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What do men's beanie caps look like and how to wear them?

Felt hat

Former professional dancer from Germany Marcel Florus now has a blog about style and shares his everyday images on Instagram. We advise you to look at his page - it's nice to see and easy to repeat.

Published by One Dapper Street (@marcelfloruss) Oct 22, 2017 at 9:29 am PDT

Sports cap

Matthew Zorpas is known for his impeccable ability to wear turtlenecks (which not everyone succeeds in). In addition to classical images, he likes to make completely unexpected combinations, which are quite applicable in everyday life. Even if you don’t have such an original coat, you can try to wear a cap with strict outerwear - an example of a successful combination is obvious.

Posted by Matthew Zorpas (@matthewzorpas) Jan 8, 2017 at 6:58 am PST

Beanie hat

You can call Brian Skave a guide to composing strict images. Nearly 2,000 publications and most of them are gorgeous images in three-piece suits. We are sure that on his page you will find a couple of ideas on how to wear a beanie hat with a strict coat.

Posted by Brian Sacawa / He Spoke Style (@hespokestyle) Dec 19 2016 at 6:42 PST

The beige hat from Milano Moda will appeal to you for its comfort and versatile color. A warm hat made of 100% yak wool will protect your head from cold and rain. Pick up a stylish and warm hat at the Milano Moda clothing store.

Men's hat from 100% wool from Milano Moda, price: from 2 900 rubles.

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Sports hat

Sexy Californian Adam Gallagher, in which French blood definitely flows. Otherwise, how to explain his love for formal suits and glasses with transparent glasses? If you’re tired of freezing in the fall, take a look at his Instagram. In addition to cool travel photos, he can find a couple of ideas on how to wear a strict coat with a sports hat.

Posted by A d a m G a l l a g h e r (@iamgalla) Feb 10 2017 at 8:30 PST

You can also wear a sports hat with a coat or complete with a sports jacket. A comfortable monophonic hat made of wool yarn from Trolls will harmoniously look with both. In Trolls, you can also pick up a warm, high-quality winter wardrobe at the best prices.

Hat from wool yarn from Trolls, price: from 2 800 rub.

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Fur hat

White-haired dude Nick Wooster is considered the king of street style. He earned a reputation for himself (and Instagram followers) by working with fashion houses and participating in all fashion weeks (albeit as a guest). If he came to Russia, he would surely put on this warm fur hat. We advise you to choose a similar one - weather forecasters promise a harsh winter.

Posted by Nickelson Wooster (@nickwooster) on Mar 2, 2017 at 9:31 am PST

Found new ideas for yourself?

What is a beanie?

Beanie is a knitted hat that fits snugly to the head. It got its name because of a shape that looks like a bean, so bean from English is translated as a bean. The fashion for men's beanie hats appeared in 1920. In the 40s, such a hat was worn by American students. This element of clothing was part of the uniform of students. Then it began to be worn by men supporting the grunge style.

This style of hats is done without ties and other elements. On the head she holds due to tight knitting. It can be worn on a day out or every day. It fits so well that you do not need to look in the mirror to fix it. There are different models of these hats; they can fit snugly to the head or hold freely on an elastic band. For each season, a certain type of Beanie is intended.

What to wear a beanie with?

Not everyone knows how to wear a beanie hat for men. One of the most important rules is that you must choose neutral colors. Bright colors are suitable for children or teenagers, as they do not create an elegant look. Universal colors are flesh, white, black and gray.

Such clothes should not have jewelry, since without them it looks stylish. The maximum that can be allowed is a button decoration. Fashionable models differ in that they have a free cut. Due to this, the guys’s forehead doesn’t have a red stripe after the hat. Beanie can be chosen at any time in life, the main thing is that the style matches the occasion.

When choosing a color, you must consider the pattern on the headdress. If you participate in winter contests, stop at neon colors - this will make you more noticeable. However, this color is not suitable for dates or going to the cafe.

Also, when choosing a hat, you need to pay attention to your hairstyle, the model of the hat will depend on it. If you have long hair, then it is better to hide them in a hat. When dressing Beanie, do not tuck the edges.

Many people love these hats so much that they wear them under any clothes. This accessory must be worn under sports or universal clothing. Do not combine it with stylish clothes, as this will indicate a lack of taste. For such clothes, there are special hats - hats.

This type of headgear goes well with jackets and down jackets. It will also look good with sweaters, zippers and sweatshirts. All this clothing resembles the sports or work style inherent in Bini.

Who needs a beanie?

For men, picking up a hat is a whole thing. To make the hat look beautiful, it is important to choose it correctly, taking into account the shape of the guy’s face. This is the easiest way to choose a knit. Let's look at the basic forms of the face.

  1. Oval shape. Men with such a face need to hide a large forehead, and for this they need a headdress with a deep fit. They will also fit tight-fitting models.
  2. Elongated shape. For such guys it’s boring to choose voluminous caps.
  3. Round face shape. It is important for such men to wear asymmetric models.

When choosing a headgear, you need to pay attention to the knitting and the front elastic band, it is these factors that can decorate or spoil the appearance. In fact, Beanie is suitable for all guys, you just need to choose the right kind of headgear.

Some guys wear a men's beanie with shortened rows. She looks like a sock that hangs in the back of the head. The headpiece is of different lengths. It can be wrapped or left as is.

Photo selection

It’s hard for some to pick knitted beanie caps on their own, so you need to look at the photo selection. Ready-made images will help you understand which option is right for you personally. You will see with what clothes it is better to wear this hat.

Practical advice

So that the hair does not become electrified after the headgear, spray on it or apply serum. After the cap, the hair can be very sleek. Get rid of this problem will help one procedure. You need to dry the hair at the roots and then put on a bean.

An incorrectly selected headdress can flaunt the flaws of the appearance of the stronger sex. For example, she can open a very large forehead. Decide on your face shape and only then go buy Beanie.

What is a beanie hat?

A beanie hat is a knit product that fits tightly on the head and has been popular for many years in a row. According to the pattern, some people make it on their own, crocheting it with knitting needles. The name received from the word "beanie", translated from English meaning "bean". The shape of a hat resembles a bob, is appreciated for its convenience, versatility, fits many images and styles. Another product is called a “villevalka hat”.

The first beanie models in history appeared in the 20s of the last century. At that time, they were part of the uniform of London handymen, mechanics, movers. In the 40s, first-year students of American and English colleges and universities began to wear the product. It was part of the form, determined which educational institution the youth belong to. Seamlessly beanie migrated to a casual wardrobe. Most of all, she was once loved by grunge style devotees.The last 10 years has been popular in all directions.

Distinctive features of a beanie hat

This product does not have ties, fasteners or other additional elements. It keeps just due to the fact that it wraps a tight ring around the head. It has one or two lapels, decorative ears, pompons. The hat is convenient, practical, it is an option for every day and for a day out. It is easy to put on, correct, and you can even do without a mirror. Under the voluminous models you can hide long hair.

Products can be either close-fitting to the head or free, with a baggy part hanging on the back of the head. All options are divided according to seasonality. For example, winter models are dense, knitted. As a rule, made of thick yarn, they look voluminous. Spring, summer and autumn models are lighter and thinner, from knitwear, fleece. In products of this format will not be hot. In cut, these types are distinguished:

  1. Baggy. As a rule, made of textured fabric. Combine with things of a free cut. The baggy part is left carelessly hanging or tucked in, making a peculiar upside down.
  2. Overseas. Such models are characterized by large knitting. They look stylish, fit almost everyone.
  3. High. They are made of different materials, both dense and thin.
  4. Hat-shovel. It is worn with a free part sticking up. As a rule, from dense materials that hold a given shape.
  5. With pompons. To create a playful look. Pompons come in different sizes, from natural or faux fur, yarn.
  6. Smooth knitting. Made in a minimalist style. They look simple and concise. There are models with decorative elements.

Who will suit

The hat design is modest and democratic, which suits many women, men and children. Suitable for almost any face shape, can participate in the creation of any images. Suitable for casual, smart, street style. Men's beanie hat is indispensable in the wardrobe of athletes for jogging, outdoor activities, for example, mountain biking. Headgear of such a plan are found in the images of hipsters, lovers of swag, grunge.

Men's beanie hat with knitting needles (diagram with description)

Men's beanie hat is a universal, fashionable thing, the fashion of which has not passed and will not pass for a long time. It all started with Beckham - after all, it was on him that we saw this accessory first. Men's hats, knitted with elastic or shortened loops, are called Beckham's hat. We suggest you try to connect different caps, from a simple option to a complex one.

How to choose the right model

Women's beanie hat is an example of simplicity and conciseness, so it suits absolutely everyone. By choosing the right model, you can even correct some of the appearance flaws. Useful Tips:

  1. A large knit beanie is suitable for girls with a round face and catchy features. A good option would be models with pompons. Fine yarn products are not suitable, especially if the young lady has massive round cheeks.
  2. Visually stretch your face will help elongated and models with pompons.
  3. Owners of a heavy massive chin are suitable options with a lapel. Distract attention from the bottom, give the exterior a balance.
  4. Girls with a high forehead and too long face can choose any model. It should be worn by sliding up to the eyebrows.
  5. If you have clear features, you can safely wear any beanie.

