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What are men's hair accessories?

A neatly styled hairstyle gives a person a well-groomed appearance and completes the image. This statement is equally suitable for both women and men. To turn a recalcitrant mane into a spectacular hairstyle, hair styling products for men will help. But how to choose such products? And which brands are leading in the ratings of men's styling products?

What are the styling products?

There are a great many hair styling products. Men who are just beginning to master the creation of styling, it is very easy to get confused in this variety. For example, a purchased product may resemble a gel in consistency, although wax or lipstick will appear on the package. It’s just that the marketer considered this a successful commercial move that would better facilitate sales.

The following basic varieties of men's cosmetics for styling are distinguished:

This product is often made on a water basis, which explains its transparent appearance. The gel is popular among men who want their styling to look wet and smooth.

Tip. When planning to purchase styling gel, it is better to opt for professional products. The mass-market products sold in supermarkets are undeniably attractive in price. But such gels after drying often become whitish, and sometimes crumble, chip off with a strand. After using such a product, a man can find an unpleasant white crumb on his jacket and shirt.

There is a gel spray, as well as weak and strong fixation gels. The product can be used on wet or dry hair.

How to apply. A small amount of gel is applied to the palms and fingers. Running your fingers in curls, evenly distribute the product along their entire length. It is very important to form the desired styling until the gel has completely dried and fixed. But after laying a man is better not to touch the strands, otherwise, you can break the hairstyle.

Lipstick for hair

In Europe, such products are often referred to as male lipstick, while in America the name “briolin” has stuck to them.

This product is made on the basis of petroleum jelly with the addition of wax and oil. Lipstick makes men's curls obedient and shiny. This styling tool is great for combing strands back or creating other styling elements.

How to apply. A small amount of the product is applied to the fingers and distributed between the palms until the lipstick is warm. Then it is applied to wet or dry locks.

On a note. Briolin is suitable for curly curly and thin men's hair of any length. However, it should not be used for excessively greasy and oily hair. Before applying lipstick, you should definitely wash your hair.

The basis of wax is petroleum jelly. Often this product is used to fix the mohawk, as well as create hairstyles such as "British" or "flattop".

How to apply. A small amount of wax is applied to the fingers and rubbed between the palms until the composition is warmer. Further, the wax is evenly and quickly applied to dry hair. It will not be possible to apply wax to wet strands, since paraffin is present in the product.

The consistency resembles light foam. Mousse gives splendor and volume even to thin and sparse hair.

How to apply. Shake the bottle and squeeze a little funds in the palm of your hand. Mousse is evenly distributed on the strands, after which the styling should be fixed. The styling product is dried with a hairdryer to maximize the effect.

Once insanely popular, hair spray today is somewhat inferior to modern styling products. However, in beauty salons, this product is still actively used.

The composition of any varnish includes components that act on curls in no way the best way. Some varnishes contain alcohol, which dries the hair, makes them dull. When choosing a varnish as a styling agent, you should not use it too often and in large doses.

How to apply. After installation, the varnish is sprayed onto the strands at a distance of 25-30 cm from it. Suitable for all hair types.

Matting agents

This group includes paste, clay and hair cream. They fix hair, but without additional shine, giving them a matte shade. Suitable for creating "disheveled" styling.

How to apply. A small amount of the product is applied in the palm of your hand and distributed on wet or dry hair, after which it gives the hair a sloppy look.


In addition to the styling tools described above, there is also a group of styling products called pre-styling. This term refers to a product that is used before applying the actual styling product in order to improve its effect. To pre-styling include tonics, powders and grooming sprays. These products can be used as stand-alone products if men's hair requires weak fixation. But the main mission of such products is to provide the volume that is often lost when using basic improvised styling tools.

How to choose according to hair type

Buying hair styling products for men, not considering their type of hair, is like buying shoes or clothes, not considering their size. But if wearing unsuitable clothes does not bring much harm to health, problems can arise with curls. Stacked with strong fixation product, already rare hairs can begin to fall out.

When planning to purchase styling products, you should decide on the ultimate goal of styling, the desired level of gloss and the desired degree of fixation. Is it necessary to “stick” the hair or, conversely, add volume to it? To give curls the effect of negligence or to make smooth styling under the comb?

