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Testosterone Boosters: Top 8 Testosterone Boosters

Men tend to increase testosterone levels for several reasons:

Natural methods to increase testosterone levels:

  • Strength training - It has been proven many times that physical training causes an increase in testosterone levels in men.
  • Proper nutrition - obesity leads to a decrease in the concentration of testosterone in men, but a low-calorie diet and hunger also cause a decrease in its secretion)
  • Daily regimen - studies have shown that chronic sleep deficiency leads to a decrease in the level of this hormone
  • Stress reduction (because cortisol inhibits testosterone secretion)
  • Elimination of bad habits (alcohol helps reduce testosterone levels, while nicotine can even increase testosterone levels, since it blocks aromatization)
  • Tan
  • The use of sports nutrition

Scientists obtained interesting data by measuring the hormonal levels of 1113 married men; it turned out that testosterone is reduced with marriage. .

1 D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is a natural amino acid that has the ability to increase testosterone levels.

Studies show that the main mode of action is to increase luteinizing hormone, which in turn stimulates testicles to produce more testosterone 4 .

Aspartic acid may also improve sperm quality and its volume. In one study, men with impaired sperm production function took D-aspartic acid for 90 days. As a result, sperm count doubled: from 8.2 million ml to 16.5 million per ml 5.

In another study, healthy, physically active men with normal testosterone levels participated in a strength training program for 28 days. Half of them took 3 grams of D-aspartic acid per day, the other took a placebo (“dummy”).

Both groups showed a significant increase in strength and muscle mass. However, interestingly, in the group of D-aspartic acid testosterone levels have not changed 6 .

This suggests that D-aspartic acid may be useful for increasing testosterone when its initial level is low, and it seems to be ineffective when testosterone is already high or normal.

D-aspartic acid, a drug for increasing testosterone, acts by stimulating the release of certain key hormones involved in the production of testosterone. The recommended dose (for those who have low testosterone) is 2-3 grams, for those who have high, aspartic acid is ineffective

2 Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is produced in the skin by exposure to sunlight. Surprisingly, it is also a testosterone booster: its active form acts as a steroid hormone in organism.

At present, it is safe to say that a significant part of the world's population, especially those living in the latitudes of Moscow and above, where there are very few sunny days in a year, live in a state of persistent and chronic vitamin D deficiency 7 .

Increasing the synthesis of vitamin D by any means (either due to a longer time in the sun, or by taking it as a drug) can increase testosterone production, improve sperm quality and stimulate muscle growth 8.

One study identifiedclose correlation between vitamin D deficiency and low testosterone. When participants spent more time in the summer sun, “absorbing” vitamin D, testosterone levels also increased 8.

As for the vitamin D drug, it is no less effective.In one experiment, 65 men were divided into 2 groups. Half of them consumed 3,300 IU daily

83 mcg of vitamin D. Another did not take. As a result, vitamin D levels in the first group doubled, leading to approximately 20% increase in testosterone 9 .

To increase testosterone with vitamin D:

  • increase the time spent in the sun (if necessary - change the country for this,)),
  • if for any reason the first item is not possible, take approximately 3000 UI (75 mcg) of vitamin D3 and eat more foods rich in vitamin D.

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that is an excellent testosterone booster, and is especially effective in a deficient state.

3 Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a plant that has been used for centuries in herbal medicine.

Most scientific studies of its effectiveness in improving sexual desire and increasing testosterone levels have been conducted in animals.

In one 90-day study of men with erectile dysfunction, it was shown that taking tribulus improved their own perception of sexual health, as well as increase testosterone levels by 16% 10 .

However, modern studies cast doubt on the effectiveness of tribulus as a testosterone booster: in one of them, elite young athletes and healthy people with normal testosterone levels were shown futility 11 .

It seems that the benefits of tribulus, like most other testosterone boosters, are limited only to people with low testosterone or impaired sexual function, and in normal healthy people it is absolutely ineffective.

Tribulus can be useful as a natural testosterone booster in increasing sexual desire and improving sperm quality, as well as increasing testosterone levels in men with impaired sexual function, for those who have everything in order, including athletes, it is ineffective

4 Fenugreek

Fenugreek is another popular herbal supplement to boost testosterone.

Studies suggest that its mechanism of action may be a decrease in the number of enzymes that convert testosterone to estrogen.

In one of the most thorough experiments, the effectiveness of fenugreek was tested on two groups of 15 men for eight weeks.

All 30 participants participated in the strength training program four times a week. 15 people received 500 mg of fenugreek per day.

As a result testosterone increased in the fenugreek group, and in the other group, a slight decrease was observed. Fenugreek has also led to more increase muscle strength and even slightly affected fat mass 12.

Another study examined the effect of fenugreek on sexual function and quality of life.

60 healthy men aged 25 to 52 years old took 600 mg of fenugreek or a placebo pill every day for six weeks 13.

All who took fenugreek noted increase in muscle strength.

Researchers also found in the fenugreek group:

  • Increased libido: 81% of the group.
  • Improving sexual activity: 66% of the group.
  • Burst of energy: 81% of the group.
  • Improved well-being: 55% of the group.

Fenugreek is an effective natural testosterone booster. The recommended dose for increasing testosterone is 500 mg per day (both for healthy men and those whose testosterone is low)

5 Ginger

Ginger has been used for centuries in alternative medicine. It has tremendous health benefits that are supported by scientific research. Among them - a decrease in inflammatory processes and .. an increase in testosterone 14.

Several rat studies have shown that ginger is an effective testosterone booster and improves sexual function by stimulating the release of luteinizing hormone 15.

In one of the experiments with ginger rat testosterone almost doubled. In another, there was a significant increase in testosterone while doubling the amount of ginger in the rat diet 16.17.

For humans, in one of the few human studies, 75 infertile men received ginger daily. In three months testosterone level increased by 17%and the level of luteinizing hormone doubled 18.

When assessing the quality of sperm, scientists recorded several improvements, including an increase in sperm count by 16% 18.

Ginger is an effective natural testosterone booster and has a host of other health benefits. However, more thorough human studies are needed.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is one of the body's natural hormones.

It plays a role in increasing testosterone levels and controlling estrogen levels. It was his biological function that caused him especially popular as a drug to increase testosterone.

Among all drugs for testosterone boosters, DHEA - the best-studied drug.

Several experiments suggest that a dose of DHEA of 50-100 mg per day is capable of increase testosterone levels by 20% compared to placebo 19-21.

However, as is the case with many other sports supplements and drugs, the research results are contradictory. In other experiments in which similar doses were used, no no effect 22-24 .

Therefore, in fact, the effectiveness of DHEA in increasing testosterone levels is not clear.

However, it is significant that WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) prohibits the use of DHEA in professional sports 25. Indirectly, this emphasizes its effectiveness .. or the risk of harm to health.

Like other testosterone medications, DHEA can probably be helpful for those with low levels of the hormone DHEA or testosterone.

Although DHEA is one of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market, studies on its effectiveness are mixed. A recommended dose of 100 mg per day seems safe and effective .. for those who have low testosterone production and DHEA

7 Zinc

Known as aphrodisiac (aphrodisiac is a food, drink, medicine that stimulates sexual desire), zinc is an important mineral that is involved in more than 100 chemical reactions in the body.

Like Vitamin D, Zinc in the Body closely related to testosterone levels 26 .

Important: Studies suggest that limiting zinc intake reduces testosterone in healthy men, and taking it in a state of zinc deficiency leads to an increase in testosterone 26.

When studying the effect of zinc on two groups of infertile men with low and normal levels of testosterone was found significant increase in testosterone, as well as the quality of sperm in the first group. Advantages for men from the second group (with normal testosterone levels) were not noted with zinc intake 27.

In an experiment involving professional wrestlers during a 4-week intensive training course, it was shown that daily intake of zinc interferes with natural decrease in testosterone during strength training 28.

