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What is a Hollywood beard and how to make it

As women use make-up and hairstyles as a weapon to conquer the opposite sex, just as men have a weapon is their beard. Many dudes consider the beard to be a fashion accessory for those men who focus on a sense of style and masculinity. Today, every man can show his individuality, choosing for himself a suitable look of a beard.

Especially popular is the Scottish beard, which in unofficial circles is also called the beard of Abraham Lincoln. This great politician from the first day of his reign to its very end was everywhere shown only with a certain style of beard, which today is called the Scottish beard. Today, the beard of an American politician is comparable to the densely shaped skipper beard.

What is a Scottish beard?

Skipper beard is familiar to almost all modern beard lovers, but the Scottish beard can be considered its alternative, which is more dense. This beard does not have certain standards and precise lines. Thanks to this, a Scottish beard is more often worn by men who value freedom of action and the ability to independently choose one or another image.

To understand how a Scottish beard can look, you can view a photo:

What does a Hollywood beard look like?

Hollywood or Brett's beard got its name because of its popularity with film actors in the 30s of the twentieth century. She emphasized the masculinity of the main characters in films about gangsters, cowboys and police. Gradually, such heroes disappeared from television screens, they were replaced by smooth-shaven faces. The beard received a new round of popularity after 2016, when many media personalities acquired it.

This model is distinguished by naturalness: a short beard and mustache are connected by jumpers on the sides of the mouth and turn into sideburns, growing from the temples down.

With its help, an image of a “real man” is created - with a heavy and wide lower jaw and dense facial hair. A wide mustache flanks the lips, the vegetation on the chin emphasizes or hides it and connects with the hair on the head.

A classic Brett is obtained under the following conditions:

  • The upper border is a clear, even line with a smooth transition from sideburns down. Hair covers the lower third of the face. Depending on the type of hair and the shape of the face, it can be wider or narrower, but should not cover more than half of the cheek.
  • Lower border - the hair completely covers the lower jaw and upper neck, not reaching an Adam's apple 2-2.5 cm. The lower line requires special attention, since too high will spoil the impression, giving the person too intense and unnatural appearance. And if the border drops to the middle of the neck or lower, the image will turn out to be too messy and unkempt.
  • The length varies - someone chooses a long mustache and beard, while someone leaves 3-5 mm of length.

The option without a sideburn is popular, the cheeks and whiskey are smoothly shaved, in this option the haircut looks well-groomed and stylish. In the classic version, it is also important to monitor the cleanliness of the remaining parts of the face and neck, the growing bristles will completely ruin the impression of the image.

Who will suit Bretta?

Bretta is a fairly versatile model, the abundance of haircut options makes it easy to choose the right one and use it to emphasize or “hide” certain features.

A square beard “makes it heavier” and visually enlarges the lower jaw, so it suits men with a small, long or sharp chin, a triangular or rectangular face.

This model should be abandoned for men with square and round faces and heavy, prominent lower jaws, as with such a frame the lower part of their face will look even more massive.

Brett can help: visually reduce a long, expand a narrow and increase a small, round chin.

It is worth paying attention to the width of the mustache: a thin, “clear” mustache will emphasize the lips, make them more expressive, draw attention to them.

A thick mustache hiding lips will help to focus on the upper part of the face, visually make the eyes larger and more expressive.

Short “stubble” looks great on narrow faces. A beard longer than 3-5 mm is more demanding of the general image - massive, tall men with large faces harmoniously and naturally look with them.

It is possible to understand whether such a model is suitable or not with the help of computer modeling - “try on” various options to face: change the length, width of the mustache or density.

How to make a beard

They make a Hollywood beard in the salon or on their own, but to get it you need preliminary preparation.

How to make a Hollywood beard:

  • Prepare face
  • Grow for 1-1.5 months
  • Form a haircut yourself or with the help of a wizard.

Face preparation

Before starting to grow any beard, you need to make sure that there are no rashes, acne, acne or any other signs of an acute disease on the face. Do not try to cover them - growing hair will irritate inflamed skin, and it will become much more difficult to care for rashes in the vegetation. Do not forget about aesthetics - no beard will look beautiful surrounded by inflamed skin, acne or blackheads. If there are rashes on the face, you need to get rid of them and only then grow hair.

Beard growing

For one and a half months, facial hair should grow the way she wants it. It doesn’t always look beautiful, but the only way to grow a sufficient length and width of hair on the cheeks, chin and neck. Natural growth will provide an opportunity to understand how hair grows, its density, color, uniformity and other nuances. Sometimes it’s better to immediately abandon the idea of ​​growing a beard, for example, with too thin hair, a large amount of gray hair or growing uneven shreds of vegetation.

This time can be quite difficult - growing hair pricks the skin, causes irritation, and the protruding “shreds” look untidy and ugly.

Step-by-step instruction

To make a Hollywood beard yourself, you need to prepare a clipper, trimmer or electric shaver, a dangerous razor, scissors, shaving gel and a good mirror.

Cutting a beard on your own is quite difficult. There is always the danger of cutting it asymmetrically or shaving a large piece, so it is better to shave in small sections, strictly from the outer borders inward.

  1. Rinse thoroughly with shampoo and blow dry your hair - do not neglect this step, well-washed hair is easier to cut. It is important to dry them well before cutting, damp hair can curl, do not fit properly and after drying everything will look different.
  2. Comb by hair growth.
  3. Determine where the upper border will go - when making a Hollywood beard, it is better to make the border 2-3 cm below the cheekbone line, parallel to the growth of facial hair.

General tips

When cutting, you need to keep your head straight, do not pull it into your shoulders and do not tilt it to the sides or forward. This will help to avoid distortions in the haircut and make the lines more even and symmetrical.

If there is no experience in cutting a beard, it is better to cut the hair gradually, starting with the longest trimmer length and gradually reducing it. When using a trimmer with a minimum length, you can shorten your hair too much or make bald spots on your skin.

For a haircut, you need to choose the right tools. It depends on their quality how quickly and accurately it will be possible to complete a haircut and how a beard will look. You can make a neat haircut with the machine under the nozzle, but this requires experience and the ability to immediately cut “clean”.

When choosing a trimmer, preference should be given to models with several nozzles of different lengths. Even for trimming a beard of the same length, several nozzles are needed - for a beard, mustache, trimming borders and so on. Trimmers with a single blade length can be used to trim an already finished beard, trimmed in the cabin, but with their help you can not make a full haircut.

For haircuts, special hairdressing scissors are needed - tailor's or stationery's will not work. Scissors should be sharp, clean and well oiled.

