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Sizes of men's hoodies

It is easy to limit the size of a men's (unisex) hoodie (elastic cuffs, a kangaroo pocket in front):


X - the width of the sweatshirt in the shoulders from seam to seam,

A - the width of the sweatshirt in the chest area,

Y - the length of the sweatshirt from the hood to the bottom, including cuffs (elastic band), measurements on the back,

Z - the length of the sleeve from the shoulder, including cuffs (elastic band).

In such fashion outfit (sweatshirt) you can go to any party, she warm in the cold autumn seasonComfortable and pleasant to wear clothes. It is always warm, comfortable and most importantly its cost is not as high as that of a demi-season jacket, but in fact, the quality and convenience are much higher!

The sizeS - 46M - 48L - 50XL - 52XXL - 54XXXL - 56
For growth170-180 cm170-180 cm175–185 cm180-190 cm180-190 cm185–195 cm
X47.5 cm49 cm51 cm54 cm56 cm58 cm
A50 cm54 cm56 cm60 cm63 cm66 cm
Y66 cm66 cm68 cm72 cm74 cm76 cm
Z57 cm58 cm59.5 cm63 cm66 cm68 cm

Legal entity COTTONTEKS Limited Liability Company (COTTONTEKS LLC)

Belarus Minsk St. Chapaeva, 4

Date of registration in the Commercial Register / Register of Domestic Services: 08.24.2015

Number in the Commercial Register / Register of Domestic Services / Register of Manufacturers of goods: no, Republic of Belarus


Initially, for the correct calculation of size, measurements are taken:

- growth (P),
- breast volume (OG),
- waist (OT),
- thigh volume (OB).

Growth is verified with tabular data with a margin of inaccuracy of up to 3 (cm).

Additional measures are:

- neck circumference (OS),
- sleeve length to the cuff (DR),
- shoulder width (SHP).

Additional criteria for choosing a hoodie size:

In addition to determining the size by taking measurements, there are several more circumstances that affect the correct choice of product. Namely:

- determination of the type of figure,
- completeness group,
- proportionality of the body and limbs.
Some manufacturers of men's hoodies indicate the size in alphanumeric terms:

For instance: XS-44 for height 160 (cm) - 170 (cm). Also, while indicating the width of the shoulders (X = 46 (cm)), in the chest (A = 47 (cm)), the length from the base of the neck of the hood to the bottom cuff of the sweatshirt (Y = 62 (cm)), the length of the sleeve (Z = 57 (cm)).

How to find out your hoodie size?

A sweatshirt is an elongated jacket of a free cut, which can vary in models and materials of production depending on the seasons of the year and the preferences of men. A sweatshirt on fasteners, a hoodie or in the form of a sweater is always worn out, and the style and model are selected for the general image. In determining the right size, a man needs to consider production materials and the season of the year.

If we are talking about the cold season, it is worthwhile to look at models made of dense windproof fabrics, and choose a spacious size so that the jacket does not hamper movements, and after washing it is not small. Sweatshirts of the summer style from thin fabrics can be selected fitted, so especially carefully the man needs to take measurements on the figure. Be sure to take into account the complete set of the body, weight and height when choosing the optimal size.

To determine your hoodie size, a man needs to make several measurements with a special tape:

  • P - growth
  • OG - chest girth,
  • OT - waist circumference,
  • OB - hip circumference.

Also, manufacturers often require additional measurements in order to avoid errors. Namely, the circumference in the neck region (OR), the length of the sleeve to the cuff line (DR), as well as the width of the shoulder line (SH). As a rule, such calculations are carried out by men with a non-standard type of figure and height, too tall, short or plump men. In this case, the likelihood of errors increases, so the man needs to consider additional points.

Size chart

A sweatshirt most often implies a loose fit and style, but at the same time, it should not sag on a man in a baggy form. When measuring his personal parameters for warm models made of dense materials, a man needs to add 2-3 cm to the indicators to get a comfortable option that does not restrict movements. You need to take measurements on yourself with a flat posture, it is allowed to measure on an old model of a sweatshirt that perfectly sat on a man.

All sizes of sweatshirts in accordance with the parameters of the body are presented in the size chart, which will help determine your size.

The sizeHeight, cmChest circumference, cmWaist circumference, cmInseam, cm

Having carefully studied these tables, a man must take into account his own preferences, features of a figure and a complete set, indicators of growth and weight. Lovers of a free cut should choose a sweatshirt one size larger, men with a perfect torso can wear a sweatshirt of a fitting style.

