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Cool hairstyles for boys

Modern fashion for men's haircuts offers many varieties and styles for boys of all ages and preferences. Many boys today strive to be like their idols, including in haircut and hairstyle. In this regard, top haircuts are often an imitation of haircuts of adult men.

School and adolescence are distinguished by a special guardianship of boys with regards to their appearance, since they are at the stage of becoming themselves as individuals in society. Therefore, you need to choose the coolest hairstyles for boys in the first place, based on the preferences of the child, as well as on his temperament and character.

How to choose a beautiful hairstyle for a boy?

Due to the fact that beautiful hairstyles for boys are presented in a huge variety of styles and varieties, it is difficult to immediately choose a haircut for your child.

Children's hairstyle should have several characteristics:

  • be practical and comfortable
  • slightly different from adult models of haircuts,
  • a haircut should not require daily styling and use of cosmetics.

In addition, parents should not impose their preferences if the child already has their own opinions and desires. Haircuts should correspond to the age and degree of independence of the child, so that he cares for her. In addition, you need to pay attention to the structure of the hair, its length and shade.

Top 10 fashion haircuts for boys

Since beautiful haircuts for boys are presented in a huge number and variety, leading stylists and hairdressers have compiled a top list of the most popular, versatile and fashionable types of haircuts for boys of preschool, school and teenage years. This will significantly narrow the range of haircuts and help the child to decide on the appropriate style and image.

A real men's haircut for boys who are characterized by a strong masculine character, courage and an active lifestyle. This is the shortest version of the haircut, the hair of which is almost the same throughout the head, but may slightly decrease in the temples and neck. Most often, boxing is preferred by boys athletes and those who do not have the time and desire to care for their hair.

Textured crop

In 2017, the Textured Crop haircut took a leading position in popularity among boys aged 6-10 years. Its advantage is that it looks harmoniously with hair of different lengths, structures, shades. Medium length hair in a chaotic styling will be concentrated on the crown, and on the back of the head and temples they will be cut as short as possible with smooth transitions.

Side part

If you translate a haircut into Russian - this is a parting on the side, respectively, we are talking about one of the types of classic hairstyles for schoolchildren. In everyday life, you can style your hair sideways, back, and let go of your side bangs, and for studies and formal events, the Side part haircut can be strictly combed to one side.


Another men's haircut that is in demand this season is Undercut, in which the temporal and occipital sections are cut dramatically short, and smooth, medium-length hair combed on the top is left on the top. Undercut also requires a shaved, clear parting to emphasize length contrasts.


The commander himself wore a haircut, and now Caesar's haircut is relevant among modern youth. It is distinguished by short temples and an occipital area, but on the crown of the hair leave a little longer. A characteristic difference of the Caesar haircut is a clear contour of the haircut in the forehead and temples, the fringing of a short triangular bangs.


This haircut is characterized by an interesting contrast of lengths due to the skill of the hairdresser. A thick and voluminous pile of hair will be collected at the top, but the nape and temples will noticeably decrease curls. Especially spectacular and attractive Canada will look on the curly hair of a boy, in addition, a haircut can be styled in different ways, constantly experimenting with images.

Half box

For boys with an imperious and solid mindset and character, for athletes and lovers of active pastime, stylists recommend a fashionable half-box haircut. And no matter how the best hairstyles for boys change in different years and seasons, the half-box is a classic that will never go out of style. A short and practical hairstyle with a shortened occipital and temporal part is universal and will suit any boy.


A distinctive feature of the British haircut is an elongated bang, which is cut with a ladder and short hair at the back of the head and temples. A classic, strict, but effective haircut is suitable for smart, intelligent boys who prefer the same classic restrained style in clothes. Stylists believe that the British will for a long time be at the peak of popularity among adult men, boys of school and puberty.

Hair tattoo

Recognizing the haircut Hair tattoo is simple, it implies not only the classic version of the long crown and shortened temples and the nape, but also the presence of clipped patterns and images on the temporal part of the hairstyle. It can be lines, lightnings, character drawings, cobwebs and much more. Hair tattoo is a special design only for courageous and confident boys.


