only meet in the company of friends - most likely that the girl does not want to be with you.
  • You can offer her to go for a walk together, and she will drag her girlfriend.
  • At your suggestion to go on a romantic picnic, she will answer that it is better to go for a beer with friends, etc. Yes, there is clearly something wrong
  • She does not want to be alone with you, which means that she is not so pleased with your presence, she does not want kisses and hugs. She will leave you soon!

Symptom number 2. You no longer know about her dreams and plans

If earlier she told you about her dreams, shared the most secret with you, and now the girl does not want to communicate with you and does not say anything - soon a tragic moment will come in your relationship.

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It is felt right away - it will simply blow cold from her, she will move away and cease to trust you.

Symptom number 3. "Actively looking"

If earlier it was written on her VK page that she was dating you, and now something like “Not Married” appeared or the status simply disappeared - this is another alarming symptom.

Girls rarely immediately put the status of “Active Search”, they often make a trickier move - change it to a neutral one.

Symptom number 5. She specially makes you angry

Girls of creation are weak and not only physically, but also morally. And parting with a guy is very difficult. At such moments, girls often do everything so that the guy abandons them himself. That is, they begin to behave defiantly, humiliate a man in public, show signs of attention to other guys with their boyfriend, openly dress, constantly provoke scandals and much more.

Listen to your intuition! If she tells you that your girlfriend didn’t accidentally get knocked down by a tower - perhaps she is waiting for your patience to end and you will leave her.

Symptom number 6. Her annoying

Call her - it makes her angry. You call a bunny - it suddenly begins to seem to her that this is the most stupid name. Hugging wrong, kissing like a fool, etc.

Unreasonable irritability, of course, can be a sign of critical days, but she can also say that you are simply enraging a girl and she does not know how to get rid of you.

Symptom number 7. She remembered old friends and started walking without you

Suddenly her old friends appeared, resumed going to the club, drinking, partying, in which you could not find a place? Or maybe your girlfriend doesn’t even tell you where she will spend the evening today, she’s lying and doesn’t finish?

She has almost erased you from her life and is looking for a new candidate, or wants to take a break from the relationship.

Symptom number 8. Sticks to the guys in front of you

She is no longer shy to show attention to other men in front of you? She casually touches others, dances with them, flirts. Then she almost crossed you off her list. Ahead of her - drop her first.

BUT: if you recently cursed because of her jealousy, if she thought you were interested in some girl, maybe she just wants to teach you that lesson.

Symptom number 9. She humiliates you in front of others

If your girlfriend begins to compare you with the guys from your company at all. If she tells the public that “you are not as strong as Dima”, “and you would be so weak, you couldn’t”, she compares you and you obviously lose in her eyes.

A loving girl will not humiliate her beloved in front of the rest (unless, of course, she is a bitch).

Deceptive signs of an upcoming breakup

Female psychology is a very complicated thing. Sometimes, even the women themselves cannot understand themselves. That is why I do not advise you to fully believe in the list of signs of the upcoming breakup.

Many symptoms are suitable for a girl who is going to leave you, but basically they also appear in those who did not even think about breaking up.

Sign number 1. She does not write 30 letters per hour

Previously, she constantly called, wrote you romantic messages in VK, threw a video with cute cats and woke her call in the morning? Is it really after 3 months of your relationship that passed?

You should not worry much, because this is absolutely normal. Euphoria from new relationships sooner or later passes and communication becomes habitual. Stormy passions are left behind, and calm romantic evenings are becoming the norm. That is why she can gradually stop calling and writing to you so often. Studying again, some interests and all that she loved before would take her mind again. You will become simply the most valuable addition to her life.

Anxiety: but if you call her, and her phone is often disconnected or she simply does not pick up the phone for a long time, think about it. She doesn’t have time to talk, she’s annoyed by your calls, and she practically doesn’t call or write - yes, that's where she wants to leave you.

But don’t panic - take an interest in the reasons for this behavior. Perhaps she is really busy or has some problems.

Sign number 2. She doesn't want sex with you anymore

At first, you just did not get out of bed, led a very hectic sex life, and now you can not drag her into bed? Does she constantly have a headache, is she tired or something else? Then the thing "smells fried." This can be considered a sign that you are no longer physically interested in her and you need to look for a reason to meet ...

But there is another side to the coin. Do you have sex, but not as often as you would like, and you suspect something? Put off the panic, because the reason for this may be not only the desire to leave.

Perhaps she didn’t want to have sex 8 times a night before, but at first she didn’t want to offend you or seem like a passive, unemotional girl. That is why she easily made concessions to you, always agreed and was more proactive. And now, when you became very close, began to trust each other and your relationship moved to a new level - she just stopped seeing the need for this pretense.

