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Ways to get to know a girl on the street: first phrases

Guys often ask themselves - how to get to know a girl on the street and start a long romantic relationship? Just as there are no identical grains of sand in the sea, there are no two similar human palms, so the girls are very different from each other. And each one needs a subtle creative approach!

The usual thing for young people was the choice of friends and girlfriends by means of social networks. An overwhelming mania to promote their Internet pages, to collect hundreds of virtual fans and thousands of likes has embraced different age categories. Romantic relations have moved to a new verbal and tactless plane, and more simply, relations are built only on correspondence without touch and sensual hugs.

Online Dating: Scary Statistics

Statistics is inexorable! 40% of people who started relationships on the network panicky run away from each other on their first date. About 70% of couples who have been chatting on the Internet for a long time break up in a short time. The reason is that they are accustomed to non-contact easy communication, and spending time together becomes a burden to them.

And the last frightening fact, more than 30% of Internet lovers replace real romantic relationships with “virtual sex”. Such communication does not require any effort: it is not necessary to put yourself in order, create a cozy atmosphere for meetings and tear yourself away from the monitor screen. If these frightening statistics grow, then the massive creation of virtual families and cyber babies is in the offing.

The appearance of a young man

This is a very important aspect. It is not necessary to wear branded branded items. Clothing should be clean, tidy, preferably tastefully selected. All this will give self-confidence and increase the chance of a successful acquaintance. It is also worth paying attention to details:

  • shoes should be clean
  • perfume - pleasant and unobtrusive.

Do not forget about hygiene procedures. If the guy is sweaty afterwards, it is unlikely that the girl will communicate with him. It is better to go on a “hunt” after taking a shower.

Facial hair should not be overlooked. The beard or bristles should be neat and stylish. If you can’t achieve this yourself, you can contact the barbershop.

How should you look when you first meet?

If the guy is a real “cowboy and macho”, he does not hide behind the monitor screen, but goes hunting for a beautiful and inaccessible lady. The appearance of a man plays an important role, but for a real conqueror, mood and self-confidence are important. The true conqueror of female hearts knows no boundaries and frames, he chooses a woman, concentrates male energy and begins his hunt!

What do girls pay attention to when meeting such a guy? To various important details:

  • First of all, a man must be clean! The true lady will not become acquainted with the "handsome" whose unwashed head and dirty nails. A guy can be dressed simply and modestly, but, most importantly, cleanly and tastefully,
  • Important men's accessories: belt, watch, key chains, bracelet or chain on the neck. The most restrained and inexpensive bow can be decorated with one catchy accent. A light sexual message is an unbuttoned shirt, half-naked male chest and brutal muscle play,
  • Women love not only their ears, but also their noses. Charming men's fragrances drive a girl crazy. You can sit down with a lady and not say anything, the aromas of a good perfume with aphrodisiacs introduce a guy better than any beautiful words.

Psychologists say that a lady thinks exactly 20 seconds! This short time should be used to the maximum benefit. Appearance is the second factor, the main thing is sexual energy! A man should radiate absolute self-confidence and the message of the conqueror, then all the girls will turn charming heads in his direction and give enchanting smiles.

Advice to the stronger half! The guys set all the limits and prohibitions for themselves, all the obstacles only in their head! Nothing is impossible, and if you destroy your own stereotypes, then the next night you can spend in the arms of a real queen!

Start of communication

First you need to deal with the causes of failure. There may be several. Firstly, the girl may be married, or she has a regular partner. Here, unfortunately, nothing can be done. Secondly, it could be a guy. Untidy appearance, too cheeky manner of behavior or, on the contrary, strong shyness and tightness - all this creates a repulsive impression and discourages the desire to start a conversation. What points you should pay attention to easily get to know a girl.

In real life, it is impossible to use photoshop, so the girl’s appearance will not mislead the guy. And also with live communication, it is easy to determine the nature, manner of behavior and sense of humor.

In order to successfully start a conversation, a number of rules should be observed:

