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How to determine the size of the men's belt: the length and width of the accessory

For the most easy and quick choice of size, we have developed our own dimensional grid (see below) and brought it into line with international, Russian and European clothing sizes in a single table.
The dimensional value on our website (90, 100, 110, 120) means the length of the leather part of the belt in centimeters.

Each belt has 8 dimensional holes, starting at a distance of 10 cm from the tip of the belt and then every 2.5 cm. Therefore, it is quite difficult to make a mistake with the size in the case of our belts.

Men's Belt Size Chart

So, here is a table to help you, which you can also find on the page of any belt:

International sizeRussian size (RU)BelbuckWaist circumferenceJeans Size (W)USAITFr

How to use it? The first line is the type of size, it can be international, Russian, our size, waist, jeans Italian, French. Look for the desired type of size on trousers or jeans, which matches the type indicated in the table, and compare with the size in our catalog. In addition, we have huge sizes of more than 150, 160 and even 170 centimeters for fat people, which are not always available in the catalog, but we can always custom-make almost any length.


To choose a belt size with an optimal fit, we recommend that you follow the following simple formula: waist circumference +15 cm. The resulting value must be rounded to the nearest dimension in the BELBUCK column. Thus, if the value is 110-113 cm, then your size is 110. If 114 or more, we always recommend rounding up, i.e. size 120. If you do not know the exact circumference of the waist - it does not matter! Try to measure the used belt from the tip to the buckle or find out the size of the trousers / jeans and correlate with the values ​​from our size chart.

If you still find it difficult to choose, our managers will be happy to help you in choosing! In any case, even if the size does not fit - we can always make a new one for you and replace the model that does not fit, this is an absolutely normal situation.


Initially, the belt was a necessary and even auxiliary accessory, thanks to which the pants were supported on the waist line. Today, this piece of clothing appears rather as a decoration and addition to the general style and image of a man. The belt can be wide or thin, leather or fabric, with different shapes and sizes of buckles. Stylists believe that the belt is an indispensable accessory for emphasizing individuality. To choose a belt, you need to know its types!

Today, designers and stylists offer men two types of belts:

  1. Classical. This accessory must be strict and restrained, brown or black color without any bright details. The material for its manufacture is leather and leatherette, and the main emphasis is buckle. It happens to be small, simple, rectangular in shape, from which it is impossible to depart, since the formal appearance will be lost.
  2. Informal. Any options and models of belts fall into this category, freedom is observed in the choice of material of manufacture, color, shape, size, length and shape of the buckle. Each man can, based only on personal preferences, choose the style of such an accessory.

Selecting the type of strap is necessary primarily for the overall image of a man, clothing and type of event. Accordingly, classic options are more suitable for a trouser suit, shirt and tie, while the informal one is worn mainly with jeans, shorts and other sports or casual items.

What should be the length and width?

Depending on the variety of accessories, there may be different sizes of belts, and if there is no way to try it on yourself, in this case it is important to be able to measure the optimal parameters correctly. First of all, stylists recommend paying attention to the width of this accessory, since it is important. Experts say that the older the man, the wider the belt should be.

For example, the optimal width of the belt for jeans should be 2-6 cm, since the standard width of belt loops for the belt is 5 cm. For pants, the optimal width of the accessory is 3-4 cm, due to the fact that the belt loops are shorter on the trousers, and the belt usually in the classic style will be thinner than the standard version. Another important question is how long the belt should be, must be taken into account. The standard length of the men's belt is measured from the tip of the buckle to the center hole.

How to determine size?

When asked how to find out the size of a belt, men can be offered three calculus options. The question is actually more than relevant, as this is the most common gift option for men. Therefore, in such situations, it is extremely important to correctly measure the parameters of the belt, since there will be no possibility of fitting.

So, you can measure the size of the belt in the following 3 ways:

  1. Roulette. To measure the size of the belt, you need to take an already used accessory, on which creases and scuffs remain during operation. It is from them that you can calculate how much the owner will be comfortable wearing. A tape measure is applied to the tip of the buckle and the distance to the creases is measured.
  2. Tailor's meter. For such a measurement technique, you need to take a tailor’s meter and a man’s trousers, after his trousers are laid on a straight surface and measure the width of the belt. This figure needs to be doubled, after which the optimal size of the accessory is obtained.
  3. Jeans belt size. As mentioned earlier, the length and width of the men's belt for jeans will be slightly different, since jeans and trousers have different parameters. To measure the belt for jeans, it is enough to find out the size of these pants, and then compare it in the table with the sizes of the belts.

