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Men's jacket

It is known that men for the most part are not supporters of shopping. The advent of the online trading industry has allowed this category of customers to order clothing on the site and receive it with home delivery.

However, additional problems appeared in the form of how to determine the size of a men's jacket. Given that the possibility of ordering does not depend on the geography of production, it should be borne in mind that different size tables are adopted in different countries. Let's get it right.

Dimension grids by country

The simplest situation is with Russian and European brands. "Their" size chart of men's jackets is fully consistent with ours. This is true for manufacturers in Germany, France and most of Europe except Italy. To establish compliance with the Russian standard, you need to add 2. to Italian. That is, if a shirt or jacket from Italy is marked “50”, then in terms of our net it will be 52.

Jacket manufacturers often use the international system consisting of lettering (S, L, XL, etc.). For conversion on the Internet, you can find the corresponding tables.

the size
breast (cm)
(to) (cm)

How to determine the size of a men's jacket?

The main criteria confirming that the clothes were chosen correctly are the phrase of others: “the thing sits well, like a glove” and its own feeling of comfort. To achieve this, you need to know exactly the parameters of your body and choose a model depending on the type of your figure.

The main measurement to determine the size of men's jackets is the girth of the chest. To take this measure, we take a centimeter tape, preferably unstretched, and stretch it horizontally under the shoulder blades, through the armpits and further along the most prominent points of the chest. Then we divide the result by 2 - this will be the male size that Russian manufacturers usually indicate on their products.

For example, with a chest volume of 104 cm, on the clothes you need to look for the marking “52”, since 104/2 = 52. If, when dividing, you get a number that is on the border of sizes, then you can safely choose the one that is larger. This is especially true for outerwear (jackets, coats, raincoats), because they are worn in the cold season and often put on a rather voluminous warm sweater.

Selection options

Let's determine the sizes of men's jackets according to the correspondences in the table, for which we will measure at least one parameter: chest girth. Measure it with a centimeter tape, pulling it through the armpits through the widest girth of the chest. A correctly measured result is divided by 2 - the final figure is the width according to the Russian standard.

On some items of clothing, particularly jackets and raincoats, height may be indicated. The length of the garment itself, as well as the sleeves, may depend on this parameter. Even with the exact match of the width, a large difference in height will lead to the fact that the thing will not fit.

Men's Jacket Size Chart

Given below men's jacket size chart makes it possible to compare the measurement results with the numbers that usually indicate on the label, as well as with their foreign counterparts.

Your russian
the size
breast (cm)

Another parameter the value of which you need to know when buying jackets is growth. To determine it, you need to remove your shoes, lean against the wall, straighten your shoulders and measure the distance from the top of the head to the soles of the feet. On domestic products, you can find an indication of growth (170 cm, 173 cm, 176 cm, etc.), which significantly affects the choice of a suitable jacket length.

If suddenly, as a result of measurement, a number is obtained, for example, 171 cm, then you should not buy a model for growth of 170 cm - it is intended for men whose height does not exceed this value. In this case, the product with the marking “173” would be the right choice.

The marking of the size of growth on the product may contain different data depending on the manufacturer - this is either the average value according to which it is made “height: 176 cm”, or the interval of values ​​“height: 172-180 cm”.

Next jacket size chart leads conformity to generally accepted labeling and growth measurements.

Tag growth152160168176184192200

Sometimes for the most accurate choice of outerwear, which is especially necessary for purchase jackets onlinemay require additional measurements:

  • sleeve length - corresponds to the length from the bone on the shoulder to the wrist, the measurement is taken from the arm bent at the elbow,
  • product length - measured from the beginning of the collar to the desired bottom of the product.

These measurements can be taken from any favorite jacket, but provided that it fits perfectly on the figure. During the fitting, you need to pay attention to whether the shoulder seams descend slightly from the edges of the shoulder. If so, then the product is really made with a margin for an additional layer of clothing, and even wearing a thick sweater or jacket, the man in it will still be comfortable. It is important to remember that jackets do not have the ability to sit over the figure over time, as this can happen with knitted T-shirts or sweaters, so the exact determination of the size plays a very important role in choosing this model of clothing.