  1. When you meet you should first pay attention to the behavior of the woman herself. If she is in a hurry somewhere, communication with her will not take place. But if she slowly walks or just sits on a bench, you can try to try your luck.
  2. Before you approach the lady, you must try to establish eye contact with her. To do this, just look into her eyes and smile. If a girl smiled back, you can safely approach her and start a conversation.
  3. Do not suddenly go out to the person you like from behind a corner or back. This can scare the object of attention. Also, do not start the conversation, standing on a dais. The girl will feel uncomfortable looking at the guy from the bottom up. It is better to approach the lady from the front, and when communicating, stand half-sided to her. Thus, she will feel safe.
  4. It is not recommended to approach the girl too close, violating her personal boundaries. The optimal distance during the conversation is 45−55 cm.
  5. During the conversation, it is advisable to immediately explain the purpose of the meeting, otherwise the lady may confuse the guy with the distributor of unnecessary services and goods.
  6. When you try to meet you need to stay confident, not worry, act decisively. Too shy a young man will look ridiculous, stupid and even cause irritation. However, one should not overdo it with perseverance, this can confuse a representative of the opposite sex.
  7. Also, in the process of conversation, you should pay attention to the manner of communication of the girl. If she answers in a monosyllabic way, combing words through her teeth, or even taunts her, then it’s better to stop trying to meet someone. The lady, most likely, does not want to have a relationship. But if she smiles, flirts, builds her eyes and makes jokes, then this is evidence that she is ready to communicate.
  8. In case of refusal, it is unacceptable to be rude and rude in return. In the end, refusal is sometimes a manifestation of shyness on the part of the girl, so you can delicately repeat the attempt to meet. The main thing is to avoid excessive obsession.

These tips will help the young man make contact with a beautiful stranger. However, to approach and attract attention is not enough. You need to know how to talk with a girl.

This is a very important point, and special attention should be paid to it. Even if a young man is beautifully dressed and looks attractive, his inability to start a conversation properly will ruin the attempt to meet him in the bud. Also, do not forget the fact that for a girl the guy’s appearance is not the main thing. Most of the fair sex prefer young people who have a great sense of humor.

In order to attract the attention of a girl, you need to be creative. A conversation is best started with a witty joke that will make the girl smile. This will catch the lady's attention, will not allow her to quickly find a reason for refusal and escape. If you can’t show wit, you can do with a laconic phrase. Do not engage in long lengthy discussions, even if they relate directly to the girl herself. Such tactics will irritate the object of attention, and the guy will most likely receive a refusal.

You should also refrain from increased gestures and emotionality, close tactile contact. All this will frighten the girl, and the young man may be misunderstood. No vulgar jokes are acceptable in any case, since they can offend any person.

Communication should be easy and unobtrusive, the girl should want to continue dating.

First acquaintance: tips and examples

Young inexperienced guys are interested in how to get to know a girl on the street and make a first impression. You can borrow experience from successful men who have built a long and happy relationship. Practical tips for experienced pick-ups for beginner machos:

  • Girls really do not like when they are obsessively “glued”. Acquaintance should happen easily and naturally, as if between things,
  • To begin with, it is important to draw her attention to yourself and give the girl the opportunity to make out men's "details". When the hook is abandoned and the fish pecked, it is advisable to talk to her on ordinary everyday topics,
  • You can create a situation where a girl speaks with a guy herself. For example, to give up a place in transport, open the door to a cafe and skip ahead, protect it with an umbrella from the rain, move a chair or pick up a lost item and return it to the hostess,
  • A passing girl can be stopped by an easy and original complement. For example, women are offended by the fact that men do not notice their lovely ladies' tricks. After all, they try and put emphasis for the guys, but they do not notice that she has beautiful lipstick and chic perfume. For example, today a girl put on new pink shoes and picked up a handbag in tone, if a guy notices this harmony, the sympathy of such a fashionista is ensured for him,
  • There is one very important secret - at the first meeting it is important to bring a girl a smile! Well, if she laughs, then a pleasant acquaintance is almost guaranteed. Giving joyful emotions to ladies is not at all difficult. It is important to be able to successfully joke and have original stylish phrases in your arsenal!

Note guys! If at the first meeting the girl smiles, is embarrassed and straightens her hair - these are sure signs of female interest. You can proceed to more decisive actions, take a phone number and invite the beauty to a romantic date!

First phrases for dating

Before approaching a beautiful stranger, it is important to understand what to say to her at the very beginning. There are several options for the development of events. Here are the main ones:

  1. Request for help. This is a fairly simple way of dating, not requiring special originality. It is enough to go to the lady you like and ask her to help find the right street, shop, restaurant, bus stop. The guy may ask the girl to take him to the right place. For example, to a cafe, and there you can already invite a lady for a cup of coffee and deepen your acquaintance.
  2. Creative approach. It will be more difficult here. This method involves starting communication with an unusual phrase. This should be an original compliment for the girl. The difficulty is that the phrase should not be trite and hackneyed. Also, in an attempt to be creative, a guy can go too far, and this will lead to the fact that he will look very stupid. Therefore, it is necessary to make every effort to come up with an unusual phrase that will interest the girl.
  3. Tackle-free. In this case, there is no need to look for a reason to talk. You can say directly: “I really liked you, and I would like to meet you. Can’t you take me a couple of minutes? ”Such a phrase can disarm a girl with her simplicity and straightforwardness.

