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Topic: How to achieve a sea of ​​sperm

For many men, any troubles in bed become a cause for serious unrest and anxiety. And even the smallest deviations are sometimes perceived as a universal problem. One of these problems is poor ejaculation, insufficient amount of seed and its ejection during orgasm. In fact, it is rare for any of the men to throw the seed out in a fountain, it's more like inventing specific films.

Despite the fact that in 99% of men sperm do not shoot during ejaculation, but gradually results, many would like to complete sexual intercourse more enchantingly and effectively. To do this, experts have developed all kinds of techniques and training, as well as all sorts of tricks, how to shoot sperm. But first, you need to figure out which physiological processes are responsible for the ejaculation process, is it normal that sperm simply flows out.

Why does sperm flow out and not shoot?

For any man, it is important to always remain active and resilient in terms of bed, many would like to have the ability to enchantingly complete the process of ejaculation. Having seen the videos on the Internet as porn actors effectively complete the intercourse with a woman with a shot of ejaculate, every man would like to learn such skills. To understand what the degree of ejection of the seed depends on, it is important to know which physiological processes are responsible for ejaculation.

The muscular system of the urethra, prostate, vas deferens and perineum is responsible for the ejection process. Pressure guarantees the degree of compression of all the muscles in the pelvic area, therefore, in the first place, physical activity of a man is considered predetermining. If the seed is excreted in a weak stream or simply flows out, it is often only a temporary phenomenon. If the weak pressure of ejaculation is observed for a long time, there may be several reasons for this phenomenon.

Also, we advise you to read the instructions for real men, how long not to finish.

  • the use of techniques and methods for prolonging sexual intercourse, which affect the intensity of ejaculation,
  • age-related changes, such as a weakening of potency, poor erection, low levels of sex hormones, etc.,
  • psychological problems, man’s fears about an unwanted pregnancy and personal complexes adversely affect ejaculation,
  • long-term use of drugs, for example, to lower blood pressure, antidepressants or psychotropic drugs,
  • the consequences of surgical intervention, resulting in a weakening of the ejaculation process.

In any case, long troubles during ejaculation should be an occasion for visiting a medical specialist and examination in a clinic. Only a doctor can clearly identify the causes of weak ejaculation, as well as help a man restore sexual ability. In rare cases, but still there are situations when weak leakage of sperm may be due to the presence of inflammation or infection in the genitourinary system.

You can learn about problems with ejaculation from separate materials:

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The second aspect - does everything shoot out? It depends on the strength of certain muscles. They can be trained. When you urgently need to cast, how do you delay the process? What are you annoying? So train. This was a cool sex therapist who told us at a lecture. In general, look on the Internet for materials on this topic.

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How to learn to shoot sperm?

For many men, information on how to make sperm shoot is valuable. There are many tips and tricks on the Internet, but before embarking on their implementation in reality, it is worth considering several insights of specialists:

  1. So that a man can shoot sperm far, it is important for him to go the recovery path after a previous orgasm. Studies by experts have calculated that a man needs at least three days to accumulate a new volume of seed. Therefore, it is enchanting to complete sexual intercourse if you refrain from it for at least three days.
  2. For saturated ejaculation, a man should stretch the process of foreplay, ideally, "swing" should be within 30-60 minutes. This will allow you to accumulate sexual arousal, which means it will help to shoot sperm harder at the moment of discharge.
  3. A man can complete a more spectacular sexual intercourse if, during intercourse, he can delay the process of ejaculation a couple of times. Containing a seed will cause it to simply shoot in the end.
  4. Refusal of masturbation and long abstinence. The method of self-satisfaction often leads to a decrease in the volume of the seed during ejaculation, so masturbation will need to give up masturbation. The longer a man abstains from sexual intercourse (within reason), the more he will accumulate seminal fluid.

You need to understand if the sperm does not shoot in any case, and the moment of ejaculation is accompanied by discomfort and pain, the reasons for this can be various diseases, such as retrograde ejaculation, diabetes mellitus, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, chronic diseases, hormonal disorders.

Bodies involved in the process of ejaculation

Male ejaculation this is the process of removal of the seed (sperm), which in a certain sequence is promoted by the following organs of the male urogenital system:

1) The testicles are the place where sperm are produced (male germ cells). It is worth noting that sperm are not sperm, they make up only 3% of its total volume. The remaining 97% are secrets of the prostate and seminal vesicles. Only together all these components (after mixing) form sperm. So the testicles are a kind of start, the place where the process of ejaculation in men begins.
2) The appendages of the testicles come out of the testicles and attach to their surface. They often and densely meander the channel, passing through which the spermatozoa mature, acquire the ability to move and fertilize.
3) The vas deferens ducts along which mature sperm are delivered to the seminal vesicles and prostate. These are two ducts that run from each testicle on either side of the bladder to the seminal vesicles.
4) The seminal vesicles are located behind the bladder on both sides (left and right). When they enter the vas deferens, the sperm are enriched with the secretion of the seminal vesicles rich in fructose and other nutrients that sperm need to maintain energy and mobility outside the male body. Both channels from the seminal vesicles then enter the prostate.
5) The prostate enriches sperm with its juice. This juice dilutes sperm, increasing the space between them, which makes them more mobile. In addition, this juice has a protective function. Enveloping sperm, it protects against the acidic environment of the vagina and allows them to get to the uterus safe and sound. Read more about the prostate and its role in ejaculation and orgasm in the article Prostate the heart of male orgasms.
6) Bulbourethral glands (Cooper glands) are located in the root of the penis (at the very beginning above the perineum), at the beginning of the urethra. They produce a special alkaline secretion, which lubricates the urethra before ejaculation. The fact is that the urine is acidic and the environment in the urethra is the same, but for sperm, the acidic environment is fatal. Therefore, before the ejaculation, the acidity of the channel is neutralized due to the secret of the Cooper glands.
7) The urethra goes from the prostate to the tip of the penis. The sperm comes out through it.

Sperm movement during ejaculation

Above, we examined all the organs in the sequence in which the seed passes through them. Now let's visually see where they are located and how sperm moves along this entire path, from the testicles to the outward discharge from the penis. So look at the animation below.

What, for what and how is going on

The penis is stimulated and the man is actively excited. The testicles, along with the appendages, are pulled to the body and prepare a portion of sperm for removal. The prostate and seminal vesicles are actively beginning to develop their secrets, due to which they swell and increase in size. Cooper glands also secrete a secretion that alkalizes the canal. When a man has an orgasm of the wall of the vas deferens, the seminal vesicles and the prostate itself begin to contract, creating a peristaltic wave that causes the sperm to rise up the deferent duct. They flow into the seminal vesicles, mixing with their secretion, then from there they flow into the prostate, where they are enriched with the secretion of the prostate. After this, the seed enriched with juice of the prostate and seminal vesicles turns into semen, which is removed from the penis through the urethra. It is precisely because of these contractions, which causes an orgasm, that the man ends in portions, as if in jerks going one after another, and not by one uninterrupted pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ejaculation

Why does an erection disappear after ejaculation?

There comes a refractory period, a recovery period after shedding of the seed, a kind of recharge, in which the sensitivity of tissues to stimulation is very much reduced. As a result of this, the erection goes away. For all men, this period is different and depends on the physiological characteristics of each and his age. As a rule, the older a man becomes, the more time he needs to recover. For some men, an erection only weakens, but does not completely disappear, and in principle they can continue to have sex.Nevertheless, they will be able to experience an orgasm only after a certain time, when the recovery period is minutes and the sensitivity will return to them. Most often, such abilities are characteristic of young guys who have just begun the testosterone period.

