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How to choose and wear men's patent leather shoes?

Shoes are a basic element of men's wardrobe, which can be presented in different styles and models. Experts advise each man in his wardrobe to have several pairs of shoes of different styles according to different circumstances and events. But the greatest demand among the strong halves of society is in classic shoes, for example, men's patent leather shoes.

Leather is the most popular material for the production of men's shoes, it can be matte or patent, depending on the processing methods. To get patent shoes, manufacturers cover ordinary leather with polyurethane resin. Externally, the skin looks radiant and reflective, it can be soft or hard. It is especially important for a man to know the rules for caring for such shoes.

Properties of patent leather shoes

To determine how appropriate and appropriate lacquered shoes in the image of a man are, first of all, it is worth familiarizing yourself with its advantages and features. All over the world, these shoes are often used for celebrations and celebrations, thanks to the shoes men emphasize their status, wealth and sense of style. And stylists recommend varnished shoes for a business look or for an evening dude.

The properties of patent leather shoes include the following indicators:

  • the use of chrome leather
  • coating the skin with a layer using polyurethane resins,
  • appearance and elegance of shoes,
  • the varnish does not tolerate heat above 25 degrees, because of which it can break and crack,
  • varnish does not tolerate frost below 10 degrees, which makes the varnish layer brittle.

Sometimes the lacquer area leads to swelling of the legs due to insufficient ventilation of the legs, as a result of this, stylists do not recommend using these shoes for everyday wear. But for a special occasion, these shoes will come in handy as never before.

The benefits of patent leather shoes?

In order for a man to understand how lacquered shoes are appropriate in a particular situation, you need to separately familiarize yourself with their advantages. Stylists and designers call several indisputable advantages of varnished shoes, namely:

  • the skin of these shoes stretches well, taking the shape of a foot,
  • after removing shoes from the feet, the skin quickly restores its former shape,
  • lacquer resistant to scratches and cracks,
  • if the shoe is properly maintained, it will be resistant to dirt,
  • varnish withstands heat and cold.

In addition, shoes with varnish coating always look elegant and solemn, for a long time retains its novelty and pristine shape. In the manufacture of such shoes they use different shades for all occasions, even apply prints and drawings on top of the varnish to make the shoes look fashionable and modern.

Models of patent leather shoes and what to wear with

Previously, men's patent leather shoes were made exclusively for festive and business events, respectively, in a classic version. The rest of the time they gathered dust on the shelf, waiting for a new solemn occasion. Today, everything is bright and eye-catching in fashion, and men prefer to show their style and status with such shoes. Therefore, stylists offer attention to several models of patent leather shoes for the strong half of society.


These are lacquered lace-up shoes in a simple classic design that were originally worn by students at Oxford University. They look stylish, modern and formal, and the skin itself from which the shoes are made requires a special finish in the form of small holes for adequate ventilation of the limbs. To date, many subspecies of oxford shoes are offered, for example:

These shoes can only be worn with a business trouser suit, if it is patent leather shoes. Suede oxfords can be worn with woolen trousers and casual outfits.


From the Oxford model, shoes for men were made of smooth leather brogues with a detachable cape, so they look very elegant. Shoes are durable, and patterned perforation and a W-shaped nose distinguish these shoes from oxfords. Moreover, perforation can be observed both on the entire surface of the shoes, and on the front of them.

Another distinctive criterion for brogue shoes is the contrast of two colors, which emphasizes the specificity and brightness of the image. If a man is dressed in a classic suit, he should look after brogues of a dark shade without decorating elements. And for everyday outfit or jeans put on massive models or brogues with rubberized soles. Stylists distinguish between brogues, demigods and quarter brogues.


Ideal shoes for men with high leg lifts are derby shoes with open lacing. Here, the base itself is made of leather, and the sole of the same material, less often it is made of polyurethane. Unlike previous models, derby shoes do not wear a classic official connotation, so they can be worn with a classic suit, and with jeans and casual outfits.

Derby shoes have a restrained design without prints and decor, they can be made of leather of different processing methods, as well as suede and nubuck. Stylists consider the internal classification of derby shoes - the classic model, as well as brogues with perforation or a cut-off nose. The first model is suitable for formal and everyday wear, the second is preferred by youth and dudes, the third model is everywhere in casual style.


A cool model that looks unusual and brutal - monka shoes, the distinguishing indicators of which are the elongated shape, the absence of laces, as well as one or two small buckles. Monks are usually made of genuine leather or suede, often there are models with a varnished coating. Due to the lack of lacing, the shoes are easy to sew and wear.

Monks are divided into two varieties:

  • double monk strap shoes - shoes with two buckles,
  • monk strap shoes - shoes with one strap.

Stylists advise using such shoes in a casual or official style, they can even be worn without socks. If there are two buckles, the monks are universal in terms of combination with clothes, they are even worn under jeans. The trousers of the narrowed style will look original, which will not cling to the buckles. If the monks are varnished and smooth, it is better to wear them in a strict manner, and the suede model will go under the informal style.


If we consider informal models of shoes for men, among them loafers are considered the leader in popularity. Comfortable and practical shoes can be made of leather, patent leather or suede. Despite their informality, today loafers are worn under a classic suit, but only if there is no or a minimum of decorative elements.

There are several subspecies of loafers:

If we consider the popular models of tassel loafers, they are recommended to be worn with a blazer or a checkered print suit. The rest of the loafers are universal, they can be worn with different styles of trousers, as well as with jeans.