How to make measurements

Often manufacturers provide additional product measurements in the description, making it possible to precisely select the right clothing. To do this, you need to know your size and parameters of the jacket. An ideal fit outerwear, including leather, is suitable as a reference.

  • chest width - measuring points are located in the lower parts of the armholes (the place where the sleeve connects to the jacket),
  • shoulder width - from one shoulder seam to another,
  • the width of the bottom
  • product length - from collar to bottom,
  • sleeve length - two dimensions are used here: along the outer edge from the edge of the cuff to the shoulder seam and from the edge of the cuff to the armpit.

A similar technique can be measured on a female coat.

With regard to outerwear, it should be borne in mind that its size should be taken with a small margin, since in the cold season a jacket or jacket can be worn. Unlike knitwear, outerwear does not sit down, so you should not do a margin on this parameter.

Buying a jacket abroad: size matching

Everyone knows that men, with rare exceptions, do not like to go shopping - this occupation tires them and even annoys them. The development of technology and the emergence of stores in the Internet space, which allow you to buy clothes in a few clicks and receive goods with home delivery, has become a real salvation for the stronger sex. However, there are some nuances that are not immediately clear to those who plunge into the world of online trading for the first time. This also applies to dimensional grids adopted in various countries of the world. Let's figure it out.

When buying men's clothing in online stores or boutiques in Europe, you only need to remember that the Russian size is fully consistent with that indicated on the products of manufacturers in Germany, France and other European countries. So, our 52nd is equal to their 52nd.

If the selected model is made in Italy, then to find out the suitable jacket size, you must either use the above table, or subtract 2 from the domestic value, that is, 52-2 = 50 - this size should be chosen in Italian stores.

There is one more clothing numbering system - international, which is based on letter designations (S, M, L). It will not work to calculate their correspondence with the familiar Russians, only the table will help you to get confused. Having looked into it you can easily find that our 52nd size refers to the designation L.

Size Accuracy

How to find out the size of a men's jacket is now clear, however, an exact match with the table parameters is rare. We will analyze specific examples.

With your height of 171 centimeters, you should not choose a model corresponding to 170. This parameter means that a particular thing is intended for those whose height does not exceed the specified parameter. It is better to buy a product marked "173".

As for the width, the influence of style is of great importance here. If you prefer a thing more freely, then the figure is adjusted upward. If it is necessary that the jacket fits tightly at the waist and fits, then it is quite acceptable to choose a width a couple of centimeters less than the measured parameter.

Men's jackets: features of choice

Once you have decided what size jacket It suits you perfectly, you need to find out which style and material should be purchased. Firstly, any outerwear should be bought so that it matches with most of your wardrobe, only then it will definitely not gather dust on a hanger.

It is good if the products for autumn and spring are made of waterproof fabric, light enough, but at the same time warm and always with a hood, so that the sudden rain would not catch you by surprise. Winter jackets for men should preferably be elongated to wear them with a jacket and not look ridiculous. Whether to choose a down jacket or a leather model is a matter of taste and financial possibilities, but nevertheless, preference should be given to expensive products of proven brands, because usually outerwear is bought for more than one year, and a cheap thing may not last one season. In addition, before you go to the checkout, you need to carefully check the quality of the seams and evaluate the performance of zippers and other accessories.

To finally understand which style suits your figure the most, we recommend trying on everything that is in the store, and only after that make a choice among those that you like. Having done this once, you can save time in the future by paying attention to the color and size of the model, and not to the features of its cut, and spend much less time in stores.

How to determine the size of the jacket: method one

You can determine the maximum size as accurately as possible only by your old winter jacket. To do this, you need an ordinary measuring tape (it is better not to use a metal tape measure).

Gently lay your jacket on a flat surface (on the floor or on a wide table). Fasten clothing with all buttons and locks. Put a piece of paper and a pen next to you to immediately record the results, then compare them with the data on the table of sizes of men's clothing (jackets) on our website.

