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How to find a girl in VK

Write your number, call you!

Which style to choose depends on the situation and on personal preferences. But I advise you to try everything in order to better understand what suits you. In conclusion, I want to give the basic rules of dating.

5 rules for dating in VK

# 1 Be sure, but unobtrusive. Each conversation should have its own goal. Yours is to interest a girl and invite her on a date. And all communication with her should ultimately be aimed at precisely this. If you started talking with her on a specific topic, then you should calculate the situation a couple of steps forward, so that, if necessary, translate your communication into the right direction for you. Also, do not be obsessive. If you feel that the lady is not in the mood or something distracts her from talking with you - take a break. Write to her later.

# 2 Don't get mad if you can't. There may be situations when a girl begins to be rude. Do not stoop to her level and do not answer the same. Just stop talking and find another candidate.

# 3 Consider dating a girl in VK from the perspective of “pumping” communicationand not as your last chance. Many guys make a mistake that has a very negative effect on the result of dating: they perceive the lady they liked in VK as the only and almost the last chance to meet and find their love. Stupidity, of course. However, in this case, the brain begins to work inefficiently, and you make one mistake after another. Better consider dating as a great chance to get to know a new person and develop your writing skills, showing a share of intelligence and sense of humor. In this case, your effectiveness will increase dramatically.

# 4 Do not keep long correspondence. Your goal is to take a girl’s number and go to live communication. The impression of novelty and vivid emotions pass quickly. Both in real life and on the Internet. If a new friend eagerly communicates with you and is interested - do not pull the rubber, but take the phone and meet her in real life. Otherwise, you can cross the rubicon when interest in you will sharply decline. Usually in such cases, guys always ask: “What is happening? I had a great conversation with the girl, and at some point she merged sharply. What to do?". This is exactly the case when you did not move to a new stage of communication with her in time.

# 5 Calibrate. Each representative of the fair sex is individual. One requires a little more time for correspondence. The other, on the contrary, is more relaxed, and with it you can quickly switch to more intimate topics in conversation. If you will “feel” a lady well, then you will build communication with her much more effectively. You will know what you need to say at a certain moment.

Now you know how to meet a girl in VK and what to write to her. Good luck!

Prepare your profile

Before you start looking for a new girlfriend in VK, prepare a page for your profile, because it will become your business card, tell you everything about your inner world, character, mood, hobbies.

As soon as a girl visits your page, first of all she pays attention to the main photo and name. Remember once and for all, no hieroglyphs and nicknames instead of a name, be simpler, otherwise she will think that this is a fake page and will not communicate with you.

Download as few otfotoshoplennyh photos as possible, or those that seem funny to you, for example, from drunk parties.

Choose some of the most successful photos that show what you are interested in, where you study and how you spend your free time. No need to upload one hundred identical pictures, where you change the angle. Such narcissism is not interesting to anyone.

Show your originality and versatility with the help of posts.

Add a couple of cute pictures of kittens to the wall so she can like something if she doesn’t like the rest.

How to quickly find the right girl VKontakte

After you have registered and created an ideal profile for dating, think for what purpose you need a girlfriend. If this is a simple communication without meetings, then the choice of a city or country will not matter. If you plan to invite her on a date, then limit your search to your city.

How to find a girl in VK: algorithm

  1. On your page, on the left, click the Friends tab, and then on the right, Search Options.
  2. In the parameters, select the desired country, city (if it matters).
  3. Sort better not by popularity, but by date of registration. Beauties with thousands of followers rarely reply to messages.
  4. Next, indicate the approximate age, for example, from 17 to 25.
  5. Put a label "Female gender".
  6. Below choose "Marital Status". You will have more chances if you choose the status of “not married” or “in active search”.
  7. Check the boxes below “with photo” and “now on the site”.
  8. When you install all the filters, the site itself will select all the girls that match the specified parameters.

Now choose your favorite photos, look in your profile, like and write interesting messages.

Banal and vulgar greetings remain unanswered, so think up phrases that catch on in advance.

To seduce a girl in VK, certain actions are enough - more on that in another article.

Find by photo

Many guys have a question, how to find a girl in VK if I noticed her on a dating site.

It happens that you fall in love with a beautiful photo, but before inviting you for a date, I want to get to know the lady better.

More often than not, men on Badoo face this problem, since there are a lot of scammers.

There is a natural desire to study the profile of this beauty in different social networks.

How to find a girl with bad in VK:

  1. Save her photos to the computer, if there are several of them, then this will increase your chances.
  2. Further at your disposal there are several search options. The most popular of them are Google search, Yandex search, and PhotoTracker Lite browser application that searches for photos in several search engines at once.
  3. If you are looking for a photo in Google, then follow the link https://www.google.com/imghp and click on the camera icon. Next, upload a photo from your computer, select "all sizes" and get a complete list of sites where this photo was downloaded.
  4. Yandex and applications act on the same principle.

How to find a woman if you only know the name

It happens that you get to know a girl in a nightclub or cafe, find out her name, but do not have time to make an appointment for the next meeting. And then you think about it for several days and scold yourself for not taking her phone number.

If the town is small, then you can easily find a girl in VK by name and approximate age just having patience. If you know the names of her friends - look for them on the page. You can look among the subscribers of the school groups or the university in which she studies.

But how to find a girl in VK if you live in a big city? Suppose you met in a nightclub, you recognized her name, but it didn’t go beyond that, and I want to continue.

  1. The first thing to do is to go to the VC on the official group of this institution. Open the list of subscribers and enter the desired name in the search engine. If the lady is a frequent visitor to this club, then you will probably find her in the photo.
  2. If you are not lucky with the first paragraph, then remember the names of her friends with whom she was that evening and try to find them among the subscribers.
  3. If they celebrated someone’s birthday that evening, then set the date of birth in the search for subscribers.
  4. Let's say that she was in the club completely by accident. Then your task is complicated. Enter her name, approximate age and city in the general search engine.You will have several thousand options. Now be patient and flip through all the pages, opening in separate tabs those that seem similar to you.
  5. To narrow this search, look at the profiles of people who are popular in the city that everyone is subscribed to or in an official group.
  6. Use any information received from her to find at least some clues.
  7. If after all these attempts you still haven’t found the page you need, then the last option remains. Wait until a photo of that party is posted on the club’s official page. Surely you will see your beauty on several of them, look who put the likes, usually those who were there or close friends do it. On them it will be easier for you to find the desired profile and write her a message.

Having found the right lady do not wait for an instant result. Women are very careful in dating and they need time to get to know you better, get used to it, and feel safe. No need to immediately insist on a date, ask for her address and phone number.

First charm her, show your best qualities in correspondence:

  • Be fun and interesting. No need to tell her about useless things and your fantasies. Spend more time on your hobby and self-development.
  • Be honest in your intentions. The lady must clearly understand what exactly you expect from her. Naturally, over time, these intentions may change.
  • Do not rush things, but do not stomp on the spot. Gradually develop an acquaintance in the right direction for you.
  • Flirt, compliment, show her that she is special. In this case, do not become obsessive. Give her time to get bored and take the initiative.
  • Periodically insert the phrases "What would I do without you" or "You are the only one who understands this." It affects the young lady magically.

Finding the right person VKontakte is not easy, but the more difficult the struggle, the more joyful the victory. Remember this and do not give up.

How to meet a girl in VK: preparatory stage

Before thinking about how to find a girl in VK, a guy needs to correctly and successfully design his own page. To do this, a young man needs to know some popular subtleties that can be used at absolutely any moment. Knowing how to get to know a girl through VK and correctly design a page, you can achieve the desired goal quickly enough.

We make an avatar

To find a girl in VK for a relationship, a guy needs to properly design his page. The choice of an avatar or the main photo in this matter plays a very important role.

As the practice of many young people shows, you need to choose a photo that will help you get to know a girl according to the following rules:

  • it should not be a snapshot of any part of the body,
  • do not put photos with a bare torso,
  • Selfie also does not become the most successful option,
  • I need a photo that shows my face clearly,
  • you shouldn’t put some pictures on the avatar,
  • a photo in good quality clothing, in full growth, at work or at your favorite place is perfect,
  • Do not put as the main photo with friends or girlfriends, it is better to be in this picture alone.

Following these rules, a guy can easily interest a girl and get to know her on a social network.

Check your photos

Asking how to get to know a girl in VK originally, guys do not think about Sami elementary things. If the young man has a page on the social network for quite some time, obviously among all the pictures there are photos of not Sami decent moments, with ex-girls, drinking and the like.

The whole story should definitely be cleaned so as not to scare away the girl who will judge the young man from his photographs. This is worth remembering, because before you get acquainted with a girl, you need to remove unnecessary photos from the page and leave those that show the young man on the best side.But there is one exception and it exists for those guys who are interested in how to find a vulgar girl in VK. If a young man needs just such an option, then you can safely leave such nasty things.

Clean the news feed

Too many publications is not exactly what girls like. To please a girl and pay attention to her, a young man should clean the news feed. From there you need to remove all the trash, in the form of meaningless and even stupid publications, leaving the most important and relevant events. If a guy conducts his VK page so clearly and accurately, this will describe him to the girl as a responsible, serious and accurate young man, whom you can definitely deal with.

Secrets of dating a girl online
Secrets of dating a girl online
Secrets of dating a girl online
Secrets of dating a girl online
Secrets of dating a girl online
Secrets of dating a girl online
Secrets of dating a girl online

How should a men's shirt sit

At first glance, the question seems obvious - but it is only at first glance. Nevertheless, the vast majority of men continue to wear shirts that are two sizes large. A shirt of the wrong size creates inconvenience and makes you look unprofessional. In order not to hit the face with dirt, remember how a men's shirt should sit.
Show full ...

Size: The collar touches the skin around the entire perimeter of the neck, but does not crush. You can stick your finger between the collar and the throat - anywhere.
Shirt is small: The collar fits so tightly to the neck that it presses on it. You feel the collar with your skin, and this makes you uncomfortable. It is not possible to stick a finger between the collar and the throat.
The shirt is large: the collar does not touch the neck, the shirt rests on the shoulders. Between the collar and the throat, you can stick your finger, or even several, without the slightest effort.