Having answered these questions, we proceed to the next step - determining the type of hair:

  • Curly. They radically differ from straight strands in their structure. Therefore, special tools are created for their installation. When choosing a product for styling, you should look for the marking “for curly hair” on the bottles.
  • Thin. It is very important not to burden rare and thin men's locks. Therefore, it is best to choose water-based gentle products, for example, gels, lipsticks, mousses, etc.
  • Heavy. Men with magnificent thick hair do not need to especially care about the hairstyle. The main task is to style your hair exactly as its owner wants. For laying heavy strands, a man is better to choose means of strong fixation. The basis of such funds should be selected based on the type of scalp and hair type. Dry skin is suitable for alcohol-free products, for oily skin - water-based products.
  • Naughty. To tame naughty curls is only a briolin or wax with their high level of fixation. It is also better to straighten the hairstyle during the day or spray varnish for the finish.

Types of Men's Hair Accessories

This season, the fashion for long models of men's haircuts has further strengthened its position, due to which many men have released their curls and radically changed their image. Long hair is not only the original style, it is the possibility of constant experiments with hairstyles, the chance to create author's images every day with the help of correctly selected accessories.

Stylists advise using several types of accessories for men's hairstyles:

Men's hair clips. In this case, we are talking about classic black hairpins for fixing hair. There should not be any drawings, patterns, bright colors in this accessory, so as not to overload the image. Hairpins can be in the form of hairpins for forming a bundle, in the form of clips for collecting hair, as well as clips for fixing interfering strands.

Hair band for men. With the help of a bandage, a man can periodically change the haircut with a model expressed bangs to an option without her. The bandage is fixed so that it lifts the bangs up, revealing the forehead line. In addition, the bandage for many men has become an indispensable device for styling hair during sports.

Men's hairnet. Not so long ago, using a hairnet, the fair sex decorated a hairstyle with a ghoul. Today, such a technique is often used by men with long thick hair. Gathering hair from the back with a bun, using a mesh, you can give hairstyles to elegance and sophistication.

Headbands for men. Another option for collecting bangs is above the forehead, as is a hair band. But in this case, the rim can be used, as is customary for women, framing the hair in the crown. With the help of the rim, the hairstyle can be given volume, as well as a romantic appearance.

Hair crab. This type of accessory will be a great alternative to a regular elastic band, which often pulls the hair and violates their structure. With a crab, hair can be fixed in a ponytail or bun, leaving the hairdo free volume and splendor.

Recently, rubber hairpins, which are not so much a necessary accessory, but as original adornments for a hairstyle, have become especially popular. The hairpin on an elastic band can be made in the form of various figures, emoticons, characters. As a rule, they are made of metal, plastic or ceramic in dark shades.

Men's Accessories Manufacturers

For a man to always cope with any option for styling and styling hair, he needs to have high-quality and long-term types of accessories. For this, experts advise to pay attention to the leaders in the production of men's hair accessories. The following global brands are included in the top rating:

  • Dax with the offer of different combs and combs for men,
  • HairStuff with a huge selection of products for men's hairstyles,
  • O’Douds brand, producing a huge variety of accessories,
  • Scissor Hands is a reliable male brand,
  • SuaVecito popular for its design solutions,
  • Burberry is a well-known men's brand producing accessories for men.

When choosing accessories, it is important to consider production materials, shades (so that they are combined with hair color), sizes and versatility in the application of each accessory. Price is also an important factor of choice, it is better not to buy cheap options.

How to use?

The listed men's hair accessories can be used with almost all modern popular haircuts, except for short models. Laying with rubber bands, hairpins or crabs is quite simple and straightforward. With the help of rubber bands, the hair on the top or in the nape of the neck can be gathered into ponytails or small bundles can be formed.

Crab hair clips are used for the same collection of hair in a tail or bun, but in a creative volumetric version. You can not collect the entire shock of hair, but only make such a malvinka on the top, leaving the lower occipital length of the hair in free fall. Before creating a hairstyle, be sure to comb your hair so that the hairstyle looks stylish and neat.

Hairpins are most often used to fix hair in those places where the hair is puffed and can not be styled. Most often, stylists advise using invisibility. But with the help of studs, a man can fix the beam, while the pins themselves should not be visible. If a man regrowth bangs interferes, you can lift it up with a bezel or hair band.


