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Restorative for all forms of hemorrhoids Methyluracil candles: instructions for use

Rectal suppositories are prescribed at any stage of the development of hemorrhoidal disease. These funds quickly remove all inflammatory processes, reducing pain. How to use methyluracil suppository for hemorrhoids?

Rectal suppositories, which contain a substance called methyluracil, are often used in the fight against hemorrhoids. With their help, you can quickly remove the inflammation of the internal hemorrhoidal nodes and reduce pain in the anus.

Features of the drug
Beneficial featuresEffective anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating and hematopoietic effect. According to the recommendations of doctors and patient reviews, it is a first aid drug for exacerbation of hemorrhoidal disease.
Use for hemorrhoids3 times a day, 1 suppository.
PriceThe cost of suppositories is 50-80 rubles.

Methyluracil suppositories from hemorrhoids contribute to the restoration of damaged tissues. The active substance has anabolic, anti-catabolic, regenerating properties.

Suppository composition

Medicines with methyluracil are released in the form of ointments, tablets and suppositories.

Rectal suppositories have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. They can be white or cream in color, have an oblong shape with a rounded end, and have a specific smell. The drug helps to accelerate the synthesis of red blood cells and white blood cells, slows down the destruction of tissues.

The composition of the candles, in addition to the active methyluracil, includes paraffin, macrogol, ethyl alcohol.

Beneficial features

Methyluracil suppositories effectively cope with inflammation in the hemorrhoid plexus and vagina, as well as with mechanical damage to tissues.

Being a derivative of pyrimidine, methyluracil is able to accelerate the process of regeneration of damaged tissues, restore and protect cells, and activate the synthesis of red and white blood cells.

Features of the drug

Methyluracil is an effective drug that promotes the speediest tissue regeneration. It acts on the skin and mucous membranes, helping to heal wounds, stopping small local bleeding. Another advantage of the drug is a disinfecting and antibacterial effect.

The medicine interferes with the vital activity of pathogenic bacteria that enter the wounds along with feces. The drug is available in the form of tablets, ointments and rectal suppositories.

Suppositories are prescribed for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, for injuries of the rectum and anus, during recovery after various operations. They not only promote tissue regeneration, but also improve bowel movements, allowing you to get rid of constipation and diarrhea.

Candles are also shown for chronic hemorrhoids, which is characterized by the alternation of acute attacks and rest periods.

A special place is the treatment with suppositories in the postoperative period. At this time, internal damage is especially dangerous, there is a danger of infection and sepsis. Methyluracil quickly heals small wounds, preventing infection from developing.

The drug goes well with other medicines: tablets, injections, ointments, gels.

There are no contraindications in combinations; suppositories can be used even with antibiotic treatment.

  • Detailed description of the various stages: first, second, third, fourth,
  • Features of the internal course of the disease and external manifestations,
  • The list of medicines, suppositories and ointments that are used in the treatment of this disease can be found here.

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Form of drug release, composition, cost

Today, methyluracil drugs are available to patients in three different forms:

  • Tablets - in blisters of 50 and 100 pieces,
  • Ointment - in tubes of 25 grams,
  • Candles - in packs of 10 pieces.

The cost of methyluracil for hemorrhoids depends on the manufacturer and the price policy of the pharmacy. The price of tablets can reach up to 200 rubles., Ointments are sold at a cost of from 40 to 60 rubles., For suppositories you will need to pay from 80 to 100 rubles. Drugs in this group belong to the middle price category, so they are quite accessible to any segment of the population.

Methyluracil suppository: instructions for use for hemorrhoids

The exact course of the drug is prescribed by the doctor. Depending on the condition of the patient, suppositories are administered from 1 to 4 times a day, the course lasts from 1 to 2 weeks.

In chronic internal hemorrhoids, the course can be extended up to 2 months.

The drug acts gently without causing a cumulative effect. Active and additional components are completely excreted together with urine after 10-12 hours.

Like other rectal suppositories, suppositories with methyluracil must be administered after bowel movement. If normal fecal separation is impossible, but there is a need for bowel release, you need to make a cleansing enema with warm water, to which sea salt, a solution of potassium permanganate or a decoction of chamomile are added. After cleansing the intestine, the anus is washed with warm water and baby soap. Then the skin needs to be dried with a terry towel or gauze.

It is better to introduce candles in the supine position, to a depth of 2-4 cm. After the introduction, you need to lie down, for better fixation you can wear elastic underwear. So that the melted fat does not stain it, the area of ​​the anus is covered with a sterile gauze cloth. Particularly effective are suppositories administered before bedtime. After 7-8 hours of rest, the drug is completely absorbed, in the morning the patient's condition will significantly improve.

Contraindications and side effects

Compared to tablets and capsules, suppositories have a minimum of contraindications.

These include:

  • malignant tumors
  • diabetes,
  • autoimmune diseases
  • leukemia
  • lymphagranulomatosis,
  • heavy rectal bleeding,
  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

With prolonged use, side effects are possible: burning and itching in the anus, rash, redness, mild swelling. Sometimes a slight burning sensation immediately after administration is possible, passing after a few seconds.

Burning and itching are removed with cool baths or compresses with chamomile, as well as light antihistamines.

How to supplement treatment

By themselves, methyluracil suppositories are not able to cure hemorrhoids. Their task is to remove the symptoms of the disease: pain, itching, burning, inflammation, restore damaged tissue, remove local bleeding.

At the same time, suppositories do not affect the state of the vessels and are not able to significantly reduce hemorrhoids or prevent their growth.

In order not to waste time, at the same time as treatment with suppositories, other drugs must be used that can reduce the size of hemorrhoids, prevent tears and bleeding.

To normalize blood flow and strengthen vascular walls it is necessary to take anticoagulants and venotonics in the form of tablets and capsules. Bactericidal gels will be needed to treat deep anal fissures.

Minimally invasive techniques can reduce excessively overgrown nodes - for example, latex rings that prevent the access of blood to the cones and contribute to their death.In case of pain attacks, it is recommended to use ointments and creams with anesthetics, tablets with an anticonvulsant or antidepressant effect.

Especially acute pain will relieve novocaine or lidocaine blockade. For a general strengthening of the body, vitamin herbal teas and decoctions of medicinal plants are recommended: chamomile, oak bark, birch buds, wormwood, and sage.

Methyluracil candles - an affordable, inexpensive and very effective drug, suitable for the treatment of various forms of hemorrhoids. The drug has a minimum of contraindications, it is easily absorbed and has no cumulative effect. Regular administration of suppositories helps to quickly repair damaged tissue, relieves swelling and prevents inflammation.

Drug action

Preparations with Methyluracil for hemorrhoids fight pain, relieve inflammation, help restore mucous membranes, enhance the growth and division of healthy cells, and heal wounds. In addition, Methyluracil helps to improve the general condition of the patient by activating local immunity.
Methyluracil is used not only for hemorrhoids. Athletes use it to build muscle and accelerate muscle growth, because the substance stimulates the production of protein.
In Europe, methyluracil is used to treat and prevent many female diseases, in particular cervical erosion. In addition, the drug can be prescribed to prepare a woman for childbirth if a pathological process occurs in the reproductive organs.
Methyluracil is compatible with antibiotics, antiseptics.