Based on scientific studies, we can conclude: Zinc is an effective booster of testosterone for those who have low levels of it or who are in a state of zinc deficiency. An additional intake of zinc is also useful for accelerating recovery after intense heavy training 29, 30.

Zinc is an effective testosterone booster for those who have low levels of it. Supplementation with zinc is useful in heavy, intense workouts to speed recovery.

8 Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is another plant that has been used in Ayurveda 31. It is used primarily as an adaptogen, a means to combat stress and anxiety 32.

In one experiment, scientists tested the benefits of ashwagandha regarding sperm quality in infertile men who took it at 5 grams per day for three months. In men, this study observed testosterone levels increase by 10-22%. In addition, partner girls 14% of participants became pregnant 33.

Another study confirms that ashwagandha increases physical performance during exercise, muscle strength and enhances fat burning, and also significantly increases testosterone levels 34.

Ashwagandha, as a testosterone booster, is useful for increased stress, possibly due to a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol.

Scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of Ashwagandha as a natural testosterone booster, as well as in improving sexual function and body composition (burning fat)


Testosterone plays a huge role in the body, providing not only muscle growth, but also a huge number of other reactions necessary for the health of the body.

With age, its level decreases steadily.

Today in the sports nutrition market there are hundreds of drugs to increase testosterone levels - the so-called boosters. But the effectiveness of only a few of them is confirmed by scientific research. Most of them have low efficiency and, most often, only in people with impaired sexual function or naturally low testosterone.

Many drugs to increase testosterone can be theoretically useful for athletes and bodybuilders, in particular, since physical activity leads to a decrease in testosterone levels 35. But this question is not sufficiently studied by scientists.

The norm of the hormone in men

Testosterone is directly involved in the metabolism of men and is partly responsible for the normal absorption of protein (and it, in turn, is the very “building material” for muscles). Everything is extremely simple here - the more sex hormone, the more attractive the man’s body.

But the main thing is not the general level of testosterone, but the percentage of its "free" form, not associated with lipids.

It is his concentration that athletes actively increase mainly through injections (a rarer option is the use of special plasters).

If we talk about the norm, then it is different for everyone. In a healthy person, free testosterone in the body is stored in two forms:

  • The so-called T-testosterone.
  • E-epitestosterone (it is a kind of reserve and is transformed into the T-form “on demand” of the body itself).

In a healthy adult male, the proportion of T and E cells in the blood is approximately 1 to 1. In very rare cases, the proportion is violated to 3.7: 1, which is already considered by doctors as an increased norm. If the proportion is of the order of 4: 1 or higher, then this is a clear sign that a person artificially and deliberately raised the level of testosterone using pharmacology. And this is an occasion for his disqualification.

For example, in the Russian Federation, which uses in practice the data of the international anti-doping commission, a proportion higher than 4 to 1 is already a violation and subsequent disqualification.

When is a natural stimulant used?

The main action of testosterone is a powerful anabolic and androgenic effect.due to which there is a significant increase in endurance and muscle building.

But at the same time, the stimulation of these processes turns out to be natural, and not as when using traditional anabolic steroids, although the final effect is identical. How does the hormone work?

It provokes the retention in the body of a large amount of water and electrolytes, which directly lead to an increase in the volume and mass of muscle fibers.

What sports most commonly use testosterone? In almost all, directly related to strength training. First of all, testosterone is used:

  1. in powerlifting,
  2. bodybuilding strongman,
  3. armwrestling
  4. in weight lifting
  5. less often it is used by weightlifters (to increase the maximum limit of strength).

In professional sports, testosterone is practically not used. An increase in its level is easy to detect, and at the same time its effectiveness is significantly lower than more modern anabolic steroid drugs. The main consumers of testosterone are amateur athletesengaged in powerlifting and bodybuilding.


Theoretically, testosterone can be used in addition to drying sportspit. There is a profit from this, but you should consult with an endocrinologist and take tests weekly to determine the current level of "free" testosterone in the blood.

Exceeding the recommended dosage will entail not only sports disqualification, but also many side effects. The most common side effects of testosterone:

  • massive acne on the body (most often appears on the back, and then spreads throughout the body),
  • worsening libido (sexual desire for the opposite sex),
  • inhibition of the natural synthesis of testosterone,
  • acceleration of hair loss (most often in the temporal region and on the back of the head).

And the recommended dosage of testosterone (in the form of a ready injection of testosterone enanthate) for beginners is 250 milligrams in the form of an injection per week, but not more than 8 consecutive weeks. In this case, a recovery course of pharmacology may subsequently be required.


The main "advantages" in favor of testosterone:

  1. slow but persistent effect
  2. unlikely side effects
  3. can be combined with other sports "pharmacology",
  4. allowed for use by women (dosages are radically different),
  5. after the termination of the course, rapid loss of shape does not occur.

Its "cons" include:

  • low efficiency
  • the first effect will be noticeable only after 2-4 weeks from the moment of the first injection,
  • there is no special effect on appetite (therefore, the course is supplemented by a complex of sports nutrition),
  • after the end of the course, there is a likelihood of a rapid increase in the concentration of estrogens (female sex hormones that slow down muscle building).

Total There are pros and cons to using testosterone. It is great for beginner enthusiasts who want to speed up the acquisition of an “ideal” figure. For professionals - hardly suitable (or only in combination with more aggressive steroids). The likelihood of side effects is minimal, but still it is recommended from time to time to consult with your doctor in this regard.

How do test boosters work?

Basically, these supplements act as libido enhancers, and most of them do not affect testosterone levels. In rare cases, supplementation leads to an increase in testosterone by 20%. Such a result may seem impressive, but for practical purposes, such as muscle growth, it does not matter.
Working testosterone boosters do exist, but they can increase testosterone levels by 20-50%. For comparison, doses of the steroid course, with the additional use of synthetic testosterone, increase the level of the hormone by at least 300%. It is precisely these excess overdoses that ensure the growth of strength and mass among those who do this professionally.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

  1. Tribulus terrestris - A plant in East Asia that increases sex drive and accelerates the production of testosterone. The most popular and best-selling product from the rating of the best sports nutrition supplements is the Tribulus testosterone booster of the same name, made from the same plant, widely known in bodybuilding circles, but it does not have a significant effect on the increase in testosterone and the mass of athletes.
  2. D-aspartic acid - May increase testosterone to 42% after 12 days. During the week, libido increases significantly. But studies show that about a month after taking D-AA, testosterone levels return to normal.
  3. ZMA - the complex is used for deficiency of zinc or magnesium, can bring its own testosterone to normal. The supplement is made specifically for athletes as a promised accelerator of muscle growth, but in fact, does not increase the hormone above normal. Read more about ZMA Sports Supplement →
  4. Fenugreek - It is a booster of testosterone, prevents its conversion to dihydrotestosterone. This leads to a relative increase in one's own male hormone. But again, this is not the level that will lead to muscle hypertrophy. This testosterone booster is available at the pharmacy.
  5. Tongkat ali - Malaysian grass, which is traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, provides a very mild increase in testosterone for infertility, but it does not affect healthy men. Tongkat ali is effective in increasing libido.
  6. L-DOPA - suppresses prolactin (by increasing the activity of dopamine), the addition of L-DOPA increases testosterone if prolactin was abnormally high. A healthy man does not have elevated prolactin (unless he is on steroids), so adding L-DOPA will not increase testosterone levels.
  7. Vitamin D often added to various nutritional supplements to increase testosterone levels. Vitamin D supplementation can potentially increase testosterone levels, but studies on the effects on athletes are not enough. Like zinc and magnesium, if the body is deficient in substances and the level of testosterone falls below the base level, then these supplements simply return to the normal level of the hormone (but not to a higher one). Vitamin can be freely purchased at the pharmacy.