Men's hair accessories are as much in demand as the accessories for women's hairstyles. Their diversity is constantly updated with new products, so that every man can emphasize his sense of taste and style. In addition, voluminous long hairstyles for men are demanding for styling, so hair accessories, such as elastic bands, hairpins and headbands, are not just a whim or decor tool, it is a necessity for every man.

Care Features

Hair care is possible both in beauty salons and barbershops, as well as at home. In order for the procedures carried out independently, in terms of quality and efficiency, not inferior to the services offered by specialized salons, it is necessary to remember a few simple features. Primarily, you need to choose only those products that are specifically suitable for your type of skin and hair.

Today, experts distinguish thick, thin, rare, curly and other types of hair. If you need to determine a specific type, it is recommended to seek help from a professional hairdresser.

The procedure for determining the type of hair is crucial in the care process. The thing is that if you choose a tool that will not meet your individual needs, but there is a high probability of undesirable consequences. Moreover, it must be borne in mind that in addition to the basic set of products (for example, shampoo, conditioner and styling mousse), you need to get auxiliary tools (for example, you can use a folding comb). You should also decide in advance on the effect that you want to get in the end.

So, the products can have a moisturizing, nourishing effect, give shine or dullness, create the so-called wet effect, stimulate hair growth, heal them, etc.

Rule 1

Accessories should be the same color or repeat the color of a particular item of clothing.

That is, if you have shoes of a certain color, then take it as a basis and buy yourself a belt and bag of the same color.

And whatever you wear, you will always look stylish!

Rule 3

Accessories should be in the same style. This rule is more complicated, it is easy for professional stylists to do it, having a lot of knowledge and experience, but defining your style even after studying a lot of rules will be so awesome.

There are many classifications and definitions of style, but each person is unique and has, as a rule, a mixture of all sorts of styles in different proportions. In order not to go into details and not clog your already loaded head, we will resort to the choice of accessories for hair color. It's simple: if you have blonde hair - choose light accessories, dark hair - dark accessories!

“And what to do bald ?,” - you ask.

And bald people have eyebrows, bristles and photos of their once hairy head, they will help you determine the main color for accessories.

1 type. Blondes and redheads.

This type is also called natural, natural. Treat him blond, red-haired men and light blond types with a soft oval face or with a round or wide nose (nose - a dominant facial feature). Often these are owners of wavy or even curly hair, and, as a rule, they have fair skin.

Often these people impress soft, calm, simple, seem kind they love nature, love to create with their hands, they can easily be imagined in the countryside. Therefore, the primary colors in clothes should be natural, bright, not bright - all shades of beige, brown, green, sky blue.

Accordingly, the accessories will be in beige-red-brown tones. Choose accessories from soft suede or from coarse matte leather of rough dressing.

In this style, accessories with large stitches from light threads look spectacular.

Also, “woven” accessories are suitable for men of a natural type - these can be straps and watchbands.

Red accessories are also a favorite topic of men with a clear ethnic appearance, dark-haired, and for good reason, because the ethnic group is it is proximity to nature.

So, if you have an admixture of ethnic bloods (Tatar, Bashkir, Udmurt, Ural, Latin American, Caucasian, etc.), you can safely use red color as the main one, and you will look stylish and impressive.

Means for washing hair

For high-quality hair washing, it is recommended to use professional shampoos that are used in hairdressing salons. In addition, you should resort to the help of conditioners and balms, which will make your hair softer, smoother and more obedient. We bring to your attention a rating of the best men's shampoos.

  • Nivea Men. This line belongs to an affordable price category, but it is quite effective in terms of its functional qualities. For example, Nivea Men Extreme Fresh Menthol Shampoo is suitable for daily use and has a pleasant aroma.

  • Ax. This is a popular brand of men's cosmetics. The company's assortment includes not only shampoos, but also other products (for example, deodorants). Shampoo Ax DARK TEMPTATION does not contain any additional components (for example, nourishing or moisturizing), but it copes well with its direct washing functions.

  • Dove men. Many consumers prefer this particular brand because of the optimal ratio of price and quality. Means Dove Men + Care Freshness of menthol thanks to the coffee included in its composition helps strengthen hair. Also, the product fights with excessive fat content.

In addition, such products as Dr. Sea, Kondor, Horsepower, CLEAR and others.

2 type. Fair-haired.