How much sperm is ejaculated during ejaculation?

On average, it erupts from 2-6 g. But again, this is an average figure, which in each case can vary. The volume of ejaculate can depend on the body's water balance, on nutrition, and also on how long the man has not finished. For example, if he last shed the seed 3 weeks ago, then the ejaculate during orgasm now he has more to stand out than if he had finished yesterday.

My sperm flows out, but does not shoot when ejaculating. This is normal?

It can both flow out and shoot both is the norm. Most often it depends on the degree of excitement and how long the man last finished. That is, you ate your last sex 2 weeks ago, while you used to do it every day, then shooting during the long-awaited sex is provided to you!)))

How long does ejaculation last?

It lasts about the same as an orgasm lasts from 6 to 10 seconds on average.

Can there be ejaculation without sperm?

Not. A healthy man cannot do this. Even if he ends for the 7th time in a row, at least some ejaculate, but should stand out. As a rule, such cases are caused by retrograde ejaculation. This is when semen is thrown into the bladder, and does not exit the penis.

What does the presence of blood in semen indicate?

Either an injury to any place in the passage of the seed from the testicles to the head of the penis, or the presence of inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system. In any case, you should immediately contact a doctor and be examined.

Cum Shooting Tips: Tips for a Powerful Orgasm

For many men, any troubles in bed become a cause for serious unrest and anxiety. And even the smallest deviations are sometimes perceived as a universal problem. One of these problems is poor ejaculation, insufficient amount of seed and its ejection during orgasm. In fact, it is rare for any of the men to throw the seed out in a fountain, it's more like inventing specific films.

Despite the fact that in 99% of men sperm do not shoot during ejaculation, but gradually results, many would like to complete sexual intercourse more enchantingly and effectively.

To do this, experts have developed all kinds of techniques and training, as well as all sorts of tricks, how to shoot sperm.

But first, you need to figure out which physiological processes are responsible for the ejaculation process, is it normal that sperm simply flows out.

Lifehacks for a powerful orgasm

In the event that the man stopped shooting semen during orgasm, but there were no serious reasons for this, you can help restore the previous quality of ejaculation with the help of various life hacks. The main and recognized among men is considered a life hack, which teaches a man to control his orgasm and degree of sexual arousal. According to him, a man during intercourse must learn to restrain ejaculation at its peak.

During sex, a man should stop frictions right at the moment when the onset of orgasm is felt. By stopping ejaculation in this way 3-7 times, you can maximize the degree of sexual arousal, and then shoot sperm far, enjoying a spectacular orgasm, as in porn movies. It is in these ways that porn actors learn to prolong sexual intercourse and end up in a fountain.

Also, a man needs to learn to control his muscles located in the genitourinary system. To do this, each time during urination, you need to try to hold a stream of urine, compressing a particular muscle.Having trained such a muscle, a man learns to control his erection and ejaculation, expelling intensively seminal fluid at the end of sexual intercourse.

What are these exercises and what are their benefits?

Initially, Professor Arnold Kegel developed his method of muscle training for women with urinary incontinence, as well as for the rehabilitation of the female genital organs after surgery.

But in practice, it turned out that not only the therapeutic effect improved the lives of patients, almost all women noticed positive changes in their sexual lives.

The benefits of Kegel exercises for men are as follows:

  • normalization of blood flow in the pelvic organs, which prevents the development of numerous ailments of the genitourinary system,
  • increased muscle tone guarantees vivid unforgettable sensations during sexual intercourse,
  • strengthening erectile function,
  • increased libido and sexual desire for a partner,
  • establishing the correct penis angle during erection,
  • the ability to control the process of ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

After about six weeks, the man will already be able to notice significant changes in his body and body. The first thing the exercises guarantee is the fight against urinary incontinence.

After three months of training, a man can restore his previous sexual activity, establish a sexual life, overcome problems with premature ejaculation or weak potency.

Kegel’s exercises for prostatitis will become indispensable, as they help relieve the inflammatory process, and nullify the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Kegel exercises for men: how to perform correctly?

In order to achieve the desired results, to overcome ailments and dysfunctions, it is important for a man to know how to do Kegel exercises correctly.

In fact, the secret to successful training is to follow four rules:

  1. You must be able to find the right muscles. These muscles help a man to stop the process of urination, therefore, during the emptying of the bladder, you can find them, holding up urine.
  2. It is important to constantly improve the ability to contract these muscles. You can contract muscle in the same way that a man makes his penis bounce during an erection.
  3. All your attention should be concentrated only on these exercises. During training, you only need to strain the desired area of ​​the body, the rest should be relaxed.
  4. Training should be regular.

The first training is best done lying down, not too zealous with the loads.

After a while, if the man feels muscle strengthening, you can conduct subsequent exercises in a sitting position, after another time - standing or while walking.

The breathing in the process of doing workouts is maintained smooth and calm. Each exercise is performed 10 times, systematically and smoothly contracting muscles. Repeating these exercises throughout the day is better several times.

  • Stand straight, then try to squeeze the muscles of the pelvic floor. Such manipulations are usually performed if the man is holding back urination. You need to perform contractions, counting up to 5, the same time the muscles gradually relax.
  • The same muscle contraction exercise needs to be done again, but now in a phased manner. That is, squeeze the muscles slightly, hold them for a few seconds, tighten the muscles again, wait again. Such manipulations are carried out to the maximum reduction.
  • The third exercise again involves the contraction of these same muscles, only now it needs to be done in a quick way, that is, to sharply compress the muscles, then quickly relax. Between repetitions, no breaks or rest are required.

Each exercise should be performed 10 times, 2-3 repetitions of training are enough per day. The best progress is noticed only by those men who adhere to training for 3-4 months.If there are no changes, most likely the man was training the wrong muscles.

Kegel Exercises for Men: Video

Today, Kegel exercises are recognized as traditional medicine, thanks to which a man can overcome such a common disease as prostatitis, and also recover after removal of the prostate. You can watch a series of videos that teach Kegel exercises to find out how useful your workouts are, and how to properly perform them.

What time is better to choose for classes?

The main advantage of training with the Kegel method is that it does not imply contraindications, and therefore does not entail harm. In addition, they can be performed anywhere and almost at any time, whether at home, work or public places. But experts advise conducting classes under the following circumstances:

  1. During the performance of simple routine household chores, for example, washing dishes or brushing teeth, being in line, a break at work.
  2. Before those situations when you need to strain the lower abdomen, that is, before lifting weights.
  3. During urination, thereby getting rid of leakage and residual urine.
  4. In the process of intercourse with a woman, which will help maintain an erection, as well as delay the process of ejaculation.

The complex of exercises according to Kegel is a real chance for any man to strengthen his sexual strength and activity, to overcome various ailments of the genitourinary system, to learn self-control during sexual intercourse, and also to establish his intimate life.

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch - excites all novice athletes who independently master the exercises on the crossbar. There are many different techniques that allow a beginner to learn how to train very effectively on the horizontal bar in just a month or even a week.