Size: The vertical shoulder seam ends where the shoulder is and goes into the sleeve. The armhole (the place where the sleeve connects to the main part of the shirt) is large enough so that it does not pull and twist anywhere.
Shirt is small: The seam on the shoulder ends earlier than the shoulder itself. As a result, part of the sleeve is also located on the shoulder. In the armhole, tension is felt, because of this, folds appear on the shoulder and sleeves.
The shirt is large: The shoulder of the shirt is longer than your shoulder, and in the eye of the shirt continues in the bicep area. The armholes are too large, you do not feel them.

Size: The buttons fasten comfortably, the shirt fits easily, and the buttons are exactly centered. The shirt sits on you without sagging.
The shirt is small: Buttons are fastened with difficulty, a body is visible between them, folds are going. Due to the tight shirt, the sleeves are pulled as well.
The shirt is large: Excess fabric sags on the chest and stomach, in the wind the shirt is inflated with a sail. The shirt walks around the body with a shaker. If such a shirt is tucked into trousers, it hangs over the belt.

Size: The sleeve is not much wider in the upper part than in the cuffs - it resembles a cone. When the hand hangs straight, the sleeve is free, the elbow does not stand out. The sleeve should be free along its entire length, and not just above or below.
The shirt is small: It seems that the sleeve fits perfectly when the hand is hanging, but with the slightest movement of the shoulder the elbow is pulled.
The shirt is large: There is so much tissue that gravity pulls it down, and the sleeve hangs with a bag over the cuff. Too loose a sleeve wraps around the elbow or biceps.

Size: The cuff is snug against the body, but there is enough space between the arm and the fabric. A simple test: the shirt should be removed without unfastening the cuffs. A pair of fingers or a watch should pass between the shirt and the hand.
Shirt is small: It is impossible to take off the shirt without unfastening the cuffs. The cuffs fit snugly on the arm.The watch can only be worn over the sleeve: otherwise it will turn up.
The shirt is large: the cuff is so wide that it leaves room for a watch and a little more space - a few fingers enter. When the hands rest on the countertop, creases come from the cuffs.

Size: Sleeve reaches the base of the hand and closes the bone on the wrist. If a jacket is put on top, a sleeve of a shirt is shown for a centimeter and a half from the sleeve of the jacket. The cuff touches, and in some poses closes the wristwatch.
Shirt is small: The cuff does not cover the bone on the wrist, and it is not visible from under the sleeve of the jacket.
The shirt is large: the cuff descends on the wrist. If you wear a watch, it remains closed sleeve at any time.

Size: When the shirt is straightened from the trousers, its hem covers the belt. It should be long enough around the entire perimeter, including on the sides, if the hem is uneven so that it can be tucked into trousers.
Shirt is small: When the shirt is straightened from the trousers, it does not close the belt. If you tuck her into trousers, on her sides she barely crawls into her belt and constantly crawls out into the light of day, you should allow a careless movement.
The shirt is large: The hem of the shirt also covers the fly. If you tuck it in trousers, the fabric will interfere inside and crawl between your legs.

What to write to a girl in VK to get to know her?

They did everything, but what should she write on social networks to fall in love with a girl? To get to know the girl correctly, guys use phrases that act on the lady without fail. And so, to show sympathy in the lady's correspondence and arouse her interest with the help of the following phrases:

  • indicate in the first message your name, where the girl’s page was discovered, what is the reason and purpose of acquaintance with her,
  • say that I found the page by accident and found out that the girl has the same hobby,
  • write to a girl that she wants to have a relationship and that she liked,
  • invite the girl to browse her page and find out the information that interests her.

The banal phrase “Hello, how are you?” In 9 out of 10 cases is completely ignored. If the guy writes “Hello, my name is .... I found your page by accident, I liked you, if you don’t mind, I want to get to know you closer”, then this will most likely get a positive reaction. An even more positive answer can be obtained if you write to the girl that the guy shares her hobbies.

What can I talk about and what questions can I ask?

Having studied the examples of Vkontakte correspondence, a guy can start real actions. Correspondence should be conducted politely and unobtrusively. The dialogue should not contain many errors and vulgar hints. And so, the matter in the network with the girl came to a conversation and the guy wonders what kind of communication should be. When meeting a girl on a social network, correspondence should cover the following topics:

  • manifestation in words of sympathy,
  • talk about common interests
  • communication about where young people study or work, where they live,
  • talk about whether a meeting is possible, where and when is it better to do,
  • manifestation in conversation of interest in a person and his affairs.

You should not start vulgar conversations, very quickly ask to go to a new level of relations, ask how rich the girl’s parents are and the like.

What if the girl does not respond to you?

Knowing how to meet a girl on VKontakte is far from all. You need to understand how to start a conversation, support the topic of the conversation and be prepared for the fact that the girl may not react. If a guy is faced with a lack of reaction, then he can do the following:

  • write again about yourself and your intentions in more detail,
  • directly ask why the girl is not responding,
  • look for flaws in your profile photos that could scare the girl away,
  • look when the lady last went to the Internet, maybe she just didn’t see the message.

If there is no reaction, then you need to come to terms with the fact that the girl does not want to start correspondence and establish communication.

Tips to help you like a girl VKontakte

How to get to know a girl in contact should know every young man. Where to find a girl in VK - this is also an important and relevant issue. And so, to get to know a good girl in VK, you need to do this:

  • look for girls in popular groups that bring together people with the same interests,
  • beautiful and original design your page,
  • do not start correspondence with banal phrases,
  • conduct unobtrusive and competent, interesting communication,
  • Do not try to put pressure on the girl and offer her something indecent.

Following these rules, you can get acquainted with a beautiful and interesting girl quickly enough, which for a guy will be a huge victory.

Small conclusion

Young people are more likely to meet on social networks than on the street. To get to know the girl beautifully, the guy will have to make some efforts, but it's worth it. You can meet an unusual young lady and thereby surprise her. The main thing is not to use banal methods of correspondence, because the girls are already tired of all this. When meeting you, it’s worth being brave and confident, because only in this way can attention and sympathy be achieved.

If the girl does not react and does not explain anything, then do not continue to try to improve the situation. If the girl makes good contact, then he must be supported so that the lady and the guy are always interested. After chatting a bit on the network, you can invite a girl on a date and please with a wonderful surprise, because the ladies love this very much. The main thing, trying to leave a good impression about yourself, to be natural, because this is most appreciated. If you approach the acquaintance with a girl correctly, then you can quickly gain her attention, and then start a relationship with her and meet in person. That’s how people’s relationships are being built now and you need to be prepared for this.

Looking for a girl, or Where to start the search for "In Contact"

We will proceed from the fact that you already know well about how to find a person using the “Search” field in social networks. Now we need to figure out how to find the “VKontakte” girl that you like and in which you can evoke mutual feelings. Here you can give some simple recommendations.

  • To begin with, decide what you need this acquaintance for, what it will become for you: an easy hobby, sincere love or friendship. It is also important to understand what type of girls attracts you the most: romantic natures, thoughtful intellectuals or bright party girls. Indeed, in each specific case, you will need to apply a certain strategy (but we will talk about how to get to know “Vkontakte” with a girl depending on her type of character a little later).
  • The next step is a search. Set the necessary parameters (age, city), open the pages and start studying the information that will tell you who to choose and what to talk about with the VKontakte girl.
  • One of the best and almost win-win options - search in interest groups. After all, to start communication with a person with whom you have common passions is always much easier.

Caution, fake, or Who is on the other side of the monitor screen?

Unfortunately, fake social media pages are not uncommon. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to how to find a girl in "Contact", bypassing such phantoms.

5 signs of a fake page:

  • The presence of superficial, often illogical information in the "About Me" section. Lack of data in the Interests block.
  • An excess of advertising on the wall and on the personal page.
  • A small number of friends and photos.
  • Inconsistency of the photo with the specified age or personal photos that depict similar but different girls.
  • Erotic images with a call to go to another site for further acquaintance.

Working on our page

Often, young people wondering how to get to know a Vkontakte girl, pay little attention to their page. And therein lies a big mistake. Your page can say a lot about you, having formed the desired image. How to prepare it?

  • Place an un-retouched photo on the avatar with a well-set light on which you will be well recognizable. It is better if you have an open smile on your face (this always attracts attention). Do not try to immediately conquer a girl with your naked torso or demonstrate your success in women with the help of pictures taken at a corporate party.
  • Take away videos and photo albums with the fair sex (even if it’s your sister or just a work colleague), they are unlikely to help you start a conversation with a Vkontakte girl. Ladies, as a rule, react negatively to such collections, subconsciously perceiving other women as successful rivals.
  • Pay attention to the comments on the wall. There should not be anything "criminal." Posts with enthusiastic memories of an evening spent with you, containing obscene language or demonstrating your addiction to alcoholic beverages, will be clearly superfluous. Leave congratulations on the holidays, recommendations on books, series or travel, questions of a working nature.
  • Add descriptions of your favorite books and movies, photos from your travels, tell about your hobbies.

First message

We have come to a key stage - the first message. Let's see what should be the first phrase to meet a girl in vkontakte? Your first message is the main clue. And she must be successful. To do this, you have to become original, not like others, attentive and tactful.

Beautiful girls often hear compliments addressed to them. Therefore, the enthusiasm for a cool photo, awesome outfit or delightful eyes will leave her indifferent. In the best case, she will simply thank you for the banal “Thank you!”

You can hear a lot of tips on how to get to know a Vkontakte girl. A variety of examples are given. One of the best options is to ask an extraordinary question, pushing you to a detailed answer, beautifully beating any part of the wardrobe and causing her a pleasant surprise. An excellent clue can serve as a pet or photos that are taken on a trip.

In any case, before writing the first message, carefully study the photos of the beautiful stranger. They will definitely tell you how to start a dialogue with a girl in contact.

Effective Approaches

Speaking about getting to know the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity on social networks, it’s worthwhile to give several effective approaches that have proven themselves in practice.

