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Fashionable men's glasses 2018: a stylish accessory for brutal men

Men's sunglasses in 2018 in the photo are represented by a wide variety of different models and options, but still there are several basic nuances that must be observed this year. It is worth noting that every new season at fashion shows we are presented with new items, in a new version and with a new design. If you want to be the most fashionable and stylish this year, then let's talk in more detail about how to choose these products correctly this season and what basic trends still need to be observed.

Stylish mirrored glasses 2018

The original look of the lenses is one of the most fashionable and stylish trends of the spring-summer season of 2018. Mirror glasses do not win the hearts of fashionistas for the first time. One has only to remember the main character of the cult film “The Matrix” of the film hero Neo, who wore glasses with mirror lenses.

The mirror design looks great aviator glasses. Such models can be attributed to practical and versatile accessories that are suitable for men of all ages.

For stylish youth looks, options with original bright lenses, the colors of which are striking in their diversity, are suitable. Models with dark blue, orange and red lenses look interesting.

As for the frame, then choose the model that best suits your face type. In mirror models, the main emphasis is on unusual lenses, so the frame should not be catchy and wide. Choose branded models of mirror glasses from Ray-Ban. They look stylish and elegant on men of all ages who want to always be in the spotlight.

Fashion trends for men's sunglasses

Popular men's sunglasses 2017 are represented by several types that have common trends. Firstly, the fashion for large sizes and neat, soft contours of the frame has been preserved from the previous two seasons. Secondly, the combination of several materials, for example, plastic and metal, becomes relevant. Thirdly, experiments with various color options are welcome. In this case, the classic black version will still remain in demand.

Recently, sunglasses are becoming larger, brighter and more refined. Designers accepted them as a replacement for medieval carnival masks, popular among the nobility as an exquisite, expensive jewelry and a way to remain unrecognized.

Bright neon frames made of metal and plastic stylized as animal motifs, for example, a zebra or leopard, a snake, will be fashionable. As well as bright mirrored glass in gold and silver or glass with a color transition, giving the look a mystery. Box type = "info" align = "">


These inventions can be safely called one of the most fashionable and stylish this year and in the spring-summer season. More recently, namely a few years ago, they were also very popular, if you recall, a movie hero like Neo from the cult film “The Matrix” wore just them, then later this model lost its popularity.

Simple aviators do not lose their popularity, such a model with reflective lenses looks especially stylish. It is worth noting that these accessories can be attributed to practical devices, because they are suitable for so many men, both young and older.

If you want to somehow decorate and diversify your life, then choose options with bright and interesting lenses, colors can be very diverse, for example, red or dark blue.

The frame may also differ, choose the one that best suits your face type, this is not important in this case, because the main emphasis is still placed on the mirror and bright glasses themselves.

Fashionable men's sunglasses 2018 in the photo are presented by such models, for example, Ray-Ban company represents it at its shows. They are perfect for men who believe in themselves, do not want to see them, but at the same time want to see everything around.

Sports Sunglasses

Sports models are practical and versatile. This is the most popular choice for young men and middle-aged men. If you play sports and simply lead an active lifestyle, are constantly on the move, then you can not do without sports glasses.

Sports glasses are often made in a rectangular frame. It is worth considering that such a frame is not suitable for all types of faces.

The frame of glasses is often decorated with various sports logos and prints. This is a great accessory for jeans, shirts, shorts and t-shirts. Combine glasses with season-appropriate clothing and you have a great look.

Sports sunglasses look really stylish and fashionable. This is a rather specific model, which will only be appropriate to look in a sports or street look. Complementing a business image with such an accessory is not recommended.

Particularly elegant look models in the form of an inverted letter D. Such a decor adds charm to the glasses and gives the image a classic and light touch, appropriate in everyday life. Magnificent sports models were presented in their collections by brands such as Persol and Oakley.

Classic forms

There is nothing to talk about classic models. Male retrosexuals, and not only those who hold conservative views, prefer a classic frame. Firstly, it is universal, suitable for most men regardless of age, external data and other things, and secondly, the classics will always be fashionable. Therefore, acquiring a high-quality classic model, you do not have to worry that in a year it will go out of fashion.

There are only a few traditional forms of sun glasses for men, and they remain unchanged from season to season. For a harmonious image, you should choose the forms of accessories in accordance with the type of face, but there are also universal models.

The most important indicators are the size and shape of the frame, the shape of the eyepieces. The frame can be thin or thick, with a massive upper part, with a pronounced bow, with high-set temples, oval or with sharp corners. In addition, the frame may be completely absent. In this case, the eyepieces are simply connected to thin or massive temples.

