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Philips shavers (Philips): an overview of models, which one to choose, reviews

Philips has long reached a good level in the market for the sale of machine tools. It has a good design and quality products. The Philips shaving machine has its own characteristics.

Today we better look at the products of this brand. We learn its feature and disadvantages. You will see how to care for such machines.

Philips Models Overview

The popular Philips company produces different types of shaving tools. Among them are:

  • Trimmer,
  • Electric shaver
  • Machine,
  • Disposable razor.

Philips shaving machine always has high-quality and sharp blades. Although they are not cheap, quality speaks for itself. Among the popular models of this brand include:

  • The Philips 9000 razor is characterized in that it has three heads and a self-cleaning system. Each head has safe but sharp blades.
  • Philips OneBlade with 3 has three nozzles to adjust the length of the hair. She is comfortable with shaving her stubble and beard.
  • Philips MG 1100/16 electric shaver for cutting beards.

Each of these models has its own characteristics and purpose. Basically, all men like to buy electric shavers, but because of their high price, you have to choose a more economical option. Now we’ll talk in more detail about the Oneblade razor.

New shave with Oneblade

The unique Oneblade Razor razor is a real find for men. With this device, you can shave the bristles and care for the beard, regardless of the length of the hair. Its uniqueness is that it is able to leave a little stubble, if necessary. A razor can handle any task, even the most difficult.

With this tool you can shave, both with shaving foam, and without any cosmetics. The blades in the device can be operated for 4 months. They change easily and do not quickly go dull. The razor has many features. Let's find out which ones.

Cost of oneblade

Oneblade machine costs about 2000 rubles. Such a high price is explained by the number of nozzles, a good blade, convenient design, power and type of network.

If the set has fewer nozzles, then the price will decrease accordingly. There is also a razor with 12 length adjustments. They are in the same nozzle. Such a model costs 4100 rubles. To buy goods at discounts, go online and order products there.

What is the razor feature?

A new razor for men designed to care for beard and stubble. She can handle even long, thick hair. The cutting blades move very fast, 200 movements per second. They have double protection.

The blades cut the stubble not at the root, leaving short hairs. If a man wants to have stubble, this machine will help to adjust its length without completely shaving off all the hair. The mechanism has three combs for adjusting different hair lengths of 1.3 and 5 mm.

Double-sided blades help create sharp contours. This will allow you to shave in any direction, even against hair growth. In a few seconds, you will eliminate unnecessary hair at the same time, there will be no irritation on the skin.

Thanks to the movable head, the razor adapts to each area of ​​your face. She can shave her hair even in hard to reach places.

The mechanism works on battery power, which needs to be charged for 8 hours, for 45 minutes of operation.
Each machine of this model has different numbers of nozzles, their maximum can be 12.


It is important to note that the new beard razor is not suitable for all men. She has significant flaws. Manufacturers manufactured this tool purely for the care of beards and bristles.

The machine has the following disadvantages:

  • It does not completely shave off all the hair, so if you want to have smooth skin, then you better buy other products.
  • When the device shaves off the bristles, the hair flies in different directions. Because of this, you need to take time to remove garbage after the procedure.
  • Since the blades are very sharp and do not have 100% protection, they can be cut.
  • Replaceable blades are of great value.
  • There is no charge state indicator on the mechanism. This causes inconvenience, as the machine may stop working at the most inopportune moment.

All these shortcomings seem insignificant if a man buys a device for the care of a beard and stubble. For these purposes, the razor works on all 100.

How to care for a new generation razor?

It may seem that there are no special rules for caring for the machine, but this is not so. If the instrument is not properly monitored, it will quickly become worthless and will perform its functions poorly. The two most common mistakes are:

  1. When shaking the razor, do not tap it on the sink to remove any remaining water. So you can damage some parts of the device.
  2. Do not wipe the blades on a towel, as you will only spoil and clog them.

How then to care for a razor?

  1. After several movements of the blades through the hair, wash the instrument under proton water so as not to clog it.
  2. After washing, shake the mechanism from water.
  3. Store the machine in a dry and open place.

Some grease blades with oil to sharpen knives. You can also drip alcohol onto the blades to sanitize and dry the razor.

If you keep a good watch on your device, then it will last you a long time. ”

What is important to know when choosing this model?

Check the condition of the device. Try to hold it in your hand to understand whether it will be convenient for you to shave it. Check if the button that changes the blades works well. The set must have several nozzles, a holder for the machine and a charger.

Philips S1100 Series 1000

A simple electric device with a rotary type of shaving. Three floating heads, movable working element. Works from the socket (100-240 W). There is a protective cap and a brush for cleaning items.

  • soft shave
  • quiet work
  • some customers claim better quality than a mesh razor,
  • sits well in the hand
  • the stubble doesn't fly around
  • long wire
  • inexpensive.

  • according to reviews, not everything shaves off, it takes a long time to "crawl",
  • short hairs do not capture
  • afraid of water
  • nibbles stiff bristles.

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Philips PT711 Series 3000

Men's razor with three movable elements. It is powered from the mains. The handle is trimmed with rubber inserts to prevent slipping. There is a cap and a cleaning brush.

  • shaves clean
  • copes with different bristles,
  • silent
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Corresponds to price-quality.

  • no blades to trim the temples,
  • you can’t work autonomously,
  • the case is afraid of moisture.

About the manufacturer

One of the largest Dutch companies, known as a manufacturer of household appliances. The area of ​​interest of the company is quite extensive. But, despite the huge number of market niches where it competes, Philips has always shown its best side. Household goods from Holland are rightfully considered to be among the best. The production of men's electric razors was no exception. Today, the Dutch are recognized leaders in the production of rotary electric shavers. Most of all, customers appreciate such product qualities as the original design, an extensive selection and increased reliability. An equally important point is the acceptable cost of products.

Philips PT727 Series 3000

The working part follows the contours of the face (3 knives). It operates from a network and autonomously. Charging 8 hours, work - 45 minutes. There is a quick recharge of 3 minutes. Light bulbs inform about the size of the charge and its absence. There is also a notification about the need to replace the blades. There is a cover and a brush.

  • shaves cleanly
  • Doesn’t cause irritation
  • keeps charging for a long time,
  • easy to clean (block is easy to remove)
  • powerful
  • works quietly
  • convenient to hold in your hand
  • hair does not wake up
  • can be cleaned under water.

  • charge for a long time
  • no trimmer
  • no cover
  • the head quickly dulls.

Advantages and disadvantages of using an electric shaver

The main requirement for all models of electric razors is the effectiveness of the procedure, the smooth surface of the skin. Most models in the Philips series have the ability to thoroughly shave off the hair by raising it first. This allows you to remove vegetation literally under the root.

There are other advantages of electric shavers of this company:

  • acceptable price. The range of products includes models of different price categories: from inexpensive to multifunctional expensive devices,
  • razor cutting heads of rotary devices with “floating” knives cope even with overgrown bristles,
  • autonomy. The built-in battery provides 45-50-minute wireless operation. This is enough for a few shaving sessions,
  • ease of care. The razor is easy to disassemble and wash. More “advanced” models are equipped with cleaning stations. Relatively inexpensive models are equipped with cleaning brushes,
  • minimum noise
  • high quality manufacturing of individual components, perfect assembly of the device as a whole,
  • waterproof case
  • the possibility of dry and wet shaving,
  • indicator signal about the need to recharge the battery,
  • the knife block protected by a special cover - convenient for trips,
  • blocking from accidental inclusion.

There are some disadvantages:

  • there is no compartment for collecting shaved hairs,
  • not all models are well-equipped (sometimes there is no carrying case or trimmer). This is important because it is the battery models most often purchased for travel.

Philips S1520 Series 1000

A model with three moving heads, the unit follows the contours. Such a device is selected for the possibility of autonomous use for 45 minutes (recharging takes 8 hours). The indicator indicates the end of the charge. There is a trimmer.

  • shaving smooth, comfortable,
  • does not irritate the skin,
  • hinged block for cleaning,
  • enough charge for a long time,
  • shaves stiff bristles well.