However, there are phrases that push the girl away. What sayings should be avoided:

  1. Frank stupidity. Phrases that do not carry any meaning can raise doubts about the adequacy of the guy.
  2. Too banal tackles. “Can you tell me what time it is?” Or “Your father is not a gardener by chance?” Then where does he get such a flower from? ”Or worse,“ Girl, and your mother doesn’t need a son-in-law? ”All these questions terribly annoy the fairer sex.

As mentioned above, vulgarity does not fit into any framework. Of course, there are different girls, and one of them admits juicy jokes. However, this method is not suitable for starting communication.

After the meeting took place, you must take her phone number or make an appointment. Do not postpone the upcoming date in a long box, it is better to make an appointment on the same evening or the next day.

An example of meeting a girl without gimmicks

What prevents a guy from approaching a girl on the street and making a pleasant acquaintance? First of all, shyness and fear of falling into trouble. Psychologists say all the complexes and barriers are formed during the growing up period. For example, the behavioral habits of young children are cited, they are absolutely not shy to approach any child or adult in order to make an interesting new acquaintance.

Advice to young guys! Watch the little boys on the street and take a note for yourself. They are kind, funny, open and direct, and it always captivates young girls!

On the example of the behavior of kids, you can come up with original methods of how to get to know a girl on the street and at the same time not look banal. The first phrases when meeting people can also be gleaned from the dialogs of little girls and boys. For examples, add a little specificity:

  • In the subway car, you can get a bright magazine or a book with an attractive picture and this will attract the attention of the girl. Curiosity fuels interest
  • A win-win option is a loud conversation on a cell phone. You can pretend that you are conducting a dialogue with a friend and telling you that you are looking at a beautiful lady, but she does not pay attention to you at all! Or it’s easier to start a conversation on any topic, but in such a way that he would be interested in a charming stranger,
  • The little boy in the sandbox wants to win more space and take all good toys into his hands. In the world of babies, this is bad, but in the competitive universe of adults it is just the opposite. The more a guy occupies the surrounding space, his energy and his personality, the more he attracts the attention of beautiful women.

All that a guy needs at the first meeting is to establish visual contact. If you manage to catch the girl’s eyes and smile, you can say that the fishing rod is already abandoned. And if you wink and send a kiss, you can certainly get a warm and gentle smile in return!

Myths about dating on the street

There are a number of myths about street dating that are sometimes completely opposite to each other:

  1. Decent people on the street do not get to know each other.
  2. With the right approach, you can meet any girl.
  3. It’s easier to get to know one girl.
  4. Acquaintance will be easier if you approach a girl in company with a friend or friends.

In fact, each attempt to get acquainted depends on the mass of nuances. A decent girl can agree to get acquainted with a young man if he manages to gain sympathy and inspire confidence.

Even if a guy managed to please a stranger, this does not mean that she will agree to communicate. A girl can rush trite. Perhaps she is simply not up to strangers.

A young lady walking along the street alone can “send off” a fan because of fears and doubts about his integrity. This is the tactic of meeting a guy with a group of girls.Several girls will be less afraid of running into trouble from one guy, so it is acceptable for a single guy to meet girls on the street, this method gives more chances. Subsequently, the young man will be able to establish a relationship with a specific lady of his heart.

Do not be afraid of the inevitable ridicule from new acquaintances: as a rule, they are harmless, since they reflect the good mood of the company. The only negative in this situation is the possible overhead.

Getting to know a lonely girl in the company of friends - you can’t imagine worse. Even the most careless lady in such cases begins to look around for a police patrol.

It is permissible to get acquainted together. In this case, one of the young men “accidentally” pushes the stranger, and the second, “standing up”, makes him apologize. As a result, a weak woman and a guy leave together, leaving the "rude" in place. Perhaps the onset of complications after starting a relationship, when a new girlfriend recognizes the "rude" in the boyfriend's friends.

How to meet a girl outdoors phrases

For all the phrases listed below, the main thing you need is self-confidence, charm and feelings of humor. You should not be afraid to say what you are going to say. There is no need to hesitate - remember, if you have chosen a specific phrase, then you have considered that it is best suited to the case or the girl, and therefore you should not hesitate.

This is not an exact template, rather a source of inspiration, which does not hurt to store in your bookmarks (press CTRL + D on your keyboard).

On the Internet you can find a whole bunch phrases for dating a girl on the street. I reviewed them yesterday for more than half a thousand and selected only those that in my opinion are relevant, interesting and effective. I ask for attention, let's go:

Have you ever met an interesting young man in this place?