Color spectrum

There are no restrictions in choosing shades. Products of classic colors - white, beige, gray, black always remain fashionable. Fit into many images easily. Finding the right combination of things for bright beanie is much more difficult. Now popular are red, wine, burgundy, yellow, orange, melange, blue, bright pink. They are best worn with things of muted shades. The image is allowed no more than three colors. soft pastel colors are also welcome.

Trending models of the season

There are a lot of styles, so a girl with any external features can easily find the right product for herself.At the peak of the popularity of the bean in any performance: oversize, with lapels, decorative ears, a veil, double-sided, with pompons, one or several shades. It’s easy to choose the right clothes and accessories for any model.

Volumetric oversize

Models are usually made of thick yarn. The larger the mating, the more noticeable the “mismatch” in size. An oversized product will be warm even in severe frosts. The options in one color look most beautiful. Of decorative elements, only a pompom made of yarn or fur is allowed, but most models are as simple as possible. Beanie oversize is suitable for a sports outfit, street style, but is unlikely to successfully fit into the classic image of a business businesswoman. With her, it is best to wear spacious loose things, rough shoes.

With a lapel

This element can be either narrow or wide, single or double. Now all options are popular. Lapel makes the product more voluminous. In addition, in such models it is warmer due to additional layers of fabric. The lapel model is perfect for almost all women. Especially well they sit on girls with a massive chin, visually make the face proportional.

Bilateral models

Such options will be very popular with girls who put functionality and practicality at the forefront. There is no wrong side in the product. It can simply be twisted and worn on one side or the other. As a rule, the face and the inside are multi-colored. This gives the impression that you have more than one hat, but two at once. A great gift for young ladies who like to experiment and create radically different fashionable images.

Men's beanie hat without lapel

First, we will knit a male binny hat with a double elastic band without a lapel. This is the easiest option for a hat-bag. If you want the beanie hat to be warmer - knit it more genuine, with a lapel.

Popular beanie caps with knitting needles all knit without a lapel. The master class is suitable not only for those who know how to knit, but also for beginners. The size of the cap is 55-58 cm. We knit on 2 knitting needles and sew the side at the end.

For work you will need:

  1. Yarn Sport (50% wool, 50% acrylic - 50 g. / 90 m.) 2 skeins.
  2. Knitting needles 3 mm thick. and 3.5 mm. - 2 pieces each.
  3. Scissors, thick needle.

We will knit a beanie hat with an elastic band 2/2: 2 front loops / 2 wrong. In the next row - on the contrary: how the mating looks.

Knitting pattern: 10/10 cm. - 21 st. And 26 rows.

Type on 3 mm thick knitting needles. 114 loops. Knit with an elastic band 2/2 (2 persons., 2 out.). After 10 cm. (28 rows) we pass to the needles of 3.5 mm.

Next, we knit a height of 21 cm. (56 rows). We begin to arrange the crown of the product.

57th row: knit like this: 2 persons. n., 2 loops together out., 2 faces., 2 together wrong side., and so on, finish a row of 2 faces. p. 86 p. 58th r. remain: we knit 2 p. out., 1 persons. item, 2 out., 1 persons., and so on. Finish 2 out. n. 59th p.: 2 persons. n., 1 out., 2 persons., 1 out., and so on.

We finish 2 persons. n. 60th p.: 2 out., 1 person., 2 out., 1 person., and so on. At the end of the row - 2 out. 61st p.: 2 persons., 2 persons together., 1 persons., 2 persons together., Etc., at the end of the row - 1 persons. p. Remained on the needles of 58 p. Knit 1 wrong side, 1 front row and 1 out. row. 65th p.: We knit 2 persons. P.

, 2 persons together., 2 persons., 2 persons together., And so on, we finish the row of 2 persons. p. 44 p. left. Knit 1 out. row, 1 persons. row and 1 out. R. 69th p: 1 persons., 2 persons together., 1 persons., 2 persons together. etc. We finish 2 persons. 30 p. Left - knit 1 out. row. 71st p.: The whole row of 2 persons together.

There are 15 items left. We knit 1 out. row.

73rd p.: 1 persons., Further, all items of 2 persons together.

Pull all the remaining 8 p. Together, fasten the thread. Sew the seam inside out.

Beanie hat with a lapel and a scarf - master class

Men's beanie hat can also be in several ways. This option can also be worn in the winter. Together with a hat it is recommended to knit a scarf from the same yarn. 2 skeins of yarn will go to a 56-58 size hat, and 8 skeins to a long scarf.

In the description, the yarn is of medium thickness, in one thread, but if you want to make the hat warmer - take a thinner yarn and knit everything in two threads. The finer the knitting needles, the better and warmer the hat.

For work you will need:

  1. Yarn Sport (50% acrylic, 50% wool 50 g. / 90 m.) - 2 skeins per hat.
  2. Knitting needles 3 mm. and 3.5 mm. Knit on 2 knitting needles.
  3. Scissors, needle.

Pattern for hats: elastic 2/2 (2 faces., 2 out.).

For a scarf: gum 1/1 (1 person., 1 out.).

Density of work: 10 cm.2/2 elastic on 3.5 mm knitting needles. - 21 p. And 26 rows.

We pick on the needles 3 mm. 114 loops and knit with elastic 2/2. At an altitude of 28 p. (10 cm.) We knit further, going to the needles of 3.5 mm.

Tied up to a height of 21 cm (56 p.). Make the top of the cap.

In the next p. we knit: 2 persons., 2 out. together, 2 persons., 2 out. together, and so on. At the end of 2 persons. Remains 86 p.

We knit 3 rows according to the pattern (as the knitting looks).

In the next p.: 2 persons., 2 persons. together, 1 persons., 2 persons. together, and so on, at the end of 1 person. There are 58 loops left. We knit 1 row - purl., 1 p. - faces., 1 p. - purl.

In the next p.: 2 persons., 2 persons. together, 2 persons., 2 persons. together ... 2 persons. It remains in the end on the spoke 44 p. Knit 1 row - purl., 1 p. - faces., 1 p. - purl.

Next R. - 1 persons., 2 persons. together, 1 persons., 2 persons. together ... 2 faces. There is 30 p. We do 1 p. - purl.

Next R. we knit all items for 2 persons. together. We have 15 pins remaining on the knitting needle. We knit 1 p. - purl.

Next R. we knit 1 person. p., and then on - all together 2 faces. It remains 8 p. We stretch the thread through all our rest. item and tighten harder. Sew the seam and turn it back 4 cm.

The size of our scarf is 20.5 cm by 174 cm. On knitting needles 3.5 mm thick. Dial 65 p. And perform the pattern with an elastic band 1/1 (1 person, 1 out.). Knitting 174 cm. (470 rows), close the loop.

Beanie with ears

This model looks very cute and flirty. Suitable for courageous girls who love originality and attention to their own person, emphasize individuality. Ears, as a rule, imitate cat or mouse. Place them on the top of the head. In most cases, models with ears are not too bulky to make the decorative element more visible. They almost completely fit the head.

Cross-knit Beanie Hat

The third option is a beanie and snood hat with cross knitting. This version of the header will be more difficult than the previous ones. Here we need to determine the size, otherwise the product will not rest on its head. Now different beanie hats are in fashion: baggy, in oversize style (large viscous), high (stocking).

If you, that is, your man does not yet have such a wonderful hat - it's time to make a hat and snood with knitting needles.

Cross knitting - this means that we knit not in height, as usual, but across - that is, our fabric on the left is the bottom of the product, and on the right is the top. This must be immediately understood.

How many loops you pick up on the knitting needles - this will be the depth of your beanie hat. For example, this gray hat has a height of 33 cm. 55 loops are gathered on the knitting needles, and the volume of the hat is 55-57 cm. In total 160 rows were connected. This is what the beanie hat looks like in short rows.

As you can see, we get a rectangle with a cone. On the right is the straight edge, and on the left is the crown. At the end of the work you will only have to sew 2 edges - and nothing more. Even the top of the head does not need to be pulled together; it itself will be formed thanks to shortened rows. What are shortened rows:

With bubo

Previously, only children and teenagers could afford hats with funny pompons, but now this situation has changed for the better for fashionistas. Bubo emphasizes mischief and playfulness, adds frivolity to the image. Now very fashionable are options with pom-poms made of fur or yarn. If you complement the image with a large tone in tone, then it will come out very cute and glamorous. Bomber suits, military-style coats, parks, things in a romantic style will fit under a hat.


Unlike bilateral, this one has the front side, the second is the wrong side. But the outer part is made in two shades at once. They can be either contrasting or similar. The second color can be found on an elastic band or on a lapel. Now in fashion, not a sharp, but a smooth transition between colors - a gradient. Depending on whether the bottom will be light or dark, with the help of a headgear you can visually adjust the face shape.

Beanie Patterns

There are many ways to knit: from the simplest to very complex and curly. The most popular patterns will be described in more detail below:

  1. Facial surface.This pattern is one of the simplest, therefore it is widely used. A product made in this technique looks very modest. Perfect for girls who do not like to stand out from the crowd once again.
  2. Shortened rows. The pattern looks very original. To create hats, yarn of two or more colors is used. the rows in this technique do not finish to the end, but unfold and continue in a different direction. The pattern is convex.
  3. Fig. This pattern is also called moss or tangle. It looks very beautiful, the texture is openwork. Looks best on dark yarn.