In order to understand how to learn to pull up from scratch, you must first work out those muscle groups that are responsible for the process of lifting the body on the crossbar. Start training your latissimus dorsi, biceps, triceps, abs.

For these purposes, classes with an expander, a tourniquet, dumbbells and other additional loads are perfect. You can do it at home.

Having trained for a week or two, you will strengthen your muscles, and further pull-ups on the horizontal bar will become a fairly simple task for you, which you can easily and quickly cope with.

Negative repetition method

It is important for a beginner who has never done such exercises in his life to know how to learn how to pull yourself up without a horizontal bar from scratch. For these purposes, a special technique, called the technique of negative repetition, is suitable. Exercise can be performed independently in any convenient place. For these purposes, not even a crossbar is required.

The essence of the exercise is to pre-train the body and fix the body in a special position, characteristic for pulling up. Just stand on a stool, raise your hands up, clasping an imaginary horizontal bar with a wide grip (with your fists at shoulder width).

Next, you should make movements with the body, as if raising it up, lowering it down. The exercise should be learned to perform smoothly and slowly, carefully working out all the muscle groups involved in it. For one approach, about 5-7 imaginary pull-ups should be done.

At the same time, it is recommended to do no more than 3 approaches during the day.

Novice athletes, who can not pull themselves up even once, will benefit from training with a partner. To do this, put your assistant behind so that he can help you lift the case up and insure in case of any surprise. Remember that during training with a partner, most of the effort should come from you.

A week of such preliminary classes - and you can begin to do exercises on the horizontal bar.Your muscles will be fully prepared for doing pull-ups,

“Half amplitude”

Half-amplitude pull-ups are an ideal training method for beginners wondering how to quickly learn how to pull up from scratch. Substitute a stool to the horizontal bar, grab the bar, grabbing it with a wide grip.

Having bent your legs and slightly arched your back, you need to try to raise the body up, fixing the body at the peak of the lift. Moreover, the more you sag, the better. This starting position is ideal for performing high-quality high-grade pull-ups by novice athletes from scratch, which is still hard to pull up to full amplitude.

After a month of such training, the beginner will already be free to perform 3 to 5 pull-up exercises on the crossbar.

Increase the amount

Having mastered the initial stage and learning to pull up from zero to three times, the athlete sets himself new goals - how to learn to pull up many times? For these purposes, there are special techniques. Classes should be gradual and systematic. On average, following the basic recommendations, per month you can increase the number of pull-ups by 5-10 times:

  1. Before starting classes, you should take an ordinary sheet of paper and squeeze it between your knees. The main task is not to miss the leaflet when doing the exercise. This technique significantly improves the quality and effectiveness of training and helps to learn how to gradually increase the number of pull-ups in a short time.
  2. A good effect can be obtained if you pull yourself up from scratch using extra weight. In this capacity barbell pancakes, special weighting vests or simple plastic water bottles put in the athlete’s shoulder bag can serve. The main thing is to engage systematically and pull yourself up with extra weight the maximum number of times.
  3. The technique of frequent approaches is to perform a large number of pull-ups with minimal repetitions. This means that you should approach the horizontal bar about five times a day, performing 3-4 pull-ups in one approach. Thus, within a month your personal record may become 5-7 pull-ups per cycle. In this case, the load distribution will be uniform.
  4. Increase the number of pull-ups using the ladder technique. The stepwise distribution of the load involves the implementation of a large number of approaches with frequent pauses. Perform several exercises, then pause (30–40 s) and again head towards the horizontal bar. During one training session, it is recommended to complete about 7 of these approaches.

How to learn to pull yourself up on the horizontal bar 30 times - such a task is difficult, but feasible for a serious athlete.

Systematic and regular training from scratch with a gradual increase in the number of pull-ups and approaches will allow the beginner to learn how to pull up many times and set his personal record pretty soon.

The ideal technique is to increase the number of pull-ups in each of them by 1-2 times with each subsequent week of training. Thus, in 6–7 weeks you will be able to pull yourself up 30 times, even if you had never come to the horizontal bar before.

Learning Techniques

In order to fully learn how to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch, you need to familiarize yourself with pull-up techniques:

  • Wide grip pull-ups. When performing this type of pull-ups, the athlete’s hands are approximately shoulder width apart, the elbows are lowered, and the body is slightly forward. When lifting, you should fix the body in a flat, horizontal position.
  • Upper grip pull-up is recommended for beginner athletes, as it contributes to the optimal development of the main muscle groups in the arms, back and chest. When doing the arms are shoulder width apart, and the legs are bent at the knees.Fixed lifting point - touching the horizontal bar with pectoral muscles, after which you can go down, relaxing your arms as much as possible.
  • Reverse Grip Pulling is an effective technique in order to learn how to pull up from scratch. When performing pull-ups, it is necessary to grasp the crossbar, with your hands in front of the body at extremely close distances from each other. Pull up until the horizontal bar touches the chest area.
  • Pulling up on one arm is a rather difficult exercise to which you should proceed, only having mastered other pull-up techniques well. So, how to learn to pull up on one arm? Training should begin by placing a free hand on the wrist of that limb, which is at that time on the horizontal bar. Then gradually move your free hand up - to the area of ​​the forearm, biceps, and then the shoulder area. In this case, it is very important to observe the specified sequence, to perform smoothly and accurately.

Caution: small

How to teach a child to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch is of interest to many parents, especially the boy. The training of young athletes is based on the same techniques and rules as for adults.

But with babies it is necessary to perform exercises especially carefully in order to avoid possible damage to muscle tissue.

Good results in teaching the boy pull-ups on the horizontal bar gives the following complex:

  1. Pullups with support. Lift the child so that he can easily grab the bar, with his arms shoulder-width apart. After making sure that the baby is holding tightly, release it, allowing it to hang on its own, but not forgetting about insurance. At the next stage, carefully raise the child's body above the horizontal bar. With each subsequent training, an adult needs to reduce his participation in classes so that the baby can develop both his muscles and skills in the pull-up technique.
  2. Pull-ups at the Swedish wall. When performing, the child’s legs are located on the lower bar of the Swedish wall, which somewhat facilitates the pull-up process. Gradually, when lifting the chin to the level of the upper bar of the leg, it is necessary to remove the legs from the support, transferring the main weight to the dorsal and pectoral muscles.

Class duration

Doctors, trainers and professional athletes do not recommend beginners to do pull-ups more often than 4 times a week. It is best to do one-day intervals between workouts. Such breaks are necessary in order to give the muscles the opportunity to relax and fully recover. To restore muscle performance, it is important to get enough sleep enough.

Proper, balanced nutrition is of great importance. For the full formation of muscles, a sufficient amount of proteins is necessary. Therefore, the athlete’s daily diet must include foods such as eggs, cottage cheese, milk, meat and sea fish.

Additional energy for training can be obtained with the help of fast carbohydrates, which are found both in fresh fruits and in dried fruits.

But from the consumption of foods rich in simple carbohydrates (sweets, confectionery, pastries, sugar), it is advisable to refrain.

Mastering pull-ups on the horizontal bar from scratch even for a week is available to any athlete, regardless of his age and skills. Systematic, regular training in compliance with the basic rules will help to achieve brilliant results in a short time!

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Sperm doesn’t shoot - is it worth worrying?

Men tend to perceive any, even the most insignificant, malfunctions in intimate life, as a universal problem.