Methyluracil in tablets

Tablets with methyluracil for hemorrhoids are prescribed in a course, the duration of which usually does not exceed one month. Tablets are taken during or after meals. The drug has a systemic effect, absorbed into the general bloodstream. They are usually prescribed for severe illness. Tablets accelerate the process of tissue repair of the rectal mucosa.
Tablets with methyluracil can be prescribed in the following cases:

  • With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • With a decrease in the number of leukocytes or platelets in the blood,
  • During the rehabilitation period after infectious diseases,
  • With fractures, burns, wounds,
  • With hepatitis, pancreatitis, radiation sickness, anemia.

Often, drugs with methyluracil are prescribed for adolescents during puberty to heal injured skin after acne. In addition to healing wounds from acne, pills help reduce pigmentation at the site of acne.

Ointment Methyluracil

Methyluracil ointment for hemorrhoids is used to treat the external manifestations of the disease.
Ointment contributes to:

  • Eliminate pain
  • Relieve puffiness,
  • Reduce external hemorrhoid cones,
  • Repair damaged tissue,
  • Improving cellular immunity.

The duration of therapy depends on the rate of scarring. It is noted that under the influence of the ointment, the sutures heal within five days.
Methyluracil ointment treat hemorrhoids with external manifestations of the disease - nodes, cracks. In gynecology, the ointment is used in the postpartum period, to heal the gaps that appear during childbirth. To restore the vaginal mucosa, the ointment is administered vaginally using a gauze swab. Before the introduction of the ointment, women should undergo a procedure for douching with a manganese solution.
Ointment is widely used in dentistry to treat infections and damage to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. The anti-inflammatory effect of the ointment helps treat stomatitis, accelerating the healing of wounds and ulcers.

Methyluracil ointment, instructions for use for hemorrhoids

Before applying the product, wash the anus. Wounds and sutures should be cleaned from pus and other contaminants. The place of application should be treated with an antiseptic, for this you can use hydrogen peroxide, a solution of furatsilina or potassium permanganate.The ointment is applied to dry, cleaned skin with clean hands. At the beginning, with neat, massage movements, lubricate the outer part of the sphincter. Then, a thin layer of the medicine should be applied to a napkin, sponge or gauze dressing, applied to the external hemorrhoid and fixed with a band-aid.

Instructions for use with hemorrhoids

Suppositories with methyluracil from hemorrhoids are intended for topical use and are administered rectally. They effectively cope with any inflammatory processes in the rectum.

Adults are prescribed 1-2 candles up to 4 times a day. This is 500 - 1000 mg of the active substance.

Children in the age category from 3 to 8 years are prescribed half a candle per day. This is 250 mg of active substance. Children over 8 years old - 500 mg of methyluracil, that is, 1 suppository per day.

Download full instructions for the use of the drug

The duration of therapy is determined by the attending doctor and depends on the severity of hemorrhoids. The course of treatment can last from 7 days to 3 to 4 months.

The candle is inserted into the anus after the act of defecation and thorough washing. The finger should be moistened with water, take a candle and insert it deeper into the anus.

Methyluracil candles

Rectal suppositories are used to treat internal hemorrhoids. Methyluracil suppositories from hemorrhoids are used during the acute stage of the disease. In this period, the internal nodes become inflamed, violating the integrity of the epithelial tissue of the rectum. Often, postoperative therapy is performed with candles with methyluracil for hemorrhoids.
Suppositories contribute to:

  • Relieve inflammation and pain,
  • Catalysing the healing process,
  • Rapid scarring of wounds.

Methyluracil suppositories are prescribed for hemorrhoids in the following cases:

  • In the period of exacerbation of the disease,
  • During rehabilitation after surgery to remove hemorrhoids,
  • When anal fissures appear,
  • With inflammation of the hemorrhoid cones.

Hemorrhoids methyluracil is introduced into the anus only after cleansing the rectum naturally or with an enema. Enema can be done using vegetable oil. To do this, 20 ml of oil is injected into a small enema, after which the contents of the enema are injected into the rectum. An enema with oil will facilitate the bowel movement. After bowel movement, thoroughly wash and dry the anus, preparing it for the introduction of methyluracil suppository for hemorrhoids.
You can enter the suppository lying on your side or on your stomach. If this position is not convenient for the introduction, then you can enter the medicine while standing in a bent pose or squatting. The candle is introduced gently, without sudden movements, with a rounded end forward to the maximum possible depth. After a suppository with Methyluracil is introduced for hemorrhoids, the patient should remain at rest for at least 30 minutes.

If you start moving earlier, then the medicine will flow out, which will reduce the therapeutic effect of suppositories with Methyluracil in hemorrhoids.

It is best to insert candles with methyluracil for hemorrhoids at night. This will ensure complete absorption of the active substances of the drug.


Rectal suppositories with methyluracil are approved for the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women. Since clinical studies on the effect of this drug on pregnancy and fetal health have not been carried out, it is necessary to use them with caution during this period.

With hemorrhoids, methyluracil suppositories quickly relieve pain and inflammation in pregnant women. The drug acts mildly, while promoting healing of the tissues of the rectum and developing local immunity.

The simultaneous use of suppositories and ointments

Doctors often prescribe the simultaneous use of ointment and suppositories Methyluracil for hemorrhoids, which is accompanied by the appearance of internal and external nodes. Such combination therapy allows you to achieve a faster result.Ointment affects the external manifestations of the disease, and suppositories treat the disease from the inside. During a double treatment, it is necessary to first introduce a suppository, and the loan proceed to the processing of nodes with ointment from the outside.

Candlelight Reviews

Most reviews of methyluracil suppository treatment are positive. Patients note the rapid healing of anal fissures and the elimination of excruciating pains.

Undesirable side reactions are extremely rare. The effect of therapy persists for a long time. Among the other advantages of this drug is the affordable price and the opportunity to purchase without a doctor’s prescription.

When using candles and ointments, there is no discomfort. The effectiveness of any drug with methyluracil is very high.


Methyluracil analogues

Methyluracil, like other medicines, has analogues, or as they are also called generics, that is, medicines sold under international generic names that differ from the brand name. The most famous analogues of Methylurcil include Metarukol. In addition to it, you can find in pharmacies: Klion-D, Stizamet, Kolartek and Methyluracil-AKOS. All of them have the main active ingredient - dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine. These medicines are available in various forms (ointments, suppositories, tablets). An analogue drug helps to save. Today, the cheapest Methyluracil substitute can be purchased at a price of 29 rubles. However, choosing an analogue, it is worth remembering that not always replacement will be as effective in the fight against the disease as a licensed drug. Therefore, you need to use them only after consulting with your doctor.

Use of Methyluracil in Gynecology

Everywhere, methyluracil is used in proctology to treat various forms of hemorrhoids. However, many gynecologists have adopted Methyluracil suppositories to combat gynecological problems in women. They are used to treat various inflammations, erosion, and are widely used after surgery and postpartum ruptures.

The composition of the drug

Dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine or Methyluracil (chemical name is 2,4-dihydroxy-6-methylpyrimidine) is the main component in suppositories, activating the immune system at the cellular level, nourishing the affected tissues, stimulating trophism, healing postoperative scars.

The components of the drug

Other components:

  • calcium stearate,
  • talc,
  • povidone
  • potato starch.

The composition of the pills includes - petroleum jelly, lanolin, purified water. In hemorrhoids, methyluracil ointment contains pressed fat A, E.

Pharmachologic effect

Methyluracil in the composition, suppositories, ointments begins to accelerate the epithelization and granulation of the affected tissues, activate the metabolic processes of nucleotides.