Testosterone boosters

Testosterone boosters - This is a sports nutrition and supplements that are used to stimulate muscle growth, increase strength and libido, as well as prevent male menopause and correct sex hormones. The effect of testosterone boosters is due to their ability to increase the production of natural testosterone. Most often, testosterone boosters are available in the form of sports nutrition or dietary supplements, which can be freely purchased without a prescription in sports nutrition stores and pharmacies.

Boosters usually include: natural and herbal ingredients, vitamins and, rarely, synthetic substances, which, according to manufacturers, have the ability to increase testosterone levels. However, the validity and evidence base of many testosterone boosters remains in doubt, other boosters (for example, well-known ZMA complexes) are already recognized as completely ineffective, although they continue to be sold and used in bodybuilding.

Who are testosterone boosters for?

Testosterone boosters are usually used by men who seek to increase lean muscle mass. These supplements are not recommended for use under the age of 20 years, and according to some sources 23. This is due to the fact that the young body has an extremely unstable hormonal system, in particular this applies to sex hormones. The use of boosters at a young age can disrupt this unstable system of hormonal metabolism. In addition, young people have naturally elevated levels of testosterone, and therefore do not need additional stimulation. In addition, taking such supplements is not recommended for girls due to the development of masculinization.

Boosters are used rationally in people over 30 and even 40 years old, when the natural level of testosterone decreases due to age, in which case their intake not only favorably affects muscle growth, but also enhances potency and libido.

In addition, testosterone boosters are great for PCT. After a cycle of steroid hormones or prohormones, it is advisable to drink 4 weeks of Tribulus terrestis-based booster.The booster allows you to mitigate the side effects associated with the abolition of steroid hormones and maintain testosterone levels, thereby preventing muscle breakdown or the so-called “kickback” phenomenon.

Remember that boosters work only for the time of their reception, and after cancellation all effects disappear. A decrease in muscle mass is possible, although not as pronounced as with the use of steroids.

How to take boosters from sports nutrition manufacturers

Take supplements according to the instructions for use, from different manufacturers, the daily dose varies from 1 to 3 tablets throughout the day. They are taken immediately after meals, in a course of 4-8 weeks, after which a break of 2-4 weeks is taken.

Possible side effects:

  • irritability,
  • acne
  • increase in blood pressure.

Testosterone-boosting drugs and supplements

  • Testosterone preparations (testosterone enanthate, cypionate, propionate)
  • Aromatase inhibitors
  • Tamoxifen, toremifene and other antiestrogens
  • Chorionic Gonadotropin
  • Testosterone boosters
  • Anabolic complexes
  • Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol), but only with its deficiency
  • ZMA
  • Tribulus terrestris (tribestan) (doubtful)

It should be noted that all androgenic drugs cause effects like testosterone, however, they suppress the secretion of natural hormone in the body by a feedback mechanism.

Beware of quackery, as most anabolic dietary supplements are ineffective!

Material from the literature

With age, stopping the fall of testosterone without hormone replacement therapy is more difficult, but perhaps for this you will need to fundamentally change the usual philistine lifestyle. At the same time, you do not risk your own health at all, but only improve it. By the way, the effect of natural methods of increasing testosterone levels can be much higher than hormone replacement therapy.

Now it has become known that the level of testosterone in the blood drops in people with excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. It has been proven that with a regular drinker, testosterone levels are reduced by 50 percent. So you have to abandon these "charms", as well as adjust the regime of the day - get enough sleep, relax on time, and eating is also very important.

It is important to monitor your weight and eat right. Eating on time is good, but just as important is eating right. Americans obsessed with obesity have conducted another study. It turned out that in men over 30, suffering from fullness (when the weight is 30% more than the ideal body weight), every year in the blood testosterone becomes less by. 10-20%. But that is not all. The adipose tissue of such men absorbs even those androgens that are still being produced. They settle in it and turn into female hormones, which is why in obese men the figure becomes feminine - the buttocks creep out, the chest grows, and the hair disappears in the "male" places.

Protein is better to draw from white meat of poultry, fish and eggs. It is better to prefer carbohydrates not simple, like sugar, but complex, which are so abundant in brown rice, whole wheat and vegetables. They provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety with a minimum of calories and contribute to the production of the “pleasure hormone” serotonin, which helps to relax and maintain optimism.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the diet is rich in mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are found in nuts, vegetable oils, trout or salmon.

Women in the period of lowering hormone levels should push on products containing phytoestrogens. These substances mimic the action of their own hormones. There are a lot of them in citrus fruits, soy, red wine, grapes, red beans. In short, do not forget about a balanced diet. Not to mention the fact that during the transition period both the female and male body are especially important to feed with vitamins and minerals.

  • Exercise stress. Our ancestors did not have gyms, but with the level of hormones in the body it was better than ours.The thing is that they led a very active lifestyle, fought for survival - hunted, wandered, fled from enemies, generally physically strained a lot.

Modern man leads a mostly sedentary lifestyle.

The best methods to increase natural testosterone levels are:

  • eliminate bad habits,
  • eat right and keep track of your weight,
  • try to stay in a good mood and avoid stress,
  • exercise regularly.

Only one way out - fitness and bodybuilding. It is scientifically proven that it is strength exercises in a natural way that maximize the level of sex hormones in the body of the trainee and no other sports can give a comparable effect. Bodybuilding will help young people who suffer from an excess of testosterone to transfer their excess hormones into muscles. Studies also show that physically active teenagers are less likely to take part in a crime or aggression.

For adults, fitness and bodybuilding, by contrast, will help make up for the lack of hormones. An unsportsmanlike past is not a reason to give up classes. If you begin to train at least 2 times a week for an hour from the age of 40, there will be a chance to pass the crisis period in great shape.

Women, too, should not be driven away from fitness. Practice shows that regular training with sufficient load, in addition to improving the figure, also improves mood when it sways toward depression.

The best way to increase testosterone levels is with bodybuilding. Scientists have come up with simple rules for the natural production of their own sex hormones.

  • 2-3 workouts per week: each should last no more than one hour. The main exercises should be basic (squats, rod traction, bench presses and standing). Priority is given to large muscle groups: chest, back, legs. Exercises for small muscle groups, such as biceps, triceps, abs or calves, should be performed for the harmonious development of the body, but keep in mind: they practically do not affect the production of hormones.
  • During training, work out 1-2 large muscle groups and 2-3 small ones. Perform all exercises in the mode of 2-4 sets of 5-8 repetitions. Rest between sets - 1 -5 minutes.
  • With the condition that you will eat balanced, consuming only healthy foods, and enough rest, after a couple of months you will notice positive changes in appearance and in bed. Viagra is not needed.

Example 1 complex

1st training day (working out the chest, biceps, legs):

2nd training day (working out the back, triceps):

Example 2 complex

1st training day (working out the chest, triceps, legs):

  • Bench press (dumbbell) lying.
  • Wiring dumbbells lying on an inclined bench.
  • Push-ups on the uneven bars.
  • Triceps bench press on a vertical block.
  • Squats or leg press

2nd training day (working out the back, biceps):

  • Wide grip pull-ups.
  • T-thrust.
  • Lifting the bar for biceps on Scott's bench.
  • "Hammer" (standing alternately lifting dumbbells for biceps with a parallel grip).

These two complexes are one of the best (in their combinations of worked out muscles in one training session) for natural stimulation of hormones.

Start with the 1st complex and train on it for 1-2 months. Then after 1-2 weeks break, train on complex 2, etc.

Principal condition: between the first and second training days you need 1-3 days of rest (depending on your well-being). But in any case, you should not have more than 3 workouts per week.

The training itself should last no more than 1 hour. But you need to train with extreme intensity. The pause between sets varies from 1 to 5 minutes - depending on the energy intensity of the exercises (longer in basic rests, less in isolated exercises).

At each training session, try to increase the weight of the weights used at least a little (by 0.5-2 kg).

Caviar and abs can be trained at the end of the workout. But if during the training you completely “squeezed” yourself, their training can be omitted.