And this applies not only to a weak or suddenly lost erection, because of which the night of passionate love fails, but also to weak ejaculation.

In fact, semen erupting in a fountain is the fruit of the stormy imagination of filmmakers of pornographic films, and in life this is a rather rare exception. Let's see why sperm doesn’t shoot, and is this normal?

For any man, close relationships with the opposite sex play an important role in life. And if something starts to go wrong, it becomes the cause of depression, heaps of complexes and confidence that there is no way out.

In addition, do not forget that a certain kind of films, sites on the Internet, etc.

they form a clear-cut image of a macho man, who tirelessly has sex all night, is able to endlessly realize the wildest fantasies of his partner and meet all her expectations.

And at the same time, the hero-lover spews semen with a fountain, literally flooding everything around. But we hasten to reassure men who perceive a situation unlike this as inferiority and deviation from the norm.

Yes, of course, in a young man, during ejaculation, the muscles of the vas deferens, prostate, urethra and perineum contract, the semen is excreted by tremors and under considerable pressure.

But the sperm beating in the fountain is also not inherent in a healthy man, as well as sluggishly flowing out in a thin stream.

Weak ejaculation, in which sperm flows out rather than shoots out, is in most cases a temporary phenomenon that can occasionally occur for many reasons. However, in some men, the absence of sperm pressure during ejaculation becomes permanent. Let's look at why this happens, what it says and how to fix the problem.

With age, a man's sexual activity decreases, the volume of the ejaculate decreases markedly, with ejaculation, the sperm does not come out under pressure, but flows smoothly. This is considered a completely natural condition for an elderly person, does not indicate any disease and is not a cause for concern.

Be careful: chronic prostatitis threatens prostate cancer in 89% of cases! ↑

When ignoring treatment, many patients experience problems such as impotence, high blood pressure and strong jumps in a psycho-emotional state.

How to be treated if cheating is everywhere? Journalist Scheinin conducted his investigation.

IN this article he discovered a drug that gave a significant result in the treatment of prostatitis and the restoration of erectile dysfunction - this Urotrin.

Reasons for weakened ejaculation ↑

In order for weak ejaculation not to give rise to far-reaching deplorable conclusions, you need to know what this condition can be caused by and whether it is a symptom of some kind of violation.

  • Methods for increasing the time of sexual contact - if a man carefully studies and implements such practices, especially when he does it regularly and for a long time, this can affect the intensity of ejaculation. Most often, it is worth stopping to practice such methods, and ejaculation returns to normal. Moreover, the main thing is to do this as soon as possible, until the weak pressure of sperm, indeed, has not turned into a painful symptom.
  • Age factor - in an elderly man, changes in the reproductive system are expressed not only in the weakening of an erection and lesser than in younger years, stamina. He also has a decrease in the amount of sperm secreted during ejaculation, which does not shoot forward under pressure, but results in tremors.
  • Psychological barrier - during intimacy, a man may experience constant fear of an unwanted pregnancy in a partner and pose subconscious obstacles to a full ejaculation.In such cases, the pressure of sperm can be weakened, up to the complete absence of ejaculation.
  • Long-term use of medications - some drugs, for example, drugs that lower blood pressure, antidepressants and other psychotropics.
  • Complications after surgery - some types of surgical treatment can lead to a weakening of ejaculation, premature ejaculation, a change in the duration of sexual contact.

If weak ejaculation has become a constant problem, be sure to consult a doctor and go through the examinations prescribed by him. This will help to identify possible violations in a timely manner and eliminate them quickly.

A disease that can cause mild ejaculation ↑

One of the fairly common reasons that semen has stopped shooting is a disorder called retrograde ejaculation. We decided to tell about him separately.

Retrograde ejaculation is a process in which semen moves in the opposite direction and is not released into the urethra, but into the bladder.

With this disease, there is weak ejaculation, when part of the sperm comes out and part in the bladder. Orgasm can persist, but the severity and brightness of sensations are significantly weakened.

Retrograde ejaculation can be observed with such pathologies:

  • Diabetes.
  • Genitourinary diseases.
  • Genetic disorders in the structure of the vas deferens.
  • Chronic form of prostatitis.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Surgical treatment of disorders of the genitourinary system.
  • Age-related changes.

Often a man consoles himself with the fact that, in fact, he loses little, because male power and orgasm did not disappear, so there are no special reasons for feelings. However, this violation requires immediate medical attention, diagnosis and proper treatment.

To identify retrograde ejaculation, the patient undergoes an analysis of urine, which must be collected immediately after completion of intimate contact. If impurities of seminal fluid are found in the urine, the diagnosis is confirmed and appropriate treatment is prescribed.

To restore health, they conduct reflexology sessions, electrical stimulation of the prostate, and some other physiotherapeutic procedures.

In addition, it is recommended to try to have sex with a full bladder, when the valves block the access of sperm to this organ.

Ways to restore normal ejaculation ↑

Many men ask why sperm does not shoot, and what to do in order to increase the pressure and return the former male power. There is no single way to solve this problem, and it all depends on the causes of weakened ejaculation.

In case of fear of unwanted fertilization, it is worth using acceptable contraceptives. During lovemaking, you need to distract from unpleasant thoughts and focus on the process itself, getting pleasure and delivering it to your partner.

You must tell your doctor about the problems that will help identify their cause and conduct effective treatment.

Why there may be a weak pressure of sperm during ejaculation

Sperm during orgasm is ejected from the urethra at a speed of 30-40 km / h - a fairly strong pressure, which is provided by a reduction in the muscles of the organs involved in the process of ejaculation.

The release rate can vary under the influence of various factors - from temporary and harmless to pathological.

There are several ways to return the “rate of fire”, the effectiveness of which directly depends on the reason for its decrease.

How is flaccid ejaculation manifested and its causes

Weak ejaculation - a sluggish stream of sperm flowing from the urethra without pressure. After such an ejaculation, there may remain a feeling of incomplete emptying of the urethra.

The ejaculate has to be “crushed”, but the drops continue to be secreted for some more time. In this case, orgasmic sensations are often blurry.. Usually the jet "flies" by 10-20 cm.

The recorded record distance is 70 cm.

The causes of ejaculation problems almost always lie in the state of the gonads and excretory ducts. There is no springboard in the testes that gives the sperm an acceleration for flying out of the urethra. The advancement of the ejaculate is provided by wave-like contractions of the smooth muscles of the vas deferens and the urethra - peristalsis.

The process is controlled by the nervous system, which gives the corresponding signal.

When semen passes through the prostate and seminal vesicles, these organs contract with force and give it an acceleration to eject from the urethra. At the same time, the ejaculate is enriched with a thinning and nourishing secret.

Based on the above, we can distinguish the following The main causes of insufficient head pressure:

  • Pathologies of the nervous system, trauma to the lumbar spine or brain,
  • Decreased muscle tone of the prostate and pelvic floor. In older men, low sperm pressure during ejaculation is the norm. This is due to the natural weakening of the pelvic muscles,
  • Sluggish chronic inflammation of the testicles or appendages,
  • Urethral stricture or vas deferens - narrowing of the lumen due to scarring (fibrosis) of tissues, cysts, tumor formations,

Urethral stricture is any narrowing of the urethra (urethra), regardless of the cause, leading to a violation of the outflow of urine from the bladder

  • Prostatitis or vesiculitis. Inflamed tissues are not able to fully respond to nerve impulses and contract with full amplitude,
  • Alcohol abuse - blunting of nerve reflexes occurs, including ejaculatory,
  • Course administration of antidepressants, diuretics, antihypertensives,
  • Asthenic syndrome (neuropsychic and physical overwork) after diseases.