  • shaves his neck a bit poorly in some men,
  • leaves hairs
  • the trimmer is not fixed
  • charge for a long time
  • no cover
  • expensive interchangeable blades.

Criterias of choice

Before you buy a shaving device, decide which characteristics are your priority and which are secondary (or you can neglect them at all):

  • how often do you plan to shave
  • what nozzles and (or) modes would you like to have in the device’s functionality,
  • what is the density, length and thickness of the shaved hair,
  • how much are you willing to spend on the purchase.

The Philips model range is quite diverse, therefore, focusing on the listed issues, you can easily choose the best version.

There are also a number of basic criteria that are relevant for razors from different brands:

  • device view. There are models of rotor and mesh types. The first option is recommended for people with sensitive skin, shaving is extremely comfortable. A clean shave is ensured by a snug fit on the face of the cutting parts. It is no coincidence that Philips is called the “Queen of Rotary Razors”. None of the other brands can compare with the Dutch company in their production,
  • ergonomics. Even if the quality of shaving excess vegetation is ideal, it is unlikely that anyone will like a razor that is uncomfortable to hold in your hand. Ideally, if the handle is equipped with anti-slip inserts. It is also important to evaluate the weight of the device. Too heavy or, conversely, a lightweight model is not comfortable enough,
  • type of food. In this regard, battery models are quite convenient. They are happy to use both on travel and at home. However, one should not forget about such parameters as the duration of work in offline mode and charging time
  • cleaning method. The models considered in the rating are equipped with a waterproof case, they are easy to disassemble and wash. A useful option is the availability of a special brush for cleaning.

Philips S5310 Series 5000

Unlike the previous one, it can also work from an outlet. There is the possibility of express charge. The case is waterproof. Warning lights indicate the end of charge, blade replacement and cleaning. There is a possibility of blocking. Included in the review for the availability of a removable SmartClick trimmer.

  • quickly and efficiently shaves, does not “chew” stubble,
  • just clean, wash,
  • shaves thick stubble
  • wired
  • compact
  • interchangeable heads.

  • the trimmer must be installed in place of the head,
  • because of the wide edge it does not fit well under the nose,
  • when you open the container flies abruptly to the side (you need to hold so that the hairs do not fly apart),
  • plastic construction looks unreliable.

Philips BG105 Series 1000

The device with a mesh shaving system with one head. It is powered by a battery. There are two combs for cutting hair length: 0.5 and 3 mm. Waterproof housing. There is a trimmer.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • does not injure the skin
  • not noisy
  • cuts well on the head, does not tug.

  • shaving is not very high, skips large areas,
  • low-quality cleaning brush,
  • the nozzle does not hold well
  • no cap or case,
  • weak motor
  • the blade dulled quickly.

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Philips S728 Click & Style

Razor with two knives, moving block (rotary type). Battery operated for 40 minutes (1 hour charging). There is a nozzle for the body. Not afraid of water. There is a trimmer. Shows the amount of charge. It is completed with a cover.

  • comfortable handle
  • shaves normally
  • charging fast
  • you can buy additional nozzles,
  • trimmer head
  • quiet.

  • you need to shave for a long time, several times in one place,
  • the battery weakens after 2 years of operation (enough for one shave),
  • body nozzle ineffective, hair cuts badly, chews,
  • the lid does not hold well
  • interchangeable nozzles are expensive,
  • uncomfortable shaving under the nose.

Philips S5572 Series 5000

A wireless device that provides the most comfortable shave. Shaving heads have a rounded shape, MultiPrecision blades easily glide over the skin, gently shaving hairs and without causing discomfort. Aquatec technology makes it possible to choose the optimal method of shaving: dry or wet, with a special foam or gel. You can use the device even in the shower. MultiPrecision blades cut hairs neatly and cleanly. The Turbo + system allows you to cope even with the most stubborn vegetation much faster than with similar devices from other companies. Flex head movement is independent in five directions. This contributes to better skin contact for better shaving of hairs in the neck and chin area. The battery charges in 1 hour. Battery life is about 50 minutes. To trim the mustache and (or) hair at the temples, there is a small, very compact trimmer.

  • small sizes
  • autonomous work
  • optimal capacity of a lithium-ion battery,
  • good shaving quality,
  • universality (the kit includes a removable trimmer),
  • ease of care
  • optimal equipment. In addition to a razor and trimmer, the kit has a charger and a cleaning device,
  • safety, road blocking,
  • Warranty from the manufacturer 730 days.

Philips S5420 AquaTouch

A razor with three knives is the most popular version. It is powered by a battery. 1 hour charge for 45 minutes of work. There is an express charge. Has a trimmer. It signals when it is necessary to charge, replace knives or clean. Blocking from unplanned inclusion is provided. Has a cover.

  • appearance,
  • shaves short and stiff bristles
  • dry shaving is faster and better than wet,
  • capacious battery
  • silent
  • quality knives.

  • low quality shaving,
  • you need to shave your neck for a long time,
  • low revs
  • trimmer mows poorly,
  • no cover.

Philips S9511 Series 9000

Battery device with 3 working elements. Thanks to the floating heads and the movable razor block, the device exactly follows the contours of the face, which ensures the best fit.The power source is a lithium-ion battery, which provides autonomous operation for 50 minutes. The battery fully recharges within 1 hour. The case is waterproof. Of the additional features are:

  • indication of knife replacement, charging / discharging,
  • road blocking.

The shaver comes with a travel pouch and a hair clipper.

  • Beautiful design,
  • minimum noise during operation,
  • ease of maintenance (the device is very easy to disassemble and clean),
  • fast battery charging
  • good autonomy
  • ergonomics (the device fits comfortably in the hand),
  • blocking from accidental operation,
  • indication of pollution.

  • dry shaving is not as comfortable as wet,
  • Case - for razor only. When preparing for the trip, you need to look for a separate package for the charger and trimmer,
  • there is no special stand for vertical storage,
  • too confusing instruction.

In general, buyers are satisfied with the model. Comfortable and effective shaving is provided, including in the neck. If the bristles are multi-day, it is advisable to use a trimmer before the main shave.

Philips S5550 Series 5000

Electric shaver with three floating knives, the unit follows the contours. Powered by battery, there is quick recharging for one session. There is a trimmer. Notification of the degree of charge, contamination and sharpening. There is a blockage.

  • even complex areas shave softly and efficiently,
  • easy to clean
  • fast charge
  • capacious battery
  • the trimmer cuts normally.

  • no cleaning brush
  • the high cost of new knives,
  • no cover.

Philips S9531 Series 9000

The device with a rotary shaving system and built-in battery. Self-powered. The device supports dry and wet shaving. Design features allow you to accurately follow the contours of the face. The type of battery is lithium-ion, providing 50 minutes of battery life. The battery fully restores charge within 1 hour (quick charge mode in 5 minutes is possible). The handle has a non-slip insert to make it easier to hold the razor. A beard styler is also included.

  • Nice design
  • convenient placement in the hand,
  • almost silent operation
  • charge indication
  • support of various high-speed modes of rotation of blades,
  • high-quality, very comfortable shave.

  • high price,
  • The instruction does not describe all the features.

Philips S7960 Series 7000

Wireless model powered by a lithium-ion battery. The device supports dry and wet shaving with 3 working elements. Almost all users in their reviews note the ergonomics of the device. Thanks to the non-slip insert, the razor fits perfectly in the hand. The case is waterproof, it is possible to combine water procedures and shaving. Included are:

  • beard styler,
  • travel case
  • cleaning brush.

  • ease of use
  • efficiency. The device even copes with multi-day bristles,
  • good battery
  • shaving comfort. Great for sensitive skin.
  • the ability to synchronize with a mobile application,
  • road blocking.

No flaws were found.

Philips S9711 Series 9000

3 knives repeating contours. Battery operated for 50 minutes (charge 1 hour). Equipped with an informative display. Notification of charge, of sharpness. Has nozzles for haircuts on the head. A lock is provided. There is a device that is an auto cleaner.