Is it hard to keep track of the beard

To make a Hollywood beard look stylish and neat, you need to look after it. Care depends on the color and thickness of the hair. Light and thin are less noticeable against the background of the skin, they do not stand out and such a beard can be less evened and its length adjusted. Dark and thick hair looks more courageously and brutally, but requires constant care.

  • Every 5-7 days to cut a beard and mustache - during this time the hair grows by 2-3 mm. Using a trimmer or scissors, it is necessary to “flatten” the beard, preventing it from becoming too long and thick.
  • Every day or every 2 days to smooth the borders - the bristles below and above the hairline should be controlled. Even a short bristle will make the image sloppy and untidy.
  • Wash at least every morning and every evening - do not use soap or shampoo. They can greatly dry the face and hair, it is better to buy a gel for washing or a special tool with a neutral pH.
  • In the morning and during the day, comb - if the length is more than 3-5 mm, this must be done several times a day. Then the hair will look more well-groomed and grow better.
  • Use special care products - use wax or special oil to lay it. A few drops of oil applied to the hair, provide nutrition to the bulbs, relieve dandruff and dry skin. The amount of oil depends on the length and density of the hair - they should not look greasy and glossy. Wax is used to style your hair in one direction and align the line.

Caring for the bretta may seem difficult, but paying enough attention to it - combing, removing excess hair and trimming once a week and the beard will look great.

If there is no desire to care for the Bretta yourself, it is enough to visit the salon once every two weeks and shave off excess hair as it grows.

Brett requires men to be especially careful when eating - they are easily stuck in pieces of food or drops.

Celebrities with Brett

Hollywood beard remains a fashion trend for many celebrities. Someone “transfers” it from the screens of cinema to real life, while for others it helps to correct facial features or emphasize their masculinity and originality. Note the most popular styles of "wearing" such beards.

Among the happy "owners" of the Bretta are Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr., George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Jude Law and many others.

Ryan Reynolds a beard helped mask a pointed chin, and emphasize the upper part of the face.

Justin Timberlake with the help of Bretta, on the contrary, he hid the heavy lower part of the face, making it softer and more romantic.

Jude Law with its help, he completely changed his image - from a romantic hero into a self-confident, charismatic man.

A Hollywood beard is a great way to change the look, emphasize or hide your chin and give yourself a personality.

Form universality

The history of this type of haircut initially dictated only the density in the lower part of the face. It was such a trait that helped Abraham Lincoln transform a thin face into a more thorough one. The American politician did not wear a mustache.

But in the modern form of the beard, a deviation from the classical version is increasingly noted: either a mustache giving up by an “anchor” will be added, or just straight, barely noticeable lines above the lip will appear.

At the turn of the 19th – 20th centuries, the style was cut differently in this style: the shape under the jaw varied from slightly round to completely square.

The most famous carriers of the past

The Scottish beard appealed to many public figures of the past. After its introduction into the general style of the inhabitants of the White House, the following personalities tried to imitate the Lincoln image in different years:

  • Herman Melville (creator of Moby Dick) became bearded in the early years of writing,
  • Brigham Young, theorist and ideologist of the theory of polygamy in the USA,
  • Alexander Mackenzie, Second Prime Minister of Canada,
  • Paul Kruger, one of the presidents of South Africa
  • inventor and successful industrialist Peter Cooper.

Modern fashion

Today, the Scottish woman is considered a kind of anachronism. However, she is found as a variant of a full full beard with a mustache.

More often this type is chosen by men - adherents of Islam, since for religious reasons this form without a mustache is preferable for them. Some famous contemporaries decide to experiment with appearance without any zealous beliefs:

  • Vadim Chernobrov, traveler, writer, ufologist number 1 in Russia was the owner of thick tanks and the lower part of the beard,
  • Robert Throws, an actor from the final release of the Twin Peaks trilogy, acting as a warlike lumberjack. His image copies the motives of the style of Abraham Lincoln,
  • Martin Short, a Canadian actor, a comedian, also tried on himself an average version of the Scotch,
  • Zabut Magomedsharipov, a domestic athlete in the category of “fights without rules” wears an almost classic variation, sometimes diluted with a mustache or “fly” under the lower lip.

These people made their choice in the direction of the Scotch, as it is intended to make the image hyper-brutal, tough, to show the man’s commitment to traditional foundations.

It is believed that Hollywood stars - Ben Affleck, Leo DiCaprio - were also fans of a short Scottish beard. Having looked at their photos in different years, we can say that the shape of their haircuts only vaguely resembles the original source.

Method number 2. Machine and trimmer

  1. First, grow a full beard (allowed with a mustache), decide on the edges of the future haircut. Cut unwanted growth on the cheeks, above and under the lip below, with regular regularity.
  2. Manipulating the 4 mm nozzle, trim the hair along the entire length of the jaw. Using a trimmer without a nozzle along the outlined contours of the bottom and tanks, shave the strip from the ear to the chin as wide as possible. Continue to destroy the hairline over the completed line. It will be correct to direct the device up from the top of our horizontal. If you want a shorter option, proceed to correct the length of the Adam's apple. With a detailed trimmer, holding it at a right angle, remove or trim the mustache area near the lips.
  3. Using a trimmer, do not hesitate to change the various rotations of the knife and the device itself. It is easier to draw the upper borders first, and then proceed to the lower ones. Take a comb in allies, it will act as an element for controlling lines. With it, the entire plane of the knife is used without problems, for example, in the design of tanks and side parts of cheeks. In the classic version of “Lincoln” (the so-called beard style) in the lower segment, you should forget about the electric shaver, because in the source code the hairline has grown and is thick.

The master works better with scissors, for this reason it is more reasonable to consult a specialist so as not to become the owner of a torn “jewelry”.

Care Rules

Before growing, it is useful to determine the growth rate of your hair, assess its density and probable problems with the epidermis. To see this for yourself, you only need to grow a small stubble. Is the result so-so? There are several ways to resolve the issue:

  1. Every morning comb the beard hairs, wash at least 2 times a week.
  2. Try diet food, only without a shadow of fanaticism. It is enough to replace fast food and fatty, spicy, smoked with something nutritious, but not stimulating the sebaceous glands and seborrhea.
  3. Vitaminization (fish oil, biotin and group B) has a beneficial effect on growth.
  4. Think about mastering the power sports skills. Such training stimulates the production of testosterone.
  5. Barbershop offers oils with a caring effect. Bristles grow strenuously and from special masks, which are not at all like women's gadgets. They are even made from the home range: add red pepper extracts, ginger powder or shavings to burdock oil. Craftsmen adapted to the business even mustard powder and cognac.

