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How to get out of depression

Depression is a psycho-emotional disorder that every person undergoes at a certain stage of life. Therefore, the urgency of the problem is not discussed, many well-known psychologists and psychotherapists practice many methods to help a person get out of depression. Initially, conservative methods are welcome, if they do not help, get rid of prolonged depression medically.

Relatives and friends are required to provide first aid to a person in depression, since at the initial stages the problem is easily eliminated in simple ways. For the timely detection of a problem, one should only pay attention to its signs and symptoms, and then understand the nature of what is happening. Well-known psychologists are ready to share how to help a woman or man get out of depression.

What is depression and its symptoms

To understand how to help yourself get out of depression or your loved one, first you need to decide what kind of disease it is and what are the causes of its occurrence. From the point of view of medicine, depression is considered a psychoemotional disorder, accompanied by a lack of interest in surrounding objects and objects, negative thinking, reduced ability to work, and other disorders.

Symptoms of depression will help to detect this problem in time, it manifests itself in several signs:

  1. Emotional manifestations:
  • depressed state, longing, depressed mood,
  • a feeling of inner tension, anxiety, sensations of impending disaster,
  • irritability,
  • self-incrimination
  • low self-esteem and self-doubt,
  • lack of interest in the environment,
  • inability to empathize.
  1. Physiological manifestations:
  • drowsiness or insomnia,
  • problems with bowel function (tendency to constipation),
  • overeating or lack of appetite,
  • lack of sexual desire or a decrease in needs in the intimate sphere,
  • lack of vitality and strength, fatigue and weakness,
  • pain in the muscles, stomach, heart.
  1. Behavioral manifestations:
  • low digestibility of new information,
  • passivity,
  • avoiding any contact
  • unwillingness to relax and have fun,
  • abuse of alcohol and drugs that temporarily relieve the condition.

In addition, depression affects mental processes, it becomes difficult for a person to concentrate on something, make decisions, gloomy negative thoughts predominate in the head. In severe cases, patients begin to think about their own futility and even suicide. The end result is slower thinking, intellectual and physical actions.

How to overcome a depressed state yourself?

To cope with depression, sometimes it’s enough to make a few simple efforts, as well as change your attitude towards situations that provoke negative thinking. You can get rid of the oppressed state yourself if you start working on yourself in a timely and comprehensive manner.

To do this, you need to take just a few simple steps, namely:

  1. Determining the cause of depression - the problem needs to be faced, and then in a depressing situation to find the positive side and the possibility of overcoming it.
  2. Minor Problem Solving - Most often, the accumulated little things lead to depression, so you need to gradually solve the crayons of the problem in order to unload your psycho-emotional background.
  3. Deep sleep - Larks need to observe their sleep patterns, going to bed early, and owls do not have to wake up at 7 in the morning, lying in bed until 10-11 hours.
  4. Proper nutrition - obtaining all the necessary minerals, vitamins and other substances, the normal functioning of all systems and organs is being established.
  5. New hobbies - it can be sports, cooking, embroidery, reading books and much more that will bring new impressions.
  6. Sport - Exercise is the best antidepressant.
  7. Travels - The cause of depression can be routine, from which travel and new emotions are treated.
  8. Satisfaction of desires - If you pamper yourself, you can add new colors to your life, as joy lies in the little things.
  9. Pets - a little four-legged friend will always help to readjust for positive emotions.
  10. Future planning - new goals and steps to achieve them will become a source of vitality and energy.

Another golden rule for getting rid of depression is a society of close and dear people. It is extremely important not to be alone with your thoughts, asking friends for help, and also listening to their advice. Communication should be regular and lively, for this you need to organize meetings and gatherings with friends.

How to help your loved ones get out of depression?

Since none of the people are safe from depression, psychologists pay special attention to questions about how to help a friend get out of depression, wife or husband, relatives or their own children, classifying help on such grounds. It is very important at the same time to detect changes in human behavior in a timely manner, since few people manage to independently acknowledge the presence of a problem.

1. What is depression?

Depression is a fairly common mental illness today. Doctors often equate it with a cold, since according to statistics, as a percentage, these diseases are much more common than others.

Often you can hear the phrase "I have depression" from an absolutely healthy person. Basically, this is how people are expressed who feel that they have failed in any life endeavors.

But, despite his failures, a person continues to live in his usual environment, without making any changes to his life.

From another point of view, a person who actually suffers from depressive disorders constantly experiences a depressed state and a feeling of helplessness and estrangement that do not leave him for a second, does not notice his painful state, or rather, simply does not want to admit himself sick.

This fact significantly violates the ability of people to adequately relate to the world around them, prevents them from communicating with colleagues at work and with their family, as they are either absent or significantly reduced their ability to logically and adequately assess this or that vital situation.

Today, depression is one of the main problems of the public. This is primarily due to the increase in such a disease among people.

The relevance of this problem in Russia, according to psychologists, is associated with the economic crisis in the country. People do not have confidence in the future, do not understand how to save money with a small salary in the current conditions, worry about their future and the future of their children, in this regard, the number of stresses in the population increases.

Depression is difficult to detect, which affects a more in-depth study of this disease and its causes.

Only the results of scientific research will help create the most relevant approach for diagnosing depression and providing concomitant care for people who are worried about stressful situations and other psychological disorders.

Friend / girlfriend

Friendship does not tolerate indifference, so the duty of a friend is to help fight depression. A few simple ways will tell you how to help a friend get out of depression:

  • offer to visit a medical specialist,
  • offering own help,
  • sharing pleasant emotions, joy and new experiences with a friend,
  • memories of the successes, achievements and good deeds of his friend, who is in a depressed state,
  • an indication of the best and strengths in character to regain self-confidence,
  • attending interesting events, planning meetings in advance for a sense of anticipation,
  • manifestation of tolerance, even if help does not immediately give the desired effect.

2. What is melancholy?

Melancholy is a mental disorder of a person, which is accompanied by a number of characteristic symptoms.

These include: inability to experience joyful events, a certain degree of lowered thinking, lack of good mood, lowering of an active life position.

People who are in a state of melancholy are prone to negative reasoning about life and others, they have a pronounced pessimistic mood in relation to real events.

People with this disease lose any interest in their employment, they have no appetite, their own self-esteem is underestimated.

Quite often, this category of citizens consumes alcohol and other psychotropic substances that contribute to an imaginary increase in mood.

Today, melancholy occurs in almost half of the population. According to statistics, after the age of thirty, approximately 70% of women suffer from this ailment.

The likelihood of mental disorders and teenage children is also quite high.

Today, medicine helps with the treatment of this condition. How to recover from it is described in detail below.

Husband / wife

If the spouse is depressed, both family members will have to go through a difficult period. It is important to take complex character traits, manifestations of irritability, nervousness and moods, as depression greatly affects human behavior patterns. To help cope with depression, your beloved husband or wife, you can arrange a romantic date, cheer up by watching comedy, take a walk in the open air, provide assistance in everyday life, and let them rest from the hustle and bustle.

An important point!

Before starting treatment, it is important to correctly clarify the diagnosis. That the disease is precisely depression, and not the usual spleen that occurs in the spring or a typical mood swings and temporary life difficulties.

Serious intervention of specialists and correctly selected medications requires the biochemical as well as psychosomatic consequences of the disease.

The opinion that depression is a disease of the 21st century is erroneous from the point of view of experienced doctors. Since this disease was known and quite common in the distant past. Medieval healers defined depression as the last and worst stage of melancholy.

In ancient times, this disease was treated with tincture of opium, mineral healing waters, cleansing enemas, as well as a full and long sleep.

The causes of depression are usually complex disorders of the nervous system, the factors of which are internal or external effects on the human psyche.

Children and teens

It is more difficult to help your child or teenager get out of depression, as many parents are so worried about the state of their child that they themselves are plunged into an anxious and depressed state. The first thing to do is talk heart to heart to understand the nature of the problem. Further, depending on the identified cause, you need to find ways to eliminate it.

You can distract the child’s attention with new hobbies, circles and sections, and most importantly, the teenager needs to seem to a psychologist. An excellent solution to teenage depression is the establishment of a pet (a kitten or puppy, for example), which will give the child new emotions, as well as teach to take care of the daily routine, independence, responsibility and friendship.

3. The main causes of depression

- Increased stress on the brain due to prolonged stress.

- Abuse of alcohol.

- The use of narcotic substances.

- Psychological trauma, for example, the death of a relative, the loss of a job.

- Climatic or seasonal factors, for example, in the spring or winter.

- Excessive physical or mental stress.

- Iatrogenic type of depression. Excessive use of drugs.

- Various head injuries.

- Separation from a loved one.

- Changing of the living place.

- It’s not uncommon for a person to develop a state of depression for no reason. According to experts in such situations, an important factor is a violation of normal neurochemical functions in the human brain.

4. Signs of depression in women and men - symptoms of a “disease”

The state of a person’s depression manifests itself quite varied, while, in most cases, they affect the body as a whole. It is precisely the complex symptoms that help specialists to accurately diagnose the disease, and this, in turn, helps to prescribe the correct and effective treatment.

A doctor can prescribe certain medicines, as well as concomitant therapy, only after conducting a general diagnosis of the patient’s mental disorder.

As a rule, physiological signs of a state of depression differ in the individual characteristics of the body.

For example, in most people the appetite disappears, and in some, on the contrary, it increases significantly during the period of the disease. The same feature applies to problems with a full sleep of a person. One patient may suffer from insomnia, while the other constantly wants to sleep and suffers from a feeling of fatigue around the clock.

Symptoms of depression are divided into several groups according to concomitant signs.

Reasons for the appearance

Causes depression (depending on the level of awareness):

  • diet,
  • knocked down, sleep deprivation,
  • your causal and causeless expectations
  • responsibility,
  • avoidance of problems
  • self-flagellation
  • negative thinking
  • condemnation of others
  • attempts to change others
  • trying to please others
  • comparing yourself to others
  • distinguishing oneself from others,
  • attachment to people / things,
  • dependence on the result,
  • poor social circle - unconscious people, energy vampires (more about energy vampires is written here),
  • modeling events in the future,
  • worrying about things that have not even happened,
  • doing things you don't like.

Symptom number 1. Emotional manifestations of depression in humans

- The interest in life and the world around is decreasing or disappearing.

- Increased irritability, even without a particular reason.

- Depressed mood, feeling of longing and despair.

- Feeling helpless and guilty in any situation.

- A state of anxiety and panic.

- Anxiety, for example, for their loved ones.

- Inability to be content with previously favorite hobbies.

- Waiting for disaster and other unforeseen events.

- Loss of emotional sensitivity.

1. Accept yourself in the state in which you are now

You do not need to avoid a bad condition and fight it, it worsens your well-being even more.

You fight and thereby harm yourself and your social skills.

If you resist feeling sick and try to avoid it, it only intensifies.

You have to live her!

Depression is a normal occurrence.

Especially for people who are engaged in self-development, work, do not get enough sleep, for all men and women - this is part of your growth, your path.

And she leaves as fast as she comes.

And you no longer need any help from a psychologist for depression.