The high anti-catabolic and anabolic ability of methyluracil is proved, due to which during use it is observed:


  • stimulation of protein metabolism,
  • renewal, the production of new cells in the rectal mucosa,
  • improved absorption of compounds,
  • removal of inflammation, pain,
  • activation of cellular immunity,
  • suspension of bleeding.

Methyluracil suppositories with external hemorrhoids have an immunostimulating effect, activating humoral immunity at the cellular level. Cytokines, T-B lymphocytes in the immune system, improve overall well-being in patients, and prevent infection if bacteria join in the anal area.

Other components in the composition of methyluracil begin to actively increase the production of protein molecules, to produce new cells, forming granulations of the renewed epithelium.

Due to the inhibition of the activity of proteolytic enzymes, the anti-inflammatory properties of methyluracil are realized, leading to:

  • reduce pain
  • improving trophic tissue with increased regeneration,
  • the healing of ulcers, cracks, cuts on the mucous membrane of the anus and rectum.

Reference! Methyluracil is an active photoprotector. As it is exposed to infected areas, it begins to protect them from sun exposure. With external, and internal hemorrhoids, it has a local antibacterial effect and reparative properties on the lesions, enhance the reproductive function of skin cells.

Indications for use

From hemorrhoids, methyluracil rectal suppositories are prescribed for lesions of nearby areas of the anus to heal cracks and cuts caused by bowel movements.

Candles can be a real salvation for patients if they are concerned:


  • varicose veins,
  • the development of inflammation in the hemorrhoid cones,
  • damage to the mucosa of the rectal canal, sigmoid colon,
  • non-healing burns, wounds of any etiology,
  • bullous dermatitis,
  • non-healing burns, wounds of any etiology,
  • prevention of complications in case of radiation therapy for genital neoplasms,
  • cracks, wounds in the anus,
  • postoperative period after excision of hemorrhoids.

Ointment methyluracil from external hemorrhoids is indicated in the following conditions, damage to the anorectal zone:

First signs of the disease

  • trophic non-healing ulcers, burns, fractures, pressure sores, cuts, scratches, deep wounds,
  • non-healing postoperative scars.

The note! Methyluracil suppositories are often prescribed for women with hemorrhoids, vaginal and anorectal fissures, uterine neck erosion, and inflammation of the external genitalia. Men are recommended to use for prostatitis, proctitis, if the sigmoid colon is restored to restore tissue, relieve inflammation, and update cerebrospinal fluid.

If hemorrhoids progresses, then candles, ointments based on methyluracil are applicable. Tablets are usually not used in these cases.

Namely local preparations with methyluracil:

  • stop the pain
  • heal wounds, cracks,
  • begin to enhance the regeneration processes, reducing the size of the hemorrhoidal cones,
  • positively affect the tissues of the perianal region, the mucous membrane of the rectum.

Candles have a therapeutic effect after a hemorrhoidectomy to remove cavernous bodies. If you combine it with ointments, then the effect will be enhanced, the healing process will go faster.

Treatment of any injuries: regeneration and recovery

The main action of methyluracil, to accelerate tissue regeneration, is in demand for any injuries. Ointment is an external drug, because it is used to heal external injuries (wounds, cuts, burns, pressure sores).

The greatest treatment effect is obtained if the ointment is applied to the wound for a long time and fixed with a bandage, a band-aid.

This dressing with methyluracil ointment should be changed periodically. If the wound is not infected, there is no pus, then the dressing is changed after 10-12 hours. Purulent wounds need to be washed more often. For them, dressings are changed every 3-4 hours.

Between changing dressings, the wound must be treated with an antiseptic (hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine). In infected wounds, pus and dead tissue are thoroughly removed during washing. After that, ointment is applied directly over the wound and closed with a sterile dressing. So treat non-healing wounds, abscesses (suppurations), burns for a long time.

Methyluracil ointment for burns prevents their infection and the formation of pus. Extensive skin damage due to thermal or chemical burns is dangerous due to infection. Large burns are often inflamed, covered with purulent crust. The antiseptic composition of the ointment allows pathogens to limit access to an open wound and prevent infection.Also, the composition of the ointment helps wounds heal without scars and scars.

Methyluracil ointment for scars is best used at the stage of wound healing. Stimulation of regeneration allows you to do without scars with extensive burns, deep cuts. If scars and scars have already formed, the ointment will not be so effective.

Another type of skin injury is diaper rash. They are formed in bedridden patients and cause discomfort. Methyluratsil ointment for diaper rash reduces the area of ​​inflammation, redness, irritation, relieves pain.

Methyluracil is also used for bruising. Especially - with large areas of contusion. Big bruises dissolve for a long time themselves. For quick healing, the bruising area is smeared with methyluracil 2-3 times a day.

The instruction regulates the use of methyluracil in the treatment of children only after 3 years of age. Therefore, ointment for infants is not used.

For children older than three years, methyluracil can be used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. What does ointment do?

The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of methyluracil composition allow it to be used to treat bacterial infections. The ointment is applied to the nose with a severe cold with thick green secretions. The green color and density of nasal mucus indicate the bacterial nature of the infection, in which methyluracil ointment in the nose will be a very effective treatment.

When is methyluracil ointment in the nose still needed? With constant dryness in the nose, the so-called dry rhinitis forms. With it, snot does not flow from the nose, but blood periodically flows. Such a disease is an occupational disease of those who work in hot shops. The main cause of dry rhinitis is the drying of the mucous membranes in the nasal passages.

To treat the disease, the inside of the nose is lubricated with methyluracil ointment. It softens the crusts and within a few days restores the nasal mucosa. Bleeding stops.

Suppositories are administered vaginally after hygiene procedures. The candle is introduced to the maximum possible depth, the field of which lie down for at least half an hour. The duration of treatment and dosage is determined by the doctor.

The drug is suitable for relieving the main symptoms of hemorrhoids, however, it is impossible to cure the disease solely with ointment.

You can supplement the treatment program with pills, cleansing enemas and rectal suppositories.

At the initial stage of hemorrhoids, venotonics and anticoagulants in the form of tablets or rectal suppositories are especially effective.

With severe pain, novocaine blockade or drugs containing benzocaine and lidocaine can be used. Antibiotic injections are needed to relieve exacerbations and block infections.

Methyluracil ointment fits perfectly into any therapeutic regimen. It does not affect the effectiveness of antibiotics, hormones, and other potent drugs.

It is not recommended to combine the ointment with external agents: gels and creams. This combination can cause severe skin irritation and provoke inflammation.

With internal hemorrhoids or combined ointment can be supplemented with methyluracil suppositories. In a day, it is enough to introduce 1-2 suppositories, applying ointment to the anal area. This combination is especially effective for profound shallow wounds and tears. You can find out how to use rectal suppositories here.

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various forms of release and spectrum of action.

  1. Rectal suppositories:
    • painkillers: with novocaine, papaverine, belladonna, Anestezol,
    • wound healing: with propolis, methyluracil, Natalsid, Prostopin,
    • anti-inflammatory: indomethacin, suppositories against cracks,
    • Laxatives: with glycerin,
    • universal: with heparin, ichthyol, hepatrombin, anuzole,
    • for prevention: Nigepan.
  2. Gels: Hepatrombin, Troxerutin, Lyoton.
  3. Ointments: heparin, Bepanten, methyluracil, ichthyol, zinc, Aurobin, Bezornil, Fleming and Vishnevsky ointment.

Tablets: Venarus, Detralex, Phlebodia.