  • nice and clean shaves,
  • high-quality shaving, quick
  • no irritation
  • capacious battery
  • ergonomic
  • build quality,
  • silent

  • the cleaning system is not effective,
  • the fluid in it must be changed (additional costs),
  • significant overpayment for the cleaning function,
  • unjustified cost.

Philips RQ1250 Series 9000 SensoTouch

Cordless rotary razor with 3 working elements. The power source is a lithium-ion battery with support for fast charging. Battery life 50 hours. The case is waterproof. Another safety feature is blocking from accidental launch (it is very convenient for traveling).An additional feature is the trimmer, which helps to cope with multi-day bristles. The kit includes:

  • carrying case
  • cleaning brush
  • protective cover.

  • perfect shaving quality
  • durable manufacturing materials, assembly - almost impeccable
  • fast charge
  • ease of use.

There are practically no drawbacks. Some users call a somewhat overpriced.

Philips S7510 Rotary Electric Shaver

It was with Philips products that we started testing electric shavers at iXBT.com.

Several months have passed since then, and 5 more devices have passed through our hands - a good reason to return to the roots and take another look at the products of the manufacturer, which is persistently and alone continuing to develop its rotary direction.

The Philips S7510 razor is not as “sophisticated” as the S9151 we tested earlier, it belongs to the 7000 series, which stands immediately before the top 9000.

From an official point of view, the 7000 series razors are equipped with the Gentle Precision blade system, and the 9000 series uses the V-Track Precision. Perhaps this is the case, but purely outwardly we did not notice any difference between the heads, except for the colors.


Model nameS7510
A typerotary electric shaver
Number and type of knives3 rotary knives
Floating headYes
Floating knivesYes
Trimmerexternal interchangeable nozzle
Batterylithium ion
Indicatorscharge level, cleaning, head replacement, lock
Battery operationYes
Power adapter operationnot
Additionallycharging, travel case, trimmer
Weight164 g
The size155 × 60 × 70 mm
Warranty2 years
Availability of spare knives / headsin recommended SC manufacturers and stores
Knife / Head Life2 years
average priceT-12733492
Retail OffersL-12733492-10


The box is not striking - the colors are soft, calm.

On the front side, according to the tradition, which seems to be followed by all manufacturers of electric shavers, everything that this particular model can be proud of is listed.

But the designer who drew the razor gave a little swoop: apparently, he wanted to depict all the indicators on the pen in highlighted form, but forgot about one (the need for cleaning) 😉

Scope of delivery includes:

  • the electric shaver itself
  • power adapter,
  • camping case
  • trimmer head
  • warranty card
  • instructions.

A razor (easy) and a trimmer nozzle (not easy, but you can still cram it) are placed in a traveling case, you will have to carry the power adapter separately. However, looking ahead - it is still unknown whether you want to take it at all: the razor is very “long-lived”.

Philips AT890 AquaTouch

An inexpensive electric shaver with a rotor system performs its function “excellently”, no worse than a good machine. The device supports dry and wet shaving, depending on the specific preferences of the user. Three shaving elements (“floating” heads) exactly follow the lines of the face, which provides an effective and comfortable procedure. Battery lithium-ion, battery life 50 minutes. The recovery time of the electricity supply is 1 hour, there is support for fast charging (3 minutes). Thanks to an insert made of non-slip material, the device is easy to hold in your hand. The case is waterproof. This allows you to wash your electric shaver under running water. There is a built-in trimmer. The kit includes a cleaning device and a protective cover.

  • wet and dry shaving support,
  • autonomy
  • water resistant
  • if necessary, the ability to quickly charge so that the battery lasts for 1 shaving session,
  • low price.

  • the device doesn’t always cope with multi-day bristles in a dry way,
  • difficulty shaving hair in the neck.

Instruction manual

The instruction, available “out of the box”, is all the same set of funny pictures without a single word that we have already met.However, as our erudite readers explained to us in the forum on the previous article, the usual instruction with words in Russian is downloaded from the site without any problems. Apparently, Philips decided to save paper.

Philips AT750 AquaTouch

Cordless electric shaver with rotary system. Thanks to the Aquatec seal, you can use the device not only for dry, but also for refreshing wet shaving using a special gel or foam. 3 rounded heads with a minimum coefficient of friction glide over the skin. There is no risk of cuts. Special shaving technology with preliminary hair raising provides effective removal of vegetation. The source of charge is a lithium-ion battery (full charge takes 8 hours, battery life 40 minutes). The shaver comes with a protective cover and a cleaning brush.

  • neat assembly
  • smooth shave
  • minimum noise
  • nice design
  • easy care. It is enough to rinse the device with water.

  • no travel case included
  • the cost is a bit high,
  • there is no Russian-language instruction (however, this is not critical, since the pictures contain a maximum of information).


There is only one button on the razor, it is responsible for turning on / off (short press) and locking / unlocking (long press).

Indicators 6: these are illuminated images of a tap (it’s time to perform a cleaning procedure), a lock (the power key is locked), a plug (charging is in progress) and three strips that are responsible for indicating the battery charge level. As you might guess, the more strips burn, the higher the charge.

Philips PT860 PowerTouch

A rotary type model that operates both from the mains and in stand-alone mode. 3 working elements (movable block, "floating" heads) perfectly fit to the surface of the face, exactly repeating its lines. The shaving method is only dry. The battery life is 50 minutes, the battery charges slightly longer (1 hour). There is the possibility of a quick 3-minute charge so that there is enough energy for 1 shave. There is a mounted trimmer. The kit includes a cleaning brush and a cover to protect work items.

  • mobility due to the availability of wireless mode (the device can work from the network). The device is ideal for use on trips,
  • ergonomics
  • excellent workmanship
  • good build
  • almost complete absence of noise,
  • removable blades.

Of the minuses, the owners notice a not too successful trimmer without adjustment. It would not hurt to have a docking station in the kit.


The only action that needs to be done before using the shaver is to charge it. You won’t be able to start shaving right away: when the charging plug is connected, it simply won’t turn on.

During charging, the plug icon is lit continuously, and the bars, as they should be, indicate the current charge level. When charging is complete, all indicators turn off. When disconnected from the adapter, all the necessary indicators light up for 5 seconds each time you press the power key.

Philips RQ1150 Series 7000 SensoTouch

A wireless model that perfectly shaves wet and dry skin. Three shaving elements perfectly fit to the skin due to the movable block. The power source is a lithium-ion battery. Battery life 40 minutes. The battery fully restores energy supply within 1 hour. Features of the model:

  • fast charge
  • battery status indication
  • waterproof case
  • road blocking.

The handle has an insert of non-slip material. The kit includes: charging stand, brush and protective cover.

  • mobility,
  • water resistant
  • very easy cleaning, especially with dry shaving,
  • good battery.


The duration of the full charge, according to the instructions, is 50 minutes. In fact, we got even more, but more on that later in the test section.

The trimmer here is not built-in, but is made in the form of a separate replaceable head.In fact, it is exactly the same as the S9151, only white.

To change the head you need to have the courage ... and just "tear off the razor's head." 🙂 No additional latches and latches are provided - just take a razor in one hand, the current head in the other, and carefully work “to break”.

In the same way, the shaving head itself is opened.

By the way, recall: the trimmer allows you to set the hair length, only 5 positions.

The shaving head of the S7510 is floating, as are all 3 knives on it. In contrast to the Braun and Panasonic mesh razors, which, as a rule, allow you to “lock” the head with a special switch, turning it into a fixed one, Philips has nothing of the kind.

There is no docking station for the S7510, so you have to flush it - oh, horror! - manually. To do this, disconnect the block with knives from the shaving head and alternately substitute the head and block of knives under a stream of warm water (it is better to substitute the block on both sides in turn). This procedure takes a total of 20 seconds.

If desired, the block of knives can be further disassembled, but this is purely out of love for art, it is washed in an excellent way and assembled.