Regardless of the design and color, only some forms of glasses are suitable for a certain type of face. Therefore, even if you choose the most fashionable and stylish models of the season, they can look inorganically on the owner. For the right choice, you need to know the correspondence of the shape of the glasses depending on the type.

Sporty style

This style is quite popular this year, it is especially fond of young people and middle-aged men, the products are quite practical, fit the general sports style. In the event that you relate to people who lead an active lifestyle, are constantly on the move, while not thinking your daily life without any active movements, then this option is just perfect for you.

Remember that most of the glasses presented in this style have a special rectangular shape, it is worth considering the fact that such a frame is not suitable for all types of faces.

Such options can be decorated, for example, with various interesting sports images and prints. This model is perfect for both spring, summer and fall, you can combine and combine them with simple jeans, shirts, t-shirts and shorts, choose one or another clothing according to season and weather.

Men's sunglasses 2018 in the photo are shown to us in such an interesting and uncomplicated version, but they look really very stylish, and most importantly - fashionable. Of course, basically such products are designed for young people who are actively involved in sports, lead a really active and full-fledged lifestyle.

Models in the form of an inverted letter D look especially advantageous, this adds special charm to the devices and makes the image of a man somewhat classic, which is why you can always easily wear them in your daily life. Just such magnificent models were presented to us by Persol and Oakley.

Men's round glasses or Lennon glasses 2018

In 2018, the recognizable and very original round frame gained incredible popularity. This is not just an accessory for protection from the sun, it is a whole philosophy, a tribute to the legendary era. Lennon glasses are the choice of extraordinary creative personalities who, using an unusual frame, try to convey their own life principles to others.

In the summer of 2018, round glasses will be mega-popular. Lovers of retro style have found that accessory that fully reflects their focus. Lennon glasses should be worn by men with the right proportional facial features. Otherwise, all the appearance flaws will be visible.

The original Lennon models were presented by the brands Christian Doir, Persol, Dolce & Gabbana. It is fashionable to call glasses with a round frame with a stretch a practical and universal option. Do not try to “make friends” Lennon glasses with a tracksuit.

Not afraid to experiment with looks and look extraordinary? Then round glasses with a dark frame are just for you.

Face Shaping

Conditionally, the following forms of male persons exist:

For a round face with a wide forehead, full cheeks and a round chin, rectangular or trapezoidal glasses are suitable.

Large sizes with square or round shapes will harmoniously look on the oval face.

With a square chin and a wide frontal part, round or oval glasses with a thin frame will do.

For a diamond-shaped face with a narrow forehead and chin, it is worth picking drop-shaped or narrow oval.

And to the heart-shaped face it is worth buying narrow-shaped glasses, without a rim.

There are forms that are considered universal. They can be safely chosen by a man with any type of face. These include aviators with drop-shaped eyepieces and “wifarera” with clear rim lines.

Fashion sunglasses for men 2018

The latest collections of sunglasses for men have been presented in a wide variety, here are bold and brutal mirror glasses, and all kinds of sports models, as well as such original options as Wayfarer, Aviators and Tisheids. To understand that for a man it will be closer in style and character, it is worth looking at the features of each model separately.

3. Round glasses in a thin elegant frame

Undying classic since the days of John Lennon and hitman Leon. Light glasses with small rounded lenses instantly give the image austerity, elevation and a certain mystery. And if it seems to you that such a model does not provide the eyes with full protection from sunlight, look for a frame with side lens pads.

Round rim

This frame has gained unprecedented popularity a very long time ago, it was then that the products became not just glasses that help to hide from the sun, but also an additional, stylish accessory that gives each of its owner a somewhat eccentric look. But to this day, such products are still incredibly popular, because we all know well that fashion is cyclical in nature, and this, in turn, means that someday one or another thing or accessory has great chances to become newly mega popular.

This certainly applies to this year, because now the retro style is simply incredibly intertwined with fashionable, modern things, but at the same time it creates a simply indescribable peculiar style and image. If you want exactly this, then you can safely give your preference to this particular model, among other things, if you love when you are paid attention and want to be in the center of this very attention, then this option will fulfill your dream.

In the summer season, retro-style appliances will be at the peak of popularity, it is worth noting that they should be worn best by the stronger sex with regular and proportional facial features, otherwise otherwise all your flaws may be visible, consider this when choosing and trying on them.

These interesting and trendy options were presented to us this year by Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Persol. If you want fashionable men's sunglasses in 2018, then in the photo from the shows you can choose the model that you like best and is best suited for the type of face. Take a closer look at products with a round frame, it can be thin or thicker, which one to choose is up to you.