Beanie hat deep

Men love deep beanie hats. We knit this hat for men from Lanagold yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic - 200 m. / 100 gr.)

5 mm thick needles are used. You can circular, but you can simple - with subsequent stitching of the product.

We will knit a garter stitch, that is, with only the front rows. How can we knit a product in shortened rows so that there are no holes in the course of work.

We pick on the needles with a thickness of 5 mm. 59 stitches. We will knit in straight and reverse rows a hat with a garter stitch.

Knitted the 1st row from right to left, stop. We do not knit 6 loops - they remain on the left knitting needle.

In each subsequent row on the left spoke, 1 p. Less. We do not knit these loops, but unfold the knit. That is, we decrease gradually: 6,5,4,3,2,1 loop. Therefore, we should get a beautiful wedge. Then we start again: again, leave 6,5,4,3 ... and so on - close to the 1st one, another wedge will appear, and so on. In the future, a beautiful top will form.

In order to avoid holes during the work with shortened rows, use such a technique as “looping the loops”: we have 6 sts on the left knitting needle, remove the last stitch (arrow in the photo) without knitting on the right knitting needle.

  • Next, put the working thread (arrow in the photo) forward and return the removed loop to the left knitting needle.

Thus, we again have 6 p. On the left loop, but there will be no holes! We knit a row to the end.

2nd p.: Also knit to the left end, stop, do not knit 5 loops, repeat the entanglement, turn back and forth. 3rd p.: 4 p. Remain untied. 4th p.: 3 p. untied. 5th p.: 2 p.

6th p.: 1 p.

Get a wedge. In the photo, both ends of the product. If you continue to knit in the same way, then new wedges will appear and the product will begin to be self-turned on top of the head.

Here all the wedges are already connected. That's all. It remains only to sew the product at the back and hide the tip of the thread on the crown.

And in the end we knit a snood with a garter stitch. The size of the snood is 60 cm in volume by 30 cm in height. Yarn Lanagold, knitting needles 4 mm thick.

Another good model is a men's knitting beanie hat with a jacquard pattern. Head circumference - 56-58 cm. Head height -24 cm.

For work you will need:

  1. Yarn Drops air (70% alpaca, 30% polyamide, 50 g. / 150 m.), Skeins of black, pearl gray, medium gray and smoky color.
  2. Knitting needles 4,5 mm., Circular 4 and 4,5 mm.
  3. Markers or pins.

Density of knitting: 18 p. And 23 p. equal to 10/10 cm. facial viscous on knitting needles 4.5 mm.

On the knitting needles 4 mm. we collect 96 p. and knit 4 cm. with an elastic band 2/2 - 2 persons., 2 out.

In the next row we knit with facial loops, evenly reducing 12 p. 84 p. Remain. We switch to 4.5 mm knitting needles. and knit jacquard according to the scheme A-1. The jacquard pattern is repeated 7 times (84:12).

We continue to knit with black thread and after 19 cm from the beginning of knitting we put 6 markers for the design of the crown. Reductions will be every 14 p.

"Decreases" do so: remove 1 p. As the front and 1 person. stretch through the shot. If it is difficult for you to make such reductions - just do 2 l together.

In the next p. we reduce by 1 p. after each marker (see. "decrease"). Repeat a series of decreases in every 2nd r. 2 more times, then in each row 3 times. There are 48 loops left.

In the next row we knit 2 p. Together facial throughout the entire row.

Next R. we knit without reductions. Repeat the last two rows again. There are 12 loops left. We fix the remaining items, cut the thread.

On the video: Beckham's hat on the knitting needles. Detailed workshop.

Knitted fashion hat with knitting needles - detailed master class. Beckham hat. Simple, men's hat.

English or French gum

In this design, you can find the product in most cases. English gum looks elegant and concise. The model associated in this technique comes out elastic with a loose and lush pattern. French gum looks even more voluminous.The pattern is like a small corrugation. For the first option, it is better to use medium or thick yarn, and for the second, thin is more suitable.

Beanie with braids

This pattern is often found on knitwear, and hats are no exception. Pigtails are different in width. Any of them make the dress much brighter, more voluminous. Even a monophonic product thanks to braids will look much more interesting. This yarn pattern with sparkling sparkling threads looks very nice. Suitable for a model of absolutely any color.

Coarse knitting

Any products made in this technique are now in trend. The larger the knit, the more casual and voluminous the product will look. Thick yarn models suit almost everyone. With caution, you should treat them only to girls who have a small narrow face without expressive features. You can wear a large knit product by sliding it all the way to the eyebrows, and completely opening your forehead. Sports suits, parkas, down jackets, leather and jeans jackets, tunics and leggings are suitable for him.

Pearl pattern

Visually, this knitting resembles a scattering of stones, small or large. The texture is voluminous, embossed, convex. Large pearl pattern looks a little oblong. The clothes in this design remind you of something. Perfectly fit into the classic or vintage style, emphasize the femininity and grace of its owner. The pearl pattern looks more beautiful in neutral, pastel and light shades.

Garter or hosiery

Both techniques are used to create practical products. A cap in a headscarf knits holds its shape perfectly, it does not deform for a long time, does not stretch. A hosiery product will be denser but thinner. Both options look very elegant, without too much pretentiousness. On products related in this technique, no additional decorative elements are needed. The beauty of such hats is in the pattern itself.

What do they knit

Caps are made of different materials, depending on the season. In the cold season, the most popular products are yarn, mohair or angora, merino wool. In spring and autumn they wear thinner options: from knitwear, cashmere, fleece, viscose. Preference is given to hats made of natural materials, which are distinguished by the level of quality and wear resistance. It is important that they are comfortable, weather matched and not irritating to the scalp.

Thick large threads for bulk "beans"

Products from such yarn today are at the peak of popularity, perfectly fit in the oversize style. Caps in this technique are very relevant, they look incredibly impressive, bright. From the thick yarn any patterns perfectly turn out: rhombuses, rice, braids, many other weaves. One of the advantages will be that in a product of large threads you will never freeze.

Mohair or angora for the winter

These materials make warm and comfortable products that reliably protect against blowing. Pile will not irritate the scalp. Angora product pleasant to the touch, fluffy and soft. The pile of material is amazingly gentle and fantastically warm at the same time. Even in severe frost in angora “bean” you will be comfortable. Products made from this material look beautiful in delicate and saturated colors.

Knitted hats

Products from this material are widespread. Knitwear is inexpensive. For models of it is characterized by elasticity. They are pleasant to the touch, stretch. Knitted hats are suitable for everyday and sports looks. They are ideal if the weather is a bit cool. Looks good in any colors, but most beautiful in shades of gray. Models are suitable for knitted dresses, blazers, sweatshirts, cardigans.

Sporty fleece beanie

Products from this material are characterized by increased hydrophobicity. Fleece dries quickly and has a water-repellent property, and this quality is important for sports. Beanie from this fabric will become reliable protection against wind, rain, snow. It keeps heat well.Fleece products are practical, you carry one thing for several years in a row, if you want. To diversify the bean from this material, a printed pattern, logo or other decorative element will help.

Elegant cashmere

This material is characterized by increased softness, very delicate. The owner of cashmere beauty will be incredibly comfortable. This material is hypoallergenic, does not cause skin irritation, itching. In addition, the material is surprisingly strong and durable. Cashmere bean looks exquisite, fits perfectly into any images, including classic ones, those who like conciseness will like it. You can combine it with strict things: a coat, trench coats, a pencil skirt, straight trousers, sweaters, pullovers.

Bright bamboo yarn

Such a material has porous fibers. Bamboo yarn absorbs moisture and evaporates. A hat from it is suitable for wearing in the warm season. The product will be comfortable, not hot. It is important to note that bamboo yarn has antibacterial properties, therefore it will not cause inflammation, itching even for owners of sensitive skin. The material is characterized by a saturated matte shine and soft delicate texture.

How to wear a beanie hat

The headgear is practical and versatile, suitable for many things. Try to try on one of the ready-made fashionable images, selected taking into account the performance of the product:

  1. Black thin knitted beanie, elegant coat in light blue. Black skinny pants, ankle boots, a white striped sweater. Light beige fringed scarf. The highlight is a reddish-brown bag.
  2. Gray knitted beanie, classic blue and green check suit, gym shoes.
  3. A black hat will look good with a lace dress of the same color below the knee. Complement this look with a gray classic coat with three quarter sleeves and rude boots.
  4. A light pink model of a large knit with a lapel is suitable for casual wear, acting as the only bright detail. Complement - a simple beige midi coat, gray sweater, black trousers and bag, warm mittens.
  5. A simple breakfast image in a cafe with an outdoor terrace. Beanie, coat above the knee, big bag - beige. Charcoal white jumper with beige gray straight trousers.
  6. Black flared skirt, short, with an oversized fit. A short gray sweater tucked into it. Knee-high socks and black flat shoes, beige beanie with pompom, brown bag.
  7. Sport chic option. A dark gray sweater and a volumetric hat of the same shade. Black sweatpants, a long gray coat, gym shoes and a simple bag.
  8. An original image for a student girl. Black things: blouse, jeans, leather jacket. Red beanie and sneakers with bright accents in tone - the accent of the image.

