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Choosing a Moser hair clipper: everything you need to know!

Professional stylists and ordinary users should know how to choose a quality tool. Moser brand products are intended for use in salons and at home. A high-quality machine used to cut female and male hair from Moser will appeal to everyone, but experts and users will tell you which model to choose.

Rotary models

The devices are powered by a powerful motor and are designed for heavy loads. They practically do not make noise, they are distinguished by productivity and durability. The maximum power of the rotor built into the device is 45 watts. The constant cooling system eliminates overheating of the machine. Rotary models are extensively equipped, suitable for cutting hard or thick hair.

The benefits of operating devices include:

  • almost silent work
  • lack of vibrations
  • compact size and comfortable position in the hand,
  • ease of use by a professional and a novice,
  • several knives in the kit - standard, for edging and curly haircuts.
Important! Knives are installed in the case only if the machine is connected to the network.

Battery cars

They work on the principle of mixed power - on battery or on mains. They are compact and have a small power of about 12 watts. They have a built-in charge level indication. Full discharge occurs after 60-100 hours. Cordless machines are used for hair with any length and stiffness.

Models of clippers have several advantages:

  • light weight and ease of use,
  • quick change of knives and nozzles,
  • lack of wire eliminates the discomfort of work,
  • minimum noise level
  • full charge - after 45 minutes,
  • mobility and ease of transportation.

Among the shortcomings of the models is the need for an additional purchase of the battery.

Advice! When working with devices, try to fully discharge the battery.

Tools with anchor motors

The design of Moser cars provides for the location of the engine and movable fishing in the center of the hull. The principle of operation is to strengthen the knife with the motor and move in different directions.

The benefits of anchor devices include:

  • lack of vibration
  • long operational period
  • assembly reliability
  • increased reinforcement of the knife part.

Among the shortcomings of the machines is the extension of the knife stroke for a high-quality cut and its low speed.

Advice! For the anchor machine, you must additionally purchase guides and clamping parts.

Unique brand technology

Moser is a high-quality machine designed for cutting male and female hair. The manufacturer implements several technologies:

  • the design of the knife block, eliminating the ingress of hair,
  • MultiClick - change the length parameters in several movements,
  • batteries with long battery life,
  • noise reduction system
  • long power cord
  • Magic Blade - a professional knife block,

Devices are intended for professional and domestic use.

Advantages and disadvantages

Moser produces high-quality and technological hairdressing tools. They are distinguished by reliability, functionality and a number of other advantages:

  • long battery life without recharging,
  • convenience of movement due to a long cord,
  • hair cut quality due to a large number of revolutions,
  • minimum charge time for battery models,
  • lack of noise and vibration,
  • easy removal of the knife block for cleaning and care.
  • high-quality chrome steel blades.

Among the minuses of hairdressing devices:

  • the blades have no self-sharpening option,
  • available without vacuum suction system,
  • Not all models have beard trim and trim options.
Important! Due to the small size, it’s convenient to fix the machine in your hand for modeling hairstyles.

Budget models

Inexpensive devices that will delight novice stylists.

Premium models

What kind of Moser machine will be better than all representatives of the luxury line? Check out device features!

1400-0051 Classic

Model for 1.6 thousand rubles. differs in universality and cuts on a length of 0.1-18 mm. In 1 minute, the motor performs 6,000 revolutions. Its power is 10 watts. The machine is powered from the network. Blades are made of stainless steel. The adjustment mechanism can operate in 7 positions. 2 m cable. 2 nozzles, oil, brush and protective cover included.

  • cuts hard hair
  • suitable for home use,
  • overheat protection option,
  • good cut speed
  • almost silent work.

  • massiveness
  • it’s difficult to get used to the position in the hand,
  • vibrations during the cutting process.
1400-0053 Edition

Professional tool at an average price of 2.2 thousand rubles. with stainless steel blades. Thanks to the MultiClick option, the hair length is adjustable in 5 modes - from 0.1 to 3 mm. Power comes from the network. The power of the oscillating motor is 10 W, the number of rotations per minute is 6000. The cable is 2 m long. Noise is 50 dB. The kit includes 2 nozzles, brush, oil, instructions.

  • professional use without time limits,
  • low noise
  • convenient adjustment of the length of the haircut,
  • good cut quality,
  • does not cling to the skin.

Cons: vibrates during operation.

1400-0086 Professional

Model for 3 thousand rubles. Designed for professional hairdressers. Powered by mains power. Knives are made of stainless steel. The kit includes 2 nozzles, a brush, a cap and oil. The length of the haircut is adjustable from 1 to 18 mm.

  • convenient blade distance - 46 mm,
  • powerful engine
  • comfortable cut switch
  • silent work.

Cons: Vibrates violently.

Middle price segment

The machine designed for cutting hair from the company Moser, has well-thought-out functionality and affordable price.