Now in more detail about how to make measurements correctly. Just six simple steps, and the jacket will sit on you perfectly, even without first fitting. Please note that the sizes of men's jackets may vary from different manufacturers:

  • Line A in the figure is the width of the shoulders. Measured from one junction of the shoulder seam with the sleeve to another. A centimeter tape must be drawn from shoulder to shoulder.
  • B is the width of the chest. You need to measure in the lower part of the armhole, in the place where the sleeve is connected to the side seam. Pass the measuring tape from the side seam to the other seam.
  • C is the width of the jacket at its bottom. This parameter is determined by measuring the distance along the bottom of the outerwear.
  • D is the length of the jacket. The sizes of outerwear for men directly depend on this parameter. You can determine the desired number by measuring the distance from the collar to the bottom with a tape. It is worth noting that growth also affects the size of the jacket: this parameter determines the length of the sleeve and the length of the product itself.
  • E is the length of the sleeve from the edge of the jacket cuff to the shoulder line.
  • F is the length of the sleeve, measured from the place where the side seam and the sleeve itself connect (from the armpit). Measure to the edge of the cuff.

Last tip: make sure that the measuring tape is straight and slightly stretched, and the measurement line is even.

International sizeMLXLXXLXxxl4XL
Russian size42-4444-4646-4848-5050-5252-54
Back length707274767880
Breast size869298104110116
The length of the sleeve89,7591,593,259596,7598,5
Waist circumference7883889398103
Hip girth9297102107112117

How to determine the size of the jacket: method two

So, in order to correctly determine the size of a men's jacket, you should do two simple things:

  • Since everyone knows their height, we do not need to measure it. Therefore, measure only the girth of the chest with a centimeter tape at the most prominent points.
  • Now divide the result into two. This figure will be your size. So simple! For example, your chest circumference is 116 centimeters. We consider: 116: 2 = 58. This means that a 58th jacket will fit perfectly on you.

To convert the Russian size of the men's jacket to the marking of any other country, use the table of sizes of outerwear for men:

Size, RussiaInternational standardSize, EuropeChest circumference, cmHeight, cm

Literal values ​​(S, M, L and so on) denote the international size. In the next column, all international sizes are translated into Russian, indicated by numbers.

Important nuance

What should I do if the parameters of growth and girth of the chest in the table do not exactly coincide with what the measuring tape shows? To make it easier for you to navigate, we will demonstrate with a clear example.

Imagine that you came to the store and do not know how to determine the size of the jacket. Your chest circumference is, say, 94 centimeters. This is slightly larger than the 46th size (S), but also different from the 48th size (M). What to do?

If you want the jacket to be a little freer, then feel free to take size M, and if you like it when the clothes are firmly seated on you - make a choice towards size S.

We summarize: to choose a men's jacket by size, you need to know your chest circumference and height.

How to determine the size of outerwear?

If you don’t know what your jacket size is, you can determine it yourself before going to the store. Some do not even know how to determine the size of outerwear. The most important measure that allows you to determine the size of the jacket is the chest circumference. To measure it, you need to take a centimeter tape and measure the girth of the chest at the protruding points. The tape should be under the shoulder blades.

The result should be divided into two. This figure wakes up the size of outerwear, which is indicated by Russian manufacturers. There are cases when, after dividing the chest circumference, an incomplete number is obtained and then it is difficult to understand how to find out your size. Since jackets should sit freely on a man, these numbers can be rounded.

Size Chart of Different Countries

Not always on clothes you can find the same size designation. To choose the right size, you need to familiarize yourself with the dimensional grid of men's outerwear.

Russian sizes of men's jacketsInternational lettersUS Sizes

This table of sizes of jackets for men will help you order outerwear online. You can not worry, the sizes always match.


Thanks to a special table where the parameters are indicated, you can quickly determine the appropriate size of men's clothing. Using it, it is quite simple to compare the results of your measurements with the necessary markings. You can also find out the size of products not only Russian, but also foreign production.

An important criterion that must be taken into account is the growth of a man. If there is no stadiometer, it is determined near any flat wall.They do this barefoot, with a straight back and straightened shoulders, leaning against the wall. A mark is placed above the crown, in centimeters, the distance from it to the floor is measured. The result in numbers determines the growth of the person being measured. On men's jackets manufactured in Russia, the figures indicate the growth of 170 cm, 173 cm and 176 cm. Here you need to understand that with an actual height of 171-172 cm, it is not advisable to buy a jacket designed for a man 1 m 70 cm tall. The right decision is to opt for a jacket sewn for a height of 173 cm.