It includes men with light brown and dark brown hair with regular facial features, with a wide chin, pronounced cheekbones - such classic beautiful faces as most actors. At first glance, one can say about such a man that he is serious, strict, restrained. Most men with brown hair are suitable colors that are considered classics, - gray, blue and brown.

The basic men's wardrobe for fair-haired men is built on either gray, blue, or brown. To understand what color to take as a basis in accessories, you should proceed from the color of your eyes. If you have blond hair and gray, blue or blue eyes, then you can buy gray, blue accessories.

The blue color of accessories will definitely be a winner in your wardrobe, especially if you love to wear jeans.

And this is such a rare and unusual color for us in accessories that you will definitely be considered a fashionista! Well, or you can boast that you have a personal stylist!

And if you have the classic correct appearance, brown hair and brown eyes, select all the accessories Brown color.

Before, black was considered a classic, now brown can be called classics - Brown shoes are worn with both gray and blue suits. Thanks to the Europeans for expanding our borders.

If you don’t wear suits and your style is practical casual, buy yourself big and soft bag: “a la diplomats” bags have long been out of fashion, but documents and a tablet and a sports uniform will fit in a large bag if you are planning to train in the evening. With the same bag you can go on a business trip for a couple of days.

Styling cosmetics

Modern manufacturers offer men a large assortment of cosmetics designed for styling hair. Among them:

  • strong fixation gel
  • Matt lipstick,
  • clay,
  • dry wax pencil
  • gel polish
  • cream,
  • lotion,
  • foam, etc.

Let's take a closer look at the most popular tools, with which you can make styling men's hairstyles.

  • Gel. This styling tool is one of the most popular. The thing is that in cosmetic stores you can find a product that is suitable for any type of skin, as well as for any price category. The basis of styling gels is water. On sale you can find gels in different shapes and with different levels of fixation.

  • Fondant. The second name of the drug is briolin. This product is a pioneer in the market of hair care products designed specifically for men. Typically, fudge contains a large number of healthy oils and extracts that nourish the hair from the inside. It should be borne in mind that there are no fudge without shine.

If you want to style your hair with this tool, you must consider this important fact.

  • Wax. Along with gel, wax occupies the first positions in all ratings of styling products for men. On sale you can find not only wax intended for styling hair on the head, but also products for the care of the beard and mustache. The basis of the product is petroleum jelly. When using wax, it is important to be very careful not to use too much product.

  • Lacquer. You can style your hair with varnish. This product is available in the form of a spray and is characterized by increased comfort during use. Using such a styling tool, fast-drying styling is usually carried out.

  • Paste. In order for the hair paste to perform its functions, it must be used correctly. To begin with, it should be borne in mind that this tool belongs to the category of matting. The direct purpose of the paste is to shape your hairstyle and fix it for a long period of time.

  • Mousse. This tool is considered basic. Mousse for hair is suitable for any hair. In order to achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to apply the product on clean hair (they can be both wet and dry). In order to give the desired shape, you can also use a comb and a hairdryer.

  • Cream. The product is suitable for those men who want to create a light and natural styling. The composition of the product includes components that positively affect the hair: nourish and moisturize, but at the same time do not make them heavier.

  • Powder. This tool relieves representatives of a strong half of humanity from undesirable oily sheen. Powder creates an easy styling.

  • Clay. It is rarely used at home. Most often, the use of the product is used in barbershops and beauty salons. Depending on the type of your hair, it is recommended to use different clay. So, green is suitable for oily hair, white clay is recommended for dry hair owners. Those who suffer from split ends prefer gray clay, and it is recommended to use black clay to enhance hair growth.

Thus, you were able to make sure that the range of products for styling men's hair is quite wide. Therefore, you should carefully approach the choice of a specific product with particular care and attention.

3 type. Brunettes.

Such men give the impression of rigidity, severity, brutality, they have a steep disposition, a strong character. If you have such an appearance, especially watch your body - men of this type should be fit and physically strong. Again, the aggression inherent in this type can be left in the gym.

Men of this type of appearance are usually dark, almost black hair, which has a rigid structure, dark or blue eyes, low, as if frowning eyebrows. Women of such men are sometimes called “macho”.

As for clothes, such types more than others, goes black.

If clothing is black, accessories should also be black.