Tartan requires regular trim.

The easiest way is to use an electric shaver with a 4 mm nozzle. To prevent lines from blurring, track the growth of the bristles near the Adam's apple and near the ears.

After using the razor in some places, go over the skin lotion after rinsing your face first.

It’s easy to take care of this type of haircut: it’s enough several times a month (depending on the owner’s hair growth rate) to adjust the growing parts in any way possible, monitor the antennae and clean them

. For a neat look, wash it with shampoo or soap suitable for the scalp according to general recommendations. A way out can be a dry shampoo if the vegetation has become greasy in appearance. Swipe the stick along the surface of the hair, and then comb out the product as indicated on the jar.

How to do?

To create a Lincoln beard, special skills in modeling a beard are not required. For starters, a man can visit a barbershop and there a specialist will show him the technology of cutting and shaving such a beard. You can practice at home. To create an image of a Scottish beard, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. First you need to grow a full beard, and possibly a mustache, as a man desires. True plaid was originally made without a mustache, but today the mustache fashion is back.
  2. Then, using a machine, the beard is trimmed with a level of 4 mm.
  3. Now along the line of the chin and jaw you need to visually draw a contour. Shave hair along this contour, leaving a wide strip from the ear to the chin.
  4. On the cheeks above this line, all vegetation must be completely eliminated from the bottom up.
  5. Using a razor, they remove hair under the chin on the neck, but not to touch the line of the beard.
  6. Using a trimmer, the mustache is aligned around the mouth and under the nose. In this case, it is important to keep the trimmer at a right angle in order to perform the most even shave. If the nose has long hairs, they are also removed to create a neat appearance.

Advice! A Lincoln beard or a Scotch was originally supposed to be without a mustache, but today many men prefer to combine this kind of beard with a neat mustache.

A beard is not only a man’s accessory, but also his ability to have a well-groomed and stylish appearance. And to maintain attractiveness, the beard needs special care.

A Scotswoman requires regular adjustment by a machine to the desired level, in this case we are talking about 4 mm.

The bristles around the beard should also shave off as needed to maintain sharp lines.

Experts recommend conducting hygiene procedures twice a day - in the morning when washing and in the evening while swimming. You need to wash your beard with cosmetics or a simple soap.

After each meal, the beard should be examined for crumbs and other food debris. If the food was greasy, it is better to wash the beard with soap.

And so that the vegetation takes the desired shape, you can use wax or gel to lay it.

Famous Scottish Beard Carriers

In narrow circles, the beard of Abraham Lincoln is called a screen, in Spain it was associated with cultural progress in the 70s of the last century. Today, Amish's married men are considered to be the most typical wearers of a Scottish beard. Among the popular personalities who liked the Scotch, one can distinguish:

  • young Herman Melville,
  • Transvaal President Paul Kruger,
  • Peter Cooper is the creator of the American steam train,
  • Brigham Young
  • Alexander Mackenzie

But the founder of the beard is still considered President of America Lincoln. Of modern stars, Ben Affleck, Jordan Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio and others most often flashed with such a beard. In general, experts consider this beard to be the most common among modern men and universal, since it rarely may not suit anyone.


The Scottish beard was originally introduced by the 16th President of America Abraham Lincoln, in connection with which she is still called the Lincoln beard.

The barbers called her a screen among themselves, since this type of beard really well disguises any imperfections in the appearance and asymmetry of the face.

Men of all ages and styles in the image can wear this type of vegetation on their faces due to its versatility.


What kinds of beards are there? Overview with photo examples

A beard and mustache is a kind of stylish accessory of appearance that makes a person more attractive, intelligent. Oh, how much I was tormented until I picked up the design - the spouse swept the most options. At work, they were often surprised at the constant change of image. Types of male beards now have dozens of styles. With the help of numerous types and haircuts of beards for men, you can express individuality, as well as give a certain “zest” and a riddle.

And if only a few years ago a steep beard was associated only with hipsters, now the very concept of “hipster beard” is used less and less, and more and more young people are interested in the types of mustache and beard designs. True, the question "why do we need a mustache" is being asked by more and more young men.

It is not difficult to become a brutal bearded man, but some time and effort will be required to determine the shape and length. What kind to choose so that it correlates with your image and evokes the approval of others?

Determine the type of person

The first step is to determine the type of face:

  • Oval. Absolutely any design will suit young people with this look. You can experiment and not worry,
  • Diamond shaped. Representatives of this type of facial features need to be softened by focusing on the lower part - dense vegetation is suitable. You can think of the style of "screen", or "wolverine", named after the hero of the same film,
  • Oblong. Such a face looks elongated, so you can not choose long options. But a horseshoe-shaped haircut or whiskers will do,
  • Round. Chubby, on the contrary, want to visually make the face longer. In this case, we advise them to grow goatee, goatee beard or massive stubble from temple to temple (read how to quickly grow stubble). But the king’s beard must be avoided,
  • Square. This face shape needs to be done a little softer, so you need to choose a beard that runs along the chin. And here you can not overdo it with dense vegetation. Hollywood beard or skipper beard - those stylish men's beards that fit here,
  • Triangular. The owners of such a person dream of visually increasing their chin. Here they will be helped by a square or rounded shape, as well as a Balbo beard,
  • Heart. Attractive whiskers and an overgrown chin will mask the flaws of this type of face.

So, if you determine the type of face, then the next step is to determine the thickness and length of the vegetation. Owners of blond hair can afford a dense frame, but dark ones are smaller.

Growth also plays a role in choosing a beard and mustache style. Tall young people can choose wide, thick views, but low ones - a modest and neat hairstyle.

Men with medium height will use something averaged.

Having studied what beards are, and having decided on the shape of the face, your growth and color of your hair, you need to be patient and proceed.

And we also have a beard selection service online.

Start of growing

  • stop shaving
  • after 15 days, carefully examine the changed face in the area of ​​the mustache and beard - in which areas the hairs grow better, what kind of shape looms,
  • identify the areas where the hairs grow better, and what shape they have - male bristles grow unevenly,
  • mentally visualize the design that you plan to finally see on your face,
  • if necessary, grow further to the length you need,
  • you can independently adjust the beard in order to give it the desired shape. This will help a mirror, cream or shaving gel, comb, scissors, hair clipper. But it’s better at this stage to trust a specialist, and in the future only to adjust and correct the form,
  • beauty salons and barbershops now widely offer the service of computer 3D-modeling of beards and mustaches. Your photo is uploaded to a special program, and together with the stylish haircut master you choose the perfect one for yourself. On the screen there is an opportunity to see in advance how your appearance will change with this or that type of bristle on your face. Soon, such a program will appear on our website. Come and check the top menu - maybe everything is ready 🙂 A professional consultant will also give tips on how to cut a beautiful hair or how to shave a beard, how to grow a mustache, where to make a model beard haircut, show photos and names of different designs, what types of beard haircuts are, will help to understand all these complex names and varieties: chinstrap, skipper beard, tartan, espanola, rogie beard knot, canadian, spanish.