How to wear and care for patent leather shoes?

Particular attention should be paid to men on the issue of what to wear patent leather shoes to look stylish and fashionable. If it is varnished oxford shoes or brogues in dark colors, they will look harmonious with a classic formal suit. Extraordinary men's white patent leather shoes are appropriate in the wedding image of the groom, like other models of shoes in light colors.

Considering derby shoes, they can be worn with classic trousers and fashionable jeans. Lacquered design loafers are suitable for the summer look, they are worn without socks if this is an informal style. They can be worn with shorts, blazers and jeans, as well as in a checkered ensemble of wardrobe items. Particular attention should be paid to how to wear patent leather shoes in order to maintain integrity and pristine shape.

Experts highlight several important points in the toe of patent leather shoes:

  1. First you need to unfasten all the fasteners, and then put on the shoes with the help of the horn.
  2. You should not shoe these shoes in extreme heat or frost, only a temperate climate will maintain the integrity of the coating.
  3. If the shoes rub their feet, they need to be rubbed with an alcohol solution (a third of a glass of alcohol and the rest is water), after which the shoes are put on thick socks. And you can resort to the service of stretching shoes in a shoe workshop.
  4. Patent shoes should be stored in a dry and warm room, and packaging with ventilation can be used.

Experts point out several important points regarding the care of patent leather men's shoes. Store patent leather shoes as follows:

  • a man needs to use water-based shoe care products, thanks to which the skin softens and makes the top layer brilliantly updated,
  • after going outside, shoes should be inspected for dust by wiping with a damp cloth, refusing to use a brush,
  • if the shoes are in dirt, they should be washed with soapy water, wiping with a soft cloth dry,
  • every month, the varnish should be lubricated with petroleum jelly, vegetable or castor oil for 20 minutes, after which removing the mask with a cotton swab or cloth,
  • egg white or an onion slice will help make the shoes shiny, which you need to grate the shoes on, leave for 20 minutes, then grate with a cloth to shine,
  • ammonia mixed with soapy water will help return the shoes to a bright color.

In no case should you dry the varnish shoes near the heaters, this will ruin the integrity of the skin and the layer of varnish. After cleaning, put a newspaper inside the shoes. Stylists do not recommend saving on such shoes, preferring better quality leather. Each dude will find for himself the perfect shoe model due to the wide variety of models.


The shoes assess social status, position and style of a man; they are especially attentive to women's shoes. Particularly popular today are patent leather shoes that look elegant, bright and festive. Due to the wide variety of models, patent leather shoes are now worn by men of all ages in both formal and informal styles.

What qualities do they have?

In the manufacture of high-quality patent leather shoes, chrome leather is used, which is covered with a protective layer using polyurethane resins, which gives the product special properties, elegant gloss and durability. The appearance of patent leather shoes with proper care remains attractive for a long time.

Such shoes may be vulnerable to inappropriate weather conditions:

    Heat - at high temperature

Classic and austere leather lace-up closed-toe shoes. Initially worn by students at Oxford University.

These shoes look formal, stylish. The leather from which they are sewn may have a special finish in the form of small holes, which allows good ventilation of the legs.

Varieties of oxfords:

Lacquered oxfords are worn with a business suit, suede is more suitable for everyday outfits and woolen trousers.

When to wear men's patent leather shoes?

Originality and conciseness are the main qualities of these simple and at the same time very stylish patent leather boots. They are usually made from chrome leather. or a high quality substitute. A special elegance to the product gives a special protective coating based on polyurethane.

Proper care is the key to chic shine and durability of shoes. But unusual attractiveness can disappear in a flash in the face of weather changes:

  • in the summer heat above +25 0 C, the varnish coating may crack and break,
  • in winter frosts below - 10 0 С - the varnish becomes brittle.

Important! Wearing patent leather shoes every day is forbidden! In them, the legs do not “breathe” and may swell.

Nevertheless, they are always bright and life-affirming - they are in great demand among mods.

How to choose the color of shoes?

To always be on top, a man needs learn how to combine shoes and pantsuit. And play it is possible both on monophonicity and in sharp contrast.

Stylists advise:

  • with black pants it is better to wear with boots of black, dark brown or burgundy color,
  • with gray - black, burgundy, dark brown,
  • with brown - all its shades, as well as black and light in a brown tone,
  • with dark blue - black, burgundy, dark and light brown,
  • with trousers in brown and green halftones - black and in all kinds of brown shades.

Men's dress code largely determines the color scheme of shoes. Classic business style adheres to black tones. A noble brown gives some relaxed look, an informal background - burgundy and beige.

Modern fashion gives room for individuality, and does not tolerate the unconditional rigor of the dress code. Strive to hit everyone on the spot? Do not be afraid to be extravagant! Go around any postulates.

Types of patent leather shoes

Lacquered men's shoes are available in many fashion houses in the world. Designers play favorably with colors and textured differences in the material of the shoes. They are worn with pleasure by many, which is called "both in the feast and in the world." There are several varieties of these stylish men's shoes.

How to choose the right patent leather shoes

Lacquered shoes are the favorites of the last season and a variant of the most fashionable shoes. This pair looks bright and spectacular, attracts attention and revitalizes the created bow. In addition, these shoes have sexuality, give the image femininity. But to achieve such an effect, they must be correctly selected.

