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Snoring is considered a problem that a huge number of males face.

Not only the one who snores, but also the people who are nearby suffer from such an ailment.

It is worth noting that snoring also has its own varieties, as a result of which it can be quite quiet, and can be loud.

There are many options for getting rid of this problematic situation.

One of the popular options is the use of special bracelets for men.

Do snore bracelets work?

It should be understood that for someone using bracelets, anti-snoring may seem a very dubious phenomenon, although in reality this is not entirely true.

There are a huge number of people whom bracelets helped to overcome such a problem as snoring. Thus, we can note the high efficiency of such devices.

So, the bracelet against snoring is attached to the wrist with special rivets. The action of this device is to catch the sounds of snoring, as a result of which electrical impulses will be given to the sleeping person.

They are not very strong, you can even say barely noticeable, but irritating moments are felt on the skin, and this immediately provokes a person to change his state during sleep. This helps stop snoring.

Nonsense! Snore stopper bracelet against snoring (reviews must be honest, even if they are negative)

Probably the problem of snoring arises in every family at one time or another.

And the search begins for everything that helps with snoring and could at least somehow help solve the problem, except for sleeping in different rooms.

Well, this happened here too, my husband began to snore at night, especially if he drinks.

And he himself found on the Internet this miracle device against snoring - Stop snoring, it is more correct to call it a Snore stopper bracelet, there are different reviews on it, but they are few. there are also mega-positive ones.

There is, of course, the original device for snoring, which is worth some money and, naturally, an extra copy for 4 bucks.

Where to buy anti-snoring - of course on Aliexpress, we thought in vain.

We decided to take a test first with Chinese friends, and suddenly it will help, it’s several times cheaper.

Looks like Snore stopper bracelet vs snoring like this:

Briefly its essence is as follows.

The Snore stopper anti snoring is essentially a wristwatch with an infrared sensor sensitive to the strength of snoring.

And when a person in a dream begins to snore. it should give a light (!) electric discharge, a person does not wake up, but turns over on the other side and stops snoring.

Voila! Everyone is sleeping and contented!

BUT this ideally should be.

What raped in practice:

The Snore stopper bracelet bought on Aliexpress came in a beautiful and quite solid box, even with instructions and other accessories.

Outwardly very similar to the original.

At first, out of caution, they put the device for snoring to the weakest mode (1 out of 9) and went to bed. But it was not there.

This Chinese miracle device from snoring worked, and accordingly shocked, not only with snoring, but even with the slightest movement. And this is on the smallest first mode!

When you turn on the big modes (we decided only on 3), it even worked from deep breathing.

As a result, after turning a couple of hours, the husband took it off and categorically refused any other attempts to try the anti-snore bracelet again.

The snore stopper anti-snoring Bracelet purchased on Alixpress (the reviews on it, by the way - on Aliexpress itself were mostly positive. Which also inclined us to this purchase) turned out to be a completely useless thing.

SUMMARY - to throw! It does not help from snoring, but it is very shocking.

I hope someone will be my negative feedback will be useful, and he will avoid a useless purchase.

BUT the question in our family hangs without an answer: from snoring - what to do.

By the way, for "avid" buyers Ali. - there is a useful Site that allows you to track price history and search for the best price including the picture.

How do similar devices work?

It should be noted that any version of the bracelet is an electric device that is characterized by comfortable use.

If you compare it with other products, including clips, it is the bracelet that is much more convenient to wear. The device with its appearance is very much like an ordinary watch from snoring, which does not create absolutely any inconvenience.

Almost all products emit pulses, thus sending a signal to the skin. This irritation forces a person to change position, which is enough to stop snoring. This is a harmless as well as natural process. The devices themselves may differ:

  1. By design.
  2. By the manufacturer.
  3. The quality of the filling elements.

But there are a number of cases when it is not recommended to use these products:

  • Persons with implanted pacemakers
  • Patients monitored using one or another electronic equipment
  • persons suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • patients with apnea syndrome.

The above persons can feel only the negative consequences of using such a remedy for snoring at hand, and also aggravate the general health situation. It is not recommended for the latter category of people to use this bracelet without consulting a specialist in the field of medicine.

Various options and their features

First of all, you can separate electronic bracelets from snoring by impulse output:

To combat snoring, a huge number of options are presented on the market, only each of them is distinguished not only by its ease of use, but also by its efficiency and effectiveness.

So, electric pulse bracelets are very popular. Benefits:

  • low weight of the product,
  • convenience,
  • stealth
  • efficiency,
  • affordable cost
  • lack of toxicity
  • security,
  • simplicity.

Vibration bracelets are very popular and also in demand. If we take into account statistics, then every year the use of such a product only increases.


  1. Availability. Such a product can be purchased in a specialized store, as well as ordered on the Internet resource pages.
  2. The absence of any side effects.
  3. Universality.
  4. Ease of use.

It should be noted Snore Stopper divorce bracelet against snoring. This is a unique device that effectively eliminates the problem.

This device from snore Snore Stopper SS 650 reacts to the sounds of snoring, sends a discharge of current, as a result of which it activates the nerve endings.

Within 4 seconds after putting on Snore Stopper anti-snoring, impulses are transmitted, and the person starts tossing and turning. The weight of these devices is minimized, which helps to carry them comfortably without even feeling on the hand.

There are many options for bracelets on the market of the above products, but experts recommend paying attention to those that are in demand, and in practice have confirmed their effectiveness and positive use.

Other treatments for the disease

Among other ways to combat the problem of snoring, which are less effective, you can recall the oral mouthpiece made of silicone.


  • moderate efficiency
  • good pricing
  • security.

This type of device from snoring does not guarantee its destruction in complex, neglected forms.

There are silicone clips against snoring, but their effectiveness by 100% has not been confirmed.

There are many folk remedies, infusions, mixtures that need to be prepared at home, without spending money.

But such options have very dubious effectiveness, which confirms the absence of any guarantee of a positive result. In this case, the question arises: why apply something that will not give any result?

Drug treatment is used only when all methods have been tried without result.

You can get rid of this problem with the help of surgical treatment, which is the latest, but effective method. In this case, there is a clear direction to eliminate the very first causes of this ailment, which gives a 100% guarantee of the result. This method is characterized by high cost, traumatic actions, as well as radicalism.

The following video talks about anti-snoring devices and which of them is most effective:

Bracelets for snoring: price

After a man has chosen this or that device, it should be purchased. Of course, I want to buy a product at a good price, but it is worth considering that a truly effective device cannot be very cheap. For example, an ordinary bracelet can be purchased at a cost of about 1800 rubles, but now the Snore Stopper Bracelet will cost a little more - about 2800 rubles.