Methyluracil ointment is an inexpensive and easy-to-use drug that has a minimum of contraindications and is suitable for the treatment of various forms of hemorrhoids. The drug is easily tolerated by debilitated patients and can be used both in acute attacks and in the chronic course of the disease.

How to use methyluracil ointment for hemorrhoids

Ointment methyluracil with hemorrhoids of the anorectal region quickly restores tissue inflamed foci, relieves swelling, and begins to actively heal wounds and cracks in the mucous membrane, reducing hemorrhoidal nodules in size.

The ointment is applied locally, locally in the form of gauze dressings (tampons), treated with an antiseptic composition with surface fixation with adhesive plaster.

The approximate dosage per day is 5-10 g. Before applying the methyluracil composition, it is advisable to treat cracks, wounds or postoperative sutures with hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, Furacilin, Chlorhexidine, i.e. antiseptics. Also clean these wounds from necrotic purulent exudate.

Apply ointment with methyluracil to previously cleaned areas on the body twice a day, always before bedtime.

Reference! It is recommended to treat the area of ​​the anus with ointment, having previously cleaned it of impurities (pus), washing it with soap to achieve the highest healing properties. When processing postoperative sutures, you also first need to wipe with antiseptics, then apply the composition locally to the anus.

If the ointment is used for erosion of the cervix, rupture of the perineum, vagina in women after childbirth, then you first need to douche with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, then introduce the methyluracil composition into the vagina.

When applying the composition to postoperative sutures, it is necessary to pre-treat them with antiseptics, then dry them, apply the ointment gently to clean treated skin integuments.

Worth to know! If the therapeutic methyluracil ointment is used correctly, the healing effect of postoperative sutures is already observed on the 5-6th day. With external hemorrhoids, the anorectal region is usually severely injured, so you need to rinse with warm water gently using a soft cloth, then apply a small amount of ointment on the inflamed hemorrhoid to the outside, fixing it with a band-aid on top.

How to use methyluracil suppository for hemorrhoids?

It is methyluracil suppositories that have the greatest healing power in case of progressive hemorrhoids, severely damaged epithelium of the anus mucosa.

Enter suppositories in the anus should be as follows:

How to insert a candle

  • completely empty the intestines, putting an oil enema for constipation (if there are no contraindications) to soften the stool of the rectum, weaken the sphincter muscles,
  • lie on your side, pull your knees to your chest, lay a film under you,
  • enter the contents gently into the pear anus,
  • lie down for 20 minutes without getting up or moving.

After about 10 hours, the enema will begin to act, so in order to avoid smudges and unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to put the enema at night. In the morning, wash the area of ​​the anus with soap and dab with a towel.

Reference! An enema can be filled with vaseline, olive, sunflower oil in the form of heat (+38 degrees) up to 100 ml. The tip of the pear (enema) can be greased with ordinary petroleum jelly for ease of insertion into the anus. After the introduction of the candle, it is recommended to withstand time up to 35 minutes, lying on its side without sudden movements. To avoid introducing an additional infection, the procedure should be carried out with clean hands, after washing with soap.

Dental methyluracil ointment

For patients who underwent surgery to remove hemorrhoidal nodes, sedentary baths with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, as well as daily dressings based on Methyluracil ointment are prescribed for early wound healing. Quickly absorbing ointment has anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, methyluracil ointment helps to relieve inflammation in the anus and helps to heal cracks. Local immunity in patients with hemorrhoidal disease is greatly weakened. From the first application, methyluracil ointment restores the immune system.

With external use of the drug, the drug does not absorb into the blood. This is due to the absence of any side effects. Occasionally, patients experience an allergic reaction to the substances that make up the ointment. It manifests itself in itching and burning. In this case, the ointment must be replaced with another drug with a similar effect.

The use of methyluracil ointment for hemorrhoids involves rubbing or intrarectal applications. It is advisable to empty the intestines.

If independent separation of feces is not possible, it is recommended to make a cleansing enema with warm water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Before use, the anus should be washed with warm water and dried with a napkin. With severe ulcers and deep wounds, the surface of the skin is treated with antiseptics.

The ointment is applied in a thin layer directly to the damaged areas: anal fissures, abrasions, protruding hemorrhoids. The drug is recommended to rub lightly and cover with a sterile gauze cloth. The procedure can be carried out 2-3 times a day until the wounds heal and the inflammation disappears.

In case of damage inside the rectum, a little ointment can be squeezed onto a cotton swab and inserted into the anus. This procedure is best done before bedtime. For healing, 7-10 days are enough. If necessary, the course can be repeated.

From external hemorrhoids, methyluracil ointment demonstrates the same effectiveness as suppositories from increased cavernous formations of internal localization.

The use of methyluracil in the form of an ointment agent allows you to:

  • reduce swelling of external hemorrhoidal nodules and nearby tissues,
  • reduce soreness of the external cones,
  • improve regenerative processes in damaged skin in the anorectal region.

Before using the ointment, you should empty the intestines and wash the anorectal zone with room temperature water, then dry with a soft cloth.

Additionally, you can take a warm sedentary bath with a decoction of chamomile flowers or potassium permanganate. In the latter case, it is important to dilute potassium permanganate correctly - the solution should be slightly pink, otherwise there is a risk of skin burns.

Directly ointment is applied to external nodules and surrounding areas. With greatly enlarged hemorrhoid cones, the drug can be applied to a napkin, and already attach it to the crotch area and fix it with a medical plaster.

Typically, the drug is used twice a day: after waking up and in the evening. However, the multiplicity of procedures and the duration of the therapeutic course should be clarified by a specialist proctologist.

In addition, the ointment can also be introduced into the rectum, having previously greased a gauze swab profusely with the agent and carried out the hygiene procedures described above.

In some cases, simultaneously with rectal suppositories, a specialist can prescribe a patient's methyluracil ointment for hemorrhoids, which is used in proctology. With this therapeutic combination, suppositories act on the internal hemorrhoidal nodes, and the cream on the external.Ointment for hemorrhoids enhances the therapeutic effect of suppositories, relieves swelling of the mucous membrane of the anus and promotes faster healing of anal fissures.

If the patient was prescribed the simultaneous use of both dosage forms of metirulacil, he needs to use them in the correct sequence. To achieve the desired result, you must first enter the candle into the rectum, and after 30 minutes. then apply hemorrhoids ointment to the surface of the inflamed anal area.

Rectal suppositories Methyluracil are intended for over-the-counter sales in pharmacies. Store the drug in a dark place at room temperature (up to 25 ° C). The shelf life of candles is 3 years from the date of manufacture indicated on the package.

Methyluracil suppositories are an affordable and effective treatment for internal and mixed hemorrhoids.

The drug is available in two dosage forms - in the form of rectal suppositories and ointments. Both forms are used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, methyluracil ointment mainly with the external form, and suppositories - with internal hemorrhoids, proctitis, anal fissures.

Methyluracil candles have a pronounced wound healing effect

Suppositories Methyluracil can be bought at any pharmacy without a prescription. One candle contains 500 mg of the active substance, the composition also includes an auxiliary substance - solid fat, which gives it a white color with a yellow or cream tint and provides melting at body temperature. Store the drug at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.

Methyluracil is able to enhance cell growth and division. Acting on enzyme systems, it accelerates cell repair and, accordingly, stimulates tissue regeneration.

