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Ten men's suits 2018, in which anyone looks brutal

This year's fashion shows were distinguished by the presence of the same colors - both in women's collections and in men's. What was probably the first time in the history of the fashion industry. Such shades confidently burst into the men's wardrobe: delicate lilac, moderately pink, wine color, coffee shades, spring greens, walnut color. Nevertheless, the main color palette of the men's collection for the upcoming season is presented in priority blue shades, which have a sonorous name “serenity” (which means serenity). Fashion designers, using such a moderate color scheme, tried to bring the male half confidence, calmness and peace. The collections of fashion designers, Timo Weiland, Canali, Jil Sander and Michael Kors were especially distinguished by models with a predominance of a moderately calm, without aggressive tones color palette.

Designers did not ignore the traditional color of men - khaki, embodying all the masculinity of a strong half of humanity. Moreover, this color was skillfully embodied in classic costumes, service jackets, jackets, raincoats, ties, which did not give the feeling of the presence of military or camping clothing. At the peak of trends, ensembles that boldly combine gray and perfectly white color boldly strengthened. Designers argue that this season it is necessary to give gray color an extraordinary lightness and airiness, this is just perfect white color. And it was perfectly demonstrated by such fashionable houses as Versace (a white cloak and a gray suit), Gieves & Hawkes (a printed gray jacket in combination with snow-white trousers).

Gray or blue men's suit to choose in 2018

If you like light colors in clothes, a gray double breasted suit of a straight cut is what you need. As you know, gray is in several shades. Darker shades of gray are more suitable for the cold season, and light gray tones are ideal for spring and summer. If your wardrobe also has a dark blue suit, then you can combine different parts of the suits, as gray and blue are perfectly combined with each other. If you are going to have only one men's suit in your wardrobe, then this should be a dark blue double-breasted suit of a straight cut. It is best if it is made of medium density fabric so that you can wear a suit all year round. Do not buy too expensive fabrics, because despite their luxurious appearance, such fabrics are not too practical to wear, quickly wrinkle and are not suitable to wear them every day. So if you buy yourself a man’s suit made of expensive thin fabric, then after daily wear it will become worthless in a couple of months. If finances allow you, then buy two pairs of trousers at once, since it is the trousers that wear much faster than a jacket. If you have two pairs of trousers, then your suit will last you longer.

Fashionable men's three-piece suits 2018 new photos

Men who consider the office style to be boring and mundane will have to radically change their current opinion in 2018 - the designers have prepared for us a lot of truly original solutions in this fashion segment. If in past seasons the two-piece suit was considered the trend of business bows, today it has been significantly replaced by a more elegant ensemble, supplemented by a vest. The three-piece suit is unambiguously attributed to must have men's fashion, so it is simply impossible to do without it in the new fashion season. The modern suit is different from the conservative outfits that the men's textile industry offers us. The trend towards a combination of textures and fabrics has finally receded into the past.

The current three is made in retro style from expensive materials and is a model of male elegance. An interesting solution can be seen in the shows from Dolce & Gabbana, which offered several options for a three-piece suit at once. The designers of this fashion house used a stylish contrasting hem and decorated the vest with catchy chains, returning us to the time of the Victorian era. Men who are not afraid to be catchy can choose for themselves an interesting printed suit with elements of 3D decor. Ralph Lauren remained faithful to the classic reading of the costume - a soft mustard shade blends perfectly with the strict lines of the three.

Fashionable styles of men's suits in 2018

As already mentioned, three-piece suits come into fashion again, so men can not do without a vest. The suit supplemented with a vest is a classic and modern version of a stylish look. The dynamism of the current lifestyle is reflected in men's business suits. Those wishing to moderate the officialdom in their image are offered costumes with contrasting inserts. Leather inserts and elbow patches are preferred.

Fashionable men's suits for prom 2018

How to choose an option for graduation. You must especially carefully choose the length of the sleeve, trousers and jacket when buying a kit, as it will be inconvenient for you to move if the sleeve is too short. If vice versa, then you can easily mess it up. The ideal option is 1 cm from the cuff. The jacket should be up to the middle of the palm of the hand, and the trousers should certainly cover the socks and end at the base of the heel. No one doubts that the outfit does not need to be bought for growth - it should sit perfectly. His gate should also lie flat. If men have problems with posture, then the suit may sit poorly - it will “frown” and “hang”. An additional fit will be required.