  • Humor and provocation. Possessors of a sense of humor are always attractive to girls, and a message dressed in a playful form, causing a desire to enter into an argument, almost never goes unnoticed.
  • When deciding what to talk with a Vkontakte girl about, use the contextual information presented in photo albums, videos, and profiles. Perhaps you recently visited the same exhibition, read the same book, or share its preferences in music. Although the option of "cheating" has every right to exist. The only thing to consider: your message should not have been boring and banal. Show a little imagination - and your efforts will not go unanswered.

Subjects for messages. It works!

Briefly summarizing all of the above, we can highlight several topics that open up great opportunities for starting a dialogue "In Contact" with a girl. All of them are quite simple and do not require supernatural knowledge from you.

  • Current events (events, concerts, parties, trips).
  • Pets (for example, a discussion of her adorable “fluff” or a demonstration of your photo with a touching kitten or puppy in her arms).
  • Sport (if he is one of her hobbies).
  • Music (for example, club if you have photos from parties), books, films.

Lyceum student or party girl

Before finally deciding what to write when meeting a girl in Vkontakte, pay close attention to her social status, type of character, and circle of hobbies.

Lyceum students are students of lyceums, schools, gymnasiums, and students of elementary college courses. It is quite simple for an average guy to get acquainted with such girls, since the circle of their interests is predictable and not very extensive. As a rule, we are talking about discos, gatherings with friends in a cafe, a movie, country trips and picnics in the lap of nature. To achieve success, it is enough to find out what is most interesting for her, start communication and support a given topic.

Party girls - lovers of spending time in night clubs and discos. Night life is the main stimulus for them, a source of positive energy and a unifying interest. Their chosen ones are cheerful guys. Therefore, if you are counting on reciprocity, your first message “In Contact” should sparkle with a positive attitude and incendiary humor.

Your chosen one is an intellectual

Do you like a girl studying at a higher educational institution, regularly attends art exhibitions, is interested in painting, loves classical music, poetry, theater? Congratulations! You have chosen a real intellectual.

About a strategy that is acceptable when communicating with high school students and party girls will have to be forgotten. Tact, chivalry, politeness, romance and subtle humor should come to the fore. This approach will bring you good luck, if, of course, your arsenal of books you read is not limited to school books and Harry Potter, and your interests include not only sports bars.

We continue communication

The first message is written, you received a detailed answer (you could interest her - this is the first small victory that must be developed). How to communicate with the girl in Vkontakte further, how to continue acquaintance?

Choose any topic of interest to her, show that you can not only listen, but also hear. You will have a great chance to learn more about her, her character and preferences. Try to remain yourself, do not embellish yourself, do not try to create the image of the owner of advantages not inherent to you. Be sincere, because a lie will appear at the first meeting in reality.

Moving to a closer communication "In contact", take the next step - ask for a phone number and make an appointment. At the same time, offer several options for a place for a first date (park, cinema, a cozy cafe), giving the girl the right to choose.

Some useful tips

  • Get out of obsession! Correspondence with an annoying opponent will push away any girl. Your dialogue should not become a routine that will not awaken anything but annoyance.
  • Be easier. Leave aside slang and slang words, do not write abstruse phrases, trying to seem smarter than you are.
  • Pay attention to literacy. Messages containing blatant spelling errors will only cause a smile.
  • Do not disappear for a long time and do not drag out the virtual dating phase. The girl will wait for specific action.
  • If a girl gives you her phone number, call her immediately. She is waiting for your call. Otherwise, your chance may be lost.


Obviously, there are no standard answers to the question of how to get to know a Vkontakte girl, in which everything will be sorted out and given detailed descriptions of actions. And this is not surprising. No one has canceled individuality yet.

So that dozens and hundreds of tips that you read do not turn out to be useless information, learn to be careful, notice the little things and seemingly insignificant nuances, try to gain more self-confidence. After all, you have to act!

VK as a dating platform

Public opinion about finding a couple on the Internet has changed a long time ago. It was previously believed that only ugly or very shy lonely people who have simply little chance of finding a soul mate in the real world can be interested in such acquaintances.

Now it is believed that making acquaintances on the network, including Vkontakte, is quite normal practice.

However, some are inclined to believe that in order to communicate and build any relationship, it’s right to go through the registration process on a specialized dating site, such as “Mamba” or “Photo Countries”. Proponents of the opinion believe that in VK or Odnoklassniki you need to communicate with your friends, have fun, but not get to know each other.

Meanwhile, the VK platform provides great opportunities to find your love. The following advantages can be distinguished:

  1. Each user can write on his page that he is looking for a partner for a serious relationship or for flirting. This is not prohibited by the rules. Moreover, the site’s functionality provides the ability to indicate your marital status. There are a lot of options: from “married” to “in active search” and “everything is complicated”. Apparently, the creators of the site initially hoped that people would look for a mate on the pages of the resource.
  2. A huge plus is the free use of the site. All functions that help you get to know each other are provided free of charge. But a free external site for finding a partner is now very rare. The maximum that can be done on such resources without spending money is to register and create your own page with several photos. VK has interesting paid apps and games. But, firstly, it’s not necessary to enter them: you can do it. Secondly, the fee is set by the authors of the programs, and not the administration of the social network. Many dating apps are completely free.
  3. Vkontakte has a huge number of groups and publics dedicated to this topic. Moreover, there are both “general thematic” ones - those related to acquaintances in general, and communities of a narrow orientation. Examples: to search for couples among vegetarians, schoolchildren, orthodox. And also: for moving to the village, meetings and building relationships with foreigners, etc. There are urban communities, as well as groups uniting people living near a particular metro station, next to each other. Not without public, where men and women are trying to find a partner for intimate meetings.
  4. Convenient search. In VK, just like on any dating site, it is very easy to find people by city of residence, age and gender. And you can search, for example, by name and surname if the guy has a desire to get acquainted with the lady whom he met in the real world, but did not dare to offer friendship.

Speaking about the advantages, we will not be silent about the disadvantages of dating "Vkontakte". Although there is only one minus: if almost any person comes to specialized sites to find a mate, then in VK it is necessary to choose those who want to start a family, get married or just flirt.

Community in VK for dating

It is not possible to consider each group individually because of their huge number. Any person can create their own, engage in its promotion, motivate people to join.

We can only talk about the main types of dating communities in VK:

  1. General thematic. You can find them by the word "dating". As a rule, such communities are made up of people from a wide variety of cities. The number of participants in them is different.There are "millionaires", and there are publics with several thousand or hundreds of people in the composition. Quantity is not always consistent with quality. You always need to look who exactly is in the community. Sometimes for a thousand people - 500 "dogs", users who are blocked or whose pages are deleted. The question arises: if a community is not connected with a certain city or region, why do people come into it? You can give different answers. Someone has enough virtual communication. Someone hopes that love in the distance will sooner or later lead to a real meeting. In millions of communities you can find a hundred, or even a thousand, people from your city.
  2. Support groups for popular sites. In VK there are official communities of resources such as Loveplanet, Photostrana, Tabor. In each of them you can find a link to the site, the coordinates of the support service. In the group you can always ask something on the topic of working capacity of the main resource, find out the latest project news, leave your feedback. In such communities it is quite possible to get acquainted.
  3. One-night partner search sites. For some people, it is normal to have a short relationship built on sex. There are communities in VK where you can find a partner for this purpose. There are a lot of groups. It is difficult to say how successfully people get to know each other there. In such public places you can usually find a lot of erotic content. Sometimes they are closed to guests. Administrators only allow adults to enter.
  4. City communities for dating. Loneliness is not a problem when there are groups in which one can find love in a particular locality. If you have a successful dialogue, you can always meet with a person and talk face to face.
  5. Interest dating groups. What is meant by this? In such communities, you can meet people who share a certain passion, or gay. For example, if you have non-standard sexual preferences, perhaps a community of swingers, transsexuals, gays, or lesbians will suit you. Through such groups you can find a partner or partners in order to have a good evening. Representatives of Slavic culture, Christians, Muslims, lovers of Japan, etc. unite to get to know each other. This is understandable: everyone wants his other half to share certain interests. As for believers, in religion, as a rule, there are a lot of canons and norms, which makes it impossible to choose just a single person "from the street" as partners. We need to look for someone who shares the views on the world order. And it’s best to do this in special groups.

We can also single out communities where people seek only serious relationships. Groups are “secular” and “religious”. Atheists or “formally believers” enter into some, who do not attach much importance to religious norms, but simply want to create a family. Views on the world do not allow others to be frivolous. As they say, if you love, then to death, and not until dawn.

How to meet in communities?

It is worth noting that a group is not a site where, upon request, a list of user profiles is issued with a description of who they want to start a relationship with. But if you look, there is not much difference.

The list of people’s pages by parameters can be obtained by entering the search by participants. The method is as follows:

  • you need to click on the number indicating the number of people in the group,
  • in the window that opens, there is a search icon that you must click on,
  • another page appears on the screen where you can set the parameters of interest.

It does not matter which group of acquaintances you are a member of. The main thing is to be sure that it consists of people who can offer a hand and heart, or sex, depending on the circumstances.

The plus is that in most groups you can independently give an announcement about the desire to meet, write comments, participate in discussions. It happens like this: one person stated an interesting idea under a VK entry, another answered, a correspondence began between them, which resulted in some kind of relationship.

Dating apps

Each user of "Vkontakte", without leaving the site, can turn on the computer various games that contribute to the search for the second half. It is very easy to do. These toys are entertaining in nature. But judging by the reviews, there are couples who met through communication in certain applications.

There is a lot of similar plan of games in VK now. Talking about everyone makes no sense. It is enough to stop at the most popular. The more users in the game, the higher the chances of finding your love.

Preliminary work

Communication in real life is significantly different from dating in Vkontakte. At a personal meeting, a young man is able to impress a young lady with a decent appearance, charm her with exquisite manners.

Conversation in the social. networks depends, first of all, on the guy’s ability to interest a potential interlocutor with information on his profile, the ability to communicate and look after beautifully (in the virtual world).