To purchase online on the Internet, you may need to take additional measurements. For example, to make the jacket fit perfectly, you need to know the length of the sleeve. Measure with a sewing centimeter the distance from the humerus to the wrist. In this case, it is necessary to keep the hand bent at the elbow. It is also recommended to measure the length of the jacket from floor to line under the collar. In this case, it is not important to take measurements directly from a person. For this purpose, any available outerwear that suits him in size will fit perfectly.

If it is possible to try on a jacket, you need to look at the shoulder seams. They should descend slightly on the forearm. This means that the product is suitable in size, since there is a margin to wear some additional clothes.

Do not forget the fact that jackets are sewn from fabrics that do not stretch on the figure. Therefore, it is important to choose this component of the wardrobe very responsibly.

What is a dimensional grid for?

Most men liked online shopping, since such shopping does not imply a separation from work or favorite activities at leisure. The choice can easily be made through a smartphone or laptop. At the same time, home delivery with preliminary fitting is often offered. Such a service captivates modern mods who do not want to make unnecessary movements. A wide range of jackets is presented on men's clothing sites. It remains only to determine the style, color and size. Here the first difficulties sometimes arise, because manufacturers from different countries have their own size ranges.

Let’s try to understand this issue as well. So, choosing a jacket of German or French production, you need to consider that their sizes are identical to domestic standards. For example, a jacket of the 54th size manufactured in Russia is the same 54th size in Germany and France. For Italian things, you need to check with a special table or go the other way - to make calculations. It’s necessary to subtract 2 from a suitable Russian size. Let's say that if you have size 50 by domestic standards, you need to order items from Italy in size 48. There is still an international sizing system. In it, the dimensional grid is marked with the lettering S, M, L, etc. To understand the dimensions, it is necessary to be guided by the corresponding table of the international format.

How to choose?

It is worth noting that size is not the only criterion by which men's outerwear is chosen. Also to be determine the style and suitable material. Of course, the new thing should be combined in style with everyday things in the wardrobe. Otherwise, after the purchase, it is likely that it will be abandoned in the far corner. Take into account the seasonality of the jacket. When purchasing a thing in the fall or for spring weather, it is necessary to consider that in the rainy season, waterproof clothing is preferred. Modern manufacturers have a wide range of men's jackets from practical raincoat fabric and a popular membrane. These are moisture resistant and durable fabrics.

For spring or autumn, it is advisable to choose a model with a hood. It is better if it is deep, with a fastener under the chin and pulling elastic bands around the perimeter. In windy weather, such a thing can be dispensed with without a hat. Demi-season jackets must be insulated with a thin layer of silicone, synthetic winterizer and other materials. The product turns out to be quite warm and light, in it the weather will definitely be nothing.

For winter street wear, too, there are criteria for choosing. In cold weather, priority is given to elongated models. Shortened products are impractical, since they will not work under the usual jacket. By and large, such a combination would be ridiculous. Regardless of personal preference it is better to buy a well-known brand. Unfortunately, cheap things have a lifespan of no more than a season. Having spent on high-quality outerwear, you can count on it for more than one year.

Features of choosing a jacket for men.

  • Thai manufacturers jackets are small in comparison with analogues of Russian or American production.
  • Some dimensional grids show product parameters rather than an adult.
  • When measuring, always take into account the insulation in the jacket, which adds up to a couple of centimeters in thickness.
  • The jacket should not have a feeling of tightness. It is important to move freely. To do this, the resulting measurements are increased by about 2 cm.

To choose a style, it is worth trying many different models. Only in this way will it become clear what is actually to the face, and in which you feel not comfortable enough. It is also important to choose a good color that accentuates your look. There shouldn’t be any advice in this matter - everything is determined individually, looking in the mirror and comparing your reflection in different-colored jackets.

Immediately before paying for a thing, it is recommended to carefully inspect it for marriage - be sure to turn out your pockets, check the quality of all seams, accessories and the work of lightning. If there is no absolute certainty that this is your thing, does not interfere with clarifying the warranty period for the return of the product.

At home, without cutting tags, try on a new thing with different things from the wardrobe. Move in a jacket, evaluate the level of comfort and your feelings. Do this in a good mood so that the acquisition will bring only good and joy in the future.

On how to determine the size of men's clothing, see the next video.