Styles and Directions

Given some of the features, you can easily combine a hat with any clothes. What styles are suitable for:

  1. Casual. The characteristic features of this everyday style are convenience and practicality. If you prefer this direction, try combining a large knit beanie with a pompom, low-waist pants and a short trench coat. In cold weather, it is best to wear a hat with a honeycomb pattern, a warm coat, jeans, ankle boots or flat-soled suede boots. A beanie with two or three lapels will look great with torn denim pants and platform sneakers. The perfect complement to the look is a small bag with a long handle.
  2. Grunge In this style, the emphasis is on layering, combining things without drawing dark and light tones. Beanie will fit in that direction. You can combine a hat with an elongated sweater dress, black leather jackets, plaid shirts, short denim shorts, warm tights. It is advisable to choose bean models that open the forehead, offset to the back of the head. Backpacks are great for images in this style.
  3. Sporty style. Here, practical, laid-back straight-cut things are welcome. A beanie hat will be in harmony with parkas, down jackets, a short jacket with a hood, sweaters under the throat.
  4. Classic.This style is characterized by conservatism, rigor, naturalness. To make a beanie successfully fit into a classic image, combine it with a short collarless fur coat and tight trousers. A great addition would be a shopping bag. The hat itself is mohair or cashmere, with a lapel. Another good image is a short coat with a hood, a woolen dress under the throat, and a beanie without a top. Heeled boots and a suitcase bag with a long handle are suitable for these things.

The hat is universal and fits a lot of things. What things are:

  • a sports suit monophonic with bright attributes,
  • down jacket
  • parka,
  • jeans jacket,
  • Leather Jacket,
  • leggings
  • tunic,
  • fur coat,
  • light dress,
  • chiffon skirt,
  • knitted dress
  • sweatshirt
  • cardigan,
  • coat coat
  • vest,
  • blazer,
  • sheepskin coat,
  • skinny pants or jeans,
  • classic coat
  • trench coat
  • pencil skirt,
  • oversized coat with drapery,
  • straight pants
  • pullover,
  • jumper,
  • chiffon or silk blouse.

What hairstyle is combined

Before going out, it is important to choose not only the appropriate things, but also to properly style your hair. The hat does not hide the hairstyle, but attracts additional attention, looks great with long flowing hair, straight or curled into curls. You can still make a neat ponytail or braid a sloppy spikelet. The straight or slanting fringe protruding from under the headdress will look beautiful. Under short hair, choosing a model is more difficult.

How to knit a beanie hat

The variety of styles of beanie hats knows no boundaries: they are knitted with rows along and across, in a circle, with and without a pattern, with a lapel and a simple elastic band around the edge. Many models are universal, suitable for different styles of clothing.

Knitted beanie hat fits jackets, parkas, vests, pullovers, jeans. Plain bean can elegantly complement the delicate, romantic look, it is combined with a coat, tunics, raincoats.

A loose beanie knitted from thick yarn is an interesting model that resembles a bag, it is a godsend for fashionistas who are ready to surprise others!

The simplicity of the models allows knitters to easily replenish the wardrobe with a few beanie hats. Try to knit for yourself:

  • a simple hat-cap (sock),
  • baggy type headgear
  • beanie with shortened rows
  • oversized style product.


By definition, a beanie is any knitted hat that rests on a person’s head without fasteners or ties. So they call an elongated cap, which can be longer or shorter, wider or narrower - at your discretion. To knit a fashionable women's hat with knitting needles is so simple that even beginner needlewomen should try it - it will definitely happen!

Women's hats with knitting needles with a description and patterns

Knitting a fashionable women's hat, start with the preparation of the necessary materials and tools. For work you will need:

  • yarn of the desired color and thickness,
  • a pair (or set) of knitting needles,
  • scissors,
  • crochet hook and a large needle for stitching.

A simple beanie hat with knitting needles fits in rows located both along the head and across.

To make the headpiece of the right size, knit a sample of the same yarn with the same tool that you intend to use. Pick up two dozen loops, knit two dozen rows with the conceived viscous.

Measure the bound, determine the number of loops and rows per centimeter. This will allow you to calculate the required number of loops to start.

For beginners

Perform the simplest beanie in horizontal rows. To start, choose simple patterns, do not complicate your science. In this example, the number of loops typed is 96 (the number must be a multiple of 8). Further:

  1. In each row, remove the first hem without knitting, and knit the last seamy. Make an elastic band 2 into 2 (two faces. - two out.) The first six rows.
  2. 7 p. knit like this: remove the hem, 2 faces., 2 out., then alternate 6 faces., 2 out. to the end of the row. Tie the hem back. Repeat this pattern in every odd row.
  3. 8 p.knit like this: remove the hem, 2 out., 2 faces., then alternate 6 out., 2 faces. to end. So knit all the even rows.
  4. When 50 rows are knitted, start the decrease.
  5. 51 p. Every two purl knit as one. Front knit as always.
  6. Knit three rows, as the loops show.
  7. 55 p. Cut the loop among every six faces, knitting together the third and fourth.
  8. 56 p. As the picture shows.
  9. 57 p. From each group of 5 faces, cut two loops. To do this, knit 1, 2 and 4, 5 as one.
  10. 58 p. As the picture shows.
  11. 59 p. Every three face knit as one.
  12. The remaining loops must be tightly tightened to one thread, carefully fixed.
  13. Sew the side seam. Your hat is ready!

How to knit a baggy female hat

Another beanie hat with knitting needles that is so popular today is a baggy type product. Perform it in a similar way, only the threads and the instrument are chosen more massive, and the pattern is more relief.

English gum is very suitable for knitting the main fabric. Remember: the baggy type cap should not tighten, keep tight. Measuring the girth of the head, add a couple of centimeters to the freedom of fitting.

Baggy hat can be made circular viscous.

A simple baggy type hat is done like this:

  1. Find 300 grams of bulk yarn, knitting needles for circular knitting No. 8.
  2. From a double folded thread, dial 44 loops.
  3. Knit 9 cm with a pearl pattern. Over the front, knit the wrong side and vice versa.
  4. Add 33 more, knitting two of one in three loops (divide the double thread into two single). Knit every fourth as one. Repeat this until the end of the row.
  5. Next, hosiery (alternate rows of faces. And out. Loops) to a total height of 45 cm.
  6. In the front row, shorten every second p., Purl the wrong side without cuts (so it should be reduced).
  7. Do the same thing twice more.
  8. Pull the remaining loops on a thread, tighten securely.
  9. Decorate the hat with a pompom.

How to knit in short rows

Fashionable hats are knitted in rows located from top to bottom. When working, they are also shortened by means of which the top of the headgear takes the form of a wedge.

In knitting you will have to use only facial ones: the simplest garter stitch looks incredibly cute on this model.

When purchasing yarn (and you only need one hundred gram ball), think about whether you want to add a scarf, mittens or gloves to a fashionable bean. It’s better to immediately buy an extra skein of thread than to look for similar ones on sale.

Before knitting, determine the height of the product in centimeters and loops. In the example described below, there will be 50 plus two edge:

  1. 1 p. Knit the first and all subsequent facial. Leave the last five stitches open.
  2. 2 p. and all are even. Expand knitting. Remove the first chain knitted in the previous row, knit the rest with the front one. Make the last (edge) wrong side.
  3. 3 p. Remove the first (edge), knit the rest with the faces to the last four stitches, you do not need to knit them.
  4. 5 p. Do the same, but leave the last three loose.
  5. 7 p. Do not knit the last two.
  6. 9 p. One loop remains untied.
  7. 11 p. All knit facial, the last wrong side.
  8. From row 13, continue to knit the hat as from the first.
  9. Knit in such a pattern a length equal to the circumference of your head.
  10. Close the hinges.
  11. Sew the side seam of the product.
  12. Pull the top of the product in a circle by stringing the top loops on a thread with a needle.
  13. Turn the finished work to the right side, try on. Smile, the hat is ready!


This style (in a free translation “as if from someone else’s shoulder”) is gaining popularity. Caps, trousers, oversized berets are distinguished by a large pattern of very voluminous yarn. Such knitted hats for women bold, stylish, fashionable.

These hats do not leave anyone indifferent, they look spectacular even in the photo. The technology for knitting oversized hats is simple and straightforward. The most important thing in it is to find threads and knitting needles of the required thickness.

You can make a hat in the style of oversized circular method.

Greetings, dear needlewomen.

I congratulate everyone on the upcoming holiday, I wish you to always be the most loved and beautiful!

Getting started knitting an ultra-trendy and stylish beanie hat! The hat is knitted with a garter stitch on knitting needles.

Girls, prepared the promised post "On the Trail of Online"
here http://saule-blog.ru/?p=3525
It contains the work of those of you who put your caps on an album with a detailed description and allowed you to take them to this post (for which many thanks to you!).

I add a video catalog of caps related online. You can look and choose the option you need by size (which yarn needles to take, how many wedges to knit, etc.).

Hat with two fur pompons

If such a hat flaunts on your little daughter - everything is ok. But if you purchased it for yourself, the best solution would be to return it to the store. Hats with pom-pom ears are not only unfashionable, they also look childish.

Alternative: hat with a knitted pompom.

A good alternative would be a regular hat with a knitted pompom. It looks cute and funny, but pretty beautiful.

Fur hat with ears

A relic of the distant 2010. Previously, everyone wore these hats because they were very well advertised. That's just why there was such a stir around them - it is unclear. Bulky, hiding the floor of the face, hanging to the very heels and even with the ears! Such hats are only for masquerade, what everyday life are we talking about?