Theoretically, the corresponding indicator on the case will inform you about the need for washing, but considering how long it takes, we honestly did not bother and did it simply after each shave.

Once they decided to check if it works at all - yes, it works. It worked after the 4th shave, but we suspect that this “smart reminder” is repelled not from the number of starts, but from the time spent by the razor in the on state since the last cleaning.


You really need to be able to shave with a rotary electric shaver, and that's true, not the Philips marketing move. If you do this unknowingly - the impression is guaranteed "all this technology is complete rubbish, rotary razors shave very poorly and slowly." This is not true.

With a rotary razor it is necessary to make “circular” movements, as if encircling a certain center with a shaving head in a circle, while smoothly moving it along the surface of the face.

Only in this case, all the knives of the shaving head of the rotary razor will work to the fullest extent possible.

Mesh shavers are more familiar and understandable to an inexperienced user, because the technique is closer to a classic machine: they need to act in approximately the same way - move the head strictly against the direction of hair growth, “against wool”.

If you shave with a rotary razor like that, it will turn out very long and inefficiently. And a concrete razor has nothing to do with it - it's just that you need to shave differently with all rotary razors. Using fashion trends, we can say that the optimal shaving algorithm with a rotary razor is "intuitively incomprehensible."

It is unlikely by itself to come to mind as a result of insight, it just needs to be recognized from somewhere.

Based on a reasonable compromise between quality and duration of testing, we came to the following procedure:

  • the main set of tests is carried out by one person, consistently growing after a “model” shaving with a machine 1-day, 2-day, and 4-day bristles,
  • a separate test with wet shaving on a 2-day stubble is done separately
  • after this impression, the first tester is checked by another expert on his 2-day stubble,
  • after that, one of the testers with a beard issues a verdict on the functionality of the trimmer head.

As far as we understood the idea of ​​Philips engineers, each knife simultaneously performs the functions of a “trimmer” (shaver of long hairs of bristles) and a “mesh” (shaver of short hairs).

The “inner” circle is intended for the first task, and the “external” circle for the second (each section has its own rotary knife section).

At the same time, the circular arrangement of the holes provides that the hairs can "come" into the knife from any side - that is why circular movements with a razor provide maximum efficiency.

4 day stubble

Shaving took 5 minutes 48 seconds.At first, the razor “bite” into a long stubble with difficulties even perceptible by the sound of the work, but to the credit of the machine it should be noted that it was reflected only on it - there were no noticeable painful “pulling out” of hairs, shaving comfort remained at a high level - no skin irritation and there were no other unpleasant sensations.

Quickly coping with long hairs, the razor set to short. This process went very quickly, after which we came across a funny effect: from the point of view of the razor, apparently, it was all over. That is, "we shaved, the final, turn off."

From our point of view, the obtained effect nevertheless “did not reach” the classical shaving with a machine tool: if you run a hand over the face in a certain direction, it becomes obvious that “not everything” has been shaved. Outwardly, it is almost impossible to see, but it is tactile.

2 day stubble

Shaving took 2 minutes 30 seconds. The result is similar to the previous one: the appearance of a clean-shaven person is fully present. But you shouldn’t kiss him 🙂

2-day stubble + wet shave

We, remembering the results of Panasonic, immediately smeared with shaving gel and (taking into account the specifics of rotary razors) imitated shaving “like a machine tool”. Shaving took 2 minutes 8 seconds - that is, very quickly, even faster than “dry”. The result subjectively seemed to us a little better than with a dry shave, but, as they say, "at the limit of measurement error."

1 day stubble

Shaving took 2 minutes straight. The result is similar to the previous one.

Second Expert, 2-Day Stubble

Shaving took 2 minutes 38 seconds. The effect is the same: the appearance is excellent, tactile sensations persistently hint at imperfect shaving.


We already tested a completely similar trimmer before. Briefly summarizing the conclusions of our expert, they sound like this: "for Athos, this is too much, and for Count de la Fer - too little."

That is, for the trimmer, attached as an appendage to the electric shaver, this is "Oh-hoo!"

But for the trimmer, with which you will groom and cherish your favorite beard, this is a fairly average device, with professional trimmers it is not comparable.

Free comments

Still, we decided to test the amount of working time from one charge at “idle”, that is, without shaving (although we understand that these “semi-synthetic” results are unlikely to coincide with reality).

Since working for tens of minutes is clearly not a regular situation for an electric shaver, and it may well lead to breakage, it was decided to turn on the razor for 5 minutes, after which let it “rest” for some time.

The freshly charged Philips S7510 withstood 12 full iterations of 5 minutes each, after which it stopped working at the 5th minute at the 13th iteration.

In the hand, the device lies perfectly, and given the very low weight - from the point of view of ergonomics, it is almost perfect. In addition, the main advantage of any rotary razor over any mesh razor is immediately felt: the absence of body vibration. In general, shaving with this razor is really very convenient.


The Philips S7510 is the perfect electric shaver ... for those who are used to shaving with a machine and are not going to stop doing it. It sounds like a joke, but it really is.

The convinced “machine operator” is skeptical by default with respect to the electric shaver and is ready to take it only as an inevitable evil: he will use it when his favorite method is unavailable or there is no time for it.

Philips S7510 is 100% suitable for such a person: light in the hand, allows you to shave even without looking in the mirror, is rather indifferent to the degree of “overgrowing”, does not bother with the frequent need for recharging, and “entering the image” happens very quickly.

Is shaving quality imperfect? So, only you will know about it - outwardly everything is fine. A great option for a business trip or when you urgently need to run to an important business meeting.

In general, as we rightly noted in the previous Philips rotary razor test, the task that this tool does well is to quickly create an image of a shaved person 🙂 If you think that the electric shaver is just for this, and there is a machine for everything else, it means , the hero of today's test will suit you.

Philips 9000 advanced self-cleaning razor review

Once Philips came to us, brought a razor and left. We got a hint. What we did not observe - even the umbrellas were. So there’s nothing to lose! In addition, the razor series Shaver 9000 They are the most advanced of all in the company and have several features that distinguish them from their analogues. Yes, yes, there will be a review now. 😉

Electrics taxis

The morning of almost all of us begins with a razor. Someone prefers machine tools, while others prefer electric models. I smoothly moved from the first camp to the second, when I realized that even the most expensive and pumped machine can no longer remove all the vegetation from my face in one pass.

And I didn’t lose!

So, to everyone who still uses machines. You lose a lot. Electric shavers are real panacea for those who have to shave regularly. You won’t scratch yourself when you wake up in a shitty mood. Do not cut a piece of skin, distracted by a ringing phone. You will not spend money on consumables in the face of interchangeable blades. I just walked over my face and that’s it.

But in my opinion, the most important advantage of automation over the machine is that you can shave without foam and even water. It helps a lot on the road and generally tunes in the right way: some creams, foams, some water ... we don’t need this, right? Only hardcore, yo mine.

Electric shavers on the market are a dime a dozen, and each one has a different chip and design. I started with the usual "horizontal", mesh - but then I realized that the options with round, rotary nozzles shave a little cleaner and faster. I myself use a Philips razor, but I just can’t compare it in terms of coolness with the one brought the other day. Here is my test, thoughts and conclusions.

Three heads are better than one

I didn’t invent the subtitle for long, I repent. But in reality, it is. Three heads with blades are always better than two, much less one. In addition, there is a very complicated design, almost some high-tech.

Philips 9000 razors are equipped dual blade system: one blade lifts the hair, and the second cuts it as close to the base as possible. The process is noticeably accelerated, your K.O.

The nozzle looks monolithic, but with pressure repeats the contours of the face due to the moving base, evenly distributing all three segments of the razor (in what!).

In addition, the block with blades inside each "head" has its own own rotary mechanism, which is very useful for fans of aggressive shaving - when you press the blades to the face of the face with all your strength, so that everything goes especially quickly, boldly and clearly.

Philips is proud of its ingenious razor system V-track, which cuts vegetation 30% closer to the base than regular razors. In practice, it is, plus I like that such a system should not “tear out” the hair, as the previous, mesh razor once started.