Decide on a model

Let's start with the question, and what generally varnished shoe options are appropriate in a fashionable women's wardrobe? There are several optimal options:

  • stilettos,
  • boats
  • wedge models
  • loafers and oxfords,
  • summer shoes with an open toe or heel.

If this is your first experience buying glossy shoes, give preference to classics - light summer models, or neat boats. They are easiest to “make friends” with a wardrobe and they are universal, suitable for any type of figure and women of different ages.

For large girls it is better to abandon the options for shoes with ankle or heel straps, this shiny detail will only emphasize the fullness of the legs. It is better to give preference to deep shoes of a soft tone or wedge models.

Color and decor

When choosing a particular model, pay attention to color and decor. In terms of color, it is better to give preference to the classics. The most successful in the wardrobe will look:

  • black models
  • beige and nude
  • scarlet
  • contrasting shoes with a combination of two shades.

However, remember the golden rule - the brighter the color, the less decor on the shoes, ideally you can choose even models without decorative elements. But if you still want something like that, pay attention to fashionable patent leather shoes with a small decor to match the shoes.

Evening and weekend bows

Lacquered models are ideal for bright weekend images, but how to wear varnish shoes in evening bows so that it looks stylish and extravagant? For holiday outings, it is better to give preference to pumps with an elegant stiletto heel, and an evening dress is the best answer to the question of what to wear patent leather heeled shoes with.The color scheme is better without experimentation - or black classics, or shoes matching the dress, as a universal option - nude boats.

The lacquer accent looks best in combination with matte fabrics, as well as lace, light chiffon, taffeta and crepe. Satin, leather and lurex fabrics with glossy shoes - an absolute bad manners!

Business images

Controversy over the appropriateness of glossy business-style shoes is not abating. However, the combination of patent leather shoes with suits and formal blouses can turn out to be more than feminine, elegant and not at all provocative. Therefore, if the dress code of your institution does not prohibit, feel free to wear it!

For a business style, it is best to choose patent shoes in beige or nude shades, you can also choose a brown or dark blue pair, but black glossy shoes in the office are a manifestation of bad taste.

The best business combinations are a pencil skirt or a sheath dress with beige boats. A dark suit and a light shirt will look great with gray shoes, or a pair of the same shade as the suit (jacket). Oxfords and glossy leather loafers are good for classic cut trousers.

Everyday ensembles

Do you have a pair of trendy patent leather shoes, what to wear with for a good daily look? In principle, this shoe is combined with all wardrobe items, the main thing is not to overload the images with color and details, as well as to show moderation in accessories. Let the glossy shine of shoes be the main emphasis in the wardrobe, you can support it with the same lacquer accessory to match.

Jeans + Lacquer

For a casual look, this combination would be perfect. Denim “plays” best with stilettos or wedges, and models with tractor soles are also suitable for deliberately careless images. Classic jeans as well as skinny models are perfect. The top in this case is neutral in color and style. For bold bows, you can choose a bright blouse or T-shirt (top) with a jacket or windbreaker to match the shoes.

Skirt-based looks

By choosing a straight model to the knee with a discreet top (for example, a cardigan, shirt, light jacket), you can safely combine such a skirt with any of the varnished shoes. Sun models will look best with shoes on a neat wedge and even with ballet shoes. A beige pair of shoes is appropriate with a skirt of any length: mini, midi and maxi.

Lac + dresses

Fashionable patent leather shoes look especially well with plain dresses of any length and style (the main thing is not to go too far with the textures). It is better to complement a complex cut with shoes with wedges or thick heels, light flying models with ballet shoes or boats, but sheath dresses are always perfect with shoes with stiletto heels.

A special theme of the dress and black patent leather shoes, with which you definitely should not wear them, is:

  • mini dresses
  • open models
  • red sheath dresses,
  • light dresses with lace.

In all these cases, the image will turn out either too vulgar or too aggressive. But soft dresses in green and blue, as well as orange, yellow and lilac models will look amazing with black shoes.

Rules for the care of patent leather shoes

Glossy shoes attract attention with their beauty, brilliance and perfection of the mirror surface. However, with improper care, this effect will not last long. Therefore, so that your favorite fashionable patent leather shoes last longer, use the simple rules for caring for them:

  • you can wear patent shoes only in dry, warm weather,
  • always put on shoes on nylon tights (socks, stockings), it’s incredibly difficult to remove the smell from such shoes,
  • Wet shoes should be thoroughly wiped with a dry, soft towel and dried at room temperature, no batteries and shoe dryers,
  • For cleaning, use only special products for varnish to maintain shine.
  • Do not store shoes without packaging and special bags between seasons so that the varnish does not dry out and does not crack.

Ideas of images with patent leather shoes

For bright and courageous ladies we offer an excellent option - bows based on bright varnish shoes. Choose shoes in a saturated shade (light green, blue, orange, yellow) and combine with dark or light jeans and a pastel top to maintain a color accent, add accessories of the same tone. It will turn out spectacularly and not boring.

Summer looks also look great in combination with patent leather shoes. For the summer, choose models with an open toe or heel, as well as a deep neckline. This will make it easier to walk, giving the ensemble lightness. A great option - monochromatic or monochrome images in combination with shoes of pastel shade.

An excellent version of the image based on patent shoes is two-tone combinations of basic shades: black-red, white-red, black-and-white ensembles. In this version, patent leather shoes will become that bright and necessary accent, giving a seemingly basic set a twist!


