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Useful tips on how to quickly grow a beard?

From the earliest times, a beard was considered a sign of power and courage. In addition, being well-groomed, she significantly adds charm, makes it clear to the fair sex that a man takes care of himself.

In the end, she just looks incredibly stylish. Today it is one of the most affordable ways to increase your male attractiveness, without attracting any special costs from the wallet.

If you want to know how to quickly grow a beard and are willing to spend your time and energy carefully caring for it, our article is written for you. From it you will learn what needs to be done so that the beard grows faster.

What determines the growth of a beard?

Unfortunately, not all representatives of the strong half of humanity were lucky with facial hair.

How fast does a beard grow? Growth Rate Depends on Many Related Factors, including those given by genetically individual sensitivity of the skin receptors to testosterone.

That is why it is extremely common that testosterone is normal or even on the upper border, but it does not set with a beard.

How to make a beard grow faster? There are a number of special tools and methods that can accelerate the growth of hair on a beard, increase the density of the beard and help finally cope with this "goat misunderstanding."

Factors affecting beard growth besides genetics:

  • low testosterone. The presence of moderate physical exertion, sexual activity and the use of sports supplements containing tribulus will allow you to quickly and effectively compensate for this drawback,
  • autoimmune skin diseases. Psoriasis and similar diseases put an end to the growth of vegetation. The use of special ointments prescribed by a dermatologist will make it easy to bypass such an unpleasant factor,
  • malnutrition. Deficiency of trace elements and vitamins also significantly slows the growth of vegetation,
  • concomitant diseases. For example, diabetes. We treat and get the result. However, sometimes medicines on the contrary slow down the growth of vegetation, this is also worth considering. In addition, such diseases can manifest themselves in problems of vegetation growth.

The average growth rate of a beard is approximately a centimeter per week, however there are people who have this figure reaches completely abnormal values ​​up to 5 cm or even higher. By measuring this indicator, you can easily assess the individual effectiveness of all the proposed measures.

What to do to make the beard grow faster?

Now the specifics. How to accelerate the growth of a beard? What should be done to quickly and effectively increase its density, to make the vegetation uniform and silky? In a word, are there any reliable methods without side effects for the body? Yes, but it’s not a “magic pill”, but a whole set of actions and methods.

Balanced diet

Make the beard grow faster maybe zinc. Even with its relatively normal content in the body, special additives can greatly accelerate the growth rate of the beard.

In addition, zinc is an aromatase inhibitor, increasing the level of male hormones and reducing the amount of female hormones.

All vitamins of group B. This is the case when the optimal amount is best obtained from multivitamin complexes, without bothering with the diet. Choose your brand and get a guaranteed result.

Special diets with a high content of oils and protein help a lot. Fats are vital for hair nutrition.

Resting on foods containing high amounts of vitamins A, C, and E. Retinol deficiency causes dandruff; low levels of vitamin E make hair brittle.

The restriction in the diet of sweet foods is also able to show excellent results. Hair becomes thicker and takes on a healthy look.

Right lifestyle

Healthy full sleep. What kind of vegetation can we talk about if you sleep less than 8 hours a day? Cell renewal, maintaining the vital functions of the body, ensuring healthy health - all this is realized during sleep.

Moderate exercise. Gym, running, tennis - choose a lesson to your liking, and the result will not be long in coming. It really boosts testosterone levels.

Active sex life. What is there to say?

No stress, it negatively affects the body. Just relax more often. Yoga is a great option.

And finally, let us be boring - avoid bad habits.

Medical preparations

Many use finasteride, an inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone to accelerate beard growth.

Used off-label for the treatment of baldness, it is for the beard that it is not so good.

Strictly speaking, it is more likely to crush male hormones, and therefore, can have an effect on well-being, causing depression.

Caesar lived beautifully, being bald, using a laurel wreath as a stylish accessory. If he used this drug, he would never achieve such impressive results.

In addition, finasteride is also used by transgender people. We hope this can convince you not to take this drug for self-medication. Regarding the intake of other drugs, we also advise you to first consult a trichologist.

The most effective medication is minoxidil.. Officially, it is intended to treat hair loss on the head and stimulate their growth, but for a beard it is just fine.

It is especially good if facial hair is not evenly distributed. Goatee and funny mustache - those are the problems that he solves for one or two, showing very effective results in the shortest possible time. In short, even bristles are simply provided.

Minoxidil is applied directly to the skin with a pipette. Most of all, for growing a beard, it is a 5% solution. It is optimal to take 1 ml 1 time per day.

Of course, it all depends on each specific case, but we recommend that you focus on this dosage, as it is the least likely to cause side effects such as dry skin, slight swelling, itching, germination of hairs in the wrong places.

Apply the drug continuously from 6 months, and subsequently gradually reduce the dose.

In addition to Minoxidil, you can use other drugs and cosmetics to enhance beard growth: Alerana, Professional Hair System, Shevelyuks, Generolon.

Folk remedies

Among folk recipes for the growth of a beard, the most popular is the use of all kinds of oils:

  • Argan oil makes hair stiff
  • Castor oil. It has a significant general strengthening effect and enhances the density and growth rate of the hairline. A good option is to apply special masks to the skin of the face, combining both oils,
  • some take tincture of red pepper and nicotinic acid. In RuNet there is little reliable information on the use of these funds. At one's own risk. We only note the fact that it is best not to combine them with minoxidil,
  • Burr oil and burdock oil with red pepper. Efficiency is moderate, as well as from most folk remedies, one should not expect any outrageous results.

Extra care

What needs to be done to make the beard grow faster than the fast?

Special facial skin care can enhance hair growth.

So, for example, regular massage enhances blood circulation.

All kinds of masks and washing are also a good help. Tar soap has also shown sufficient effectiveness.

There is really one side effect - it dries the skin very much, so it is definitely possible to recommend it only to people who have it initially oily. But this indicates hormonal problems, so a much more acceptable option is to contact an endocrinologist and a dermatologist.

Well, of course, be sure to buy a quality razor.

We also recommend that you first learn how to care for the stubble and relatively rare beard, and only then specifically grow your Dugin's beard.

We hope that the set of measures outlined above will allow you to quickly, efficiently and without any side effects enhance hair growth.

It’s not necessary to follow all the suggested tips. In the end, two or three really effective measures will be enough to make the beard grow faster.

Let your beard be thick, stylish and attracting everyone's attention! Moreover, now you know exactly what to do to grow a beard faster!

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