Also included height adjustable trimmer. This is a necessary thing for those who do not shave at zero or care for a beard with a fixed shape. I don’t know about you, but I periodically trim my hair with a trimmer - faster than stomping to a hairdresser and usually no worse.

It’s also a good trimmer to shave your neck, but you need to be careful, otherwise you will look like you crawled out of the set of a zombie series.

The result is very decent. Compared to the two-headed razor I used before, the process took about half the time: I needed to make significantly fewer passages before I could move to the other side of the face. I completely shaved in about a minute, during which time I managed to trim a kind of beard and beard with a trimmer.

No dry skin, burning and redness. Everything is as it should.For this I love electric shavers! Especially this one.

Almost a gadget

We, men, since childhood are greedy for cool gadgets, preferably with a large number of buttons and flashing LEDs. There are indicators of charge level and blade speed controller. But the most important feature of this series and a specific model is in another. In the stand, to be more precise.

Honestly, I would not refuse such a docking station, but for my iPhone. The fact is that she not only charges the razor - but also cleans it and also lubricates. Herself.

The cartridge is charged with a special blue liquid cartridge. No water needed. After installing the shaver inward, the dock launches cleaning internal components shaving nozzle: rinses blades and lubricates them.

How does Philips SmartClean self-cleaning work (video):

I’m wondering how this liquid works. Does it split hair? I did not check it, especially since the cartridge was very carefully sealed, and then I didn’t really want to get it. After each procedure, the gel seems to remain on the razor in a minimal amount, but the skin did not react to it in any way. Composed of no alcoholso everything was predictable.

I was pleased that the progress of cleaning and lubrication is demonstrated in real time by an arc of LEDs in the dock. At the same time, the stand (or razor, do not understand) makes a quiet buzzing sound that is not heard from the bathroom.

According to specifications, one cartridge enough for three months regular cleanings, but if you want, you can stretch its effect for a much longer time.

It is replaced in a couple of seconds: you lift the lid up and insert a new one into the compartment below.

How to shave with a Philips razor

Philips will not give you smooth skin, it will shave you to the “morning” bristles, the razor is suitable for both wet (using foam or gel) and dry shaving.

How Philips shaves

In the case of wet shaving, first rub the right amount of gel or foam over the face, then start using a razor in the direction of hair growth, keeping the flat side of the blade parallel to the skin. After shaving, rinse the device under running water and set it aside in a secluded place so that it dries faster.

The dry shaving technique differs only in that during it additional skin softening agents (foam or gel) are not used.

The OneBlade floating head fits perfectly into the contours of the face during shaving and allows you to get to even the most inaccessible areas where naughty hairs grow.

21st Century Shave

Test for a week. Razor - OK. The face is clean, the blades too. Shaved, stuck, left - tomorrow (or evening) she is waiting for you in the best possible way. Philips fellows, if only containers with liquid did not disappear from sale in a couple of years.

What I liked:

  • powerful blade design - cuts hair quickly and cleanly,
  • perfect shaves without water and foam,
  • with pressure, it adjusts to the face,
  • good trimmer and nozzles - the beard is fine,
  • dock with blade cleaning and lubrication - fairy tale,
  • comfortable shape and rubberized handle
  • There is a hard case included.

What did not like:

  • cartridges need to be replaced, albeit rarely,
  • I don’t know, I don’t wear coffee, I guess. Did not find any flaws anymore.

I hope that a similar model will be based on one of the readers - and will delight not only him, but also sticky girls. The cleaning system looks real greetings from the future: very comfortable and really works. It’s a pity that such a docking station cannot be bought for an iPhone: it would be great if it “cleared” of dust during charging ...

P.S .: The iPhone itself sometimes serves me as a razor. The gaps between the glass and the body of the “six” with an enviable constancy absorb the hair of the “bearded man” with a characteristic click and discomfort. Or is it my one like that? The topic is important, it is urgent to discuss 🙂

See the different Philips 9000 razors here.

(5.00 out of 5, rated: 1) .

Philips electric shavers prices

Shaver NamePrice
Philips S5100from 4 170 p.
Philips OneBlade QP2520from 1 960 p.
Philips S1100from 2 290 p.
Philips S9041from 9 990 p.
Philips PT723from 2 999 p.

Philips, the Netherlands, is developing its business in three areas: healthcare, lighting technology and consumer products. Philips shavers are a position in which the brand takes a leading position in the Russian market. The company is constantly looking for innovative solutions, creating new devices designed to increase shaving comfort.

Philips electric shavers have a rotary system. The mains power supply is only in the devices of the first series, the rest have built-in batteries. The drive charges for 1 hour and runs autonomously for 50-60 minutes. In some trim levels there is a folding, or SmartClick, trimmer, charger, beard styler, cleaning brush, cover. The Philips range of electric shavers is presented with devices with a diverse set of functions and a price level for products - from premium-class items to economy options.

Shaving systems are being improved with the release of each new line, which is reflected in the price of electric shavers. Philips Embedded Technologies:
- SmartTouch - takes into account the bends of the face and neck, guarantees perfect shaving quality,
- Speed-XL - quick and soft shaving, capturing even the shortest hairs,
- Super Lift & Cut - a system of double blades,
- Reflex Action - automatic adaptation to facial features,
- Quick Clean - quick cleaning after each use.

Rating TOP 10 electric shavers Philips

I analyzed the characteristics of models of electric razors from the famous Philips brand. The Philips best shaving device rating is as follows:

  • S5420 AquaTouch,
  • S5110 Series 5000,
  • AT750 AquaTouch,
  • S1100 Series 1000,
  • PT860 PowerTouch,
  • S7370 Series 7000,
  • PT727 Series 3000,
  • S9711 Series 9000,
  • HQ6927 Series 3000.

Let us dwell on each model.

Philips S5110 Series 5000

The rotary razor is equipped with three heads moving in all directions. The blades follow the contours of the face, so smoothness is guaranteed even in the chin and neck. Thanks to the microgranular coating of the device, the likelihood of irritation is reduced.

The shaver can be washed with water after use. Work is carried out from a network or the accumulator. On one battery, the device lasts up to 40 minutes. There is a removable trimmer with which you can simulate individual sections of the face and neck.

Shaving systemRotary
NutritionBattery / Network

  • build quality,
  • powerful motor
  • sharp blades
  • lack of irritation.
  • not detected.

The electric razor attracts with its compact size, it is as easy to use as possible, nothing more. Of course, the procedure goes much better than with a machine tool, so we definitely need to switch to electric. Not much noise. She's comfortable shaving her chin and neck.

A brief overview can be seen in the video

7 best Philips shavers

To the beard, goatee, whiskers looked decent, you should regularly adjust the space around. What is more convenient machine? They can give the skin perfect smoothness. But you have to tinker with this device.

It's much easier to use your Philips electric shaver for daily beard care.

Moreover, from our selection you can choose devices that shave not only in the “dry” mode, but also with the use of foam or eliminating facial hair directly under the shower.

Philips S7370 Series 7000

Electric razor blades lift hairs and completely cut them off. Shaving heads move in five directions. Both dry and wet shaving are available. The device is able to intuitively determine the thickness and thickness of the bristles, automatically changing the power level.

Shaving systemRotary
WayDry / wet
Pitan Ie
Standalone / Network

  • Beautiful design,
  • lies well in the hand
  • holds a charge for a long time,
  • You can shave with the gel.
  • not found.

The battery lasts for a long time. I have sensitive skin, but this electric razor does not cause irritation. Shaving is clean, smooth. Easy to clean, just rinse with water.

A brief overview can be seen in the video

Philips Star Wars SW5700 - for wet shaving and dry skin cleansing

One of the latest innovations from Philips has already won positive feedback from users. Thanks to the stylish design, ease of operation and, most importantly, easy shaving, after which there is no irritation, this razor deserves a place on the shelf for many men.

Three heads provide easy glide, hairs are cut neatly, do not tear. With a trimmer, you can trim the hairline on the temples, the back of the head.


