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What is better to style hair for men?

All men's hairstyles that you see on screens, in magazines and just on professional photos are the result of not just a haircut, but a styling. But most men still naively believe that hair can "lie this way by nature." This is the main secret of correct male styling: the hairstyle should look as natural as possible, and the styling tool should be noticeably exactly as much as you yourself want it. And do not believe the hairdresser that this can only be achieved with a haircut. If your hair is longer than 0.6 cm, without styling, it will fall as it wants them, not you.

There are only 3 criteria, having figured out which, you can accurately select a styling tool for yourself, even for someone else:

  • type of scalp
  • hair type
  • haircut shape and hairstyles.

Scalp styling

Are you used to reading shampoo labels about “dry hair” or “oily hair”? You may be surprised, but the hair itself cannot be oily. Hair does not have sebaceous glands. Oily skin gives them scalp, highlighting the secret. The amount of this skin secretion indicates dry hair, oily or normal.

How to distinguish? If you washed your hair in the morning, and by evening, your hair already requires washing - your scalp is oily. If there is no need to wash your hair for several days, then the scalp is dry. If you can easily wash your hair every other day, then your scalp is normal.

Hair styling selection

The hair itself can be thin, thick, curly thin or curly thick, they are also Afro. For different hair - different means.

Do not be afraid to combine the means with each other: they can play a different role in styling and complementing them, you get both the desired shape and the desired degree of fixation.

  • You can add volume to thin naughty hair with a paste and lightly fix it with clay if you need a matte effect, or with a strong fixation gel if you want to add shine.
  • For long hair: fasten the hair along the entire length with gel or lipstick and highlight individual strands with wax or clay. Emphasize the ends with them.
  • Life hack for rainy weather: if your hair is fluffy, lightly brush your palms with a paste or water-resistant wax on top of your hair style.

Styling for men's hair

In order to accurately select a hair styling product, it is important to consider several criteria - this is the type of scalp, type of hair and the shape of the haircut / hairstyle. As a result, any man will be able to lay the strands well at home, without the help of a specialist.

Styling products are divided into two large groups.

Actually styling designed to prepare the hair for processing with a hairdryer, tongs and combs, and after styling - to keep the desired shape and volume of the hairstyle. This group includes special water, mousses and foams. They are applied to wet hair along the entire length, and then proceed to styling. They discipline curls, pacify rebellious strands, do not let them fluff, which is especially important for hair that is used to curling with a "small demon." These products are used on both short and long hair.
Finishing products according to their functions, they are obliged to fix the hairstyle, plus emphasize its individual elements, playing on the difference in textures and created effects.

10 tools for styling men's strands

The choice of styling products is wide. What to look for - brand, consistency density, composition, availability of organic raw materials, value? What are the features of each product for laying strands?

  1. Lacquer. Covers hair with a flexible shield so that it does not fly apart. Most suitable for medium length hair that is smoothly combed back or pulled. Modern varnish formulas do not stick hair.
  2. Gel. It is usually used to create the effect of wet hair or to highlight individual strands. Use the gel carefully so that the hair does not look greasy. This product is good for short hair.
  3. Wax. The consistency agent is much denser than the gel. Designed to highlight and fix individual strands mainly on short hair. Often in the formula of this product are particles of nacre, giving the strands a delicate silver-blue or lilac tint.
  4. Clay. Really slightly reminiscent of white clay. Ideal for isolating and fixing individual strands on short hair. An important point - clay makes their surface matte. Keep this in mind when creating a hairstyle.
  5. Toffee (chewing gum). Means similar in texture to melted chewing gum. It often smells like chewing gum. Great for creating ruffled hedgehog youth hairstyles. With its help it is possible, for example, to twist hair with flagella.
  6. Glue. A kind of quintessence of varnish. Extremely cruelly fixes locks on short hair. Most suitable for creating youth hairstyles in the style of out of bed.
  7. Pomade. It is made on a vaseline basis, gives shine and obedience to the hair. Suitable for combing back, holds curls throughout the day. The product is not suitable for rare hair. With an excess of composition leads to greasy and scruffy strands.
  8. Mousse. The product is similar to a foam with a polymer composition, gives hair volume and splendor, suitable for fine and normal hair. It can be used several times a day to fix the hair, does not make strands heavier.
  9. Cream. Creates a natural and easy styling, does not have a strong hold. It has a valuable composition, nourishes and protects curls from destruction. Suitable for texture haircuts. It can be used every day.
  10. Powder. It has a matting effect, prevents greasy hair, removes oily sheen. Makes hair fresh, voluminous, docile. The composition is not used in combination with other styling products.