When are suppositories prescribed with methyluracil

Treatment with methyluracil suppositories is especially effective at the onset of the disease. At an early stage, this drug alone may be enough to eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. In the second or third stage, it is used as part of complex therapy. At the late, fourth stage, characterized by prolapsed hemorrhoidal nodes that cannot be corrected, and severe bleeding, conservative therapy does not provide the desired effect, the treatment consists in a surgical operation.

Despite the safety, it is possible to use methyluracil for hemorrhoids only as prescribed by the doctor, who will take into account the specifics of the disease, its stage and other factors, calculate the optimal dosage and tell about the rules for using the drug.

How to apply suppositories with methyluracil for hemorrhoids

Instructions for the use of suppositories Methyluracil for hemorrhoids:

  1. Suppositories are recommended after bowel movements.
  2. Before the introduction of the suppository, a hygienic procedure should be carried out: wash the anogenital area with soap and water, dry the skin with gentle soaking movements with a soft towel.
  3. To avoid softening the candle, it is unpacked immediately before administration.
  4. The suppository is introduced into the anus in a pose lying on the left side, slightly knees pressed to the chest. For administration, it is recommended to use a disposable rubber fingertip or a medical glove so as not to injure the mucous membrane with a fingernail.
  5. After introducing the suppository into the rectum, you need to roll over on your stomach and stay in bed for about half an hour until the drug is completely dissolved.

A small amount of a candle, melted inside the rectum, may leak out and leave oil marks on the bed and underwear. To avoid this, it is recommended to use sanitary pads.

The drug is well tolerated and has virtually no side effects. Allergic reactions to methyluracil are extremely rare.

The recommended dose of methyluracil suppositories for hemorrhoids depends on the age of the patient:

  • children from 3 to 7 years old - 0.25 g (half a candle) per day,
  • children from 8 to 14 years old - 0.5 g (1 candle) per day,
  • children over 15 years old and adults - 0.5–1 g (1-2 candles) 4 times a day.

The course of treatment can be from a week to three months, depending on the course and stage of the disease.

The dose and duration of the course of therapy are selected individually for each patient by the attending physician.

How does methyluracil work with hemorrhoids?

Methyluracil - a substance that improves trophic tissue, stimulates regeneration, cellular immunity. It starts the work of structures producing biologically active substances that contribute to the healing of injuries, the restoration of the physiological structure of tissues, and prevents protein breakdown (anti-catabolic effect).

With hemorrhoids, especially during exacerbations, the mucous membrane of the rectum becomes inflamed, which makes it susceptible to injury. Solid feces and constant straining with constipation damage it, micro- and macrocracks are formed, bleeding erosion. Infectious agents in the intestines and a decrease in local immunity also contribute to the maintenance and spread of inflammation.

Methyluracil is able to enhance cell growth and division. Acting on enzyme systems, it accelerates cell repair and, accordingly, stimulates tissue regeneration. Due to this, the healing process of the mucous membrane of the rectum and skin in the anus is accelerated. In addition, it stimulates local immunity, which prevents the spread of bacterial infection.

The effect of methyluracil on the body of women and her baby during pregnancy and lactation is not well understood. Therefore, during this period, the drug should be prescribed only by the attending physician, who is able to assess the expected benefits and potential harm.

Local preparations with methyluracil are often prescribed in the postoperative period after removal of hemorrhoids. Ointment and suppositories allow you to achieve quick healing of tissues injured during surgery, significantly reduce pain and accelerate the restoration of the patient's ability to work.

The possibility of using methyluracil drugs during pregnancy and lactation

Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is an urgent task, as the disease develops in more than half of pregnant women and puerperas, and the medication intake during this period is significantly limited due to the possibility of harming the fetus (during pregnancy) or to the breastfed child.

Methyluracil suppositories are safe and approved for use by pregnant and breast-feeding women. However, the effect of methyluracil on the body of women and her child during pregnancy and lactation is not well understood. Therefore, during this period, the drug should be prescribed only by the attending physician, who is able to assess the expected benefits and potential harm.

Ointment Methyluracil

  • The principle of action and properties of the drug
  • When are suppositories recommended?
  • Application restrictions
  • Possible adverse reactions
  • How to use?
  • Expected Therapy Results
  • How do patients respond?

Dose and frequency of use

Dosage when used for an adult - 1-2 pcs., For a child - 1 candle per day. According to medical indications, you can increase the frequency of administration up to 5-6 times a day. However, the daily dose should not exceed 3 g.

The course of therapy is - 7 days - 4 months. Depends on the severity of the underlying disease, the depth of the damaged tissue, the amount of exudate resulting from the wounds, the body's reaction to the methyluracil composition.

Methyluracil during pregnancy and lactation

Outbreaks of varicose veins are observed in women in late pregnancy (after childbirth), although in most cases they pass independently after a few days.

The expansion of hemorrhoidal veins provokes:

Pregnancy and hemorrhoids

  • increase in pressure in the walls of the peritoneum,
  • impaired blood flow of the rectal veins,
  • increased levels of progesterone in the blood,
  • weakness of the pelvic muscles and muscles.

To preserve pregnancy, reduce uterine tone, these conditions in women are considered normal, but they provoke inflammation of the hemorrhoid cones and the development of an insidious disease.

Worth to know! Methyluracil suppositories and ointment from hemorrhoids perfectly remove unpleasant manifestations and painful sensations, are not able to harm the fetus. Despite the fact that women are allowed to use during pregnancy and lactation, it is important to give an adequate assessment of the benefits to the mother and the potential risk to the development of the fetus, so you should consult a doctor before use.

Many gynecologists practice the use of methyluracil before childbirth to prevent infection of wounds, to prepare the uterine neck for the fetus to pass through the birth canal, especially if there are foci of erosion. Methyluracil suppositories are prescribed to women not only for anorectal, but also gynecological diseases, for example, pathological processes of the internal and external genital organs, leading to poor health, the risk of complications before childbirth.

Rarely, but harmless natural methyluracil suppositories can still cause allergic reactions in the anus: itching, burning, irritation. It is important to apply candles and ointment correctly, observe storage and dosage conditions. If you experience unpleasant symptoms, consult a doctor.

Methyluracil ointment for hemorrhoids - instructions for use, price

Hemorrhoids are not the only disease in which proctologists prescribe Methyluracil suppositories to patients. The medicine is actively used in the treatment of proctosigmoiditis, erosive and ulcerative colitis, anal fissures and other inflammatory diseases of the ulcerous nature that affect the lower parts of the large intestine.

Before using Methyluracil for hemorrhoids, the patient needs to make sure that this drug is not contraindicated for him. A medical abstract prohibits treatment with suppositories if a person has:

  • hypersensitivity to the components that make up their composition,
  • lymphogranulomatosis,
  • leukemia (acute and chronic form),
  • malignant tumors in the bone marrow,
  • excessive granulation in the anus.

In addition to the listed contraindications, Methyluracil is not recommended for children under 14 years of age and pregnant women. If you need to use the drug during lactation, the patient needs to stop breastfeeding for the entire duration of therapy.

Methyluracil suppositories for hemorrhoids must be used according to the scheme drawn up by the attending physician. The use of the drug is continued until the symptoms of hemorrhoids completely disappear. If 3 days after the start of therapy in the patient’s condition there will be no positive dynamics, he needs to inform the specialist who has prescribed this remedy.

Rectal suppositories Methyluracil are intended for introduction into the anorectal zone. Before use, the suppository must be carefully released from the contour packaging and moistened in cold water. The introduction of the drug is carried out after the act of defecation and anus hygiene. Before placing a candle in the rectum, the patient should lie on his side and relax the muscles of the buttocks.