Remember also that this option can hardly be called practical and universal, but it also has its enormous advantages, for example, they can be used to add special zest and unusualness to your own image.

Not afraid to experiment with yourself and your appearance? Then round sunglasses are just for you. Do not be afraid to bring something incredibly interesting and bright into your life, then all life will be just that.

Stylish men's glasses Wayfarer 2018

Wayfarer glasses are truly a cult model. Not surprisingly, they will be popular in 2018. For the first time, Wayfarer glasses saw the light in the 50s and since then have fallen in love with a large number of men.

Wayfarer is a universal model. It is suitable for both young people and middle-aged and older men. These glasses have become a real classic, appropriate in everyday and business looks.

Popular options for the 2018 rim are considered models made of wood or having a print under the tree. The colors and arrangement of the pattern can be very diverse. Similar models in the new collection of 2018 were presented by the brands Bailey Nelson, Sheriff & Cherry.

Color and decorative solutions

In 2018, glasses and fashion continue to delight lovers of bright, catchy shades and prints. In the trend, saturated contrasting colors both in frames and in lenses. In 2018, mirrored reflective glasses do not lose their relevance, which not only look spectacular, but also perfectly protect the eyes. Decor of sun-protection frames includes natural materials like wood and leather, precious metals and stones are also present. And along with this trend thin and invisible frames became fashionable .

Sunglasses: male models 2018

Today we begin the review of fashionable men's glasses with those models that are in fashion in every season - glasses - aviators. If a man is just starting to work on drawing up a fleet of glasses, then this is the very basic form that you can’t do without. This average model of men's glasses is able to add the necessary steepness to absolutely any masculine look. If you want to have only one sunglasses in your arsenal, be sure to choose glasses - aviators. Glasses with a drop-shaped and double-arm in a thin frame are not as popular as last season, but they can still be seen on world catwalks. They give the image a certain degree of heroism. Horn glasses are a great classic solution. If a man needs to create a feeling of bourgeois chic, then he should buy glasses in a tortoiseshell frame.

9. Glasses with an additional metal “eyebrow”

A thin metal (or plastic metallized) monobrow, as The Best Men’s Sunglasses of 2018: Top 10+ Most Stylish Trends of this Summer writes in fashion reviews, gives a brutal image of elegance. Whether it is this or not is up to you. But exactly such glasses look original and can emphasize your personality.


The classic forms of men's glasses can be attributed several models, but they all do not lose relevance from year to year. When choosing glasses, a man needs to take into account the shape of the face and the type of appearance, as well as the general style of clothing and lifestyle. The most important selection criteria are the frame and size of the glasses, they must be of high quality and in harmony with the face of a man.

Classic glasses come in several forms:

  • round or oval
  • rectangular
  • drop-shaped glasses
  • trapezoid-shaped glasses.

The rim of such glasses can be thin or massive, with high-set temples or with a pronounced arch, with sharp or oval corners. Points that do not have a frame at all are considered a real hit, but powerful strong temples are necessarily provided.

Men's glasses with transparent lenses 2018

Stylish glasses with transparent lenses will help men with poor eyesight to tarnish attention from their problems and always look great. The glasses are made in such a way that people who are not familiar to you close will not guess that you can see poorly.

Modern glasses with transparent lenses are presented in stylish frames and unusual prints. With such accessories, you will not be equipped for vision problems. The shape of the frame must be selected individually, based on the type of face.

Fashion glasses 2018: men's options for business looks

A business man can not do without glasses at all. The most suitable option for business men is glasses with a heavy frame. Why are heavy-rimmed glasses attractive to men in business suits? Yes, because it is impossible to find a more elegant design of men's glasses than in a heavy frame. 2018 trends define men's stylish glasses for business men as more athletic than for business. And this tendency is connected with the fact that the classical form, unlike the sports one, makes a man older and visually older. Today it is fashionable to create images of intellectuals, nerds. Round glasses do a great job of this task.


Despite the fact that the fashion for glasses 2018 assumes its individual characteristics and subtleties, there are those models of glasses that have remained relevant for many years, as before. For example, aviator glasses, but in the latest collections they are presented in a new variation - with reflective lenses. Stylists advise this model to both young men and representatives of respectable age.

With clear light lenses

If you are looking for fashionable and stylish men's glasses for sight, then the photo frame 2018 is presented with glasses with transparent and light glasses. Thus, many people who do not know you closely will not at all realize that you have any vision problems.

This stylish and incredibly beautiful accessory will give you more confidence and you will not be at all complex because of your any shortcomings. Remember that such products, unfortunately, will not protect your eyes from the scorching sun, but for these purposes you can choose a slightly different option for yourself, namely, slightly darkened brown or light sand glasses.