Alternative: hat with ear flaps.

Do not think that earflaps are junk. That is, the Soviet moth-eaten moths, yes, but the neat and beautiful feminine ones are the most for our latitudes. Hats with earflaps combine perfectly with puffed jackets and down jackets.

Beginner's Guide

1. Choose yarn. Find out your man’s color preferences, and see for yourself which tone suits your wardrobe. Find the time of year for which you want to knit a hat. If winter, then take a thicker thread, if for spring or autumn - thinner. Most men do not really like models of large yarn, but you know better ...

2. On the package with yarn is indicated the number of knitting needles suitable for it. You can choose straight or circular knitting needles to make the product seamless.

3. When deciding on the style, tie a sample of a small number of loops. Pull it quite a bit, because in the finished form the product stretches a little. Measure how many loops correspond to how many centimeters.

Let's say you need to tie a men's hat to a head volume of 58cm. The sample has the following measurements: 20 loop = 9cm.

Then we solve an example: 20 * 58/9 = 128p.

4. The length of a regular men's hat is approximately 26-29 cm. And in case you want to knit a bean model, the length should be 32-33cm.

5. For 4-5cm to the top, proceed to the design of the crown. There are many different ways. The simplest: visually or with markers (special pins, sold at needlework stores) divide the knitting into 4 parts. In each front row, decrease 1p in these 4 places until 10-15p remains. Pull them with a working thread, tighten securely.

As you can see, nothing complicated!

Men's beanie hat with front stitch on circular knitting needles.

Look at this completely simple, but at the same time stylish and fashionable beanie cap style. Let's start with it!

A great masculine option for beginners

We will need Fibranatura Sensational yarn 100% wool 83m / 50g or similar with the same parameters.
Consumption of 100 grams. Hosiery knitting needles number 4.5. Hat size 57-59cm.
Sample Density: 14p = 8.5cm

How to knit a beanie hat with a front stitch for a man?
1. We collect 88p. On circular knitting needles, close in a circle, distributing them 22p per needle.
2. Knit straight with the front loops round. Because we don’t have gum, but the front surface itself curls, a nice cushion is formed. We knit a length of 28-29cm.
3. We begin to lower the crown. If you work on 5 knitting needles, then the reference will be the beginning or end of the knitting needles.If on circular knitting needles, then divide the knitting into 4 parts and put the markers. So you will not be mistaken where you need to reduce the loop.

The reduction scheme is as follows:

Without tying 3p. to the end on each spoke: knit these 3p so - 2 together behind the back wall, 1 face.
At the beginning of each knitting needle: 1 person., 2 together for the front wall. So do in each of the 4 sections across a row.
When 10-12p remains, transfer them to the auxiliary thread, tighten them tightly. Pull the thread inside out, hide the tip between the loops.

Calling Hat

I often saw these hats on women of different ages. That only they are not written in English! Here you have the “day of the dirty head”, and the “bad girl”, and the affectionately meowing cat. Perhaps this strange type of hats does not suit anyone. Why all these obscene meanings on hats?

Alternative: beanie hat.

The most current model that is unlikely to go out of fashion is beanie. The cap should be of medium knitting, with a lapel and volume in the region of the crown. This is the most versatile model that does not fit your head and does not deform your facial features.

Beaded Shorts

Style for stylish men and young guys. Look at the photo of the famous American singer Ville Vallo in a beanie hat in shortened rows. Looks great!

On my site, such a hat was already dismantled, only for women. But the charm of the model is that it is a unisex style. It is suitable for girls and boys. You can connect the two: yourself and him, and change!

Knitting shortened rows of garter stitches for a bean is not quite simple, but you will carefully read the description and understand everything.

Who likes to watch video master classes:

Fashionable cap for men with a 2 on 2 elastic band

This style is also called Beckham hat. Knitting with her needles is nothing difficult. As a name, this is a novelty in 2017, but the model, which was previously simply called the gum, has been known for a long time. A common, beloved by men version of the headgear.

What I like men's hats - one evening, and you're done!

So let's get started!
We will make beanies on men's size 55-58cm from Sport yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic) 90m / 50g.
Consumption of 100 grams. Knitting needles number 3, number 3.5.
Pattern knitting bean: 2 faces., 2 life.
In izn.ryadu - according to the drawing.
Density: 21p = 10cm.

  1. We collect 114p on knitting needles No. 3, we knit a 5-7cm elastic band.

2 Then we continue with the same pattern, only on the needles number 3.5. This is necessary so that the base of the cap is denser, it will sit better, but will not stretch when worn.

30cm from the start of knitting top of head:

1 decreasing row: * 2 persons, 2 together worn out. * repeat from * to * 2 persons. On the needles 86p.
2, 3, 4 p.: According to the drawing
5 p.: 2 persons., * 2 immediately persons., 1 life. * until the end of 1 persons. In the remainder of 58 p. Gum has become 1 X 1
6, 7, 8 p.: According to the drawing
9 p.: All loops in two together.
10 p.: According to the drawing
11 p.: Two together.
Transfer the remaining loops to the working thread and tighten. Run the back seam.

In the same way, you can make a model with one-on-one or three-on-three rubber bands. The principle is the same.

Knitting deep hat for men 2018

This variant of knitted hat is also called a hat bag. She is quite deep, stylish, fashionable.
We knit from CEAM Mocha yarn (52% wool, 48% acrylic) 85m / 50 grams.

Consumption of 100 grams. Knitting needles number 3, number 4.

The base of the cap is an elastic band 2 X 2. How to knit it is described in the previous knitting scheme.

On knitting needles No. 3, dial 84p., Knit 11cm with an elastic band.

Go to the knitting needles No. 4, evenly add 12p., And distribute the pattern as follows:
1 cr., 3 life., * 6 faces., 6 out., * Repeat 7 times, 6 faces., 3 life., 1 cr.

Next, knit according to the scheme:

After 25-26 cm from the beginning of the bean, start reducing the loops so that form the crown.
To do this, in the faces. Row do the reduction in the sectors between the braids. At the beginning and end of each sector.
Total 12 loops will decrease.
In the third row, repeat the decrease, and knit 2 together before and after the hem. 70p left.
In the fifth, reduce 2p at the beginning and end of each braid.
In the seventh and ninth: all loops are 2 together.
Pull the remaining ones firmly, fasten.

Knitted beanie for men

Pay attention to the blue hat, this is also a beanie model. I will not apply a step-by-step knitting scheme here, because it fits in exactly the same way as the previous model. You can safely take all calculations into service.

One difference: where the pattern with braids begins in that model, you need to knit a Putanka pattern here.
The scheme of the picture of Putanka:

Absolutely Simple Striped Beanie Starter Video

Learn how to knit a beanie stocking with circular knitting

Someone calls this headdress a classic, someone stocking. You can knit it and not high, almost on the head. Or an elongated beanie style. I will try to explain both options.

For knitting beini, take Drops Air Mix yarn (70% alpaca, 7% wool, 23% polyamide) 150m / 50g. The yarn is soft, very pleasant and does not prick at all.
Consumption for a hat is 70 grams at a size of 58cm.

We will knit a stocking cap with a front stitch, and the base with a rubber band 1 on 1.
Circular knitting needles No. 2.5, No. 3.
The density of the front surface is 24p = 10cm.

On the needles number 2.5, dial 170p. and knit with 4.5 cm elastic (1 person., 1 out.)
Then go to the number 3 knitting needles and continue knitting with the front stitch (front on the faces. Side, wrong side - on the back.)

So knit to a height:
if you want a low stocking, then 22-23cm,
for a long stocking - 26-27cm.

Then we knit the crown:
Divide all the loops into 7 equal parts with markers. These are marks where we will reduce.
Decrease 2 together in front of the marker, not in each row, but after one p.
After 30-40p., Knit all two at a time.
Pull the remaining ones and fasten.

Lapel is a favorite masculine style.

Basically, all men love lapel hats. Only in beanie style this hat is made longer.
And all the science!

Size 56-58cm. Yarn LanaGold 240 (50% wool, 50% acrylic) 240m / 100g. Consumption of 120 grams.
Circular knitting needle №4.5.
The main pattern is a 2 * 2 elastic band. The same calculation is also suitable for a 1 x 1 elastic band cap, if you like this style more.
Density 16p = 10cm.
Type 96p on the knitting needles, lock them in a circle. Knit with an elastic band 25-27cm.

We begin to knit the crown.
1st row - all wrong side two at a time. 72p left.
2, 3, 4, 6, 8 - according to the drawing.
5th row - all facial ones, two together. On the needles 48p.
7, 9 - all loops of 2 at once.
We pull and fix the remaining 12p, pull the tip to the wrong side and hide between the loops.

Boyar hat

Such boyar hats are very fond of wearing impressive aunts, combining with a huge mink coat and a tiny handmade dog. There is no status in such a set and in such a cap.

Alternative: knitted turban.

An interesting and original knitted turban hat will brighten up absolutely any look because of its unusualness. It blends perfectly with the coat. It is better to choose a turban of neutral basic shades, one that will suit any outerwear.

Beretik with decor

These berets are the visiting card of any grandmother. So let them stay with grandmothers, stylish and modern ladies do not need such an accessory.