The producer has a huge impact on cost. The fact is that Chinese products have a low price, but also a short action, usually poor performance. Popular companies from other countries, and in particular their goods, are distinguished by high characteristics, quality, and the use of high-quality elements. This ensures their effectiveness.

Most medical representatives who, in practice, have more than once encountered snoring problems recommend consulting a doctor before using any drugs or devices to eliminate possible risks, as well as the presence of contraindications.

Before using electronic devices, you can try folk methods, including the use of ordinary cabbage. To do this, it costs 3 sheets of plants to grind and mix with one tablespoon of honey.

This mixture is recommended for men before bedtime. You can also use cabbage juice, which is also mixed with honey. The problem is that many men do not believe in such remedies, as a result of which they do not use them. Effective in the fight against snoring and sea buckthorn oil, which you can read about in this article.

You can familiarize yourself with the complex of exercises against snoring here.

As can be seen from the above information, there is an opportunity to deal effectively with the problem of snoring. To do this, you only need to decide on the method, as well as the treatment option. Only with the right approach will every man be able to eliminate the ailment, and then enjoy a healthy sleep.

Types of Bracelets for Snoring

Just want to say that any bracelet from snoring is always an electronic device, a fairly comfortable device that, unlike, say, clips, mouthguards or nose extensions, is worn on the arm.

The device is more reminiscent of ordinary watches, which do not create inconvenience to a person, do not interfere with his sleep, which can be bought at any pharmacy.

Almost all devices of this type quietly emit electronic impulses, sending them to the skin of the patient’s wrists, from which the sleeping person unconsciously changes the previous position of the body. Often, such a change in position is enough for a person to stop snoring.

It is believed that such a process is completely harmless, completely natural to humans, and some tension in the muscles of the larynx that occurs at such moments is absolutely safe. But such devices differ among themselves only in design, workmanship and the manufacturer.

User reviews allow us to say that small-sized devices with a beautiful design are most in demand.

When is the use of electronic bracelets unacceptable?

Like any other device, every bracelet from snoring has a number of contraindications for use, which we must not forget.

For example, it is forbidden to use an electronic bracelet-watch for people with previously implanted pacemakers, as well as for patients under constant supervision with other electronic equipment (we are talking about ECG monitoring, etc.).

Such bracelet watches should not be used by people who suffer for a long time from any diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, this tool can not be used without consulting a doctor for people with apnea syndrome. Pregnant and lactating women should definitely not use such electronic means, especially without consulting a doctor.

Many of our readers for the treatment of snoring and apnea actively apply the well-known method based on natural ingredients, discovered by Elena Malysheva. We advise you to familiarize yourself.

It is advisable to abandon the idea of ​​using such a device for people who have experienced an acute infectious process in the respiratory tract, you can use the described devices after treatment of the underlying disease and after consulting a doctor.

You should not use a bracelet in the case when the skin on the arm is swollen, inflamed, infected, with obvious skin or allergic diseases.

Advantages and disadvantages of such electronic devices

As you know, bracelets that relieve snoring, like any other innovative alternative devices, have a lot of real advantages over other treatments for the disease, but they also have quite certain disadvantages. For clarity, the main advantages, as well as the main disadvantages of electronic devices against snoring, are given in the table below.

Snore stopper anti-snoring braceletEase of use, safety, simplicity, efficiency. Involvement of the reflex mechanisms of the body.Lack of effectiveness in the most difficult cases.
Silicone clip "SNORE FREE"Light weight, ease of use, stealth, safety, non-toxicity, simplicity, effectiveness. Reasonable price.Lack of effectiveness in severely neglected situations.
Silicone capSafety, sufficient efficiency. Reasonable price.Lack of effectiveness in difficult cases.
Folk remediesEase of use, while strengthening immunity, cheapness.Doubtful effectiveness.
Drug treatmentAddressing the causes of snoringDoubtful effectiveness.
Surgical treatmentA clear focus on eliminating the root causes of the disease, maximum efficiency.High cost of treatment, radicalism and invasiveness of action.

Recall that any type of electronic wrist device is recommended to be used only for superficial and short-term snoring, in more complex cases they are ineffective.

In the same case, if the snoring is protracted, accompanied by short-term respiratory arrest, such a patient requires other treatment with the obligatory participation of a qualified doctor in it.

In such situations, just to buy a bracelet, clip or mouth guard Anti-snore is not quite right, it is at least not logical.

I recently read an article that talks about a new effective cure for snoring. With the help of this spray you can FOREVER get rid of the TREATMENT and forget about a bad dream.

I was not used to trusting any information, but decided to check and ordered one package for my husband. We noticed the changes a week later: my husband stopped squeaking, became calmer, and I, along with him, as I finally began to get enough sleep. Try it and you, and if anyone is interested, then the link to the article below.

Consider several clinical examples from doctors and provide some consumer reviews:

Patient - Victor Tereshchenko 47 years old.

Suffered from snoring for five years, unpleasant sounds in a dream appeared periodically, which was associated with a cold, smoking or drinking alcohol. The examination revealed that the patient is almost healthy. It was recommended to use a snore stopper anti-snoring bracelet. Noticeable improvements began to be observed after two weeks of using the device.

The patient is Natalia Nosova, 35 years old.

The patient turned to the otolaryngologist with complaints of periodic snoring, which caused her to wake up. Examinations revealed: a woman has an extra ten kilograms of weight, problems with the thyroid gland. Consultation by an endocrinologist is recommended, and as a symptomatic treatment - the use of a bracelet for snoring. After a successful course of therapy with an endocrinologist, a month after the initial treatment, after a month's use of the recommended electronic bracelet, snoring stopped bothering.

The following are a few patient opinions:

I liked the bracelet purely externally, it is very similar to a wristwatch, therefore I decided to buy it. At that moment, when the bracelet was dressed on the hand, in my case, the snoring really stopped. I hope that over time my problem can disappear completely.

Not a bad device. I have been using it for almost a month constantly, I do not snore, they cannot believe that my wife made me buy it, and I resisted. I really hope that in speed I can refuse to use the device, and snoring will not return.

Not too happy with the bracelet. This is the second device after the mouth guard that I had to buy for my husband. Mom said that the bracelet helped her husband on the second day of use, we have been wearing the bracelet for a week, but I don’t notice the result yet. Let's try to apply more, maybe we are in a hurry with conclusions ...

