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Focus on a stormy night, or how to quickly raise a member before intercourse

A car, an office chair and a comfortable sofa are places where modern men spend most of their day. Coffee, beer, fast food, fried meat - the usual diet for many. Representatives of the stronger sex are now thinking about prostatitis and worsening erectile function not only at pre-retirement age, but also at a young age. Even young men often worry about their sexual viability. Unpleasant situations associated with uncertain erections can be prevented. There are several effective ways to quickly increase potency before sexual intercourse.

Rapid drug methods

You can quickly increase potency with the help of PDE-5 inhibitor preparations (enzyme):

  • sildenafil: “Viagra”, “Novagra”, “Konegra”,
  • tadalafil: "Cialis", "Soft", "Tadasip",
  • vardenafil: Levitra.

The principle of action of these tablets is to stimulate the release of nitric oxide from the tissues, which effectively relaxes and expands the lumen of the vessels and cavernous bodies of the penis. A rush of blood enhances erection and prolongs sexual contact. PDE-5 inhibitors are able to significantly increase potency immediately before the act, even with spinal cord injuries, in patients with diabetes mellitus, after removal of the prostate.

These drugs have serious contraindications, so formally their vacation is permitted only by prescription. However, most pharmacies sell such stimulants freely. You should carefully read the instructions and refrain from taking in the presence of problems with pressure, heart, and neurological disorders.

Means of local application

You can increase potency with an instant result with the help of special gels, sprays and creams applied to the skin of the penis. For instance:

The effect of increasing potency occurs in 7-10 minutes. It is achieved due to a rush of blood, local stimulation of the receptors and muscles of the penis. Contraindications: damage to the skin and head of the genital organ, allergic reaction.

For lack of special means, heparin or nitroglycerin ointment can be gently rubbed into the skin of the penis.

There is an unusual way to increase blood flow in the pelvic area, based on thermal stimulation of the foot's reflex zones. To do this, each of them is superimposed on moistened mustard, which are removed after 10-15 minutes.


It is possible to increase blood flow to the genitals and thereby improve erection through simple physical exercises. The implementation of the complex will be useful both on a regular basis and half an hour before the planned sexual intercourse.

  1. Spread legs wider than shoulders with socks apart. Squat slowly to the thigh parallel with the floor, arms extended forward and keeping your back straight. Hold for a minute, observing even deep breathing. It is important to feel the static in the groin.
  2. Lie on a mat on your back, hands on the sides. At the same time, tear off straight legs and shoulders from the floor (about 30 degrees), try to reach your socks with your hands. To freeze in a pose for a minute without holding your breath.
  3. In the supine position, bend your knees, press your feet to the floor. Perform several unsharp pelvic lifts while squeezing the buttocks.

Activate the flow of blood exercises to strengthen intimate muscles:

  • squeeze and relax the anus for 10-15 repetitions,
  • simulate an interruption of urination, slowly straining the desired area and holding the voltage for 10 seconds.

These exercises can be performed both during the day and immediately before the act. The ability to control inguinal muscles can significantly improve the quality of intimate life, especially in terms of control over ejaculation.

How to quickly raise a member before intercourse with medications?

Some medicines give a lasting effect. You can use a tool such as Viagra Soft. This is an analogue of the famous drug Viagra.

The drug Viagra Soft has several advantages:

  1. instant action. The effect of the reception can be seen almost immediately - after twenty minutes,
  2. according to clinical studies, the medicine is effective for five hours,
  3. pleasant taste. The improved medication was issued in the form of a dragee with a light taste of mint (those who do not like capsules will appreciate it).

Viagra Soft improves blood circulation, helps the body recover as soon as possible after ejaculation. Taking medication eliminates the occurrence of involuntary erection.

Another to quickly improve erection using the drug Levitra. The active component of the drug is vardenafil. When taken on an empty stomach, the medication begins to act in twenty-five minutes.

Its advantage is that it lasts five hours. Over the next seven hours, it is not excreted. On average, another five hours an erection will appear faster and last much longer.

How to increase potency quickly with folk remedies?

The trust of our people in alternative medicine is very high. Some of her recipes really make sense.

Many herbs contain beneficial substances, so it is advisable to use them for problems with sexual function. Not everyone can distinguish an effective recipe from an ineffective one.

In addition, not all treatments and herbal supplements are safe for health. To return male strength, decoctions and infusions based on ginseng, lemongrass, flowers of hawthorn, and thyme are used.

You can apply extracts from ginkgo biloba and yohimbe, as well as other natural herbal preparations. Some herbaceous plants improve blood circulation, strengthen the heart and blood vessels. Many of them contain zinc, which is essential for men's health.

They should not be considered as the basis for the treatment of impotence.