Hello! And you do not remember me, I was your neighbor. You do not remember, well, that’s right, I was joking and we haven’t lived nearby yet. But it’s quite possible that everything is still ahead of us.

Hi, we definitely met somewhere with you. In Sochi? Not? In Crimea? Also no? Or maybe I dreamed about you.

I already liked you. So you have only two wishes left.

Hello, this is the first time in your city. Could you show me where you live?

Hello! It was difficult for me to make up my mind, but I nevertheless dared to approach you with my feet and speak my tongue. What's your name?

Girl, please forgive me. Could you see what I have with my eyes. What is the problem? I just can’t tear them from you!

Hello! Could you help me, I really need to know the female opinion on one issue right now. Will you help? Okay, then please tell me what does a guy have to say to get to know you?

(Looking at her) And what do you think I should say now? (phrase with a challenge). You do not know? Well then, let's skip the optional part of the acquaintance and you will immediately tell what your name is. 🙂

I’m sure I’m not the first who wants to meet you. But I'm the best - do you want to check?

And what will you do tonight when you return home after our date with you?

Girl, do you look at everyone like that, or only at those you liked?

Girl, are you here for work? No, me too! Do you know how to play the guitar? And I don’t know how, you see how much we have in common! This is no coincidence!

What do you think, who liked more: who am I or are you me?

Stop! In my opinion, we were so staring at each other that we forgot to meet. My name is ... (you hold out your hand)

Girl, please wait a minute. May I fall in love with you?

Can we meet, or will we continue to look at each other and smile?

Hello! I saw you right away I realized that we need to get acquainted. I am sure we will talk about something! Why do I think so? It’s just that with such an appearance you won’t be able to be an uninteresting girl, and I am also an interesting conversationalist.

You smiled so now that I forgot where and why I was going. Yes, it seems that it doesn’t matter anymore. Apparently I came where I needed and found what I was looking for! (sly smile on his face)

Girl, how much time? And free?

Girl, wait a minute. Do you know how this square (street, pavement) differs from all others? And the fact that it was here that we met today!

Girl, do you mind if I hide from the sun in the shadow of your beautiful figure?

Girl, are you in a hurry? Why did I ask? I just want to treat you with ice cream.

Hello! You know, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve met today!

How to leave your phone number on the account?

You smiled so much that I completely forgot where I was going. You do not know by chance? And it doesn’t matter already, let's better go somewhere together!

Girl, I think you are chasing me! I’ve seen you in a dream about 10 times, and still don’t know how I can contact you. Discover the secret soon, what's your name?

I think you have spent half your life trying to look and seduce men so stunningly. Damn, it seems I’ve already caught (a slight sly sadness on my face). Where do you command me to follow you?

Hello! Imagine, to this day I did not believe in horoscopes. But it so happened that today in my horoscope it was written about meeting a beautiful girl. Can you imagine horoscopes coming true? What's your name?

I suggest we walk past each other. I don’t know what your name is, but you don’t know how I am. And we will never meet. Do you agree? Me not!

Girl, let's play an interesting game. You will now tell me your name, after which I will tell you my name. And then we hold hands and go eat ice cream!

Do you believe in love with 27 looks? I’m thinking of reaching 50, to make sure that I’m in love with you right now.

Girl, I bet you know better than me how to spend my salary ?!

Girl, but can you tell me what year it is? She simply sent me skynet in your time, and gave the installation that a connected Natasha would meet me here. Is your name not by chance Natasha? No, but how?

Girl, please tell me why planes fly but don’t wave their wings?

Girl, I need help, I think I have a problem. When I see a beautiful girl like you, I immediately want to press her to her chest, kiss her gently, and then make passionate love all night. Tell me, do I need to deal with this, or can you offer me something?

Hello! I change my free time to your name and phone number.

With pleasure I will exchange my boredom for the mischievous brilliance of your beautiful eyes!

Girl, please forgive me. You can call me an ambulance. Tell the gunshot, it seems Cupid shot.

Girl, can you for a second? I have a slightly unusual question. Please tell me, how would you refuse a guy who would come up to you like that on the street and say, “Let's meet”?

Hello! (you hold out your hand) Friends call me & name &, but you can call me tomorrow (it may not work if the girl is tight with humor or a dull mindset).

If you think I'm going to meet you now, then you are deeply mistaken - I just want to invite you on a date.

Hello! So what tomorrow? Like tomorrow, tomorrow we’ll meet here at eight in the evening!

Not? Well then, we meet there at nine! Not? So still here. That's agreed!