Thus, a man has 3 different ways to measure the optimal size of the accessory, which simplify the task of choosing a belt. For trousers, the first two methods of visual measurement by the template belt or the width of the trousers are offered, and for jeans, a plate with the sizes of the pants and belts under them, respectively, is offered.

Men's belt size chart of different countries

Despite the fact that the belt is an accessory, its measurements are carried out according to the same principle as garments. If there is no possibility of a visual fitting by the old version of the strap, you can use the tips of the measurement tables.

US belt sizes: US table

European dimensional grid: table

Measurement Table: Russia

Between adjacent dimensions, a step of 10 cm is observed, since errors are permissible in any measurements. Accordingly, when measuring volume at the waist or hips, a man must take into account the error step of + -3 (cm). For example, the size of the belt for 52 size can be 120-125 cm, for 54 size - 125-130 cm, etc.

Features of choice

When choosing a belt, a man needs to first determine the manufacturer. Italy is the standard of expensive branded men's accessories, so its production is most often preferred by men. Further, it is important for a man to pay attention to the style variety of the accessory, that is, it should be classic or informal according to preferences.

You need to pay attention to the design of the belt, a high-quality accessory is always trimmed and does not have creases anywhere. Stylists recommend combining the color and tone of the belt with shoes, and the combination with the strap on the watch is also acceptable. The best material for manufacturing is genuine leather, which guarantees long-term service and maintaining the attractiveness of appearance.


A men's belt is a great idea for a gift to relatives and friends, so it is extremely important to have skills and knowledge on how to choose a belt without knowing its size. To facilitate the selection process, different countries offer dimensional tables for orientation. And stylists share important tips about the optimal length, width of the accessory, the rules for wearing it and combining it with other elements of the image.

For those who need a larger size

We often receive requests for the manufacture of belts for a large waist. Large - that is, more than 140-150 centimeters. There was never a problem with this in the workshop - we buy large-sized leather directly at the factories, and this allows us to make belts 160 and 170, and 180, and even a record 190 and 200 centimeters long. The fact is that such long skins are quite rare and difficult to process (all the more so, manual ones, like ours), and, accordingly, the price of such belts is quite high. But they are whole, they will never tear and will support you for decades. Moreover - now it is almost impossible to find a stylish and high-quality belt of such large sizes from solid leather. Therefore, if you pick up as a gift or yourself, but the price is too high - write to us in the mail, we will try to come up with a good discount for a large belt (from 170 centimeters or more).

Good luck with your purchases, and don't be afraid of the dimensional grid - it's not at all difficult!

The main types of belts

As a rule, fashion designers distinguish three main kind of men's belts : classic, informal (casual) and sporty. Distinguishing the belts is quite simple, just remember a few principles:

  • belts of the classical group - the form is made in the style of minimalism, the colors are restrained, there are no unnecessary details,
  • informal group belts - made in a free style, original forms are allowed, bright colors,
  • belts of a sports group - made of rubber, fabric or rubber, pick up such belts for jeans or sportswear and always hide under a T-shirt or sweater.

Note: the traditional classic belt, as a rule, is leather, of a neutral color, which is in harmony with any color of shoes and clothes, complemented by a modest, small buckle of silver, less often a golden color.

Types of belt buckles

The image of a man, regardless of style, involves restraint, the optimal choice is a buckle of a simple form, without unnecessary details. Every man should adhere to the main philosophical trend in clothing - minimalism.

Today, in fashion stores of men's accessories, you can pick up a belt for trousers with two types of buckles:

  1. on the back side of the anchor, in this case, holes are needed on the belt,
  2. with clip - the length of the men's belt is adjusted using a special mechanism, there are no holes on the belt.

Note: a distinctive feature of modern models of belts is interchangeable buckles, which is quite practical if you can wear the belt correctly and store, thereby extending its life.