Fashion prints in men's suits 2018

In 2018, stripes and cages will be a popular print. Vertical stripes will be appropriate if you need a stylish business or graduation suit. Also, a stylish print can be called abstract patterns, for example, geometric shapes of various calibers. A drawing of this kind obliges a suit for men in gray-blue or pale purple colors. Quite interesting will be the original newspaper print. Behind this is an unusual print in the form of famous logos. Also an unusual option for decorating costumes are floral prints and embroidery. Fashionable business and club men's suits, without breaking the dress code, can look great with patches on the elbows. At the same time, models can have oval and round patches, including all kinds of additional inserts and figures. Such “sewn” patches can be made of leather, suede, as well as other dense materials. The most important point here will be the combination of the patch with the lines of the pocket according to the color scheme. In 2018, the emphasis in fashionable men's suits will be focused on a gamut of colors. It is in this season that fashion designers are advised to take a closer look at the palettes of suits with sunny shades: purple, mustard, coral. The fashion trend of this season will also remain a suit - a three, which can combine 3 shades of similar colors at once. In 2018, costumes of bright colors will be fashionable: green, blue, blue and other colors. Modern trends are such that the blue colors of suits are in great demand, because they look really rich and stylish.

Check suit

Checkered suit is ideal for thin men who would like to emphasize freedom of masculinity and brutality. The larger the cell, the higher the illusion of an extra volume, but there is a nuance: in order to look really fashionable, it is important that the stitch on the jacket and trousers is of different sizes. Stylists recommend wearing checkered suits only with plain shirts and ties or no at all.

Vertical striped suit

Dolce & Gabbana, Cerruti 1881

And this is a godsend for short and not too athletic folded: a striped suit visually adds growth and removes excess volumes. As in the case with the cage, this season it is better to combine a jacket and trousers with stripes of different colors and widths. A special chic is to complement the look with loafers to match the shirt.

Double breasted suit

This style is recommended for men with broad shoulders, but a thin physique. And on the contrary: if the shoulders are narrow, and the tummy is outlined on the waist, this model is contraindicated. It is worth taking a look at suits made of thin fabric in light brown, mustard and light gray colors. A great idea is to combine a double-breasted jacket with loose trousers, and in no case is it recommended to combine it with skinny ones: it will turn out ridiculous and ridiculous. Yes, and you can fasten such a jacket model only on the middle button, then stylish relaxation appears in the image. You are not an army general at the parade!

Three piece suit

Cerruti 1881, Dolce & Gabbana

At the shows of the fall-winter 2017/2018 season, many designers presented three-piece suits. There are no strict criteria for their purchase: a variety of fabrics were used, from brocade to wool, and vests were found both single-breasted and double-breasted.

What is important: in classic versions straight-from-the-knee trousers are preferable; this is especially advantageous for men with legs that are not the most even from the priest. The silhouette is leveled, and the figure looks more toned and pumped.

Velvet suit

Stylists argue that a velvet suit looks equally appropriate at a business meeting, at a club or at a party, but are forced to admit: this is a very bold decision and not for conservatives. But no one wants to wear a velvet total look: cherry, wine and brown jackets look elegant with jeans or classic trousers, and a velvet bottom is favorably complemented by knitted or leather jackets.

Gray suit

A win-win option for a man who wants to lose weight instantly is a gray suit. Gray masks your figure and creates a background for a bright accent in the center, which will give the effect of weight loss. Choose a bright shirt (pink, red, green), or a tie with a bright print or a catchy neckerchief.

Brown suit

The brown suit looks strict and stylish, but at the same time does not turn you into a boring office clerk. It is good for well-built men who are not used to wearing a suit in principle: a brown shade softens the angular shape, and due to the free cut style, you can not be afraid that a jacket or trousers will not sit well, betraying your inexperience in wearing formal clothes. Are you afraid to seem dull? Choose models with flaps, contrasting colors, cuffs or fabric inserts of different textures.

Bright color suit

Owners of high stature and asthenic physique are lucky: they can safely put on bright costumes without fear of looking stupid. On an athletic figure or a stocky, dense body, such models will look inappropriate and funny, and on a tall and thin one will be interesting and extraordinary. In addition, juicy shades add volume. which is not out of place with this type of figure. Beige, blue and muffled yellow shirts are suitable for a bright suit, the main thing is not to choose white. otherwise the contrast will be too flashy.

Black classic

A black suit combined with a white shirt and a dark tie is a traditional option for social events, important meetings and receptions. This silhouette goes to everyone without exception, so if the experiments are not yours, you can stop at this option. However, in the classics, nuances are important. For example, this season the trend is clear straight arrows, lack of cuffs (namely on black trousers), a straight cut from the knee.

Jackets can be either single or double-breasted, with in the first case, a two-button fastener is desirable. Preference should be given to a fitted silhouette.

A classic-style costume is offered by Cesars.