2. Redirect your focus to other activities: for example, work out in the gym

Distract, redirect your focus from depression to other activities, such as:

  • physical exercise,
  • swimming,
  • cycling,
  • journey,
  • reading of books.

Absolutely and completely immerse yourself in another occupation, shift your focus to it.

After a while, the problem that did not give you rest would seem petty trifle and completely undeserving of your attention.

In this way, you will close your worries about how to get out of depression and believe in yourself.

Psychologists share such effective advice.

Symptom number 2. Physiological manifestations of depression in humans

- Pain sensations of a psychosomatic nature. For example, hands, feet, stomach, heart, head, etc. hurt.

- Violation or lack of sleep.

- Disorders of the human digestive system.

- Increased fatigue, even with minor physical exertion.

- Increased appetite, or its complete absence.

- Decreased sexual desire, up to the occurrence of impotence (in men).

- Weakness under any physical exertion.

3. Cling less to positive emotions, do not be afraid to lose them.

How to realize and implement it:

  • Do not try to be perfect emotionally. Clinging to positive emotions and trying to hold them, you will grow internal resistance to reality and what is happening.
  • When you resist the emergence of bad emotions, you only strengthen their appearance.
  • All people on the planet are after emotions - for what comes and goes and is inconsistent. And this is an endless race for what is impermanent.
  • If you do not tremble so much and are delighted with positive emotions, it is then that you will suffer less depression, and you will not be affected by negative emotions.
  • When you're at an emotional peakjust enjoy the positive emotions and be aware that this will not last forever.

Awareness of this will close your questions about how to get out of a protracted depression on your own.

Roots of self destruction

Depression is not on the first place in the list of psychological problems, but recently there has been an increase in the number of patients in this condition and unable to get out of it on their own. In such cases, doctors of ancient Greece diagnosed melancholy and treated patients with herbal enemas, massage and opium tinctures.

Fortunately, modern psychology has gone far from such treatments. Many clinics offer a range of services to relieve patients from a depressed state:

  • antidepressants
  • physiotherapeutic procedures
  • psychotherapy,
  • acupuncture.

And this is not a complete list of measures taken to remove a patient from a state of self-flagellation. But the main danger of depression is its ability to be transmitted from one loved one to another. This fact is highlighted in the book by Michael Yapko, a specialist in depressive states, "Depression is contagious." Where did the roots of depression come from and how to help a loved one get out of a difficult life situation?

The diagnosis of depression is made by psychologists based on the three main symptoms present:

  • anhedonia (loss of ability to experience positive emotions),
  • pathological orientation of thoughts (pessimism, reasoning about life as a thing without meaning),
  • lack of desire for any physical activity, coupled with a gloomy mood.

Simplistically, the state of depression can be described as a loss of faith in the best, loss of the meaning of life, complete loneliness. Unlike bad mood, depression has a long course and steady character. The patient perceives such a condition as complete despair, hopelessness, the path to nowhere.

Such a pathology is based on rather serious unresolved problems, any serious factor can provoke deep depression - the death of a loved one, lack of understanding in the family, divorce, loss of your favorite job, frequent stressful situations.

Each depressive situation has its own story, its own roots and it is expressed in an individual scenario. Some patients become isolated, do not make contact with loved ones, stop going to work and study. Others, on the contrary, begin to lead a loose and furious lifestyle, causing pain not only to themselves, but also to those closest to them. Still others are silent and with all their appearance demonstrate their suffering to others.

How to help your loved ones get out of a serious condition

Recognizing that a person is depressed is not yet a way to get rid of a serious condition. And do not let the situation drift by any means. To get out of a depressed state, you need to not only work long and hard on yourself, but accept the support of loved ones and relatives.

To support a loved one and help him get out of a depressed state, you need to take several steps so that a depressed person can:

  • learn to control emotions, manage them,
  • to relax and forget about the problems with massage or meditation, in return for harmful alcohol or drugs,
  • to raise unpleasant situations and memories from the depths of the soul that led to the state of depression, and start working with them - to get rid of them, and not to suppress them, driving them into the subconscious and aggravating the situation,
  • analyze your place in society, at work, in the family,
  • be able to analyze your actions and thoughts, divide them into important and useless,
  • adjust your diet
  • dose physical activity.

There is no universal advice for all life situations, especially when the degree of depression is defined as severe. You can try to eliminate a mild degree by the listed methods, but there is a risk if you misunderstand and approach to aggravate the situation.

It is necessary to consider the basic advice of psychologists that are given in the most common situations (when people turn to specialists for advice and help).

Husband Depression

How to help her husband get out of depression is a question of many wives who notice radical changes in her husband's behavior. Complaints boil down to the fact that he has become withdrawn, unsociable, increasingly trying to retire and not let anyone in, to drink alcohol in large quantities. In the absence of help and attention from the wife, the situation is aggravated - there are outbreaks of aggression in a man, rudeness and assault, rage, a threat to the life of both his own and those close to him.

The reason can be hidden both in failures at work, and in the sphere of intimate life, misunderstanding on the part of the spouse. A mild degree of depression can be corrected on its own.

What does a wife need to do to get her husband out of depression:

  • insist on going to the doctor and getting a competent treatment for depression,
  • empathize and carefully listen to her husband’s complaints, no matter how strange they may seem,
  • do not criticize
  • encourage attempts to change yourself and the world around you,
  • to allow her husband to relax in the sphere that brings him peace and satisfaction - to let him go fishing or hunting, to meet old friends.

For a while, you will have to sacrifice your own "I", focusing on the general "WE". Only then is it possible to resolve the situation and exit the husband from a depressed state. The same advice can be given to unmarried women who have relationships and ask the question of how to help a man get out of depression.

Depression at the wife

Unfortunately, few men turn to psychologists asking how to help their wife get out of depression, since most of them simply do not notice the depressed state of the spouse.Men get used to the fact that the wife plays the role of a cook, mother and cleaning lady, forgetting that the woman is also vulnerable to stress.

Female depression has its reasons - the lack of attention on the part of the husband, or vice versa, his attempts to keep everything under control, fatigue from everyday problems that have to be solved alone, lack of love and warmth, postpartum psychosis, menopause. There can be many factors, the result is one - from a kind, caring mother and wife, a woman turns into a often crying, tearing into hysteria and self-enclosed personality.

You can help with mild depression like this:

  • together with his wife try to understand the causes and unresolved problems,
  • if necessary, help consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.
  • show attention, show that the spouse is still necessary and loved,
  • give presents, say kind words,
  • organize a trip to your favorite vacation spot,
  • give the wife the opportunity to relax, sleep, put in order thoughts and feelings, taking for a while a part of household duties on her shoulders.

The danger of home treatment for depression in women is that many men do not fully understand the true desires and needs of women. Sometimes compliments and attention are not enough, which further exacerbates the situation and causes the wife’s privacy and isolation.

Need for professional help

Many people, before persuading a loved one in a state of depression to go to a psychologist, try to treat them on their own, with the help of herbal sedatives, aromatherapy and emotional conversations. Few attempts of such fail successfully, but nobody is able to predict the outcome of a depressive state (especially the most negative one).

Turning to a psychologist or psychotherapist is a necessary step for people who want to get out of depression themselves and get their loved ones out of this state. Even in conditions of professional support and assistance, the process of removing a person from a closed and depressed state can take months. Needless to say, the games at home therapist do not always end well.

Anxiety and a natural desire to help a loved one should proceed in the right direction, with the help of the right steps, one of them is a timely appeal to a specialist. A friendly pat on the shoulder is unlikely to help a person solve internal problems, and in the worst case, the lack of qualified help can lead to suicide.

Helping relatives and friends to recover from a serious condition

How to help a friend get out of depression, how to help a friend get out of depression - these questions are often asked by specialists who care about their pathological condition.

Emergency measures that can be provided to friends in a difficult situation:

  1. Offer a friend (girlfriend) to go to a consultation with a psychologist.
  2. Show your willingness to support a friend at any time.
  3. To tell a friend (girlfriend) something inspiring, to remind him of his strengths and positive qualities.
  4. Avoid the phrases "everything goes by itself" or "get together and come back to life." Such phrases will not only not help, but will aggravate the situation.
  5. Listen to a friend anytime he needs it.

Do not forget about joint trips to interesting places, meeting new people. The same advice can be useful to adults who do not know how to help a teenager get out of depression, whether it be a son, nephew or just a loved one.

Relations between mother and daughter

This is a special category of relationships that is usually built on trust and understanding. As they grow older, mother and daughter begin to live their own lives, sometimes far from each other. A com of unresolved problems can depress one of the women, and only the help of a loved one can help:

  1. Go to a qualified professional together.
  2. Talk about the true causes of women's problems, share experiences and together look for a way out.
  3. More often to be together, remember the daughter’s childhood, restore former trust and intimacy.
  4. Listen to each other at any time, demonstrate willingness to help at any time.

With noticeable signs of severe depression, you should immediately persuade the mother (daughter) to visit a psychologist.

How to get a guy out of depression?

Men most often become depressed when they feel in some way untenable and unsuccessful. A girl who noticed that her young man started having similar problems should pay attention to this factor.

In a private conversation, he may not open up to the fact that he experiences such feelings. Therefore, experts recommend surrounding the man with attention, care, affection, which will support the young man and convince him of the need and value, no matter what.

It is advisable not to refuse a guy intimacy, because a high-quality sexual life and vivid emotions allow a man to assert himself and always feel at his best.

Loved one's problems

Many young girls are very worried, noticing signs of a depressed state in their partner. The question of how to help a guy get out of depression should be the main step to provide effective assistance. What you can do yourself:

  1. Do not consider yourself the culprit of depression and do not think that the partner has stopped loving, wants to leave, etc.
  2. Leave the guy a personal space in order to sort out his feelings, thoughts, work through the situations that caused stress and get rid of them.
  3. Provide moral support when necessary, give attention and warmth.
  4. Listen, do not criticize or ridicule.
  5. To persuade the guy to seek help from a specialist, especially with noticeable suicidal tendencies, which already indicates a severe degree of depression and cannot be independently corrected.

If a guy stubbornly stays for a long time, refuses the help of a companion and specialists, claiming that he does not need help, it is worth considering whether it is necessary to maintain such a relationship and wait for changes. After all, getting out of depression is a big job that a person must start on his own, from himself.

You can try to correct the treatment of depression to a mild degree at home, on your own. Books that can help get out of depression can come to the rescue - for example, “Shantaram” by Gregory Davis Roberts, wise man Osho “Life, love, laughter”.

With a noticeable regression of the condition of a loved one, it is urgently necessary to provide him with qualified help to preserve his happy life and psychological well-being.

How to get a wife out of depression?

Women, due to their deeper emotionality, are more often prone to depression. Therefore, the husband, noting signs of apathy, depression, bad mood in the spouse, should take measures to correct the situation.

First of all, you need a frank conversation, during which the wife can tell her husband about the reasons for her condition.

Often, women become depressed due to domestic turmoil and daily seizing. In this case, you can offer her a change of scenery and go on vacation (at least for a few days).

Flowers and gifts made by a beloved husband bring joy to all women. You can give your wife the opportunity to go shopping, but not for groceries, as usual, but to choose a new beautiful dress.