In this case, there can also be any frame, it should be selected individually and based on what type of face you have and what kind of accessory will suit you.

Men's over-size glasses 2018

The oversize style is popular not only in clothes, where loose and voluminous things have taken root in youth images, but also in stylish accessories. The huge frame that covers most of the face attracts many fashionistas who want to create a laid-back and stylish look. Choose oversized models, not glasses that are great by definition. Under this condition, the accessory will look really luxurious.

Fashionable glasses are an integral part of stylish men's looks. The perception of a person occurs to a greater extent for those accessories and fashionable "little things" that complement the everyday and business outfit. In 2018, glasses must be in the images of modern men.

Sunglasses: Men's Brand New 2018

The sunglasses range in 2018 is huge. The cat eye theme is also relevant in the world of men's sunglasses. Eccentric glasses were also demonstrated by fashion designers. Such branded models solve the problems of simple equipment. It is a pity that not every man decides on such catchy glasses, but only the most-most modern mod. By choosing the right brand new sunglasses from the sun, a man can be proud that such a model is 100% in the arsenal of famous stars.


Rounded glasses according to statistics are more often preferred by young men, for example, a tisheyda model that looks concise, not unbanal and restrained in terms of design. The craving for everything courageous and brutal is shown precisely by young men who, with the help of tisheids, emphasize their strength and style. Glasses can either have a thin neat frame, or be without it at all, ideal for casual and classic style.


This unusual style is incredibly popular and is one of the main trends not only in the field of sunglasses, but also in clothes, and in both male and female lines. Therefore, do not be shy in your preferences and in your choice, pay close attention to really large, and possibly huge frames, it should look like these products belong to someone else. After all, the word Over-size itself means "from the other shoulder," they look as if they are great to you.

Pay attention to the darkest options, it is best that both the frame and the glass itself are dark and do not let in the sun's rays and the curious eyes of passers-by.

Remember that your look will be more stylish and incredibly fashionable if the products are really impressive in size.

If you are looking for an option that would fit perfectly with classic clothes, then large accessories with rounded glass or square are perfect for this.

Remember also that it is necessary to select sunscreen products carefully, it is best to try on this or that model several times, only in this way you can make sure that this or that option suits you simply perfectly.

Today the site told us about what men's sunglasses are in fashion in 2018, reviewed photos from the shows. It is worth noting that it is glasses that are one of the most important and basic accessories designed for men. With their help, you can decorate and complement your stylish image. If this year you want to be at the peak of popularity and be an icon of style, then remember and follow the main trends and trends, this will help you in creating your fashionable image.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators - glasses that are very popular with a good half of humanity. Originally created for pilots, they have long won the hearts of millions, having made a real revolution of taste. What are aviators sunglasses for men? The popularity of aviators forces manufacturers of sunglasses to experiment with this form, inventing various style tricks to attract the attention of a strong half of humanity to their models. box type = "download" align = "">

Men's glasses 2018: trends of the summer season on world catwalks

The trend of men's fashion in 2018 is that sunglasses are absolutely not required to repeat the style of a clothing set. And at the same time, glasses should not be too characteristic and overshadow male beauty. A very relevant trend this summer, which over the past seasons has been very actively manifested in men's fashion for the most diverse men's optics is John Lennon's glasses. The most famous round shape of glasses in a thin frame is popular not only among the younger generation, but also among older men.


Active and active men prefer sports style regardless of age and outlook on life. Most often, such accessories are made in a rectangular shape, in connection with which such a frame will look harmonious far from all men. Print and decor is acceptable, but in small quantities, and only in the form of logos and badges. Sports glasses can be worn with jeans, shorts, shirts and t-shirts.

Tisheida Sunglasses

Men also try to always look as stylish as possible, of course, they and accessories choose the appropriate ones, so you can notice round glasses on the boys. Of course, men like the fact that the tysheyds, firstly, are incredibly harmonious and concise, and secondly, in their unbanal design there are no unnecessary, so to speak, non-male details. Young men like to look brutal, everything should be simple: without sparkling rhinestones, sticky patterns, decoration.

Men's round glasses of the fall-winter 2017-2018 season are not too different from feminine counterparts, only the lenses themselves in them are of a larger diameter. Male tishidey can have a thin frame or be without it, the darling is also thin. In order to understand as clearly as possible how such tishades will look, it is enough to recall the images of John Lennon or the singer Grigory Leps. Men's tishades are easy to fit in a strict classic bow and in a looser casual look.