How bodybuilders can increase their own testosterone secretion through nutrition

Let me remind you the mechanism by which the body produces its own testosterone. The hypothalamus (the hormonal endocrine gland located in the brain) secretes the hormone gonadotropin, which in turn causes the production of lutinizing hormone. This hormone, getting into the bloodstream, eventually gets to the male sex glands and gives the command to special enzymes to process cholesterol into testosterone. Since testosterone is responsible for the growth of body tissues, and the delivery of building components provides nutrition, it follows that your diet directly regulates the production of testosterone.

Nutrition Rules to Increase Secretion of Own Testosterone

  • More calories. For 1 kg of own weight, there should be a minimum of 40-50 calories (see Chapter 3, “All about nutrition in bodybuilding,” p. 52, about calories).
  • Eat tightly, but do not overeat. Given rule 1, remember that you can’t overeat, because excess calories turn into fat.

Keep in mind that adipose tissue is an endocrine organ. It produces several hormones, and some of them control our hunger. So, the more fat you have on your body, the more you feel hungry. The worst thing is that it is in the adipose tissue that aromatization (conversion) of testosterone into the female sex hormone estradiol occurs. The reason for this phenomenon is that the malicious enzyme aromatase accumulates and is stored in fat cells. And the more fat you accumulate, the more you will lose testosterone.

  • For 1 kg of body weight, take at least 4 g of carbohydrates. But do not overdo it with fiber, as its high content in the diet inhibits the production of testosterone (completely abandon fiber for health reasons). Feel free to lean on pasta, white rice and muffin. By the way, the ratio of carbohydrates to protein will be the best 2: 1.
    • Protein should be taken in strictly defined doses, approximately 2-3 g per 1 kg of body weight. If the dose is significantly higher, this can adversely affect the secretion of testosterone. Protein from animal products (beef and poultry) is much better than plant affects the secretion of testosterone.
    • Take whey protein. It is very powerful to increase the level of your own testosterone affects the intake of whey protein before and after training. The action will intensify many times if after training you take it with fast carbohydrates.
    • Take high-quality soy protein. It does not affect the level of testosterone itself, but it slows down its conversion to estrogen.
  • Up to 30% of the calories in your diet should be provided by fats. Polyunsaturated fats that contain fish and other vegetable oils have a weak effect on increasing testosterone levels. Therefore, you need the so-called “harmful” saturated fats from beef and egg yolks, as they contain cholesterol, from which testosterone is made. Of course, you should not abuse them, but they must be present in the diet. Because their lack negatively affects the level of testosterone.
  • Eat foods that contain zinc, which neutralizes the aromatase enzyme. As a result, less testosterone is converted into female estradiol, which is dangerous for men. A lot of zinc in legumes, whole milk, nuts, shrimp, chicken and beef.
  • Include cruciferous plants. To block the level of estrogen (the female sex hormone in your bloodstream), take cruciferous plants (any kind of cabbage, radish, turnip, radish, kohlrabi, broccoli, rutabaga) with normal nutrition. These plants contain special compounds that block estrogen and lower its level in the blood. Due to this effect, testosterone is more pronounced.
  • In no case do not abuse alcohol. Since after taking it, testosterone is almost instantly converted to estrogen. The mechanism of this action of alcohol has not yet been solved by science. It is believed that taking alcohol “turns off” the pituitary gland, and in turn, it ceases to send signals for the production of testosterone. The next day, hormonal sercretion is restored. However, if alcohol intake was preceded by a lot of physical activity, then the recovery is worse and delayed. A safe rate of alcohol with active strength training is a couple of glasses of light wine per week.
  • Controversial vegetarianism. Refusal of meat and the transition to vegetables at first and really improves well-being. Do you know why? The main condition for health is the correct acid-base balance. Most people who follow a traditional diet have an “acidic” body. Vegetables alkalize the internal environment and restore acid-base balance. That's all. Nevertheless, many diseases pass by magic. But then you may have problems with weight gain - a vegetable diet is completely devoid of animal fats, along with cholesterol - the main raw material for the production of testosterone.

If you are a staunch vegetarian, at least do not deprive yourself of cholesterol with food and do not forget about fish, cheese and eggs.

Attention! These recommendations, as you have noticed, are very different from the traditional bodybuilder diet (which takes into account the principles of healthy eating) with a roll to the “unhealthy side”. But it is with this diet, in combination with strength training, that the body produces the maximum amount of testosterone. However, in order to prevent a situation when health is lost in the pursuit of muscles, adhere to such nutrition only during a period of intensive muscle gain. And no longer than 1.5-2 months. Next, return to the traditional bodybuilding menu.

The effects of diet and nutrition on testosterone

Testosterone is a steroid hormone secreted in specialized testis cells in men and ovaries in women. Diet can both adversely and favorably affect testosterone production.

In skeletal muscle, testosterone is involved in the regulation of protein metabolism, in particular by stimulating protein synthesis, while the effect of this steroid on protein breakdown is unclear. In adipose tissue cells, testosterone inhibits lipid intake and lipoprotein lipase (LPL) activity, and also stimulates lipolysis by increasing the number of lipolytic β-adrenergic receptors.

Eating Changes

Changes in testosterone after ingestion of isocaloric foods (800 kcal (3350 kJ)) with a high (57% fat, 9% protein and 34% carbohydrate) and low (1% fat, 26% protein and 73% carbohydrate) fat content were analyzed in healthy men . After eating a low-fat meal, no testosterone changes were detected, but 4 hours after a high-fat meal, there was a decrease of about 30% in total and free testosterone. This decrease was not associated with changes in other steroids (estrone, estradnol, dihydrotestosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH), the relative content of free testosterone, or the sensitivity of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This study indicates that foods rich in fats (but non-carbohydrates), causes a decrease in testosterone after taking it.In our laboratory, we also observed a significant decrease in total (-22%) and free (-23%) testosterone in healthy men after taking fat-rich foods.

Another study compared changes in testosterone levels after a meal containing protein of various origins (soy and meat), fats in different amounts (lean and fatty foods) and different origin (animal and vegetable fats).The decrease in testosterone levels was more pronounced after eating lean foods, which included lean meat (-22%), compared to tofu (-15%), foods that included lean meat (-22%), compared to meat cooked with animal fat (-9%), and food, including meat cooked in vegetable fat (-17%), compared with vegetable oil (-9%). Although these results are not completely consistent with the data described above, according to which only fat-rich foods cause a decrease in testosterone levels, this work provides additional evidence that the composition of food, in particular the content and type of fats, affects changes in blood testosterone levels after taking it. After eating any food, there was a decrease in testosterone and an increase in LH, while the amount of SHBG did not change.

A number of studies examined changes in testosterone levels after an oral glucose tolerance test. Most of these studies were conducted with the participation of women. We know only one work in which we studied the testosterone reaction under such conditions in men. It showed a significant decrease in the level of total and free testosterone, but the duration of the oral glucose tolerance test lasted 2 hours. No changes in SHBG were noted, but the level of LH increased significantly.

In the above study, only men participated. The data presented in other studies, as a rule, indicate that after an oral glucose tolerance test in healthy women with normal body weight, a decrease in testosterone levels also occurs, which to some extent can be explained by natural daily fluctuations in hormone levels. A number of studies have studied changes in androgen levels after a glucose tolerance test in women with polycystic ovary, as they often have elevated levels of androgens and insulin associated with insulin resistance. Insulin stimulates the production of testosterone in the ovaries, so it can be assumed that hyperinsulinemia plays a role in the pathogenesis of women with polycystic ovary. In women with elevated levels of androgens or polycystic ovaries, the testosterone level after the glucose tolerance test tends to decrease, similar to what happens in healthy women, except for women who have insulin resistance or obesity, then the level of testosterone rises.