A visit to a beauty salon can be akin to a woman visiting a good psychotherapist. Positive transformations in appearance always lead to a good mood.

Beautiful hairstyle, makeup, manicure admiration of others and serve better than any antidepressants. And the constant attention of her husband (including in an intimate plan) will not allow a woman to go deep into herself and indulge in gloomy thoughts.

How to help mom out of depression?

If an elderly mother does not know how to deal with depression, including age, children need to pay increased attention to an older relative.

First of all, you need to persuade her to see a doctor. You can invite a specialist to your home so as not to exacerbate stress once again.

You can’t leave mom alone for a long time. If this is not possible, during the day you need to call several times and take an interest in her well-being and mood.

Often, older people suffer from loneliness and a sense of uselessness for adult children. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly emphasize the importance of the mother, ask her for advice and feasible help, involving her own children in this.

Old people are always happy to deal with pets, so you can give your mom a small dog, kitten or hamster. Caring for a small creature will quickly help you forget about sadness, longing and apathy.

How to help a girlfriend get out of depression?

If a depressive state begins with a close friend, experts recommend first of all to call her for a confidential conversation. Sometimes you need to give a woman a simple reprimand to a trusted person who not only listens and understands, but never condemns, no matter what.

During the conversation, you can find out why such a situation arose, think together how it can be fixed and what can be done.

If a friend has family troubles, it is important to set her up for a constructive solution to the problem. You need to configure her to think positively and strive for a painless solution to the situation.

Therefore, the main task is not to hush up your problems, falling into a depressed state, but to periodically conduct frank conversations with a deep balanced analysis of the situation.

Symptoms of the disease

Depending on individual characteristics, a person who is depressed has either loss of appetite or vice versa. The same thing happens with sleep. One patient may suffer from sleep disturbance, while another patient will feel tired and sleepy around the clock.

On an emotional state, depression is reflected as follows:

  • a person loses interest in life,
  • becomes overly irritable
  • suffering from low self-esteem,
  • feels panic attacks, worries about himself and his loved ones,
  • loses emotional sensitivity.

Physiological manifestations are: sleep disturbance, decreased working capacity, lack or increase in appetite, pain of a psychosomatic nature (when the heart, head, stomach, etc. hurt), upset gastrointestinal tract, decreased sex drive.

Also, people in a depressed state exhibit a change in behavior: for example, reluctance to communicate with people, alcohol abuse, a sedentary and lying lifestyle.

Another symptom of depression is cognitive disorders of the nervous system, which are expressed in a loss of ability to concentrate thoughts, loss of clarity of thinking, lack of attention and periodic thoughts of suicide.

Depression is a disease that requires timely treatment, otherwise an aggravated condition can cause suicide.

How to get rid of depression at home?

Varieties of depression

Domestic psychiatry distinguishes two large groups of depressive states: simple (minor) depression and complex (major) depression.

The following types of depression are included in the group of simple conditions:

  • adynamic with physical and emotional inhibition,
  • agitated - is accompanied by an anxiety state, increased excitement, feelings of guilt and fear,
  • dysphoric - chronic discontent with outbursts of irritability,
  • ironic - deliberate demonstration of good mood and concealment of a true oppressed state,
  • stuporous - motor inhibition, which can reach complete immobility,
  • anxious - persistent sense of danger, anxiety, anxiety, depression,
  • melancholic - increased tearfulness, deep depression, severe "mental pain", accompanied by soreness in the heart.

The group of complex depression includes syndromes with a variety of symptoms and disorders of the nervous system:

  • asthenic - a violation of emotionality, inability to manifest feelings,
  • hysterical - a violent manifestation of emotions, an exaggerated attitude to all events,
  • hypochondriacal - the development of overvalued ideas combined with delirium,
  • psychasthenic - manifests itself in complete inhibition, indecision, timidity.

A long form of depression is distinguished, the signs of which can be observed for 2-2.5 years.

One of the varieties is alcohol depression, which forms against the background of refusal of alcohol or coding.


Depression is a person’s cumulative state, which is a consequence of the negative effects of irritation factors. A depressed and depressed state affects all spheres of life and human health, so it is extremely important to timely detect the problem by the first signs, seek help from a psychologist and loved ones, or provide assistance to a person in need.

Can depression be cured?

The vast majority of doctors believe that depression is not a sentence, it is treated fairly well, including on its own.

The main thing is not to let the process drift, but to start therapy at the first signs of an impending disorder. It is important to seek help from relatives and friends, in severe cases - to the doctor.

Using preventive measures, such as a healthy lifestyle, daily physical activity, good nutrition, an attitude to life with humor, you can quickly get rid of stressful factors and a depressed state.

How to help a woman overcome depression?

Women are more vulnerable, suspicious, they are more likely to suffer from depressive disorder. In order to get a person out of a sad and depressed state, you need to talk with him and find out the reason for his dissatisfaction with life. It is advisable to show patience and perseverance. Not always a woman will open her soul and tell what is in her heart.

Sometimes the cause of mental disorder is far-fetched, baseless. In this case, you need to convince the woman that she should not despair, her fears are just a figment of her imagination. If the cause of the crisis is the death of a loved one, then you need to convince a woman to close the door to the past, leaving all unpleasant memories behind a mentally erected barrier.

Nothing helps a woman to get out of despondency like sincere lively communication and entertainment. You can watch a comedy, buy tickets for a concert, please yourself with new purchases, radically change your appearance. In a difficult crisis situation, it is advisable not to shut yourself in and within four walls.

5. Use the meditation technique to strengthen the energy field and immunity

How to perform this technique:

  1. Lie back comfortably, close your eyes.
  2. Focus on your different parts of the body, on the neck, shoulders, arms, chest, hips, legs. Hold focus for 15 seconds on each part of the body and feel the energy emanating from within.
  3. Now draw this wave of energy from the top of the head to the heels and back again. Feel it in your body, take your time.
  4. Now fully feel your body as a whole and feel the energy field.
  5. Keep focus on this field for a few seconds.

Perform this technique and you will know everything about how to get out of depression yourself. You can read more about how to meditate properly on the FeelPassion website here.

Pros of this technique:

  • tears of your energy field are removed
  • there is a feeling of integrity and inner fullness,
  • you strengthen immunity, healing happens.

How to help a friend survive a breakup or divorce?

Many people are painfully experiencing parting with loved ones. This is natural, because in this case a person loses the one he is used to, with whom he shared his joyful and negative thoughts, whom he trusted and with whom he felt positive emotions.

You can help a friend who is depressed due to parting with a loved one. To do this, you just need to talk with a soul mate. No need to regret, support him in despondency and overstate the weight of the loss. It is advisable to encourage a person, to say that life will improve, he will soon meet a worthy life partner.

It is especially hard to start a new life after a divorce. After all, a person already lived with his beloved under one roof, jointly led the economy. Perhaps the divorced couple had common children. After a divorce, women who are left with small children in their arms usually suffer from depression. They will have to independently get a piece of bread, take care of raising children.

Wanting to help a woman who has divorced her husband, you need to be patient. First of all, it is necessary to make her believe in her own strengths and external attractiveness. It is important to increase self-esteem. Finding himself in a difficult situation, a person should know that he will be able to cope with any problems and even establish personal life.

You can advise you to get rid of things that will remind her of the unfaithful spouse. It is advisable to make repairs in the apartment, change furniture. The mood of any woman will improve if she transforms her appearance. For example, he will do a hairstyle, new makeup, lose weight or, conversely, get better. You can do wardrobe. Buy new clothes, fashion shoes, expensive perfumes.

Particular attention should be paid to work. After all, a divorced woman will have to independently provide for herself and her children. You can advise a career. Although, not in every situation the employee can count on an increase. If for some reason the job does not suit you, it is advisable to search for another suitable vacancy.

After a divorce, a woman needs to get used to a new state. She now does not need to report to her husband for each purchase or for late arrival from work. She can do whatever she wants, date anyone. Can sign up for driving courses, jump with a parachute. If life closes some door, then it opens another. It is important not to regret the past, but to move into the future and as actively as possible.

Depressive Treatment

If depression is associated with severe injuries, serious dysfunctions of the central nervous system, it is necessary to consult a narrow-profile specialist - a psychotherapist. A good therapeutic effect gives an integrated approach: a combination of drugs, psychotherapy, physiotherapy and physiotherapy.

Drug therapy

The main pharmacological drugs to combat depression are antidepressants. They stimulate the body to produce nerve impulses responsible for mood, behavior and activity.

Depression is treated with four generations of drugs.

  1. Medicines of tricyclic structure - amitriptyline, imipramine. They are used only in severe forms in a hospital setting.
  2. Second-generation drugs - Befol, Pyrazidol. They have a calming effect, but will not help cope with severe depressive disorders.
  3. Third-generation drugs - Citalopram, Fluoxetine. Activate the production of the hormone of happiness serotonin, successfully stop panic attacks and phobias.
  4. The fourth generation of antidepressants is Duloxetine, Milnacipran. They have a selective effect on serotonin and norepinephrine, without blocking the functions of other neurotransmitters.

In severe cases, antidepressants are combined with tranquilizers, antipsychotics and nootropics.Tranquilizers are effective in anxiety, they calm and help fight fears. Antipsychotics are used in suicidal patients, with depression with severe delusions. Nootropics have stimulating properties, restore the nervous system, help in the fight against nervous exhaustion, apathy, lethargy and increased fatigue.

Any medication for treating depression is only available with a doctor’s prescription!

Psychotherapeutic practices

Psychotherapy for depression involves the use of certain methods of psychocorrection, depending on the pathogenesis and form of the disease. Therapy aims to teach the patient to cope with depressive symptoms on their own, to solve important life issues, to control emotions and conditions that inevitably lead to depression.

The following types of psychotherapy are recognized as the most effective:

  • cognitive-behavioral - aimed at correcting behavioral errors that lead to depressive disorder,
  • interpersonal - helps to form a healthy relationship of the patient with other people,
  • psychodynamic - aimed at finding the internal conflict that underlies pathology.

Aromatherapy, art therapy, bibliotherapy, self-hypnosis and hypnosis are also used to combat depression.

How to cope with depression after the death of a loved one?

Many experience the most severe psychological blow after the death of a loved one. Sometimes grief will paralyze the will and unsettle it so that people for a long time can’t recover, recover, do work or do what they love. Sad thoughts do not allow a person to enjoy life, rejoice, have fun. In a depressed state, people do not experience any positive emotions. They live in the past, daily wounding their wounds.

You can help to cope with the crisis if you sincerely talk with a person and explain to him that you won’t help with tears and will not return anything back. The best doctor is time. True, it does not cure, but slightly softens the perception of a woeful event. A month later, a man becomes accustomed to his loss; remembering the death of a loved one does not bring him so much mental suffering as in the first time after his death.

Many psychiatrists recommend that people who have lost loved ones turn to religion. Visiting a church, you can recover from what happened, tune in to positive, bring your mental state back to normal.

Depression Prevention

At the first symptoms of the disease it is necessary to take decisive measures so that the emotional state does not worsen. In the off-season, the room should have a lot of light and a large number of lighting devices. Frequent walks in the fresh air, daily gymnastics and sporting activities will help.