But do not give up all berets at all. Plain strict berets are now relevant. They combine perfectly with a fur coat, they can be worn both oval type of face and square.

Beanie hat: How to wear stylish?

A cozy and immediate beanie hat as a warm childhood memory warms not only literally. Beanie - from the English "bean" "bean", in colloquial - "head". In fact, this little thing is any knitted hat that may additionally have a visor or pompom. Celebrities, top bloggers and models at the most prestigious shows flaunt in beanie. Do not pass by this stylish and practical accessory in cold climates. Hats decorated with a veil, buttons and zippers remained last year. Now the trend is to wear a simple beanie model, wearing a cap slightly upside down. Cute models with a pompom are still relevant. There are no restrictions on color choices this season. You can focus on neutral options like black, beige and gray, or make the beanie an accent in the image, choosing bright colors and candy-pastel colors.You can safely pull the cap closer to the eyebrows or slide away from the forehead. The most convenient hairstyles are loose hair, a low braid or tail. If you have a fringe, you can beautifully lay it on its side, but, most importantly, do not crush it and slide the cap away.

  • With pompom

It is not necessary to combine a hat with a pompon only with a romantic style. A military-style coat or a winter sheepskin bomber jacket looks no less advantageous in such a tandem. 1. Blue with pompom from Nat. furs 2. Beats from art. furs 3. Baby blue 4. Gray

You can create a monochrome look where all the colors will be kept in one gamut.The light palette will look especially gentle and noble. If you want more contrast, feel free to enter prints, adhering to a given color gamut. 1. White hat with angora 2. Beige with a bow 3. Black with a pompom 4. Peach

A bright beanie can complement a monochrome outfit or support one of the colors already in the image. The hat may be the same color or several tones from one of the elements of the outfit, for example, a fur coat, sweater, accessory or drawing on the clothes. Any color other than the main outfit will immediately attract attention to your face, so it’s very important to choose the right color for the hat . When buying a hat, see that it does not overshadow the beauty of your face, highlight the color of your eyes and refresh your skin tone. The more contrasting your features, the brighter you can choose a hat. If you bought an accessory that is too bright for your appearance, makeup will help to rectify the situation. Add contrast to the face, giving a more saturated shade to the lips and emphasizing the eyes. Arrows are ideal for eye makeup. 1. Blue 2. Burgundy 3. Red with cashmere 4. Orange

Especially gentle candy and pastel shades look in combination with soft textures and close colors. You can well choose a beanie hat to match the color of your fur coat, sweater, favorite handbag or mitten.

1. Blue bean 2. Turquoise 3. Pink 4. Lilac

Striped or patterned caps combine wonderfully with a laid-back urban style. It’s best to choose a bright fun color. Let it cheer you up and a pleasant color energizes you throughout the day.

Tell us if you have a favorite beanie and what you wear with it. 1. Gray-pink hat 2. Gray with splashes 3. Black with a pattern 4. Gray with neon

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Knitted beanie hat, knitting pattern

One of the most popular youth hats is the beanie hat. The model has gained popularity due to its versatility: even in the winter, wear it, even in the summer, even with an openwork dress, even with warm jeans. It all depends on the material from which the hat is made. Summer hats are made of lightweight, breathable knitwear, winter hats are made of warm wool.

Knitted Beanie Hat

Take note! Most effective beanie hats look in combination with scarves made of the same material as the hat.

Knitting pattern for beanie hats.

Such a scheme is ideal for beginners, since it does not imply the calculation of loops and head volume. When performing the work, the technique of “shortened rows” and “shawl knitting” is used.

Materials for caps:

  • weight yarn, any
  • knitting needles 5 numbers

  1. Dial 46 loops, knit two rows of garter (facial) viscous.
  2. Next, knit 40 stitches in the first row, do not knit 6 stitches, but leave on the knitting needle.
  3. Second row: knit 40 loops in the opposite direction, 6 loops will remain on the spoke again.
  4. Expand the future hat, knit this time 41 loops.
  5. In the fourth back row, knit 41 stitches with a garter stitch.
  6. Knit 42 loops, tie the last loop, turn to the other side
  7. Everything is like in step 5, but not 41, but 42 loops.
  8. Knit 43 loops, tie the last loop, turn to the other side.
  9. In the eighth wrong side, knit 43 stitches with a garter stitch.
  10. Knit 44 loops, tie the last loop, turn to the other side.
  11. On the tenth wrong side, knit 44 stitches with a garter stitch.
  12. Knit 45 loops, tie the last loop.
  13. Now 45 loops are knitted, only one loop is untied, it needs to be twisted and turned in the opposite direction.
  14. Now, on the twelfth wrong side, you need to knit 45 loops - the first wedge is ready.
  15. Then repeat the pattern (from 2 to 14 points again). It turns out that the crown is automatically ovally knitted.
  16. In the very end, knit two more rows, as in the beginning.
  17. Use two loops to pull the crown over the threads.

Now the hat is ready. In the face, this model sits freely, does not pull its head, like most others like this hat.

How to wear a beanie knit hat

Actually, a beanie is almost any knitted hat that rests on the head itself, without nails and other ties) The word itself comes from the English colloquial designation of the head “bean”, which can be translated into Russian, for example, as “turnip” 🙂

Such hats are now presented in all kinds of options: with and without a lapel, thin and thick knits, with and without a pompom. Therefore, the question of how to wear them, which the reader asked me, can be answered for a very long and lengthy period, after all, facial features and type are so individual. Therefore, I will limit myself to a few important points.

Thick or thin knit:

When choosing hats, always evaluate your facial features. If the facial features (nose, lips, cheeks, eyes, face contour) are dominated by circles and ovals, then a larger knit hat is most likely to fit.

  • If the lines prevail, the facial features are more graphic and clear, then it is better to choose a hat from thin knitwear, cotton, cashmere, thin wool.
  • Clothing style.
  • A big hat with a rough knit pompom will take you to a natural style:
  • with the right combination, even in romance:
  • A thin cashmere hat will allow you to adhere to a more classic look.
  • Well, any knitted hat is a great way to dress down when you can knock off a knitted hat from an expensive classic woolen coat, classic trench coat or other “elegant” thing. I couldn’t tear myself away from the photo yesterday, some kind of aerobatics is simply a combination of styles and textures:
  • Facial features.
  • The lapel on the cap will help balance the heavy chin.
  • A cap with a volume on the crown visually stretches a round face, try only not to completely cover your forehead and “stretch” your face not so much 🙂
  • And vice versa, by pulling the cap over your eyes harder, you can adjust the high forehead and elongated face.
  • If you have cheeks, then the hat should not sit in the skin, let it be free in the face, so that it does not seem that the hat supports the cheeks.
  • And, of course, the hats look good with strands released from the face.
  • If the haircut is too short, then let it be at least like this:
  • To be honest, I haven’t seen any beautiful options with hair completely removed under the hat, but I’m ready to change my mind.
  • The scarf and hat can be of different colors, the kit here is completely optional, and as for me, it is not even desirable, but a matter of taste, of course, I like a little discord.

Try on the hat in different ways, slide it harder on your eyes, lift it, slide it to the side and be sure to take a picture of yourself. In principle, already at this stage it will be clear whether your hat model is correct and in what way it is best to wear it.

Well, and sometimes you have to admit to yourself that, despite the fashion, these caps are not for everyone. What if you can do it like this, and you miss this opportunity? 🙂

Do you wear knitted hats? And with what are you combining?

Hat and snood knitting for girls: a scheme with a description

Snood hat is a large comfortable scarf. Sometimes a snood is just a scarf, sometimes a snood is worn complete with a cap of the same style - large, wide and comfortable.

Snood is knitted in completely different ways - large, viscous, with patterns, elastic. It all depends on the skill of the person who knits.

Even the beginner can knit the simplest options for such a scarf.

What you need to tie a snood hat:

  • 3 large balls of soft yarn
  • circular knitting needles

The scheme of knitting a scarf (cap) snood knitting:

  1. Dial on the knitting needles the number of loops that is a multiple of three, in our case it is 141 loops. If you want a wider scarf - pick up more loops.
  2. Knit 10 rows of elastic. For beginners - one row of the front, the other wrong side.
  3. In the twelfth row, knit 3 facial stitches, then leave 3 stitches on the other knitting needle.
  4. Knit the 3 front loops on the auxiliary knitting needle, then knit 3 purl stitches. Repeat until the row ends.
  5. Next, from 12 to 17, knit a row as follows: 6 facial loops, 3 purl. Repeat the pattern until the end of the row.
  6. In row 18, do the following: remove 3 facial loops from the knitting needle, then knit 3 loops with the facial ones, then knit 3 more loops from the auxiliary knitting needles with the facial loops, now 3 more loops with the front and 3 wrong ones. Repeat until the row ends.
  7. From the 19th to the 24th row, use the scheme described above (12th to 17th rows).
  8. Starting from 25, knit as knitted from the 11th to the 24th row.
  9. At a height of about 60 cm, close the hinges.
  10. The scarf is ready.

Important! If the scarf turned out to be very stiff, put it on a dense fabric folded several times, cover it with a soft, damp cloth, and bend it in the form of books or magazines from above (something not very heavy). Leave it on for about 15 minutes, remove the oppression and fabric, and leave the scarf to dry.

Here are some examples of how to wear snood.

How to knit a cat hat with knitting needles for a girl?