Which device is better to choose?

Having decided for yourself that you want to try to fight snoring with an electronic bracelet, there is only one thing left - to choose and then buy the best quality device that is ideally suitable for you at a cost from a quality manufacturer.

The following comparative table will come to help you, where the most popular models of such electronic bracelets are presented, indicating their average cost.

Device nameThe country of manufactureCost
Bracelet "Stop Snoring"Not specified1800 rubles
Snore Stopper BraceletTaiwan, Hivox biotek2800 rubles
Snore Gone BraceletChinaAbout 2300 rubles
Bracelet Relax Snore StopperTaiwanAbout 2000 rubles
Anti-Snore Bio feedback braceletChina2500 rubles

Finally, I still want to note that most practicing doctors recommend that you consult with doctors about contraindications to using alternative methods of treating snoring.

And besides, in order for the treatment of the disease to be truly effective, and snoring never to return, it is better to adjust your own lifestyle, adjust your weight and abandon bad habits.

The advisability of using bracelets

A bracelet against snoring is a fairly effective and harmless device, according to the reviews of users who have had time to test it on themselves, and manufacturers. However, it is worth noting that the device gives good results only if the snoring is superficial and not too loud. In more advanced situations, its use may be impractical.

In addition, a watch or bracelet will not be able to eliminate the very cause of the violation. If the patient has a disease that provoked snoring, then you need to first treat them. The use of an electronic device will not have any effect, and in some cases can even cause a deterioration in the patient's condition.

Hivox ss 650

The Hivox SS 650 is a more expensive bracelet for snoring. Its price exceeds 3000 rubles. Being a development of American scientists - engineers, like the Snore Stopper device, it is already a somewhat improved model, since it has the ability to transmit 5 second pulses.

Thanks to the so-called massage wave, the effect on the larynx muscles occurs. Initially, the muscle tension increases slightly, then there is a smooth return to their normal state. The advantage of this method is that the person does not wake up, which means that the dream will be stronger and healthier.

As it has already become clear, all these devices are similar, the principle of operation is similar. Before purchasing any Anti-Snoring device, you should still consult your doctor. All devices of this type are safe to use, but have contraindications, such as the presence of a pacemaker, a pacemaker as an implant, a person being under some kind of electronic supervision (for medical reasons).

A number of diseases also suggest contraindications:

  • infectious
  • cardiovascular
  • skin diseases
  • Pregnant women should only use the device after consulting a doctor

Each product is accompanied by instructions with a detailed description of technical specifications, operating principles, as well as a list of equipment. Before using the device, read this manual.

It should be noted that devices of this type are not the only invention for combating snoring. There are special dental devices that help open the airways, as well as clips, the scope of which the nose. We’ll talk about clips separately, since they can be used for apnea.

How do electronic devices for snoring

The bracelet and watch that helps to overcome snoring work as follows: with the appearance of vibration in a dream, moderate and weak electrical impulses act on the human body through contact with the skin.

In this case, in a dream, the patient does not feel a slight current, but snoring stops within a few minutes.

The bracelet and watch are endowed with a special advantage - they protect a person from snoring all night, and not just a few hours, like many modern drugs. In addition, these devices do not harm human health at all, which is important today.

Watches and bracelets of such brands as Snore Stopper are endowed with a special sensor (biosensor) that responds even to the slightest manifestation of snoring, after which they immediately turn on by sending weak pulses to the skin.

On average, this happens within 5 seconds after snoring “attacks” a person. When a weak current is eliminated in the body, muscle tone is restored, after which the vibration immediately disappears. In some cases, a person involuntarily turns over, which also eliminates snoring for a certain time.

So that the watch and bracelet of the Snore Stopper brand work more efficiently, the skin on the wrist can be treated with a special gel before fixing the device. Many reviews from real buyers of anti-snoring say that this device can significantly improve sleep, while not affecting human health.

Should I buy a bracelet for snoring

Sleep is one of the vital components of man. This condition occupies one third of life and has a very important function - the restoration of the physiological processes of the human body.

Deviation from the normal quality of sleep leads to depletion of the nervous system, violates the human psyche and emotional state. Snoring (or snoring) is one of the indicators of sleep disturbance.

It occurs due to incomplete narrowing of the airways due to many factors. Ratchet sounds are produced from resonating tissues during vibration of the "curtains" of the palate, resulting from air pressure with difficulty breathing.

In the modern market of medical equipment, a wide range of various devices and devices for solving such problems as snoring is offered. All of them are convenient and easy to use, but the main thing is the effectiveness of these developments against snoring.

The occurrence of snoring increases with age, especially in women. This happens due to age-related changes in the nasopharynx cavity in the form of weakening of tissues, muscle tone. According to the recommendations of doctors and just acquaintances, many resort to using reflexology devices.

Types of electronic devices in the fight against snoring

Any bracelet or watch against the occurrence of snoring is a small and convenient electronic device that, unlike other devices from vibration in a dream (mouthguards, clips, dilators for the nose and pharynx) is fixed on the wrist.

As numerous reviews show, a Snore Stopper watch or bracelet is much more convenient and comfortable than other snoring devices. And this is not surprising, because in a dream such a device does not interfere with sleep and does not resemble cumbersome familiar watches that are felt with any movement of the hand.

Both units (watches and bracelets) imperceptibly in a dream send signals to the body, which, being on the wrist in the form of impulses, help a person to change position.

Important: this process is absolutely harmless to humans, and the tension of the muscles of the throat that occurs with a weak current is safe.

These devices differ only in design, while their principle of “work” to eliminate snoring is the same.

User reviews of devices such as Snore Stopper watches and bracelets, as well as other models, show people that the most popular models are beautiful and fashionable with an original design. Therefore, a device such as anti-snoring can also be chosen stylish and modern.

The most popular bracelets for snoring

All products work on the same principle, but differ in appearance, price, additional functions.

  • Snore Stopper. The device is programmed for noise from 65 dB. It sends impulses 5 seconds long if the sounds of snoring are heard three times in a row. Usually this is enough for the snoring to change his position. If a person is fast asleep, and snoring does not stop, the device gives an impulse of 25 seconds.
  • Inlins Snore Stopper. The electronic tool is intended for the treatment of ronchopathy and insomnia. After switching on, acupuncture points massage is performed, lasting from 2 to 60 minutes. On the inner side of the wrist there are points whose massage helps to normalize sleep. The device responds to snoring with a low-power current discharge. A compact device, like a watch, has an alarm built in.
  • Opti MC-0099. The device is manufactured by a Chinese company, which is known for its technology for beauty and health. Opti Anti-Snoring wristband works the same as electronic devices of other manufacturers, but differs in more compact sizes.
  • Hivox SS 650. The American-made bracelet has been clinically tested. The device complies with the EMC requirements for medical electrical products. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for 1 year from the date of sale.