Initially conceived as an attribute of a men's wardrobe, they are considered universal and practical shoes. Fashion for moccasins came from North Americans, finally finalized the shoes of Senior Mostile. Moccasins are treated with a mandatory coarse seam, connecting the tongue with the main part.

Tassels, lintels, fringe, acting buckles can serve as decor. The steady heel in some models gives the loafers an official appearance, such shoes in white or black version can be combined in a business image.

The rest of the models are worn with jeans and linen shorts of elongated cut. Creating a summer ensemble, moccasins can be worn without socks, sets with socks take into account the color of trousers: white moccasins - blue jeans - blue socks.

Types of moccasins:

How to wear men's patent leather shoes?

  1. Wearing patent leather shoes is important with the hornby unbuttoning all fasteners and zippers in advance.
  2. Do not wear patent leather shoes at very low or high air temperatures. The moderate climate does not allow the varnish to wear out quickly, while maintaining a beautiful appearance for a long time.
  3. Stretch shoes when rubbed it is possible, having previously vilified shoes in thick socks, soaking them with alcohol diluted with water 1/3 cup of alcohol, the rest is water. Apply more coarse stretching is not worth it, the skin and varnish are deformed. Special sprays, lotions and foams for patent leather will do this job well. Stretching devices in shoe shops are the best and most delicate way.
  4. Store patent leather shoes in a dry and warm room.in ventilated packaging. Shoes should not touch each other.

What clothes to wear?

Patent leather oxford shoes and brogues in dark colors complement business style suits, emphasizing elegance and rigor.

Light-colored shoes look good in wedding suits. Derby harmonizes well with jeans and dress pants.

Moccasins and loafers are perfectly combined with a summer wardrobe, they are worn mainly without socks, being an element of an informal style. These shoes are worn with shorts, jeans, blazers, checkered ensembles.

Patent shoes need careful care after each use:

  1. Additional safety will be provided by shoe care products, water-based moisturizing lacquer coating, which gives the patent leather shoes an updated look.
  2. It’s important to inspect the shoes after going outWipe off dust with a damp soft cloth, brushes are excluded. From a large layer of dirt, shoes can be washed with warm, soapy water, then wiped dry.
  3. To preserve the protective layer of varnish, you can apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the shoes once a monthcastor oil or vegetable oil for 20 minutes. After that, remove a greasy mass with a dry rag or cotton pad.
  4. Shine of old shoes will return a slice of onions or egg white. Shoes are smeared with a thin layer, can withstand 20-15 minutes, then rubbed to a shine.
  5. Ammonia + soap solution help update the color of the shoes.
  6. Patent shoes do not dry on heaters, after cleaning the shoes, fill them with a dry newspaper and wait for drying. For such cases, it is good to have several pairs of shoes.

Men's patent leather shoes successfully fit into the official and laid-back dress codes, the rules of which can be correctly changed.

The main manufacturing material is high-quality patent leather. Such shoes require good care and careful socks.

A variety of styles and models, patent-leather shoes, will satisfy the most sophisticated style, when choosing it is important to consider the style and lifestyle of the owner. Brown and black colors are well suited to a business image, light colors and combined shoe colors complement the informal style.


Chrome leather necessarily covered with a special protective layer of polyurethane resins to give a special chic and shine.

Proper care and compliance with the temperature regime for a long time will retain an attractive appearance.

Shoes should be worn at a temperature of -10 to +25 degrees Celsius.Otherwise, with improper weather, we get the following problems:

  • if the temperature is more than 25 degrees, the varnish will begin to melt, leading to the formation of creases and cracks,
  • if the temperature drops below 10 degrees, then the varnish loses its strength and cracks.

Inadequate ventilation of the legs, in some cases, this feature can even lead to swelling, so patent-leather shoes are a privilege of solemn occasions, and not everyday wear.

Brightness, style and cheerfulness. Patent shoes have a special sheen and chic. Shoes are perfectly combined with any festive clothes, adding a touch of charm.

It can be noted that especially beautiful images are obtained with a combination of black patent leather shoes with a black business suit, and avant-garde ones with jeans.

The creation of the very first pair of patent leather shoes in the world belongs to the American Seth Boyden.He discovered a unique leather processing technique in 1818, which later on rightfully conquered the world of fashion.

Model Types

Oxfords and brogues of dark colors perfectly complement business suits, emphasizing their elegant severity. It is advisable to combine a derby with jeans and strict trousers. Moccasins and loafers look great with summer things, they are usually worn without socks. They are of an informal kind.

What is not recommended to wear patent leather shoes?

Fashion lawmakers say a categorical no to jeans and lacquer. The unique luxury of patent leather boots is the absolute prerogative of business clothes.

Important!A set of fashionable denim and patent leather shoes is the biggest absurdity,which only a man completely devoid of taste can afford.

Lacquered shoes successfully fit not only into the image of a business man, but also from the inveterate “dudes”. The main thing is to choose the right model and color scheme. Then you will be perfect and original everywhere.

Black patent leather shoes on celebrities

Important events, such as the award of an achievement at a musical Olympus or a movie, usually imply an official style. On the red carpet you can see how many celebrities prefer black patent leather shoes, because they emphasize the status of their owner, his style and high income.

Today, men of all ages wear patent leather shoes, the lineup will allow you to choose any style for them. Men's shoes look bright, stylish, elegant, subtly emphasizing an outstanding image.