Almost all decoctions and infusions in terms of effectiveness are very inferior to modern medicines. In addition, recipes for alternative medicine have contraindications and side effects (although many mistakenly believe that natural remedies are absolutely harmless).

Some herbs can cause allergies. Before using these or other plants, you should consult your doctor.

If he does not find any contraindications, then alternative medicine can be used as an additional therapy. Recipes that help restore male power are not limited to herbal infusions and decoctions.

Traditional medicine uses other proven means:

  1. honey. It has long been considered a strong stimulant for men. You need to use it in combination with carrots, red wine, ginger and nuts. About 500 g of walnuts should be mixed with aloe juice (100 g) and honey (350 g). Mix everything thoroughly. Take the resulting mixture of two dessert spoons. You can prepare another remedy: for this you should combine honey, aloe juice and red wine (in the proportions of 2: 1: 3). The resulting liquid should be infused for fourteen days. It must be drunk before eating,
  2. White wine. An unusual sexual stimulant is prepared from this drink, which acts instantly. To prepare it, you need to take 1 liter of this type of alcohol. 300 ml of orange juice and 150 ml of lemon juice are poured into it. After that, add 50 g of honey, 25 l of liquor, fresh mint leaves, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. The resulting composition is well mixed and heated over low heat to a boil. The drink should be cooled and refrigerated. There he should be for three days. After that, it should be carefully filtered and taken forty minutes before coitus. According to many men, the remedy really works,
  3. coriander. To prepare a powerful medicine for potency, you need to take 30 g of coriander and pour them with 150 ml of vodka. Infuse the mixture for seven days. Eat 15 drops before meals. The tool relieves of depressive states, gives strength and confidence, increases tone and positively affects erectile function.

Vitamins and minerals that help improve erection

Health, including potency, depends on the nutrients that enter the body from food. Substances that increase the ability to have sexual intercourse include vitamins and minerals.

They are indispensable because they increase not only libido, but also the body's ability to conceive healthy offspring. With age, there is a deterioration in sexual capabilities.

Therefore, it is necessary to use products that increase potency and reproductive functions. Problems in sexual life are reflected not only in the psychological state, but also in the performance of all human organs.

As you know, seafood, vegetables, fruits and herbs are foods that improve erections. But what kind of vitamins are needed for potency and in what quantity? Members of the stronger sex, who monitor their health, need to know which nutrients should be consumed daily.

High Zinc Foods

A man should receive such vitamins: B₁, B₃, B₆, B₉, B₁₂, C, D, E. Minerals that increase male strength - selenium and zinc. The main building material for testosterone is zinc.

Without it, the formation of molecules of this hormone is impossible. It is he who is needed to improve potency. The substance increases sperm motility several times. The mineral is found in certain seafood, wheat bran, garlic, nuts and egg yolk.

Selenium is directly involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone and improves the performance of male genital organs.

The substance has a beneficial effect on reproductive functions. It is necessary for the treatment of infertility. Mineral improves sperm quality.

Contained in chicken egg, crab meat, squid, shrimp, rye bread, corn and tomatoes.

Exercise to quickly increase potency

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can increase physical activity in the following ways:

  1. opt for a staircase rather than an elevator,
  2. going to work on foot or cycling,
  3. as much time as possible to walk, and not by car or public transport,
  4. do exercises.

Foods to enhance sex drive

Also, with a decrease in libido, carrot seeds and beans are useful for men.

To increase sexual abilities, it is necessary to eat rye bread and mushrooms. From fruits, pomegranates, lemons, oranges and figs should be preferred. In the vegetable menu, the priority should be for tomatoes, bell peppers, as well as all varieties of onions.

Men will benefit greatly from chicken and quail eggs. In their raw form, they retain all the vitamins, so many members of the stronger sex drink them. But in this form, the product is absorbed worse.

Therefore, to increase potency and increase sperm count, it is better to eat eggs after heat treatment to the optimum state - soft-boiled.

Delicious cocktails

An option for men who do not have time for long preparation. Cocktails will help to tune in to sexual intercourse and provide a quick increase in potency:

  1. 1 tbsp. natural tomato juice, 3 quail raw eggs, a pinch of pepper and salt - shake everything, drink in one gulp.
  2. 2 tbsp. l honey, juice of 1 lemon, 5 walnuts (better to break) - mix and immediately eat.
  3. 200-300 ml of natural dark beer, 0.5 tbsp. fat sour cream, 1 chicken raw egg - mix and drink, but only for people with a strong stomach.

You can combine drinks with a very light non-fat snack in the form of a slice of cheese, fresh fruit or avocado. By the way, the last product eaten on its own can replace the dose of a pharmacy prolongator.

Baths to help strengthen an erection

With regular treatment baths, a man can relax after a hard day.

Such water procedures have a beneficial effect on the condition of the prostate.