3. Browliners

This is a sunglasses retromodel with only the top of the frame. Like aviators, they appeared in the 50s of the last century and have since been popular with supporters of a strict style, although they can be combined with any images. In 2018, designers refreshed the browsers and presented them in different shades of frames and glass. Such frames are suitable for men with a round or triangular face shape.

Men's glasses 2018: photos of the most popular colors

One of the active elements of modern fashion for men's glasses is stained glass. Such glasses will not make a pale mouse out of a man. Stylists advise to maintain the shade of glasses with a similar shade in clothes. Two-tone glasses, originally from the 60s, can fit well into a men's wardrobe. However, colored glasses are not for everyone. The simplest, cheapest, but very effective men's glasses are black, which are a great way out for any situation. This season, men will be able to see the world “in pink” in the literal sense.

Frame selection

To choose sunglasses, first of all, according to the frame and shape of the glasses, but taking into account the shape of the face of a man. Conventionally, faces can be divided into several groups - square, round, oval, heart-shaped and diamond-shaped. For chubby men, glasses with trapezoidal and rectangular glasses are suitable, holders of an oval face can choose large models with round or square glasses and a frame.

Men with a square face shape will suit oval or round glasses with a thin frame that soften the angularity of the face. The diamond-shaped face will be corrected by oval and teardrop-shaped glasses, and the heart-shaped face will be corrected by glasses with a narrow form of glasses and without a rim at all. In any case, direct fitting will be important, since only visually it is possible to assess how certain glasses will look harmonious with the appearance of a man.

Fashion wayfarer sunglasses

The retro wayfarer model, which first appeared in 1952, is also relevant in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season. Classic plastic frames and medium-sized lenses allow you to wear these glasses with absolutely any clothing. In the photo, the Reyban brand wayfarer

4. Glasses with round lenses

Lennons, tisheyds, blind men - all these are models with round glasses. Appeared at the dawn of the time when men began to wear solar eyepieces. And in 2018, round glass is the main trend of the season. They will definitely distinguish a man from the crowd. However, they are most suitable for men with a square or rectangular face shape.

Stylish men's glasses for vision 2018

Do not be shy about your imperfect vision. To be one of the "bespectacles" today is very fashionable. The round shape of glasses with transparent or smoky optics is the most popular in 2018. Moreover, glasses can be both miniature and in the form of wheels on the face. This is the most relevant form of men's glasses for vision. There are also some more optimal options for visual optics for men, which you can evaluate in the photo below.

Color options

In 2018, reflective and classic colors will be popular with regard to the choice of sunglasses. That is, a man should take a closer look at models equipped with a metal frame or a frame made of dark plastic. A wood print is considered fashionable; many well-known brands presented glasses with a frame that imitates wood, for example, Sheriff & Cherry and Shwood, Bailey Nelson, etc.

Sunglasses Sports

A sporty look is always in fashion. You can’t argue with this, so a huge number of young people get glasses that have dark glasses and are suitable for sports style. In addition to the fact that this direction is very relevant in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season, this form of glasses is as convenient as possible. The fact is that the frame and glasses can be selected independently, and glasses of this orientation can be selected both the most ordinary and for correcting vision. At the same time, they can become not only an ideal protection against sunlight, but also give some style and "zest" to the created image. What can we say that many girls are capable of falling in love only with the appearance of the guy and with how thoughtful his accessories can be.

In the fall-winter 2017-2018 season, designers offer different styles, colors and even materials for the glasses, but they all agree on one thing - the defenders from the bright sun should perfectly fulfill their main function, not give their owner inconvenience when wearing and protect their eyesight. Technological progress does not stand still, and he did not ignore fashionable men's sunglasses. Now with their help it will be possible to correct vision, measure the pulse, body temperature and heart rate. There are models of glasses that measure the distance traveled.

Original frames for men's glasses - 2018

It is believed that wearing the same eyeglass frame for several years in a row is a real moviton. In the early 90s, it was the ugliest time frame design for men's glasses. It was at that time that the entire civilized world fell in love with light, metallized frames, which very often were deprived of a frame directly under the optics. Designers of men's glasses were fixed on making the glasses look a minimalist accessory. The thinner the men's glasses, the more fashionable they were considered. Today it is no longer fashionable. In 2018, the horn made of plastic of a certain shade is considered the trendy frame of men's glasses. Many designer collections are inspired by the fashion of the late 50s and early 60s. The trend today is men's glasses in heavy plastic frames with obvious bulk. Modern frames help the male face look as impressive as possible.