If applied orally:

  • leukopenia (low white blood cell count) arising after chemotherapy for cancers,
  • tonsillitis of myelotoxic or autoimmune nature,
  • if there was poisoning with toxic substances and because of this, the leukocyte count in the blood decreased,
  • anemia,
  • reduction in platelet count in the blood,
  • benzoic poisoning,
  • condition after irradiation,
  • gastric and duodenal ulcers,
  • long-healing wound surfaces, burn injuries, fractures,
  • treatment of hepatitis, inflammation of the pancreas in the acute stage and stage of remission.

Locally, suppositories are used for inflammation of the rectum, sigmoid colon, ulcerative lesions of the colon.

An ointment with methyluracil is used if it is observed:

  • wounds and burns of any origin that are difficult and long to heal,
  • bullous dermatitis,
  • for skin protection during radiation therapy of malignant tumors,
  • to prevent or reduce complications during radiation therapy of genital neoplasms.

The limitations include:

  • hypersensitivity to ingredients,
  • malignant blood disease (leukemic forms, especially myeloid),
  • lymphogranulomatosis,
  • hemoblastosis
  • bone marrow cancer
  • age in children under 3 years.

The drug is hypoallergenic, it is very rare in some people that an allergic reaction in the form of itching, redness, burning with external use is possible. In this case, you should not endure unpleasant symptoms, you should stop using the drug and consult a doctor. When ingested, sometimes there was heartburn, dizziness, headache.

The drug does not reduce concentration, does not cause drowsiness. It does not affect the safety of driving and the performance of work requiring accuracy and attention.

Consider the rules for the use of methyluracil suppositories for hemorrhoids. The drug is dispensed in the pharmacy network without medical prescriptions. Application required to discuss with a proctologist. Depending on the characteristics of the body, a different dosage and sequence of application of suppositories is prescribed. In the package with rectal suppositories, instructions for use for hemorrhoids are included.

Before using methyluracil in the form of suppositories, it is recommended to make an enema, after which the pain will decrease. The administration of a rectal suppository will not be long. An enema will be more effective if you take 2 tablespoons of sunflower, olive oil into it. An oil enema will simplify bowel movements, relieving pain. After an enema, the anus is washed with warm boiled water, dried with a clean cotton cloth.

After an injection with an enema, a suppository is injected deep into the anus. Having taken a comfortable position, preferably lying on his side, the candle is inserted directly into the intestine through the anus. The use of methyluracil is accompanied by a decrease in motor activity.

According to the instructions, children 3-7 years old are given half the dose, adolescents under sixteen years old - no more than one suppository per day, indications for adults - up to four rectal suppositories per day. The duration of use of the drug is not more than one month, depending on the state of inflammation of the hemorrhoidal nodes.

Instructions for the use of methyluracil candles are considered the primary informant of the proper storage of the drug. The shelf life of the suppository is not more than two years from the date of manufacture, the use of a drug with an expired shelf life is expressly excluded!

Suppositories have many diverse indications in the field of colonoproctology, but in gynecology methyluracil suppositories are used more often. Gynecological diseases can be treated using Methyluracil as a vaginal suppository according to the following indications:

  • vaginal cracks due to dryness,
  • atrophy of the vaginal mucosa in postmenopausal women,
  • erosion, pseudo-erosion of the vaginal tract, cervix, condition after cauterization of erosion,

Candles can be prescribed to eliminate the effects of radiation sickness or after irradiation (x-ray therapy) in the pelvic organs. After childbirth, suppositories are prescribed to accelerate the healing of the injured mucosa, there are similar indications after injuries, surgical interventions.Due to the proximity of organs, suppositories Methyluracil helps with urethritis, cystitis.

As a rectal suppository, the medicine can be administered with prostatitis in men, with ulcerative colitis (in combination therapy), proctitis, sigmoiditis. They help to recover well after operations for polyps, hemorrhoids, promote the resorption of sutures and scars.

The severity of one or another positive therapeutic effect and the advisability of using Methyluracil for hemorrhoids directly depends on the form of the drug used in the treatment regimen.

Instructions for use of the drug "Methyluracil" depends on the dosage form in which the patient takes this drug.

Hemorrhoids often accompany one of the best times in a woman's life - pregnancy. A pregnant uterus creates excessive pressure in the pelvic organs, which can cause stagnation of blood in the hemorrhoidal veins. Particular burden falls on them directly during the passage of the fetus through the birth canal, so pregnant women and nursing mothers often have to deal with the need to treat hemorrhoids.

"Methyluracil" is not contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. The components of this drug do not pass through the placental barrier, respectively, do not have any effect on the condition and health of the unborn child. If you need to consult your doctor about the need for taking a tablet form, then local funds (suppositories and ointment) can be taken without fear for the condition of the baby.

Treatment of hemorrhoidal candle disease Methyluracil has a number of certain contraindications and limitations to use. As the annotation to the drug says, the use of these suppositories is not recommended for patients in the following cases:

  1. Individual intolerance and hypersensitivity to active substances.
  2. Increased tendency to develop allergic reactions.
  3. Leukemia.
  4. Hemoblastosis
  5. The age category of the patient is up to 3 years.
  6. Oncological lesions of the bone marrow.
  7. Myeloma
  8. Tumor malignant neoplasms localized in the gastrointestinal tract.
  9. Intensive granulation.

Doctors strongly do not recommend using these suppositories for women who are expecting a baby and breastfeeding. Methyluracil ointment for hemorrhoids, which has an exclusively local external effect, will suit these categories of patients much more and will not bring the slightest harm to the baby.

Methyluracil ointment is used in the treatment of skin pathologies, accompanied by an inflammatory process and (or) a bacterial infection. There are several ways to use it:

  • simple application to damaged tissue
  • dressings or compresses.

In the latter case, a thin layer of the product is applied to a sterile tissue or compress paper. Then apply a bandage to the area of ​​inflammation and fix it with a band-aid or elastic bandage.

In the instructions for use, it is recommended to use Methyluracil ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids at any stage of the course. Therapy can continue until the anus fissures are completely healed.

Can I use Levomekol for hemorrhoids at home? Yes! Inflamed nodes can be treated with ointment at least 2 times a day. Therapy lasts 7-10 days.

The ointment is applied locally to the affected area of ​​the skin or injected into a deep wound using a drainage system. It is not allowed to take the ointment inside. If the drug enters the stomach, it is necessary to take activated charcoal (the dose is calculated individually based on the body weight of the person who swallowed it) and do a gastric lavage. If the ointment gets on the mucous membranes or in the eyes, they must be washed immediately with plenty of clean running water.

  • Hardly healing wounds of any origin (thermal and chemical burns, cuts, cuts, dermatitis and diaper rash, postoperative sutures, suppurations).
  • Cracks in the anus (hemorrhoids).
  • Protection of the skin from excessive injury during medical procedures (radiation, burning and cauterization).
  • itching
  • pain,
  • burning,
  • bleeding during bowel movements.

Contraindications and side effects

Methyluracil suppository is a hypoallergenic drug, therefore it rarely leads to unpleasant allergy symptoms, does not cause a decrease in concentration of attention and drowsiness, cannot affect driving and performing accurate work.

Tolerance in methyluracil is good, but it is recommended to limit the use of:

  • children under 3 years old
  • patients with bone marrow cancer, hemoblastosis, lymphogranulomatosis, excessive sensitivity to components, blood diseases of the myeloid form.