  • there is a quick charge - in 5 minutes,
  • continuous operation time on the battery - up to 50 minutes,
  • you can shave in water using foam,
  • the blades catch the hairs on the chin well
  • the charge level is indicated by the indication
  • You can clean the area under the blades from hair.


  • you cannot use an electric shaver when charging.

Philips HQ6927 Series 3000

Shaving is achieved through blades that follow the contours of the face and neck. Shaving heads are recommended to be changed every two years. Thanks to the ergonomic body, the device easily lies in the hand.

The device only works on battery power, the charging of which lasts up to 8 hours. The indicator on the case will tell you that it’s time to charge the device. The battery lasts for half an hour. The kit includes a brush for cleaning.

Shaving systemRotary

  • perfectly shaves two-day stubble
  • works quietly
  • if the battery is low, you can charge it and shave it from the mains,
  • enough charge up to 5 times.
  • not detected.

For a long time I did not dare to switch to electric razors because of the high cost, relative to conventional machines. This model was recommended to me by a friend. Satisfied with the purchase, the device shaves cleanly neatly, does not cut the skin. I put the battery on charge at night.

Philips S9041 Series 9000

The device is designed for dry and wet shaving with foam or gel. Flexible shaving heads are able to move in 8 directions, so its movements are smooth and provide maximum smoothness. Blades eliminate both long and small hairs that fit tightly to the skin.

A retractable trimmer will help model a beard with a mustache. The device only works autonomously, the charge lasts for 50 minutes. There is a quick charge function that allows you to quickly recharge the battery for one shaving session.

Shaving systemRotary
WayDry / wet

  • shaves well
  • quiet work
  • does not pull hair
  • sits well in the hand.
  • high price.

This is my second Philips razor. I like high quality shaving. Unlike a grid electric shaver, this one is virtually silent. I use with shaving gel.

A brief overview is available in the video.

Comparison of the best products

To make it convenient for you to compare different models, I have included the basic characteristics of Philips shaving devices in the general table.

ModelPhilipsShaving methodNutritionFeaturesPrice, rub
S5420 AquaTouchDry / wetBatteryQuick charge function, floating heads, movable shaving unit6 790- 7 000
S5110 Series 5000DryStandalone / NetworkThere is a movable razor block, trimmer4 089-8 937
AT750 AquaTouchDry / wetBatteryWaterproof3 436-3 500
S1100 Series 1000DryNetworkIncludes cleaning brush, floating heads, movable shaving unit2 780-2 800
PT860 PowerTouchDryBattery / NetworkThere is a quick charge, non-slip insert on the handle5 550-5 600
S7370 Series 7000Dry / wetBattery / NetworkWaterproof case10 590-10 600
PT727 Series 3000DryBattery / NetworkThere is an indicator of charging, full charge, discharging, replacing knives, non-slip insert on the handle3 235-5 140
S9711 Series 9000Dry / wetStandaloneBacklit display, auto-voltage switch, hair cutting attachment19 990-22 200
HQ6927 Series 3000DryBatteryThere is a charge indication, floating heads, a movable razor block3 799-4 000
S9041 Series 9000Dry / wetBatteryFast charge function, floating heads11 250-12 370

We highlight the best representatives among the ranking.

Lists of the best

All electric shavers presented in the rating have decent characteristics and can be called the best products. The devices support dry and wet shaving, there are devices only with a battery, there are those that work only from the mains.

The rating includes razors from different price categories, so that every man can pick up the device for himself afford. Nevertheless, among the representatives of the rating, I chose the three best shaving devices, according to different criteria.

Types of electric shavers and their features

There are two types of electric shaving appliances:

They are fundamentally different in design, shaving method, they have their own characteristics. For convenience, the table shows the main criteria and characteristics of different types of razors.

DesignEquipped with vibrating blades located under the mesh with the smallest holes.From two to five shaving heads, the blades rotate.
FeaturesCompact body, usually comes with a beard trimmer.They are more effective, but not suitable for sensitive skin.
CleaningUsually in the kit there is a special brush. Many modern models can be washed in water after use. Some electric shavers are equipped with an automatic cleaning system.

If you are allergic after shaving, it is recommended that you prefer a mesh razor and use soothing cosmetics after the procedure.

How to choose an electric razor

A properly selected electric razor should easily slide over the face, completely shave off the bristles, without provoking irritations and cuts. When choosing a device, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • shaving system
  • type of food
  • repetition of contours,
  • shaving method
  • additional options and accessories.

First of all, decide which shaving system is closer to you: rotary or mesh. The razor varieties according to this criterion and their features were discussed in the section above.

Decide on your preferred type of food:

  • from the network - for someone it’s convenient for the electric shaver to work from the network, since it is used exclusively at home,
  • battery - someone takes the razor with him on trips and it is important for him that the device can work autonomously.

When purchasing a rechargeable electric shaver, take a device with a lithium-ion battery.

For easier and better shaving, it is recommended to give preference to devices with floating heads and a movable razor block. Floating heads of rotary devices can be rotated in all directions, for mesh ones - only to the right, to the left.

Decide on the type of shaving:

  • if you prefer to shave without the use of gels, foam, then you can buy a normal battle with a dry type of shave,
  • if it’s important for you to moisturize your skin additionally during the procedure, use wet shavers.

If, in addition to shaving the bristles, you trim the beard, sideburns, pay attention to the presence of the trimmer in the kit. Manufacturers try to make modern razors as convenient as possible so that they can be washed in water after use. There are also self-cleaning appliances.

The principle of the razor

Philips has a razor based on electric traction. This means that it works due to electricity and has a number of movable blades that cut off the hairs that fall into a special slot. In fact, this device differs from conventional machines in that there is no need to “walk through” each hair anew - just use a special head once, after which the skin remains smooth and without irritation.

The Philips razor runs on a battery, which ensures its mobility and the ability to use it in the bath without stretching wires and the need to look for a power outlet. Various nozzles that come with the device allow you to adjust the height of the hair, which will remain in the end, which gives additional opportunities to create your own style (if we are talking about shaving beards and mustaches).

Philips Benefits

As ordinary users note, the Philips razor (reviews were obviously made by real people, since they are “scattered” on different sites) has a number of advantages. Firstly, it is the high quality and innovative technologies that this company constantly demonstrates in the electronics market. Indeed, various nozzles, blade coatings and shaving mechanisms work perfectly, shaving hairs easily and easily, without irritating the skin.

Secondly, a floating head contributes to this effect, which perfectly follows the contour of the shaving surface. In addition, the block itself, which comes in contact with the skin, is developed using a special technology with a sliding effect - this means the ability to shave even in the "dry" mode, without water and foam if you do not have time or the opportunity to do this.

Comfortable use every day

The Philips HQ razor (like other models in the line) is designed to be comfortable to use daily. Judging by the reviews, it helps some even several times a day, because such a device can regulate the length of the hairline on the face to the smallest detail, perfectly adjusting the appearance.

How to use a razor correctly?

As already noted, Philips (razor) can be used in two modes - with “dry” and “wet” shaving. The first option is useful in cases where you want to trim the vegetation on your face, or when you do not have time, and you would like to do everything faster. Such a shave is available without water and foam, due to which it is called so. The razor heads are designed so as not to irritate your skin even without the use of foam, which gives a softening effect and improved glide.

As for the “wet” shave, the indicated Philips model (Sensotouch razor) does its job well in such conditions. According to user reviews, an electric razor is even better than simple shaving machines without leaving any irritations.

Where could I buy?

About where all the electronics are bought, many articles have been written and a million tips have been given. In fact, everything is very simple - in order to get a product at a lower cost, you can go to any online store that sells such goods and has a delivery option. Then everything happens according to the scenario - place an order, take a razor and use it for health.

As for the purchase of the device in ordinary electronics stores, when buying in this way additional opportunities may arise, such as a chance to touch the razor, hold it in your hands and understand how it is arranged in more detail.