That is why, before meeting a girl on the Internet, you need to analyze your own page for provocative information and try to look at it from the point of view of a young lady sitting in front of a computer screen.

What needs to be done before direct communication?

The first most important thing is to correctly design a page on the site so that it does not appear empty. A prerequisite is the downloading of high-quality photographs, eg:

  1. Personal photo portrait made in high-quality resolution, with a minimum of Photoshop effects.
  2. The captured moments of your life - playing sports, viewing sights in various places of the country and the planet.
  3. Pictures with various girls so that after the first message you have an occasion to tell who these young people are for you.

Do not forget to join various VK groups and indicate various hobbies. However, do not start a conversation, being in such ambiguous communities, as, for example, “Features of a pickup truck”, “Pickup truck for macho”, “We breed girls for sex”.

Before you enter into communication in VK, quietly “flip through” her page in order to get some information that facilitates acquaintance. This will help you avoid errors in the first message and find different points of contact. On the site you can find out:

  • how often a potential interlocutor sits on the network and Vkontakte,
  • In what communities is it registered?
  • how many network fans she has
  • alleged hobbies.

Before you meet a girl on the Internet and start a full conversation, offer her a friendship in VK. So you will get the opportunity to better study her profile (see personal albums, contact information) and add up a preliminary opinion on how to conduct a conversation.

You can start communication not only with a personal message, but also by leaving comments under girl’s photos and notes on the wall. Pickup masters advise arousing interest in women with various provocative remarks, but without offensive hints.

So, your profile is full, information is added, the time has come for direct communication.

At this stage, a man faces a variety of questions: where to start a conversation, how to communicate correctly and correctly with a young lady, what to write to a girl to answer. We will tell you more about this.

Network Communication Rules

To ensure constructive communication on the network, decide for yourself what the purpose of the upcoming acquaintance is: correspondence for “common development”, pick-up and subsequent sexual contact, a serious relationship.

So, how to get acquainted on the Internet?

  1. Radiate positive. Communicate with a woman with humor, but do not use sarcasm in relation to the interlocutor. More often joke, use the emoticons in the message to the best of your abilities, do not load the girl at the beginning of dating sad stories.
  2. Write correctly. The absence of errors is perhaps the first thing that many representatives of the weaker sex turn to during correspondence. Before sending a message, check it for literacy through various services that can be found on the network.
  3. Be polite. Do not forget to say hello when starting a conversation with a girl. Greeting is an indispensable element of the message, as well as the absence of a mat, swearing and vulgar words. Tip of the pickup truck masters: Do not forget to call a young lady by name, as the name is the most beloved word for every person.
  4. Intrigue the interlocutor. Followers of the pickup recommend changing the tactics of communication. For example, making sure that the girl is interested, try to disappear from Vkontakte for several days, stopping the conversation at the most interesting place.
  5. Be different. If your first words were extremely brutal, in the process of communication surprise the young lady, for example, by sending her romantic poems. Or inadvertently indicate in the message that you used to do dancing.
  6. Take an interest in the girl. Communicating with a stranger is quite difficult, but pickup artists recommend asking the young lady more about her hobbies, taking an interest in her desires and plans for the future. Talking about an interlocutor is a coup.
  7. Communicate via SMS. Communication in VK is, of course, wonderful, but if you want to meet in real life, after some time go to SMS. In a telephone message, you can send poems and greetings in the morning, write compliments and generally stay in touch. Of course, you do not need to insist on switching to SMS.

How to start correspondence?

Find a pretty companion in the social. Networks and specifically in VK is quite simple. However, the following problems immediately appear: what to write to the girl in contact in the first message, how to start a conversation, what should be avoided in communication, and how to translate the dialogue into a real meeting.

Many guys start talking online with girls with exactly these phrases. But if the young lady is pretty, such messages in VK come to her regularly.

The first message should be concise and concise. Pickup wizards recommend checking before sending a message whether it answers three important questions that arise in every pretty girl’s head after a young lady reads your capacious “hello”.

Here are the following questions for dating and socializing on the Internet:

  1. Who are you? I mean your name.
  2. Why did you start communication? Your tasks: just communicate, find out something from the girl, invite her on a date, etc.
  3. Why did you choose her from a large female company in VK? Perhaps you have found common ground, noticed something on her page, etc.

Is it necessary to invent a complex greeting or write a huge text? Another pickup rule - the first message may consist of two or three sentences, but they should be catchy.

Do not forget to say hello and insert your own name in the greeting - you need to introduce yourself even if you have personal data on the page. You want the interlocutor to make a positive opinion about you? Moreover, in decent societies, accept to voice your name when you meet.

If you do not know which pretext to indicate as a reason for communication, do not worry. Your desire to communicate, have a conversation and just get acquainted with a pretty young lady is already a sufficient excuse for sending a message. Of course, you should not indicate in the first sentences that you want to have children with her and go down the aisle next Sunday.

What to write to a girl when meeting?

So, the first message should be original and creative.It is necessary to do without vulgarities and all sorts of sexual hints, so as not to get into the black list of unreliable users. Even if you are a supporter of pickup, you do not need to immediately demonstrate the true purpose of communication.

We offer the following phrases for dating as a greeting and engaging in communication:

  1. “Hi, Katerina. I saw you in a group (the name of the community in which the girl is a member). I wanted to get to know you, because they are also carried away by this problem. Yes, my name is Sergey! ”The first message demonstrates common hobbies and interests.
  2. “Svetlana, hello! My sister has a birthday in a couple of days, but I still don’t know what to give her. I decided to ask VK girls of her age what gifts they like best. Maybe you can help? ”The first message indicates a request for help, and young girls love to give advice.
  3. "Hello, Maria. My name is Alexander, and I am interested in the work of the group (the name of the musical group). I saw a video file on the network that you posted in the community (the name of the group in VK), and I want to ask, did it go off normally? I plan to attend their concert, but I don’t know whether to go or not ... ”A good option, in which you immediately indicate in your first message a community of interests and ask for advice.
  4. “Greetings, lovely stranger. In today's dream, I saw a girl who very, very reminds you. And suddenly today I met you in VK. Do you believe in such coincidences? ”Although some conditions are not respected here, they are rules for breaking them occasionally. This first message also has the right to “life”, because it shows your romantic mood.
  5. "Hello, Elena. It seems that I met you yesterday in the city center. In real life, you are even more beautiful than in your wonderful photographs. ” In such a first message, you express pleasant words, as well as “throw a fishing rod”, forcing the girl to find out where you could see her.

Of course, these are only approximate phrases for dating, peculiar examples and landmarks that you can use to start a conversation and start communication on the network. Perhaps in your arsenal there are more effective options for greeting and competent pickup.

What to do next?

Suppose you managed to interest a young lady, she decided to keep up the conversation and answered a message addressed to her. What are the next steps? Continue to communicate in VK, periodically sending her poems and beautifully caring in the virtual space?

If your goal is a pickup truck and further seduction in real life, it’s not worth pulling with a date and taking a phone number. Pickup masters recommend immediately pulling someone from the network to a meeting, because you don’t need to delay communication.

Does the girl not agree to communicate via SMS and does not want to meet in real life? Do not immediately brush it off, try to practice communication and tackle with the fairer sex. In addition, perhaps in one or two messages the young lady will still change her mind and go on a date with you.

If you really have serious intentions, and not just a pickup truck, then for dating and communicating on the Internet with a girl you like, there is no certain time frame.

It is not so difficult to get acquainted with a pretty young lady in VK, but only if you adhere to certain rules and are not afraid of numerous “pitfalls”.

It is important to understand that the first message is the main key for subsequent communication and further development of relations. Avoid platitudes, use original phrases and write compliments to girls. Perhaps just a regular conversation on the net will be the beginning of a passionate romance and love!

How to meet a girl in VK - preparation

Before you start writing to a girl, you need to understand how to get to know a girl in contact correctly, just writing “Hello, how are you?” Is not worth it, first you need to:

  • Correctly design your page,
  • Make out what to write when meeting a girl in VK,
  • Understand what is worth talking about and what is worth asking.

Correctly draw up a page

Before starting communication, you need to make sure that your page stands out, without this you cannot find the answer to your question “How to meet a girl in VK?” Because girls first love with their eyes.

Bad photos on the page - your chances are close to zero. If you want to lure, look for a photographer, your high-quality photos will serve you in full. However, do not limit yourself to a photo portrait, as this will not tell you anything about you. Try to attract the girl’s attention with your energy, activity, show that you are not sitting at home and your life is full of excitement, adventure, drive, adrenaline. Also use a little trick in the photo - these are GIRLS. Let it be your girlfriends, or your friends, or just a stranger with whom you have left a photo for memory. This will give an advantage, since on the other side of the screen the girl will realize that you are not a notorious guy, intrigue and conquer.

After the photos are ready, you can begin to further process information about yourself. Write about where you studied, about your hobbies, about what kind of music you prefer. Do not overdo it and tell everything that is, at a minimum, because if a girl finds out everything, she will not be interested.

What to write to meet a girl in VK?

If the preparatory stage is passed, time to think about how to get to know a VKontakte girl, a beautiful template of your page is not enough. You need to prove in practice that you are a successful and self-confident guy.

In contact - one of the best people search engines. It will not be difficult to find the same girl, since you can specify both age and place of study, the most important thing is to find out if the girl is currently free. It is necessary to set two parameters: “Not married”, “In active search”, if you do not set any parameters, you can make a mistake with the choice.

And now to the main thing, how to meet a girl in VK by correspondence? To do this, you need to understand where to start the conversation.

Each person, not just a girl, asks herself the following series of questions:

  1. Who are you anyway?
  2. Why are you writing to her?
  3. And why did you choose her?

Therefore, after the greeting, tell her:

"Who are you anyway?"

So that the girl would not have any doubts that you are not another friend of her friend who wants to mock, are not trying to sell her anything, tell her that you are just a funny guy who wants to meet such a charming girl.

"Why are you writing to her?"

We answered this question in the first sentence. No need to make the girl wait. Spread your goal right away.

"Why did you choose her?"