A sluggish stream during ejaculation can be the result of too frequent ejaculations, especially with aggressive masturbation. Depletion and irritation of the receptors leads to an inadequate response to signals of the nervous system. An important role is also played by the factor of attractiveness of the partner and the degree of pleasure from sex.

What should be the release of sperm?

In fact, if sperm flows out rather than shoots, this is a completely normal phenomenon that is observed in all men everywhere. But shooting sperm is a rare phenomenon, which is caused by certain processes in the genitourinary system and muscle tone. Doctors name several important criteria that affect sperm ejection rate:

  1. The regularity of sexual intercourse in men. To shoot seminal fluid, you must refrain from sexual intercourse and discharge for at least 3 days. And you need to refuse not only sex, but also masturbation.
  2. Prelude. Any games and sexual affection of partners increase the excitability and quality of an erection in a man. If sexual arousal is insufficient, ejaculation will also be weak.
  3. Delayed ejaculation. If during an intercourse a man holds an orgasm 2-3 times, you can subsequently observe a spectacular take-off jet.

If you learn certain techniques and exercises, you can achieve that the sperm will shoot. But this can not be a constant phenomenon, since the seminal fluid must accumulate and increase its concentration. Much depends on the physical and psycho-emotional state of a man.


For mild ejaculation syndrome, consult a urologist. First, the doctor will prescribe tests for infections, and not only sexually transmitted infections. For this, blood, a smear from the urethra, urine, spermogram are donated.

It is possible to exclude prostatitis only with the help of analysis of prostate secretion and seminal vesicles. Finger research and ultrasound do not always give a complete picture. The secretion of the vesicles is obtained as follows:

  1. A prostate massage is performed with a full bladder.
  2. The patient is asked to urinate, then the bladder and urethra are washed with isotonic sodium chloride solution.

Doctor dermatovenerologist, urologist Lenkin Sergey Gennadievich on the analysis of prostate secretion

  1. A finger massage of the seminal vesicles is performed (approximately the same as the prostate). If necessary, each is massaged separately.
  2. The resulting secret is collected during discharge from the urethra. If it is too small, a catheter is inserted with a syringe that creates a vacuum. If you have difficulty collecting biomaterial, the patient is asked to urinate and the secret is extracted from the urine.

Prostatic juice is easier to obtain: prostate massage is performed, during which a secret is collected from the urethra collected on a glass slide. The resulting material (smears and secret) is sown on the microflora. Be sure to determine the sensitivity of the detected microorganisms to antibacterial drugs.

Men try to avoid these procedures, but in most cases this is the only way to reliably determine the condition of the glands. Without them, many are unsuccessfully treated with various antibiotics, only exacerbating the situation.

With sluggish ejaculation, a three-portion examination of urine, pelvic ultrasound, CT of the lumbar region can also be informative.

If a urethral stricture is suspected, uroflowmetry (measurement of urination speed), urography and vasography (radiopaque examination), MRI, CT or ultrasound are performed. In case of violation of patency of the vas deferens informative TRUS.

How to increase sperm ejection force

Methods of increasing the pressure of the jet during ejaculation depend on the reason for its decrease.

Initially, it is important to understand whether sperm really flows pathologically sluggishly or simply does not vigorously fly out according to the subjective feelings of a man (many adjust their bodies to the stereotypes developed by watching porn). In the latter case, to enhance ejaculation, you can take the following:

  • Perform Kegel Exercises Regularly. This is a system of simple training aimed at strengthening the pubic-coccygeal muscle. It covers the prostate, massaging it during contraction and stimulating evacuation function (secretion and pushing sperm into the urethra). The stronger the pubic-coccygeal muscle, the more powerful the pressure during ejaculation (how to perform Kegel exercises for men),
  • Increase the time of sexual foreplay, make it more saturated, achieve the maximum degree of excitement,
  • In time to feel the approach of orgasm and try to delay it. Men noticed that the longer the discharge is delayed, the more powerful the pressure during ejaculation. You can learn to restrain ejaculation with the help of Kegel exercises and breathing techniques (Taoist practices) - our detailed article.

20 methods to delay orgasm

Some men increase sperm count and “range” with protein supplements and milk.

If weak ejaculation is provoked by an infectious lesion of the gonads, then antibiotic therapy is selected, selected on the basis of the test results. At the same time, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed.

In some cases, insufficient pressure during ejaculation is caused by congestive prostatitis. - a violation of blood circulation and metabolism in the tissues of the gland. Many doctors deny this connection, but practice shows that it is. The problem can be dealt with by the following methods:

  1. Reception of dietary supplements that improve blood circulation and increase overall muscle tone (icariin, eurycoma, tribulus, ginseng).
  2. Regular exercise. The emphasis should be on the development of the inguinal region: information-breeding legs, squats.
  3. Performing Kegel exercises (be sure to include the “reverse Kegel” - pushing movements that release the prostate from a stagnant secret).

As the condition of the prostate improves, the pressure of the stream increases during ejaculation.

If strictures of the vas deferens or urethra are detected, then surgical treatment is used.

After restoration of their patency, the pressure of ejaculation gradually increases (with the regeneration of tissues and their contractility).

Leaving strictures unattended is fraught not only with further weakening of ejaculation, but also with obstructive infertility - complete fusion of the lumen of the ducts.

Causes of leakage of seminal fluid

Having seen various videos on the Internet and pornographic films, men are wondering why sperm does not shoot after every orgasm in real life. In fact, films are a staging process, which is supported by all kinds of drugs and techniques.
If in a man’s life it is not possible to increase the release of sperm, the reasons for this may be the following:

  • the use of drugs and techniques for prolonging sexual intercourse, which affects the rate of sperm flow,
  • age-related changes that relate to potency, libido and erectile function,
  • psychological disorders, complexes, fears, stress and depression,
  • prolonged use of psychotropic drugs, antidepressants, and duretics, etc.,
  • surgery in the past,
  • injuries to the groin and genitals.

Also, the absence of ejaculation or its weak leakage can lead to problems such as inhibition of sperm secretion and retrograde ejaculation.

Treating Bad Ejaculation

If the doctor has made a diagnosis - weak ejaculation or its absence, some therapeutic methods are used. The main thing is to know for what reasons sperm leak, rather than shoot, in order to first eliminate the root of the problem. The course of therapy depends on the root causes of the violation, namely:

  1. In inflammatory processes in the prostate or testicles, antibiotics are prescribed.
  2. With a testosterone deficiency and hormonal imbalance, hormone therapy is prescribed.
  3. With neurosis and psychological disorders, sedatives are used.
  4. With insufficient secretion of seminal fluid, the doctor prescribes drugs that enhance this process.

Also, psychological assistance may be prescribed to the patient if weak ejaculation is provoked by fears, complexes and injuries from childhood. The treatment program is a purely individual approach to each patient, based on diagnostic data.

How to solve the problem yourself?