To improve an erection, you can use warm baths with the addition of mummy, turpentine emulsion and chamomile.

Massage for raising libido

There are two types of massage to increase potency:

  1. massage that improves blood circulation in the pelvis. It relieves fatigue and stress, increases libido,
  2. massage that helps to influence certain bioactive points that are responsible for sexual activity.

Impotence Prevention

You can prevent problems in your sexual life in the following ways:

  1. weight loss,
  2. quitting smoking and drinking alcohol,
  3. proper nutrition
  4. good rest,
  5. doctor visit.

Useful video

A few working tips on how to quickly increase potency before an act:

Preventing problems with reproductive function is much easier than treating them. In most cases, a weak erection can be increased. About 95% of men who consulted a doctor in a timely manner regain the joy of a sexual life after undergoing a course of therapy.

Water treatments

Swimming is an excellent way to invigorate the body and relax psychologically. In the absence of access to the pool or reservoir, a good replacement would be a contrast shower, which helps to increase overall physical tone, activates blood flow. Procedure outline:

  1. Stand a little under warm water, then increase its temperature so that the body can withstand stress and pain for about 30-40 seconds.
  2. Block hot water, stand under cold for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Turn on the hot again for 20 seconds.

In total, 3 temperature changes are made for a duration of 20 seconds. The procedure ends with cold water with a mandatory wipe of the face. A tingling of the skin will indicate the activation of blood flow and blood vessels.

Exercise and shower take a maximum of 20-30 minutes, but are an effective means of complex treatment of even severe impotence.


To strengthen the oppressed potency will help some foods that are desirable to eat during the day or during a romantic dinner. Nuts, asparagus, seafood, sour cream, parsley, pumpkin seeds, and mushrooms are useful for stimulating libido.

The regular inclusion in the diet of these products, as well as vitamins (A, D, groups B, C. E) and trace elements (phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium) contributes to an increase in libido.

In addition, you can increase the potency before intercourse with a cup of tea with ginger, ginseng root, cloves or saffron.


At specialized men's forums there are many positive reviews about PDE-5 inhibitors. An erection after them really in most cases becomes more confident and lasting. However, some men complain of side effects: headache, blurred vision, nausea.

Many praise intimate sprays and gels, since there are no side effects, and the result is quick and lasting. The only negative is that an allergic reaction is likely, including from a partner with unprotected sex.

In modern medicine, the concept of potency means desire and the ability to perform a full sexual intercourse without problems. This male phenomenon is characterized by a certain feeling of arousal, penis tension, the rate of appearance of an erection, and also the duration of contact. Under the influence of certain factors, potency tends to weaken, which is not very pleasant for any modern man.The urgency of the problem of how to quickly increase potency, especially when a partner is waiting for you, is off scale. But there are tons of solutions. This is a special integrated approach, which consists in observing several rules and conditions for recovery.

Timely high-quality treatment of nervous, hormonal, as well as vascular pathologies is guaranteed to enable a man to feel at his best in any situation. If the reason for a significant weakening of the erection is anxiety, little experience, as well as overwork, you can use the tips that will be presented below.

Light exercise

Quite often, the cause of the deterioration of the reproductive system, as well as the weakening of potency, are stagnation in the pelvis. To correct this situation, you will need to undergo massage sessions and add at least a minimum amount of physical exercise to the daily schedule. This is necessary in order to quickly disperse the blood and thereby make the reproductive system function in full force.

It’s not at all necessary to buy an expensive gym membership; just enough to do exercises every day that will help to quickly increase potency. Is there an opportunity to do this before the act is another question. Go:

  1. Arch. In the supine position, the pelvis rises, but the shoulders do not lift off the floor
  2. Rotation. The legs are shoulder width apart. The pelvis makes circular movements at maximum amplitude
  3. Squats The legs are shoulder width apart. The squat is performed on the exhale, and the return to the starting position is carried out on the inhale

After such exercises, blood circulation in the pelvis improves significantly, which automatically improves the functioning of the genitals. The benefit of exercise is the ability to not only improve blood circulation, but also improve mood, get rid of stress, mild ailment and drowsiness. This is important, since a failure in potency often appears during stress or psychological overload.

Swimming, morning jogging, volleyball and tennis - all these activities can restore the body after stress and quickly restore potency.

Proper nutrition

Eating food significantly improves potency and effectively improves the male reproductive system. There are products that can be consumed immediately before sexual intercourse and thereby ensure a blood flow to the genitals. These are products with a lot of protein of plant and animal origin. Foods such as legumes, soy, low-fat fish or meat should be present in the diet. It is very useful to eat seafood that saturates the body with beneficial microorganisms. Foods like nuts and honey are undeniable potency enhancers.