A hat with cat ears is a fashionable youth accessory for girls. Almost every girl has such hats in Europe and Asia.

If knitting a beanie hat or snood is not very difficult, then in order to knit a cat hat, you will need to make a lot more effort. The cap contains many details: upper and lower ears, the cap itself and the ties.

What you need to tie a cat hat:

Knitting cap pattern:

  1. Type 45 stitches on the knitting needles.
  2. Knit 13 rows with pearl viscous (1 front loop, 1 wrong loop, for the next row, knit a facial loop over the wrong loop and vice versa).
  3. Tie 10 rows of front viscous.
  4. Starting from the 24th row, reduce 8 loops in each even (second) row, that is, 4 from each end of the knitting needle.
  5. In the last row, knit together every two loops, tighten.

Ear knitting pattern:

  1. Count 11 loops from the center of the cap from the bottom, dial 11 loops, knit down, while remember to reduce one loop on each second row on each side.
  2. After 5 loops remain - knit everything together.
  3. At the end, you can use a hook to tie the ribbon for ties.
  4. The upper ears are also crocheted - a column in 5 rows without a crochet (with the addition).

This is only one option for knitting such a hat. Armed with the appropriate tools and patience, you can tie one of the following options for a cat-hat.

Fashionable knitted youth hats for girls with knitting needles: patterns

Knitted hats can be not only "grandmother's", but also designer. These hats have an original appearance, differ in the texture of the fabric, jewelry and other details.

Knitted hats have their own fashion. Large scarves of snoods and collars are in fashion now, which at the same time serve as hats, delicate and romantic berets, universal caps with braids and in English elastic. Unusual textures, bright color schemes are in fashion.

One of the fashionable hat options for young girls is a hat with a pompom. Later in the article we will describe in detail how to tie a similar thing with our own hands.

To knit hats with a pompom you will need:

  • yarn, about 250-300 g of different colors
  • knitting needles

Knitting cap pattern:

  1. Type 77 loops on the knitting needles, knit each even row in straight rows with the front surface, and the odd one in reverse rows.
  2. In each even row, remove from each of the two sides of the sides of the knitting needles one loop 4 times. You need to do this as follows: in the front row, knit one front loop, then two loops together with the front broach, then knit until 3 loops remain until the end of the row. Knit 2 stitches together with facial stitches, and another facial stitch.
  3. After you knit 8 rows, add 1 loop at the end of the row, total you will have 70 loops.
  4. Now continue to knit round the front surface.
  5. When the length of the canvas reaches 21 cm, knit all the loops with front stitch 2 loops together.
  6. Next, knit two rows without reducing the loops.
  7. In the next row, repeat step 5.
  8. All loops must be pulled together, the thread secured.

Now make a pompom from yarn, decorate the crown of the cap with it. Your fashionable youth hat with a pompom is ready.

At the output you should get such a product if you used yarn of different colors

A very similar model is presented below. Its main difference is that it is slightly larger than the previous model, but it fits the same way.

Beautiful spring and autumn hat with knitting needles for a girl: knitting pattern

Which hat looks best in spring and autumn? It takes! Berets can be made of both dense fabric and wool.

Berets give the image a touch of romance, mystery. It is customary to read that only girls with a special character style wear berets, but fashion dictates its own rules, and in the coming seasons berets will become one of the girl’s main decorations.

You can connect a beautiful beret according to the following scheme.

What is needed to create a beret:

  • 1 skein of yarn
  • circular knitting needles
  • knitting needles

Beret knitting pattern:

  1. Knit 54 loops on circular knitting needles and knit 10 circles in a garter stitch.
  2. On the next, 11th row, knit, alternating, one back and one loop, and from the third one knit two (both the front and the back). By the end of the row you should get 72 loops.
  3. In the 12th row, knit 1 front loop in the loop of the lower circle to get an air loop, 1 wrong loop. Alternate.
  4. In the 13th circle, knit 1 front loop, and sew the wrong loop into the loop of the lower circle. Everything is in row 12, just the opposite.
  5. From 14 to 47, knit circles as shown in 12 and 13 circles (3, 4 point), alternating them.
  6. From 48 to 53, knit, alternating, the back and front loop.
  7. On circle 54 make a broach: remove one loop as the front, one wrong side loop and stretch it through the removed one. Knit twice and repeat in a circle. In total, 60 loops should be obtained.
  8. Repeat on lap 55: 2 front loops, 1 wrong loop, 1 front loop.
  9. Repeat on circle 56: 1 front loop, broach, 1 front loop and 1 wrong loop.
  10. On circle 57: repeat 3 front loops and 1 wrong loop.
  11. On circle 58: repeat 2 front loops and a broach. There should be 36 loops in total.
  12. 59 circle is fully knitted with facial loops.
  13. On the 60th circle: 1 front loop and broach. Repeat for 24 loops.
  14. 61 circle knit, like 59, with facial loops.
  15. at row 62 repeat the broach. In total, 12 loops should come out.
  16. Cut, tighten and fasten the ends.
  17. Beret is ready!

Important! Beret goes well with warm coats of various cuts and styles. It also takes looks good together with the latest super trend - manto!

Knitting winter hat for a girl: a scheme with a description

What to wear in winter, if not a hat with earflaps traditional for Russia? This antique wardrobe item has been around for many years, and thanks to the efforts of modern designers, it will exist even further and more.

Even in severe frosts, girls want to look as attractive as possible. A down jacket or a fur coat, a handbag on the shoulder, branded boots, gloves are beautiful, and on the head there is a hat, but not a simple one, but a real ushanka! Do not believe that a cap with earflaps can look stylish and feminine? Then pay attention to the selection of photos of this same hat.

Now try to knit a cap with earflaps on your own using the diagram below.

  • knitting needles number 6
  • white booklet yarn - 100 g
  • 30 g fine white yarn

Knitting pattern with earflaps:

  1. Fold the white thread (thin) in half, put 50 loops on the knitting needles.
  2. Now, knit 12 cm of the fabric with a handkerchief, previously dividing the fabric into 8 parts, for each subsequent part reducing one loop in each even row. Only exactly 10 loops in a row should remain.
  3. Using a thread, tighten the loops, fasten and assemble the seam on the back of the head.
  4. Using white booklet yarn folded in half, dial 20 loops around the edge of the cap, knit 10 cm with a garter stitch, and close the loops.
  5. On the part of the hat that remains, type the required number of loops with the same white yarn and tie a column about 10 cm high.
  6. Tie the edges of the lapels.
At the exit, you will have such an option for earflaps

Take note! It is not necessary to knit lapels with booklet yarn. You can attach artificial or natural fur to them as a decorative element.

Models of stylish knitting hats for girls

As you have already seen, knitting a stylish hat with knitting needles, yarn and a hook is not at all difficult. You can accumulate the missing knowledge right in the process.

If you do not know how to knit at all - try to create separate elements: garter stitch, braids, elastic, and then proceed to more complex elements. In knitting, as elsewhere, you need to move from simple to complex.

If you already have a good idea of ​​what knitting needles are and how to handle them, take the following models of women's stylish hats into service. Perhaps one of these pictures will inspire you to create a masterpiece.

Yarn: Merino 100%

Country: Italy. Manufacturer: Titan Wool

Composition: Merino Wool (100%)

Skein weight: 50 gr.

Length in skein: 125.00 m.

Color # 2515 is brown mink.

Knitting needles number 5, hook number 5.

All that is needed in order to tie the same hat is presented in special sets in our store. If there is no time or opportunity to search for components or tools in the city, you can choose or look at other options in the store there. We will quickly deliver it to you, and you can safely enjoy the process.

Prepare a thick needle with a smooth tip for stitching the fabric with a knit stitch.

This fashionable hat is even for a beginner in knitting. It is knitted easily, with large shawl with viscous facial loops, transverse knitting in shortened rows - a “must have” accessory for women of fashion and fashion. Stylists say that “a practical and comfortable hat - a beanie - is a popular hipster attribute of many celebrities.

Size: height 35 cm, circumference unstretched 54. On the exhaust gas about 56 - 57 p.

The width of the cap is the volume of the head is the number of connected rows. Its depth is the number of loops typed.

On knitting needles No. 5, we collect 50 loops with an auxiliary thread and knit 2 - 4 rows.

1st row (and all subsequent rows) - front loops. We knit the first hem (and all hem on this side), because it is the lower edge, and it should not be stretched (with garter knitting, the fabric is slightly springy and the edge is slightly loose, we do not need this)

2nd row - front loops.

3rd row - we begin to knit in shortened rows (they are needed to round the crown).

To do this: remove the edge, knit a row from the beginning to the crown, do not knit the last 4 loops (taking into account the edge loop).

Now you need to turn the knitting and knit in the opposite direction, but if we do this, we will have a hole in the place of rotation. To avoid it, it is necessary to wrap out of the 4 remaining 4 loop. We do it like this:

  1. Remove the loop from the left knitting needle to the right one, the working thread is below, under the left knitting needle.
  2. Throw the working thread so that it is above the left knitting needle

Remove the loop from the left knitting needle to the right
  1. We return the removed loop to the left knitting needle - the loop is entwined!

Now turn the knitting (hourly).

4th row - the twisted loop is on the right knitting needle, the working thread is at work.