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Color options

More recently, black, beige or white shoes were considered habitual for women. Today, fashion trends break all stereotypes. There are models of the most original shades.

The color of the shoes bordeaux will tell about the passionate nature of his mistress and emphasize her elegance. It is a shade of luxury and wealth. A related red tone will look great with blue jeans and a small black dress, which must be in any women's wardrobe.

The beige version, due to its classic component, will suit almost any situation (including a business suit). The color "nude" visually lengthens the female foot. The deeper and more saturated dark colors of the blue palette are suitable for a business image or evening dress. Bright shades of blue palette will sparkle in the summer wardrobe. In terms of compatibility, this is one of the most versatile shades.

White patent leather shoes are recommended not only for weddings, but also for various special occasions in combination with a strict outfit. Powder-colored patent leather shoes are widely used today in wedding dresses. This palette, together with all kinds of bright colors (green, lemon, violet, yellow, blue, orange, lilac), will ideally complement summer romantic images. They can go to various events. The dark shade of shoes is relevant for both mature women and young girls. Black patent leather shoes fit almost any look, season.

The color of men's patent leather shoes depends on the shade of the trousers. Here, either coincidence or contrast is appropriate.

Tint trousersPalette for shoes
Brown (classic), greenBrown - Light to Dark
Navy blueBurgundy, light or dark brown
Gray and blackBurgundy, dark brown

Common to all shades of trousers are men's black shoes. They are harmoniously combined with a dark blue, gray and even green suit.


Women's shoes are often decorated. But lacquer in itself attracts attention. Excessive decoration will seem pretentious, tasteless. Therefore, the decor should be as discreet, discreet as possible.

Fashion designers use various straps, clasps, brooches as decoration. A little lacing or transparent inserts will not hurt. Sometimes metal blotches or rivets are used.

Design can be colored inserts that contrast or complement the main range. They are often used for heels. Various perforations, curly cuts give the shoes sophistication. A little rhinestone or beads will make the look elegant. Stylists observe the basic rule - do not mix texture. Patent shoes on men do not tolerate decor at all, with the exception of buckles or perforations.

The basic rule in deciding what to wear with varnish-coated shoes is not to overdo it with gloss. In addition to shoes, only one lacquer accessory should be present in the image. For example, a strap or bag. Tights should be matte.

What to wear

Shoes should not be the same color with the clothes, it is better if they will either differ by several tones or contrast. A business sheath dress requires the use of a neutral color - classic patent leather heeled shoes will perfectly fit the look. Women's oxfords are suitable for trousers with arrows. Black and white classic clothing and black patent leather shoes of any style is the best option.

A casual look also features lacquered shoes. Casual style involves wearing skinny jeans, knee-length skirts with stilettos, wedge shoes and tractor soles. Jeans are cut off or tucked to the ankles.

The evening look allows you to wear a classic version of high-heeled boats with a dress of chiffon, matte or crepe texture, as well as a lace outfit. Satin material is not compatible with varnish. A feminine romantic image will turn out if a pleated skirt, a blouse and varnished shoes, a dress of flying fabric in pastel or contrasting colors and beige boats are combined.The image of a glam rock diva, who prefers an aggressive style in clothes with the presence of massive accessories, will be complemented by rude boots with a maximum number of metal staves, as well as closed boots with high heels or a platform.

Famous brands

These branded products are high-quality, comfortable and durable. The list of the most popular brands looks like this:

  1. Christian Louboutin. Heeled shoes made of genuine soft leather with a red glossy sole.
  2. Miu Miu. A combination of incongruous - for example, a strap and a round toe. Avant-garde ballet shoes, glamorous sneakers or slippers, ankle boots.
  3. Roger Vivier. Unusual forms - a heel in the form of a comma, a sphere and a pyramid, shoes resemble a musical instrument - a mandolin, the model "Beaks" looks like a bird's beak.
  4. Marco Tozzi. High quality tailoring and material, elasticity of the sole for women with an active lifestyle, advanced pads for overweight ladies.
  5. Belwest. Universality and refinement of design, convenience and style.

Shoes varnish for women and men require some care. But this is compensated by their integral contribution to a correctly selected image. Quality products from popular manufacturers will help increase the life of such shoes.

Popular models

The advent of technologies that allow applying varnish to natural leather has led to a new “reading” of old models. The radiance of this material on the legs became a kind of replacement for polished, polished, waxed shoes. Patent shoes standardly repeat the existing models of ordinary leather:

  • loafers - demi-season low-heeled shoes without fasteners with a decorative metal buckle,
  • monks - low low shoes with a flat sole with one or two buckles,
  • oxfords or brogues - patent leather shoes with lacing with or without perforation,
  • ankle boots - male or female patent leather shoes with heels,
  • models on the platform - a thickened sole allows you to wear shoes in the winter, as it isolates the foot from the cold coming from the ground,
  • army boots and martins - the combination of a rough style of tractor-soled products and glamorous glaze creates a special chic.

When choosing a model of patent leather women's shoes, it is important to remember that even in black they attract the attention of passers-by. If you add a heel, a hairpin, a bright color or a print - the image can border on outrageous, balancing such shoes will be beyond the power of even the most restrained outfit.