General strengthening agents are capable of supporting the body and spirit in tone - rosehip broth, herbal tea, ginger, healing balms. You should saturate your life with healthy positive emotions as much as possible - do your favorite things, watch good movies and pamper yourself with pleasant purchases.

A positive outlook on life, bright plans for the future, good friends and interesting meetings - all this will help to raise the mood and leave no chance of depression.

How to get out of depression after surgery or a serious illness?

Sometimes a sudden illness is knocked out of a familiar, settled life of a person. The cause of a severe crisis can be frequent stress, poor nutrition, bad habits, and an unfavorable environmental situation. Any disease is always a retribution for an incorrect lifestyle and untimely response to signals given by the body.

An especially severe mental crisis is experienced by a person who has become ill with an incurable disease. After all, the arrows on his life clock spin in the opposite direction. Every day a person fades away, it is not so easy to find a reason for fun.In such a situation, it is best to seek help from a psychologist.

People experience a severe mental shock after a complex operation. Their body at this moment is very weak, he needs to learn how to function in a new way. After all, surgical intervention always affects some vital organs. Sincere support of friends and relatives will help to recover faster and recover from illness.

During the recovery period, more attention should be paid to proper nutrition. It is advisable to eat dietary foods, more cereals, fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meat. Mild physical activity will help recover faster. You can’t spend all the time in bed. Every day you need to walk at least a room. When the condition improves and the person gets stronger, you can go for a walk, for example, in a square or park.

Depressive state is an involuntary reaction of the body to some adverse event. By nature, it is human nature to enjoy life and cherish every moment spent on Earth. If a person becomes depressed, then there have been changes in his life or body.

Difficulties in communication, problems with relatives or at work lead to the fact that a person loses faith in himself. His psyche "breaks down." He begins to perceive the world exclusively in black tones. External problems can be exacerbated by internal dysfunctions of the body. Lack of hormones and vital energy leads to a breakdown and plunges a person into the abyss of misfortune.

You can get out of a serious depressive state, relying on the support of not indifferent friends and relatives. However, if a person is visited by suicidal thoughts, you should consult a psychotherapist. In more severe cases, a psychiatrist is involved in the treatment. The faster a person turns to a specialist, the easier it will be for him to get out of the crisis.

1. Get to know the problem better

There are a sufficient number of books and Internet resources that present verified advanced information about the types of depression, its course and symptoms. A thorough study of the issue will help you better understand the behavior of a loved one and not take his negative attacks or tantrums at your own expense.

2. Separate the disease from the person

Depression greatly changes a person’s behavior - it is almost guaranteed to become closed, emotional, tearful, suspicious. It is important to understand that this is a manifestation of the disease, and not constant changes in character. This approach will help to avoid resentment and misunderstanding in your relationship, strengthen communication and become an important factor in recovery.

3. Ask questions

Despite the fact that a depressive state literally forces a person to be alone, he should leave as little as possible. At the same time, one does not need to try to cheer up by any means - questions on a topic that is relevant to him will work out much better. They will not only show its importance and your concern, but also help to understand the roots of the disease.

Questions worth asking:

  • When you first felt that way?
  • Are there things, words or topicsthat exacerbate your condition (triggers)?
  • You have suicidal thoughts?
  • Is there somethingwhat makes you feel better?

4. Consult a doctor together

We already wrote about how to identify hidden depression and how to distinguish an ailment from normal seasonal spleen or stress. Depression is a disease that requires treatment by a specialist. It is often difficult for a person to overcome the psychological barrier and go to a consultation, sometimes apathy is so strong that even recovery does not become an incentive.

What to do? Go to the reception together. This is not just a friendly gesture, but a real help:

1) You know the behavior of a loved one much better than a doctor, you can distinguish manifestations of depression from ordinary outbursts of emotions - this will help with the formation of the clinical picture.

2) In the presence of a relative or good friend it will be easier for the patient to trust the doctor and speak openly with him.

3) Only a healthy and interested person in the outcome of treatment can find a really cool specialist (sometimes for this it is necessary to shovel more than a dozen forums and sites).

4) After listening to the doctor’s recommendations, you can control the therapeutic process, not letting it drift.

5. Turn on understanding to the maximum.

Relatives of people with depression tend to devalue the feelings of patients, accuse them of a tendency to dramas and excessive emotions. Such behavior leads to the opposite effect - the person closes and continues to cook in his problem.

What should be done:

1) Accept the fact that for the patient his experiences are absolutely real and reasonable.

2) Be careful and cautious., especially when discussing sensitive topics.

3) Do not avoid discussing issuesDo not brush them off.

6. No to faux fun

The assumption that going to a party or having a fun outing in the city center will help to cope with depression is a big mistake. Depression is not a spleen that can be dispelled by vivid impressions.

What should be done:

1) Find out what activities really help the patient to feel better - only he knows about it.

2) Refuse pressure on a loved one - if he doesn’t want to go somewhere, no need to insist.

3) Take into account his condition: on “good” days, the chances of going for a walk are much higher, and sometimes you should not even try.

According to psychotherapists, such activities as outdoor walks, creativity, light athletic activities, and animal care have shown themselves to be the best in the comprehensive treatment of depression.

7. Take on life

Common household chores - cleaning, resolving issues with utilities, paying bills for depression become an overwhelming burden. If your loved one literally lies in bed, try to isolate him from his usual duties for a while, shifting them to himself - this is a very powerful support.

If you work and are not ready to be fully responsible for household issues, it makes sense to think about temporarily connecting an au pair.

8. Preserve Identity

Staying most of the day near a person in depression will crush anyone - in the end, you can find yourself at the bottom next to the victim. To avoid burnout and emotional mixing with the patient, keep your identity.

What do we have to do:

1) Along with caring for a loved one also deal with your needs.

2) More often to walk, meet friends, please yourself nice things.

3) Get rid of guilty feelings about your good mood (Almost all relatives of people with depression are affected).

9. Remember that sooner or later the problem will go away

You can be treated for depression for years (there’s already someone like that), but this ailment can be cured - support of loved ones, complex therapy, and medications. However, some manage to get out of an unpleasant state within a month and return to normal life.

You must remember that a person who is depressed does not understand that his perception of the world changes under the influence of an illness. It seems to him that everything is bad, everyone around is hostile, and so on, and he completely believes in it. It is from relatives and friends that the general psychological climate in the family, optimism and compliance with medical prescriptions depend.

Have you had to support a person with depression? What techniques do you consider most effective?

To parents

Parents no less need the support of their near and dear ones, especially when it comes to old age. From children it is only required to be near, listening to all the experiences and problems, as well as all kinds of help to mom and dad in solving them.It is advisable to take parents to public places more often, take a walk in the fresh air, introduce new emotions and impressions with different little things.

To old people

Helping a loved one is important, especially when it comes to older people. In addition, experts confirm that people over 55 are much more likely to experience depressive states, according to statistics, 2 times more likely than young people. An elderly person can be helped with antidepressant drugs, if prescribed by a doctor, and psychotherapy courses by specialists. Relatives and relatives can also help with their communication, attention and care.

Sister / brother

There are often misunderstandings and disagreements between brothers and sisters, but in difficult situations, native people should always support each other. There are several ways to help a brother or sister:

  • spend time together more often
  • conduct frank conversations, show the degree of trust in a relationship,
  • understand the causes of depression and triggering factors,
  • provide assistance and support,
  • offer to visit entertaining public places (concert, cinema, etc.),
  • to pursue new hobbies and hobbies together,
  • find all sorts of reasons for fun and joy.

As practice shows, brothers and sisters who maintain good relations are much less likely to be depressed than those who cannot find mutual understanding.

Symptom number 3. Significant changes in human behavior

- Abuse of alcohol.

- A tendency to loneliness and not a desire to communicate with people around.

- Lack of desire for entertainment and hobbies.

- The use of psychotropic and narcotic substances in order to improve mood.

- Passive life position.

- Replacing important, necessary and urgent matters with a waste of time.

- Preference for a sedentary or recumbent lifestyle.

Symptom number 4. Cognitive disorders of the human nervous system.

- Difficulties in making any independent decisions.

- Loss of clarity of thinking and the inability to focus on something specific.

- Loss of ability to concentrate your thoughts.

- Periodic thoughts of committing suicide.

As in the example with any disease, whether it is a cold or cough, if you do not start timely treatment for depression with the right drugs, the patient’s condition will be aggravated daily.

At the same time, the number of symptoms of the disease and their severity increases, which can even lead to suicides of patients, especially if we consider teenage depression.

It is not uncommon that the thinking of a sick person is so critical that they can easily be mistaken for a person's dementia, instead of a serious mental disorder associated with an advanced state of depression.

Often the disease is accompanied by increased attention to life problems. The patient, as a rule, is completely sure that he has a mental or somatic disease.

For a doctor to be able to correctly diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment, a stable (at least 14 days) presence in a person of any of the above signs of depression is required.

4. Go to any social place and chat with new people: share your problem and let them help you

What are the pros and features of this awareness:

  1. You do not go there to whine, but you go to let others help you and work with you.
  2. You go there, being ready to accept other positive emotions of people through yourself.
  3. You focus only on positive people, but do not pay attention to others and do not see them.
  4. When you allow others to positively influence you, fears, anxieties and all negative emotions are supplanted.

Questions about how to help a man, a girl close to him out of depression will remain open if the person himself does not want help and asks you about it.

You don’t always have to rely on friends and helpers, but just stay close to them.

Just tell man: “Here I have such anxieties, strain with work, I feel this way. Advise me what to do in this situation? ”

Such psychological help for depression through communication with loved ones or strangers purifies you.

Sound those things that worsen your well-being, which annoy and accumulate in your head. Let it all come out.

6. Get enough sleep and sleep for 8 hours, so that a lot of energy appears in the body

The benefits of a good 8 hour sleep:

  • When you sleep, you replenish your life energy.
  • Your internal dialogue is disconnected.
  • In a dream, you no longer have the anxieties that bother you in reality.
  • In a dream there is no past and no memory of a bad past, just like there is no future.

Be sure to close the window with curtains and not a single lamp shines from the streets.

Why is it important to get enough sleep:

  1. When you sleep little, the psyche is more shaky.
  2. A person who has not slept in society will be more influenced by negativity; he will easily lose control of the situation, and above all by himself.
  3. Thus, bad experience is fixed in the mind, which creates a person's desire to close and avoid this negative experience.
  4. This can later lead to internal pain. Therefore, it is very important to get enough sleep in order to soar less about thoughts on how to help yourself get out of depression.

7. Do not project the future and remove the focus of the past: work with what you have now

When a person focuses on the events of the future, he loses the moment now and is in those mental projections that most likely will not even happen.

In addition, due to projection into the future, a gap is created in the consciousness, an abyss.

And in this abyss, a person loses himself, which creates a huge amount of fears, anxieties, a sense of uncontrollability of what is happening. In more detail about getting rid of fears, we talk here.

It’s not without reason that they say: “we will resolve issues as they become available.”

Always stay in the present moment to close questions on how to get out of deep depression yourself.