At this point you should write what really attracted to her, what she hooked you to, maybe her appearance, and maybe in the description of her hobbies, you have something in common. Do not forget that you do not need to lie to her, as sooner or later - it will be revealed.

How to meet a girl in contact - correspondence and sample letters

In this article, you learned how to meet in VK, but for a more visual example, we have prepared a correspondence for you:

  1. Simple dating example
  2. An example of dating intrigue
  3. An example of a quick meeting.

Simple dating example

After you have chosen a potential girl, write to her after a short period of time:

You: “Hello! You know, it seems we are not familiar =) "

She: “Hello! Oh really? But it seems to me that you are right) "

You: “It's time to fix such a mistake”

She: “Ok. I’m Karina, 4 year - economist, I want to have a kitten =) "

You: “Eugene. Tall, handsome and sexy. Doctor of Science ... Glad to meet you) "

You: "What breed of kitten do you want?"

She: “Seriously, doctor? =)”

She: “I want a nice little white fluff, I always dreamed about it. But my parents were against it, and since I live alone now, you can also get a kitten.

You: “And I have a cat of the Bombay breed, by the click of the Ugolek. Doctor of Philology =) "

She: “umm, Chernysh, you and I are just like yin and yang =)”

You: “The opposite is getting closer)”

You: "Hello, pussy)"

You: "Time is late, what is not in the pastel?"

She: “I work, and how did you spend the day?”

You: “Remember the old days, met with fellow students =)”

She: “Yes, you can have fun in insta”

You: “What were you doing?”

She: “I was in pairs, then I visited the rocking chair, and now I am writing an article to order”

She: “I hope the future journalist”

You: “Are you studying economics?)”

She: “I like journalism more, and my parents persuaded me to go to the economy”

You: "I think you can do it. How about phoning tomorrow, write your phone number)"

She: "*********** not earlier than 6 call)"

An example of dating intrigue

You: “I know your most secret secret!”

She: “Really? And where?"

You: “To be honest, I did not believe until the very end”

She: “Actually, you and I are not familiar. "

She: “And what is it?”

You: “Write your phone, and I will share your secret with you)”

She: “*********** Just for the sake of curiosity, I will meet with you”

You: “Ok see you tomorrow”

Quick meeting example

You: “It's too cold outside. Let's talk in a warmer place, eat. I'll pick you up. ”

You: “What is your number, I'll call you when I get there”

Which communication to choose is definitely up to you. But we offer to try all communication options, as in practice it will be clear how to get to know a girl in contact is more preferable and effective for you.


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Probably everyone who has ever been interested in the topic of dating knows this very good application. You can enter it not only through VK. People play on Mamba, OK and Mile.ru. The task is very simple: a random user’s photo appears on the screen, and you need to put him a “heart” if you like the image. You can skip the participant and go to the next.

The idea is quite original. This is probably why the application enjoys popular love. But how can one get acquainted here if one only needs to evaluate a photo? The game has a section "Mutual Sympathy". If you open the application, then your photos will also be evaluated. If, for example, a girl spoke positively about a portrait of a guy, and he said about her image, a notification will come that the sympathies coincided. Then one of them will need to start a correspondence by sending a message.

Unfortunately, for users, some of the Topface features only work if you pay.

But the cost is not very large. Maximum - a couple of hundred rubles.Not so much in order to increase the chances of a successful result.

"Kiss and meet"

Another interesting and useful application, the prototype of which has become an offline game in a bottle. What do we have to do?

  1. Sit at one of the tables.
  2. Rotate the container from under the drink.
  3. Kiss or not kiss other participants in the game.
  4. To communicate.

The application has its own chat. It is not anonymous, as on some dating sites. But it’s also better. The interlocutors see who wrote the message, can open the author’s page, continue the conversation in a "personal". In the game you can give and receive pleasant virtual gifts. At first glance, there is no benefit from them. In fact, these are positive emotions. Any sign of attention is always pleasant.

Of course, the main advantages of the game are as follows:

  • participants can express sympathy for each other - after the next rotation of the bottle, each of the two players must decide whether to kiss the other or not,
  • participants have the opportunity to chat, give gifts, include songs for each other,
  • You can open the pages of other players to view information of interest, write messages if the "PM" is not closed.

The game provides a system of achievements for which rewards are given. This allows users to create excitement and maintain interest in the process.

Thus, the main plus of such fun is that they can introduce two people who just went to play. The minus, by the way, is also in this. Some are frivolous about applications in the VC, as a means to kill time, and no more.

Search and correspondence

If you are not a fan of groups and games, this does not exclude effective dating in VK. The site is endowed with an excellent tool - a fairly smart search. Learning to use it is very useful. Moreover, this is nothing complicated. Just go to the page located at vk.com/search and set the necessary parameters. You can sort people by year of birth, gender, place of residence, marital status, etc.

  1. Initially, you should tidy up your page: delete unnecessary photos, if necessary add some relevant information.
  2. Then you need to carefully study the profile of the person you like. You need to look for some clues that can be used in the first message. For example, if a girl is a student, you can ask her a question related to her studies. Say, ask if she has a book on medicine or law, depending on which faculty she is in.
  3. Creating the first phrase is the next step. The appeal must be carefully thought out so that it is: positive, calls for an answer, it is clear to the interlocutor. The most interesting and correct way to write about this is on the pickup forums. Professional dating guys know how to come up with an original message. Often advised to sincerely be interested in the hobbies of the girl, and ask about what is really close to her. And “hello” - a bot, or a fake that writes something on the network, can also write. Particular attention should be paid to literacy. The Russian language, as you know, is rich and difficult. For help, you can use special sites or download specialized applications. By the way, now you can send voice messages to VK. Probably, it is worth doing this only if your voice sounds beautiful.
  4. The next step is correspondence. If everything went well, the person answered the first message, you need to develop a conversation. The main task is to take a phone number and make an appointment. Do not chat for weeks. But immediately making an offer of a hand and heart is also not worth it. We talked a little - and on a date.

If you follow all the tips, most likely, you can quite quickly find a mate.

Summing up all of the above, it can be noted that the social network "Vkontakte" is a great place where you can easily and quickly get to know each other.The main thing is to choose the right tools and be able to use them professionally. A lot of modern couples were formed due to the fact that VC exists and is successfully developing.

Nowadays, young people are increasingly making acquaintances with girls on social networks, believing that this gives them a number of advantages. This is not to say that meeting on the Web is undoubtedly better than meeting in "real" life, but if everything is done correctly, there are obvious advantages to this.


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Refunds are made by transferring the required amount in any available way until the end of the current month.

(agreement on the provision of information and consulting services)

1.1 “Contractor's Website” - the official website of the Contractor: https://akloni.com/.
1.2 “Contractor's remuneration” - payment for the provision of information and consulting services and access to necessary materials, according to the cost published on the page of the Contractor's official website: https://akloni.com/.
1.3 “Information and Consulting Services” - services provided in connection with the Training, including handouts, Training programs, a schedule, organizational and consulting support for the Training, using the online method (via the Internet on the official web page Contractor’s website: https://akloni.com/) and off-line trainings (including, but not excluded: webinars, trainings, intensives, conferences, workshops, courses) and their entries.
1.4 “Training” - an active training system aimed at developing, improving the personal sphere of an individual’s life, the personal development of a man using the materials of the Contractor, which include but are not excluded: webinars, trainings, intensives, conferences, workshops, courses and their videos (video tutorials).

2.1 AG CONSULTING Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) provides an opportunity for any individual (having full legal capacity under the laws of Ukraine and the country of citizenship) (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) to conclude this Agreement on the provision of information and consulting services (hereinafter the Agreement) in order to obtain information and consulting services in accordance with clause 3.1. of this agreement.
2.2. The provisions of this Agreement govern the relationship between the Contractor on the one hand and the Customer on the other (together referred to as the Parties) based on the terms of this Agreement.
2.3 All users can access the Agreement at any time by clicking on the "Public Offer" link on the Contractor's Website.
2.4 Data on the provision of information and consulting services, their descriptions and cost are an offer to conclude an Agreement.
2.5 The provision of information and consulting services by the Contractor is carried out on the terms of this Agreement and only in the case with full and unconditional consent to such services. Partial agreement or agreement on other conditions is not allowed.
2.6 The Contractor has the right to amend this Agreement at any time, but in any case, such changes are published and made public by publishing the updated text on the Contractor’s Website.
2.7. The terms of this Agreement are valid for the Customer, regardless of the form and procedure for payment of information and consulting services.
2.8 By this Agreement, the Parties confirm the achievement of full agreement between them regarding the Subject of this Agreement, in accordance with clause 3.1 of this Agreement. The contract from the moment of its conclusion terminates guarantees, pacts and any other agreements (in written and oral form) between the Parties and is binding on the Parties.

3.1. The Contractor for a fee in accordance with the terms of this Agreement provides the Customer with access to information and consulting services, according to the topic and direction of the selected Training, costs, a detailed description of which is contained on the Contractor's Website.
3.2 The topic, direction, conditions, deadline (date), duration, result and cost of the Training, as well as options for taking part are indicated on the Contractor's website on the corresponding page with a description.
3.3. The terms of this Agreement apply to all users of the Contractor's Site and contain the principles of registration and use, payment of information and consulting services, conclusion of contracts for the provision of information and consulting services.
3.4 Information on the cost of the services offered is intended to familiarize yourself with specific types of information and consulting services.
3.5 The fact of payment by the Customer of information and consulting services indicates the unconditional acceptance by the Customer of the conditions defined in this Agreement.
3.6 The cost of information and consulting services is determined depending on the Training chosen by the Customer.