Size Chart of Different Countries

Particular attention when choosing a sweatshirt and calculating your size, a man needs to be paid to clothing production fabrics. If it is a sweater made of fleece, this material stretches perfectly, so you can safely take the size in size, and for overweight men leave a tolerance of 3-5 cm. The sweatshirt made of wool after washing in hot water will “sit down”, so when measuring body parameters, add 2 -4 cm. A nylon sweatshirt will stretch, so you can even take a couple of centimeters from your parameters, and a cotton sweatshirt will “sit down” after washing, add 3-5 cm to the parameters.

Size, RussiaInternational standardChest circumference, cmWaist circumference, cmHips, cmSleeve length cmSize, Europe

Next, the man needs to clarify the country of manufacture in order to select the correct standards and labeling sizes. Hoodies of Russian production are measured according to the table that was indicated earlier. But models of imported origin require international measurement techniques. Therefore, there is a table of conformity of sizes with the indication of different countries.

1. Chest

To do this, stand straight, straighten your back and straighten your shoulders. Take a tailor (flexible centimeter) tape and stretch it through the armpits around the most protruding points of the chest and shoulder blades. Divide the resulting value in half and round to the nearest larger even number.

For example, using a tailor tape, you measured 103 cm. Divide this value in half: 103: 2 = 51.5. We round to the nearest even even - 52. This is your T-shirt size in the values ​​accepted in Russia.

Benefits: quick and easy.

disadvantages: in different countries and even within different brands there are dimensions. Therefore, the Russian 52, for example, is by no means equal to the Italian 52nd. If you plan to buy a thing in the online store of another country, be sure to use the size matching tables (we will give them below).

2. The size of your favorite T-shirt

Hopefully you did not remove the shortcut from it. Take a look at it - the size that sits on you most comfortably will be indicated there.

Benefits: Ideal if you plan to buy a T-shirt of the same brand. In this case, take the same size - you definitely will not lose.

disadvantages: same as above. Your favorite brand may produce small models. T-shirts of other brands in the same size, on the contrary, can be larger and you will simply drown in them.

3. By fitting offline

To do this, you have to go to a traditional clothing store - it is desirable that this was not a market point with a non-name, but a store of a more or less decent and not very budget brand. Even better if there are several such stores.

Measure different t-shirts and shirts, paying attention to their labels. Highlight the size that most often sits on you comfortably and beautifully. In the future, order shirts with the same number on the label.

Benefits: This is one of the most accurate options to determine the size you need.

disadvantages: You will have to spend time searching and trying.

Men's T-shirt Size Chart

As practice shows, most often, to determine the size of a men's t-shirt, men use the first of the methods listed above - measuring the volume of the chest.

If you have determined your Russian size, but plan to buy a T-shirt of an American, European or specifically Italian manufacturer, be sure to check out our table of sizes matching men's t-shirts.

Your russian sizeChest circumference (cm)Growth (to)USAEurope EUR / GER / FRItalyLetter International

Please note: sizes are tied not only to the girth of the chest, but also to growth. This is also an important parameter. Growth must be taken into account so as not to get too short or, on the contrary, too long a t-shirt instead of an ideal one.

If your height exceeds the one indicated in the corresponding box opposite the chest volume, it is worth ordering a T-shirt one size larger. If the growth is smaller - take the previous size.

Another option: when buying, pay attention to Size Chart (Size Charts), which in the description of t-shirts are laid out by the seller or manufacturer. It often indicates the length and width of the product. Before buying, check these values ​​with your parameters.

And finally, a small life hack, which in many cases will save you from the need to constantly look at the table. Just remember that:

  • the American size of a T-shirt is the same Russian minus 10. If your ru-size is 48, then when buying in the American online store you need a T-shirt (48 - 10) = size 38,
  • the Italian size of the T-shirt is the Russian minus 2. With a pu-size of 48, you will need Italian (48 - 2) = 46th,
  • European T-shirt size is the same as Russian.

How not to make a mistake with the size of a men's t-shirt

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not enough to choose the right size. It is important that this size is maintained when worn. Therefore, when buying a men's t-shirt online, be sure to pay attention to what material it is made of and to which price category it belongs.

  • T-shirts made from natural fabrics - cotton or linen - as a rule, after the first wash they “shrink” by about 5%. So, if you bought the right size, you run the risk of discovering that the T-shirt has become small for you. When choosing a cotton T-shirt, it is better to take the model a size larger than the centimeter tape showed you.
  • T-shirts made of low-quality fabrics (they can be recognized at a suspiciously low cost) “sit down” even more actively than natural ones. This is also worth considering.
  • T-shirts of expensive brands (well, at least a strong mid-price segment) in most cases do not change size after washing. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer does not save: the fabric undergoes preliminary special processing. There is one more nuance: good brands value their reputation and, if their T-shirts still “sit down,” they put this shrinkage in the amount: the value indicated on the tag corresponds to the size after washing, and not a new thing.