To periodically shoot sperm, completing an enchantingly sexual intercourse, a man needs to learn a few simple techniques. Namely:

  • after the previous orgasm, you need to recover, abandoning sexual intercourse and masturbation for at least 3 days,
  • a prelude process is required before sexual intercourse for 30-60 minutes to increase the excitability and sensitivity of both partners,
  • during intercourse, a man needs to delay ejaculation a couple of times, stopping frictions,
  • The most reliable method of teaching sperm shots is long-term sexual abstinence.

Also, experts advise pumping the pubic-coccygeal muscle, constantly compressing and relaxing it for 40-200 repetitions. This will help the man to regulate the time of onset and the quality of the erection and orgasm in the future.


Shooting sperm is a special talent that is given to units and that is subject to the normal functioning of the reproductive system and training in techniques and techniques. According to statistics, 99% of men end up with gradual elimination of seminal fluid, but there are a number of tips and practices that contribute to sperm shots. It remains only to practice, but if the efforts are inconclusive, do not be upset.


Most often, men with prostatitis complain of weak ejaculation. To prevent the development of the disease, it is important to ensure conditions for normal functioning of the gland:

  • A diet rich in zinc, magnesium, high-quality protein, vitamins,
  • Regular physical exercises (the same Kegel, if there is no desire or ability to go to the gym),
  • Timely treatment of infections to avoid complications in the form of strictures,
  • Monitoring the psychological state.

Regular sex is not always a panacea for ejaculation disorders, but its presence is also desirable.


Many men (including doctors) consider the problem of low jet pressure during ejaculation far-fetched: there is no need to “shoot”, the main thing is a high-quality orgasm and a normal amount of sperm. In most cases, the way it is. It is possible to verify the harmlessness of this form of ejaculation only by diagnosis, otherwise there is a risk of missing the symptoms of serious pathologies.

Causes of a small amount of ejaculate

Quantitative as well as qualitative indicators of the seminal fluid of a man - ejaculate, are the main criteria that reflect the health of his reproductive system. Reasons why is little sperm secreted, there may be a great many, and not all of them can be finally established. The specialist evaluates a lot of parameters - both the age of the man, and his family predisposition to oligospermia, and the diseases he suffered.

Main reasons, why is sperm excreted little:

  • existing bad habits in a man - abuse of alcohol and tobacco products often leads to the fact that little sperm began to stand out,
  • chronic severe stressful situations necessarily affect the amount of ejaculate - with orgasm a little sperm,
  • overweight men - every 10 kg extra lead to the appearance of various pathologies, including in the reproductive system,
  • little sperm when ejaculatingand can stand out due to frequent and prolonged overheating of the testicles - for example, the habit of wearing tight warm underwear, a love of visits to saunas and baths, professional activity, interconnected with being in hot rooms,
  • negative environmental conditions will certainly affect sperm count during ejaculation,
  • a significant reduction or cessation of sperm release can occur with a number of infectious diseases of the urogenital system of men - vesiculitis, prostatitis, sexually transmitted diseases.

Injuries may also affect - especially the sacral region and structures of the pelvis, the course of diabetes mellitus, and tumor formations. Establish the true reason why weak ejaculation modern laboratory and instrumental methods of examination help a man.

What is sperm for?

Representatives of the stronger sex know that if they have finished ejaculating, but there is no sperm, then for a woman there are practically no chances to get pregnant.

If this happens rarely, then there is no reason for alarm, this can be provoked:

  • stress
  • overwork
  • frequent intercourse
  • self-doubt
  • sex with an unknown partner.

Semen begins to be released from the penis at the end of sexual contact, so that ejaculation occurs, muscles begin to contract rhythmically:

If you answer why seminal fluid is needed, then the answer is clear: so that the partner could conceive a child.

But men are more worried about why semen flows out after the jerks, and not the stream. This is because the muscles controlled by the autonomic nervous system contract unevenly, leaving the penis with jerks.

Sperm shoots only if there is a simultaneous contraction of all muscles. This can be achieved using the ejaculation control techniques proposed below.

Urologists recommend not abusing “shots” - increased muscle load makes the orgasm brighter, but harms the state of the prostate.

When there is little sperm

One of the most common phenomena in men, called specialists oligospermia, is the condition when semen volume during ejaculation small. At the same time, for every milliliter of sperm, there are less than 20 million active sperm.

Provoking factors - what determines the amount of sperm excreted, can serve and reception of individual subgroups of medicines, and harmful working conditions, and exposure to radiation.

In some cases, the relationship between the fact that with ejaculation a little sperm with a sedentary lifestyle of a man, wearing tight warm underwear. No wonder the male testicles are located outside - the temperature in them does not rise above 36–36.6 degrees.

They have a significant impact on the formation of oligospermia by a man’s disease, both in childhood and in achieving puberty. So, spermatogenesis will be less qualitative in case of febrile infections, pelvic infections, and varicocele present.

If you suspect the above pathologies, or other conditions that may be accompanied by a decrease in the amount of ejaculate, it is recommended that the specialist conduct a set of diagnostic procedures to establish the true root cause of oligospermia.

What sperm consists of

After sexual contact, the seminal fluid of a man flows out of the hole in the head of the penis.

But sperm does not consist only of sperm, the fluid has a complex composition:

  • potassium,
  • copper,
  • zinc,
  • magnesium,
  • sulfur,
  • vitamins B and C,
  • prostate secret
  • seminal vesicle fluid.

The amount of sperm in the seminal fluid is about 3%, and the percentage decreases with frequent sexual intercourse.

The composition of the ejaculate is unstable, it varies depending on the following factors:

  1. Nutrition. Vitamins and minerals come from food.
  2. Blood flow in the testes and prostate. Good blood supply provides the ejaculate with the necessary content of beneficial elements and nourishes the reproductive system.
  3. Lifestyle. Hypodynamia leads to the development of congestion in the pelvic organs.

Failure to get the necessary substances into the prostate secret violates the environment of the ejaculate, reduces sperm activity and ejaculation intensity.

The reasons for the absolute absence of sperm

How much sperm is secreted during intercourse - Each man has this parameter. Some may literally drop a drop of seminal fluid, and this is considered the norm for them. For other men powerful ejaculation accompanies every sexual contact.

Less common flaccid ejaculationthat sperm is not secreted at all - it is completely absent. A similar disorder is called anejaculation specialists. It indicates an excessively long delay in the release of the minimum volume of ejaculate from the urethra of the man.

They describe their condition as cums a little, or sexual intercourse ends "dry." The reasons in this case may be:

  • various disorders in the vas deferens
  • lesions of the nervous system, accompanied by anejaculation,
  • severe endocrine pathologies, including diabetes mellitus,
  • inflammatory process leading to sclerosis of the vas deferens
  • malignant neoplasms, especially in the pelvis of a man - an increasingly diagnosed cause, why a man sits a little sperm or she’s not at all,
  • scrotum injuries - a characteristic pathology in men whose professional activity is associated with a high risk of injury, especially in the genitourinary and reproductive spheres.

Aspermia - Too Much weak ejaculation, causes and treatment which is not fully established, often becomes a factor in male infertility in marriage.

Movement speed

Far shoot sperm - a dream of the stronger sex.