Electronic remedies for snoring in each case have different efficiencies. All products are harmless to health. If the bracelet helps get rid of unpleasant sounds and does not wake up at night, then you can use it for a long time.

Devices are valid during their use. After withdrawal, snoring resumes. Bracelets have helped many people deal with the problem. But, if ronopathy is caused by anatomical disorders or diseases of the upper respiratory tract, miraculous healing will not happen, the help of a specialist is needed.


In order not to harm your health and not aggravate the problem, you should familiarize yourself with the contraindications of the device in advance. You can not use a bracelet for snoring to people who suffer from the following ailments:

  • epilepsy,
  • sleep apnea
  • severe diseases of the heart and blood vessels,
  • tumor diseases
  • nervous disorders.

It is forbidden to use the device for nursing and pregnant women, children under 3 years old, as well as those who have an implanted device that regulates the rhythm of cardiac work. It is not recommended to use the device for people who suffer from inflammatory diseases of the respiratory organs, as well as for injuries, skin irritations, abrasions and cuts on the hands in the wrist.

If a person snores too often, the bracelet can cause sleep disturbance, then the patient is threatened with lack of sleep and nervousness. Do not use 2 devices for two snoring people in the same bed. The fact is that sensors can respond to snoring emitted by a neighbor, and send impulses to a quietly sleeping person.

Operating principle

  1. Before going to bed, the device is fixed on the wrist (some models require the application of a special gel).
  2. The auditory sensor, responding to snoring, sends a signal to the conductive electrodes, which within 4-5 seconds send a weak electrical signal. His strength is enough to return to the tone of the muscles of the throat and change the position of the body, but the snoring himself does not wake up. A new impulse wave occurs when snoring recurs.

The constant use of the bracelet allows the autonomic and nervous systems to develop the necessary mechanisms of self-regulation at a subconscious level. The natural “no snoring” reflex is formed within 6-8 weeks.

Device benefits

The Snore Stopper bracelet is loved by many customers because it has the following undeniable advantages:

  • beautiful design, like a watch,
  • convenient and easy to use,
  • eliminates snoring without interrupting a person’s sleep,
  • eliminates pathology, prevents apnea and helps with gnashing of teeth,
  • compact size that will appeal to people spending a lot of time on trips,
  • suitable for women and men
  • economically consumes energy, working on batteries,
  • automatically shuts off after 8 hours,
  • no side effects
  • safe to use.

How to use an anti-snoring bracelet

Instructions for use of the product are very simple:

  1. Insert the batteries into the special compartment, which is located on the inside of the device, and close it.
  2. Then, conductive gel should be applied to the wrist area where the device will touch the skin.
  3. Using the strap, you need to fix the bracelet so that it does not press and does not hang on the hand.
  4. Next, you need to press the power button so that the device starts its work.

Now the bracelet is ready to recognize snoring and will send a person electronic pulses. To turn off the device, you need to click on the appropriate button. Usually a small instrument panel is equipped with green and red indicators that light up respectively when turned on and off. After 8-12 hours (depending on model), the product turns off automatically.

In devices usually there is a mode selection button. If you click on it several times, then you can choose the appropriate level of impulse strength. The bracelet requires careful care and storage. It is necessary to keep the device in a dry closed place, periodically clean the electrodes from dust.

Possible contraindications

Despite the uniqueness and effectiveness of the device, it has some contraindications:

  1. You can not use the device to people who have implanted pacemakers.
  2. If patients are under medical supervision using electronic equipment, then the use of a bracelet is also contraindicated for them.
  3. In case of cardiovascular diseases, the device should also be discarded.
  4. It is forbidden to use the device during an infectious disease or for respiratory diseases.
  5. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not use a bracelet during these periods of life that are important to them.

In addition, you can not use an electronic tool for people with epilepsy and dermatological diseases, especially those with skin irritation in the wrist.

Upon purchase, the kit includes:

  • snoring device
  • wrist strap
  • special electrode
  • screwdriver,
  • instructions for use.

Battery not included. It must be purchased separately.An AAA battery is suitable for the operation of the device.

The case is made of high quality plastic.

The device should not be attached to other parts of the body, since in this case it will not produce the desired effect.

Snore Stopper Snore Bracelet

Snoring is a problem that has been relevant from ancient times to this day. Snoring people cause inconvenience not only to themselves, but also to their loved ones. Naturally, when loved ones do not get enough sleep because of your ailment, they begin to blame you for this, and arrive all day in a bad mood. So that a small flaw does not cause strife in the family, you just need to buy a bracelet for snoring.

A snore bracelet is an alternative way to deal with a problem using an innovative device. Snore Stopper is considered to be the most effective device of our time. It allows, by acting on neuro-reflex processes, to get rid of the aforementioned ailment.

Snore Stopper. Benefits

  • It does not cause inconvenience during sleep,
  • Allows you to get rid of snoring,
  • Safe for human health,
  • Automatically shuts off after continuous 8 hours
  • Light weight and adjustable elastic strap.

Buying a bracelet against snoring for a loved one, you make it clear to him that you are ready to deal with his small flaws together. The price of an anti-snoring bracelet is affordable for everyone. Remember that healthy rest has a very positive effect on the entire human body.

In the absence of pathological diseases that cause snoring, the Snore Stopper device for snoring will relieve you of this ailment within 4-6 weeks.

Anti-snoring: watches (bracelet), what reviews and what price?

The problem of snoring is relevant for a long time and very for many people. There are incredibly many different “grandmothers” and innovative, traditional and alternative, gentle and radical ways to deal with snoring.

But, today, we want to talk about such an alternative method of dealing with the aforementioned problem, as the use of special electronic devices for snoring.

We mean one of the most common devices - a bracelet against snoring. It can be a snore stopper anti-snoring device, snorepro 600, a “Stop snoring” watch or others.

Such devices can be justifiably considered revolutionary, since they are intended to reduce snoring with the help of neuro-stimulating reflex processes.

Typically, in such devices, the manufacturer installs special sensors that capture even the minimum sounds of snoring, after which the tool is included in the work. Numerous patient reviews confirm that a device such as snore stopper anti-snoring can significantly improve the quality of your sleep and rest.