Agree that finding a beautiful, expensive belt is not difficult today, but choosing a belt for a man that meets all your wishes is a real test. First of all, you need to determine for what purpose you are buying the accessory. If the belt will perform the simplest function of supporting pants, perhaps all the recommendations of the experts will not be required. But, if you want the belt to become an exquisite accessory and decorate your wardrobe for a long time, consider certain nuances.

- Determine what style of clothing the belt is chosen for - it can be a universal product or belt for a specific image.

- Before you search for a belt, measure the width of the loops on the trousers so that you do not mistakenly buy a too wide belt. It is also necessary to measure the volume of the waist - this is a fundamental criterion when buying an accessory.

Another important criterion for choosing leather for a belt is its quality. The universal rule that applies to all things is that a product made of high quality material looks stylish and lasts longer.

  • the belt material should be soft, after cracking the surface there are no cracks or dents on it,
  • gently draw a fingernail over the inside of the product, a small mark will remain on the high-quality product, otherwise the skin will be old and the belt will have to be quickly thrown away,
  • look at the product for sticking out threads and non-stitched sections,
  • if the belt is made of artificial leather, its edges will be neatly folded and stitched, the edges of a product made of natural material are trimmed and not processed,
  • a special film is applied to the surface of the artificial product, which gives the accessory extra smoothness, but during wear this upper layer will be erased, the product will lose its aesthetic appeal,
  • the buckle should move freely, on a quality product the anchor has a rounded edge, this is necessary so as not to damage the clothes,
  • if there are rivets on each hole, you need to check whether the material comes out of the fittings when bent,
  • all additional parts must be well fixed, the life of the belt depends on this,
  • many, deciding which belt to choose, prefer to purchase a product of a well-known brand, however, in this case there is no need to overpay - if you are convinced that the product is of high quality, feel free to buy it.

Note: the highest quality products are sewn in the middle, but glued belts will be stratified in the future.

How to determine the size of the men's belt

Knowledge about how to choose a belt size for men , will help not only men to acquire high-quality and beautiful products, but also women who want to please their other half with a great gift.

To find out the size of the men's belt, it is enough to adhere to simple recommendations.

  1. Add two units to the waist in inches. For a 34-inch waist, it is best to choose a belt length within 36 inches. This rule is suitable for those who prefer to buy belts for jeans and trousers in online stores where the American system of sizes operates.
  2. If you came to buy an accessory in a regular store, you can find out the size of the men's belt as follows: multiply the waist volume by 2.54 to convert inches to the usual centimeters. As a rule, for size 38 it is better to buy a belt 95 cm long.
  3. When choosing a good belt, it is important to consider the length of the tail. For a product in a traditional, classical style, this is no longer than the thumb, for the casual style a longer tail is allowed. In both cases, the free tail should reach the second loops.

Note: The most reliable way to choose a belt of the appropriate size is to try on. The optimal solution when the belt easily fastens on a hole in the central part of the product.

How to wear a men's belt

  1. It is important to remember two rules. Belt and suspenders are mutually exclusive accessories. You cannot combine these two parts in one image. And you do not need to take a label on jeans with a free loops.
  2. The most versatile option is a leather belt. A textile belt is appropriate for chinos or cargo. Accessories made from exotic leather and vibrant hues can emphasize unnecessary attention in the waist area. Large leather belts for men should be neutral shades and simple from a design point of view. If you are fully satisfied with your appearance, for a casual look, choose belts of bright colors, interesting textures, with original buckles.
  3. If your choice is based on a woven texture product, remember that this is a fairly versatile accessory, but only for casual clothing. Formal costumes are lost in the background of a bright belt.But suede products are suitable for any style of clothing, but the main thing is to choose suede matching shoes to match.
  4. The correct choice of belt involves a harmonious combination of the shade of the buckle and additional decorations. The one exception is the engagement ring. In an ideal way, the texture of the belt is combined with the texture of the watch strap, the shade of the buckle and the shade of the dial.
  5. If your image should correspond to a strict dress code, it is better that the tone of the belt is in harmony with the tone of the shoe.
  6. Round off this look with a black leather belt. For everyday style, the combination of the color of shoes and accessories is not necessary, but you should not forget about harmony, it is good if the belt and accessories are in the same color scheme.
  7. If shoes made of matte leather prevail in your wardrobe, belts should also be matte, respectively, glossy products harmoniously combine with glossy shoes.
  8. It is better for men of short stature to avoid pronounced horizontal stripes in the image, which is why it is better to choose a belt for trousers in the same color scheme.
  9. Many men are afraid to choose a narrow belt for jeans and trousers with wide loops. Such an image is allowed if it contains details of the appropriate width - narrow lapels on the jacket, shoes with narrow capes, a narrow tie.
  10. Optimum belt sizes for men. Width is approximately 5 cm, narrower products are suitable for adolescents. The belt should comfortably cover the waist, well, if this leaves a free edge of 20 cm. The accessory of the correct size is fastened in the middle hole, while several spare holes should remain. If it was not possible to choose a belt for trousers of the right size, you can buy a product longer and shorten it, often in specialized stores they provide such a service.