Men's classic suit Cesars, price: from 22 990 rub., order 8 (912) 639-63-74

What men's suits are in fashion now?

Despite the large selection of models and styles of costumes, nevertheless, rigor, classics and traditions are still appreciated by both designers and men themselves. Such costumes emphasize the status, success and high social status of any man. Stylists insist that the suit fit perfectly on the man, repeating the silhouette and figure, so it is important for a man to take into account his complexion, suit style in order to find the right size and model.

If you look at stylish men's suits from the latest collections from well-known brands and time-tested manufacturers, several differences and features are immediately evident:

  • all kinds of cuts
  • a sufficient number of buttons and other accessories,
  • ideal proportions of models,
  • bright and original color schemes.

Several variants of suits remain in fashion: these are single-breasted and double-breasted models, denim and velvet suits, check suits, leather and summer models of suits, as well as stylish options with shortened pants. When choosing a style, a man needs to pay attention to his features in appearance, namely, height, weight, body configuration, age, as well as lifestyle and style preferences.

Beautiful modern suits for men

To make it easier for a man to navigate in the latest fashion trends, stylists note several basic points by which you can determine a fashionable and modern suit.

After looking at the photos of costumes from designers, you can understand that the craving for conservatism and classicism has not lost its relevance, but the following fashion trends have come to the fore:

  • rich and vibrant shades of costumes for the summer season,
  • three-piece suits that are made from materials of companions of similar shades,
  • large-scale check suits
  • suits in casual style with a bright and original print, brand logos and other patterns,
  • classic pinstripe suits and brown suits for formal occasions.

Business style 2018

The work environment and office dress code are the main reason why men prefer to wear classic suits. Designers and stylists pay tribute to the classics, which will never lose its relevance, offering fashionable stripes in costumes, as well as gray, blue, brown shades that are so popular this season.

Business style is simple laconic cut lines, dark restrained shades, the absence of bright prints and drawings, accessories and decor, only the basic norms of a classic men's suit. A business suit in 2018 can differ only in the presence of a strip or a cage, slightly fitted jackets, a narrowed style.

Elegance in fashion

Elegance is the very feature that helps to accentuate a men's suit. It is only important that the modern trends and preferences of men are intertwined in a harmonious ensemble.

It can be costumes made of expensive and luxurious fabrics in texture and color, models with a fashionable print or fresh color scheme.

Company suits

You can pick up a company suit if you go to a specialty store. When choosing a suit, you should pay attention to fabrics, cuts, seams, accessories, style and brand of the manufacturer. Of the latest collections from fashion houses and designers, branded men's suits are suits from denim, velvet, as well as chic suits that are close to the classics.

Fashionable colors

Modern collections of suits for men from famous designers and fashion designers dictate fashion in several trend colors. This is a bold and brutal khaki, a noble and luxurious mustard color, classic blue and gray, mature and solid brown, as well as an expensive burgundy color. For the summer season, stylists advise you to look at bright and rich shades - coral, purple, yellow, pink shade of the costume. This is important to consider, to know for sure what suits are now in fashion.


Modern fashion for men's suits is somewhat departing from the classics, but does not contradict it, but, on the contrary, gives it a special place. If a man wants to look elegant and presentable, it is worth looking at models of a classic cut, but in a modern interpretation. For fashionistas, original models from leather, velvet or denim are suitable, as well as suits with bold colors and prints.

Latest fashion and style articles

When choosing a suit for 2018, pay attention to the composition of the fabric from which it is made. This information is on a tag sewn to the inside of the product. The cost of the costume largely depends on the materials used. Choose fabrics from 100% wool or cashmere. If you find Virgin wool on the suit, it means that the fabric is made of wool that has not been recycled. The best varieties of woolen fabric are made from Australian or New Zealand merino wool. The best woolen fabrics are marked SUPER. Mixing wool with cashmere, mohair and silk makes the fabric light. For summer suits, mixed fabrics such as wool with cotton and wool with linen (8%) are suitable.

Fashionable colors and prints for men's suits 2018

Podiums in 2018 focus on color. Along with traditional black, blue, brown and gray shades, bright colors are offered: snowy white, azure blue, sunny yellow, purple, mustard, coral and pink. It is interesting that the creators of fashionable suits offer combined models - for example, a trio can combine 3 close or contrasting tones at once. As for the prints, among the interesting fashion trends it is worth highlighting:

  • contrasting vertical stripes (for example, a combination of black and white),
  • large cage
  • abstract and geometric patterns,
  • "Newspaper" drawing,
  • prints from recognizable logos.