Snore bracelet SNORE STOPPER

Snoring in a dream is a serious problem both for oneself and for people who live with you in the same room.

Snoring in women, as well as snoring in men and even children, not only causes discomfort to others, but also poses a great threat and danger to health.

During sleep, people suffering from snoring spontaneously relax their tongue and soft palate, which sags, which means that the respiratory throat and nose are blocked, less oxygen is introduced into the body.

Vibration caused by snoring damages the carotid arteries, which leads to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. In addition, during snoring, the risk of developing a very serious disease - Atherosclerosis of the carotid arteries - increases. With this disease, the blood vessels that feed the brain are narrowed.

But, to the great joy, modern medicine does not stand still, but develops at lightning speed. Scientists have invented many remedies for snoring, but one of the best is Snore bracelet "SNORE STOPPER". This is a completely new and unique device that will really cure and save you from snoring once and for all!

The Anti-Snoring bracelet is a quick, effective aid and it can cure snoring at home. There are cases when no devices to get rid of snoring will help and require surgical intervention.

Of course, there are very few such cases, but still they are.

For example, the curvature of the nasal septum, which can only be cured by surgery, and absolutely all known remedies for snoring will be powerless in this case and, unfortunately, will not be able to help.

Customer reviews, who once decided to buy a snore stopper snore bracelet from us and purchased it, use it regularly, receiving only a positive effect from Anti-Snoring.

The device itself looks very similar to a wristwatch, inside the bracelet is a unique biosensor that responds to the sound of snoring.

After the sensor is triggered, small electrical impulses are sent from the bracelet to the skin.

Snore bracelet “SNORE STOPPER”, advantages:

  • Eliminates snoring, eliminates night apnea and gnashing of teeth in just 2 weeks!
  • Convenience and ease of use,
  • It fights with snoring, while not disturbing a person’s sleep,
  • Interesting and modern design, similar to a watch,
  • Compact, suitable for people who spend a lot of time traveling,
  • Universal, suitable for both women and men,
  • Economical. Powered by batteries. One set of batteries lasts a long time,
  • Auto shut off after 8 hours,
  • When using maximum comfort and convenience,
  • There are no side effects
  • Low price and very high efficiency!

The principle of the bracelet from snoring:

After fastening on the wrist with Velcro fasteners, the biosensor goes into standby mode and, when catching the sound of snoring, starts sending signals to conductive electrodes, which in turn for 5 seconds also begin to send an electric signal of low power, but already to the skin. An electrical signal will return the muscles of the throat to tone. The signals are very weak, irritation of the nerve endings on the skin begins to occur, which leads to a desire to change the position of the body, but not to wake up. If snoring is repeated, the impulse wave will again be sent to the skin.

With constant use bracelet for snoring, the reflex “Do not snore in a dream” will form in 2-3 months. Also, the constant use of the bracelet will allow the nervous and autonomic systems to develop the necessary mechanism for self-regulation at a subconscious level.

Precautionary measures:

Do not use:

  • People with a pacemaker, etc.)
  • Various skin diseases, injuries in the wrists,
  • People with epilepsy
  • People with chronic cardiovascular disease,
  • Pregnant women.


  • Case material: high quality plastic,
  • Output current: 180 uA,
  • Power: 1.5 V AAA battery,
  • Operating temperature: from + 100C to + 400C, with humidity 30-85%,
  • Weight: 213 gr.,
  • Shutdown: after 8 hours (automatic mode).


  • Snoring device: 1 pc.,
  • Wrist strap: 1 pc.,
  • Electrode: 1 pc. (self-adhesive)
  • Screwdriver: 1 pc.,
  • Instruction manual: 1 pc.

Note: Battery not included.

Snoring, model SS-650, Hivox

Recent statistical studies have shown that 30-40% of middle-aged people are prone to night snoring, and in general, more than 19% of the world's population snore at night. But few people know that in fact snoring can be harmful to health!

Medical studies have shown that snoring helps increase blood pressure, increases the risk of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, and can cause nighttime respiratory arrest syndrome.

A snoring person sleeps much worse, which leads to apathy, depression and stressful conditions.

In addition, even a slight snoring of a person greatly interferes with his partner, as a result of which he also does not get enough sleep.

During sleep, the muscles of the body are in a relaxed state, and the muscles of the larynx are also relaxed.

When we sleep, the relaxed muscles of the larynx touch and the air passing through them causes tissue vibrations, as a result we hear this unpleasant sound of snoring.

As practice shows, snoring stops if the snoring changes its position, or a partner touches it. At this time, the muscles of the larynx contract, expanding the lumen, as a result, the snoring stops.

With the development of an innovative device for snoring, the question “how to get rid of snoring” will no longer bother you. After all, now it’s easy to stop snoring, a treatment at home has been developed - this is an anti-snore device from the American company Hivox. The operation of the device is based on the principle of biological feedback in order to reduce the manifestations of snoring during sleep.

The device is triggered when a person snores, it sends a weak impulse (approximately, for 5 seconds), after which:

  1. The body position of a snoring person changes or
  2. The muscles of the larynx are contracted due to the supply of a massage wave, which gives them a normal tone.

The unique impact of a weak impulse does not wake a person, while an unconscious reaction occurs, which leads to the cessation of snoring! Of course, the treatment of snoring at home should be comprehensive, but the use of the device against snoring gives a lasting result in reducing snoring after 6-8 weeks of regular use.

Restrictions on the use of the device from Hivox snoring:

  1. The device is not suitable for people with serious cardiovascular diseases, with a built-in pacemaker, as well as people under the supervision of electronic devices (for example, ECG monitors).
  2. In case of heart problems, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using the device.
  3. Snoring is not suitable for people with sleep apnea.
  4. The device is not suitable for use by pregnant women without consulting a doctor.
  5. The presence of skin diseases (as well as damage to the skin) precludes the use of this unit.
  6. The device should not be used by people with acute and infectious diseases without consulting a doctor.
  7. The device is not used on damaged, infected, swollen or inflamed skin, as well as skin rashes in the affected area.