Common beard species

What beards are in fashion now. Consider the world TOP:

  1. Classical Ideal vegetation in its standard sense of the word. To grow it, stock up on time and patience. First you just need to grow your hair (4-5 weeks) and only then try to give it the desired shape. It is best to cut a beard at a hairdresser or barbershop with a specialist. This master knows the principles of stylish beard haircuts in men. A classic beard is always in fashion.
  2. Balbo Beard. This attractive framing of the face with its own thick hair in the shape of the letter T. The mustache is also quite lush, but does not connect with the beard.
  3. Brett's beard, or Hollywood beard. The main distinguishing feature - the vegetation covers the chin and lower jaw, but does not connect with the whiskers. Photo of what Brett looks like
  4. Goatee Beard. She is also often called the Spanish beard.
    A solid goatee along the entire chin is called van dyke. Here's what Van Dyke Beard looks like and her photo
  5. Chinstrap (Chinstrap), or skipper (boatswain, captain) beard. Outwardly, it looks like a chin strap. This is a thin strip running along the line of the cheeks and chin. Also on the right and left, this line connects to the hair. This beard emphasizes the contour of the face. Below is a photo of a stylish beard for men - chinstrap
  6. Garibaldi's beard. Named after D. Garibaldi, a famous Italian general and political figure of the 19th century. How to do it - leave a wide beard, connected with whiskers, and with a thick beautiful mustache. The maximum length is 20 cm. It goes well with the handlebar mustache. If you decide to choose this type, you may need Minoxidil, because facial hair will need a lot.
  7. The beard of the king. This is a small beard around the mouth, adding to the man's elegance and light chic. Chubby does not go. Another name is the beard of King Henry IV.
  8. Ducktail This beard hairstyle consists of a beautiful massive beard with partially shaved cheeks, sharply tapering under the chin. This style is very rare, but it looks stylish and fashionable. Making a beard and mustache in this case requires a lot of patience and care. And they just look fantastic with this type of beard in men. Hussar mustaches. You will look like a Hollywood actor in all the photos. See Dactail Beard Model Haircut Example
  9. "Box" - a type of beard haircut, in which a wide, in the form of a shovel, vegetation, which will add a "weight category". A cool beard that looks great on powerful tall guys. Have you chosen this type? Then first read how to make a thick beard. The photo looks like a “box”.

Rare beard species

You can do beard styling, as a result of which unusual options appear:

  • a scythe on a beard in the Viking style requires a serious length of vegetation - at least 20 cm. The hair is simply braided into a simple pigtail. You can tie a knot according to the example of Roggy Beard with a knot (the character of the game Skyrim),
  • Afrokos. For this option, only 5 cm of hair is enough. In the classical sense, massive male growth with afro-pigs implies the presence of interweaving of bright colors - threads and ribbons.
  • dreadlocks on the beard. A beard braid can also be made in the form of dreadlocks. But leaving will be more difficult - the dreadlock cannot be dismissed, like a hairdo with pigtails, because this is an artificial tangling of hair.

Types of beards for beardless men

Every day, similar styles without a mustache in men are gaining popularity. Why do we need a mustache? They are able to give any guy masculinity and brutality, hide defects. But beards without a mustache require less care.

Options for those who do not understand why a mustache is needed:

  • the old Dutchman (old dutch). Pretty lush vegetation with a completely shaved upper chin. The length can be infinite. Just make sure that the birds do not make a nest in it,
  • islet (fly). This is a kind of beard in men, in which a tiny area covered with hair is located under the lower lip in the middle,
  • beard without mustache Lincoln, or Scottish. This is a stylish haircut, which is a kind of skipper beard. There is no specific standard on how to cut it correctly, so here the owner can show a creative thought.

If you want your facial hair to look decent and attractive, then they need careful care. The most correct way is to turn to a professional stylist who knows what haircuts and beards are, beautiful mustaches, beard and mustache styles and how to make a beard neat.

But if you decide to take care of the shape, length and contour yourself, then first of all you need to buy a trimmer. Remember that no matter what your face frames - goatee, skipper beard, hipster beard, Mexican, Spanish beard, pigtail on the knot - this is part of your fashionable image, which means the key to success in building a successful career and making new contacts.

What kinds of beards are there? Overview with photo examples Link to main publication

Beard Styles | Full beard

| Full beard

The popularity of the beard reached new heights in the 2010s, and the diversity of its styles could well compete with the variety of men's hairstyles. According to statistics, more than half of the adult male population of the Earth once wore a beard or mustache, and every 20 wears at the current time.

Why not? After all, a beard is the best and most natural symbol of masculinity, at least until you let the beard grow uncontrollably.

Many bearded men go a very long way in forming their beard, in choosing exactly the style that best suits their face shape and is exactly that cherry on the cake that completes the desired image.

The differences of some styles at first glance are very slight, while others differ dramatically. Underestimated, classic, modern, woodcutter, Old Russian ... no matter what style you are looking for, there are styles that will suit any face shape and satisfy every taste.Let's start by describing the general types of beard, and then move on to specific styles.

The term “Partial Beard” is not clearly defined, but basically it refers to any facial hair (including a mustache) that covers only part of the places where a beard usually grows (area under the lower lip, chin, lower jaw, cheeks and cheekbones ) A partial beard may extend up to the ear area, may include a mustache, may be any length from bristles or more.

Any style where hair grows on the cheeks, lower jaw, extends to the ears and covers the face from the chin up to the cheekbones usually refers to a full beard. A full beard can be very short, for example, 3-5 day stubble. A full beard typically includes a mustache that usually connects to a beard.

As you can see from these definitions, the length of the beard hair does not matter when defining a “Partial” or “Full” beard. Most styles can be divided into one or another type, but still more often the style is understood as the shape of a beard, and it is long. Moreover, many styles can be combined to create truly limitless variations.

Describing all the styles is not only extremely time-consuming, but also makes little sense. Below we will try to describe the 37 most popular styles.