In general, after eating, the level of testosterone usually decreases, but this depends on its composition, in particular on the fat content. Insulin can play a role in explaining variations in the nature of changes in testosterone after eating, since in men changes in insulin and testosterone levels tend to exhibit an inverse relationship, while in women there is a positive correlation between these indicators, especially in women with polycystic ovary. However, studies using artificial hyperinsulinemia with normal glucose levels (euglycemic hyperinsulinemic clamp) questioned the hypothesis that insulin is involved in the regulation of changes in testosterone levels after meals, since it has been shown that a sharp increase in insulin levels does not have any effect on the content of free and total testosterone in the blood in healthy men and women with normal body weight. The mechanism by which a fat-rich food lowers testosterone after it is taken may be associated with an increase in the level of chylomicrons or fatty acids, since the latter can suppress LH-stimulated testosterone production in isolated Leydig cells. It is possible that certain nutrients can interact with the tissues of the testes and affect the regulation of testosterone.Changes in the plasma membrane state of testis cells and the sensitivity of Leydig cells, followed by increased testosterone secretion as a result of lipid intake in various combinations, were demonstrated in experiments on rats.

Changes due to food intake when exposed to physical activity.

Strength exercises cause a sharp increase in testosterone levels, which reaches a maximum shortly after exercise and returns to its original value about 60 minutes after exercise, eating before and after exercise affects the nature of these changes. Laboratory tests indicate that the intake of protein and carbohydrate drinks 2 hours before and after completion of strength training for the main muscle groups causes an increase in testosterone levels immediately after exercise, followed by a rapid drop to lower values ​​compared to the initial level. In the study in question, its participants for three consecutive days carried out the same training program with the intake of various nutritional supplements. The greatest decrease in testosterone levels after exercise compared with placebo was observed in the case of consumption of protein and carbohydrate drinks before and after exercise on each of the three days of the study, which emphasizes the uniformity and reproducibility of changes in hormone levels.

A study was conducted of changes in testosterone levels in healthy men in the case of taking dietary supplements containing only protein, only carbohydrates and a combination of protein and carbohydrates immediately and 2 hours after completion of the session. As in our study, after taking all types of nutritional supplements, testosterone levels fell below the initial level 30 minutes after exercise and remained lowered for 5-6 hours, whereas when taking a placebo, it recovered shortly after the end of the session and remained stable throughout recovery period. In another work, a comparison was made of changes in testosterone levels in the case of a meal of a mixed composition, an isocaloric drink of a similar composition, and an isocaloric carbohydrate drink immediately and 2, 4, and 7 hours after exercise. Compared to placebo, the level of testosterone after performing strength exercises was lower in the case of eating any kind of food after 0.5, 2.5, 4.5 and 8 hours after exercise. Only in one of the works was there a difference in the nature of changes in the level of free testosterone induced by the performance of strength exercises after taking a carbohydrate drink and placebo during the session.

In general, these studies suggest that eating before and after physical activity leads to a decrease in testosterone levels after exercise compared to fasting. Such a decrease may be due in part to a weakening of the synthesis / secretion of testosterone and / or an increase in its metabolic clearance. It was shown that a decrease in testosterone after exercise is not associated with a decrease in LH, which eliminates a decrease in the rate of testosterone secretion, however, there is still the possibility of weakening the sensitivity of the testes to LH. Since eating after exercise enhances protein synthesis in muscle tissue during the recovery period, a decrease in testosterone levels may be partly due to increased consumption in active skeletal muscle. This hypothesis can be confirmed by data recently obtained in our laboratory, according to which a decrease in testosterone levels induced by food intake 60 minutes after exercise is the same as an increase in the amount of androgen receptor in skeletal muscle (unpublished data).

Examples of a diet that boosts testosterone levels


Carbohydrates should prevail on training day

  • 1 meal:
    • 4 whole eggs
    • 1 bun,
    • 1 tbsp. a spoonful of cream cheese
    • 1-2 glasses of apple juice.
  • 2 meal:
    • 1/2 cup peanuts,
    • 1-2 cups of whole milk.
  • 3 meal:
    • 200-400 g chicken breasts,
    • 2 slices of white bread,
    • 1 slice of cheese
    • 1 tbsp. a spoon of mayonnaise
    • 1/2 avocado
    • 1 brush of grapes or 1-2 tbsp. juice.
  • 4 meals (before training):
    • 1-2 scoops of protein in water, juice or milk,
    • 1 cup oatmeal.
  • 5 food intake (after training):
    • 1-2 m.spoons of protein in water, juice or milk,
    • 1 liter of sports drink (can be drunk during training).
  • 6 meal:
    • 200-400 g of grilled beef,
    • 1 cup broccoli
    • Potato or rice,
    • 2 cups vegetable salad
    • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of olive oil.
  • 7 meal:
    • 200 g of homemade cheese,
    • 1/2 cup pineapple
    • 30 g of nuts.

TOTAL (depending on the size of the servings): 3400-4200 calories, 200-270 g of protein, 400-500 g of carbohydrates, 120-160 g of fat.


Carbohydrates should prevail on training day

  • 1 meal:
    • 4 whole eggs
    • 2 cups oatmeal or buckwheat,
    • 1-2 cups of whole milk.
  • 2 meal:
    • crackers or oatmeal cookies, cheese or cottage cheese,
    • 2 tbsp. tablespoons peanut butter.
  • 3 meal:
    • 200-400 g chicken breasts,
    • White bread,
    • cheese,
    • 1/2 cup green peas,
    • potatoes or rice
    • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of mayonnaise
    • 1 cup grated carrots.
  • 4 meal:
    • 1-2 m.spoons of protein in water, juice or milk,
    • 1-3 bananas.
  • 5 food intake (after training):
    • 1-2 m.spoons of protein in water, juice or milk,
    • White bread,
    • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of honey.
  • 6 meal:
    • 200-400 g of grilled beef,
    • 1 white bun, cheese,
    • 1 tbsp. a spoon of mayonnaise
    • 1 cup beans
    • 2 cups vegetable salad
    • 2 tbsp. a spoonful of olive oil.
  • 7 meal (before bedtime):
    • 1-2 m.spoons of casein in water, juice or milk,
    • 1/2 cup dried fruit.

TOTAL (depending on the size of the servings): 3400-4200 calories, 200-270 g of protein, 400-500 g of carbohydrates, 120-160 g of fat.


  • Eggs
  • A hen
  • Beef
  • Dairy products
  • Oysters
  • Almond
  • Legumes
  • Avocado
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Garlic

FOOD ON REST DAY (option 1)

Proteins should prevail on rest day

  • 1 meal:
    • 1-2 m.spoons of protein in water, juice or milk,
    • 100-200 g of beef or chicken,
    • 1-2 glasses of juice
    • 2 cupcakes
    • 1 tbsp. a spoon of honey
    • 1 tbsp. a spoonful of peanut butter.
  • 2 meal:
    • 1/2 cup muesli
    • 1-2 glasses of yogurt,
  • 3 meal:
    • 200-400 g of beef,
    • White bread,
    • 1 cup vegetable salad
    • 1/2 avocado or banana
    • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of mayonnaise
  • 4 meal:
    • 1 cup tomato soup
    • crackers or white bread,
    • 200-400 g chicken
  • 5 meal:
    • 200-400 g of pork or beef,
    • white rice or potatoes,
  • 1 cup boiled cabbage.
  • 6 meal (before bedtime):
    • 150-250 g of homemade cheese or cottage cheese,
    • 30-50 g of nuts.

TOTAL (depending on the size of the servings): 3300-3800 calories, 220-300 g of protein, 350-400 g of carbohydrates, 100-120 g of fat.