8. The key for those who have lost their passion for life and saw it as meaningless.

  • Many happy people have already realized that life is meaningless.
    You are not the only unique person who has come to this. You are not special!
  • Just happy people made the choice to be happy with one understanding in their head: “Life is meaningless! Haha Well, okay! We continue to have fun and move on! ”
  • Has life become meaningless to you? Well, do crazy things, reach new heights. You can also find out more about passion and motivation in life in another publication.
  • Always have a purpose in life, know what you want from life. Otherwise, the universe will not give you energy, because you have no goal and you do not want to realize anything.
  • People with big goals always have a lot of passion, energy and motivation.

Do not make yourself a special victim, make the choice to move on and no longer worry about how to get out of depression on your own when there is no strength to do anything.

9. Find advantages even in the negative, train your mind to reflexively turn any problem into a joke and fun

Ask yourself: Where are the advantages by which I can find application from my situation?

See the benefits that seem to you a glitch.

  • I have only a miserable depression, and someone does not have a roof over their heads and there is nothing to eat. I live in abundance.
  • I live in excellent conditions, I have all the modern amenities, internet, light, hot and cold water. Yes, I am the happiest person.
  • I have a healthy body, and here I am complaining about life. But there are people without legs, and they are still happy.

Learn to turn any problem into a joke and fun, and thereby you will close your questions about how to get out of depression on your own for a woman or a man.

How to implement it

  1. Laugh at yourself.
  2. Learn to laugh at how you screwed up.
  3. Laugh at how you try to play the role of the suffering.
  4. Learn to find benefits even in the negative.

Embed these awareness and no longer worry about how to quickly get out of depression.

10. Get out of the house more often to breathe fresh air

Why is it important to breathe fresh air and go out:

  1. strengthening immunity
  2. relaxation and peace for nerves,
  3. it promotes good sleep
  4. blood supply is getting better
  5. the metabolism in the body is accelerated,
  6. long walks increase your appetite
  7. pores open, a positive effect on the skin.

Hiking is better than sitting still in one place.

If your child sits a lot at home, it is not surprising that he always feels unwell. Remember that he needs to breathe fresh air more often, and no longer ask questions about how to help his daughter or son get out of depression.

11. What did the wise Taoists come up with: a state of “not doing”

  1. Imagine such a time of your passivity among activity: when you did your things actively and then you score for everything. Imagine a state where you do not want to do anything: to meet with friends, not to go anywhere - not to work or to study.
  2. And from such a state it is not necessary to get out. I don’t feel like doing anything, so I don’t have to do anything. And you no longer need help with depression at home, when you just follow these points.
  3. You are just doing this. You are not trying to entertain yourself in this state. For example, do not stick to computer games.
  4. You also go to the shower in the morning, sleep normally, go out for a walk, but it is not doing something intentionally in order to get something.
  5. If in this state you start to do something and feel: “This is yours and this is the goal that you want to strive for from within."Then you can try.
  6. If you feel pinched at the same time, then - this is not your option.

This is such observant hibernation. You fall into this indulgence and just look at yourself. Remember this and know all about how to get out of severe depression on your own.

You can also read about how to remove depression and despondency in depression, in another article.

How to apply it in life

  1. If you woke up and thought: “I will probably stay in bed all day”, now you are doing the opposite!
  2. You do not listen to depression, otherwise it will always have power over you.
  3. I urge you, on the contrary, to call friends or get out into the countryside.
  4. No matter how it sounds and no matter how much you want the opposite, you need to force yourself to get out of the house.
  5. Maybe you'll have a great time! Who knows? But you will never know if you do not challenge your condition. Thus, you will no longer be soared about how to deal with laziness and apathy.

Follow these rules and remember them.

Following them, for example, a woman after childbirth will close questions about how to get out of postpartum depression on her own. Or a man will perk up and find himself.

How it works

  • If every time a depression occurs, you will only obey it, she will become even stronger and worse for you. Continuing to listen to this voice, you will feel worse and worse. Why do you need this?
  • So start doing positive things to be prepared for a positive outcome.!
    For example, if you continue to do negative things, it will be foolish to expect a positive result.

Keeping this in mind, you will know everything about how to help a person get out of depression.

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Effective advice from psychologists on how to help a person get out of depression at home

How to get a person out of a protracted depression? This question is often asked by people, observing the state of their loved ones. Being sincerely interested in resolving someone’s problems is very easy to fall into the trap.

After all, the suppressed emotional state of another person can be transmitted to a completely healthy person. However, if you show firmness and perseverance, you can help someone close.

From any difficult situation in life it is always possible to find a way out.

14. Do not deny yourself sweets: especially those who used to diet

this is especially necessary to do for those who were on a diet and denied everything to themselves.

During a depressed state, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to sweets.

Diet negatively affects the condition.

Pamper yourself with goodies and sweets, if you want and want.

Thus, you take care of yourself, give a contrast to the taste buds.

You feel the taste of life.

If you are thinking about how to help your husband get out of depression or your wife, treat the person to sweets.

For example, than I like to pamper myself:

  • hot chocolate
  • bananas
  • yoghurts
  • delicious cupcakes
  • cakes
  • loaf with condensed milk.

How does depression appear?

A number of adverse factors affect the occurrence of a depressive state: frequent stresses, hormonal disruptions, impaired brain functioning, a sedentary lifestyle, and bad habits. A person can become depressed, losing his job, parting with his beloved, experiencing the death of a relative.

The following symptoms are characteristic of a depressed state: prolonged depressed mood, pessimistic perception of life, lack of desire to somehow change the situation. The individual's memory worsens, mental activity slows down. There are health problems, at first - of a psychological nature, then the condition worsens, the activity of internal organs is upset.

During the crisis, the individual perceives the world in gloomy colors, he ceases to communicate with friends, he is not interested in any occupation. Most of the time a person spends lying in bed, doing nothing. Sometimes suicidal thoughts come to him. It is difficult for a person suffering from depression to get out of this state on his own. He needs the help of a friend or an experienced psychotherapist.

15. Suffering is necessary until we realize that we no longer need it.

  1. The situation is that it is people with difficult life circumstances are much more likely to start practicing themselves.
  2. In the most desperate situations, a person can start a search: searching for oneself and finding meaning in suffering and life. As a rule, it is deeply doomed people who begin to engage in themselves.
  3. Those who are doing wellmost likely, they will not want to question their well-being with their own thoughts. “Why destroy something that brings pleasure?” Involuntarily appears in a person’s mind.
  4. Suffering is necessary because it creates the conditions in which a person can no longer be. Then the person begins to run, move, look for solutions.
  5. Some discover a new world, new themselves and change their lives. Some disappear in pleasures and all kinds of addictions.
  6. Nothing helps us grow like suffering and fear..
  7. Misery is needed until thenuntil we realize that we no longer need them. Remember this, and you will close your questions about how to get out of a state of depression.

Wise words

Quote from one person.

“After spending several months almost on the verge of life and death, I remember how, with a smile on my face, I walked through the streets of the city and could barely pronounce the words:“ I wish you all suffering ”, where I meant“ I wish you all to realize the true gift, that pain and suffering they carry us and thus free ourselves from them. "

Subsequently, my attitude to the hard life of others became different.

I stopped being afraid that someone was suffering.

Understanding the great value that brings pain, disappointment and suffering, I let a person experience it and direct him deep into this suffering (to the source), if I have such an opportunity.

Looking at my life, I can say that I am happy with all the diseases, shock conditions, feelings and “failures” that I had.

They helped me the most. ”

That's all. Now you know everything about how to get out of depression on your own.

How to help a friend get out of depression?

It is difficult for a person to get out of a depressive state independently. After all, often depressed begins to abuse alcohol and psychotropic substances.

Taking alcohol or drugs, a person does not get rid of problems, but only fenced off from reality, driving himself into a dead end.

People who want to help a person with depression should follow the advice of a psychologist.

How to get a person out of depression:

  • talk heart to heart, find out what worries, what is afraid,
  • offer to seek help from a therapist,
  • to carry away with a new occupation, a hobby,
  • to go for a walk around the city, on a tour, to a restaurant, theater.

It is important to “pull” a person from his usual environment, to overcome the obstacles erected by him, to destroy his fatal zone of comfort. Nothing improves mood like communication with sincere friends and physical activity.

It is important to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. You can just go shopping. It is recommended to engage in any sport: sign up for a swim in the fitness center.

You can just run in the mornings at a nearby stadium or around your home.

Trying to save a friend from depression, you can get sick yourself. Many psychologists consider this mental disorder to be contagious. True, you can "catch" not a virus, but the very worldview of a sick person. Women more often take on the emotional state of other people.

Sometimes a person who helps a friend get out of a crisis adopts his way of thinking so much that he himself falls into this oppressive state. In order not to become a victim of depression, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, have more fun, rejoice, sweep away any pessimism.

How to help a person in depression: recommendations of a psychologist

Depression is a psychological disorder affecting the emotional sphere, as well as mental and motor activity. This state is characterized by inhibition. A person often does not understand that something is wrong with him. He cannot solve his problems on his own.

How to get a person out of depression - basic instructions:

If a loved one is depressed for a long time, you need to talk with him, listen carefully, offer your help. It is important to call a person for frankness, to show that his problems are not indifferent to others.

  1. To sympathize and offer a different look at the situation.

The story of a depressed person needs to be taken seriously, not to laugh at his groundless fears and not to say that all his problems are contrived. He must understand that he can cope with any situation, if he wants to. It is important to increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

  1. Come up with a plan to solve the problem.

If a friend cannot independently find a way out of this situation, you need to offer him your plan for overcoming the crisis. You can take it into a fascinating business, offer a new hobby. It is advisable to go in for sports or dancing. You can enroll in a group of lovers of yoga and meditation.

In order to recover from a depressed mood and negative worldview, you need to change your usual way of life. Communicate more with friends, visit the fresh air daily. Particular attention should be paid to the diet.

Meals should be regular. It is advisable to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat. Nothing improves your mood like chocolate and your favorite sweets.

It is important to find positive things in every detail, enjoy life and be thankful for every day you live.

What can not be done, trying to get a person out of depression?

An untrained person who wants to help a friend in a depressed state can find it difficult to come up with an action plan. However, the first thing you cannot do is regret. The manifestation of a feeling of pity will further convince a person of his own inferiority.

To get out of this state will be even more difficult. You can sincerely sympathize, but then explain to a friend that his affairs are actually not so bad. If he takes care of himself and stops wasting time, his life can change for the better.

It is important to remember that depression caused by serious causes, for example, the death of a relative, a serious illness, simply will not go away. A person will torment himself with painful memories for a long time.

In order to cope with the problem, you must definitely seek help from a specialist. For example, to the psychologist-hypnologist Nikita Valeryevich Baturin.

An experienced specialist will help to correctly lead a person out of a crisis, avoiding mistakes that can aggravate an individual’s condition.

Another issue worth paying attention to. Many people justify the depressed mood and negative mood of a sick person with complex life problems. In fact, there is nothing that he could not cope with. Any problem can be solved if you look at the causes of its occurrence.

The fight against depression in men

Not only women but also men can become depressed. True, the representatives of the stronger sex have been hiding their feelings for a long time. Their dissatisfaction with life is expressed in a depressed pessimistic mood, abuse of alcohol, aggressive behavior, and assault.