When choosing a styling product, preference should be given to such trusted brands as L’Oreal Professionnel, Ollin Style, American Crew, Wella SP Men, Schwarzkopf. Affordable price, high quality, economical consumption.

Top 5 best styling products

1. Urban Tribe Powder

The powder has a matting effect, is easily distributed throughout the hair, does not deprive the lock of mobility. At a price of 1500 rubles.

2. Matte paste Label M

Suitable for light and smooth texture applications. It has an average level of fixation, does not weigh down the hair. Price - 1400 rubles.

3. Lipstick Reuzel

Reuzel Pomade is a well-known Dutch brand for barbershop Schorem. Water-based lipstick perfectly fixes hair, gently distributed and giving the hair a noticeable shine and elasticity. If applied to dry hair, you can get the most stable fixation, on wet hair - lighter. Price - 800 rubles.

4. Lipstick Shear Revival Crystal Lake

Water-based, allows you to do different hairstyles, gives shine and plastic for every day. Cost - about 1300 rubles.

5. Davines Cream Gel

Suitable only for smooth styling, applied by hand in the right direction, gives the hairstyle a fixation after drying. Price - 1,500 rubles.

Such options are suitable for performing both classic and custom hairstyles. The main thing is to follow the instructions and do not violate the dosage.

Varieties of styling products

First of all, a man should know what type and structure of hair he has in order to select a styling product based on this criterion. Specialists distinguish men's hair into the following types:

  • thin thin hair
  • curly curls
  • thick voluminous hair
  • Afro curly curls
  • hair with a receding hairline.

The right choice of fixation products according to the structure of the hair will help to avoid a lot of troubles, such as the negative reaction of the hair to cosmetics, their loss and fragility. Further, stylists are advised to pay attention to the list of the most popular varieties of cosmetics for styling men's hair.

The best men's hair styling products:

Men's hair styling gel. The most popular and sought-after type of styling product, as it is suitable for all types of hair. The basis of such a product is always water, and therefore it must be liquid and transparent. The gel is designed for wet and smooth styling hairstyles. Experts do not recommend saving on gel, since a cheap product will leave a whitish greasy coating. Gels come in the form of a spray, as well as hair gel for men, strong fixation for hard thick curls, and weak - for obedient and rare hair.

Fondant or brioli. The first styling products for men’s hair that appeared in everyday life in men were in the form of sweets on a petroleum jelly, but with the addition of various oils that are valuable for hair. Modern sweets come in various degrees of fixation, water or oil based. Fondant makes hair obedient and also gives it a natural shine without weighting. Experts do not recommend using fudge on thin weak locks, and also if a man suffers from increased greasy hair. Unlike gel, this tool gives the locks a neat and fresh look, it can be reapplied several times during the day.

Wax. In practice, the leader occupying a worthy place in the list of men's hair products is wax, which is also based on petroleum jelly. You can use wax to create model extravagant styling, but most often with this product men smooth their protruding and obstinate hair. Ideal for hairstyles such as British, Iroquois or Flattop. The minus of wax can be considered difficult to wash, the plus is a strong and long-term fixation. Uses it for texturing short haircuts, and weak sparse hair will make wax heavier.

Men's hair spray. In this case, it will be a male hair styling spray, which is applied only at the very end, when the hair has taken the desired location and shape. At the heart of the varnish can be alcohol components, so it is not recommended to be used regularly and for a long time. But the varnish has such an advantage as quick and easy styling, a high degree of fixation.

Men's hair paste. This type of cosmetics should be classified as matting styling products. The paste is great for everyday use, as it perfectly fixes the hair in the right position, but it does not leave a greasy shine and does not glue curls. She does not add volume to the hairstyle, so she is advised for thick and thick hair and short haircut models.

Male hair mousse. Basic styling tool for styling a lock of any length and texture. You can apply the foam-mousse to dry or wet, but most importantly, clean hair, and then with the help of a comb and hair dryer do styling. Foam for hair can be used daily, since there are no harmful components in its composition.