Partial Beard / Mustache

Pencil Beard Style

Just a very narrow, short line (like a pencil) above the upper lip. The "Pencil" mustache is usually slightly twisted upward at the tips.

Dali Beard Style

This style is reminiscent of the pencil style. Very tightly twisted as far as possible to the center of the mustache. The tips of the mustache are twisted up. The beard, or rather the mustache, got its name in honor of the world famous painter Salvador Dali, who wore this type of mustache.

Beard Style "Policeman"

The stereotypical style of the policeman of the 70s. The "police" style is more widespread than the "pencil", with ends that do not extend beyond the line of the lips.

  1. Bicycle Wheel Style

Beard Style Bicycle Handlebar

In this style, the mustache is left to grow longer, so that the ends extend to the line of the eyes or a little further. The ends are twisted top.

Super Mario Beard Style

Great style for an energetic gamer or for anyone else who is not afraid of public attention. The style, as the name implies, is borrowed from the main character of the Super Mario game. It is a wide, long mustache without twisted ends. Slightly concave in the opposite direction.

Beard Style

A unique and bold, minimalist style, which is like two thin antennae of an insect on the lower part of the chin and directed downward.

  1. Style "Islet" or "Fly"

Beard Style "Islet"

This style is the smallest amount of hair that can still be considered a beard. Almost all hair is shaved, with the exception of a small section of hair below the lower lip. It can be worn either separately or with a mustache.

Zappa Beard Style

Named after the famous American rock musician and guitarist Frank Zapp. It is a square “Islet” and a wide fluffy mustache with tips turned down approximately on the line of the middle of the eyes.

Imperial Beard Style

The style is the same “Islet”, only very long. So the beard extends to the lower chin and below. At the same time, it is extremely important to maintain a correct, neat shape.

Beard Style "A la Suvorov"

It looks like a long mustache, the ends of which extend right up to the line of the ears or hair on the head. How to properly curved and rounded lines.

Franz Joseph Beard Style

The style is similar to Ala-Suvorov, but less rounded. The lines are straight and clear, forming a “W” shape

Fu Mancha Beard Style

Another style representing a cross between a beard and a mustache. A mustache formed into a rather thin straight line curving downward at the corners of the mouth at right angles. The style got its name, thanks to the cycle of novels by Sex Romainov "The Evil Doctor Fu-Manchi." The negative hero wore a mustache of this style.

Winnfield Beard Style

This style looks like a cross between Fu Manche and Franz Joseph, except that the whiskers are not connected to the mustache. Named after the hero of Pulp Fiction, Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson)

Rapper Standard Beard Style

A thin strip of vegetation runs from the temples along the edge of the jaw. Mustache connected to chin. As the name implies, this type of beard received particular popularity among rap artists.

Anchor Beard Style

This style is so named because facial hair is shaved and styled so that it resembles an anchor in shape.

Balbo Beard Style

The Balbo Beard is similar to the inverted T, with a short leg and most often with a mustache. In this embodiment, the beard and mustache are not connected. The vegetation is located on the lower jaw about half the length of the jaw plus a fairly thick beard on the chin.

VanDyke Beard Style

Thick goat beard combined with upturned mustache. It got its name in honor of the South Dutch painter and portrait painter Anthony Van Dyck. This type of beard was extremely popular in the XVII century, both among the military and among the upper class. Over time, this type of beard has not lost its relevance at all and has retained its popularity to this day.

  1. Bicycle Handlebar and Thin Strip

Beard Style “Bicycle Handlebar and Thin Strip”

It’s rather not even a separate style, but a combination of two styles of a “bicycle steering wheel” mustache and a thin strip of beard, starting right under the lower lip. It was this style that Aramis preferred from the immortal creation of Dumas.

Goatee Beard Style

This style is a dense vegetation on the chin, most often rounded from the bottom. Sometimes the beard extends along the edges of the mouth to about the upper lip.

  1. Bicycle Handlebar and Goatee

Beard Style "Bicycle Handlebar and Goatee

The same goatee in conjunction with a mustache, most often a mustache in the form of a “bicycle wheel”.

Beard Style Narrow Goatee Beard

As the name implies, this is a narrow goatee, which usually begins not under the lower lip, but with the chin. Incidentally, this particular style is more similar to a real goatee than the ones listed above.

  1. "Wide goatee"

Beard Style "Wide Goatee"

As the name implies, this style is similar to the usual "goatee", with the exception of the vegetation on the lower jaw. Here the beard is extended along the lower line of the jaw, reaching the vertical line passing by the outer corners of the eyelids.

Sparrow Beard Style

Named after the hero of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" by Captain Jack Sparrow. It is the same goatee, but with pigtails at the bottom of the beard and a small mustache.

Beard Style "Wide Tanks"

A style consisting mainly of whiskers. But the whiskers in this force are so large that they extend along the lower jaw almost to the mouth.

Beard Style "Fused Wide Tanks"

The same wide tanks, but connected by a mustache.

Beard Style "Sail"

Very wide whiskers, turning into a full beard, are often complemented by a mustache, in other words, can be described as a full beard, in which the line of the chin is shaved to the throat.

Beard Style "Old Dutchman"

This ford has become an integral part of the image of "sea wolves" and captains. It is a complete beard and a complete absence of a mustache. Thus, the hair surrounds the shape of the face.

This type of beard has a rich history. At one time in the XVII-XVIII century, a certain religious community known as Amishi was extremely pacifist. For which they were often persecuted. Amishas wore full beards as vegetation, but in order to visually differ from the soldiers, among which the mustache was very common, Amish shaved off their mustaches.

  1. "Skipper" beard or "Screen"

Skipper Beard Style

This style can be described as a very thin beard in the style of "Old Dutchman."

Klingon Beard Style

The style got its name from the appearance of the fictional alien of the Klingon civilization from the television series Star Trek. It is a “skipper” beard with the edges rising to the corners of the mouth.

Full beards

Beard Style "Bristle"

The classic look, ranging in length from a few millimeters to a centimeter. Mustache connected with a beard.

French Fork Beard Style

A French fork is a full beard, characterized by the fact that the beard below the chin is divided in two, forming a kind of fork with two teeth.

Beard Style Duck Tail

If from a full beard in the style of the “French Fork” the beard was not divided into two parts, but reduced to one, then we would get the Duck Tail style. You can read more about this style in the article: Duck Tail Beard Style.

  1. Style "Hollywood" beard or "Brett"

Beard Style "Hollywood"

A Hollywood beard is a mustache connected to a beard, as well as vegetation running along the lower jaw. Cheeks are most often smoothly shaved below lin

Beard Style "Box"

A wide beard similar in shape to the “Old Dutchman”, but complemented by a mustache connected to a beard.