But even if you take into account both the fabric and the price segment, overlays can still occur. The best way to insure against them is to check not only the Size Charts, but also the reviews left to a particular T-shirt by those people who already bought it before buying. There you can find the treasured words “too narrow”, “very wide”, “small size”, “large size” or, let’s say, “the size goes to size”, which will help you adjust your choice in the right direction.


Almost all fabrics used for sewing clothes can be found in men's t-shirts. And the composition of the fabric when buying should be treated more than responsibly. If you, of course, want the T-shirt to please the eye for a long time, well, you also want to feel comfortable in it. Buying a T-shirt without familiarizing yourself with the composition of the fabric is like buying a pig in a poke.


The most used fabric for sewing T-shirts. Very wear-resistant, does not stretch over the years, holds color and patterns well, and tolerates frequent washings. But it is worth remembering that cotton is different. And all the advantages described above can be crossed out immediately if you get a low-quality cotton product. Surely many people came across cotton products that literally in a month (or even faster) from white turned gray or molted, and the neck was stretched twice as compared to the original size.

Cotton is used by top manufacturers for making T-shirts, whose price tags are far from reality, as well as the most low-cost brands. Therefore, the difference in tissue quality can be striking. Focus on the brand you trust. It is worth noting that in very hot weather, cotton fabric, especially dense from inexpensive, is not the best solution, since its air permeability is not very high.


Synthetic fabrics cannot be dispensed with, but ideally in a significant amount they are used only in T-shirts for special purposes - for example, sports, thermal underwear or for swimming. In regular T-shirts, synthetics increase wear resistance, but critically reduce air permeability, impairing moisture removal. In a regular synthetic T-shirt in the heat, you will literally get sweaty. True, this does not apply to high-tech synthetic fabrics, which usually do not differ in cheapness. Therefore, ideally, a regular T-shirt may contain 3-5% elastane added to maintain the shape of the product.

As long since linen clothes have been considered an element of belonging to the upper class, now flax t-shirts belong to the premium segment and are very expensive. The fabric is not easy to process, so the choice of products is very limited. A T-shirt made from 100% linen will be visible in the sun. Due to the high breathability, it will be comfortable even in the hottest weather, but in the evening you will have to change clothes. Linen fabrics are unpretentious, with proper and careful care they will last forever. A great addition to the wardrobe for the summer.

Rayon (lyocell)

Natural fabric made from wood pulp. It is pleasant to the touch, soft, has a beautiful silk sheen. Absorbs almost twice as much moisture as cotton, does not cause allergies. However, viscose requires careful care, and washing it on a regular basis in the washing machine, you risk getting a wrinkled rag. Only gentle modes, spin at minimum speed, soft detergents. No machine drying and ironing with a hot iron.

Beautiful and expensive fabric, also sometimes used to sew men's t-shirts. So capricious that machine wash is usually prohibited - a maximum of manual or dry cleaning. Traditionally, silk t-shirts are designer items with impressive price tags.

Where could I buy

An endless selection of men's t-shirts - from premium to budget brands. It combines the opportunity to purchase goods at a discount, which is usually not available in traditional online stores even during the most generous sales. Be sure to pay attention to the products of such brands as Calvin Klein, Diesel, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, DKNY. And, of course, do not miss such well-known sellers as BHFO, Retail Fashion Outlet, T-shirt-Hoarders - in addition to a grandiose assortment, they offer direct international delivery.

If the brand does not matter to you and the price comes first, then you can find more than an exhaustive selection of men's t-shirt offers on the Chinese platform Aliexpress. A stunning assortment and free delivery made Ali “the number one store” for our compatriots who prefer overseas shopping. Focus primarily on product reviews left by customers and the number of orders. Also, our seller reliability assessment tool will come in handy.


A sweatshirt is a universal and practical thing that harmoniously combines with different styles of clothing, but is most often used in the everyday image of a man. Hoodies can be sports, casual, classic cut, and even in the style of grunge and military. Much depends on the styles and colors, as well as the features of the appearance and figure of a man. But choosing the right size is 90% success, so it’s important to take the right measurements, after which the size chart will tell you the right version of the sweatshirt.

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