Photo selection

When choosing glasses, a man should rely on two determining criteria - fashion trends of the current year and trends introduced by designers, as well as the type of appearance and face shape. Only by combining such indicators with glasses, a man will receive a fashionable and perfectly suitable option that will become a harmonious addition to the overall style and look. Moreover, most glasses today boldly combine immediately with several styles of clothing.

Fashionable women's glasses 2018-2019 - new trends that will make you irresistible

Immediately, we note that fashion glasses did not appear in the modern fashion industry, but a very long time ago, and have come to us since ancient times.

There is no exact evidence of exactly where fashionable sunglasses appeared and glasses for vision, but it is still known that the first sunglasses were made from bones in Asia and America, and glasses for vision were most likely made in Italy, and they are attributed to Salvino D'Armata .

Of course, the fashionable glasses of that time were not as diverse as they are now, but they were not small in those days, and only a few could afford them.

Over time, fashionable women's glasses have become an affordable and relatively inexpensive accessory, so now every woman can buy fashionable women's glasses.

Men's sunglasses 2018: how to buy a suitable form

Glasses - aviators - this is perhaps the form that suits absolutely everyone. However, men's glasses - aviators have one BUT: they are different. The depth of glass, the length and width of men's glasses are so different that it makes the glasses completely different from each other. Glasses - aviators as such, demonstrate their form in a sporty embodiment and very often win men's minds and hearts. Therefore, be sure to buy only the right model. Choose glasses correctly so that they fit not only in form, but also in character.

Men's sunglasses should not only protect the eyes of a man from harmful radiation, but also serve as the finishing touch to the image being created. Do not wear sunglasses indoors. Such "window dressing" is nothing more than a sign of bad taste.

Fashionable horn-rimmed glasses are familiar but still sought-after eyewear options.

These or other characteristics of the frame determine how fashionable women's glasses are in front of you.

Fashionable glasses 2018-2019 in a horn-rimmed frame is not a new trend, but this does not prevent them from being interesting for women.

Whether it be classic horn-rimmed fashion glasses, elongated fashionable women’s glasses, or trendy drop-shaped women’s glasses, the massive frame makes them bright, impressive and well complement your fashion image in a youth or street style.

Choose fashionable glasses with a massive frame from a wide variety of options to choose for yourself the perfect shape and color of the glasses.

Considering fashionable glasses in optics, we advise you to try on a particular model in front of a large mirror so that you can evaluate how much you like sunglasses or glasses for vision are suitable for you, both in terms of face shape and clothing style.

Fashionable glasses 2018-2019 round shape - unusual ... and not for every beauty ...

Immediately, we note that fashionable women’s round glasses are not suitable for every woman, because the round shape is very demanding on the style and features of the female appearance.

Fashionable round glasses can have a large, or, on the contrary, sophisticated frame, be metal or plastic, have a variety of glasses, in particular transparent, black, brown, mirrored, as well as glasses of various shades.

Stylists call fashionable round glasses the most relevant glasses 2018-2019. This is probably why this fashion trend is confidently used by stars.

Fashionable oversized glasses - large sunglasses and glasses for sight rule!

In pursuit of fashion trends in clothing, designers adopted the oversize style to create such a necessary and indispensable accessory as fashionable women's glasses.

Such fashionable oversized glasses will give the girl's image a little infantilism, and they can even rejuvenate a woman thanks to the original version of the frame and the large size of the lenses.

Let's fly! Fashionable women's glasses 2018-2019 aviators

Further in our review, fashionable glasses for women with the unusual name aviators, or the more well-known - drops.

Here are fashionable glasses that keep their popularity from year to year. At the same time, fashionable women's glasses every year become more interesting and original thanks to the efforts of the developers.

Bright, transparent, black or mirror fashionable women’s aviator glasses with an original frame will be an integral part of the stylish images of this summer, so in the near future you simply must choose your fashionable drop glasses in a metal frame.


When choosing glasses, a man should rely on two determining criteria - fashion trends of the current year and trends introduced by designers, as well as the type of appearance and face shape. Only by combining such indicators with glasses, a man will receive a fashionable and perfectly suitable option that will become a harmonious addition to the overall style and look. Moreover, most glasses today boldly combine immediately with several styles of clothing.

Take care of your eyes and be in trend! Fashion sunglasses 2018-2019

It should be noted fashion sunglasses 2018-2019, which this summer will become indispensable for both your style and your eyes.

Trendy sunglasses 2018-2019 in bright colors will complement the most intense summer outfits.

Wearing fashionable sunglasses from the sun, you will always be in the wake of positive and good mood, whatever form you choose.