1660-0460 TrendCut

Semi-professional device with a 20 W rotary motor for 4.8 thousand rubles. equipped with a knife block made of alloy steel. The case is black. In 1 minute, the machine makes 6400 revolutions. It belongs to the combined types - it works from the mains or battery. The cable length is 3 m. A complete discharge of the battery occurs after 75 minutes, it takes 14 hours to charge. It is completed with a quick-detachable knife device, 6 nozzles, a peignoir, scissors, a brush and oil.

  • variation of haircut length from 3 to 25 mm,
  • good grinding of knives
  • two-color indication
  • a light weight,
  • comfortable in the hand
  • no discomfort when touching the skin.

Cons: if not used for a long time - discharges.

1400-0268 Edition

Semi-professional tool for almost 5 thousand rubles. Adjustment of haircuts at 6 positions is carried out by the MultiClick system. Induction pendulum motor makes 6000 rpm. The machine is powered by a cable with a length of 2 m. Its power is 10 watts. It is completed with 2 nozzles, brushes and oil. The cutting height ranges from 0.7 to 19 mm.

  • reliability and usability,
  • haircut adjustment in 6 positions,
  • almost silent
  • Suitable for professionals and beginners.

  • few nozzles
  • applies only to simple hairstyles,
  • vibrates.
1881-0051 EasyStyle

Comfortable and functional machine at an average price of 6.4 thousand rubles. The rotary motor provides fast speed from the mains or battery. There is a charge indicator light. The battery is fully charged in 90 minutes. The knife block from stainless steel, is completed with nozzles for length from 3 to 25 mm.

  • suitable for women's hairstyles, modeling of mustache and beard, grooming cats and dogs,
  • charging station combined with stand,
  • light indication of the battery level,
  • convenient use
  • good energy intensity
  • does not vibrate and does not make noise.

  • nozzles can slip off
  • the cost of buying a knife for edging,
  • heating the knife device.
1874-0050 Genio Pro

Professional tool for 10.6 thousand rubles. It is equipped with a quick-detachable Li-Ion battery pack. In offline mode, shears for up to 75 minutes. The rotary motor makes 5300 revolutions per minute. Knife block 46 mm wide. A few additional accessories are attached to the machine - 2 batteries, an adapter for the network, a base stand, nozzles from 3 to 12 mm, a brush and an oiler with oil. The noise of the model is 60 dB.

  • There is a quick charge option,
  • minimum level of heating and vibration,
  • work with hair of any stiffness,
  • lightweight body does not slip in the hands,
  • Beautiful design.

  • noisy when cutting
  • there is no option to remember the program.
1871-0071 Chrom Style Pro

Lightweight and powerful model for 9 thousand rubles. can be used at home and in the cabin. Speed ​​control is carried out using a microprocessor. The lithium-ion battery lasts up to 90 minutes, sound is heard during discharge. Magic Blade knife lever with lever control. The machine is equipped with 4 nozzles, a brush and oil.

  • recharging on a stand or from the mains,
  • ease of maintenance and cleaning of the knife block,
  • light weight and comfort of use,
  • lack of slip
  • the ability to cut any hair, beard and mustache,
  • almost does not vibrate and does not make noise.

  • low performance
  • no edging nozzle for cutting temples,
  • flimsy stand.
1886-0050 NEO

Semi-professional stylish machine for 8.4 thousand rubles. The cutting height of the knife block is adjustable from 0.7 to 3 mm. Powered by battery or mains. Finishing knife blade unit is replaced by Quick Change technology. The motor makes 5000 revolutions per minute, its power reaches 20 watts. The kit includes an adapter, 4 nozzles, a storage case, a brush and oil.

  • ease of use at home,
  • good power
  • does not make noise during the work,
  • convenient removable heads,
  • excellent haircut quality.

  • the functionality is justified for the trimmer,
  • slight vibrations.
1884-0050 Li + Pro

A machine for professional hairdressers, which costs about 13 thousand rubles. The knife block has the ability to adjust the cut 0.7-3 mm. The microprocessor speed controller provides the convenience of cutting with a low charge. The battery is a lithium-ion type, the motor is rotary with a power of 20 watts. Rotational speed - 5200 revolutions per minute. The kit includes 6 nozzles, brush, charging, cable, AC adapter.

  • multi-stage charge indication
  • long service life
  • sharp knives without heating,
  • Ease of use,
  • suitable for cutting beards,
  • minimum noise level.

  • no bag for storing accessories,
  • it is inconvenient to cut short hair.

Expert Advice When Buying Moser Clippers

  1. The EasyStyle series includes the smallest and lightest models with combined power,
  2. The Li Pro line has a five-step cutoff adjustment, the Primat has a low noise level of the vibrator motor,
  3. Removable knife blocks are easier to maintain,
  4. Machines with a motor power of up to 15 W operate continuously for 10-20 minutes,
  5. Battery models are best used for edging,
  6. The standard width of the knives is 32, 46 and 41 mm, for curly haircuts you will need blades with a width of 6-6.5 mm,
  7. Diamond spraying and titanium soldering are convenient for working with wet hair,
  8. For professional use, a rotary machine with a cooling system and combined power supply is suitable,
  9. The price of the instrument depends on the number of options,
  10. Extendable nozzles are the most compact.

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