Let's see what affects the speed of movement:

  1. Frequency of sexual intercourse. To accumulate enough seed for a “shot”, at least 3 days of sexual abstinence are required. At this time, you need to abandon sex and masturbation.
  2. The presence of foreplay. Sexual games that precede intercourse increase erection, which means that they affect how fast the ejaculate comes out. If pre-caressing was not performed before sexual intercourse and the stimulation did not reach a peak, then ejaculation will be weaker.
  3. Delayed ejaculation. 2-3-fold restraint of ejaculation during sexual intercourse leads to the fact that when a man finishes, sperm flies out with a spectacular stream.

Not always the reason why sperm flows out badly is overwork or insufficient excitement of a man.

If the secretion of a small amount of ejaculate persists for a long time, then a doctor should be visited. Perhaps the cause is a disease, hormonal imbalance or the influence of adverse factors.

Norms of semen in men and how to increase its volume

Many experts conducted such studies as establishing the volume - how much sperm is released at a time in men of different ages. The average volume was from 1.5 ml to 5 ml. The amount of ejaculate depends on many different factors - from a family negative predisposition to the frequency of sexual intercourse of a man over a certain period of time.

Many men begin to think, and how much sperm should be secreted in general, if you suddenly notice a significant decrease in fluid flow during sexual contact. Having learned from the doctor the average parameters of the ejaculate, one can empirically determine the correspondence of the age norm to one's own results.

If there are significant differences, the specialist will give general recommendations, how to increase the amount of ejaculate:

  • review their own habits - abandon those that have a negative effect on sperm, for example, the use of tobacco and alcohol products,
  • to exclude severe stressful situations, so if a sexual life begins to suffer due to psychological overstrain at work - little sperm during intercourse, it is recommended to change directly the place of work or even the sphere of professional employment,
  • coordinate with the attending physician the list of medications to be taken - individual subgroups negatively affect spermatogenesis, is formed bad ejaculation,
  • little seminal fluid can occur in men and with a tendency to hypodynamia - adequate physical activity is exclusively beneficial, while their absence contributes to the formation of various diseases, including aspermia.

By carefully analyzing individual habits and lifestyle, a man can independently understand why there is little sperm with orgasm. By identifying and eliminating the cause, he will be able to understand how to increase ejaculation.

How to increase a man sperm count

For a full sexual intercourse, especially if fertilization of the egg is planned, it is necessary that both the volume of sperm and the concentration of sperm correspond to the physiological norm.

Any sexual contact, accompanied by the immersion of the penis in the vagina of women, should end with an ejaculation. Profuse ejaculation, this is an ejection of more than 4.5–5 ml of fluid from the ejaculatory canal. Satisfaction from intercourse directly depends on this parameter - violent ejaculation gives maximum pleasure to both the man and his partner in sexual games.

If there are doubts whether the ejaculate is enough during sex, it is better to conduct a medical examination. They will be given recommendations, how to increase the amount of seminal fluid in men at home:

  1. Strive for a healthy lifestyle - avoid the use of tobacco and alcohol, drugs. Even second-hand smoke can affect the power of ejaculation.
  2. Adjust power - powerful ejaculation It is possible in men who eat properly so that there is an abundance of vegetables and fruits in the diet.
  3. Increase physical activity - choose for yourself a set of exercises that contribute to the overall healing of the body. However, explaining to the man how to increase the amount of sperm secreted, experts emphasize that the load must be increased gradually, to avoid overloads.
  4. To develop a positive attitude towards life - the most powerful ejaculation occur in a man experiencing joy and self-satisfaction. Stress and depression have a devastating effect on the activity of the genital organs, change the hormonal background and block the production of testosterone.
  5. Streamline sexual contact is too frequent and strong ejaculation affects the quality of seminal fluid. The optimal frequency of sex for every man, of course, is his own. However, best ejaculation occur with some abstinence - approximately one sexual contact in 2-3 days.

All doubts and questions - how sperm is secreted, how to enhance ejaculation, or how much sperm is excreted normally, it is better to discuss with your doctor. Self-diagnosis and self-medication is not recommended.

Retrograde ejaculation

Sperm production is not disturbed, and representatives of the stronger sex have a full erection, but at the end of sexual intercourse there is weak ejaculation.

The mechanism for the development of pathology is as follows:

  1. When a man reaches a peak of pleasure, muscle contractions begin, stimulating the release of seed.
  2. Simultaneously with the stimulation, the urinary tract is blocked to direct the seminal fluid out. With insufficient overlap during contraction of the urethra, seed is thrown into the bladder.

It provokes the ejaculate throwing into the urinary system, disruption of the autonomic nervous system.

A man needs to control the amount of secretion released after sex (normal - about a teaspoon). If an erection is not disturbed, an orgasm occurs, and there is often little or no sperm, you should consult with an andrologist.

How to finish really a lot

Many men, especially at the beginning of their sexual life, are concerned about how to finish more. From TV screens and pages of glossy magazines, it is actively promoted that quality sex is necessarily accompanied by abundant sperm excretion.

Meanwhile, couples who already have a long experience of intimacy with each other reach orgasm without huge ejaculation. If a man is still shy and does not know how to excrete a lot of sperm, the specialist will recommend a set of simple activities:

  • to reconsider your wardrobe of underwear - to purchase underpants exclusively from natural materials with maximum aero- and hygroscopicity,
  • avoid frequent visits to saunas and baths, taking hot baths and other procedures that increase the temperature in the scrotum,
  • give preference to the same partner - the frequent change of sexual friends is certainly piquant, but the risk of receiving an unwanted “gift”, for example, a sexually transmitted disease, is extremely high in this case,
  • squeeze into your work schedule time for breaks and visits to the pool, fitness center - a full-fledged change of office time for physical labor, favorably affects the quality of ejaculation,
  • pay attention to proper nutrition - in the diet of a man who does not know asachieve abundant ejaculation must be present fresh fish, lots of vegetables and a variety of fruits, more herbs and seafood,
  • master special techniques: sperm count during orgasm much more if you follow the recommendations of the eastern erotomaniac.

Rapid ejaculation can be achieved with the help of special drugs. However, their appointment should be exclusively the responsibility of the doctor. After a comprehensive examination of the man and diagnosing his pathology, the manifestation of which will be oligospermia.

Inhibition of secretion

If sperm flows slowly and signs of erectile dysfunction are noted, this indicates a decrease in the synthesis of seminal secretions.

The following conditions provoke a decrease in the functions of the prostate and testicles:

  1. Age-related changes. With age, the reproductive function fades away: the synthesis of testosterone, which is responsible for a full erection, decreases, the hormonal background changes.
  2. Prostatitis or adenoma. Inflammation or changes in the structure of the prostate leads to a violation of the function of the organ: little secret is produced, it is weakened less during orgasm. For diseases of the prostate gland, a weak pressure of the ejaculate is characteristic.
  3. Taking medications. Inhibit the synthesis of seminal fluid hypotensive, psychotropic and anticonvulsants.
  4. Genitourinary surgery. The innervation is broken.
  5. Hormonal disruptions. Violation of the pituitary gland or thyroid gland provokes hormonal imbalance.
  6. Psychological problems. If a man does not want sex or is afraid that the partner will become pregnant, then a temporary inhibition of secretion is possible. The peculiarity of the psychological inhibition of the secretory function is that in the presence of a full-fledged erection, a man cannot finish for a long time and does not experience orgasm.

It is difficult to differentiate retrograde ejaculation from a decrease in the production of seed secretion. Often the patient has to undergo examination by different specialists.