Over time, any relationship loses its ardor and passion.

Listen when she speaks and when she is silent

Yes, yes, it didn’t seem to you to hear her silence. Are you furious with quarrels, long conversations and showdowns? That is why you think that you are on the verge of breaking up? No - if she is trying to talk to you, if she brings you some of her feelings and talks about grievances, then everything is not so bad with you.

When a girl speaks and cries, it means that she is simply trying to keep what you have. She thus solves problems that you may not see and is trying to say that she is not well. She is waiting for an answer and some changes. And while she does this, she loves you.

But if she falls silent, it is not good. No, if everything is fine and smooth, then this is normal. But if you were cursing yesterday, hysterical, and haven’t decided anything yet, but today she’s just coldly silent about it, looking at you condescendingly - it’s better to talk about it first.

When a girl is indifferent to problems in a couple - this means that she either fell out of love, or harbored a big resentment, which she simply does not see a way out.

Let her tell you herself

You are man. Therefore, do not drag until the moment when she decides to leave and leave you with nothing. Just talk to her and find out what she has in mind. She can lead you by the nose for months, and then also change with one of your friends.

You need to do one thing: in a calm environment, just ask a direct question: “I see that something is happening. Tell me honestly, do you want to leave me? ” That's all !

If you have a chance to save the relationship, she will certainly begin to talk about what does not suit her. And if she has long made a decision for herself - you will ease her task and you will be able to quickly get away from the situation yourself.

First you need to understand: why the girl loses interest, and then solve the problem:

Always consider the female vision of the question:


When a woman realizes that the time has come to part, she perfectly understands that a difficult conversation awaits her. Of course, I just want to get up and leave without memories, sharing property, tears and torment. The fact that it is necessary to discuss this issue with the second half is often scary.

Against this background, many women consciously, and some unconsciously, begin to provoke quarrels. After all, if during one of these conflicts a man does not restrain himself and gives her a face, it will be easier to pack a suitcase and leave at times. This is a kind of legal and shortest way to get rid of a boring relationship.


The boredom you notice to everything else is another bad sign. In a woman, the first thing that goes wrong is the fire in her eyes. She ceases to give heat, becomes unemotional, closes from you and the outside world. Such signs can often be observed in those who have not been loved for a long time. Such a woman needs to be woken up, stirred up: buy flowers, hug, maybe take somewhere or just say something nice.

But if suddenly she still has a fire in her eyes and it is not aimed at you, it is likely that the woman will physically leave soon (internally, she already has one foot behind the door). By the way, this same fire does not always appear thanks to another man.

No plans

A woman broadcasts to you: “I don’t want you”, “I’m not interested with you.” Of course, it happens that initially he loves kayaking, and she likes to sunbathe for days on the beach and shopping. This does not mean that you urgently need to immerse yourself in the hobbies of the second half. Not. The main thing is that after the hike and the beach people still unite for some common cause. For example, they like to water tomatoes together in the country. Perfectly! You can find the time and the opportunity to first rest for everyone according to their interests, and then it comes to tomatoes. But, if he and she only have their own interests - this is a dangerous symptom.

Woman does not hold on to you

A woman who loses interest in you begins to break the usual ties: walking together somewhere, sleeping, walking - all this she no longer needs. At the same time, when you leave her somewhere (for example, to meet friends, go fishing), she does not react with the usual phrase: “Where are you going?” No objections and reproaches, instead, the second half also helps you collect the bags.

But this is not always a bad sign. Sometimes such behavior accompanies the onset of maturity, when a person becomes an individual and begins to understand the value of personal space and loneliness. Usually this happens closer to 40 years and does not always mean a break in relations.

Lack of proximity

Lack of desire and interest in intimacy. A woman does not initiate sex, moreover, it stops your initiative: “I'm tired”, “headache”, etc. This does not necessarily mean that she has someone else, it just says that she does not want you specifically. Such failures on an ongoing basis are also a symptom.

Interestingly, some women may not refuse to have sex, even wanting to leave the man. Why not take advantage of the moment, especially if there is no one right now? Moreover, some divorced couples sometimes continue to enter into intimate relationships.

Asymptomatic care

All that is described above is the loss of contact, the bonds that hold us together like hooks. If a couple, by tacit, mutual consent, has been living without them for a long time (for example, it’s so convenient for them), then, of course, it is likely that one day, “for no reason and reason,” a woman will pack her things and simply leave, or offer to leave you .