Note: if you plan to buy a suit in an expensive, company store, there is no need to spend a large amount on a belt, a belt and clothes will not look appropriate.

A few words about storing men's belts

It is necessary not only competently choose a men's belt for jeans or trousers, but also to properly care for the accessory.

If you wear a belt of genuine leather regularly, it may appear characteristic dents, abrasions. To avoid this, it is enough to arrange a “vacation” for him periodically - just hang the belt in the cabinet in an unfolded form for a while or you can roll the product with a ring and put it in a box.

You can not use a plastic bag to store the belt, for accessory free access to air is important.

During the application of perfumery, avoid getting the product on the belt, otherwise spots may remain on it. Do not wet the accessory, this will lead to its deformation.

To clean the belt from stains or dirt, it is best to use special skin care products or wipe the product with soapy water.

Note: if you have acquired a really high-quality thing, it will serve you faithfully for many years, and every year it will acquire charm, sophistication and personality. The main thing is to properly store and care for the accessory.

To summarize

It is generally accepted that the belt plays a secondary role in the image of a man. Many men believe that this accessory has a single function - it provides comfortable wearing of trousers or jeans and there is no need to spend time choosing a belt and its combination with other details of the image.

Nevertheless, the variety of colors, textures of men's belts allow you to experiment, show imagination, pick up belts for different images and styles. Figured out how to choose a men's belt , You can solve the issue of functionality and comfort, as well as diversify your image.

Men's belt is a basic and very important item in the wardrobe of any man. It is not only an accessory, but also carries a large functional load. Often a belt becomes an object that is unobtrusive, but striking to others, so it should sit perfectly and completely fit.
This article will be useful not only for men, but also for women who want to make their soulmate a pleasant surprise. After all, picking up a good gift for a man is not so simple, and a belt as a gift will very rarely be unclaimed. Consider how to determine the size of a men's belt. Representatives of a strong part of humanity are quite different in size, therefore, what will be good for a young man will not suit a man in years with a solid abdomen.

Combining with things and accessories

The right combination will help not only to look good, but also to feel confident and comfortable. The belt should be combined with shoes. It must be remembered: the product is not selected for a shirt, suit, trousers, namely for shoes. The simplest and most classic example is a black belt and black shoes. But if you have a briefcase, folder or purse that also combines with shoes and a belt, it will look more stylish and advantageous. The following rule: the color of the buckle should match the color of the strap of your watch. You should also distinguish between belts for official occasions and for every day. We will talk about this below.

Business style

Classic, or official: it is chosen for work or important ceremonies. The belt for this style should not be worn, it is plain and generally combined with a suit. As a material, you should prefer genuine leather, but you can lean towards leatherette. The buckle should be simple and without bells and whistles, the maximum that should be on it is a small logo of the manufacturer.

Casual style

Casual style belt, or casual belt. Casual is a loose-fitting clothing we wear every day, suitable for both parties and meetings with friends. The material can be textile, silicone and completely unusual, like color. It should be noted that in casual style it is not necessary that the belt is suitable for shoes, because in everyday life, men most often prefer sneakers or sneakers. Also on the everyday accessory can be numerous symbols, jewelry, chains and everything that you like. But stylists recommend buying quieter belts - so you will always know where and with what to wear it. If the belt is extraordinary, extravagant, then the whole image should be the same.