Most frequently asked questions:

  • What are the effects of using the device against snoring?According to statistics, snoring occurs due to narrowing of the airways. During sleep, the muscles of the larynx are relaxed, which leads to difficult passage of air through the muscles, and creates vibrations of the soft tissues of the larynx (palatine tongue, tonsils, soft palate). With a change in body position or contraction of the muscles of the larynx, the lumen increases, allowing air to freely pass through the larynx without the sounds of snoring. Based on this effect, the device sends 5-second pulses to the skin of a sleeping person, as a result of which the person changes position, or the muscles of the larynx are toned, and the snoring stops. It is important to remember that for the correct use of the device, you must first study the instructions for use.
  • Why during the test mode I feel only a very weak impulse? There can be several explanations for this: 1. Individual sensitivity varies among all people, it depends on gender, age, weight and skin type. But in fact, the signal intensity is selected in such a way that you feel it, without going beyond the safe interval. 2. Skin receptors are more sensitive at night, so it is not surprising that during the day the sensations are less strong, because the device is designed for night use. 3. It is possible that the rubber electrodes responsible for the correct conduction of pulses are not connected (or incorrectly connected). In this case, it is necessary to correctly install the electrodes and check the device again.
  • Why does the device for snoring not work when I “portray” snoring in silence?The device for combating snoring is equipped with a special biosensor that works according to the biophysical indicators of snoring, so the indicators should be well defined. You can “simulate” snoring to trigger the device by slowly pronouncing 1,2,3 or by issuing three consecutive sounds of snoring of approximately the same frequency and at least 65 dB. Under these conditions, the device should work.
  • I feel a monotonous long-term stimulation, is this normal?Yes, this is done on purpose. The device has a biosensor that fixes the frequency of your snoring, and if the device detects the output pulse 15 times, the device sends a 25-second pulse so that during sleep, you change your body position, roll over in a dream.
  • Is snoring safe to use?Yes, clinical trials have proven the absolute safety of the device, treatment of snoring at home using the device also showed maximum effectiveness. But the device has limitations on use, please read them before using the device to combat Hivox snoring.

With the Hivox snoring device, you and your loved ones will forget what troubles are associated with snoring !!

Current amplitude: 180 μA at a load of 1000 Ohms Pulse frequency: 0.2 Hz Duration of pulses: 800 μs, voltage 2.5-14 V at a load of 1000 Ohms Pulse shape: Rectangular asymmetric biphasic pulses Power source: battery 1.

5V size AAA Built-in timer: automatic shutdown after 8 hours Operating conditions: 10˚C

85% RH Storage conditions: -20˚C

95% RH Transportation conditions: -10˚C

85% RH Band Length: 22 cm.

(Permissible deviation of electrical parameters ± 20% at a load of 1000 Ohms) • The design and characteristics of the device may be changed without coordination. Note: This device complies with the EMC requirements of EN 60601-1-2 set out in the EEC directives 93/42 / EEC.


  • Anti Snoring Device
  • Wrist strap
  • 1 x 1.5V AAA power battery
  • Gel sticky electrodes (3 pairs)
  • User's manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Alcohol-soaked napkin
  • Storage Case
  • Screwdriver Manufacturer: Hivox Biotek Inc, 4488 Osgood Road Fremont CA 94539, USA Warranty period: 1 year from the date of sale

A variety of anti-snoring products

The urgency of the problem makes scientists look for new methods of dealing with a dangerous ailment. In the arsenal of modern medicine, there are many different ways to eliminate it, from “grandmother's” recipes to innovative technologies.

Medical preparations. This is, first of all, sprays, as well as drops and tablets aimed at removing the swelling of the mucous membrane, improving the microcirculation of blood and lymph, increasing muscle tone. Popular are considered "Sominorm", "Anti-snoring", "Silence".

Folk remedies. Prepared according to old recipes, they help restore breathing, get rid of inflammatory processes, and eliminate other unpleasant symptoms.

Mechanical devices. These are the chin strap, mouthguards, silicone tabs, nipples, nasal clips or patches that restore normal breathing and help get rid of unpleasant sounds.

Electronic devices. The latest developments include: compressors with a face mask forcing air during the entire period of night rest, apparatus for CPAP therapy.

Features of the use of a bracelet from snoring

New generation products include wrist gadgets, one of which is a snore bracelet. The product, resembling a watch, is securely fixed to the wrist. Comfortable to wear, it allows you to quickly save others from unpleasant sounds, and the culprit from breathing problems. It is recommended to use for periodically occurring or positional snoring, which can be caused by obesity, alcohol and tobacco abuse, age-related changes.

Description and principle of operation

A bracelet or watch from snoring is an electronic device equipped with a biosensor that is sensitive to characteristic vibrations or sounds of the same frequency (depending on model). A special sensor detects even mild snoring and sends a moderate electrical discharge. As a result, the muscles of the larynx return to tone, and a change in body position occurs. When the sound reappears, a new impulse wave arises. The device is recognized as absolutely safe, because it does not disturb sleep and does not harm the body.

Indications for use, restrictions

Despite the simplicity and safety of use, some categories of people are prohibited from using these devices. This happens when:

  • the presence of pacemakers, pacemakers or other built-in devices,
  • continuous monitoring in a medical institution using special equipment,
  • Diagnosing OSAS - Apnea Syndrome
  • infectious pathologies accompanied by fever,
  • the presence of asthmatic manifestations and epilepsy,
  • severe pathologies of the heart and blood vessels,
  • respiratory tract infections
  • detection of progressive neoplasias,
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Terms of Use

The bracelet or watch against snoring has a simple interface, which greatly facilitates its use for medicinal purposes. However, to get maximum efficiency, you must follow the instructions for use.

  1. Unpack the bracelet and remove the white strip that prevents its contact with the battery (if it is not included in the kit, it must be purchased separately).
  2. Before putting on the bracelet, it is necessary to wipe the contact pads with a cloth soaked in alcohol (it is also supplied with the device).
  3. Remove one layer of film from the contacts (the second remains on their surface!).
  4. Set them on the pads, pressing them firmly with your fingers for 2 minutes to improve fixation.
  5. Remove the second layer of film. You should not dispose of it, because it will protect contacts at a time when the gadget is not in use.
  6. Put the device on your hand, while connecting the end of the strap to the case. A click should appear.
  7. Adjust its length for comfortable wearing.
  8. Turn on the device by turning the wheel clockwise. If the green light is on, then everything is done correctly. A red indicator indicates poor contact. Subsequently, its blinking will mean the need to replace the battery.
  9. Set the optimal mode and press the Test button three times. After checking the bracelet, you can go to bed.
  10. In the morning, turn off the device, remove it from your hand. Place a protective film on the surface of the contacts and put it into the box.

Buyer Tips

Due to the particular popularity of the device, there is a chance of acquiring not the original, but its skillful fake. To avoid this, the product must be sought in specialized stores. You can buy them through the pharmacy chain. You should also understand the features of the models and their characteristics.