Hello! Listen, I have trouble. I seem to be lost in this paradoxical world, and I am looking for a bright and good girl, like you, who can bring me out of this gloomy world of loneliness. So where are we going?

And what is it like to be the most beautiful girl in this city?

Hello! Tell me honestly, do you like me? No, don’t answer. My name & name is, and you? Quickly give your phone number and say when you can call.

Sorry girl. I forgot my phone number, please lend yours.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to melt your cold gaze. But I will certainly call in the evening and correct. Dictate your number.

Hello! I’m summarizing statistics here, please help. Just one question: what should a guy say to a stranger girl that he really liked so that she would go on a date with him?

Hello! You won’t believe it, but when I saw you I thanked God that I’m still not married.

Where are you going? I just decided to approach you, and you are already leaving. Me, by the way, & name & name, and you. Do you want me to accompany you?

Hello! I & name & and I was asked to say hello to you. From whom? From my heart of course!

Sorry girl. Don’t you tell me ... Your name and phone number ??

Girl, please allow me to meet you and at least ten minutes to pester.

Girl, is it hard to meet you?

And how much is your smile? I would buy one myself.

Hello! I don’t know what your name is, but I already know that you are in the first place in the lists of my affairs for today!

Girl, let me see you ... at least with a look.

Hello! Sorry, but you don’t have a thread? I just want to start an affair with you right now.

Damn, you are so beautiful that I forgot the phrase with which I wanted to drive you.

I apologize. How could I fit into your schedule for the evening?

Hello! Did you find out? So I didn’t recognize you either, but this is not a reason to pass by!

Kiss me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know your name is Claudius. No, well, you have to kiss me.

Hello! Can I walk next to you? And then all sorts of pester me, ask for documents ...

Damn, and I thought that I was gay right up to this day, until I saw you.

Wait, girl, it's me to you. Wait a minute. You forgot there now ... (shortness of breath, as if running and barely catching up) ... forgot to meet me.

Hello! I urgently need to get a female opinion. How do I feel better, since now - with bristles, or better shaved? Oh yes, you haven’t seen me shaved yet. Well, then give me the phone number, I will shave in the evening and you compare.

Girl, wait! Do not try to go there! How why? Then we will warm up and not meet you.

Hi, ready to meet you? Not? Well then you have to get acquainted with you unprepared. Me & name &.

Girl, but you are not interested in meeting a pretty girl on the street? And here I am interested!

Hi Nastya (she will answer that it is not Nastya). Oh, I'm sorry, I seem to have misunderstood. It's just that you look like my first love, and you smile the same. C'mon, Nastya, it's good to be kidding, it's you (touching the face).

I feel sorry for all these people. Why? It’s just against your background that they all look like a dull gray mass.

Can I flirt with you?

Hello! Can I take a picture of you on the phone. What for? I just want Santa Claus definitely not to be mistaken with a gift under the Christmas tree for the New Year.

I don’t know who you are and what your name is, but I really want to see you again.

Maybe we’ll get to know each other, or will we play peepers like that?

The railing is certainly cool, but holding on to my courageous hand is much nicer (you substitute your hand).

Help the homeless - take me with you.

Hello! This is definitely fate. This is the third time I see you for the third time this month, and this is despite the fact that we live in such a big city. I believe in fate, which means I won’t let you disappear, who knows, suddenly there won’t be a fourth time. By the way, my name & name is.

Hello! Imagine a dog attacked me this morning. And then the chief shouted. After which I fell into the open hatch, the virus erased all my achievements on the dissertation, and the cat pumped into my favorite flower. If you don’t give me your phone number right now, I’m most likely to commit suicide. Remember, you have a chance to save the life of a good person.

Girl, save me soon. I am now haunted by an English spy, and he is hunting for this letter. Please keep it at home, but in no case do not read it. And give me your phone number so I can call you and pick up the letter.
(In the letter: “I think for such an original approach I should be awarded the first date”)

Because of you, I just nearly quarreled with my friend. He says that you are beautiful, and I am sure that you are the most beautiful. Which of us is right?

I noticed that you noticed me. And I would like to notice that I also noticed you.

Tips & Tricks

Acquaintance on the street does not leave much time for maneuver, so the guy needs only a few minutes to charm a girl. You need to tell something about yourself, about your work and hobbies. Also, it will not be superfluous to ask the girl about her hobby or work.

Do not forget that you need to be very careful with a fair sex. A positive attitude, a smile, emotions - all this is necessary to attract attention. But rudely grabbing a lady is by no means allowed. She can take such a young man for an inadequate personality.

And what if the girl you like is not alone, but in the company of a friend? In this situation, you can politely say: “Let me talk with your girlfriend for a couple of minutes?” If no one is against, you can act on the chosen plan.