If the boy is notorious and hyperactive, he does not hesitate to show himself and creativity, a mohawk haircut is what any stylist will advise him. The main thing is that the Iroquois was in a childish interpretation and corresponded to the age of the child, the dress code of the institution. Iroquois is a strip of long hair along the center of the head, which is bordered by short-cut hair through the temples to the very back of the head. The hair is laid up with varnish or gel.

All of the listed types of haircuts, which were listed above, are intended for a certain age category of boys. For example, it is difficult to imagine a three-year-old boy with a mohawk or a military school student in his teens with a haircut in the style of Hair tattoo.

Cool hairstyles for boys: photos

Many types of listed haircuts can be independently designed using a clipper with different nozzles. But if the boy’s parents do not know how to make a cool hairstyle for boys, you can visit the nearest hairdresser. First you need to view children's beautiful hairstyles in the photo on the Internet.


The main rule in creating an image for boys of all ages is that cool and popular haircuts fully correspond to his lifestyle, temperament and general appearance and age. Parents should not forbid the boy to experiment with images, since a haircut is an integral attribute in self-determination of oneself in society. And the advice of stylists and world fashion will allow you to choose the best option for hairstyles.

The most popular hairstyles for boys - photos

Now fashionable hairstyles for guys are not shaggy shaggy hair, not some kind of “chaos” on the head.

The boys prefer a neatly done haircut, for which careful and daily care is carried out.

Fashion offers boys hairstyles are almost the same as adult men, only slightly modified.

Do not abandon the classics, experimenting with styling you can create interesting images.

Consider some varieties of hairstyles for real boys 13,14,15,16 years, with the corresponding photo.

Hedgehog hairstyle

Hedgehog hairstyle is very popular among teenagers and men. It got its name due to its appearance, as short hair sticks up and looks like thorns of a hedgehog. There may be different varieties of such styling. And the whiskey in such a hairstyle can be shaved or simply trimmed.
The classic image is that curls are made of a very short length.
Another option is when the hair sticks out the same way, but the strands on the crown are longer than on the back of the head and temples.

If the hair is obedient, then you can make the length longer, and leave the execution technique the same. This is the most versatile hairstyle, as it smooths out flaws and creates the right features.

Shaving temples

Bold creative boys prefer the same creative hairstyles. The images of guys are very often accompanied by the presence of shaved temples, this is a very fashionable trend for more than one season.

Teenagers take an example from Hollywood celebrities and without fear create such an image.
The hair is quite short along the entire length, but a large length is left at the crown.

Both one and two temples can be shaved. Also, you can create some kind of ornament on the shaved part.

Such a hairstyle is suitable for boys with the correct facial features, otherwise, styling will create an unnecessary effect.

Care is practically not required, but a sufficient length of the strands should be regularly maintained.
It is better that the hair is obedient, then the master will be able to style it correctly and in the future, the teenager will not have any problems.

Cool hairstyles for boys with parting

Cool hairstyles for boys can be created with a parting, but here you need to take into account all the nuances. To create a parting, you need to contact the master, so that he designed it using shaving with a special machine. You can just use a comb and a fixative.

It is fashionable now to do asymmetric hairstyles, emphasizing them with a parting. Such an asymmetry looks very stylish and can transform any familiar and everyday image of a boy or a teenager boy.

Bob Hairstyle

It seems a long obsolete hairstyle, but no, it is still popular. If a teenager boy does not like a very short length, then such a styling will definitely interest him. It also helps to hide flaws and give grooming to the image.
You do not need to do the laying, it will be enough to slightly shake the strands with your hands or a comb. To give volume to the hairstyle, the master can profile the hair.

And one more plus that you don’t have to give up bangs, it can be absolutely any, which is very important for many guys. You can consult with a specialist and experiment a bit with a haircut.

An experienced master can tell how with the help of hairstyles you can eliminate almost any appearance defects, for example, if the face is very round or vice versa, very elongated, as well as other imperfections.

See in the next video how to make the most trendy hairstyle for a guy.

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