However, buying in chain stores, do not expect that you will get cheap Philips (razor). The price of the device is likely to be higher than in the case of purchasing it in an online store. But the purchase, therefore, is made faster and easier.

Philips razor cost

Prices for goods from the category of razors of this brand, for example, the Eldorado store (which, despite the fact that it is a real network of shopping centers, puts the same value as on the Internet) puts in the range of 20-30 thousand rubles. Specifically, the amount that you will be forced to spend on your new electric razor depends solely on the model and its characteristics.

For example, an important role is played by the type of razor, the coating of its nozzles, and the mechanism of its operation. The more sophisticated technologies are used in the device, the higher its price, but also the more high-quality shaving it can provide.

In addition to the shaving mechanism itself, the price is also determined by such an addition as a cleaning system, a display for displaying information about the condition of the razor, the presence or absence of a battery (and the battery life of the device), and much more. In fact, all these characteristics can be seen on the page of the online store that sells razors, or check with sales consultants.

How to choose a Philips shaver?

Suppose you have already decided on the brand whose products you would like to purchase. Another question is which model should be preferred within the entire line that is available for purchase. After all, if you do not get to know all the Philips shavers in such detail, you might think that the differences between them are not so significant. However, they are.

You need to think about why you need a razor, in what conditions you want to use it, and what kind of functions it will have. So, if you need a device exclusively for shaving “naked”, you should pay attention to simpler models at an affordable price, while to give a beard of some form you need a device with a trimmer.

The same applies to your skin type: if it is delicate and requires special care, take a more advanced model with a special coating on the head that will shave more accurately. The same questions should be asked in the case that you need an autonomous razor or one that works from the network, how many nozzles it should have, and so on.

When choosing Philips, focus on your needs first.

OneBlade Blades

The Philips OneBlade range of razors includes double-sided blade technology that makes it easy to shave in all directions.

The OneBlade cutting unit is framed by a protective mesh that prevents the blade from making close contact with the skin. The company's technologists designed the razor so that its edges smoothly repeated the contours of the face, and the cutting tridents did not touch the skin itself, but only went as far as possible to the roots of the hair.

Interchangeable Blade OneBlade

OneBlade blades are a new type of blade that gives you the ability to shave without cuts. The OneBlade interchangeable blade has a 4-month working capacity cycle; interchangeable blades are sold in sets of 1 or 2 pieces.

Interchangeable Blade OneBlade

Philips Oneblade can safely be called a new way for express shaving for every day.

Philips Shavers

Philips offers men the following electric shaver series:
- 3000. Shaving system ComfortCut. The range is designed for dry shaving only. The design of the heads depends on the specific model of electric shaver - floating or CloseCut / Flex & Float. Some devices are powered by the network, while others have a built-in drive. 8 hours of battery charging lasts for 45 minutes of battery life.
- 5000. Philips positions the PowerTouch as a comfortable shave without irritation. Use only in dry mode. Electric shavers are equipped with DualPrecesion or Triple Track rotating heads.
- 7000. SensoTouch offers electric shavers for dry and wet shaving. Shaving systems: DualPrecesion and Gyroflex 2D or Comfort rings. Philips Micrograin Coated Work Shavers for men with sensitive skin glides smoothly and does not irritate the epidermis.
- 9000. The V-track Precision shaving system is Philips' latest development at a high price. Both types of shaving are available. Flexible heads with rotation in eight directions. SmartClean PRO self-cleaning system.
- AquaTouch. The special Aquatec seal allows the shaver to be used in dry and wet conditions with gel or foam. If you buy a Philips shaver from this series, you can safely use it in the shower. QuickRinse technology protects the case.
- Click & Style. Philips is positioning the line as a “2 in 1” - a smooth shave and perfectly even bristles. With the SmartClick design, nozzles (5 pieces of different lengths) change quickly and easily. An electric razor is used for a clean shave and the formation of a neat beard or mustache.

Philips RQ 1250 - the most comfortable electric shaver

Rotary system, comfortable rubberized handle - these advantages are primarily noted by users who have preferred Philips. The device with three floating heads and a movable shaving unit copes with shaving efficiently.

The kit includes a trimmer with which you can trim the mustache or eliminate errors in the haircut, giving a beautiful shape to the temples.


  • it shaves simply perfectly, makes the skin smooth both with dry and with wet shaving,
  • the heads are clogged with foam, easy to rinse,
  • the power button can be locked,
  • the charger folds compactly,
  • waterproof case, can be used in the shower,
  • there is an indicator that signals the need for cleaning, replacing razors.


  • price: up to 30 000 rubles,
  • expensive consumables, the price of one shaving head is about 4,000 rubles.

A few words in conclusion

The Philips razor is ideal for shaving bristles “to zero”: shave once every 2-3 days and you can forget about a regular machine. Using it, create the shapes of beards that you like: the scallop nozzles included in the shaver package will help you with this.

Philips OneBlade can be taken both on a camping trip or on a summer vacation or a friendly weekend, with it you will forget about such a headache as cuts, the need to buy foam or shaving gel will remain in the past.

Philips S1310 - budget model

Users characterize this rotary razor as simple and convenient. It is suitable only for dry shaving, but, nevertheless, shaves clean enough. Safe blades do not hurt the skin, do not tear hairs.

The device is convenient to trim the beard and form a mustache. Floating heads follow the contour of the face, which allows you to easily remove hair on the chin and cheekbones.


  • convenient shape, rubberized case - does not slip in hands,
  • removes stiff bristles well
  • the protective cap tightly closes the blades,
  • there is a brush for cleaning heads,
  • there is an indicator that indicates that the device is discharged / charged,
  • price: from 2,400 rubles.


  • Charges for a long time - 8 hours, runs on the battery for only 35 minutes.

Philips S7780 - functional and convenient

For sensitive skin, a device that can shave in a humid environment is optimal. Since the body of the electric shaver is waterproof, it well cleanses the skin of hair right under the stream of water.

You can shave right under the shower or using a special shaving foam, which reduces pain.


  • after shaving, no irritation appears on the neck,
  • it’s convenient to shape with a trimmer with a limiter,
  • there is a cleaning station, which also performs the function of recharging,
  • provides fast charging (from 5 minutes to 1 hour),
  • indicators indicate the battery level, the need for cleaning, the condition of the knives,
  • works without recharging up to 50 minutes,
  • comes with a storage case.


  • After shaving with foam, rinse the heads thoroughly.

Philips TT 2040 - body shaver

This device successfully replaces the machine - it copes with armpit hair, on the neck, chest, shoulders and inguinal region. If necessary, an electric razor can also be used to remove facial hair, only the blades should first be cleaned.

Thanks to the limiter, the optimal hair length is selected, which further avoids irritation and redness on the skin. Since the device operates on batteries, it can be used anywhere: in the bathroom, in a hotel, even on outdoor recreation.


  • Charges in an hour, works without recharging for up to 50 minutes,
  • there is a nozzle for a trimmer, adjustable in five positions for correcting hair length,
  • the razor shaves clean without leaving irritation,
  • the indicator indicates the charge level of the device,
  • a charging stand is provided,
  • you can shave in a dry way or using foam (even in the shower),
  • The two-sided housing fits comfortably in your hand.


  • price: from 5,000 rubles to 8,000.

Philips S738 - with clippers

Simple, convenient and, at the same time, a unique electric shaver, it boasts a rich set of accessories: the presence of nozzles for cutting hair at different levels of length, a convenient cover for blades, a travel case.

A distinctive feature of the device is two shaving heads, with which you can easily eliminate hair on the neck, chin, cheekbones. The waterproof case allows you to use the device directly under the shower or with the use of special foams, shaving gels to reduce irritation on the skin.


  • phased indication - from the minimum charge level to the maximum,
  • there is a quick charge - in 5 minutes,
  • clippers fit well on the handle, it is convenient to cut,
  • it is convenient to trim a beard, mustache with a trimmer,
  • the handle is rubberized, there are corrugations on the bottom, so the device does not slip when used under water,
  • The device, together with accessories, is placed in a case with a zipper.