And one more tip for insecure guys. To develop self-confidence will help sports and self-development. Reading books, raising the level of education - all this makes communication with a guy interesting. Well-read, witty guy will be difficult to refuse.

And finally, do not worry about the denial of acquaintance. No need to lock yourself in and stop trying. After all, the most important thing in this matter is practice.

Original dating examples

Young novice pick-up workers ask how to get to know a girl on the street, what words should be spoken to attract her attention. As practice shows, the fastest and most successful acquaintances occur after bold and non-standard actions. Real men are capable of much to attract the attention of a beautiful woman they like:

  • The most win-win option is the inscription under the balcony of a pretty person,
  • An original, but very expensive way is a huge bunch of balloons or a big plush bunny,
  • A less costly way is to buy girls ice cream, chocolate bar or candy floss. Come up with a smile and give a treat with the phrase: “Don’t be sad! You are as sweet as this sweetie (chocolate, ice cream)! ”,
  • It happens that guys climb somewhere higher to attract the attention of a beautiful girl. It can be a lamppost, a balcony or a kiosk roof.

The desire to love and be loved pushes men to bold deeds! It is important not to overdo it and not be in bed with the woman you love, but in a boring and cold hospital bed.

How to overcome fear in yourself

Some young people are embarrassed to meet on the street, afraid to receive a girl’s refusal. Help in this case can only work on yourself. To have the courage to take the first step, you need to remember three important points:

  1. The girl will not necessarily refuse.
  2. If a girl refuses, this is not the end of the world.
  3. There is nothing shameful in wanting to get to know each other.

Many representatives of the fair sex are not against expanding the circle of friends, so sometimes they are happy to meet nice young people. If the stranger did not agree, this does not mean that the guy did not like. She may be in a hurry for business or she has serious obligations towards another guy.

If the guy did not manage to clearly express the desire to establish a relationship, then it should be remembered that mastery is achieved by training. We must try a few more times, soon everything will certainly work out. With proper training, the fear of dating on the street passes after two or three successful dating.

Vulgar phrases to meet a girl on the street

The following list of phrases can speed up your mission to conquer a woman’s bed, but they are also quite risky. Although, as you know, who does not take risks - that morning with an unfamiliar beauty does not wake up in one bed.

Let's bet $ 100 that I’ll invite you to stay with me now, and you’ll refuse.

Cool legs, and at what time do they open?

Girl, you are very beautiful! And beautiful girls must be propagated.

Just do not think that you can look at me like a sexual object, and you get away with it.

Girl, didn’t we meet in Crimea last year? Not! Why are you looking at me so lasciviously?

Girl, please tell me what do virgins eat for breakfast? Do not know? I knew it.

Girl, if you do not mind, you can answer the survey. It only takes a moment. What are the most famous world currencies (names). Name 2 methods of contraception known to you (names). Name 2 paintings of the Renaissance that you know of (doesn't name). Yeah, that means you know more about money and sex.

Girl, do they tell the truth that silicone does not sink? How is this your natural breast? Lucky for your husband. How is there no husband? So this is fixable.

Girl, I bet you guess what’s under your swimsuit?

Girl, excuse me, have we ever fucked before?

I hope you are not gay? Not! It's great, then we can sleep.

I was going to bed. Are you with me?

This dress looks beautiful on you. Although I would have looked better in his place.

Well, that’s it! In response to the question of how to meet a girl on the street, I selected only the best first phrases. I hope they help you and you will never look again phrases for dating a girl on the street. I advise you to bookmark the page, but if you share it with your friends, it will be a huge plus for your karma of a female seducer.

Good luck on the street. And of course, remember: all phrases are just phrases, it's great to know more and how to approach a girl to get to know each other.

See you on the pages of Fitkis.

respectfully Vitaly Ohrimenko !

Example of acquaintance with the preposition

For a quick acquaintance with a beautiful girl, you can come up with an excuse and use some insignificant subject. There are a lot of successful examples:

  • Give a pretty lady a handkerchief or her scarf and ask: “Isn’t you lost?”,
  • Ask the girl to read on a piece of paper the address of a friend whom you have been looking for for a long time. But in fact there will be a note: “Let's meet, I'm so lonely!”,
  • You can give a girl a balloon with a funny face or a rose, folded from a regular napkin. On a donated item, it would be nice to draw a heart and write your phone.

A great many examples of acquaintance with the pretext. The main thing is to be original, show imagination, and get into the topic, depending on the place and the specific case.