Fashionable sunglasses from the sun with a large or sophisticated metal frame, the bright trends of glasses with a cat-eye shape, unusual fashionable oversized glasses, etc. - Do not be afraid of experiments and be extremely attractive to everyone around you this summer.

Unusual fashion glasses 2018-2019 - the most original trends

In addition to traditional trends, manufacturers of glasses offer fashionable glasses, unusual in the shape of the frame and the design of the glasses.

These trendy glasses will delight you and give you delightful notes of elegance, creativity and originality.

Among the unusual glasses, designers presented fashionable ombre sunglasses, stylish cat-eye glasses, and fashionable glasses in a futuristic solution.

Such fashionable glasses will help to emphasize stylish summer sets, evening and everyday dresses, fashionable beach bows and stunningly spectacular images in the office.

Fashionable glasses for sight 2018-2019 is no longer a sentence ...

More recently, glasses were a real punishment for those who have vision problems.

For many, glasses for sight were associated with inferiority, and people who had glasses on their faces were treated with some kind of nit-picking.

Thanks to the efforts of manufacturers, now people with vision problems, in particular myopia, hyperopia, can wear beautiful and fashionable women's glasses, and look glamorous, elegant and be in trend.

Fashionable eyewear will appear in thick frames, chameleon glasses, fashionable drop glasses, and fashionable eyewear without frames will be popular.

All the aforementioned eyeglass frames will decorate fashionable eyeglasses for 2018-2019, breathing new meaning into such a necessary and important device for the poorly sighted.

Main trends

Points are relevant at any time of the year (of course, provided that you have selected them correctly). Some models return to fashion again, other designers improve, modernize, and sometimes even come up with something incredible.

What characteristics will distinguish points from future seasons of 2018 from last year?

  1. A large number of colored plastic. Those who think this is impractical can be convinced of the opposite. Plastic will easily compete with horn and metal frames. In addition, he has a very nice bonus - lower cost.
  2. The abundance of flowers. Men can wear not only black and brown. Red, blue, silver, green and many more shades can be matched to any created bow.
  3. Geometry. Designers did not stint on imagination, therefore, they offer to choose from round, almost square and even unusual five-hexagonal frames.

Now let's move on to the concrete from the general, and find out in which glasses the models of eminent designers flaunted on the catwalks:

Aviators. Permanent mods. Interest in them has not faded away for many seasons in a row. And all because this model is universal. It equally suits both a classic suit and everyday jeans with a t-shirt. In addition, aviators have no age restrictions.

They are distinguished by a thin strong frame, and as for lenses, transparent glasses (both image-building and for vision correction) and a mirror version will be fashionable.

Clubmasters. This is a vivid example of the retro style that hipsters love. It is quite easy to recognize them: the upper part of the frame repeats the curved shape of the eyebrows, focusing on this part of the face, and the lower, metal, remains almost invisible. If you like old films with Bruce Willis, then you must remember that it was these glasses browline that his hero liked to wear in the series Detective Agency Moonlight.

The color of the lenses in this embodiment can be either classic black, blue, or even gray.

Overseas. We are used to the fact that large frames are the prerogative of women. But designers, in order to restore justice, offer representatives of a strong half of humanity to acquire a male model in future seasons. Particularly relevant are completely dark options that will not let in either the sun's rays or curious glances to the man’s eyes.

Round. Not so long ago, Lennons were in fashion - glasses with small round glasses. In future seasons of 2018, the size of the frame and lenses will increase slightly, but the style remains relevant. Wearing such stylists is advised to men with the correct facial features, otherwise all the flaws will be very noticeable.

Wifarers. Speaking of glasses, it is impossible not to mention this model. She is one of the most popular and sought after in the unisex category. Squeak of fashion - wifarera in a real wooden frame or plastic, stylized as wooden. These options, especially with dark glasses, will give the man a touch of brutality and sexuality.

Image. Although this accessory does not protect from the sun, it will make the image more solid and elegant. Plastic and horn frames are in fashion, as shown in the photo.

Useful Tips

And finally, we’ll share the recommendations of stylists on how to choose the right glasses:

  1. The size of the frame should be proportional to the size of the face. Even if this is an oversized model, it should look harmonious.
  2. Play on the contrast of the shape of the face and the shape of the glasses.
  3. Pay attention to whether the selected model does not underline the flaws, if any.

No matter how demanding your man may be, among the variety of forms and models, he will certainly find the right option for a fashion accessory. And if your beloved is not particularly chasing fashion, then you have a great reason to give him a pair of stylish glasses that emphasize any bow favorably. Be in trend!