Verdi Beard Style

The full beard is rounded in shape, similar to the Balbo style, but the beard extends along the lower jaw to the ears.

Garibaldi Beard Style

As a rule, a large beard is very similar to Verid, but more, especially in the lower part. But nevertheless, the Garibaldi should not be more than 15 centimeters in length.

  1. Full Beard or Russian Beard»

Beard Style "Full Beard"

This is the most complete type of beard. As a rule, not requiring special care. It looks a bit wild and disheveled. But with very little care, it looks very cool.

Of course there are many more beard styles and it is probably even impossible to describe them all. Yes, this is by and large not required.

This article contains only the main most popular styles, and is given mainly to demonstrate their diversity.

As you already understood, combining with a beard and a mustache, you can create your own unique style or choose a ready-made one, just the one that suits you.

Full of beard to you!

Who is it for?

In order for the Scottish beard to emphasize the advantageous features of the man’s face, to give him masculinity and brutality in appearance, but not to spoil the overall style and image, it is necessary if there are “testimonies” from barbers and other specialists. Initially, the beard was introduced by the 16th president of America, who had a too thin face, especially in the cheeks and chin.

Today, experts advise men with a triangular or square shape to wear a Scottish beard, as the vegetation ideally hides any imperfections and asymmetries of the face. And so that the beard looks spectacular, experts advise men to combine a plaid with a long haircut. In this way, the whiskers will be lengthened, but as for the mustache, the Scotch initially did not expect them.

How to care?

A beard is not only a man’s accessory, but also his ability to have a well-groomed and stylish appearance. And to maintain attractiveness, the beard needs special care. A Scotswoman requires regular adjustment by a machine to the desired level, in this case we are talking about 4 mm. The bristles around the beard should also shave off as needed to maintain sharp lines.

Experts recommend conducting hygiene procedures twice a day - in the morning when washing and in the evening while swimming. You need to wash your beard with cosmetics or a simple soap. After each meal, the beard should be examined for crumbs and other food debris. If the food was greasy, it is better to wash the beard with soap. And so that the vegetation takes the desired shape, you can use wax or gel to lay it.

Beard haircut. 160 photos of fashionable and stylish haircuts

Beard haircut. 160 photos of fashionable and stylish haircuts.

The trendiest fetishes of the season are eyebrows and a beard. If the former is interested in a beautiful part of the world's population, then the beard is an exclusively male accessory. A trendy styling or a modern haircut is a good way to create a unique look.

It is no secret that a beard, well-groomed and well-trimmed, will allow you to attract the interested views of others to your own person. In this issue of the magazine for men we will introduce you to more than 20 types of beard haircuts. Of course, as always, we will bring to your attention a huge gallery of relevant photos.

It just so happened that a beard is considered a sign of personality charismatic, strong, with a solid character. Because the beard and enjoyed such popularity for so long. The fashion for abundant vegetation has returned. However, the beard is a tribute to fashion. And for modern men, such an accessory on the face has nothing to do with historical significance.

The beard is not universal. It is not suitable for everyone. You will have to work hard on choosing the optimal shape. The right choice will hide both scars and scars, and adjust the shape of the face, and cover the imperfect nose. Careless beard design distorts the whole appearance of the wearer.

Therefore, such a responsible matter as cutting a beard from a master requires both work experience and the presence of creativity to focus on the man’s own merits.

Before you start cutting, you need to determine the type of hairs and their shade. For thick and dark, voluminous facial vegetation is clearly superfluous.

And it is advisable to remove the hair from the cheeks completely to neutralize the contrast between the tones of the beard and skin.

With a beard of a red or light color, an undoubted plus for the image is splendor and density of hair. A lot depends on the growth of the owner. It is desirable for low men to choose a small beard. Medium growth does not need any prohibitions: they come in any form. A thick beard is recommended for tall men. She visually and enlarge the face, and balance the proportions of the figure.

For holders of triangular faces, as in the photo, a classic or long beard is suitable. A haircut will allow you to balance the features and adjust the proportions. To a regular oval a round face will be brought closer by a trapezoidal beard connecting whiskey. A mustache is also desirable, with the edges down.

A beard-horseshoe or sideburns can stretch a rectangular face and smooth out the angularity of features. For a square-shaped beard, a small, fully covering face is suitable. Then the sharpness of the devil will not be evident. And with an oval face, no experiments will be superfluous. So this variation will appeal to any man who wants to put his beard in order.

Types of haircuts

There are also many varieties of beard haircuts that dictate the appearance of the accessory. Russian, complete or classic, looks as natural as possible. Care for her after a haircut is almost not required.

A haircut option is best for holders of thick and hard hair. No wonder: thin-haired blondes grow beards very difficult.

The main advantage of the Russian beard is the ability to easily adjust the haircut to the appearance.

Canadian or round beard is almost universal. The only exception is a round face. The Canadian gives it roundness, making the cheeks very voluminous. The perfect beard should not be, except that this is a classic haircut. It is very important that both the mustache and the lower part of the beard merge into a narrow strip on both sides of the mouth.

With a Hollywood beard, vegetation near the lips is an indispensable condition. Mandatory hairs along the lower jaw, along the edge.The rest is shaved clean. The name beard owes to American celebrity actors.

A mixture of several styles is balbo. The master, who came up with such an option, deserves a real standing ovation. A haircut turns beards into a kind of letter "T". Visually, the beard resembles a Hollywood one, as in the photographs in our gallery, but there is no connection between the line of the mustache and the beard. And from below, at the corners of the mouth, shaving is not required. Ideal haircut "balbo" for a round face, square.

A slightly modified version of the balbo is the "anchor". The contour of the haircut is clear, the length is small. A cone-shaped beard with a sharp tip and a small strip of hair from the lower lip to the chin.

The shape of a beard is similar to an anchor, hence the name. When cutting, symmetry is needed. It is important to cut the cone at the level of the chin, clearly.

Otherwise, the haircut is ruined hopelessly, you will have to shave the unsuccessful option clean.

Anchor version of the face draws. And a haircut is suitable for owners of square or round faces. A special style, a kind of hairdressing "glamor" - the style of "Van Dyck."

The variant was created under the impression of the works of the great Flemish. The haircut is characterized by a long mustache with raised tips and a vertical wide strip of hair to the chin from the middle of the lower lip.

Such a haircut will narrow the face, and therefore ideal for men with wide faces.