On the platform
Ankle boots

Criterias of choice

Choosing shoes is always a challenge. And the acquisition of a varnish pair will require even greater effort. It is important to act thoughtfully, to exclude the possibility of spontaneous purchases, which will save you from wasted expenses and disappointments. The main criteria to which it is customary to pay attention in the first place are the purpose, seasonality of shoes, material of manufacture and coloring.


Patent shoes, like many other types of shoes, are divided into 3 large groups:

  1. Men's Usually they are as concise in design as possible, they look solid, expensive, presentable. They are represented by the already mentioned loafers, oxfords, brogues, derby and other models. Lacquered boots with laces or without them can be a good solution for creating a business and style image in the offseason. When choosing it is important to consider the style, lifestyle of the future owner.
  2. Women's Patent leather perfectly emphasizes femininity, smoothing a rough style even in the most massive models. Such shoes are the choice of confident fashionistas for whom individuality is paramount. Women's shoes made of varnish can be complemented by lacing and other laconic decor. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of these shoes: a platform, a tractor sole, a hairpin and all other types of heels, on a flat stroke - choosing an option for any occasion and style is not difficult.
  3. Baby. Lacquered shoes with small legs look especially cute and from a young age they form a sense of style in the crumbs. Models for boys and girls are presented in a variety of colors - there are no restrictions, as in adults. The height of the shaft may vary; the zipper mainly acts as a fastener, which in some cases is supplemented with lacing in the front.

When choosing varnished low shoes or another variety of this bright shoe, it is important to decide where, under what circumstances the products will be shoeed. In order to go to work with pleasure in them or to walk around the city, you need to rely on conciseness, convenience, quality.

You should not spare money on branded shoes, and its design should be taken very carefully, even meticulously. If you need shoes for one party, you can sacrifice convenience and quality in order to maintain a budget.

For the only way out mass marketing models are quite suitable, the main thing is to choose wisely.


Seasonality and materials

Although manufacturers produce demi-season and winter patent boots, the features of the glossy coating limit its use. Patent shoes do not tolerate severe frosts, heat and water, so it should be worn mainly in late spring or early autumn, when it is dry and cool outside. Evening exits do not count, here the varnish reigns all year round.

The highest quality lacquered low shoes and boots are traditionally made from genuine leather.

However, the realities of today, when many consumers refuse such products for fundamental reasons, have led to the emergence of high-class synthetic analogues.

In the footwear industry, the so-called eco-leather is relevant. Leading global brands also use environmental material to produce clothing and accessories.

The sole is made of leather fiber (rubber equivalent of leather), rubber (porous or smooth), PVC, TEP, polyurethane - it all depends on the budget footwear.

In winter models, a heater is provided, mainly natural sheepskin or printed wool on a textile basis, but artificial materials such as neoprene, sherpa, and membranes are also well-proven. All types of raw materials used in production are indicated on the tag.

By acquiring a suitable model, it is worth studying the symbolism, so it will turn out not only to choose the right pair, but also to increase “shoe literacy”.

To distinguish synthetic materials from natural, it is worth examining shoes from the inside. The inner layer of genuine leather will even differ in smell from synthetic imitation.

Eco leather

Variety of colors

Coloring, as well as texture or model of shoes, is a personal matter for everyone. In choosing you can rely on the same basic principles: following the classics or chasing trends. The basic stylish colors for many years remain:

The classic shoe, presented in shades of brown, is focused on leather of the usual dressing or suede. White, red, blue, pink and other bright colors have remained at the peak of popularity for several years.

A fashionable touch is patent-leather shoes for women and men, in neon colors. Here the emphasis is on extravagance. Such paints can be entered in a street wardrobe, but they are weakly correlated with the office style.

Neon shoes cannot be considered universal and for the most part remain the privilege of celebrity.

How to care

The peculiarity of patent leather shoes is that when it gets into very low or high temperatures, color migration can occur. This means that the product will partially change its color. In order to prevent undesirable changes, you need to abandon glossy shoes when traveling to hot countries and do not wear patent leather boots at minus 15 ° С.

The second problem is to protect the product from scratches that may appear, for example, with a large crowd in public transport. It is not enough to know what to wear patent leather shoes with, it is also important to understand when it is better to wear shoes. When driving, it is recommended to wear an auto-heel; to mask chips and scratches, use special silicone products.

To remove dirt, dust or traces of water, wipe the patent leather shoes with a soft cloth - flannel rags or velvet rags. The leather from which the shoes are made needs to be moisturized. Varnish periodically should be impregnated with petroleum jelly or glycerin, which will immediately improve its appearance.

To obtain a glossy gloss for shoes, regular milk is suitable - it is recommended to regularly wipe the shoes with them, and then dry them with a soft cloth.

If the varnish pair is wet, it should dry on its own, in vivo. Using dryers and leaving products near heating appliances, you can get small cracks on the surface of the material.

Shoes should be stored at room temperature, pre-stuffing each shoe with paper and placing it in a separate shoe bag.

Following these simple rules will help you enjoy the spectacular sparkle of your beloved couple for a long time and look perfect under any circumstances.

Use special products for patent leather shoes
Periodically soak the shoes with petroleum jelly
Dry in the fresh air, or loosely stuffed with paper
Wipe with a soft cloth

Patent Leather Shoes

Patent leather shoes have a narrow scope: they should only be worn with very strict suits. In addition, men's patent shoes, according to classical standards, can only be black, although today, of course, there are others - burgundy, blue, beige and even pink.