Dimensional grid of men's jackets

Also, when buying a jacket you need to know your height. It must be measured without shoes and with even posture. If you get a number, for example 171 cm, then you do not need to buy a model for height 170 cm, so it is better to buy a size for 173 cm. The tag may indicate the growth interval or average value. As for the average value, then your growth should not be higher than this number. Now let's look at the dimensional growth grid for men's jackets.

Growth intervalInterval

You may need to take extra measurements to buy the right option. These include the length of the sleeve or the length of the jacket itself. It is not necessary to take measurements from a person, you can just take a jacket that sits perfectly on a man and take measurements from her. Do not forget, over time, jackets do not sit on the figure, so you need to choose the exact size.

Selection tips

When you have decided on your size, you need to pay attention to the material from which the outerwear is made. Also do not forget about the style. Your jacket should go well with more of the clothes in your wardrobe. Give preference to universal colors - this will allow you to easily select your image.

Clothing for autumn and spring should be made of waterproof fabric and with a hood to protect its owner from rain and wind. For winter, buy elongated and insulated models with a collar or hood. Winter options should always be free so that you can wear a sweater or jacket under them.

Be sure to check all seams and zippers. They must be serviceable and strong. When buying outerwear it will not be superfluous if you try on this product.

How to determine the size of a men's jacket

The defining value for choosing the size of a men's jacket is considered to be the circumference of the chest. In order to make measurements as accurate as possible, it is better to undress to underwear. Breast volume in men is measured at the armpit level. And, for example, if this value is 112 centimeters, then the size of clothes is 52 (Russian). This measurement may not be easy to take on your own, so it will not be superfluous to ask someone to help.

In addition, it is often necessary to take into account growth in order to correctly determine the size of the jacket. And in order to correctly measure growth, you need to stand against the wall and straighten as much as possible. Growth is the distance from the top of the head to the floor. The discrepancy between your own height and the size indicated on the label cannot be more than 3 centimeters, and it is better that the value on the label is larger. For example, with a growth of 174 centimeters, it is better to choose option 176, rather than 170 on the label.

How to determine your size men's jacket

A jacket for men is an equally important element of the wardrobe. A huge variety of styles and models of men's jackets has been created. They are considered outerwear. Used in any weather. There are thin, summer windbreakers, demi-season, with an average heater and winter, insulated products. Warm clothes are popular in our weather conditions. Due to frequent rains and frosts.

There are jackets from simple fabrics, dense or with special impregnation - water repellent. The jacket can warm and protect against getting wet. A well-chosen garment can also show the individuality of a man. Its superiority and excellent taste.

The colors are also varied. Modern young guys have a positive attitude to bright outerwear. The strong sex of middle age or advanced age tends to restrained tones. From light gray to black.

When purchasing a jacket, first of all, take the trouble to find out your parameters and calculate your norm according to the presented table. Outerwear should look great on you and provide comfort. Do not tighten or be too loose. Otherwise, during the winter cold you will freeze.

When making a purchase, consider what you are going to wear from below - T-shirts or sweaters. It is better to provide all the options. In this regard, one or two centimeters can be added to the established norm.

So, we determine our dimensional ideal jackets. You can take measurements while in clothes. The main indicators will be chest coverage. Take a new, unstretched tape. Pull it through the armpits, under the shoulder blades. Try to keep the tape in the most prominent areas of the chest.

Divide the resulting figure into two. This will be the domestic data of your jacket. For example, your breast volume is 105 cm, respectively, choose 54 size. If you choose a foreign product, look at the data in the table. European - 48, and international - XL. There is nothing complicated. In addition to these, the registry also contains indicators of America and Italy.

If your parameter does not match the table parameter, then select a large value. Outerwear is better to buy a little more than small. The table provides from 40 to 64.

In addition to the volume of the chest, you need to know more growth. It is not difficult to measure. Take off your shoes and stand straight against a straight wall. Spread your shoulders and relax. On your own, or ask relatives to measure the distance from the floor to the tip of the crown. This will be the magnitude of growth.

Russian manufacturers mark growth. Knowing your indicator, you competently buy a thing. This number is not always affixed in accordance with a specific growth. Some factories average norms. Carefully study the product and, if possible, consult the seller. On all sites selling clothes, willingly answer questions from consumers.

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