If you have this type of appearance, and you choose black, then you can make it original due to the texture of the skin - it can be an imitation of the skin of a snake or a crocodile, it will suit you. You can also use unusual shapes - a large bag, a watch of a non-standard shape, designer shoes.

If you find this a boring and long-gone stage, include in your arsenal bright colors accessories. You can rest assured: dark-haired types are exactly those men who come in bright colors. So bold! Take the risk of buying a watch with a bright strap, pick up shoes, a pullover, a scarf, a belt for them, and you will look organically and harmoniously in nature in bright accessories!

Well, one can only hope that our streets will appear soon colored men's bags in the hands of their owners, and the female eye will finally rejoice!

Manufacturers Overview

Among the popular brands that produce styling products for men are:

  • LOreal Professionnel - the company produces Homme Wax wax, which has a high level of fixation, but does not stick hair together,
  • Matrix - in the assortment of the company you will find Super Fixer Extra Strong Fixing Gel, which will add shine and shine to your hairstyle,
  • Redken company offers customers a styling powder that makes your hair more voluminous,
  • ClubMan Lipstick suitable for owners of thin hair,
  • Bluebeards revenge offers representatives of the strong half of humanity a water-based briolin.

Before buying, carefully study the properties of your chosen product, so as not to be disappointed in the final result.

Selection recommendations

When choosing cosmetics for hair, it is important to be especially careful. So, it is better to simultaneously purchase both care and styling products in a set. The thing is that in such a set all your needs are foreseen in advance, since usually sets are sold for one or another type of hair. If you decide to purchase the funds separately, then you should make sure that their components do not contradict, but, on the contrary, complement each other.

In this case, you will receive high-quality and effective comprehensive care. It is also important to choose only a trusted manufacturer. Professional hairdressers and cosmetologists recommend paying a little more money, but be sure that the funds will not turn out to be fake.

Styling tips

Depending on the type of your hair, as well as the specific haircut, a wide variety of tools and auxiliary tools can be used (including a styling net). For example, young people with naughty hair often resort to using a special ironing straightener. You can straighten the hair along the entire length or some of them.

To give more volume to the hairstyle, you can use an ordinary hair dryer. To do this, a styling agent is applied to wet hair, then the desired shape is formed, which is dried with hot air through a household appliance. An ordinary comb will also help with styling. Moreover, you can use both comb-combs and massage options (for the most part, this choice depends on the type of your hair). If you follow all the recommendations of experts regarding the choice of funds, as well as if you follow the styling tips, your hairstyle will acquire a modern, spectacular look.


The first lipsticks appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, not yet having the same popularity that came to them with the development of rock and roll culture of the 50s. But even then this styling tool was considered the best for creating a “stylish mess” and styling complex haircuts like Pompadour or an elongated Anderkat. There are two types of lipstick for male hair: based on petrolatum (an analogue of petroleum jelly) and on a water basis. The first - the original production, so they started in production. Good for styling back comb and complex styling elements. The second - lighter, easier to rinse, leave less shine. If you have rare or thin hair, you should refuse lipstick, give preference to wax or clay.

Put a little funds on your hands, rub, give the haircut the shape you want to see.

“If you have an Anderkat haircut, I recommend styling exclusively with lipstick. For example, the Suavecito brand. It is light in texture, gives a strong hold, does not make hair sticky. Laying will not take you much time, decide to change the image! ”, Recommends master Sergey Bozhenko.

The first and most important thing to remember about wax as a styling tool is the “guru” of strong fixation. The petroleum jelly base is ideal for Flattop or British haircuts, as well as for fixing the mohawk. The history of this cosmetics for men began back in ancient Egypt, when the pharaohs and grandees used natural wax to fix the shape of the haircut and to prevent insects, sand and dirt from getting into the hair. Recall even the old cinema paintings - all men's haircuts were distinguished by a special "architectural" form, with the effect of wet hair. Yes, it was all wax. The substance itself is a complex chemical compound that does not dissolve in water. It keeps for a long time on the hair, washed off exclusively with shampoo. The presence of wax, both with a glossy effect and with a matte, amuses the modernity of production. Glossy wax is a classic that is unlikely to ever cease to be relevant. The difference from lipstick is a stronger fixation and natural shine. Matting styling products are good for creating special rigidity of the haircut, give strength and the desired shape.