A man can be helped to get out of a crisis if you talk heart to heart with him. It is desirable that the interlocutor be a man, for example, his close friend. There will be no frank conversation with women. Men will not talk about their weaknesses and fears to the fair sex.

During the conversation, you need to find out the reasons for the situation, outline ways to solve the problem. It is advisable to offer a person your help and support. You can recommend contacting a psychologist for help.

Those who want to help a friend cope with a depressed depressed state should be persistent.

You can offer a man to go fishing, go camping, enroll in a fitness club or go swimming.

It is important to get out of the crisis by any means: switching your attention to joyful events or changing the situation. Sincere support from a friend will help you get out of any life impasse.

How to get a person out of depression at a distance?

Talking on the phone or on the Internet with loved ones suffering from depression, people feel that they are depressed, inhibited speech. They are reluctant to answer questions about their personal lives.

Is it possible to somehow change the situation and help a loved one in a crisis situation? Psychologists say that it is possible. It is desirable that telephone communication or Internet correspondence consist of short phrases.

You need to communicate on such topics: general acquaintances, movie news, weather, funny stories, jokes.

Communication should always take place in a positive, cheerful form. It is necessary to “infect” a person with his positive, distract him from sad thoughts, tune him into a joyful wave, and restore faith in his own strength. A person in a depressed state should feel that he is loved and that he has friends who are ready to help.

How to get a person out of depression without his knowledge?

People who do not want to change the depressive way of thinking that has already become habitual sometimes do not consider themselves sick. It is absolutely impossible to make such a person turn to a therapist. True, you can get him out of a depressed depressed state unnoticed, that is, without his knowledge.

It is forbidden to mix antidepressants or sedatives in food. The appointment of a medication is prescribed only by a health worker on the basis of an established diagnosis.

You can invite friends to the house and chat with a person. Live communication is better than any antidepressant. It is advisable to take a person for a walk, you can go to the park, restaurant, shop.

It is important - not to be locked in four walls, but to move and communicate as much as possible.

How to help a person get out of depression: how to pull out and support

A person in depression becomes especially vulnerable and sensitive. Often he needs the help of loved ones, since it is quite difficult to overcome this period in life on his own. Relatives and friends can provide support that will speed up the process of restoring a person’s mental state.

There are many ways to get a person out of depression, tips for women and men are quite universal, but there are some features.

How to bring a girl, wife, woman out of depression?

To support a girl or wife, you must follow these recommendations:

  1. Talk about it. Women are more likely to recognize a depressed state. Try to ask some leading questions: “What happened?”, “When did it start?”, “How can I help you?” The conversation should reflect your position of participation and support in the problem of the girl, without any pressure on your part.
  2. Look at others. After you find out the reason, try to choose a suitable film similar to the situation of the girl, where in the end everything is successfully resolved. Women are much more susceptible to the experiences of other people, so the resolution of the situation on the hero on the screen is partially perceived as personal.
  3. Let the girl be "weak." Ask the girl / woman about her upcoming affairs and actively offer your help. Twist a light bulb, go to the store, cook dinner - these are the little things that will bring the girl a sense of care, will allow her to feel like a stone wall.

You can fight with a depressed state of mind with the help of shopping and friends. It is necessary to convince a friend to start looking after herself, taking care of her appearance.

A woman should be convinced that she needs to say goodbye to the past. For her, a new life comes, which is full of many possibilities.

How to get a guy, husband, man out of depression?

If your friend or husband is depressed, you should adhere to the following principles:

  1. You can’t feel sorry for him. It is important for a man to be aware of his strength even in moments of weakness. Feeling of pity destroys self-confidence, therefore it is impossible to show it.
  2. It is necessary to identify the problems. It is often difficult for representatives of the stronger sex to realize the presence of problems, often they are silent about them. A close person should support the man, make it clear that the presence of difficulties and difficulties does not affect his status in the eyes of others.
  3. Do not require confirmation of depression. Pressure and the desire to impose help will push the man away, he will close himself, which can cause his condition to worsen.
  4. Words of support. It is necessary to praise a person even in small things, to say compliments and words of gratitude, to encourage. It is necessary to indicate strengths, support in any endeavors.

People who are depressed should talk calmly and confidently. Communication should be easy, you can not put pressure on a person, shout at him or blame that he himself is to blame for his problems.

How to help mom and dad get out of depression?

Daughters or a son who wants to help older parents get out of depression should spend as much time as possible with them. It is necessary to show that dad and mom remained important people in life, that their advice and recommendations are important. You can help your mother out of depression with the help of a therapist.

Much depends on what causes depression. If it has developed under the influence of the death of a spouse, you should temporarily settle the parent at home or move to him.

In cases in which the disorder becomes the result of age-related changes, in addition to participation in life, care and support, you should definitely monitor the visit to the psychiatrist.

The doctor will prescribe a suitable medication, the reception of which will accelerate the exit from the disease state.

Universal tips

There are also a number of universal tips, regardless of gender and age:

  1. Take a position. Even if a person is wrong, he should be supported, he should sympathize and share his views on the event that led to the depressive disorder. Such an arrangement will create a trusting relationship that will allow you to talk and cry.
  2. To be near. You should be ready to help at any moment, even if the time is not right for you. If it is impossible to be physically close, you need to cheer up, listen at a distance, for example, through correspondence. A person should not be left alone with his thoughts, because this can lead to unpredictable consequences.
  3. You can not criticize. Any criticism will aggravate the condition, strengthen the feeling of guilt and insecurity. Even if criticisms are objective, they should be abstained. The most effective form of communication will be dialogue with leading questions.
  4. Let there be light! The positive effect of natural and artificial lighting on a person in depression is scientifically proven. Make sure that the patient wakes up early, closes the curtains or blinds during the day and receives as much vitamin D from the sun as possible. One daylight is not enough, ordinary lamps are more effective in the treatment with phototherapy. Make sure that the person is under bright electric light for at least 20 minutes a day (and up to 1 hour), and within a week he will feel an improvement.
  5. Body in business. A very effective remedy is a relaxing massage, especially in combination with massage oil and pleasant music. Particular attention should be paid to the cervical-collar region and the lumbar region.
  6. A bit of movement. During depression, a large amount of stress hormone, in particular cortisol, is released into the blood. During exercise, the stress hormone is utilized.Of course, this does not mean that it is necessary to drag a person to the gym, but long walks along the street in warm weather, or through a shopping center in cold weather, will definitely cheer you up.

Why is a person ill?

The reasons why a depressive disorder can develop are different. Specialists distinguish the following:

  1. The death of a loved one. Unexpected loss leads to a prolonged depressed state. It takes time to come to terms with the thought of the death of a loved one.
  2. Abortion. Termination of pregnancy leads to both psychological and physiological consequences. Surgery can cause hormonal failure, which can lead to the development of a depressive disorder.
  3. Problems in personal life. Often a person suffers from a break with a partner, his betrayal or misunderstanding. The most serious condition in people who are left. Their self-esteem is critically low.
  4. Creative crisis. If a person cannot realize his potential, does not feel necessary, does not have professional achievements, he may be in a serious crisis.
  5. Overwork. Stress, unrest, constant experiences lead to exhaustion of the nervous system, emotional burnout, which provokes depression.
  6. Side pressure. The psychological state can worsen in cases where a person is in a toxic relationship that makes him feel weak, stupid, evil, etc. Some people are able to suppress others, which is why the latter often find themselves in a depressed state.
  7. Manipulation. Sometimes symptoms of depression are used to attract attention. Such tricks may be conscious or unconscious. Therefore, it is important to understand whether a person suffers from an illness or wants to get more attention and care from others.

Inspire confidence, understanding and empathy

In a depressed state, a person’s self-esteem is low, so it is important to raise it in various ways. Understanding, sympathy and participation in the problem on the part of loved ones will strengthen faith in oneself and will allow you to find emotional balance. However, you can’t feel sorry for the person, this will only aggravate the mental state.

Focus a loved one on positive

A person in depression should avoid any negative thoughts and events. It is necessary to get as many positive impressions as possible, focus on successes, do what brings pleasure, not engage in routine, monotonous affairs. It is important to strengthen the belief that the future will bring joyful changes, and with them happiness and love will come.

Take suicide talk seriously

Thoughts of suicide are one of the common signs of depression. No matter with what regularity and in what form a person speaks of suicide, this should definitely be paid attention to. Attempts to die can be made at any time, so you should try to observe the mood of such people constantly.

Depression is not justified and will not pass itself

Depression is a disease that must be treated comprehensively. In most cases, this disorder requires medication, which can only be prescribed by a specialist. The course should be accompanied by corrective work with a psychotherapist and participation from loved ones.

It should not be expected that this disease can go away on its own. If there is no treatment, it goes into a chronic form, which is accompanied by phases of exacerbation.

Any excuses about heredity, life circumstances and other things should be left aside. It is necessary to talk with a person and support him morally and deed.

Can I help a person at home?

You can save a loved one from depression faster if you help him at home.

Men should change the situation, go on vacation.Occupational therapy is one of the most effective ways to restore mental health. Representatives of the stronger sex can try themselves in extreme types of activity, for example, in parachuting or bungee jumping.

Women are preferable to engage in some types of needlework. This will not only bring emotional reassurance, but also increase self-esteem.

Accumulated negativity can be released through art therapy. Any new hobbies will be useful.

To find the meaning of life after depression, you need to look at familiar phenomena from a different angle. Charity can help with this. This does not mean that you need to donate a lot of money. Assistance can be provided in a variety of ways. For example, you can organize a collection of things, take food or medicine to the sick, walk with dogs in a shelter, chat with orphans, etc.

You need to distract yourself to other events, so you should visit as many exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, etc. as possible, communicate with people, make new friends, find hobbies.

People in depression should change their lifestyle. It is necessary to adjust the diet, introducing more healthy food into it, to give up alcohol and tobacco.

Any physical activity, from walking to swimming, will have a beneficial effect on the body.

You should carefully monitor the mood.

If a person who is in a depressive disorder has a greater decline, it is necessary to take measures to improve it. Every day should be filled with some pleasant events.

If you can’t change the situation, you should watch a life-affirming film, read a book or listen to inspiring music.

You can not be alone, so you should renew old acquaintances, maintain relationships with relatives and friends. In case of exacerbation, it is necessary to contact those who will listen and provide assistance.

If a person wants to get out of a depressed state, he should use gadgets as little as possible, spend time on social networks, preferring living to virtual communication.

Do not forget that people who are depressed, especially need a good rest. They should adhere to the regimen of the day, sleep at least 8 hours a day. If necessary, resort to afternoon rest.

Only sincere participation can help a person get out of depression. If you are a burden caring for a friend, lover or parent, you should first deal with yourself and only then help others.

What to do if someone else's depression drags you in?

If, by helping a loved one, you find that you also have signs of depression, you should carefully analyze the cause of their occurrence. If you are depressed by the futility of trying to get a person out of a pathological syndrome, you should understand that you are doing everything possible, but the main work lies on the shoulders of someone who is suffering from depression. It is impossible to take it upon yourself.