Working thread at work

We throw a working thread on ourselves (as a reverse yarn) and thus transfer the thread over the work (on the right knitting needle).

We throw a working thread on ourselves (as a reverse yarn)

Now, holding the working thread with the index finger of the right hand, we translate it for the work (as with facial knitting).

Now, holding the working thread with the index finger of the right hand, we transfer it to work

And now, continuing to hold the working thread with the index finger of the right hand (so that the yarn-crochet was tight), we knit the front loop and knit further a row from the crown to the beginning.

We knit the front loop and knit further a row from the crown to the beginning

We tied the first shortened row.

5th row - we also wrap around the 8th loop (including the hem).

Do not tie up to the end of a row of 8 loops

6th row - repeat everything with accuracy as in the 4th row.

We transfer the loop to the wrong knitting needle, we wrap ourselves around the work, we transfer the loop back to the left knitting needle
We turn the knitting clockwise, the working thread on ourselves, we knit the following facial loops

This is a report. We tied the first wedges.

7th row - we knit as the 1st, that is, with the front loops to the end of the row, knitting the first entwined loop as 2 together with the front.

We knit the first entwined loop as 2 together the front

And the second entwined loop as 2 together front

We knit the second entwined loop as 2 together the front

So we knitted the 1st row of the second wedge

1st row of the second wedge

8th row - we knit a row as the 2nd front to the end

8th row - the wrong side of our hat

9th row - we knit as the 3rd.

The 10th and 12th rows are knitted as the 4th and 6th, respectively. Thus, we repeat the 1st through the 6th row inclusively until the hat becomes comfortable in size (along the Og).

Important! So that the edge of the cap, which will encircle the oval of the face, is not stretched and does not need to be crocheted, it is necessary to knit the edge loop and adjacent to it as tight as possible (tighten the edge band) than all other loops.

In my case it turned out 20 wedges (119 rows).

Having knitted 119 rows (corresponds to the 5th row of the report), we put on the knitting needle (crochet is not convenient) the loops for the edge loops of the crown, dress them on the hook and stretch the loop through them (do not stretch the long one), leave a small tail. We cut it off and stretch this tail into an elongated loop (we fix the knitting).

We knit on the knitting needle for the edge loops of the crown

In unstretched form, the diameter of the cap is 54 cm, just 56 to 57 the size of the head. The height of the cap is 30 cm.

The hat is tied, it remains to sew.

If you have not mastered the technique of knit stitching a loop into a loop, you can knit with a closed edge and sew with a regular seam. I assure you, in no store you will not find a hat sewn with a knit stitch loop into a loop, and a person ignorant of not "zhist" will not notice the difference. Well, if you practice a little on the sample, then everything will work out.

Practice on the sample

Dissolve the auxiliary thread. In order to stitch open loops, the fabric needs to be steamed. But when steaming, the headscarf loses its elasticity, and I did not begin to steam the cap. I changed open loops to loose knitting needles. Sew open stitches with a seam loop into a loop from the edge to the crown (120th row).

With handkerchief knitting, the knit stitch has its own peculiarity. We sew the top stitches as with the front surface,

Knitted stitch on the front surface

and the lower ones as with the wrong side.

Back seam on the seam

We introduce the needle into the outer loop at the back (from the inside) onto ourselves, pull the thread.

We insert the needle into the outer loop at the back (from the inside) onto ourselves
Insert the needle from left to right.

pull the thread. At first it will be slow, since the thread is long, and you need to pull it out slowly (without tightening)

Pull the thread
Insert the needle from right to left into the first facial loop

and into the second facial loop behind (on yourself).

We introduce into the second facial loop in the back (on itself).
Loops should not be twisted

Gently pull the thread.

Gently pull the thread.
The seam repeats the pattern.

The finished hat looks like a cone. On the left - the crown, on the right - a straight bezel (connected without contractions).

Beanie hat

The hat is ready! Can be worn as beanie hat but it is possible with a lapel.

Fashion is an insidious seductress. They obey, follow, accept the rules of the game.She takes out old images from the chests, transforms them, makes win-win accents - the thing acquires a new status. What yesterday was considered inappropriate and pretentious - today it occupies the highest places on the catwalks, breaks off a storm of applause.

The beanie hat returned to us from the past, where it was worn by pupils of educational institutions and workers of industrial enterprises. In those days, she represented the distinction between university teams, protected the hair of carpenters, locksmiths from falling onto the machine. They didn’t choose a hat - she chose.

Now these designer creations adorn the heads of celebrities. Beanie takes first place among fans seeking chic.

Characteristics and differences

Women's beanie are hats that fit the head, without ties. They are made of thin and thick yarn, with patterns, complemented by decorative elements. Beanie hats will interest girls and women who know how to present themselves in an original style.

Girls who want to stand out from the crowd and endowed with handmade abilities can independently realize the model they like: a maximum of two skeins of yarn, a treasured pattern, knitting needles or crochet hook, a couple of days of work - and the hat is ready!

Fashionable solutions for women's bean: color and material choice

The 2019-2020 season offers lovers of beanie hats extravagant, bold, challenging models (they will pay attention to you!):

  • With a smooth, viscous, minimizing pattern, brooches, ribbons,

  • From thick wool with longitudinal, transverse viscous,

  • playfully winking from behind

  • From pieces of fur - why not luxury?
  • With the inscription of a world brand or words of love dedicated to a loved one. A bound little thing speaks better of words about true feelings.

For women who prefer neutral tones, designers have proposed black, gray and light beige colors.
Brave girls will choose burgundy, yellow, red, blue shades with large viscous.

In winter cold, beanie hats will warm you from the cold, close them from the winds. If supplemented with ears with pompons, then the female half will thank for a warm gift from mohair, cashmere or fleece. Warm autumn will not leave its fans without their favorite hats made of fine yarn and viscose thread.

What to wear and with what styles to combine a bean

Beanie hats - put on by brave and confident girls. They are subject to the combination of incompatible things, leading to unexpected results. Which wardrobe to choose for a bean, and which style to prefer?

Casual - convenience and practicality

Casual - casual style, distinguished by comfort, uncomplicated accents.

Fashionable girls combine the colors of the wardrobe, showing an extravagant taste and diluting with carelessness. Large knit beanie hats with a pompom are combined with a short cloak and low-cut trousers.

The honeycomb pattern is suitable for winter frosts, in which you can wrap yourself in a coat, warm jeans, and put on suede boots without heels or ankle boots on your feet. In autumn, fur vests or a bathrobe are suitable. Young female students will not pass by such an outfit, complementing it with a small handbag on a long handle.

Two or three lapels and a beanie turns into a half-cap, strongly fitting the head. Ripped jeans, casually rolled up below, platform sneakers - a small leather bag with a long handle completes the look. Idea for autumn wanderings, writing poems.

Grunge - clothes without rules

Girls, tired of following fashion, chose grunge - a combination of incongruous things, in which the emphasis is on light and dark colors without a pattern. Simplicity, practicality and layering are welcome.

A long sweater dress with creepers, a black voluminous jacket on top - street motifs crowd out the glamorous look.

A black sweater with a checkered shirt over it and a spacious jacket with a hood on top. It ends with short torn denim shorts, warm tights, a loose beanie opens his forehead - young people know a lot about things and do not hesitate to show taste.

The hat is offset to the back of the head, long hair with bangs is visible. A short leather jacket with a snake, knitted narrow trousers, leather grinders, a backpack - inspire confidence in yourself and tomorrow.

Sports image - a jerk to victory

Clothes for sports and everyday wear, comfortable, practical. The style is characterized by laid-back lines with a straight cut.

The sports style combines beanie hats and female addictions, offering numerous models for jogging, skiing, cycling, fitness.

Down jacket or parka, beanie with pompons, leggings and dutiki or ugg boots. A short jacket with a hood, Afghan pants, a sweater under the throat, a short beanie are the look of fashionable girls who advocate practicality.

Strictness and exactingness in the classics

Conservatism and strict lines, naturalness and human beauty are embodied in the classics. How to wear a hat with a classic? Classic fabric coats, fur coats, sheepskin coats will come to the rescue.

A short straight fur coat without a collar, tight trousers, a shopper bag plus a cap of mohair yarn with a lapel 10-12 cm - business women will pick up the idea.

An elegant coat looks like a short coat with a shawl collar turning into a hood, a woolen dress under the throat of the same length with outer clothing, and a beanie without a top.

Suede boots with heels and a suitcase bag with a long handle will complement the hat. Signing contracts, business meetings, breakfasts in a cafe - this is a small list where a business woman looks presentable in such an outfit.

A hat is worn and worn depending on the mood, image in which you want to reincarnate. Beans are hemmed in front and back. If you do this from behind, the look will transform from a long stocking into a cap that is neat in the shape of the head. They tuck them behind the top of the head or above the back of the head, achieving compatibility with sports or classics. A popular longitudinal knit is suitable for such an embodiment.
Wearing a beanie - how to master a simple “dance” - everything is in your hands!

Hairstyles in a Beanie

Girls devote an enviable place to hairstyle, carefully select under a headdress.
The hat is suitable for straight long or slightly curled hair. African pigtails intricately look in a hat. In order not to violate the beauty of the female headdress, the hair is collected in a ponytail or spikelet that looks colorful outward. Too short hair looks less pretty in such hats.

Try it, experiment with details, wear beanie hats, create an individual look!

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