A haircut with the disingenuous name "goatee" is an option with a small amount of vegetation. The final result looks like a vertical small strip under the lower lip. The option is considered youth. The haircut also has a more pleasant variety - goatee.

Goatee is associated with rebels, "bad guys." Therefore, the option is so in demand among natures who want to emphasize their own independence from society. “Mushka” or “islet” - a simple haircut.

There remains a small section of hair under the middle of the lower lip. The style is easy to maintain, so those who decide to beard for the first time choose this haircut option. The haircut is universal.

It does not depend on the type of hair or on the shape of the face.

The popularity of a skipper beard is very high. Mustache is contraindicated here. There are two variations of haircuts. At the first, the hairs are quite long, the beard is located between the neck and chin. There is an option and a shorter one with the same arrangement. With the help of a skipper beard, they correct the shape of the “wrong” chin or excessively sharp outline of the lower jaw.

Suvorov's beard (see photo) is characterized by a completely shaved chin. Down clearly vertical are the whiskers, rising in the corner of the lower jaw and merging with the mustache. The haircut visually expands the face, because it suits narrow-faced men. However, the option gives rigor to the expression.

A Russian beard looks like a duck tail haircut. So the beard is called: "duck tail." A distinctive feature is the tip is slightly pointed, and the appearance is more well-groomed. The French Fork haircut is characterized by a mustache. The vegetation under the chin and cheeks is dense. The beard has a forked tip, like a French fork. The longer the beard, the more exotic it looks.

The option “imperial” or “sail” implies the complete absence of hairs on the chin. Whiskers connect vertically to the mustache. The beard is long enough on the side.

Classical wearing means combing up or to the sides. For creative haircuts, unusual, previously unseen forms are selected. Outwardly, the result of such a haircut is absolutely unpredictable.

And it determines only the desire of the owner of the vegetation.

The name "chinstrap" translates as a chin strap. Hair with a thin border surrounds the face from temple to temple. With a Burnside haircut, only thick whiskers remain on your face. The chin is completely shaved.

In the modern world, a special haircut, a three-day stubble, as in many of the local photos, has become popular. This is not a beard, but not even a smoothly shaven face.

Only dark-haired men can afford slight unshavenness.

The recently appeared version of "Tony Stark" is due to the birth of the hero of the movie "Iron Man". Another “cinematic” option is the wolverine haircut. Fully copied from the hero of the same film. In the "Spartan" version, the beard looks full. There is a slight finish on the cheeks. The emphasis is placed on the chin and jaw.

Bikers are not forgotten: in the biker beard there are walrus mustaches and long hair on the lower jaw. There are a lot of varieties, it is possible to choose your ideal haircut. But even in modern trends it is worth learning to understand. At least knowing the main ones is an advantage.

This year, a three-day stubble and a shortened version of the “anchor” are in demand. However, before demanding the master to start the anchor haircut, it is worthwhile to orient yourself if the option is suitable for the type of face.

Beard haircuts at home

But even the results of the work of an experienced master will not stand the lack of care. To maintain a neat appearance, one will also have to make his own efforts. And to trim a beard is quite possible with your own forces.

Trimmers are ordinary and special, for a beard. Small appliances with nozzles are recommended. The main criterion is the availability of contouring to maintain shape and the absence of risk of cuts. And the laser, self-cleaning and protection against water - the functions are not so relevant at the initial stage.

Scissors are better to take professional, for beginners. An entry-level appliance is suitable. Before buying, scissors try on the convenience of location in the hand. Manicure can also be used. But the process with them will take a lot of time. A plastic comb is desirable. If the vegetation is sparse, then the scallop is better to take frequent. For thick and long beards, rare-tooth combs are good.

Mirrors are used on stands or legs. The bilateral option is very good. In it, one glass increases, the second ordinary. With this equipment, missed hairs are always noticeable. The process begins with preparation. Vegetation is washed and dried well.

It is advisable to use shampoo for dry hair. A beard is blotted with a towel and combed over the mouth of the hairs, from the ears to the chin. Hair straightens, vegetation easier to cut.

Wet hairs cannot be cut: after drying, the beard looks completely different.

It will turn out to use both hairdressing scissors and a trimmer. When choosing a trimmer, you should purchase a special nozzle for adjusting different lengths of hairs. You will need a mirror, preferably double or triple, several combs with teeth of different widths.

To begin with, washed and dried hairs are combed well to determine which ones are superfluous. Sheared from bottom to top so as not to crush hairs and not to knock them. Then the outline of the contour will be correct. When the issue with the contour of the beard is resolved, scissors or a trimmer lead from the ears or jaw to the chin.

Next is the transition to the outer part of the jaws, to the ears. In conclusion, you can proceed to cutting a mustache. Finally it's time to shape the whiskey. Only then will the desired image be obtained. For a successful haircut, at least a minimum of experience is desirable.

Each case has its own subtleties ...

For symmetry, a line is drawn on one side from the ears to the chin, and on the other, from the chin to the ears. Then it will not work to cut off the excess. Conventional scissors are not suitable for haircuts. Professional required. With a trimmer, everything is easier.

Just select the right tool. The nozzle in the first stage needs the longest. Then it will be easier to shorten: there are smaller nozzles. And they change them until they reach the optimal size of the hairs.

There are subtleties in the haircut of each type of beard.

Movement during cutting "goatee" - to the chin from the neck. At the edge, the maximum length is left. Hair will have to be combed constantly. This is the only way to check the correct direction of the haircut. Take a little hair, often combing the hairs forward to better control the shape. To design the edge, use a special trimmer.

If the "goatee" option is selected, then you need to remove the hairs little by little, smoothly, until the desired contour appears. It is better to make sure several times that the pattern is symmetrical than to blame yourself for unnecessary labor.

To select the contours using a trimmer. Work is carried out in different directions, focusing on the growth of hairs. At the end, the beard is wedge-shaped, sharpening along the edges.

Cosmetic wax will give the necessary look and shape to the haircut.

Beginners are scared to get to work. There is a special template for outlines. It is universal. The template is tightly pressed to the face, biting the mouthpiece. After setting up and choosing the type of beard, it is worth making sure that the template is correctly positioned, covering those parts of the face on which shaving is not planned. Bare parts are safely removed with a razor.

Caring for the goatee needs constant. Bristles grow quickly, and maintaining a well-groomed appearance is not easy. Always rinse daily after brushing and wash twice a week with air conditioning to give the hair softness.

If there are difficulties with the choice of a haircut or the fear is great to spoil the vegetation and the image as a whole by inept actions, then an experienced master is worth a visit. At the same time, you can observe his work.