In cases where a depressed state has arisen due to unclear reasons, it is necessary to consult a psychotherapist. You should not interrupt contact with the person whom you wanted to help, as you may be his only support. However, at the first, even mild signs of the disease, urgent measures must be taken to treat it.

What is depression and its types

Everyone who has experienced such situations needs to start living anew after a shock, tragedy, exciting event. Some quickly mobilize their forces, experiences become not too pronounced. But it happens differently. Some after the problems do not want to live, for a long time they can’t get out of gloom.

Why it happens? Let's look at the psychological and physiological mechanisms of this behavior.To begin with, depression is a mental disorder of a person, which is accompanied by a triad: low mood and lack of joy, impaired thinking, inhibition of movement. There are certainly reasons for this condition.

And now a little statistics: WHO data says that more than 300 million people have recently suffered from depression. Just think about this number!

This condition should not be underestimated, because it often leads to impaired health, a decrease in the functioning of mental processes, and, as a result, performance and learning ability. There are many cases where this same depression led to suicide.

What happens to a person, why can he be in this state for a long time? We all have different sensitivities, and we experience situations differently. In addition, a deficit of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, hormones, which the lack of which leads to such a state, besides psychological reasons, is waiting for us. Therefore, not with all depressions you can recover yourself.

In psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychology, there are many classifications of depression. In order not to burden you with unnecessary information, we will consider only the most basic types of depressive disorders:

  1. Psychogenic. They arise in response to some kind of traumatic situation. It is easy to find out what happened without the help of doctors - a person himself speaks about this situation constantly. This is a mild condition that can be overcome independently.
  2. Endogenous. Conditions that are caused by internal experiences or physiological malfunctions that are very difficult to establish. Therefore, “sleep, and everything will be fine” is not quoted here.
  3. Somatogenic. They arise on the basis of the development of a disease. Here psychiatrists make a reservation: “Do not confuse them with psychogenic ones. If a person has diabetes, he breaks his leg, psychogenic depression appears - a reaction to the event. But if he got psoriasis or Parkinson’s disease, then it’s somatogenic depression, physiological. ”
  4. Seasonal This is a common species, like Pushkin's “Dull Time ...”, most often occurs in the fall. It is associated with a lack of light, a deficiency of vitamins.
  5. Brief depressive disorder. Often occurs in young people, the course is not complicated, it passes quickly, weeks after 1.5 - 2. With self-help or outside help - and even faster.

How to understand that you have depression

You can get yourself out of an apathetic state if you know what is happening to you. It’s easy to understand that you have “depression”, here are the symptoms of a depressed state:

  • depression of mood for no apparent reason,
  • what used to be like is now indifferent
  • melancholy, pessimism, negativism and “nagging” appear
  • a person cannot concentrate on anything,
  • very tired, constantly weak and without strength,

Additional signs: anxiety, panic attacks, guilt, insomnia or, conversely, drowsiness, impaired appetite, thoughts of suicide, a person cannot control his emotions.

The child, sadly, is also subject to this violation. You can see this by sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, the appearance of aggressiveness, irritability and isolation.

A diagnosis requires that these symptoms last at least 2 weeks or manifest with increased intensity. If this happens before your eyes, immediately run to the doctor!

But we do not have a medical article, so let's continue about the milder forms of depressive disorder that pass with the help of loved ones. Most often it is psychogenic depression, a brief depressive disorder.

To understand that you need to help yourself get out of stress and depression, you can use the test. This is a very good tool for self-help. It shows your physical and moral condition. You will have to answer 30 questions, and you will find out what is eating you from the inside.

Are there any chances to overcome, or is a doctor needed?

In any depressive state, you can help a person from outside: relatives, friends, a psychologist, a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist can play the role of an assistant. It all depends on what kind of depression has arisen, and what kind of situation has happened.

All people are so individual that you can never predict how a person will behave, for example, after separation, the death of a mother or a frozen pregnancy. But if you saw that your advice does not help, the person is “loaded”, his state of mind leaves much to be desired, and he is very isolated from everyone, you need to sound the alarm. Do not delay visiting a specialist. First you can go to the psychologist.

Psychologist's help for depression

5. The main signs of depression

Specialists distinguish two main signs of depression.

These include: a lack of interest in the joyful events of the world, a steady feeling of melancholy and depression and the extreme stage of the disease, this is complete indifference to all people around and everything that happens in the world and the public. A constant feeling of melancholy and depression, a sense of hopelessness and a lack of understanding of the meaning of one’s own life leads not only to sadness and tears, but to acute mental painful illnesses.

Being in a state of depression, most people become isolated and do not want to communicate with others. In the process of such a psychological illness of a person, the attraction to the opposite sex disappears, and difficulties arise in achieving an orgasm and an erection.

During depression, the physical condition of a person changes. It differs from others in slow gait, quiet speech, stoop, in medicine this condition is called psychomotor retardation of the patient.

But there are also situations when people have a completely similar physical condition. They are distinguished by accelerated and restless movements, speech is loud and fast. This condition is called - psychomotor agitation.

Depression significantly affects people's feelings and their thinking. Usually, all the thoughts of patients are directed to the negative moments of life. Pronounced, the difficulty to focus on a particular issue, difficult thinking, a person has problems with memory, distraction, confusion of thoughts.

In such a state, the feelings and thoughts of a person do not reflect reality. The patient experiences anxiety, has low self-esteem, is surrounded by his own fear, guilt and feels useless to anyone.

The psychological feeling of dissatisfaction with oneself and one's own life is often amplified by all kinds of manifestations: the patient periodically has not only thoughts of suicide, but his attempts, or developed plans for committing suicide.

Symptoms of the condition in men

Perhaps you were once a “vest” in which a person cried who had lost the meaning of life. Maybe you still have to be her. Men are more difficult to tolerate this condition, the matter is complicated by the alcohol dependence that arose against the background of the disorder. What symptoms do men need to pay attention to in time to help them:

  • anxiety, irritability,
  • aggression that did not exist before
  • the feeling of a loser losing in life
  • pain in the head, back and other organs for no apparent reason,
  • gastrointestinal problems,
  • dreadful fear
  • eating disorders
  • a lot of sleep or lack thereof,
  • lethargy or hyperactivity,
  • lack of energy
  • feeling of guilt
  • thoughts of death.

Major depression is divided into several forms.

Psychopathic depression, during which hallucinations and delusions appear in the patient, the number of suicides increases significantly and treatment is required under the supervision of specialists.

Atypical depression when a mixed picture of the above symptoms is expressed.

Postpartum depression observed in women after childbirth.

Symptoms of Depression in Women

Symptoms in women are similar to men's, but they are experienced differently, in most cases it is easier for a woman to live losses, deprivations and changes in life. By the way, it is proved that even a woman is easier to get out of a deep depression, and she is successfully treated. Symptoms

  • a constant feeling of guilt, hopelessness,
  • lost interest in events, things, objects that were previously very interesting,
  • insomnia or excessive sleep,
  • constant feeling of tiredness
  • cognitive functions are affected: memory, attention, thinking,
  • eating disorders
  • thoughts of death.

The manifestation of depression in women


Minor depression is called dysthymia. This is a prolonged mental disorder of a person, which is accompanied by a lack of joyful events in life and emotions.

If the patient suffers from dysthymia, then he is almost always in a gloomy mood. His thoughts are guilty and anxious. A person is constantly inhibited, and each occurring event in the surrounding reality is considered as another failure

Dysthymia can last for several years. The accompanying gloomy mood of people in the process of such a disease often leads to the loss of work and family.

Previously, the treatment of dysthymia was carried out using psychotherapy, but mainly psychoanalysis. There are other ways to get rid of this ailment. These include: interpersonal, cognitive, behavioral therapy. Most experts argue that the best is mixed treatment with the simultaneous use of drugs and psychotherapy.

Independent exit from apathy and depression

Sometimes a person only needs to set the rhythm, and he will cope with his condition. To do this, you can study materials on the topic: how to change life for the better, how to think positively. If the information you read remains only at the level of thoughts and not actions (which is expected with depression), use the following methods.

Do not be afraid to relive your feelings

Even from a deep depressive state, one can gradually get out if all feelings are expressed. The help of a teenager is also based on this, when the child has accumulated so many contradictions and negativity that it is already difficult to breathe.

If we suppress, supplant, avoid emotions, then in the end we will lead ourselves to prolonged apathy. For happiness and normal health, a person needs to live in harmony with himself, with his emotions. But do not confuse the control of emotions and their complete suppression. In one case, emotional intelligence develops, and this is cool, in the other, psychosomatic diseases appear: depression, etc.

Follow the mood

There are reasons for constantly changing moods. They are not always recognized, therefore they are forced out of consciousness and lead to health problems. You need to raise your spirits, without this you will become bogged down in your sorrows.

Keeping track of why it has fallen from you will help the mood diary. When a person says that he cannot get out of depression and does not know what to do, the mood diary is the first step towards overcoming the problem. You understand what exactly plunges you into apathy, which means that you can theoretically avoid the situation next time.

There is a good phrase: “If you can’t change the situation, change your attitude towards it.” Therefore, when it is not possible to prevent a traumatic situation, try to look at it from the other side.

Relax your brain

Someone does this through meditation, someone through yoga, someone prays. “In war, all means are good,” and so it is. As it is acceptable to you, free the brain from garbage, focus not on circumstances, but on your needs and feelings. This will help to “zero out” emotions, you will feel like a confident person.

By the way, the benefits of prayer in depressed states were also spoken by well-known psychologists, for example, the Russian scientist V. L. Vasiliev, whose works are known all over the world. This is a special condition that heals us.


Depression changes our life, making it gray and monotonous. The brain also adapts to this grayness, neural connections are simplified, a person gets used to everyday life, nothing pleases him.

Therefore, here, as nowhere else, the phrase “Your health is in your hands” is important. If you don’t start practicing new habits, don’t want to live “to the fullest”, don’t start leaving your home for various reasons, you will need the advice of a psychotherapist, and even a conversation with a psychiatrist, as severe depression will begin.

You have a choice - to leave everything as it is and bring yourself to panic attacks or make efforts to change lives. Make yourself act.

Work on priorities

Try to live a week by prioritizing correctly. Do first the thing that is important to you, then all the rest. Make a choice in favor of important matters, then - the rest. And you will see that it works - your brain will receive a “recharge”, and you will begin to be more positive about life. This is a great way to get out of perennial apathy without pills.

Take care of yourself

Allow yourself little joys. But small, otherwise in an unstable mental state, these joys can develop into dependence on food, porn products, alcohol, etc.

Watch nature, it also cleanses the brain, enjoy every moment, because life is only one and passes quickly, why spend it on depression and addiction?

Bet on direct communication

Do not try to please others, communicate directly: if you are unhappy, report it, if you are happy, so do not be afraid to express it.

Clarify if you do not understand something, build a relationship. Shyness or isolation is incorrectly interpreted by many, you can be mistaken for a person who is bored or does not care. Therefore, insert phrases, express your opinion.

Give and give

Of course, within reason. Even the Bible says: “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” and psychologists have confirmed this fact scientifically. A person who makes surprises to others, gives gifts, feels happier. Do charity work, find people who are worse off than you. Then you value life, value what is given to you, and others do not.