In fact, this situation cannot be asymptomatic. The thing, most likely, is that you either resigned or consciously do not want to notice obvious things. It is naive for years to live with a person without warmth, participation in his life, and think that it suits both.

All the above points indicate the danger of a break only in the complex, since in reality a woman leaves only when she really gets up and says “goodbye” to you. At this moment, nothing can be done except to close the door behind her. If you notice any of these signs (or even all), but the woman still remains with you - this means that not everything is lost, you can still do something to keep it. But remember, the bomb is slowly ticking.

What to do with such a girl?

Listen, honestly - think about whether you need it. Dude, she's trying to manipulate you so desperately and ugly - do you think you'll really be happy together? But in any case - your business. If you want to continue the relationship - go ahead. And consider these “leaving, not leaving” a signal that you should pay attention to and somehow adjust your actions.

If you see that a girl has stopped loving you, you can try to regain your feelings.

How to understand that a girl wants to leave you for real?

At first. The alien soul is darkness, and the alien female soul is pitch darkness. There is not a single unambiguous symptom that would allow something in this soul to clarify. So do not grab the very first evidence of her cooling to you - and decide that everything is over. But if you check this list and understand that according to most of the signs there has been a negative trend lately, draw conclusions. And change something in yourself if you want to keep it.

What has changed in the relationship

You can not be serious about discomfort in a relationship, especially when it appeared unexpectedly and contrasts strongly with recent affection. You can understand that a girl wants to leave you by analyzing the changes in her behavior by points:

  1. A woman is talking and chatting with a partner less and less. A bad sign, if at the same time she is not overloaded with work, she devotes free time to anyone, but not to the chosen one. Do not be offended in advance, it is better to talk.
  2. When trying to discuss common goals, plan at least the near future, the chosen one closes, communicates coldly. When this happens occasionally - this is normal, but regular failures indicate a cooling of feelings.
  3. Flirt darlings with other guys. A girl can flirt demonstratively to annoy an already unloved partner.
  4. Humiliation of a guy in front of strangers or silent acceptance of insults towards a chosen one. A woman who pulls away at such moments shows a passive aggression towards the man.
  5. The presence of secrets. This concerns the concealment of correspondence, unwillingness to share everyday worries, experiences.

Character changes

She suddenly changed a lot. This does not concern small habits, but key features. It is worth asking about the reasons for such changes, avoiding reproaches. Often, between people who change dramatically, an abyss forms. If a girl’s interests, hobbies, communication style, and even temperament have changed, then you need to learn this new personality in order to stay on the same wavelength with her. Often the culprit of disagreements with the changed lover is a man. He is disappointed, does not want to understand the half or does not show the necessary interest.

Ignoring the young man, his entourage and relatives

This applies to a long relationship in which lovers managed to get to know each other's families well. Coldness, ignoring the partner’s close ones can manifest due to dislike for him. The girl no longer wants to contact with "strangers."

This also includes the refusal to go with a chosen one to family festivals. A woman prefers to stay at home or relax separately. Some girls allow themselves unpleasant statements about a partner’s relatives. If at the beginning of love a young lady spoke positively about them, then this may be due to her current hostility to a man.

Provocative behavior

The rumors that happen over trifles are a sign of a serious crisis. If a woman is annoyed by the details of her lover's behavior, which she had not previously seen or justified, then the couple's problems are brewing. Periodic inflation is natural. The problem is daily irritability. You should talk with your sweetheart. Perhaps she has a period of stress, then she needs help, not parting.

Change in the number of quarrels

That's right - a change. Because their number in anticipation of parting can both increase and decrease. It depends on how many there were and how the girl perceives them. That is, look not at a specific quantity, but rather at the dynamics of the quantity. The difference is due to two reasons in two different situations:

  • or she wants to swear, but there’s no point in sparing your feelings - and she puts all the dogs at you, recouping for all the lost emotions,
  • or she already doesn’t care what you think and how you squint there - you don’t exist for her anymore, so what's the point of cursing with something non-existent?

What to do next is up to you. You can restore the situation. You can hammer a bolt and find a new one. It so happens that the relationship has exhausted itself - all good things have already happened, and then some nonsense stretches.

What should a guy do if he has no desire to break off relations

Often, if a girl decides to leave, the young man begins to come up with romantic ways to get her back. He regrets that he did not show gentle signs of attention in the midst of a relationship, worries that he rushed to correct everything late. He has an insult to himself and his beloved. Everything is complicated by the pride of a guy who blocks the desire to speak sincerely.