  • after dry cleaning, hair remains, the heads need to be washed under water and dried.

Philips S9151 - Highest User Rating

After shaving with this razor, irritation does not appear on the skin, there is no redness or ingrown hairs.

Three floating heads neatly follow the contours of the face, you do not need to pull off the skin to penetrate complex areas. With the use of foam, shaving will be very comfortable, after the procedure there is not a hair left on the face.

A dry haircut of a beard, mustache will come in handy when you need to urgently bring yourself to a decent appearance in a hotel or car, train. Mobility to the device is provided by the road blocking function, which prevents the accidental inclusion of an electric shaver.


  • shaves very quickly, cleanses the skin in almost 5-10 minutes,
  • easy cleaning: the blades recline at the touch of a button,
  • long enough charge, up to 50 minutes,
  • there is an indicator of the degree of charge of the device,
  • there is a self-cleaning station for a razor,
  • You can shave when connected to the network.


  • only a razor is placed in the case; no pockets are provided for storing the trimmer.

When choosing the best electric shaver, decide in advance how functional the model should be. If you only need the device from time to time, then it is better to purchase budget devices that do not need special care.

People who shave their face daily should look at the multi-functional models with a waterproof body: they almost completely eliminate hair without causing irritation and redness of the skin.

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Features of selected models

  • Philips electric shavers provide a clean and smooth shave on your face.
  • The razor handle is made of high-strength material with a special coating that prevents slipping.
  • Shaving unit with fast rotating, sharp blades that perfectly cut even the smallest hairs.
  • A full charge of the battery lasts for several shaving sessions.
  • Movable shaving heads provide high-quality hair removal.
  • A thin metal mesh covering the knife block ensures a safe and clean shave.
  • Fast battery charging ensures a comfortable shave.
  • Philips electric shavers are virtually silent during operation.

What to look for when choosing

When buying an electric shaver, you need to pay attention to the following important points:

  • If you want to buy an original Philips brand, visit only the specialist stores.
  • Electric shavers with a powerful engine can do fine with stiff bristles.
  • For travelers, a model with a capacious battery is perfect.
  • The body of the electric shaver should fit comfortably in your hand.

Philips RQ 1175

Electric shaver Philips RQ1175 appreciated for superior functionality and affordable price. Appliance with Aquatec system excellently performs both dry and wet shaving.

The company is constantly improving and modernizing its products, actively introducing new technologies. This razor, which boasts a number of advantages, is no exception.

Ability to choose the type of shaving and the availability of a reliable battery makes it indispensable even when traveling.

Total one hour charge allows you to get 50 minutes of work offline.

The razor is equipped with technology Gyroflex 2d, which allows you to repeat the contours of the face and reduce pressure on the skin, thereby performing even dry shaving without signs of irritation. The surface of the shaving blocks is made using smoothness technology Skinglide to reduce the coefficient of friction of the skin during the procedure.

Even the shortest hairs do not go unnoticed thanks to the blade system Dualrecision. The blade is arranged so that first long hairs are shaved, and then the bristles are removed.

The structure of the blades allows you to raise the hairs, removing them from the very surface of the skin. Cleaning the device is very simple - wet cleaning option allows you to rinse it under running water.

Additional benefits of a razor include LED displayon which the charge level indicator is displayed. Useful is the function of road blocking, so that the device does not accidentally turn on.


  • Display five-level battery indicator, low battery indicator, charging indicator, road lock.
  • Finish seamless mesh, LED display.
  • 1 hour charge, recharge, wireless, fast charge.
  • Repetition of the contours of the face: the GyroFlex 2D system, repeating the contours of the face.
  • Shaving system: DualPrecision system, Super Lift & Cut system.
  • Skin Comfort: SkinGlide.
  • Shaving time: up to 17 days.
  • Dry and wet care: use on wet and dry skin.
  • Cleaning: wet cleaning possible.
  • Handle: thin handle, anti-slip grip.
  • Stand: folding charger.
  • Soft case.
  • Maintenance: brush for cleaning, protective cover.
  • Detachable styler nozzle.
  • Battery Type: Li-ion.
  • Operating time: 50 min.
  • Standby power consumption: 0.15 watts.
  • Maximum power consumption: 5.4 watts.
  • Options: docking station, lubricant.


  • There is no device for charging and cleaning.
  • The water drainage channel, which is located right below the razor and, accordingly, the water flows down the elbow.
  • Powered by battery only.
  • There is no storage space for the trimmer in the stand.

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Quiet, like all the "Philips" comfortable!

For the money - no!

I use the machine only a week, but! After the “loud” models like the Philips HQ6920, it seems like a “quiet vacuum cleaner!” I’m used to battery machines, now I’m getting used to the wire. Yes, it’s “on a leash”! But the wire is long) Shaves smoothly. While new, no complaints!

Page 4

Simple and inexpensive. Silent work.

A replacement for the old razor was needed. I bought this Philips, seduced by the price. The simplest model, no bells and whistles in it, therefore cheap. And I don’t need it anymore, I use it for daily shaving. It works quite a long time without complaints. Dismantled, cleaned and works again. I must say that it works quietly. It is assembled qualitatively, it is convenient to hold in the hand.

Page 5

Light weight, ergonomics, autonomy, clean shave, noiselessness, additional functionality.

The kit does not include a travel pocket for travel. The locking lid on the knives weakly holds.

s728 chose as an alternative to the grid. Before that was Braun Cruzer4 - an extremely unfortunate option. This suits all parameters. It works quietly, the knives are easy to clean, in a hand it sits like a glove. The additional function of cutting hair in the form of a replaceable nozzle is implemented perfectly in comparison with the “Kruzak”. I haven’t tried a wet shave. An ideal machine for dry daily shaving. Two heads are enough. Sockets do not require. The battery lasts for a week with a warranty. Charges fast. Shaves smoothly, takes 3-day stiff bristles without any problems. She shaves her neck cleanly and without gaps, she does not need to be finished with a machine. For those who in Gomel: bought at Zeon, it turned out cheaper than the official representative and without additional shipping costs. Warranty 2 years, service in Gomel is present.

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Quick battery, plus it works also from the network, trimmer, not afraid of water, simple as bread, accessible and understandable as water, shaves well

I would have slightly modified the grip on the razor, but this is a very, very subjective remark, and the price))) (as always I wanted cheaper)

I will say right away - this is my first electric razor. Prior to this, he used only Zhiletovsky machines. I matured on an electric shaver because one of my good friends gave me a chance to use my own. He had a cheaper model (also Philips for only 60 cu) - I liked the effect of shaving with “electric”.Yes, I agree, not everything is as clean as we would like, but, by God, acceptable. Specifically, I took this razor because: there is a trimmer, Li-Ion batteries, it supports washing, it charges instantly and for a long time. Upon purchase (I use already 2 weeks every day) the initial expectations were met. The only thing I was worried about was how it would deal directly with shaving: - it shaves IMHO very well for the machine; it shaves a little worse than the machine (but I'm definitely satisfied with the result) - it buzzes uniquely quieter than cheaper colleagues - charging an hour - the stubble does not catch and does not pull (the sensations are generally pleasant) - the trimmer is well done - it’s not bad in the hand (but the hand will have to memorize two grip positions separately for cases when you shave your face directly and when you shave your throat) - I haven’t tried it yet, but and I don’t see much point in this yet (from EC to open the shaving debris, blown, if necessary cleared and threw on a shelf) making themselves noticed in the process on the razor is not necessary to provide overpressure (dent in the face, crawl razor face struggling). Let the razor just SHAVE in a circular motion and the result is as close to perfect as possible. Someone said that when switching from machine tools to electric shavers there is a kind of “transitional” irritation: I was lucky personally, I didn’t notice anything at home, and believe the sensations after shaving with the 860, it’s certainly much easier and incomparable like after shaving with “iron”. So I recommend, lads. For the first razor, I think so generally super. On a business trip - an indispensable thing!

Watch the video: Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige electric shaver review, comparison and how-to. DHRME #62 (April 2020).

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