If these tips do not help, seek help, save time.

How to help another person

We are social beings, and we have friends, relatives, whom this problem can also comprehend. How to help a husband or sister with apathy associated with loss, illness? How to help an adult son or daughter cope with failures in school, at work? How to help mom or friend in such problems?

Helping a loved one who is depressed

Recognize the problem

Yes, I must admit that your loved one still began to experience depression. If this, of course, is not temporary melancholy or emotional burnout. Recognize the importance of the problem and the importance of solving it. But do not panic, you can get out of a mild depressive state with minimal losses: without antidepressants and a hospital.

Show that you are on the side of the person and nearby

You can help a man, a pregnant woman and just loved ones and relatives, at least by showing that you are close and understand the condition of the person. Such people are afraid of their feelings, they are afraid of loneliness and guilt. Therefore, take seriously what they are telling you, maybe you will prevent suicide, or maybe you will save the soul.

Don't discount

If you don’t know how people feel in such a state, what kind of people they are, people who have come out of depression, you really don’t really understand their feelings in full.And here phrases such as “Yes, relax!”, “Get yourself together”, “Tune in for the best!” And others will not work. Such personalities are constantly hearing, “Others are even worse, but you are limp”, “Take care of business, otherwise you’re mumbling with boredom.”

To support a loved one, you can read real stories from people “How I came out of depression”, “What helped me to cope with apathy” and others. You can support verbally: "I see that you are very ill, I do not know how this is, but let me help you."

Do not evaluate the actions of a depressed person on a personal account

People in this state cannot lead an active way of life, but they can be rude or, most likely, be indifferent to everything you say and share. But do not be offended by such a person, help him feel the emotion: say what you feel, ask how he would behave in your place.

Help in everyday life

Often, such people lose the desire (sometimes - skill) to take care of themselves, for housing. Help them. I know a case when a friend came for several months and prepared food for the family, when my mother had postpartum depression.

There is still a radical way to get an emotion: “A wedge is kicked out with a wedge”. Some experts use shock to help get out of depression. It can be rock climbing, swimming at sea without a life buoy, etc. But in this case there must be 3 options in case something goes wrong. In addition, this should be under the supervision of a doctor. This is the most powerful treatment option.


Books to help overcome depression:

  1. Louise Hay “The Big Book of Change for the Better.”
  2. Dale Carnegie “How to Be Happy.”
  3. Mikhail Labkovsky “I want and I will. Accept yourself, love life and become happy. ”
  4. Oleg Torsunov “Laws of a happy life”.
  5. Sergey Bubnovsky “Reboot. How to improve the quality of life. ”
  6. Andrey Kurpatov “Red pill. Face the truth. ”
  7. Ilya Kachay “Psychotherapy of anxiety-phobic disorders”.

Movies and videos

The advice of doctors is not limited to tablets, they can advise and motivating methods. For example, relax, watch movies or videos.

A good YouTube channel is Satya Das, where a family psychologist gives recommendations on how to start a new life.

  1. The road of change.
  2. The incredible life of Walter Mitty.
  3. The tablets of fate.
  4. Helpless.
  5. Joy.
  6. Until I played in the box.
  7. Beaver.

Orthodox answer

Spiritual people associate the occurrence of depression with an unconscious search for God. Those who have lost the meaning of life, who do not want to live on, who are not helped by psychologists and psychotherapists, should go to church. The atmosphere is impressive.

The Orthodox response to the depressed state: “Strive for fellowship with God. Developing in yourself spirituality, kindness, honesty and love for your neighbors (for yourself too), you will learn to appreciate every moment lived and come out of apathy. "


Theory by theory, but I am always for practice. Therefore, I’m happy to introduce you the online brain detoxification course. After passing it, you will find practical answers to questions how to cope with apathy, clear your mind, improve sleep and rest, restore memory, thinking and attention, get rid of negative thoughts.

You will be engaged in an experienced practicing psychologist for personality development Viktor Shiryaev, with it you will learn how to cope with the accumulated negativity.

Preventive measures

Training by training, but why treat, if preventable? So, what will I advise for the prevention of depressive disorders:

  • try to live according to a regime acceptable to you,
  • get enough sleep
  • live actively
  • communicate more
  • develop creativity
  • ask for help as soon as a hint of a problem appears.


This topic is very extensive, and I would like you to take it seriously.

  1. If you experience symptoms of depression, do not hesitate to seek help.
  2. If there is no way to turn, help yourself: change your lifestyle, thoughts, habits.
  3. Apply the advice of a psychologist for yourself and for your loved ones.
  4. And best of all, take measures to prevent this condition so as not to resort to the advice of a psychologist.

I wish you a vibrant life without depression! Leave your comments, share the article with friends.

Spring Depression - Seasonal Affective Disorder

A special form of depression that appears only at a certain time of the year, for example, in autumn or spring.

Many citizens who suffer from such a mental disorder can feel great throughout the year, but in a given season they experience inhibition and depressed mood.

According to statistics, such a disorder more often occurs in the fall and ends by the beginning of spring. But there are other categories of citizens suffering from depression in other periods of the year. As a rule, spring depression occurs in women, less so in men.

Symptoms of this disease are : fatigue, drowsiness, impaired appetite, decreased performance, inability to focus one’s thoughts on a specific issue, increased irritability, anxiety, unwillingness to communicate with others.

Seasonal mental disorder goes away, without any special therapy, with the onset of another season. People have a surge of strength and vitality.

Specialists today cannot answer specifically what exactly is the cause of such depression. Basically, they indicate a decrease in the level of the hormone of joy in people in a certain period of the year. Usually such a mental disorder is hereditary.

Bipolar Depression (Mania)

During bipolar depression, people have a variable mood. It can suddenly go from joyful emotions to sad health, or vice versa. On average, this category of patients has an absolutely normal mood, despite systematic differences in it during the depression phase.

During exacerbations, a person manifests symptoms similar to signs of major depression: excessive activity, emotional arousal and increased self-confidence. Usually, such changes in people's moods are absolutely not related to current life problems.

The course of this disease disrupts the habitual activity of a person, and causes difficulties in performing daily work.

Bipolar depression attacks can develop and occur in completely unexpected ways. People can experience all kinds of anxieties during the phase of an attack of mental disorder. It is difficult for them to concentrate on anything, there is a feeling of guilt and estrangement from the outside world.

They also distinguish the opposite phase of mental disorder, as a result of which a person is distinguished by excellent health, increased thinking abilities, experiences a surge of strength and is inexplicably elated.

In the process of increasing mania, the patient's arousal increases, and his actions can become completely unforeseen. Feeling of immense joy can in one instant change to indignation and anxiety.

For people with such depression, various failures and life falls are unacceptable. They have excessive bouts of anger and excessive demands on those around them.

The lack of a critical attitude to one’s own condition is a distinctive feature of mania.

In what situations is an overly joyful mood regarded as a sign of mania?

- The need for rest and sleep disappears.

- Instant change of thoughts.

- A sense of greatness and high self-esteem.

- Obsession in communication with others and increased talkativeness in general.

- The tendency to be distracted by extraneous elements that are irrelevant.

- Hobbies with something that will entail further complications.

- Increased activity and accelerated movements in all areas of life.

Only in a situation where the above symptoms are quite clearly expressed, and also interfere with the normal existence of a person and his presence in public places, experts confidently diagnose mania and prescribe appropriate treatment.

In severe cases, an inexplicable self-confidence of a patient with a diagnosis of mania can gradually turn into delusions of greatness. With this psychological disorder, a person decides for himself that he has the opportunity to communicate with supernatural invisible objects and recognize their voices. Such behavior of patients is very dangerous for people around.

With mania, the speed of thinking of the brain increases significantly, the patient's motor activity increases, and sexual desire increases.

Other forms of bipolar disorder are rare. These include: accelerated circular disorder and moody mania.

Symptoms of the course of such diseases are similar to the above causes of psychological disorder in people.

6. How to get out of depression yourself - 10 tips from a psychologist to get rid of depression

Proven advice from psychologists will help and tell you how to get out of depression on your own when there is no strength to do anything.

Tip number 1. Take responsibility.

Tip number 2. Watch interesting and inspiring TV shows and movies.

Tip number 3. Avoid solitude and loneliness. Communicate with people around you more often. Attend interesting events. Find yourself an exciting activity or hobby.

Tip number 4. Allow yourself to accept help from other people.

Tip number 5 . Turn to the spiritual world.

Tip number 6 . Eliminate alcohol and other drugs completely. They negatively affect the state of the psyche of people and worsen it with each use.

Tip number 7. Adjust your sleep. Only a long and healthy rest can restore the human nervous system.

Council number 8 . Exercise.

Tip number 9. Do something useful for those around you disinterestedly - show love for them, and they will reciprocate.

Council number 10 . Use affirmations.

7. How to deal with depression?

In modern medicine, any, even the most complex forms of mental disorders of a person can be cured. It should be noted that treatment will be most effective if you start it at the first sign of a disease.

Today it is difficult to avoid constant stress at work or in personal life, but correctly selected medication will help to cope with life's difficulties.

Only highly qualified specialists can help avoid depression, these are psychologists and psychiatrists.

One of the most common treatments for depression is psychotherapy. The doctor will help you learn how to properly communicate with others, change the negative style of thinking, and behavior to a positive attitude towards life.

The specialist will help to normalize the emotional comfort of a person and advise how to avoid the recurrence of a mental disorder. In cases of severe disease, electroshock therapy is used for patients. It is prescribed in those situations where the patient for some reason does not accept or cannot take the necessary medications, or in cases where the patient’s condition poses a threat to his life or the life and health of those around him.

The main drug treatment is the use of antidepressants. Choose, advise and appoint, which can only be a professional doctor.

Self-medication is not recommended, and even strictly prohibited.Only a specialist can choose the right medication, which is safe for the patient’s health and most effective in a particular case of a mental disorder.

During postpartum depression, as a rule, a woman feeds her baby with breast milk. In this situation, the selection of drugs should be especially careful so that during the treatment of the mother not to harm her young child.

Improving the condition of patients manifests itself in the first, same weeks of taking drugs prescribed by a doctor.

But, it must be borne in mind that in order to achieve a good result of treatment and its stability, as well as to avoid repeated mental disorders, it is required to use drugs for at least six months, and in some cases, even several years.

8. How to get rid of depression yourself?

In addition to the medical treatment of depression, aromatic therapy is widely used and quite effective today. This is a great way to get rid of certain types of mental disorders without taking medication.

This type of treatment for the disease will be an ideal option for women suffering from postpartum depression, since not all drugs can be used for them.

Aromatic oils penetrate the human body through the pores and contribute to the overall improvement of well-being. With the help of such funds, you can raise your mood, as the aroma of oils has a positive effect on the human brain.

There are several ways to use aromatic oils. You can simply breathe them indoors, add a few drops while taking a bath, use essential oil during massage.

To get rid of mental disorders there is a huge variety of aromatic oils. The most effective are: lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, orange and many others.

Watch the video: Living Through Depression: Julia's Story (March 2020).

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