Black tie look with patent leather shoes

Manufacturing process

Patent leather (or, as the English say, patent leather) in most cases is made from relatively inexpensive skins with a large number of defects.

The skins are scraped, ground, stained and coated with a layer of polyurethane varnish to obtain a glossy surface.

Sometimes, however, they use high-quality calf leather without defects, with natural grain - it can also be coated with polyurethane varnish or other material that provides strong gloss.

Patent Leather Properties

As a rule, it is more glossy and brilliant, but in fact the border between patent and polished leather is very blurred today. Sometimes polished leather is very shiny and can be produced in much the same way as patent leather.

On the other hand, polished smooth calf skin without any coating based on polyurethane or other material is sometimes called polished.

Like polished leather, patent leather can be harsh, so new shoes made of such leather should be carried in advance, and you need to wear them out a little, gradually.

Bernhard Rötzöl, the author of the gentleman’s men's style encyclopedia, advises putting on patent leather shoes “a few nights at home before going out to celebrate them, otherwise a great event may end with aching corns that will not let you move around, not like dancing.”

Types of patent leather shoes

There are two main models: these are oxford shoes and the so-called “boats” with a ribbon or bow (pumps, opera pumps). The first model is more modern, and the second is more traditional and, according to some men, feminine. It is permissible to wear both models with a tuxedo and dress coat, but remember that men's patent leather shoes must always be black.

Brooks Brothers Patent Oxfords

Brooks Brothers Patent Leather Boats

Patent leather oxfords should ideally be with simple capes (plain toe oxfords in English) rather than detachable. Usually there are side seams on them, but oxfords like wholecuts are acceptable, although they are not so traditional.

As the author of the suit, Michael Anton, writes, “Oxford boots go with any evening clothes, they can be worn everywhere,” and talking about the boats, he notes that they “look exceptionally good when combined with tailcoats, forming the most official of the possible combinations ". Bernhard Retzel believes that "wearing silk tuxedo shoes in a tuxedo ensemble is a sign of style and, above all, courage."

For the sake of completeness, it’s worth adding that now on sale there are men's shoes, boots and sneakers made of patent leather, which can not be called formal shoes.

Such models - sometimes very bright and catchy - have their fans, but informal patent leather shoes cannot be called classic.

This is a very risky option from the point of view of style and, moreover, is not particularly comfortable, since shoes from such leather “breathe” are noticeably worse than models made of smooth calfskin.

Dr. Martens Patent Leather Boots

Puma Patent Sneakers

Patent Leather Shoes Care

Patent leather shoes should be wiped with a cloth as necessary, if necessary, it can be slightly wet, but it should not be very wet.

Shoe care products made from such leather should be used only highly specialized, designed specifically for patent leather. Avoid hard bristles and classic shoe polish as well as shoe polish.

Finishing patent leather is such that the glossiness of its coating is achieved without the use of creams and shoe polish.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that patent shoes are undesirable to wear in cold weather, as well as at very high temperatures.

How to clean patent leather shoes with “home” products

In order for the material to be brilliant and maintain its original appearance for a long time, you should know what proper care should be. The easiest way to buy a suitable cream in the store.

Castor and olive oil will restore the original shine to patent shoes.

But if a person is sensitive to pungent odors and prone to allergies, then it is better to use improvised materials. There are many ways to restore glitter:

  • The bulb can cope with severe pollution. It should be cut. Half of the vegetable wipe dirty areas. Onion juice is removed with a damp cloth.
  • Olive or castor oil will return the initial shine to shoes and shoes. The cleaned surface is lubricated with a product. Avoid areas where damage is located. After 10 minutes, the shoes are carefully polished with a natural cloth.
  • Egg white will make the surface water repellent. Beat one protein with a teaspoon of powdered sugar. Treat the shoes with a composition using a piece of woolen cloth.
  • A solution of three tablespoons of turpentine, yolk and a teaspoon of castor oil will renew the patent skin. The mixture is applied to the shoes, waiting for it to dry, and polished the shoes with a suede or flannel fabric.

White shoes are polished with milk. For black or dark, use strong teath.

Shop care products

Manufacturers know how whimsical the patent leather is. On the shelves there are enough funds to care for such products.

Popular products of these brands:

Shop-based care products for varnished shoes help keep it worn in rain and slush.

You need to know how to properly care for patent leather shoes using industrial products:

  • Glossy shoes need a good moisturizer that nourishes it and protects the color.
  • If the product must be worn in rain and slush, then the surface should be treated with a water-repellent.
  • For extra shine, polish is used.Processing is carried out with open windows or in the fresh air.

Men's shoes: classic, fashion and patent

Today, shoes have become very popular and relevant shoes of the stronger sex. If before they were dressed only by businessmen or those people who were passionate about their career, today almost all men have them in their wardrobes.

Every man should pay great attention to his shoes, because men's shoes are the main accessory of any man.

In order for men to be able to provide the right impression to others in whatever situation they are, they need to have at least three pairs of shoes: classic shoes, fashionable shoes, and shoes with varnish.

Classic men's shoes

If a man wants to have a representative appearance, then classic men's shoes are designed for him. These are traditional "English" shoes that give their wearer an incredibly elegant look. It is mainly worn by businessmen and people of the executive classes.

Classic men's shoes should be made of the most expensive and elite materials: textiles of the highest quality, natural suede or genuine leather. Sometimes, when sewing classic men's shoes, synthetic materials are used, of course, of the highest quality, and therefore prices.