Hair styling cream. This type of product does not imply a strong degree of fixation, it is designed for the most natural and easy styling. The cream has a valuable composition that nourishes the structure and roots of the hair, in addition, it protects the hair from negative effects from external factors. Suitable for texture haircuts, thanks to the water base it can be used daily.

Hair styling powder. A tool from the category of matting products that will save a man from unwanted oily shine of hair. If powder is applied, other fixing agents are not used for styling. Powder makes hair fresh, voluminous and obedient.

Clay for men's styling. Few men know that there is also cosmetic clay for fixing hairstyles, it is more often used in salons by stylists and hairdressers. The consistency of clay resembles a solid paste, but after application it does not leave a greasy sheen. For oily hair, it is recommended to use blue clay, for excessively oily hair - green, for dry hair - white for split ends - gray, for stimulating hair growth - black.

The gel is recommended to be used as intended for short haircuts, wax for medium to long and curly hair, mousse and cream should be used on long haircuts, and the varnish for finishing and hair styling is sideways.

In any case, regardless of the choice of product, men's hair styling should be natural for the health of the hair, effective for styling, but moderate for the fresh appearance of the hairstyle. Use such cosmetics in a small amount, so as not to overload the image with excessive gloss and shine. A man’s hairstyle should be as natural and free as possible, frozen hair will distort the overall image.

How to do styling - tips for men

Our hair styling recommendations:

  • Pre-wash your hair with a suitable shampoo, dry with a towel to remove excess moisture. To create a volume of hair, use a hairdryer and a wide flat brush.
  • Dry the hair with a hairdryer at medium speed, set the right direction for the hair.
  • When applying the styling product, first grind the product in the palms of your hands, and after one movement of the right hand, apply gel or mousse on the right side of the head, then with one movement of the left hand on the left side. Remove the rest of the composition, and not smear on the head.
  • You can give a hairstyle a shape with your hands, draw strands through your fingers, and lay it in the right direction.
  • Fix the result with a medium fixation varnish, do not use the gel in this situation to avoid greasy hair.

Before going to bed, it is necessary to remove the remains of styling products, be sure to wash your hair with shampoo, it is recommended to rinse the strands with acidified water or a herbal decoction at the end. Apply moisturizer.

It is important to do a hairstyle with confident movements, use high-quality styling products. And what haircut to choose - you need to be guided by personal preferences and the advice of a stylist.

Popular male styling manufacturers

The selected lubricant for men's hairstyles must be unobtrusive and as close as possible to the natural look of hair. Therefore, a man must find for himself the best type of styling product, a reliable manufacturer, and after that learn how to use the cosmetic product in the future. Hairdressers and stylists advise several well-known brands that produce products for men's styling, namely:

1. Schwarzkopf 3D MEN Strong Hold Gel

For more than a year, the bestseller has been a gel that provides a fairly strong fixation. It is produced in Germany, and therefore inspires confidence among all customers with only one type of packaging. The product was developed by experienced specialists who really take into account the characteristics of men's hair.

Due to the only use of such a gel per day, the hairstyle lasts about 10 hours. Buyers themselves call the tool reliable, quality and safe. In addition, in the comments of men about this product, there are often indications of its ability to give the hair the right texture.

2. American Crew Firm Hold

A fairly popular product is ideal for owners of long hair, as well as medium-length hair. It gives off a pleasant aroma that stays in locks for some time after application. Moreover, if necessary, the product is quickly washed off with water, leaving no sticky residue.

The gel itself is considered quite effective, since it contains a double polymer complex. Due to its components, it copes with the creation of volumetric styling, regardless of the length of the hair. Moreover, the tool does not contribute to the weight of the hair and does not increase its fat content.

3. ClubMan Molding Putty

Modern matte clay provides excellent fixation and customers like their aroma.Thanks to its effect, every man will be able to create a perfect hairstyle for himself. Such a tool is great for even the most naughty hair.

After carrying out the styling procedure, the hair looks chic, shines a little, but at the same time it is full of naturalness, because of which others are unlikely to notice the use of the product. Customers especially like the economical use of clay, because it lasts for several months of daily use.