4.1 This Agreement for the provision of information and consulting services is concluded by the Customer and the Contractor, Kiev.
4.2. A condition for using the information and consulting services of the Contractor is the familiarization and acceptance of these terms of the Agreement.
4.3 The Contractor provides the opportunity to order information and consulting services to obtain information about such services as follows:
4.3.1 ordering information and consulting services on the Contractor's website (online) using the registration procedure in accordance with clauses 4.5, 4.6 of the Agreement,
4.3.2 familiarization with the information on the provision of information and consulting services on the Contractor's Website,
4.3.3 familiarization with the information on the provision of information and consulting services by phone by contacting the Contractor with the Contractor’s information line by phone: +38 (096) 941 94 94 (Ukraine), as well as +7 (499) 346 66 94 (Russia and countries CIS).
4.3.4 familiarization with the information on the provision of information and consulting services by clicking the "Order a call back" button.
4.4 The Contractor accepts orders online around the clock, seven days a week. Weekend weekend information orders are processed on the first business day following the day the order is submitted.
4.5. Acceptance of the terms of this Agreement is made by expressing consent to the terms of the Agreement and registration in the form of filling out the registration form on the Contractor’s Website, entering your personal data into the registration form located on the Contractor’s Website and automatically filling out a document confirming payment.
4.6. The conditions of the Agreement are considered accepted from the moment of entering all the necessary data into the registration form, expressing the unconditional consent of the Customer with the rules and provisions of the Agreement, choosing the appropriate topic of the Training, by clicking on the corresponding button “Get a working model”, “Get a set of actions”, “Acquire”, “Receive” or another button expressing consent to continue the registration procedure and by further pressing the “Send” button and / or “Access” and performing the following actions.
4.7 The information provided by the Customer in the process of ordering information and consulting services must be truthful, relevant and accurate. The Contractor reserves the opportunity to refuse to provide information and consulting services if the information provided is inaccurate and excludes the possibility of fulfilling the order.
4.8 Until the confirmation of your choice of the Training after entering the data into the registration form using the "Send" button, the Customer can make changes by choosing another Training, as well as change the address and contact information to send the information necessary for access to information and consulting services. Confirmation by the Customer of the order of information and consulting services by pressing the "Send" button means acceptance of the obligation to pay the cost of such services.
4.9 This Agreement is concluded by accepting the terms of the Agreement. The absence of a signed copy of the Agreement between the parties on paper, with the signatures and seals of the parties, in case of actual payment by the Customer, is not a reason to consider this Agreement as not concluded.

5.1 Information and consulting services under this Agreement are provided exclusively on the basis of a 100% prepayment of their cost for a specific Training (Option to participate), at the time of registration on the Contractor's Website, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties.
5.2. The Contractor is not responsible for the procedure for transferring / crediting funds.
5.3. The moment of payment is considered the moment the funds are credited to the account of the Contractor.
5.4. Payment for the services of the Agreement is carried out at the end of the payment process for the Training on the Contractor’s website by clicking on the “Payment” button and subsequent payment on this account.
5.5 Billing is done online.
5.6. The Customer must pay all fees that are in the created account for the payment of the Training in accordance with the established payment terms of the Contractor, the rules of the payment system.
5.7 The customer pays all bank charges.
5.8. The invoice is payable over the term and in the currency indicated on the invoice.
5.9. The customer is not entitled to demand a refund for a waiver of the right to use information and consulting services.
5.10 The cost of the Training for the Customer is indicated on the Contractor's website on the corresponding page with a description of the Training itself and other information and / or in the invoice.
5.11 After the Training has been paid, the rights of use and functionality in accordance with this Agreement should be available to the Customer.
5.12 The cost of the Training may be reduced in connection with the Contractor’s promotional offers, which will be published on the Contractor’s website.
5.13 Payment of this Agreement implies final and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Agreement.
5.14 Having made the payment for the Training, the Customer confirms the availability of the declared functionality in proper quality.
5.15 By this Agreement, the Customer confirms that he understands and accepts that the right to temporarily use information and consulting services is not the ownership of such services.

6.1 After placing the order and its payment, in each individual case, the Customer receives the right to refuse information and consulting services and request a refund. The Customer has the right to refuse paid information and consulting services by notifying the Contractor within the time period specified in clause 6.4 of this Agreement.
6.2 The possibility of a refund, as well as the amount of deductions associated with the refund, depends on the date the Contractor receives the return request.
6.3 The Customer understands and agrees that if the Customer began to use the services (gained access to one lesson and / or his notes) during the refusal period, the Contractor withholds the amount of the cost of the information and consulting services actually provided, at the time receiving a return request.
6.4. The period of refusal of information and consulting services and the provision of a request for a refund to the Contractor may not exceed the period of one calendar day from the date of payment.
6.5 Since, some Trainings involve providing the Customer with access to closed chats, the Customer understands that in this case it is impossible to process a refund.
6.6. The ability to refuse information and consulting services and request a refund does not apply to cases when the Customer has acquired a training / service at a promotional price and / or at a discount.
6.7 In order to refuse information and consulting services for filling out a refund, you must contact the support service by phone specified on the Contractor's website. The contractor will confirm receipt of the return request by email at the address provided during registration.
6.8 To make a return, it is necessary to provide personal data specified during registration, the name of the Training, the date of registration, information about payments, the reasons for refusing services, as well as other necessary information.
6.9. The Customer understands that, in case of failure to provide the necessary information, the Contractor has the right to refuse to return and not to consider the appeal.
6.10 If the Customer has issued a return request within the specified time, the Contractor returns the funds within the month in which the return request was sent.
6.11 To return the funds, the Contractor will use the same payment method that the Customer used when paying for information and consulting services. The Contractor will deduct from the refund amount all additional commissions of banks and payment systems related to the refund.
6.12 If the Customer did not use the services (did not look and / or did not attend the available classes) through the fault of the Contractor or refused to use the information and consulting services in violation of the terms and established order, the Contractor does not reimburse the cost of such services.
6.13. The Contractor expressly reserves the right to establish other refusal rules for certain information and consulting services by publishing special conditions for refusal on the Contractor's Website.
6.14 In the event that the information and consulting services were provided in full, before the expiration of the refusal period (for example: the Customer has already gained access to all classes and materials) and / or until the receipt of the request for a refund, a refund is not made.
6.15 In the case of a request for a refund (refusal from information and consulting services) in violation of the established terms of refusal, a refund is not carried out.

7.1. The Contractor undertakes:
7.1.1 On the basis of this Agreement and after payment of the cost of the information and consulting service selected by the Customer, provide him with such a service within the time period specified by the specified plan on the Contractor's Website.
7.1.2 Before starting the provision of information and consulting services, provide the necessary information to the Customer.
7.1.3 Ensure the continuity of information and consulting services in accordance with the Training selected by the Customer.
7.1.4 Timely notify the Customer about the postponement of classes provided for by the plan with the simultaneous notification of the date on which the Training was postponed.
7.1.5 Provide the Customer with services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
7.2 The Contractor has the right:
7.2.1 at any time to make any changes to the operation of the Site and the terms of the Agreement without prior notice to the Customer. Amendments shall enter into force without notifying Customers of changes to the Agreement. The use by the Customer of the Contractor’s information and consulting services after making changes to the text of this Agreement is a confirmation of acceptance of the terms of the Agreement taking into account the amendments. The Customer agrees that the Contractor is not responsible to him or any third party for any changes, interruptions in work, data transfer, updating or adding functionality, or termination of the Site.
7.2.2 reject the application for registration from any Customer in case of violation by the Customer of the terms of the Agreement, including, according to the registration procedure.
7.2.3 suspend / terminate the provision of information and consulting services to the Customer unilaterally, in case of violation of the terms of this Agreement by the Customer,
7.2.4 for the purposes of organizing the functioning and technical support of information and consulting services and the execution of this Agreement, the Contractor has the technical ability to access the personal data of the Customer, which is implemented only in cases established by this Agreement, or in accordance with the law.
7.2.5 unilaterally terminate this Agreement ahead of schedule in case of failure by the Customer to fulfill its conditions, with the consequences provided for by this Agreement.
7.2.6 unilaterally amend this Agreement, as well as the materials of the Training and the cost of information and consulting services with their preliminary publication on the Site.
7.2.7 to demand from the Customer compensation for damage caused by the actions of the Customer, to transfer classes from one day to another, but at the same time warning the Customer at least three hours in advance.

8.1 The customer must:
8.1.1 conscientiously comply with the terms of this Agreement, comply with the rules of conduct and timely pay fees for information and consulting services for the selected Training.
8.1.2 before starting the provision of information and consulting services to fulfill the terms of this Agreement, including to get acquainted with all the information and video materials available on the Contractor's Website.
8.1.3 when receiving information and consulting services to comply with the legal requirements of the Contractor, not to attend classes in the state of alcohol and / or drug intoxication, to show respect to others.
8.1.4 do not publish, transfer to third parties or use for commercial purposes the Training materials provided to the Customer in the course of providing him with information and consulting services, including for independent work.
8.1.5 duly notify the Contractor of the refusal of information and consulting services, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
8.1.6 use information and consulting services exclusively in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the applicable legislation of Ukraine.
8.1.7 accepting the terms of the Agreement, observe all amendments and changes that the Contractor makes.
8.2 The customer has the right:
8.2.1 receive information and consulting services provided for by this Agreement.
8.2.2 to demand compliance by the Contractor with the terms of this Agreement.
8.2.3 make payment to the Contractor for information and consulting services, according to the selected Training.
8.2.4 terminate this Agreement unilaterally, subject to prior notification of this by the Customer for 14 (fourteen) calendar days. In case of early termination of this Agreement, payment to the Customer of the service shall be returned in accordance with Section 6 of this Agreement.
8.2.5 to use information and consulting services without interfering or disrupting the work of the Contractor.
8.2.6 do not send or publish commercial information on the Contractor's Website.
8.2.7 use information and consulting services so as not to create inconvenience for other Customers and the Contractor,
8.2.8 refuse from the information and consulting service to request a refund by notifying the Contractor within the established time limits by this Agreement.
8.2.9 use the received information and consulting services exclusively for your own consumption.