Then, with self-trimming and bringing the vegetation to the desired shape, it will be easier to gain confidence. And after her appearance, you can start cutting a beard with your own resources.

However, one should always act gradually and carefully.

Beard Tartan: appearance, how to grow and care

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In literature, the Scottish beard is mentioned in several versions: "Scottish", "Lincoln's beard" or "short Scottish". All synonyms describe the average volume of a full beard.

The area under the lip can be shaved to the dimple of the chin or leave a small “anchor”. The beard has several variations, which indicates its creative potential for people of a non-trivial mindset.

Externally, the type of haircut is easily confused with the "screen", but the Scottish variety is thicker along the chin line.

How it looks (photo)

Brett's beard is a bristle that runs along the lower jaw and connects with the vegetation above the upper lip. In this case, the rest of the face should remain smooth.

The lower border of the beard is located at a distance of two, or two and a half centimeters above the Adam's apple. Some options with regrowing whiskers are possible. But whiskers rarely go well together.

It is worth considering the moment that this view creates the effect of a heavy / massive jaw, so if you shave the lower border too high, your face will look tense.


Even in the paintings of the nineteenth century, you can see something like a Brett's beard.

Reference! Hollywood introduced this trend in the 30s of the 20th century.

Due to the fact that films in the noir genre were especially popular, which were full of first-class villains who looked brutally on the screen with such a beard. For gangsters and mafiosi - this was an integral attribute of masculinity. Thanks to what the beard has become a symbol of brutality.

For a while, this trend has lost its relevance, but in 2016 he returned to fashion with a parade of Hollywood actors who appeared with a Brett beard on red carpet.


This type of beard leaves fields for experimentation. You can shave the hair on the jaw, and it will turn into goatees or grow to a Russian beard.

Bretta hides all the imperfections on the face, and also gives courageous facial features.

Thanks to this beard, you can:

  • give a masculine look
  • visually expand the chin,
  • hide the imperfections of the beard,
  • hide a narrow chin.

The length of the beard can be different. But it is not recommended to wear a long beard for low men, as it visually helps to reduce growth. There are no restrictions for tall men.

You can also change facial features using a mustache:

  1. A wide mustache highlights the upper part of the face, and emphasizes the eyes.
  2. A thin mustache contributes to the allocation of lips.

What type of face is suitable?

The beard is not suitable for every type of face. The deciding factors here are the shape of the skull and the structure of the hair.

Important! The most suitable face shape is rectangular and triangular, in some cases suitable for an oval face. And it is not suitable for owners of a round face, so this type of beard makes the face rounder.

Hair color in this case does not play a role, but since blondes do not grow hair as well as brunettes, it is more difficult for them to grow a good beard.

How to choose a beard according to the shape of the face is described in the video:

Hollywood stars

Many stars prefer this trend, which they willingly adopted from their screen images.

Actors such as Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr., George Clooney can be called special adherents of the Brett beard. They wear Bretta constantly in everyday life, and it is part of their style.

The beard created a unique image for many actors:

  • She enlarged her chin to Jack Gyllenhaal and made her face wider, recreating a very interesting and harmonious image.
  • For Rain Reynolds, a beard lengthened his face, emphasized his eyes, and rounded a pointed chin.
  • Rain Gosling has an oval face shape and fits the classic Hollywood beard.
  • In the case of Justin Timberleik, Brett helped to balance large facial features, and even smooth them out by hiding a massive chin.

How to make at home?

Before you do the Bretta yourself, it is recommended to consult with a stylist to find out how best to perform it, to hide flaws and make your face more attractive.

You can use a computer program to try on different options, and choose the most suitable.

First you need to grow a beardtherefore it cannot be shaved for several weeks so that the length is the same. If the beard grows sparse, then you need to shave it, and then try to grow it again. If you shave your beard more often, then it will not grow faster. Growth rate is an individual feature of each organism.

Vitamins and biological supplements will help to accelerate hair growth. Best suited for this are magnesium, B vitamins, biotin and fish oil.

Testosterone plays a large role, therefore it is recommended to eat more nuts, spinach and broccoli.

The following tools must be prepared for the procedure:

  • machine,
  • trimmer,
  • shaving foam,
  • mirror,
  • scissors,
  • special comb
  • shampoo for beard.

Before the procedure, it is recommended to watch a video on a designated topic. You can also buy a beard template to simplify the task.

The procedure can be divided into three stages.

Border design

  1. You need to use a brush to apply soap foam on the face to improve the razor's glide.
  2. Next, you should carefully outline the boundaries, first on the cheeks, and then on the neck.
  3. When shaving on the cheeks, you need to approach with special care, and try to do everything symmetrically, the border is shaved in two or three centimeters under the cheekbones. The trimmer will be able to simplify the task.


Before the procedure, you need to determine the shape and length. There can be many variations of the beard and here the shape of the beard and chin plays a decisive role.

Important! In the classic version, the length of the brette is from three to five millimeters.

Scissors will help to adjust the density of the hair, as well as trim the edges of the beard.Then you can give a general shape using a trimmer and scissors. In the end, you need to remove the sticking hair, and then give the shape of a mustache.

How to make a Hollywood beard at home is described in the video:

Care Tips

In caring for a beard, blondes are more fortunate than brunettes, since they have soft hair, they are less noticeable and they do not need to adjust so often. Brunettes need to take more care of their beard, and monitor its growth.

You should not wash your beard with shampoo every day, it is recommended to simply rinse with clean water. It is worth choosing a special shampoo and conditioner, and use several times a week.

Reference! Experts advise combing the beard as often as possible in order to properly direct hair growth.

It is necessary to refrain from using the hair dryer when drying, so as not to damage the skin.

If the beard is not very thick and you need to add volume, then when it is wet you need to comb it in the opposite direction from hair growth:

  • Do not use a towel, wait until it dries naturally.
  • Then you need to comb in the direction of hair growth and give shape.
  • It is recommended to use a scallop, which has a large distance between the teeth.

At first, the beard will cause itching, but this is only a temporary phenomenon.

In addition to all this, it is necessary to observe the daily regimen, eat properly and get enough sleep, lack of sleep slows down hair growth.

Oils and wax will help to lay down a beard and give the desired shape.

In the video, the barber tells how to properly care for the beard:

Bretta is a classic for all time. She not only decorates her face and makes a courageous appearance, but also hides many shortcomings well.

A Hollywood beard will help you stand out from the crowd and declare your status.

Watch the video: The 6 MOST Attractive Beard Styles Women Love (April 2020).

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