With titanium rim

Usually metal frames are made of alloys on a copper or nickel basis. But in the 2018 season, titanium comes to the fore! The frames from it are light, durable, do not cause allergies. In addition, titanium lends itself to coloring, so you can meet the most incredible colors of frames.

Pick up a titanium rim in the Optics "Eyeglass Frames",
tel .: +7 (800) 250-54-14

To: people with different types of faces, depending on the shape of the frame. Most trend frames are made of titanium.

This frame is distinguished by a clear upper line of the rim. Hence the prevailing image of flat tops (English flat top - flat top) - for self-confident men who know what they want. Such a frame can be found both in modern style and in vintage.

To: holders of a triangular or diamond-shaped face.

Another shape of the frame, which has become a permanent classic. Wifarere (English wayfarer - traveler) is easy to combine with almost any way. Plus, this is an excellent investment in the wardrobe: a favorite model of celebrities will not go out of fashion soon.

To: ideal for holders of round and oval faces.

Perhaps, it’s not necessary to introduce “aviators” - another frame that deserves the title of legendary. We are more familiar with this model with a metal frame, but this season the “aviators” made of plastic are relevant. They can still surprise us! However, aviators in a metal frame also do not go out of fashion.

To: ideal for owners of courageous chins and a wide forehead.

There are three trends in choosing colors for 2018:

  • custom horn frames,
  • almost transparent, invisible frames,
  • classic black.

Already made a choice? Share your impressions in the comments!

Fashionable glasses

Trendy frames for the upcoming fall-winter season are an elegant mix of style, glamor and elegance. But not all models can be called practical.

The oversize style is firmly entrenched in fashion trends, and it would be strange if he bypassed the accessories side. The oversize eyeglass frames are unusually relevant today. They make the look expressive and open, add touchiness to the image of the woman. In addition, the glasses are very practical, as massive glasses reliably protect the eyes from sunlight.

The glamorous frame “cat's eye” does not go out of fashion - a symbiosis of classic and retro. The trend is simple monophonic frames of restrained, neutral shades. For girls who find these frames too modest, stylists recommend a closer look at accessories with a discreet print, marble design and small rhinestones.

Rimless glasses are a bright trend that thundered a couple of seasons ago. In 2019, the weightless lightweight design is not going to take positions and is popular with girls who love extraordinary accessories.

The half-frame also looks good. In such models, the upper part of the frame supporting the lenses is pronounced, and the lower one is masked, making it seem that it does not exist at all.

Square glasses are a great alternative to round. A stylish hipster accessory that gives the girl a bold and playful image, presented with glasses with original wide arches.

Round glasses are a stylish retro option that suits most women. As a rule, they are chosen by ambitious people who seek to express their individuality in any way.

The undoubted must have of the season are narrow glasses, and the latest shows of eminent designers eloquently confirm this fact. Their relevance from the point of view of fashion is not in doubt, but their practicality is a big question - they are too tiny. However, for the cool season it is excusable - autumn does not often pamper us with the sun.

Aviators are often used to create sport-chic looks. Previously, this form of the frame was used exclusively for sunglasses. Today, designers often use it in models designed to correct vision.

Wifarera glasses are considered classics of the genre. The trapezoid-shaped plastic frame, expanding upward, is considered by many to be unique, because it is very practical and versatile, complementing the outfit in any style.

Actual colors

Glasses with original prints of floral and animal themes inlaid with stones and rhinestones will also be relevant. In the trend:

Classic is a timeless trend, so glasses with white and black frames will be fashionable at any time of the year. If a girl wants to wear an accessory of a traditional color or the dress code of the organization in which she works requires this, you need to look at unusual forms of the frame:

  • triangular
  • rectangular
  • in the form of butterfly wings, etc.

The original form in combination with the classic color will set the tone for the whole image.

The bright trend of 2018 is neon frames. An accessory of incredible beauty, especially combined with luminous clothes, will make you the queen of the party.

Pastel shades are more relevant for the spring-summer season, but in the coming fall, in combination with a light classic coat, they will look very stylish and add an touch of freshness and romanticism to the image.

Wooden glasses are the trend of the season

Continuing the conversation about which frames in the fashion of 2018-2019, we can not help but mention the textures.Today, more and more girls choose not metal and plastic, but natural wooden frames. Since the trend for naturalness and practicality prevails everywhere, the demand for environmentally friendly accessories is very high.

Wooden frames are durable, hypoallergenic and perfectly tolerate damp. They are made manually. Elite accessories include collections of eyeglasses in a frame from:

When purchasing a suitable frame, in addition to the shape and facial features, consider the outer clothing with which you plan to wear glasses, because they have to work in tandem.

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