FOOD ON REST DAY (option 2)

Proteins should prevail on rest day

  • 1 meal:
    • 1-2 m.spoons of protein in water, juice or milk,
    • oatmeal or buckwheat,
    • 1-2 cups of whole milk.
  • 2 meal:
    • 2 buns,
    • cheese or cottage cheese
    • 30-50 g of nut mixture.
  • 3 meal:
    • 200-400 g of salmon,
    • 1 cup Brussels sprouts,
    • potatoes or rice
    • 1 brush of grapes or 1-2 tbsp. juice.
  • 4 meal:
    • White bread,
    • 1-3 whole eggs
    • 1 cup applesauce or 1-2 tbsp. juice.
  • 5 meal:
    • 200-400 g chicken breasts,
    • beans or beans
    • 1/2 avocado
    • 1 tbsp. a spoonful of soy sauce
    • vegetable salad,
    • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of olive oil.
  • 6 meal (before bedtime):
    • oatmeal, rice or buckwheat,
    • 1-2 m.spoon of casein in water, juice or milk.

TOTAL (depending on the size of the servings): 3300-3800 calories, 220-300 g of protein, 350-400 g of carbohydrates, 100-120 g of fat.

Supplements - natural sex hormone secretion stimulants

Numerous scientific data confirm that some nutritional supplements increase the secretion of testosterone. These additives are: tribulus terrestris, ecdysterone, damiana, eureka, forskolin, ZMA.


500-2000 mg 2 times a day with food, with an interval of 6-8 hours, because the drug is effective up to 8 hours. On training days: 0.5-1 hours before the training

daily 20-100 mg

20-50 mg 2-3 times a day: before meals and 1 hour before training.

2-3 times a day: 100-300 mg in the morning, 1 hour before training and sleep

50-500 mg 3 times a day for 1 hour before breakfast, training and sleep

1-3 g at breakfast, before and after training

0.5-1 hour before bedtime

* take these drugs in a course, combining some of them with each other. From tribulus and ecdysterone, take one. Dosage depends on the age, length of service and weight of the athlete. Take these drugs under the supervision of a doctor.

How to eat and take all these supplements to maximize your own testosterone production?

Here is an exemplary supplementation regimen in combination with nutrition for intensive muscle building. You can create your own intake schedule and a combination of various supplements that stimulate the secretion of your own testosterone, depending on your preferences and the body's response to these supplements.

6.30 (immediately after waking up - 30 minutes before breakfast, with 1-2 glasses of water)

  • 100-300 mg of eurycoma,
  • 5-10 g of glutamine,
  • 7-10 g of arginine.

7.00 1 regular meal

  • 1-3 g of carnitine
  • BCAA amino acids 5-15 g,
  • multivitamins and minerals (1-2 capsules or tablets),
  • if breakfast is very hearty - digestive enzymes (for example, 1-2 tablets of Festal),
  • during breakfast, 2-3 teaspoons of flaxseed oil or 1-2 capsules of omega-3 supplements.

9.00 protein drink (for 200-300 ml of water, juice or milk 1-2 scoops of powder) or protein (protein-carbohydrate) bar

11.00 2 meals

14.00 3 regular meals

  • multivitamins and minerals (1-2 capsules or tablets),
  • if the meal is very dense digestive enzymes (for example, 1-2 tablets of "Festal").

15.00 (1 hour before the training)

  • 300-750 mg Tribulus or 20-40 mg Ecdysterone.

15.15 (45 minutes before training)

15.30 (30 minutes before training)

15.45 (15 minutes before training)

16.00 protein drink and fast carbohydrates (immediately before training)

  • 20-30 g of whey protein,
  • 40-50 g fast carbohydrates,
  • 5 g of creatine.

17.15 (immediately after the training)

17.30 (15 minutes after the training)

18.00-18.10 protein drink and fast carbohydrates (30-40 minutes after training)

  • 40-60 g whey protein
  • 80-100 g of fast carbohydrates,
  • 5 g of creatine.

18.45 4 intake of ordinary food - 1.15 hours or 1.40 after the training, but not later than 2 hours after the training!

21.30 casein-based protein drink or a mixture of whey and casein

22.00 (just before bedtime, washed down with one glass of water or kefir)

At nightif you wake up, you can drink a protein drink based on casein or a mixture of whey and casein.

If your weight is up to 90 kg, in the recommended dosages, focus on the lower numbers. If more - on the top.

Additional factors affecting maximum testosterone production

  • Get enough sleep. Any sleep disturbances cause an increase in cortisol secretion. This is completely useless to you. Try to go to bed no later than 23.00. In this case, the night life cycle of the hormonal system of the body will be optimal. If you are hard to gain muscle mass, we strongly recommend a daytime nap for 1-2 hours. Such a dream will help you recover, also during it there will be another massive release of anabolic hormones (growth hormone and testosterone). 45 minutes after falling asleep, the strongest release of growth hormone into the blood occurs, regardless of whether you sleep day or night.

Try to sleep at night for 8-10 hours and an additional 1-2 hours during the day.

  • In no case do not overtraining. Because of this, the effects of cortisol are enhanced. And since its molecules displace testosterone molecules from muscle cell receptors, protein synthesis is sharply inhibited and catabolism (destruction of muscle tissue) will prevail over anabolism (building muscle tissue).

Remember! Excessive physical activity becomes stressful for the body and causes abundant secretion of cortisol, because of which testosterone is not absorbed.

In addition, your gonads are not a perpetual motion machine. Training makes them work at a busy pace. And if there is no rest, then the glands are exhausted.Along with testosterone, muscle growth also ends.

Proceed to the next workout only when you feel completely rested. Someone will need one, two to whom, and three days of rest between workouts.

  • Do not exercise longer than 40-50 minutes. From the very beginning of strength training, the body begins to increase anabolic hormones. However, after 40-50 minutes of training, their level drops sharply, and if you continue to train further, cortisol will be intensively developed. This must not be allowed!
  • If possible, try to train in the morning. In the morning, the blood has the highest level of testosterone (this is scientifically proven), and if you swing at this time, it will massively penetrate the cellular receptors, thereby causing subsequently muscle growth.
  • Try to constantly be in a good mood. Although not significant, it nevertheless raises the level of testosterone. To do this, watch comedies and funny shows, view rock magazines, often joke and smile.
  • Less stress. When you are very nervous, your body secretively secrets the hormone cortisol, which triggers many responses that should help you survive stress. On the one hand, it would seem that this is good, but cortisol, like testosterone, is included in the subgroup of steroid hormones. Hence the problem: testosterone and cortisol attack the same kind of cell receptors. As a result, under stress conditions, when the body is full of cortisol, the testosterone receptors practically do not reach. It is for this reason that stress leads to impotence. It is clear that muscles do not grow under stress.
  • If possible, try to have sex regularly. This pleasant process also leads to increased secretion of testosterone. But there is one feature! You need to do it 2 times a week. This is the optimal frequency at which an increased level of testosterone is constantly observed in the body. However, if this is done more often or less often, this ability, oddly enough, worsens.
  • Avoid "stagnation" of testosterone. Testosterone is produced in the glands below the waist, and remains there if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Blood stagnates in the hip area, and therefore the concentration of testosterone in the general bloodstream remains low. In this case, an erection helps a lot: it is accompanied by active blood circulation, and testosterone is quickly washed out of the pelvis. Deep squats have the same effect. For this reason, a training program consisting of only squats leads to an increase in total muscle mass.
  • Keep yourself in a sexy tone. The atmosphere of a male rocking chair, where only sweaty pitching is around, is guaranteed to reduce testosterone levels. The fact is that your eyes control the secretion of testosterone. First of all, they should see an exciting stimulus, for example, appetizing buttocks of a fitness girl. Further, the visual signal will enter the pituitary gland, and from there the command to release testosterone will begin its journey down to the known organ. Accurate scientific research has shown that communicating with a beautiful girl immediately increases testosterone secretion by 30%. In other words, the less beauties around, the less testosterone drive!

Keep yourself in a sexy tone. Watch movies with erotic content, buy men's magazines, regularly visit dance floors, meet girls. The more friends you have, the better. Do not chase the number of sexual contacts. Even simple everyday communication with girls increases the secretion of testosterone.