9.1 General information.
9.1.1 The Contractor takes the confidentiality of Customer data very seriously, as well as the requirements of international and national legislation on data protection, especially the requirements of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR). This Privacy Policy explains how the Contractor collects and uses the data of customers and to whom it can be disclosed.
9.1.2 Using information and consulting services when registering on the Contractor's Website, the Customer provides his information.
9.1.3 Personal data is any information that makes it possible to identify the Customer, as well as information on the activities of the Customer, for example, on the use of the Contractor's Website if such use is directly related to information that allows the identification of the Customer.
9.1.4 Using information and consulting services, the Customer agrees and accepts its standards, grants permission to collect, register, accumulate, store, adapt, change, renew, use and disseminate, depersonalize, destroy personal data, including using information systems in the manner specified by this Privacy Policy. The processing of personal data begins from the moment of acceptance of the Agreement.
9.1.5. The Contractor reserves the right at any time to change the Privacy Policy without a personal message from each Customer. Instead, the Contractor will publish the date of the last changes made to the Privacy Policy in the "Date of Last Changes" field. Continuing to use the Site after making such changes, the Customer agrees and accepts them as part of the Privacy Policy.
9.1.6 This Privacy Policy is an annex to the Agreement and is an integral part thereof.
9.2 Collection of personal data
9.2.1 To provide services, the Contractor may collect the following categories of personal data:
9.2.2 Information that the Customer provides. When registering, the Contractor asks for personal information, such as last name, first name, middle name, date of birth, address, phone number.
9.2.3 Automatic collection of technical information. When the Customer uses the Contractor's Site, the Contractor collects some information automatically, for example, IP address, type of operating system, browser type, time and date of visit. Such information may be personal data if it directly identifies the Customer.
9.3 Cookie
9.3.1 The Contractor may also automatically collect certain information by using cookies. A cookie is a small file with letters and numbers that is downloaded to the Customer’s computer when he visits certain websites.
9.3.2 In order to provide services, the Contractor may collect various types of cookies that are necessary for:
Improving user navigation on the Contractor’s Site,
Improving the performance and quality of the Contractor's Site.
The customer can disable the cookie action and delete them at will,
change your browser settings to restrict the use of cookies,
restrict the ability of the browser to monitor the browsing history of the customer websites.
9.4 Use of personal data
9.4.1 The Contractor uses all the information collected to provide, maintain, protect and improve the existing Website of the Contractor, to develop new services.
9.4.2 The Contractor uses personal data to:
the provision of services using the Contractor's Site,
assessment, analysis and improvement of the Contractor's Website (including for conducting surveys, questionnaires, etc.),
facilitate the use of the Contractor’s Website by the Customer,
Facilitate the administration of the Contractor's site.
9.4.3 The Contractor uses personal data to the extent that is necessary for the rational execution of the legal obligations of the Contractor.
9.5 Dissemination and disclosure of personal data
9.5.1 The Contractor does not transfer the Customer’s personal data to third parties, except with the consent of the Customer or under the conditions specified in this Privacy Policy.
9.5.2 The Contractor considers it his duty to comply with and comply with the requirements of the law, therefore, it may disclose personal data in some cases. In particular, the Contractor may disclose the relevant personal data if it considers it necessary and reasonable to comply with the law, the court process, to conduct an investigation or at the request of other state bodies, as well as in response to complaints, to protect against fraud, abuse, incorrect or illegal use of the site.
9.6 Information security
9.6.1 All personal information that belongs to the Customer is stored on securely protected servers.
9.7 Period of storage of personal data
9.7.1 Customer’s personal data will be stored for the period necessary to achieve the above purpose of processing such data.

10.1 Any actions of the Customer under this Agreement must comply with the terms of this Agreement. The customer assumes full responsibility for all his actions under this Agreement, which will be carried out by him after the conclusion of this Agreement.
10.2 Using the Contractor’s Website, the Customer agrees that it downloads any Training materials from the Contractor’s Website or with its help at its own risk and is personally responsible for the possible consequences of using these materials, including damage that may cause the computer (device) ) Of the Customer or third parties for data loss or any other harm.
10.3 For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement, the Contractor and the Customer are liable under this Agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine.
10.4 The Customer realizes that violation of the terms of this Agreement by him leads to its termination by the Contractor unilaterally with the subsequent termination / suspension of the provision of information and consulting services.
10.5 In case of downloading the Training materials from your personal account, the Customer shall be liable for copyright infringement of 4 Contractors.
10.6 The Contractor is not responsible for unedited materials that are transferred to the Customer when providing him with information and consulting services for the selected Training, including materials for independent work.
10.7 The customer is fully responsible for illegal access and unauthorized interference with the operation of computers, systems and computer networks in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
10.8 In case of violation by the Customer of the terms of the Agreement, the Contractor shall be released from the fulfillment of obligations undertaken under this Agreement.

11.1 The Contractor and the Customer are exempted from liability for full or partial non-fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement if this was a consequence of force majeure circumstances arising after the entry into force of this Agreement as a result of extraordinary events that could not be foreseen and which could not be prevented by reasonable measures.

12.1 The Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of registration on the Site of the Contractor and payment of information and consulting services by the Customer to the Contractor and is valid for the entire period specified in the Training chosen by the Customer and the period for the provision of services by the Contractor. This Agreement may be terminated (terminated) in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
12.2 In the event that the Customer decides to terminate (terminate) this Agreement after the start of the provision of information and consulting services, while the Customer has fully paid for such services, the Contractor returns the funds to the Customer in accordance with section 6 of this Agreement.
12.3 Disagreement with the conditions specified in this Agreement entails the impossibility of the Contractor to provide information and consulting services.
12.4 The Customer grants permission to the Contractor to process his personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data” and the requirements of international and national legislation on data protection.
12.5 In accordance with article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, this contract is a public offer (public contract), and if its conditions (acceptance) are accepted, the Customer undertakes to fulfill them in good faith.
12.6 All disputes and disagreements arising regarding the fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations on the basis of a written application (claim) of the Customer.
12.7. The Contractor, after receiving an application (claim) from the Customer, is obliged to satisfy the stated requirements within 20 (twenty) calendar days or send a reasoned refusal to the Customer.
12.8 In the event that a dispute that has arisen is not settled in a complaint procedure, the Customer or the Contractor has the right to apply to the court at the location of the Contractor.
12.9. The Contractor is engaged in the provision of information and consulting services for the development, improvement of the personal life of an individual, the personal development of a man by providing certain Trainings. In this regard, the Contractor does not guarantee that the Customer can achieve all the results described on the Contractor's website. The reason for this is that the Contractor is engaged in the provision of information and consulting services, and can not affect the development, understanding and personal attitude to the Training by the Customer. It is also important to note that the examples used in the Training of the Contractor are intended solely to help understand the principle of further work.
12.10 Unless otherwise proven by the Customer, any actions committed using his username and password are deemed to have been performed by the relevant Customer.In case of unauthorized access to the Customer’s login and password, or distribution of the login and password, the Customer is obliged to immediately inform the Contractor about this.
12.11 In case of disagreement of the Customer with this Agreement or its updates, the Customer shall refuse to use it, having informed the Contractor accordingly, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. 12.12 The customer of the services guarantees that all the conditions of this Agreement are clear to him, and he unconditionally and fully accepts them.
12.13 The contract for the provision of information and consulting services is concluded in Russian, and its content corresponds to the provision of information and consulting services made by the Customer.


03189, Kiev, st. Academician Williams House. 6 D, office 43
Identification Code 42051094

What to do if a girl does not reply to messages

5. You are too intrusive It is possible that the interlocutor is not enthusiastic about the style of communication you set. Think about whether you are too imposing. This option is likely if you have a much larger message, if the girl does not ask you any questions to support the dialogue, if she does not write first, does not read your messages for a long time (while online), tries to give monosyllabic answers that do not imply further development of the dialogue . Having determined the reason for the silence of the girl, act on the basis of this information. If you understand that you are not interested in a girl, then from a demonstration of resentment or an abundance of additional messages, the situation will not change. You need to interest her in other methods. Gradually stop writing to her (she will surely notice a fan’s loss) and do something really interesting. You can visit beautiful places or unusual places by posting a peculiar photo report in VK, you can also find an exciting hobby, and also show its fruits to friends online. The main thing is that this is not a “one-time action”. Fill your news feed with interesting events, and you will attract the attention of not only this girl, but also many others. Note that some girls, even with a high degree of interest, do not write to the guys first, especially after a long pause in communication. After the described personality changes, write to the girl yourself, just asking how she is doing. According to her answers, you will understand whether she has developed an interest in you. If this did not happen, then it is better to pay attention to another person. Also, so as not to get lost in meaningless guesses, you can directly ask the girl why she does not answer you. There is a high probability that it will give you a sincere answer to this question. Many guys pay attention to the fact that some girls prefer not to start a dialogue, but only respond to their initiative. It is important to understand that this is far from always a sign of low interest of the interlocutor. It just so happened that a significant number of girls are convinced that writing a young man is the first, almost bad form. What arguments do they follow?“Decent girls don't run after boys.” Often, many mothers inspire their daughters from childhood on precisely this attitude. Relying on their own experience, which is often true, young women explain to girls that often young people do not appreciate persons who "go hand in hand" and "hang themselves on the neck." Also, girls from a young age hear the statement that “men are hunters by nature,” which means that in reality they can only be attracted to something that needs to be fought for. It is for this reason that some girls are not only the first to not write to young people, but also do not call them, do not initiate meetings and the like. They are simply afraid, therefore, to lose the interest of the chosen one.If this is true, then, probably, at the moments of manifestation of your initiative, it will react vividly.She doesn't like you. It is sad, but such an option is quite possible. The girl did not see you as a potential boyfriend, and therefore simply sees no reason not only to initiate some kind of communication on her own, but at times quite sluggishly supports him. It is possible that she initially outlined her attitude towards you, but you continue to persevere, but it may also be that, out of courtesy or for some other reason, do not clarify this point, believing that you yourself will guess about it.She does not want to be in the "extras". The girl assumes that without her you have enough penpals, and it is unlikely that she stands out for you anything special. Most girls want to feel “chosen,” and disagree on the role of “extras”. It is possible that she is mistaken, and you don’t have an abundance of interlocutors at all, but that doesn’t change the essence - she really believes that you already have someone to talk to, and she does not plan to sit on the “bench”. It is possible that you yourself have created the appearance of your popularity. This encourages some people, but there are those who, on the contrary, “slow down” this state of affairs.Humiliation. Surely, this will seem strange and silly to many guys, but some people actually think that writing to the first young man is akin to humiliation. It is difficult to say where such thoughts come from in the head of a particular person. Most often, they are dictated by the negative experience experienced previously with another guy. Perhaps the girl often wrote to someone, showed a clear interest, and in the end was somehow humiliated. The girls who are so concerned with the manifestation of the initiative are rare, but they do happen.Resentment. If earlier a girl nevertheless periodically initiated a dialogue with you, but gradually it came to naught, then it is highly likely that she simply takes offense at you for something. Surely, you can guess for yourself what could be the reason for resentment - for this, read the last correspondence or put the question directly.Considers himself obsessive. Perhaps earlier the girl often wrote to you first and gradually she began to get bored of this state of affairs. She felt that she was behaving too intrusive towards you and did not see enough interest on your part. Not wanting to look anymore in an unsightly light, she decided not to initiate communication anymore, and thus check your true attitude towards her.You are not her type. She may like you as a person and as a friend, but she does not want to give you extra hope for a possible relationship. Many girls have their own ideas about what their ideal partner should be, and they try not to deviate from the intended “course.” Be that as it may, at the initial stage, do not focus the girl’s attention on the fact that you don’t like her lack of initiative. Until you become her boyfriend or potential boyfriend, and do not have much value for her, so such claims, most likely, will only push her away. Just let her know that you always expect messages from her, and you are pleased when she writes to you. Subsequently, if the relationship moves to a serious level, then, of course, it makes sense to raise this topic and find out the reasons for lack of initiative.