4. Urban Tribe 05.6

Known in many cities and countries, the powder is intended for use exclusively by men. It is quite easily distributed among the strands, but is more suitable for short-haired handsome men. After applying the powder, the hair remains mobile as before.
At the same time, the cost of the tool is quite democratic and everyone can buy it without a strong blow to their own wallet.

5. Schmiere Pomade Water-Based Medium

Effective lipstick has a jelly-like texture, which is what attracts the attention of buyers in the first place. In just a few minutes, it is applied to the hair, regardless of its length, and is just as quickly washed off under the shower. In this case, shampoo is not required to remove lipstick residues.

In the comments of buyers about the product, references to the remarkable result of its use are very often found - natural shine and average level of fixation. And it is provided due to the composition, where there is castor oil, lime and menthol extracts, which are simultaneously responsible for the aroma of the product.

6. L’Oreal Professionnel Homme Wax

The legendary wax for men's hair pleases buyers with the ability to cope with naughty wavy and stiff hairs. Due to it, everyone can guaranteedly become the owner of an effective styling that will last all day, despite any external influences.

If you use the wax correctly, without gaining too much, it will not make your hair heavier and activate the sebaceous glands. Especially strongly in this product, men like its matte shine, decorating the hairstyle and making it attractive to others.

7. Imperial Barber Fiber Pomade

Beloved by many mods, lipstick is made on a water basis. It is intended to form torn and messy textures. Fans of hats prefer to use it, because it allows you to leave your hair in good condition after prolonged wearing of a hat, helmet, cap, etc.

Fixation means gives an average. After using the product on the hair, the heaviness and fat content are not felt, which should also be attributed to its advantageous features. You can wash it off with plain water, without using special shampoos or balms.

8. Sumogel Bumble & Bumble

Men's gel of increased resistance does not cause any harm to the health of consumers. It does not contain alcohol, but it contains odorous components that provide it with a pleasant aroma that lingers on the hair. Such a tool is considered an excellent choice for owners of curly and straight hair.

It is often used by stylists to tidy up dry and wet hair. And the effect obtained from the use of the gel lasts for a day.

9. Label M Matt Paste

A paste with a matte effect is perfect for styling from smooth and light textures. It is famous for the average level of fixation, as well as the inability to weight strands. It is allowed to use it for owners of any hair length - it is quickly distributed over the entire surface and does not require additional actions. It is also not difficult to remove the paste from the hair, because just plain water is enough for this.

10. Prospectors Crude Oil Pomade Travel Size

The well-known classic lipstick provides strands with an average level of fixation. It is produced by an American company that has long launched beauty products on the market. The product has a creamy consistency, which is easily applied and distributed over the surface of the hair, and also quickly removed under running water.

This option is perfect for creating classic hairstyles, as well as for low pompadour. The composition of the product contains fatty acids and vitamins in sufficient quantities - it is they that contribute to the healthy growth of hairs and have a caring effect on them.

11. SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL Men Invisible control

One of the best spray varnishes for the stronger sex pleases customers with its unique composition formula. It is a product to accentuate the haircut with a fairly stable fixation. Due to its effect, the whole image acquires integrity and grooming.

Another distinctive feature of the tool is the lack of noticeable traces of styling. It is because of this that the finished hairstyle looks natural, without oily sheen and strands connected together.

12. Gummy Professional

Gel for male styling is liked by customers for its high quality and the ability to use it daily without harming the hair. It represents the best combination of value and quality, which is often mentioned by consumers in the comments on the product.

Other advantages of the cosmetic product include easy combing of hair, the absence of the effect of weighting and bonding, as well as reliable fixation for a long time.

13. ClubMan Molding Paste

The cosmetic product is designed to control natural curly and curly hair. It gives the hair a natural shine, which they lose due to their porous structure. Thanks to this paste, any man can create the desired texture for styling on a bang of any length.

After using the product, the strands become much more dense, healthy and odorous, because the natural extracts in the composition leave a mark.

14. Schorem Reuzel Pomade

Lipstick of Dutch origin from the popular barbershop in this country is made on a water basis. She copes with fixing the strands, their soft distribution and giving a clear sheen and elasticity.

By applying the product to wet hair, easy fixation is obtained, to dry - more stable. Also, buyers are pleased with the favorable cost of the tool, because absolutely every modern mod can afford it.