  • Pour over cold water. It is a proven fact that after such a procedure, the body produces increased testosterone. By the way, this method was discovered by accident. Back in the 19th century, loving high school students for molesting high school students as a punishment were doused with cold water from a tub.So, after this procedure, their sexual fervor only increased. When scientists decided to figure it out, it turned out that a short-term exposure to cold water contributes to increased testosterone production. However, if you apply cold water to the body not for a short time, but longer - there will be no effect!
  • Less makeup. Advertising claims that men also need all sorts of lotions and gels. There is nothing to even talk about shampoos and shower products - everyone has them in a sports bag. In fact, it is better to do with a piece of natural soap, as various cosmetics, shampoos, bath foams, etc. contain the so-called. parabens (methylparaben, butylparaben, benzylparaben, etc.) These compounds have the unique property of increasing the production of estrogen in the male body and, accordingly, lowering the level of testosterone. By the way, there are parabens in toothpaste, so it’s better to replace it with regular tooth powder.
  • Avoid air pollution. Scientists somehow undertook to measure the level of this hormone in several hundred working gas stations in Iran. Petrol there is scruffy, it spills on the ground, and therefore there is a thick gas spirit on the gas stations. It turned out that in comparison with other Iranians, testosterone refuellers have almost half as much. The same role is played by car exhaust. Therefore, settle away from the gasified highway and less often sit under an open window. By the way, a car with a faulty or even missing cabin filter will also help lower your testosterone level. And standing in traffic jams will turn you into a solid impotent over time. Therefore, monitor the technical health of your car and do not open windows when standing in traffic jams. Avoid air pollution and travel out of town more often.
  • Take natural stimulants of sex hormones: Tribulus terrestris, Ecdysterone, Damian, Eureka, Forskolin, ZMA.

Remember: The more testosterone you have in your blood, the more energy, training drive, muscle mass, strength, sexual desires and, ultimately, the desire to live.

What are testosterone boosters.

Testosterone boosters (boosters, stimulants) are special sports nutritional supplements that are used to increase strength, stimulate increased muscle mass and libido, as well as prevent male menopause and correct hormonal levels. The effect of testosterone boosters is due to their ability to stimulate the production of natural testosterone in the body. There are testosterone boosters on the pharmacy shelf, but it’s usually cheaper (not at the expense of quality, but due to the expensive registration procedure for medicines) to buy them in the form of sports nutrition or dietary supplements. They don’t need a prescription and, as a rule, they do not bring harm if used wisely, since based on natural products.

Due to concerns about health, legal and ethical nuances, the use of anabolic steroids is not suitable for many practitioners "for the soul." Despite this, they also want to develop their body as much as possible, only without the use of steroids - “in nature”. Too slow changes in muscle mass and strength can become a source of obsession or disappointment, when the effort is spent on training no less, and sometimes more than the “chemists”.

The composition of testosterone boosters usually includes: natural and plant extracts, the stimulating effect of which has long been known to traditional medicine, as well as additional components: vitamins and minerals, which are usually involved and contribute to the process of testosterone production. Sometimes - synthetic (non-hormonal) substances, which, according to manufacturers, have the ability to increase testosterone levels. Proven dough boosters belong to the category of sports drugs that really work on athletes.Their effect is especially pronounced on athletes practicing natural training.


Natural hormone-like substance, whose benefit was proved by Soviet scientists. True, the tests were performed on animals. Almost safe, but in small doses, the effect is invisible. In addition to stimulating the secretion of its own testosterone, it optimizes the synthesis of protein, creatine. Accordingly, it works best in combination with other types of sports nutrition.

There are still many options for herbal, mineral, and vitamin preparations (all kinds of yohimbe, forskolin, D-aspartic acid, ZMA, etc.), positioned as boosters, but they are more likely to be interesting as part of complex supplements, and individually, there’s little or no use for them. at all.

Who needs testosterone boosters

Testosterone boosters as a sports supplement are usually used by men who need to quickly increase lean muscle mass. These additives are not recommended for use until the age of 20-22 due to the fact that the body of a young person has an incompletely formed hormonal system. The use of boosters at a young age can disrupt the unstable system of hormonal metabolism. In addition, usually young people have naturally elevated levels of their own testosterone, and therefore, as a rule, they do not need additional stimulation. However, athletes aged 20–25 years who used testosterone boosters significantly added to sports achievements in bodybuilding, powerlifting, swimming, and running. The endurance of the athlete also significantly increases with their intake.

The use of testosterone boosters in people older than 25-30 and even more than 40 years is justified, when the natural level of testosterone decreases due to age. In this case, their intake not only favorably affects muscle growth, but also enhances potency and sex drive. Sexual enhancement with a testosterone booster is guaranteed.

Anabolic steroid guarantee increase in strength and muscle mass when taking the necessary dosages. However, their use is associated with serious side effects, and in recent years with problems with the law. Many natural bodybuilders and powerlifters, for whom the use of prohibited stimulants is unacceptable, want to naturally increase their testosterone production. Testosterone deficiency, in addition to constant disappointments in training, reduces the quality of life. It causes health problems such as diabetes, depression, erectile dysfunction and diseases of the cardiovascular system. It also increases the risk of premature death.

Testosterone boosters sell well in the sports nutrition market, as they are popular with both athletes and the elderly, ordinary men and women who want to increase their sexual capabilities.

Athletes who have “switched to the dark side,” or simply using anabolic steroids in their training process, can also benefit from acquaintance with testosterone boosters. Of course, the effect of boosters is several times weaker than the effect of steroids, but in this case the purpose of their use is different. Testosterone boosters are great for PCT (post-course therapy). After a cycle of steroid hormones or prohormones, it is advisable to use boosters for at least 4 weeks. They can reduce the side effects associated with the abolition of steroid hormones (the so-called "kickback") and maintain testosterone levels, thereby preventing catabolism in the muscles. Well, in a state of post-course depression, they help a little.

You should be aware that boosters only work during their intake. After cancellation, all effects disappear. Perhaps not a significant decrease in muscle mass, but far from as pronounced as after using anabolic steroids.

Not only men, but also women, testosterone boosters can come in handy.Indeed, in the understanding of many, male hormone, testosterone is still present in the body of a woman and plays an important role there. For example, it is responsible, as in men, for muscle development, which means it is useful for female athletes.

It should be remembered that training without the use of anabolic steroids, a woman will never turn into a masculine creature, because with any natural stimulation of testosterone production, the genetically incorporated mechanisms for controlling it in the body will not increase its level more than is permissible in a woman.

In addition to muscles, testosterone in the female body is responsible for sex drive, energy and good mood.

Testosterone boosters have been available for decades, but they were not very popular until the late 1980s due to the easy availability of anabolic steroids. In the 90s, legislation in many countries changed, and steroids took control, thereby forcing law-abiding builders and lifters to look for new ways to improve their body and increase strength results.

Whey protein and creatine have become a good, but significantly less effective substitute for steroids in terms of increasing strength and volume. In the late 90s, steroid prohormones were marketed. However, they were not successful, because they could not increase strength and mass, but they also caused side effects, as did steroids. Subsequently, they were banned. Thus, today the only legal alternative to steroids are testosterone boosters.

Rating of the best testosterone boosters

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best tribulus testosterone boosters1Tribulus Maximus (BioTech USA) 9.6 / 101 200
2Tribulus 1500 (APS) 9.5 / 101 500
3Tribuvar 1000 mg (SAN) 9.3 / 101 500
Best Ecdysterone Supplements1Geosteron (GEON) 9.5 / 101 400
2Academy-T Ecdysterone 9.3 / 10500
Best Combined Dough Boosters1Myotest by SAN 9.7 / 101 800
2TestoJack 200 by NOW 9.5 / 101 790
3Test Powder (USPlabs) 9.4 / 102 100
What is better to combine with?