Before stopping your choice on a particular model, it is necessary to carry out a comparative description of the following parameters:

  • convenience,
  • functionality
  • design,
  • price category.

A comparison table of prices will help determine the choice of a specific model.

ModelPrice, rub.
"Snore Gone"550
Snore Stopper1200
Hivox SS 6503100
"Anti Snore Wrist Watch"632

Bracelet Treatment Reviews

You can get information about the advantages and disadvantages of the Anti-Snoring bracelet from specialists, as well as from the numerous reviews of people who continue to use this gadget.

Eugene, 48 years old

I really like the bracelet, because outwardly it looks like a watch. I have been using it for the second month, and it really helps. When I put it on my hand, the snoring stops. They say that over time it can disappear completely. I am waiting, after all, so tired of waking up at night myself and waking up home, while listening to the reproaches.

Svetlana, 39 years old

The device did not deceive expectations, the husband stopped snoring. I bought it on the advice of a doctor, and for about a month now we sleep peacefully at night. I noticed that he began to feel better, more cheerful. He manages to complete the scheduled tasks in a day. Still, it’s good that such safe assistants exist.

Types of bracelets, description of the best models

To date, the following bracelets are the most popular.

Snore Stopper - The most popular model with a stylish and attractive design. The case is made of glossy plastic, and the strap is made of textile. A feature is the presence of a geometric pattern. The device has 7 pulse intensity modes. Exposure occurs within 4 seconds after the device has detected vibration.

"Snore Gone" - the second most popular anti-snore bracelet, it belongs to the category of budget devices. It has a discreet, but quite presentable appearance, a plastic case and a strap made of textile. The device quickly responds to voice vibrations, giving weak electrical impulses. There is a function for setting the parameters of periodicity and impact force depending on individual characteristics.

"Hivox SS 650»- one of the most expensive options that belong to the category of exclusive models. It has a discreet presentable look, stylish and modern design. A convenient monitor is located in the center of the square case. The device has a number of function buttons. The device not only quickly picks up vibrations, but also responds to sound or a loud voice, responding by sending electrical pulses within 5 seconds. After this, a massage of biologically active points on the wrist occurs, which helps to prevent the appearance of new fluctuations.

Chinese-made devices are also popular.

"Opti MC-0099" It has a stylish design and several modes of operation. It has standard features.

"Inlins Snore Stopper" It acts like other devices, but has one feature - a built-in alarm clock. Available in several color variations.


Snoring is considered not only unpleasant, but also a dangerous phenomenon. Without clarifying the cause of its occurrence and timely proper treatment, it can lead to the development of serious complications. Therefore, the use of a bracelet for snoring is vital. And proper use will help extend its life.


The variety of bracelets for snoring in the market is quite large. Since the devices are popular, they can be faked. In order not to get low-quality goods, you need to purchase it in pharmacies or specialty stores. Consider the most famous models and their features.

  1. Snore Gone The device responds to the appearance of vibrations after 3-5 seconds. It delivers weak impulses through the skin, which leads to tone the muscles of the larynx. You can adjust the pulse frequency to your individual needs. The appearance of the bracelet is quite presentable, but discreet, it consists of a plastic case equipped with control buttons, and a textile strap. This is a budget model that almost all consumers can afford.
  2. Snore Stopper. The most common model of bracelets for snoring. The device has 7 modes of pulse supply intensity, it picks up vibrations, and then acts on the nerve endings for 4 seconds, this time is enough for a person to stop snoring, but not wake up. The contact pads of the device require periodic replacement, it must be done once every 1 month to prevent damage to the mechanism. The watch design is modern and attractive, the case is made of glossy plastic, it is decorated with a geometric pattern, the strap is made of textile.
  3. Hivox SS 650. The most expensive version of the bracelet against snoring, has several advantages: it picks up vibration, sends an electrical impulse within 5 seconds, within 30 seconds it stimulates nerve endings thanks to a special screen. Once every 1 month you need to change the gel electrodes. The design of the device is modern and attractive, it has a square case with a round monitor and all the necessary buttons, there is also a textile strap.

How does the anti-snoring bracelet work?

Snore bracelets are electronic devices made in the form of watches. They are more convenient to use than a mouth guard, nose dilator or mouthpiece. As with any other device, reviews about snoring bracelets are controversial. Ronchopathy is a serious problem that should be treated by specialists. No matter how perfect the anti-snore remedy is, not in every case it can help. With pathologies of the oropharynx, nasal septum, appropriate treatment or surgery is required. The bracelet will not cure ronopathy, it will only help get rid of unpleasant sounds.

Before bedtime, the electronic device is attached to the wrist using a strap with electrodes built into its inside. Sensors are installed in the case of the bracelet, which respond to snoring and supply low-activity electrical impulses. They slightly irritate the nerve endings. A person is not fully awakened, but the brain gives a signal to change the position of the body. Such an effect is completely harmless to humans. In addition, the impulse tones the muscles of the oropharynx. Muscle tone gradually returns, unpleasant sounds disappear.

The bracelet against snoring does not give adverse reactions, can be used by women and men of any age. The devices operate on batteries, turn off automatically after eight hours. All products have the ability to adjust the current strength. Manufacturers complete with a bracelet supply a conductive gel.


When my husband brought this bracelet, I did not immediately guess about its purpose. At first I thought that there was some other fitness thing. But the beloved said that instead of stuffing himself with weed or sleeping pills, he decided to test in fact this miracle of technology!

Printed box Snore Stopper, seeing that the kit includes:

  • the bracelet itself, shaped like a watch,
  • a wrist strap that allows you to adjust the size,
  • conductive gel
  • instruction.

We read reviews about Snore Stopper, we saw that the people who used it were satisfied. The device is powered by AAA batteries. I turned this thing in my hands. She reminded me of some kind of children's watch.

Principle of operation

In the fight against snoring Snore Stopper helps not only during its use, but also in the long term. After 6-8 weeks of use, you and your loved ones will see that they began to snore much less. Long-term use will help get rid of snoring.

The principle of operation is very simple.

  • This device is equipped with a biosensor that responds to sounds of the same frequency.
  • When he catches 3 snores in a row, he sends an impulse that will cause a person to roll over, change his position, and stop snoring.
  • If the short pulse does not work, then the Snore Stopper will send a long 25-second one.
  • Thanks to the precise mechanism, the device does not respond to extraneous noise.

How to use the device

After carefully reading the manual, we saw that the device can not be used during pregnancy, as well as people who have heart problems. The bracelet should not be worn on other parts of the body or on affected areas of the skin.