Methyluracil suppositories are non-toxic, perfectly heal wounds of any etiology in the anus, restore the mucous membrane of tissues.

But the tablet form based on methyluracil can not be used if the diagnosis:

be careful

  • allergy,
  • leukemia
  • bone marrow cancer
  • hemoblastosis.

Reference! Methyluracil suppositories do not lead to an overdose, however, a decrease in physical activity, a sudden appearance of dizziness, is quite possible.

Patients at risk, who have contraindications before use, need a full consultation with a doctor. Self-medication is excluded.

Interaction with other drugs

Methyluracil ointment, suppositories from hemorrhoids act on the affected areas according to the synergistic principle. If used in combination with systemic antibiotics, then microorganisms in relation to them will begin to develop a certain resistance. In combination with cystamine, its anti-radiation effect may increase.

Mechanism of action

Methyluracil suppositories did not undergo a special study that could indicate their pharmacokinetic parameters.

After the candle is inserted into the anus, its active substance begins to have a local therapeutic effect.

At the same time, metabolism in damaged tissues is activated, and protein metabolism resumes in cells. Due to this, they are quickly regenerated, contributing to the healing of wounds and the restoration of mucous membranes.

Partially dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine is absorbed into the bloodstream, providing an immunostimulating effect, which contributes to the rapid maturation of red blood cells and white blood cells.

This is very important if, with hemorrhoids, the patient had bleeding that led to anemia.

Methyluracil analogues

Medicines containing a component of the same name - dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine:

Analogues of the drug

  • 6-Methyluracil,
  • Methyluracil-AKOS,
  • Methyluracil-Darnitsa,
  • Meturacol,
  • Stizamet.

Methyluracil suppositories are usually prescribed for internal hemorrhoid cones. Ointment is the best form of release for an external disease to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, relieve swelling, inflammation of the perianal zone.

If combined hemorrhoids progresses, then it is better to conduct complex therapy, combining ointment and suppositories with methyluracil. According to the reviews of many patients, it is methyluracil that perfectly regenerates tissues, accelerates the healing process, although with single use it is not able to reduce hemorrhoids in size, dissolve existing blood clots.

The price of candles, ointment is available to all consumers. 1 pack of suppository costs 56 rubles, ointments in tubes (25 g) - 30 35 rubles.

Dosage and administration

Methyluracil suppositories are used after bowel movement (alone or with an enema). At the end of the bowel movement, the anal area must be washed and wiped dry. Suppositories should be administered to a depth of 2-3 cm in a prone position.After administration of the drug, it is required to be in a lying state and at least half an hour at rest. The greatest efficiency is achieved when taking the drug before bedtime.

The dosage and duration of the course is determined by the doctor. Adults are prescribed 1-2 methyluracil suppositories from 1 to 4 times a day. The dose for babies from 3 to 8 years is reduced to half a candle per day. Patients from 8 to 15 years of age are prescribed 1 suppository per day. The duration of admission ranges from 1 week to 4 months.

Methyluracil is highly absorbable and begins to act within a few minutes. Already 20 minutes after administration, the substance is present in the blood. Complete resorption of the suppository occurs within 30 minutes.

Side effects

Side effects of methyluracil suppositories are rare and can be expressed as:

  • drowsiness
  • light burning in the anus,
  • allergies with increased individual susceptibility,
  • dizziness
  • heartburn.

Given the ability to cause drowsiness and dizziness, methyluracil is able to affect the management of the vehicle or the maintenance of complex (dangerous) mechanisms. For the treatment period, it is necessary to abandon driving and perform operator functions.

How can I replace the tool?

Methyluracil is an effective drug that stimulates trophism and tissue regeneration. That's why it is used quite widely - wherever acceleration of recovery processes is necessary, including during the healing of postoperative scars.

In order to facilitate the use of Methyluracil is produced in various therapeutic forms, acting at the systemic, local and external levels. In the pharmacy you can purchase:

  • tablets,
  • rectal suppositories
  • ointment.

The active ingredient in all dosage forms is methyluracil (dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine), which gave the commercial name to the medication.

The active substance activates the cellular and tissue immune system, as a result, a large number of various substances are released that accelerate wound healing and restoration processes.

The bone marrow is also activated, which enhances the production of blood cells - red blood cells and white blood cells - and their release into the bloodstream. Thus, the substance can be attributed to the group of immunomodulators.

In addition, methyluracil has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, which allows you to fight swelling and redness of the tissues. And an external agent additionally protects the skin from the harmful effects of solar radiation.

The use of drugs containing methyluracil in some situations is not entirely justified and even dangerous. Among the contraindications, experts include such diseases and pathological conditions as:

  • intolerance to the active or additional ingredient,
  • leukemia,
  • bone marrow cancer
  • malignant disease of the lymphatic system,
  • tumor diseases of the hematopoietic or lymphatic system.

The instruction for the drug states that Methyluracil in any dosage form is not recommended for children under three years of age due to insufficient information about its safety for this category of patients.

Reviews of patients and doctors show that suppositories and ointment from hemorrhoids with methyluracil are usually quite well tolerated by the body, but with hypersensitivity, undesirable consequences can occur such as:

  • redness,
  • itchy sensations
  • burning,
  • skin rashes.

Extremely rarely, systemic adverse reactions occur, such as dizziness or heartburn, since the components of the drugs practically do not penetrate the bloodstream.

In case of undesirable consequences, you should simply refuse to use the product and consult a proctologist to change the therapeutic course.

Composition and form of release

Methyluracil is produced in the form of:

Candles are packed in blisters of 1 pc. in the nest. The medicine goes on sale in white cardboard boxes. The set consists of two packages of 5 candles in each and instructions. Ointment Methyluracil is a thick yellow substance, packed in aluminum tubes of 15 or 40 g.
The suppository contains the only active substance - methyluracil (chemical name 2,4-dihydroxy-6-methylpyrimidine). Vitepsol is used as the basis for suppositories.
Methyluracil is a derivative of the structural element of nucleic acids (pyrimidine) and has the following pharmacological properties:

  • anabolic
  • anti-catabolic
  • stimulating regeneration,
  • immunostimulatory
  • anti-inflammatory.

Pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and lactation, methyluracil can be used on the recommendation and under the supervision of a doctor. At the stage of pregnancy, the drug is prescribed with caution, but there are no direct contraindications and danger to the fetus. When breastfeeding, methyluracil suppositories are used without restriction, but medical advice is needed.


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Today, methyluracil drugs are available to patients in three different forms:

  • Tablets - in blisters of 50 and 100 pieces,
  • Ointment - in tubes of 25 grams,
  • Candles - in packs of 10 pieces.

The cost of methyluracil for hemorrhoids depends on the manufacturer and the price policy of the pharmacy. The price of tablets can reach up to 200 rubles., Ointments are sold at a cost of from 40 to 60 rubles., For suppositories you will need to pay from 80 to 100 rubles. Drugs in this group belong to the middle price category, so they are quite accessible to any segment of the population.

Preparations with Methyluracil for hemorrhoids fight pain, relieve inflammation, help restore mucous membranes, enhance the growth and division of healthy cells, and heal wounds. In addition, Methyluracil helps to improve the general condition of the patient by activating local immunity. Methyluracil is used not only for hemorrhoids.