The decor of classic shoes should be concise, calm and simple.

Previously, there was no place for them with some kind of decoration, but today designers have found interesting solutions that do not prevent these men's shoes from being laconic and simple: strict classic shoes are decorated with contrasting stitching, leather lacing, textured seams, perforated and embossed overlays. An unusual combination of colors or textures can also be a good decoration for classic men's shoes. At all times, classic shoes of black and white colors were considered universal.

Fashionable men's shoes

Fashionable men's shoes sewn from a wide variety of materials: the only limitation in the material is that they should be the most relevant fashion trends of our time. For example, men's shoes made from a combination of natural suede and leather, or shoes made from high-quality polyvinyl chloride, will look fashionable and spectacular. Recently, these types are the most fashionable men's shoes.

Fashionable shoes for men do not have a special decor: designers are given complete freedom to fulfill their fantasies. For example, often designers decorate these men's shoes with braid and volumetric seams. Unusual textured solutions are also the main decoration of fashionable shoes.

When choosing fashionable shoes, men should be very careful to choose the right model for themselves, as these shoes look very independent and expressive.

Patent leather shoes

The main material from which these shoes are made is simple patent leather. This is the most popular and practical material.

For lovers of the classic style, brown and black shoes are suitable, and the color - coffee with milk will also look perfect. This color is for avant-garde style lovers and is a very fashionable trend.

Lacquered shoes that have a contrasting sole are suitable for a fashionable suit: but the general tone of the color must be respected.

Lacquered shoes are a suitable complement to the groom's elegant suit. To do this, choose the classic colors - black, white and beige.

We must always remember that patent leather shoes are the most demanding in the wardrobe of men from among all types of men's shoes. Wearing patent leather shoes, you must always obey the appropriate dress code: wearing them under a T-shirt is simply not acceptable.

Women's patent leather shoes

Patent leather has a chic appearance and "hardy" properties. That is why patent leather shoes remain an integral part of any design collection. The variety of patent shoes allows each fashionistas to choose a pair to their liking. Some prefer the classic stud, while others prefer unusual models on the platform, lacing, without heels.

Secrets of patent leather shoes: how to wear and how to care?

What am I cold, what am I hot

Lacquered shoes in the wardrobe will make you pay attention to the weather forecast, because this material is capricious and does not like heat or cold. That is why varnish loafers, although they look pretty, but even at +25 degrees can lose their luster.

In the conditions of the fierce Russian winter, varnished boots are also not very practical: thermal protectants that promise to protect your beloved couple at a temperature of -10 degrees are not so effective. The varnish may crack, and you will not be able to return the shoes to their original condition. But the offseason, when there is neither heat nor cold, is quite suitable!

On a special occasion

But lacquered shoes cannot stand the cold and heat: the capricious varnished surface does not like contact with water, and therefore buying even the most beautiful boots for everyday wear is completely impractical. However, etiquette does not imply that you will wear elegant shoes just like that - it requires a special occasion and appropriate clothing.

Moreover, this shoe is unsuitable for those who suffer from excessive sweating, since the varnish coating “breathes” worse than ordinary skin.

In a word, buy fashionable patent-leather shoes as an extra for especially solemn occasions and holiday outings in dry spring and autumn.

In order for your patent leather shoes to last longer and always look perfect, all manufacturers unanimously advise you to clean your pair of boots or shoes after each use. In dry weather, just wipe the shoes with a damp soft cloth or a special “velvet” designed for delicate surfaces.

Occasionally, varnished shoes need to be nourished with additional means that will protect the boots from moisture, and shoes from tarnishing. In addition to special creams for varnish, you can use household improvised products - petroleum jelly, glycerin or vegetable oil, the excess of which must be removed after application after 10-15 minutes.

Otherwise, dust will settle on the surface.

Total drying

If you couldn’t avoid the rain, and your beloved pair of boots are wet, you should dry your shoes carefully. Drying near a battery, heater or with a hair dryer can catastrophically deform shoes at a time.

The most reliable simple and convenient way to dry varnish shoes is to stuff it with soft paper and leave it to dry naturally.

But at the same time, shoes should not be left in direct sunlight, for example, on the balcony, since the varnish dims from the light.

Egg, milk and onions

It is impossible to remove any dirt from patent shoes with the help of solvents and alcohol-containing agents. If the stain is not rubbed off with plain water or soap, then try removing it with milk or castor oil. And if it seems to you that your shoes or your favorite brogues have begun to lose their shine, treat the surface with a raw egg and then polish with a half onion: it is really effective.

But with the already appeared cracks at home, you are unlikely to cope. It is better to contact the shoemaker. Although ... the cracks indicate that it is time to change the shoes, but because you are most likely trying to postpone the inevitable.

Storage system

Lacquered shoes also put forward certain conditions for storage: for example, a beautiful shelving with open shelves showing all its beauty is a bad option for your favorite varnish shoes.

In order for the shoes to retain their original appearance for longer, each shoe should be individually packed in a cloth bag and stored in a box.

Plastic spacers or pads that will support the shape of the shoe for the entire storage season can be easily replaced with paper.

But in fact, in order for the lacquered shoes to serve for a long time and always remain beautiful, first of all it is necessary to check the quality while still in the store: the surface should be perfectly flat and smooth, without chips, wrinkles and cloudy spots. We also recommend checking the varnish on a bend: high-quality shoes do not respond to compression.

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