15. Reuzel Blue Water Soluble Strong Hold Pig

Another worthy lipstick is made on a water basis. It is intended solely for strong fixation, which is what pleases the consumer mass. According to the representative of the stronger sex, this product holds the hair well enough, according to the principle of the action of wax.

At the same time, it is quite easy to wash it off with ordinary water - you do not need to use a balm or shampoo for this. In addition, the composition remains soft and flexible on the hair during the day, does not crumble and does not dry. Customers especially like the unobtrusive vanilla flavor.

16. American Crew Defining Paste

A popular product is produced by the brand, which today is considered one of the best styling products for the stronger sex. In its composition there is glycerin, which is added here in order to give the hair more density and volume. The paste itself also pleases customers with a pleasant and comfortable texture in the distribution.

No less pleasing is the economical consumption of the product, regardless of the length of the hair. The finish here is matte, and it is accompanied by a pleasant aroma that does not manifest itself very much, but inspires a desire to inhale itself constantly. The only nuance in the use of the mass is that before applying it to the hair, rub it in the palms of your hands so that it does not turn into powder, which will have to be combed out for a long time.

17. Shear Revival Crystal Lake

High-quality lipstick, like its competitors, is made on a water basis. It makes it possible to create chic hairstyles at home. After applying the product to the hair, it immediately acquires a natural shine and becomes more plastic.

Such fudge is sold at an average cost, but they buy it quite often, because of which the product quickly ends in the assortment of specialized stores.

18. L’oreal Studio Line FIX AND

This tool in the form of a gel has long been recognized as one of the best. Its success is due to the ability to feed strands from the very roots to the ends. In addition to improving the appearance, the composition has a positive effect on the health of the hairs.

In addition, the product in no case does not dry the strands, but only on the contrary, cares for them. At the same time, the cost of goods is quite low, and therefore absolutely everyone can afford it.

19. ClubMan Medium Hold Pomade

The water-based product is made by professionals, and therefore quickly arouses customer confidence. It is perfect for owners of chic temples, because it is capable of neatly stacking them. Also, this tool perfectly copes with the normalization of pompadour, short haircuts and, of course, slickback.

After using fudge, the hair immediately becomes odorous, because it contains perfume with a light and unobtrusive aroma, which in no way mixes with everyday toilet water. The ease in washing off the product is no less pleasing, as no additional funds are required for this.

20. Bed Head By TIGI Hard

An excellent tool for styling provides its owner with the strongest possible fixation. Particularly fond of him are fans of the punk rocker style, because with such a product it is possible to make a steady mohawk that will last for a day without being subjected to any external influences.

But the main advantages of this cosmetic product are the inability to glue hairs and make them heavier, as well as economical consumption, even with long hair. No less attractive is the cost of goods, accessible to absolutely everyone.

21. Imperial Barber Gel Pomade Travel Size

Excellent gel lipstick has a lot of positive qualities, due to which it was included in the leaderboard. This tool allows the consumer to change the level of fixation due to different amounts of mass and fluid in the hair.

Thus, the more product to take, the longer the hairstyle will last. The composition is washed off very quickly - for this only water and a comb are needed.

22. Johnny’s Chop Shop Wild Cat Hair Sculpting Clay

The American product is famous for its strong natural fixation. It is a clay with a matting effect, which makes it possible to create absolutely any hairstyle.

Particularly pleased with the presence of beeswax and sage extract, which have a caring effect and prevent the bonding of hairs between themselves.

23. ClubMan Firm Hold Pomade

The strong fixation tool delights buyers with the ability to hold out all day, as well as a healthy shine on the hair. Curly, thick and stiff hairs are perfectly exposed to him, quickly becoming obedient.

In addition, it is important to note that such lipstick allows you to bring lipsticks back to normal and perform structural styling in a matter of seconds. Consumers are also attracted by the almost imperceptible light aroma of the composition.

24. Schmiere Pomade Medium Bebob a Huba

Popular in many countries, fondant is famous for its German origin, as well as the ability to satisfy any desires of consumers. She keeps on locks throughout the day, keeping elasticity, not drying out and not crumbling.

At the same time, the product provides medium shine and gives the bubble gum aroma.

25. Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight

Completes the ranking of the Australian product. It is considered one of the strongest in fixing and effective, since the laying result lasts more than a day without problems.

This water-based product has been made, it does not contain components that irritate the skin, cause allergies and entail other health problems.

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