Belt Size Chart for Men

First you need to understand what is called size. The size of the belt is considered to be the distance from buckle to end. Stock or spare language is not included in the size.

The length is the same as the size. For example, if the length is 105 cm, then the size is also 105. The waist circumference may be several units different from the length of the belt. What size is right for you, it is better to look in the table, which shows the length of the waist, belt, international clothing size. On it you can find the parameters of a man and see the corresponding length of the strap.


Experienced dressmakers use this technique: they take a meter, wearer's trousers are placed on a flat surface, measure the width of the belt. The result should be increased by 2 times.


Pay particular attention to the shape of the buckle. Here you need to focus on your face: if it is round, then the part itself can be round. If you are the owner of sharp features, a “chopped” chin, “sharp” eyes, the accessory may be more angular. There are also interesting decorative interchangeable buckles.

Belt width

Now that we have answered the question of how to determine the size of the men's belt, talked about the style of the accessories and buckles, we will discuss an equally important issue. Namely: what should be the width of the belt? It is generally accepted that the older the man, the belt itself should be wider. Young people can wear narrow belts, but for respectable and adult men, its width should be from 3 to 6 cm. In other cases, it should be remembered that the width of the belt for everyday wear can be from 2 to 6 cm, because it is determined by the width loops, which is about 5 cm. For a trouser belt, take note of a width of 3 to 4 cm, because the loops on the trousers are shorter, and the accessory for official events is narrower.

Men's belt is an important accessory in a man’s wardrobe. It gives the image a sense of integrity and completeness. Change the belt on the pants, and you will completely change your image.

When buying a belt online or in a store, you must understand the dimensional grids of different countries. For example, if a belt is made in Europe, then its size will correspond to the waist circumference in centimeters. In the US, the size grid is slightly different from the rest. In order not to get confused, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the table sizes of men's belts .

How to choose a belt in the store?

Any belt includes a buckle. Mainly for the material used artificial or genuine leather. By the color scheme, many choose black, brown specimens. For everyday wear, you can choose beige, blue, gray, white tones.

The width of the belts is usually about 4 - 4.5 cm. The accessory less than 4 cm is perfect for jeans and trousers made of thick fabric. Wide models can be worn with trousers, jeans.

If you have chosen a belt, and it is small, then you do not need to make a hole in it yourself. It will be noticeable. It’s better to take it to a workshop or pick up an authentic product.

When choosing a belt, try bending it. If the skin is cracking, do not take. Pay attention to the stitches, they should be even and without extra thread. Do not strive to take a designer thing, the main thing is quality.

Does it make sense to buy a long belt?

Answering the question whether to buy or not, you can definitely answer “no”. Firstly, it will look messy. Secondly, a long accessory will constantly hurt, interfere, in general, cause inconvenience. As a result, it’s easier to buy a belt in size.

A man’s belt is a good present for a husband, brother, and indeed a man. A belt is an indispensable thing for a man’s wardrobe, regardless of the preferred style.

How to choose a belt length?

You can use the elementary method. Measure your hips (if you plan to wear pants with a low rise) or waist. Based on the results, you can go to the store and pick up an accessory.

You can also take the old belt as a sample. In accordance with it, choose a new thing. This is all good for one-time purchases. But modern mods change belts quite often, so it’s better to find out how long a men's belt should be. Knowledge is power. In the future, this information will help to save a lot of time during shopping and choose a quality accessory that will not twist or dangle while wearing.

Maximum length of men's belt: a look of Europeans and Americans

This accessory is quite moody, it requires careful attention to yourself. Stylists have some of their secrets. They claim that the ideal belt should be fastened on the 2-3rd hole. Its “tail” is usually no more than the length of the thumb. But this is for classic varieties. If we are talking about some kind of new-fangled version, then the end may have a greater length, but at the same time should not reach the second loops.

In good stores, you can use the help of sales consultants. Often there is provided a size chart. But you must be able to use it too. The fact is that sizes can be presented in European or American versions.

Residents of Europe are used to indicating size in numbers. The maximum of them is the 120th, the minimum is the 70th. Each size corresponds to a waist circumference in cm. So, for example, the 80th is ideal for people whose waist is from 76 to 84 cm.

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