Pickup phrases and topics for dating a girl on the Internet

Do you want to know how to get to know a “Vkontakte” girl, avoiding disappointments, how to draw her attention to yourself and your page, what to write in the first message of an attractive vis-a-vis so that it doesn't go unanswered? So, you will definitely find the time and read this article to the end.

Dating on social networks has become an integral part of our lives today. This is a wonderful and very convenient way to find a friend or even your soulmate.But despite the simplicity of virtual communication, many young people encounter certain difficulties, trying to establish a dialogue with a girl they like.

Of course, before you is not a detailed instruction with a stamp in the warranty card, similar to that issued when buying household appliances. Much will depend on you. However, the following basic principles and rules will allow you to easily achieve your goal.

How to communicate with a girl on VK

5. Action
If the girl replied to your letter, then you can exchange a few more messages and you definitely need to greatly interest the girl yourself. Your subsequent messages in VK should be non-standard and interesting as well as the first message. Only in them you will not only be interested in the girl’s life, but also show what your interesting life and hobbies are, and after that you should definitely offer to meet.

if there was an interesting conversation in the previous days - suggest that the girl then meet

Since then a very long, even interesting correspondence can come to naught. Having caught her interest in some pastime, be sure to invite her to go to a museum, a skating rink, a concert, a cafe to drink delicious green tea ...

If there is a relaxed and interesting conversation, in further messages it is already possible and even necessary to use emoticons, as if showing that you are constantly cheerful and positive.

In order to make the girl even more interested and like her on VKontakte - make a lot of interesting photo albums from different places on your page, write purposeful and positive statuses on the wall, add various videos, change your profile picture, putting the best new photos on it. It will also be nice if you have comments and likes from other beautiful girls on the page ...

I can offer the very modest romantics one more option: write a letter and send it by mail along with a cute postcard - a woman can also appreciate this romantic act ...

But in any case - if you do it in real life, it will make an impression much stronger. Because few people like shy and weak men!

All Other Secrets of Contact Dating in this 20-minute video that I recorded recently ...

The social network "Vkontakte" is a site that was conceived as a platform for communication between people familiar with each other. Many continue to use VC precisely for these purposes, but not all. The site is developing, new opportunities appear. And now it’s quite easy to meet a girl in VK. This will be discussed in this article. Consider all questions regarding the search for a lady of heart on this site.

Where do girls live in VK?

You can give a simple but too general answer: everywhere. There are a lot of pages of the fair sex in Vkontakte. The search on the site will help you choose interesting and suitable for acquaintances. It’s great that it is pretty well tuned. You can filter out profiles:

  • on the floor
  • years of birth
  • city ​​of residence
  • marital status
  • interests.

In fact, the search functionality is similar to what is available on all popular dating sites. The only thing to keep in mind is that women who are initially set up to search for a soul mate go to resources like "Mamba" and "Loveplane". In VK “various” representatives of the fair sex “sit”, including married women, who, with rare exceptions, have no desire to meet guys.

The most effective way to identify pages that are promising in terms of building relationships is to study the information in the profiles found by search.

Pay attention to:

  • status,
  • marital status,
  • a wall
  • Photo and video.

In status, it can be written in plain text that a girl is looking for a relationship. However, any competent psychologist, and not only that, will say that ladies adore riddles.Therefore, the status will need to be decrypted. Information that the girl is single is likely to be disguised as a beautiful quote.

With marital status, everything is simpler: you need to pay attention to the pages that say "not married" or "in active search." You can try to start a conversation with a lady who has "everything is complicated," but you will have to spend a lot of time and, most likely, the result will not work. Such a joint venture is put by girls who, as a rule, are in love with some young man, but things are not going well with them there.

On the wall, you can identify records that indirectly indicate that the woman is lonely.

Photos will allow to establish with whom the girl usually spends time. If the lady is usually in the company of friends and there are no men in the images, you can safely begin to act.


Interesting girls can be found in women's groups. Communities can be divided into two types:

  • by interests: hobbies, goods, etc.,
  • psychological, with the prefix "pseudo" or without it: there are many different beautiful quotes and useful tips.

Naturally, you should not waste time on groups of mothers. Most of the participants are already there.

The most promising are precisely the communities with quotes. You just need to select those posts that talk about loneliness or bad relationships, and see who likes and reposts.

You can not play spy, and immediately go to dating groups, where it is very fast and free, without registration you can find free girls for dating. The main problem is that it is advisable to choose those who live in the same village with you.

But she decides:

  1. You can join communities that bring together people from the same city. An example of such groups: “Dating Samara”, “Looking for you. Vladivostok ”and others. In large cities, they create communities to search for a second half even in districts.
  2. If you are a member of the federal community, you can use the search here. We click on the list of participants, then on the search icon and set the necessary parameters, up to the first and last name. Although the latter may be needed only in order to find a specific, already familiar girl in the group.

In dating communities you can leave information about yourself. Probably some lady would dare and offer friendship first. But you shouldn’t count on it much. It is advisable to do everything yourself, to be active.

Getting Ready

Any responsible business requires activities that will help increase the chances of achieving a good result. Simply put, you need to prepare. Including, and for acquaintance in VK. How else?!

Let's say an interesting girl’s page is found. The desire to meet her is great. But do not immediately try to roll up, write messages. First you need to make a psychological portrait of a person.

Let's see why:

  1. It is necessary to determine how much the lady is ready to meet.
  2. You need to understand whether it is worth making an acquaintance, in principle. Perhaps the girl has such “cockroaches” in her head that living together with her will be unbearable.
  3. You need to understand what she is interested in in order to correctly prepare a cool first phrase.

A little more about the first step

Is it always worth writing? Maybe enough to like the photo? We do not recommend limiting ourselves to this alone. You need to write words on virtual paper and send them to the girl. The reason is simple: despite all the features of modern society, many ladies are not ready to write first. Of course, a cool option: I liked the photos - messages fell. But usually it doesn’t. And probably it’s good. A real man must have the courage to easily get acquainted not only in VK, but also in the real world.

What if the girl wrote first? You can’t say that in each case it’s worth rejoicing. Perhaps this is just a fake. You need to carefully check the page. If everything is in order, you should step by step conduct communication to the meeting.

Continuation of acquaintance

Why is it important to quickly switch from VK to the real world? The fact is that virtual communication, although it brings positive emotions, is not productive. If you do not make direct attempts to transfer the next meeting somewhere to a cafe, club, to the embankment with a beautiful view, you can "talk" to the network with each other for a very long time.

But this will not lead to something serious. Waste of time. In addition, the Internet distorts the images of people. For the most part, we ourselves “finish”. We represent the figure of the interlocutor in dynamics, invent the timbre of the voice, and give some qualities. Therefore, you need to meet. Moreover, adults who have left adolescence should not get carried away with correspondence.

Note that a real acquaintance may disappoint or, conversely, pleasantly surprise. All for the same reasons that are outlined above. It happens that a guy expects to meet a certain "Miss World", and a quite average girl comes, and even her voice is unpleasant, and the figure is not the same as in the photo. Montage - no magic. Both men and women are very strongly advised not to put themselves on VK better than they really are, so that later there will be no disappointments.

You can go on a step-by-step translation of relations into real:

  1. Correspondence.
  2. Communication by phone or Skype.
  3. Make an appointment somewhere near the girl’s place of residence. So she will feel safe. It is still advisable to offer a crowded place, make an appointment not for the night. This will all be a sign that the man has no evil intentions and cunning plans.

Of course, there are exceptions to these rules. For example, many start communication with foreigners who live outside the Russian Federation. The most correct option in this situation is to continue correspondence and wait for the “distant” loved one to come to visit. You can periodically call up by phone and using video-calling programs.

But in such situations it is difficult not to doubt that the interlocutor is faithful. Perhaps he is married or just a con. A huge number of such cases are described in different forums.

Summarizing all of the above, we can draw several main conclusions. Firstly, a man who wants to find a mate in VK should be able to correctly search for those ladies that suit him. Screening is based on an analysis of the information posted on personal pages.

Secondly, you should always write first. It is to write, not to like and send emoticons. Moreover, the phrases should be as interesting and original as possible. Not like everyone else. This is necessary to stand out from the crowd of guys writing: “Hello! How are you?". Fortunately, online communication gives you time to think carefully about the text that you plan to send.

Thirdly, do not delay with the transition from VK to the real world. Relations in life are much more interesting than online. You need to use the Internet as a tool, and not live in it. Finally, you need to make it clear to the girl that you are not a maniac or a scammer, be as open and positive as possible.


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