Key Rules for Success

To achieve the attention of a beautiful stranger, one must clearly imagine what is being done and for what purpose. You can train in the ease of “tackle” with a sister or close acquaintance. Attempts to rehearse with friends will not produce the desired effect, because the guys will not be able to point out errors that are obvious to any woman.

To regulate the relationship, mankind has created such regulations as a dress code, etiquette, etc. It takes a little work on yourself and persuade the girls will be much easier. Below are the main criteria by which women choose men.

Let's move on to practical tips? Please!

To summarize all of the above, we can say that a guy needs 3 important things to meet a girl:

  • Self confidence,
  • Minimal knowledge of pickups,
  • Rich vocabulary.

What do you need to meet these three points? To start, read more! Create a separate folder called “Pickup” on the computer’s desktop and collect useful articles about dating girls there. The more information a guy finds on this matter, the more savvy and courageous he will be in this matter.

Separately, in another folder "Hooks" you can collect successful phrases from the Internet. Girls are very fond of beautiful statuses and original sayings. If a guy easily operates with familiar words, then he is in the subject and is never bored with him.

Armed with knowledge and prepared phrases, the guy is ready to put himself in order, and recover in search of a beautiful princess. A drop of perfume and the look of the conqueror will be the finishing touches, and very soon such a macho will be in the arms of a pretty person.

Look good

To please the future possible girlfriend, you must comply with the idea of ​​a clean guy. Greasy hair, dirty nails, dangling buttons on a thread - such an appearance will undoubtedly attract attention, but it is unlikely to prompt an acquaintance.

In creating an image familiar to a girl, a huge role is played by the choice of clothes. Having dressed like most men of her circle, the guy automatically overcomes the “friend or foe” barrier. In this case, the guy has a significantly increased chance of success. Unfortunately, such a trick is possible only if the guy sees a possible girlfriend for the first time, which means that he has some information about her. Therefore, for completely unfamiliar persons, this method is not suitable.

What to talk with the girl about at the first meeting?

If a pleasant meeting took place, it is very important to be able to maintain a conversation and interest a beautiful girl. The first impression was formed, it is positive, but then it is necessary to warm up interest further. What do girls like? Beautiful romantic stories, fashionable things, jewelry, gifts and, of course, fluffy kittens. For each of these topics, you can have an interesting story or prepared anecdotes in your arsenal.

Note to the guys! It is very important to be interested in the girl herself and her inner world! It is advisable to prepare for yourself a list of questions that you can unobtrusively ask a lady, forcing her to reveal her character and true nature!

It is advisable to tell a little about yourself and the story should be with bright accents. For example, to tell you that he always won school volleyball competitions or took first place at the regional mathematics olympiad many times. To consolidate the impression, tell that you often look after the younger sister and help dad with the construction of the cottage.

Each interesting story about yourself is a coin in the piggy bank of love relationships! But do not pull the blanket over yourself much, 80% attention should be paid to the lady, namely, her family, friends, interests and sweet romantic dreams.

And most importantly - do not be afraid of a new acquaintance! According to popular wisdom, it is better to do and regret than not to do and regret. Even if you can’t make a long relationship, then there will be something to remember! Another wisdom teaches - bad experience is also experience, and numerous training in practice will certainly lead a man to success on a love front!

Attract attention

To attract attention, you need to use unconventional behavior. For example, to block the road to a cute stranger with a guitar in his hands and sing a song. You can read poetry, give a flower, a balloon, a soft toy. Cross her road with a banner. To play a mimic scene. To meet, walking an ostrich puppet. Sprinkle confetti (then shake and apologize). Ask to sign a protest, etc., etc. Now you don’t really have to think about what to say to the girl when you meet. A conversation, which, after a performance, which caused a stranger to smile, will go easily and naturally.

Approach the girl correctly

If a potential girlfriend is interested in a guy, you need to go up and say directly everything that you wanted or was thought up in advance. The first phrases aimed at solving the question of how to get to know a girl can be short. Movement should be calm and confident, and speech - leisurely. Do not grab the representative of the fair sex by the hands, try to violate her personal space.

If you can’t attract attention, you can go up behind and call her “Beauty!” Or “Princess!” Ninety percent of women will turn around, but only her eyes will meet those of a fan.

Start a conversation

Any topic is suitable for a conversation, the main thing is to think ahead of possible continuations in order not to let the monosyllabic "no" break the contact. If you don’t have enough imagination to come up with an original beginning, the commonplace “how to get to the library” or “what beautiful eyes you have” will do. No need to rush, expressing everything at once, the speech should be calm, polite, with a smile on his lips, but long pauses do not fit. Tired of expecting continuation, a young lady can leave, then she will have to start all over again, but with a different stranger.