Athletes use it to build muscle and accelerate muscle growth, because the substance stimulates the production of protein. In Europe, methyluracil is used to treat and prevent many female diseases, in particular cervical erosion. In addition, the drug can be prescribed to prepare a woman for childbirth if a pathological process occurs in the reproductive organs. Methyluracil is compatible with antibiotics and antiseptic agents.

A very effective tool in the fight against hemorrhoids and other proctological diseases are Methyluracil suppositories. They have a wide spectrum of action, so that patients after applying the first candle begin to feel significant relief:

  • pressure in the rectum decreases
  • pain and discomfort in the anus disappear,
  • the bowel movement is facilitated.

If an allergy to the components of methyluracil suppositories is detected, the doctor can replace them with similar medicines.

I also learned about it from the review and it helped a loved one cope with the problem (rectal fissure, bleeding).

Small suppositories are placed in two blisters of 5 pieces in a cardboard box.

First you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions, it indicates how to use them correctly.

Cut one capsule along the perforated lines and pull it to the sides from the sharp end, the capsule will open. If to cut off the not grooved edges, then without scissors it will already be very problematic to open.

It took less than an entire package to treat, but all individually.

According to the instructions for use, the drug Methyluracil for hemorrhoids is aimed at the rapid recovery of the affected foci of the rectum.

Moreover, due to the wide therapeutic spectrum of action, suppositories with methyluracil can be used to treat all kinds of rectal pathologies, such as a crack in the anus, constipation, etc.

It should be noted that with the advanced form of hemorrhoids, the image of which can be seen on numerous photo reports of doctors, rectal suppositories of Methyluracil can not only simplify the process of defecation, but also remove the inflammatory process.

According to statistics, more than 55% of adults today suffer from all kinds of proctologic diseases, therefore, the use of all kinds of medications, such as suppositories for hemorrhoids with methyluracil, should be given special attention and this treatment issue should be considered as carefully as possible.

The basis of the composition of suppositories with methyluracil is the substance methyluracil in a dosage of 0.5 g. Paraffin, macrogop and alcohols act as additional ingredients in this preparation.

The main active ingredient of the drug is methyluracil. The component has a complex effect, it heals wounds, starts the process of cell regeneration, reduces swelling, prevents inflammation and suppuration, strengthens cellular immunity.

In 1 g. Of an ointment from hemorrhoids Methyluracil contains 100 mg. active substance. As additional components, the composition of the drug includes lanolin, purified water, white soft paraffin.

The ointment is pale yellow with a uniform, slightly viscous texture and has a characteristic smell of lanolin. It is packaged in aluminum tubes with a volume of 15 or 25 g, each tube is packed in a cardboard box and supplied with detailed instructions.

You need to store the drug in a cool, dark place away from heaters and direct sunlight. Opened packaging is best placed in the lower compartment of the refrigerator.

Shelf life - 3.5 years from the date of issue indicated on the box. Expired ointment should not be used.

Reviews and prices

The use of methyluracil is justified in case of violation of the integrity of the rectal canal with hard feces and infection of tissues with pathogenic microorganisms that enter the intestine. This is what happens with hemorrhoidal disease.

The prices of methyluracil candles vary depending on the pharmaceutical manufacturer and the point of sale. Rectal suppositories are purchased at a price not exceeding 75 rubles per package, the package contains 10 candles. The monthly course of treatment will be no more than 600 rubles

Women used candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy. The reviews are positive in relation to the treatment of inflamed hemorrhoidal nodes, but it is not known how the drug affected the development of the child inside the womb.

Opinions about the drug are divided 50 to 50. The Internet is filled with positive and negative reviews. If methyluracil candles did not bring effect, it was necessary to use strong drugs. Reviews of rectal suppositories show that they flow, hardly linger in the gut - a consequence of increased physical activity and mobility after applying the suppository. Some patients have exacerbated allergies.Negative qualities include the fat content of candles.

Positive reviews on the use of methyluracil suppositories for hemorrhoids indicate the effectiveness and speed of getting rid of the disease. In people with increased skin sensitivity, the absence of itching and redness was recorded. Methyluracil suppositories gently affect the body. The lack of smell is a positive quality. Notices a lot of reviews - the drug has a real healing and anti-inflammatory effect in the anus.

All patients were pleased with the price of the drug and ease of use.

Application methods

Consider the rules for the use of methyluracil suppositories for hemorrhoids. The drug is dispensed in the pharmacy network without medical prescriptions. Application required to discuss with a proctologist. Depending on the characteristics of the body, a different dosage and sequence of application of suppositories is prescribed. In the package with rectal suppositories, instructions for use for hemorrhoids are included.

Before using methyluracil in the form of suppositories, it is recommended to make an enema, after which the pain will decrease. The administration of a rectal suppository will not be long. An enema will be more effective if you take 2 tablespoons of sunflower, olive oil into it. An oil enema will simplify bowel movements, relieving pain. After an enema, the anus is washed with warm boiled water, dried with a clean cotton cloth.

After an injection with an enema, a suppository is injected deep into the anus. Having taken a comfortable position, preferably lying on his side, the candle is inserted directly into the intestine through the anus. The use of methyluracil is accompanied by a decrease in motor activity.

According to the instructions, children 3-7 years old are given half the dose, adolescents under sixteen years old - no more than one suppository per day, indications for adults - up to four rectal suppositories per day. The duration of use of the drug is not more than one month, depending on the state of inflammation of the hemorrhoidal nodes. Proctologists recommend using candles in the morning and before bedtime. The exact dosage is prescribed by a specialized doctor, depending on the quality of the pathology and the characteristics of the diagnosis.

Instructions for the use of methyluracil candles are considered the primary informant of the proper storage of the drug. The shelf life of the suppository is not more than two years from the date of manufacture, the use of a drug with an expired shelf life is expressly excluded!

Indications and contraindications

Hemorrhoids appear and intensify for various reasons. Methyluracil suppositories are added to the recipe for exacerbation of chronic diseases, seasonal diseases, colds, inflammation of hemorrhoids, itching, the appearance of cracks in the anus, in the postoperative periods, after childbirth. After operations related to the anus, the suppository helps the positive dynamics of healing, restores injured tissues and skin at the cellular level.

Clinical trials and studies of the drug have proved that methyluracil is not toxic. Some individual characteristics of the body do not give chances to use methyluracil suppositories to certain groups of people.

Suppositories with methyluracil for hemorrhoids can adversely affect the general state of health and well-being in categories of patients with diseases:

  • acute allergies
  • hemoblastosis and similar diseases,
  • carcinomas (malignant tumors of the brain and bone marrow),
  • leukemia (leukemic diseases in acute forms).

It is forbidden to use the drug in children under the age of three years. With careful care and obligatory consultation of the attending physician, a suppository is used throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding.

Contraindications in conjunction with other drugs were not found.

Side effects

Side effects after the use of methyluracil suppositories with hemorrhoids in medical practice are extremely rare. However, exceptions are recorded. A negative side effect occurs from improper use of the drug, the expired shelf life, due to non-compliance with indications and contraindications.

Natural symptoms accompanying the use of methyluracil suppositories:

  1. Dizziness,
  2. Skin rash
  3. Itching and irritation
  4. Local redness
  5. Nipping
  6. Light heartburn.

When using a rectal preparation, car driving is excluded (due to sudden bouts of dizziness), physical activity and stress are reduced.

Cases of overdose with methyluracil suppository are not fixed. To avoid unpleasant consequences, a consultation with a proctologist is mandatory, self-medication must be excluded!

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