Fashionable colors of men's suits 2018

Fashionable men's suits 2018 emphasize on themselves thanks to color. Unusual colors for men will be relevant this season - mustard, coral, purple. The trend of this season will be a three-piece suit, which will allow you to combine in yourself three shades of closely related colors. Most designers still prefer their basic classic colors - black and white. Designers Kenzo and Prada inspired the audience with the presence of an extravagant approach in their collections - men's leather suits. One of the main trends in the collections of many designers is the presence of velvet when sewing costumes. He is one of the main highlights of the upcoming season, in no way inferior to velveteen, velor, suede. A man in such a suit will feel great both at social events and at ceremonial events.

Men's three-piece suits 2018

A classic men's suit will tell, first of all, about respectability and will make the most favorable impression. The attractiveness of the costume will allow you to achieve the desired result at a business meeting, social event, romantic date. And what can we say about such a celebration as a wedding - a three-piece suit 2018 for an important event is simply necessary to wear. The conservatism of the classic silhouette is the most suitable option for any important occasion. What are the main criteria in choosing a men's three-piece suit 2018? To the "troika" sat well, emphasizing the status of a person, some prefer to sew it to order. If there is no time or opportunity for this, the designers recommend at least tailoring the vest to order. They claim that the vest is the main component of the costume. It brings variety, making the look unique. Therefore, this element is best ordered based on the characteristics of a particular person, his constitution and character. You should also choose the right color: traditionally black is chosen for events such as a banquet or wedding, most often for formal occasions they choose a blue suit, pinstriped or plain color, you can choose any color for everyday wear, it depends on the appearance and personal preferences, today you can find various options: saturated orange and purple colors, a pink model in a large cage, as well as many others.

Classic men three-piece suits 2018 new photo

Representatives of the male half, who consider business style boring, pompous and prim, will be able to reconsider their views with the advent of the new season. The trends proposed by designers of leading fashion houses confidently burst into it, bringing originality and extraordinary solutions to this classic segment of clothing. Last year’s trend, a two-piece suit skillfully shifted a more elegant version, namely, a classic three-piece suit with the addition of a vest in this ensemble. This clearly gives the image a stylish and elegance. This season, the trend of combining fabric and texture has finally sunk into the past. Costumes of this season are retro-style, sewn exclusively from expensive fabrics. Various variations of the three-piece suit were proposed by the designers of the leading fashion house Dolce & Gabbana.

Their costume collection included decorative elements such as an elegant vest trim that attracted attention with Victorian-style chains. A more acceptable classic style was the Ralph Lauren model, which emitted a noble mustard shade in combination with the elegant lines of a three-piece suit. The only thing that diverged the opinions of designers: some offer single-breasted jackets, others offer double-breasted jackets. So, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana focused on their models of single-breasted men's jackets, fastened with one or two buttons, which perfectly complement the ensemble three-piece suits and straight stylish trousers. As a result, this creates a stylish, modern image of a business man. And the fashion designers Ralph Lauren, Brioni suggested making double-breasted suits this season - in their opinion, such suits not only look stylish, but they are also more comfortable to wear.

What will be fashionable in 2018

Consider fashion trends. It is worth noting that sewing wedding suits for the groom 2018 has not changed much from previous seasons. But do not wear a vest if it is longer than your fly. Your clothes may have a rather bright, large print, as in the collections of Giorgio Armani. For example, buy a suit of a groom in a cage, fashionable in the spring of 2018. Another men's costume trend of 2018 is that all parts of the kit resonate with each other, as in the photo. This also applies to the shirt, which will make the image even deeper. Even Valentino presented such models on the podium of this season. If you are not ready to look so colorful, then give preference to no less stylish option - gradient men suits of 2018. The groom’s attire at the wedding is no less important than the bride’s dress, but for some reason many forget about it. But "the main thing is that the suit fits well." So you need to devote enough time and energy to creating a stylish image of the future husband, because he will accompany the most beautiful girl for the whole day - his future wife.

This year's trends say that you need to be individual in choosing a wedding suit for men in 2018 - options can be seen in the photo. It is not necessary that the jacket, vest, and also the butterfly are combined in color, material, print. Now it’s fashionable to combine. Mix the most different sets into one - your personal one. The heterogeneity trend also jumped to the groom's friends. If earlier they had to buy the same men's suits, then the fashion of 2018 allows you to come wherever you want. Of course, observing the dress code of the event. Also pay attention to the women's brand watches 2018 and fashionable hair coloring 2018. Bow ties were mentioned above. They, as well as various glasses, sneakers, bright socks, should be included in their wedding suit for men every groom of 2018 who wants to be stylish, memorable. This is especially true for suspenders - they are now the most popular, and their presence will make the celebration more rosy.

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