You should not start a conversation after taking alcohol. The probability of failure is higher, the impression is worse, there is a risk of falling into the hands of law enforcement agencies.

Develop communication

Communication should be developed according to a predetermined scenario. Improvisation is the result of careful preparation, so it’s worth making more efforts to come up with two or three fallbacks. You can offer a beautiful stranger to conduct her (so that no one offends, of course!), Invite him to a cafe, a movie, an amusement park, to his club. In a conversation you can joke, fool around. It is not advisable to tell jokes, ask questions about relationships with other men.

Continuing communication, you should tell about yourself - give a name and share what a new acquaintance attracted his attention. A story about work and hobbies in your free time fits perfectly into the communication format. You can’t forget to take an interest in the girl’s life: where she studies or works, what she does in her free time.

Have a desire and the right attitude

Knowledge of psychology will help to cope with the task. By tuning in to the consent of a person, you can actually achieve it. The female gender feels internal self-doubt at a subconscious level, and the winner’s mood will help to capture the guy’s confidence. Female representatives like the winners and then the question of how to get to know a girl on the street will disappear.

To increase confidence, you need to go out on the streets more often and talk to strangers of different sex and age. After several days of training, the guy will understand that the vast majority of people are well-disposed, and will be more confident in contacting young strangers.

Common mistakes

A serious but not fatal mistake is the ability to scare. Such embarrassment can immediately destroy almost all chances of getting to know each other. If you succeed in meeting you, it will become a joke for many years and, possibly, will come in handy many years later to refresh the relationship.

Another miscalculation is sloppy, which is also not fatal, and in some cases even justified. If a young man returns from work (dirty production), from a garage (repaired a bike), from a hike, then you should immediately report this and dispel the suspicion of sloppiness. Most women tend to forgive such things.

Other errors consist in rude conversation, the use of profanity, the demonstration of antisocial behavior, and the manifestation of cruelty. Not all strangers will react negatively to the above shortcomings, but whether it is worth starting a relationship with such persons, only the guy himself can decide.

What can I say to interest: examples of successful phrases

Some phrases really work better than others, although the main ones still remain the behavior and appearance of the young man. An untidy guy can read poetry and be denied. A tidy young man will give a trivial compliment and get a girl’s phone number. But here are a few phrases suitable for an unfamiliar beauty:

  1. Girl! Your walk is incredibly graceful! I would appreciate it if you could help me find my way to the nearest bookstore.
  2. Help me deal with pizza! (Ice cream, coffee, cake)
  3. No, it can not be! It is you! You are the one that my mother is waiting for!

The first phrase is a compliment and a request for help. Instead of a bookstore, there may be another institution (for example, an emergency room), the main thing is to persuade a stranger to walk with a guy. Further depends on the ability to maintain a conversation and like.

The second phrase is the willingness to share food with a future girlfriend. It includes subconscious instincts of perception of a man as a getter. Young people should remember this and do not forget to “feed” their girlfriend. Naturally, pizza, ice cream, other food should be available, and the guy’s hands should be clean.

The third phrase stimulates the long-standing desire of beautiful ladies to get married. It has not yet penetrated the subconscious, but this is for the better, because the issue of marriage is not yet addressed.

Acquaintance with the preposition

To make it more difficult to refuse a young man such a trifle as acquaintance, you can use some simple trick that would hold her close for a while. Such an excuse could be a request to spend somewhere, to help with something.

You can ask a new acquaintance to hold a purse or folder with papers, while a guy, for example, removes a kitten from a tree or helps an old woman cross the road. In general, while he is busy with the necessary, important business. This business should not take the young man far from the subject of his desires, therefore tactics should be carefully considered. As for the lady, she will most likely be sympathetic to the noble masculine impulse and easier to come closer.

In the process of providing assistance, a young man gets acquainted and takes a phone number from a stranger.

Such requests require an unfamiliar beauty to have free time or a high level of altruism.

Original acquaintance

There may be many options for an original acquaintance on the street. It is all a matter of fantasy. You can inflate a lot of balloons, cut off a slice of pizza, pick up a kitten, ask to hold an ad.

However, do not overdo it. Crossing the road of a walking lady in a steep car with a drive on the sidewalk can have far-reaching consequences or become another mistake.

Other options

The best option would be to track where she lives, work or study, to watch her from afar, to develop an impeccable plan for organizing a meeting, possibly involving other people. In this case, phrases can also be used to meet a girl on the street. If tracking and strategy development seems complicated, it’s best to choose another stranger.

So, there are really many opportunities to meet a new girlfriend on the street. To bring fantasies to life, you need to include your imagination and think through a plan of action. No need to be afraid, then everything will be successful.

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