The rule is identical: apply a small amount of wax on your hands, rub, create an image. If you have oily hair, wax is the perfect styling tool for daily use. Due to the absence of oils in the composition, it will slightly dry the hair, maintaining their volume for a long time.


Pasta is perhaps the most universal of all the styling products that Frisor prefers. The structure resembles a dense cream, gives a good volume without highlighting individual strands such as wax or lipstick. Pastes do not give shine, do not glue strands, give fixation for the whole day. Manufacturers, to whom Frisor prefers, use natural oils in their hair styling products that nourish and nourish the hair.

The main advantages of pastes are ease of laying, good fixation and shape retention throughout the day.

Dmitry Verkhovetsky recommends: “Styling is an important final stage of any haircut, I am always very scrupulous about this. Of the pastes, I like the matte Dapper Dan. She does not stick hair, pleasant in texture, it is easy to make any shape with her in a couple of minutes. It is convenient if you don’t have much time for laying. ”


Another "old-timer" of styling products for male grooming. He is brilliantant, he was brilliant first saw the light in the middle of the XIX century in the culture of African American hairdressing. With its help, it was easy to cope with the styling of the naughty hard curly hair of this population. Then, however, it was just a tool that was as reminiscent as possible of the structure of a modern look. As such, he appeared thanks to the French hairdresser, who gave cosmetics the name "Diamond" (from the French. "Brilliant"). Later, closer to the years of the twentieth century, the culture of Elvis, Johnny Cash and Marlon Brando led the brioli to the popularity that he had for decades and subsequently - to an element of classics. The main difference from modern pastes, clays, gels, foams, etc. is the predominant concentration of fats and oils in the composition, which gives the hair a special shine and smoothness. The basis of modern styling products of most manufacturers is mineral oil (lanolin) or wax, which give the corresponding result.

Laying with a briolin is a more delicate matter than with a paste or lipstick. Here it is worth considering the direction of the hair in the hairstyle, the shape and "architecture" of the haircut itself. It is better to apply on wet hair, then finish styling with a hairdryer.

“Of all the brioli that I used, I will like Cock Grease. It does not make heavier, gives a good fixation, does not stick together.In addition, a pleasant caramel flavor. I recommend it, ”says master Alexander Domansky.

Gel is one of the first styling products that was used both for styling women's hairstyles and for men's. About two thousand years ago, in the form of fat, tar and even animal droppings, a culture of styling hair in any form was born. The main difference between the gel and other styling men’s products is the pronounced effect of shine and “wet” hair. With it, you can make the legendary "hedgehog" and clear waves on curly curls. Remember how many decades such styling has been in fashion?

The main rule of gel styling is dry hair. If you apply it to wet strands, they simply stick together, the form will completely lose volume.


A styling product similar in texture to a very hard paste. The difference from other styling is the complete absence of shine on the hair after application. The base can be on blue clay, which is good for styling oily hair. It is rich in aluminum, calcium, silicon and iron, which nourish the ends of the hair, saturate with vitamins. White clay moisturizes, green - slightly dries the skin, stopping the release of sebum. Gray - glues the ends, black - improving hair growth, heals bulbs, saturates with minerals.

Put a small amount of clay on your hands, rub, give the hairstyle the desired shape.


Like a salvation. As a solution to the problem of oily hair on an important unplanned evening. Like the return of volume hairstyles. She does an excellent job with styling and styling thin hair or vice versa heavy. The powder makes them more docile and voluminous, eliminates a slight “greasy” hair, and returns freshness.

Use this styling product is exclusively "single-handedly", not fixing the laying of varnish or paste.

The difference between powder and other styling products is its versatility and relevance in any situation. If, for example, in winter, after removing the cap, the hairstyle has lost its shape, it can easily be fixed with powder.

You are mistaken if you are still convinced that hair spray is a purely female styling product that is used in male grooming - it is out of the ordinary. Frisor masters use varnish to give the hairstyle more volume, complete styling, and fix the desired shape in windy conditions. The main rule is to choose the right fixation. If you have thin hair, you will have a fairly easy degree of fixation, if thick and hard - the maximum.

Everything consists and keeps on details. Each little thing has its own weight and plays a role. Completeness. Limbs. Expected Result. A good haircut is only part of the right male image. The result is styling. It should become your habit, how to cut a beard in a timely manner, shave or choose a tie for a shirt. The best men's cosmetics is presented in our store - FRISOR SHOP

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