Pills for increasing sperm volume

Many men, addicted to sexual amusements and wanting to have rapid ejaculation, begin to take various dietary supplements and pills to increase potency.

Of course, against this background a lot of sperm is released, but harm is also caused to health - not all such drugs are as safe as those presented by manufacturers. How much man sperm secretes and whether an increase in its volume is required, should be decided solely by the doctor.

Strong ejaculation will be achieved thanks to the following popular tablets:

  1. VolumePils is a world-famous, completely natural remedy that allows you to increase the volume of ejaculate. The exclusive formula of the drug not only increases the volume, but also improves the quality of sperm. This is the perfect medicine for those men who think, how to finish a lot.
  2. Maxatin - the composition contains natural herbs and amino acids that help to reach rapid ejaculation to men. Pills have been approved by the medical community as a great way to increase male libido and sexual stimulation.
  3. Performer5 - due to the presence of trace elements and vitamins, herbal extracts, the drug maximizes the duration of sexual intercourse and directly the intensity of the orgasm. This allows you to receive the most abundant ejaculation.

Before purchasing this or that drug, it is recommended to consult with a specialist, familiarize yourself with the instructions supplied with the package with the medication. In pursuit of how to increase sperm activityDo not forget about your own safety.

Therapeutic tactics in the absence of ejaculation

Men understand that if sperm is lost, then the chances of conceiving a child are minimal. Fertilization is possible only when the male seed enters the partner's vagina.

The elimination of violations begins with the identification of the cause and treatment is prescribed taking into account the arising pathology:

  1. Antibiotics. With prostatitis and inflammation of the testicles.
  2. Hormone therapy. To make up for the lack of testosterone.
  3. Elimination of psychological discomfort. During stress, sedatives are recommended.
  4. Taking specific medications that increase the secretion of seminal fluid.
  5. Psychological help. If the oppression of ejaculation is caused by a fear of being insolvent in bed or fearing a partner’s pregnancy, then the help of a psychologist is recommended.

For a man, it is important to consult a doctor faster with a decrease or absence of ejaculate. In addition to impaired reproductive function, impaired ejaculation creates psychological discomfort, reduces the pleasure of sex.

Semen Enlargement Products

Another important and indispensable event, how to increase ejaculation, of course, is a properly selected and abandoned diet. The abundance of vitamins and minerals in foods is what determines the amount of semen during ejaculation.

The studies conducted by experts allowed them to identify the most important trace elements and vitamins for men who want to know how to increase ejaculation:

  • Vitamin A - optimally increases the number of viable sperm, is present in fresh carrots, green lettuce, as well as red pepper and oatmeal,
  • Vitamin C - provides sperm with a high speed of movement, its high concentrations in blackcurrant and citrus fruits, as well as green peas and sea buckthorn,
  • vitamins of subgroups B and E - are directly involved in the formation of hormones responsible for the production of sperm, a sufficient amount of them is found in red meat, offal, as well as milk, eggs and nuts,
  • for those men who think how to increase sperm excretion, it is recommended to take foods with zinc - these are most seafood, eggs and pumpkin seeds,
  • selenium is another indispensable trace element for men involved in solving the problem, how to increase sperm count during ejaculation.

And of course, you can’t do without omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid, amino acids and magnesium - they also need to be taken by men who complain that “why am i finishing a little". They are responsible for the regulation of the reproductive organs of men, motility and the total number of sperm. Most of them are in sesame seeds, tuna, as well as in fatty varieties of fish and walnuts.

How to increase ejaculation

Weak orgasm reduces the quality of the orgasm, but this problem can be solved independently.

Those who are interested in learning how to shoot sperm are offered special exercises to help increase ejaculation:

  1. During urination, inhibit urine flow. Stressing the muscle blocking the urethra will not only increase the rate of ejection, but also prevent the possible demand for sperm in the bladder.
  2. Delayed ejaculation. Approaching an orgasm, a man begins to move faster, provoking the emission of seed. If you slow down the movement, then the reflex contraction of the muscles stops. A few delays and sperm jets.

Having trained a little, the representative of the stronger sex can feel like a "cool macho" during sex.

Experts say that normally sperm should flow out in jerks, and not shoot. If a sufficient amount of seminal fluid follows after sex, then it is often not necessary to stimulate an increased release of ejaculate - this is harmful to the prostate gland and can provoke premature aging of the organ.

Exercises to increase ejaculation

Special exercises should also be present daily in the lives of those men who think, how to increase ejaculation. For centuries, they have been practiced by Chinese healers, through practice and self-restraint, reaching maximum heights in the sexual sphere.

Daily exercises will not only tell you how to isolate sperm in a large volume, but also directly increase the potency in men. Before performing each of the following exercises, he recommends rubbing your palms against each other so that they become hot.

That was a lot of sperm after sex, it is enough to perform the following exercises:

  1. Gentle compression of the testicles - lift the penis with one hand, the second at this time gently squeeze the scrotum with the testes. Compress and unclench manipulations with brief, slightly sipping movements. The optimal number of squeezes is at least 90–100 movements. After that, it is recommended to change your hand and repeat all the steps.
  2. Shaking the testicles - with one brush take the scrotum with the testicles into a handful, with the other hand at this time, gently hold the penis higher. Slowly begin to shake the testicles, gradually increasing the intensity of movements. The procedure should be carried out for at least 3.5–5 minutes. After that, swap hands and repeat the exercise again.
  3. Manual pat - initial posture is the same as described above. The penis adheres to one hand, with the other hand it is necessary to perform soft patting actions on the scrotum with the testicles of a man. It is necessary to slap them no less than 3.5–5 minutes 1-2 times a day, gradually increasing intensity and pace. For those who don’t know asa lot of cumis the perfect exercise. However, care must be taken to ensure that the strokes do not hurt or injure the reproductive organs.
  4. Testicular self-massage - has long been noted if a man wants to know how much to finish, he was recommended to conduct a preliminary massage of "male nuts". He should hold the thumb of the hand in both directions along the scrotum for at least 3.5–5 minutes. Then the hand changes, and massage movements are repeated.

Biggest ejaculation - This is the result of hard work of a man on himself. To achieve great success in sex, efforts must be made daily.

What is not recommended

As has long been known to everyone - everything is good in moderation. So with sex games. If you strain your body too much, then instead of a high-quality sexual intercourse ending with profuse ejaculation and orgasm, a man can get the opposite result.

What will happen if you finish a lot - Each doctor will answer this question in his own way. Urologists will indicate that intimacy eliminates stagnation in the pelvis, this is the prevention of inflammatory manifestations. While sexologists will insist - daily sexual intimacy worsens the quality and quantity of ejaculate.

In one they converge, a man mastering various techniques, how to finish hardermust listen to their own body. If he gives signals - pain, fatigue, oligospermia, they should not be ignored.

In addition, it is recommended to avoid:

  • overheating of the pelvis and inguinal region,
  • hypothermia - general and local,
  • genital trauma,
  • promiscuity
  • visits to unfamiliar reservoirs - various microorganisms can be found in them, after penetration of which aspermia will form in the male body,
  • get involved in oriental methods and religions - many of them are not quite combined with the modern rhythm of life and loads,
  • Do not overeat - every 10 extra pounds reduce the concentration of testosterone in a man, which entails sexual impotence.

By proving sexual strength to themselves and others, some men harm their health.Experts advocate moderation in everything, including sex.

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