My husband followed the instructions using Snore Stopper against snoring like this:

  • Before going to bed, he smeared his hand with gel to improve the conductivity of the current.
  • He put on a bracelet, securing it so that he did not press, but also did not move out of his hand.
  • After 8 - 12 hours of operation, the bracelet was automatically turned off.

When I was still awake, I noticed that only my husband was about to snore - he immediately turned over and stopped.


This wonderful device brought harmony back into my relationship with my husband and allowed me to enjoy a healthy sleep every night. If I see negative reviews about Snore Stopper, then I know that these people just ordered a fake.

Of course, snoring can be the first bell of serious problems in the body. Then it is worth treating them, and not just getting rid of snoring. But the case of my husband was not so neglected, so this device just saved us! All the negative, stress from our relationship is gone forever! Now we sweetly fall asleep in an embrace, and everyone spends the night, gaining strength.

A huge plus of this device is that the sleeping person is not disturbed. When I woke up my husband, then he was irritable, did not get enough sleep. And here the appliance does it very gently and delicately.

It's been 3 months, and I noticed that my beloved almost stopped snoring! This is necessary! So much time was spent searching for an effective remedy, but it was just under our nose! The husband says that he began to get enough sleep better and feels just a hero, full of strength and energy.

We did not notice any side effects from use. But the husband is in good health with his health, but I always advise others to go to the doctor first, and then order Snore Stopper.

My father says that our mother also does not sleep very quietly. So I also decided to advise him, he says that now it has become much easier!

It costs a little money, so you don’t have to worry that getting rid of snoring will harm your family budget. Moreover, paying such money for your comfort and family harmony is not at all a pity!

Who should not use the watch

The bracelet watch against snoring is not suitable for all patients. In addition to the fact that the device can be ineffective with high intensity and volume of snoring, it is completely contraindicated in some cases.

A complete ban on devices is received by people in such cases:

  • the presence of built-in electronic devices (pacemakers),
  • continuous monitoring in the clinic using electronic equipment,
  • sleep apnea syndrome
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • asthma,
  • respiratory tract infections
  • the period of gestation and lactation for women.

Since the device is attached to the wrist, you need to ensure that the skin on this part of the body is completely healthy. Any redness, rash, swelling and other manifestations of dermatitis are a contraindication to the use of bracelets.

Also, you can not use the device if the skin has scratches, burns, cracks and other injuries.

Good day.

I know about the problem of snoring not by hearsay, since this affects not only the child when his nose is very stuffy, but also the husband. But if the child can be cured with the help of drops and the snoring will stop due to the lack of nasal congestion (if there are no adenoids), then the situation is more complicated with an adult. I’m just tired of constantly pushing him in the middle of the night, although he is not nervous from this, but simply rolls over. Snoring is usually in the supine position, on the side this is not. But from what I am pushing, I myself do not get enough sleep.

We tried to use a special anti-snoring spray before buying a Snore Stopper bracelet - Doctor snoring, he helped 60 percent. But more often, my husband simply simply forgot to take it before bedtime, as he often went to work on night shifts.

The W-308 bracelet itself is a watch shape that looks wonderful. It’s like they fell into the past centuries or are sent into space.

For the system to start working is not enough just to put it on.

First, you need to perform several sequential actions:

- first remove the white film and use the cloth included in the kit (it is saturated with alcohol) to wipe the two black pads,

- you need to check with a screwdriver (also included) that the battery is inserted inside,

- only one film needs to be removed from the transparent plate, the second will be needed to protect against waste of charge,

- These contacts are good to fix, wait a couple of minutes.

And then you can put it on your hand, fastening the strap.

If the pads fit snugly on the hand, then the wheel will be green, if not, then red.

The device works as if by current pulses. At first it was scary, because it can do much harm to health, but as it turned out, you can set your own value - up to level 7 of the current.

As a person begins to snore, the current is triggered - but not always the first time. Usually from the second or third, if they are repeated one after another.

You can not use such devices for pregnant women, before the ECG procedure, and also if there are various types of wounds on the skin of the hand or simply burns.

Result: generally weak. It either acts and the husband rolls over, sometimes he can snore several times and nothing happens. Yet such a thing is simply instead of a push and no more. Just getting rid of snoring will not help, this is only with specialists, for example, ENT.

Reviews of Popular Electronic Devices

If you decide to permanently overcome snoring, it is important to learn how to choose the right watch or bracelet against unpleasant vibration in a dream. To do this, it is recommended to study several models of electronic devices, and then decide on which one is most suitable for you in price, design and convenience.

A modern biosensor, with Velcro fasteners that catch snoring in 3-5 seconds. Immediately upon detection, he sends electrical impulses to the nerve endings, as a result of which the vibration in the dream immediately stops, and the person turns on the other side. This device can be easily adjusted to individual sensitivity, so the device is perfect for any person.

The price of Snore Gone is 550 rubles, you can buy it at any pharmacy. Reviews about the bracelet say that it works efficiently and long enough. Nevertheless, this is the simplest device that may not always suit everyone.

The modern controller of snoring, which when detecting vibration in a dream sends a 4-second impulse to the skin of a person. The effectiveness of such a device has been repeatedly confirmed by modern clinics in Taiwan and other countries. This device, in comparison with others, has 7 intensity levels, which is important in our time - thanks to this, this unit can be used not only for adults, but also for adolescents. Reviews of Snore Stopper show that it is the most common model of bracelets and watches against vibration in a dream.

After 1 month of use on the device, it will be necessary to change the contact pads to prevent breakage or malfunction of the device, which often leads to unpleasant consequences. The price of Snore Stopper in a pharmacy or online store is about 1200 rubles.

A modern device that allows the muscles of the larynx to contract with a massage wave. The pulse duration is 5 seconds, during which a person receives a weak impulse that controls snoring. This unit contains a monitor that conducts 30 seconds of stimulation of nerve endings when vibration occurs in a dream. Once a month, the device requires the replacement of gel electrodes.

It is important to note that the Hivox SS 650 is capable of responding to loud sound and voice.

The price of the unit is more than 3,000 rubles, but it is considered to be the most functional among other models of watches and bracelets from snoring, as many reviews show.

Any electronic device against vibration in a dream is not a medical device, so before using it, you should carefully read the instructions to understand if the device can save you from snoring in a dream or it is better to use other treatment methods.

Watch the video: 2 In 1 Anti Snoring & Air Purifier - Tested & Reviewed (March 2020).

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