First you need to find out what kind of separation the woman planned: a short pause or a complete break. Sometimes girls with statements about the termination of relations provoke a loved one, desperately attract his attention. Perhaps the half needs care, more communication, tenderness. It happens that the darling has problems that are difficult to say. Before being offended, you need to ask a friend about the reasons for her decision.

Even when a woman speaks directly about the end of the novel, do not give up. The female sex is inclined to doubt, analyze, and weigh for a long time. After parting, the girls continue to mentally return to their former partner, evaluate him, ask themselves about the correctness of the decision. Having lived at a distance of a couple of weeks, you can try to return the relationship. Beloved may accept this offer.

The gap due to treason leaves deep resentment. It will be very difficult to return the partner whom I changed. To restore confidence, you will have to patiently seek it again, prove with deeds that betrayal will not happen again. Betrayal can only be forgiven by a beloved man. If there are no tender feelings, the girl will not return to her former partner.

Recommendations to guys whose chosen ones decided to leave them:

  • keep calm, with dignity, but sincerely and without challenge,
  • should talk, not blame, be patient,
  • apologize, admit guilt (if the guy does not internally disagree with the charges, then one day it will lead to bitterness, irritation, quarrels),
  • to take into account the beloved’s requests, to really begin to change (it is better to do without eloquent promises, but briefly agree with her claims),
  • Do not be afraid to appear vulnerable in front of a partner, directly admit your affection.

If a woman strongly insists on ending the relationship, do not ask for friends. Such a connection is rarely obtained sincerely friendly. There is no need to continue painful communication, because the feelings of a guy make him depressing. Such emotional dependence is fueled by self-flagellation, jealousy and lasts for years.

After the woman finally decided to disperse, she should wish her success. You need to show respect and remain a true gentleman. Parting as beautifully as possible, leaving behind a bright image is the best solution. It is advisable to hide even from close relatives the nuances of the relationship and the breakup, because gossip does not paint the guy, humiliate him and the former darling.

Psychologist's advice

Psychologists advise in a crisis period to communicate a lot. The girl’s openness, her willingness to discuss difficulties, and the absence of irritation are good signs. This indicates that the woman loves and wants to regain intimacy. Other recommendations of specialists:

  1. You should surprise your sweetheart, make her happy. There will be little conversation and tenderness, you will have to try and present a special surprise - dinner, gift, romantic gesture.
  2. It is worth reminding the girl of a happy common past, of what connected you once. You can recall the first carefree dates, simple joint joys. The purpose of these memories is to evoke the warm emotions that filled the relationship before. A moved woman may change her mind and return.
  3. A traditional romantic letter with honest thoughts and memories can melt the heart of the chosen one. Writing thoughts on paper is an easier way to pour out your soul than direct communication or messages. You can send a letter to a woman with flowers or leave at her work. A short touching note will do.

  1. It is advisable in difficult times to show your partner openness, weakness, vulnerability. But it should not be emotional reproaches or tantrums. Instead of persuading a woman, it is better to share fears, failures, dreams with her. This should be done simply, gently, humanely. Usually, the ability of men to open up and trust girls is considered not as weakness, but sincere.
  2. The independence of the partner must be respected. Men tend to suppress their lovers, restrict their freedom. It is important to emphasize the self-sufficiency of the chosen one, not to hold, not to manipulate. Especially not free girls next to toxic jealous and patriarchal partners who seek to control their every movement. It should support a half, help her in her endeavors.

To preserve relationships, it is necessary to avoid everything that alienates people: manipulation, indifference, obsession, suppression. Keeping in touch will only be possible with the help of sincere regular communication. But sometimes the cooling of feelings is an objective phenomenon. In this case, the right decision is to remain a worthy personality and let go of the partner.

We observe the behavior of the girl

Determine that a girl wants to part with her boyfriend, you can using the careful attitude to her behavior. In fact, true motives and wishes always lie on the surface, but only a few can read non-verbal signs that promise a quick break. And only when the girl offered to leave, men begin to recall some of her behavior.

Determine the desire to break the relationship by its behavior, namely:

  • touch - she fat less to show affection and tactfully to show herself in the direction of a man,
  • sight - you can immediately see from her eyes that she began to talk indifferently and coldly look towards her partner,
  • ignoring - the girl avoids meeting, hangs up in the middle of a conversation or completely refuses to communicate, says she’s busy, etc.,
  • lack of talk about the future - any plans in advance, even if they do not concern family and children, will be immediately transferred to another channel of conversation,
  • quarreling - She is not something that would begin to communicate dryly, but at all can show aggression and scandal to a victorious end with a man.