For a good effect, testosterone boosters should be combined with the correct high-calorie high-protein diet, systematic strength training and additional sports nutrition. From sports nutrition, they have good potentiating effect and optimal compatibility with testosterone boosters:

  • Protein - 3-4 mg of protein per kilogram of body weight is needed to enhance muscle growth.
  • Creatine is desirable for a high degree of absorption.
  • Also a great option is creatine with a transport system, especially in the form of pre-workout complexes (naNO Vapor from MuscleTech, Xpand, CELLMASS and NO-Xplode 2.0 from BSN).
  • Vitamin and mineral complexes - for the active growth of muscles, a sufficient intake of vitamins and other irreplaceable substances is required.
  • BCAAs and amino acid complexes.
  • The result is especially clearly visible when taking a testosterone booster and a growth hormone booster together.

This is the minimum list of sports nutritional supplements that are indicated for co-administration with boosters, in addition, you can simultaneously use reducing agents, adaptogens and other additives.

Not recommended use testosterone boosters with prohormones, steroid hormones.

Side effects

The abuse of any means that affect the level of testosterone is fraught with dangerous complications. Prolonged use of testosterone boosters can lead to a decrease in the body's ability to produce enough testosterone on its own, as it gets used to taking the supplement on a regular basis. Fortunately, this effect does not last long and after some time the body itself will restore its testosterone production to the sizes determined by your genetics.

While taking very rarely The following side effects occur: aggressiveness and irritability, fluctuations in blood pressure. If you take supplements at the recommended doses and for the period allowed by the manufacturer, then side effects usually do not occur.

It is contraindicated to take testosterone boosters for heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney failure. If any side effects occur, you should immediately stop taking supplements. Almost all side effects are completely reversible after withdrawal.

What are testosterone boosters?

Many anabolic complexes and boosters contain more than a dozen components, but most components do not affect the level of testosterone. Below is a brief description of the most common tools according to the version of the popular non-fiction sports site sportwiki.to:

Best tribulus testosterone boosters

Opens our rating of the best test booster popular supplement from the famous manufacturer of sports nutrition BioTech USA. It is a tablet form of the extract of the plant Tribulus Terrestris. The drug is intended to stimulate the body's own production of testosterone. It does not contain steroids, it is natural and safe, unless, of course, there is no intolerance or allergic reactions.

It is noteworthy that in each serving, the main component is present in an amount of 1,500 mg, and the saponin content is 79%. And these are very decent indicators. It is recommended to take one serving a day, but experienced athletes usually increase the dose. True, they do this at their own peril and risk. The effect of taking occurs in about a week.

Aromatase inhibitors

Highly effective and safe class of drugs. According to the study, one tablet Letrozole (2.5 mg) can increase testosterone levels by about 50% over a month if taken in parts (0.02 mg each). Higher dosages lead to a significant increase in the effect. In addition, estrogen levels are reduced.


It has been proven that Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) when used for 10 days at 20 mg per day increases the concentration of testosterone in serum by 142% of the initial level.

A new synthetic substance that can prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogens, thereby increasing the concentration of the former. There are no studies confirming the effect on muscle growth.

Tribulus - Tribulus terrestris

The most popular component of testosterone boosters, has the most solid evidence base. At present, it is problematic to purchase it in sports nutrition stores, as Tribulus was classified as a medicine and withdrawn from free sale in sports nutrition stores (only pharmacies can sell drugs), however, some stores still continue to sell it. The most popular pharmacy drug is Bulgarian Tribestan from the Sofarma company.

Quite a popular complex, recognized as completely ineffective. Virtually no side effects.

Famous Testosterone Boosters

Many anabolic complexes and boosters contain more than a dozen components, but most components do not affect the level of testosterone. Their presence can only be explained as an advertising move. The following is a brief description of the most common tools:

Highly effective and safe class of drugs. According to the study, one tablet of Letrozole (2.5 mg) can increase testosterone levels by about 50% within a month if taken in parts (0.02 mg each). Higher dosages lead to a significant increase in the effect. In addition, estrogen levels are reduced.

It has been proven that Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) when used for 10 days at 20 mg per day increases the concentration of testosterone in serum by 142% of the initial level.

Studies have shown a correlation between vitamin D levels and testosterone.

A new synthetic substance that can prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogens, thereby increasing the concentration of the former.There is no research confirming the effect of 4-androstene-3,6,17-trione on muscle growth.

The D-isomer of the aspartic amino acid, which naturally interacts with certain areas of the pituitary gland, increasing the secretion of testosterone. Efficiency is doubtful.

The substance obtained from the plant Coleus forskohlii is very often included in the composition of boosters. It has poorly proven effectiveness. Lack of evidence (apart from a few small studies whose results contradict each other). Lack of positive reviews from athletes who took the supplement. A clear exaggeration of the properties of forskolin in the product descriptions: burning fat, increasing muscle mass, changing the concentration of several hormones at once, and all this against the background of the absence of side effects. The supplement may have a moderate positive effect on body composition. Maybe it will enhance the effect of other drugs if you take them in combination. However, there is no reliable clinical evidence for the effectiveness of forskolin.

A relatively new booster of nitric oxide, which, among other things, is able to stimulate the secretion of its own gonadotropin and gonadoliberin. Agmatine sulfate is an imidazoline receptor agonist. It has a nootropic effect.

The most popular component of testosterone boosters, has the most solid evidence base. Despite the fact that Tribulus was classified as a medicine and is not subject to free sale in sports nutrition stores (only pharmacies can sell drugs), most stores continue to sell it. Sports supplements come out much cheaper. You need to look not only at the weight of the tablets, but also at the percentage of saponins, i.e. active substance (found from 35% to 95%).

Quite a popular complex, recognized as completely ineffective. Virtually no side effects.

Plant extract with the active substance trigonellin. It has antiaromatase activity, however, in human studies, it did not affect the level of androgens and sports results.

The extract is used as an aphrodisiac. It does not affect the level of sex hormones and anabolism.

Maca Peruvian

The extract is used as an aphrodisiac. It does not affect the level of sex hormones and anabolism.

We do not give here a rating of common integrated boosters, but we hope that by analyzing the labels in the store and using the information provided here, you can choose the most effective complex for you.

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Combination and combination

For a good effect, testosterone boosters should be combined with the right high-calorie diet, systematic strength training and additional sports nutrition. From sports nutrition, they have good potentiating effect and optimal compatibility with testosterone boosters:

  • Protein - to enhance muscle growth, 2-3 g of protein per kilogram of body weight is needed.
  • Creatine - 3-5 g taken orally 1 time per day. Also a great option is creatine with a transport system.
  • Vitamin-mineral complex - for the active growth of muscles requires a sufficient intake of vitamins and other essential substances.

This is the minimum list of sports supplements that are indicated for co-administration with boosters, in addition, you can simultaneously use BCAA, amino acid complexes, reducing agents, adaptogens and other additives.

It is not recommended to use testosterone boosters with prohormones, steroid hormones, 2 boosters cannot be combined.


The drug contains a trace mineral zinc. If the level of this microelement in the body is within the normal range, then there is no point in consuming this remedy. But if there is a lack of zinc, then this negatively affects the level of testosterone. In this case, it makes sense to take preparations containing zinc additionally, if this is recommended by the doctor.


Just like Tribestan, the Verona preparation incorporates creeping grass. In addition to it, the composition of this tool also includes a complex of other plants useful for men. It contributes to the production of testosterone, eliminates congestion in the pelvic area, and also has other effects that positively affect men's health.

You should be aware that none of the pharmacy drugs mentioned above will raise your testosterone to a level to which some hormones can increase it. But they are devoid of the side effects that artificial hormones possess, since everyone knows that any intervention in the hormonal system, as a rule, does not pass without a trace. If you want to increase your own testosterone with authorized pharmaceuticals, then be sure to contact a specialist, and he will decide whether you need them or not.

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