The most obvious sign that the girl is ready to break off relations - with every quarrel and minor conflicts, she constantly talks about breaking up. That is, such a program is already built in its thinking and subconsciousness, it is only a matter of time.

10 signs that a girl wants to break up

In the psychology of relations, the most typical and characteristic signs that a girl wants to leave are separately considered. And if you find them in a timely manner, the man will have the opportunity to correct the situation in order to save the couple. Moreover, the signs can occur both singly and as a whole at once. Unfortunately, many men tend to have a wrong perception of such behavior on her part, not in the format of an impending break, but rather in the form of ordinary moods.

No tactility

At any opportunity of an intimate atmosphere and tactile contact, she says that she is busy and is looking for any reasons to distance herself from the man. If she does not hold the man's hand, does not kiss, she does not need a hug, most likely, she does not need the man himself.

Special removal for negative emotions

If a girl began to communicate dryly, hangs up, the girl in every possible way demonstrates her attitude to a man with the aim of provocation. Surely, she lacks the courage to leave the guy, so she with all her behavior pushes him to such an act.


If a girl wants to leave, but says she loves a man, such an internal dissonance will cause irritation. She will be angry with his calls and SMS on the phone, gentle words in her direction, his desire for tactile contact and hints of proximity.


Usually a girl shares with her chosen one about all the news and events, even if it was someone else's secrets. But if suddenly she stopped talking about what is happening in her life and around, it is worth considering whether her chosen one is on the list of trustees.

We discuss the situation with the girl

Now, after identifying the problem, the man needs to think carefully about what to say to the girl if she wants to leave in order to maintain a relationship. The priority should always be such concepts as honesty, respect for oneself and her, as well as frankness and sincerity. A man needs to build a dialogue at several stages:

  • the proposal to calmly and adequately talk about what is happening in the relationship,
  • clarification of the presence of grievances, grievances, disappointments, etc.,
  • acknowledgment of one’s mistakes and guilt, apology for misconduct,
  • the promise to work on oneself and continue not to repeat such mistakes,
  • statement in a soft loyal form of their possible discontent,
  • requests for a girl regarding changes in her attitude,
  • the assurance that these relationships are important to a man, like the girl herself,
  • recognition of feelings and most serious intentions.

Only face-to-face conversation in calm tones without cutting statements and complaints will help to understand the essence of problems and misunderstandings, solutions to problems, as well as the prospect of a joint future or complete incompatibility of partners.

Decide what to do.

Only after an honest conversation can both partners in the relationship understand why the girl wants to leave him, and what to do next. Nothing can be done on the part of a man if she really abandons him. But at the stage of her thoughts and the absence of radical measures, the further fate of the couple is in the hands of a man. If a man doubts whether he needs to maintain a relationship at all, most likely they have already outlived themselves.

The actions of a man in this situation should be based on several points:

  1. Providing personal space for a girl to analyze relationships from an objective point of view.
  2. Attempts to save relationships by clarifying their guilt, confession and its eradication. You can also try to surprise the girl with good deeds, recall all the good that was between them, confess to the feelings and desire for a joint future.
  3. A man needs to let the girl go on the background of worries about her and in order to avoid anger, scandals in the relationship.
  4. Next, you need to give yourself time to say goodbye to feelings and memories. At this stage, you need to engage in the development of your personality.
  5. Cutting off any contacts, deleting a phone number and social networks to fence off an ex-girlfriend. You also need to get rid of any things reminiscent of a relationship with this girl.

It is extremely important for a man to remain active, develop, play sports, maintain constructive thinking and a sober mind. Any relationship is an invaluable experience that teaches in the future how to behave correctly, and what mistakes it is better not to repeat.

How to keep a girl if she wants to break up?

At first, a man needs to establish communication in relations with a girl, so that any problems and improper behavior are immediately discussed. If a girl, with all her behavior, shows that she wants to break up, a conversation is needed, as this can be a manipulation to achieve her goal. If the girl has no feelings left, does it make sense to fight for a relationship with her?

Another effective way to keep a girl who is striving for a break is ignore. A man just needs to disappear for some time from her field of vision, not answer calls, messages and letters on social networks. Despite the riskiness, such a method in most cases only fuels the girl’s interest, forcing her to think about who she actually lost.


If a girl abruptly changed her behavior and relationships towards a man, became dry, indifferent, irritable and withdrawn, most likely she thinks about breaking up the relationship. Such a decision does not arise from scratch, so it is important for a man to understand the true motives and reasons that violated the relationship. If work on oneself, changes for the better and satisfaction of her requests did not work in the right direction, most likely, she simply does not have feelings.

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