Weak potency, flaccid penis, lack of a long erection is not a sentence for a man’s sex life, but a signal that the body needs help and male strength weakens. There are a large number of drugs that help a man gain a stable erection for sex, but all have their drawbacks and contraindications, especially if the man is already 30-40 years old. Drops of "M16" for potency not only help to get an erection HERE AND NOW, but act as a prevention and accumulation of male power, allowing the man to remain sexually active for many years.

There are products that have a beneficial effect on the body, but there are also those that have the exact opposite effect. In order not to encounter certain problems in the process of sexual intercourse, it is worth abandoning the use of products such as:

  • Mayonnaise and Ketchup
  • Smoked and Pickled
  • Sausages and sausages
  • Semi-finished and various fast food
  • Carbonated and alcoholic drinks in large quantities

If you adhere to these rules of nutrition, do not eat harmful foods and make healthy ones in your diet, you can not only quickly restore potency, but also prevent the occurrence of problems in the genital area.

Healthy cocktails and drinks for potency

Speaking of proper and wholesome nutrition, one cannot but mention a few healthy cocktails, after preparation and consumption of which you can feel a quick increase in potency. These drinks consist of components that are aimed at increasing the amount of testosterone produced in the blood. Drinking a cocktail provides a certain shake for the male body and for the entire reproductive system as a whole. Here are some drinks that can play an ambulance role for a man before a night of love:

  1. A glass of tomato juice, three quail eggs and a little pepper and salt
  2. Lemon, 100 grams of honey and 5-6 pieces of walnuts
  3. Sour cream beer 500 ml and 100 grams of sour cream
  4. 50 ml cognac, 200 ml cola and a tablespoon of lemon

If you combine such drinks with a light dinner without fatty foods, you can count on a quick flow of blood to the genitals and to automatically increase potency. Light salads of greens and vegetables are optimal, you can add various spices, a small amount of cheese. Healthy cocktails can be used as a dessert with a small amount of alcohol.

Pharmacy creams for potency

The modern pharmaceutical industry has a large number of means of special external use, which can have an instant positive effect on the male reproductive system. Through the use of such funds, it is possible to effectively prolong sexual intercourse, as well as completely improve the body. Here are a few affordable and effective tools that will help in the problem of how to quickly increase potency before the act:

  • Titanium Gel - after the application of which blood flow in the genital area of ​​a man is quickly activated. After application in the penis, the spongy and cavernous bodies quickly fill up with blood, the penis immediately becomes hard and increases in size,
  • Phalloston is a cream that is applied to the penis just before intimacy. The composition of this drug contains such useful and natural ingredients as bear bile, zinc, various medicinal herbs, as well as musk deer musk. The drug is advantageous in that there is completely no smell, after application there is no greasy shine. It can be used discreetly from your beloved half,
  • Rhino - a tool intended for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. This problem is effectively solved through the special composition of the drug, in which antiseptics that are safe for sexual function are present. After applying the cream, a man's overall sensitivity of nerve endings decreases slightly. The drug slightly reduces the level of excitability and allows you to get pleasure from intimacy due to this. The use of this tool must be accompanied by putting on a condom. This is necessary so that the main components of the antiseptic do not penetrate the walls of the vagina,
  • Spray M 16 is a product that is packaged in a small container that can be placed in your pocket if necessary. The use of the spray will significantly increase the overall quality of sex, as well as deliver a partner with incomparable pleasure.

A feature of these formulations is the presence in them of natural and synthetic useful components aimed at enhancing potency, at raising the mood, as well as at strengthening the general sexual sphere and improving the health of the whole organism.

Folk recipes

To quickly and effectively increase potency and stimulate sexual desire, it is not necessary to go to the pharmacy and buy medications. You can use folk recovery methods. In addition to the low cost, there can be noted the absence of side effects that traditional medicine recipes do not bring. Similar home remedies are prepared in different ways, but there is one important rule - to prepare the composition, you only need to use glass or enameled dishes.

El Macho for potency

El-Macho is a multicomplex highly effective due to its active components. His study showed the absence of side effects and a high rate of assimilation, which leads to an instant effect.

El Macho drops contain guarana extract, L-arginine, glycine and magnesium - substances to relieve tension, improve blood circulation in the pelvis, and increase blood flow to the penis. The drug is suitable for patients of all ages.

Special citrus-ginger tincture is especially popular among men who have problems with potency. To prepare it, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Chopped 100 grams of ginger root
  2. The product is mixed with zest from three grapefruits
  3. The mixture is poured with 500 ml of vodka
  4. Everything is thoroughly mixed
  5. The product is left in a dark place for one week.

After 7 days of insisting, the resulting product should be taken in 2 tablespoons about an hour after eating.

Another unique way to increase potency is vodka tincture on pine nuts. Preparing this drug is quite simple. It is necessary to clean 5 tablespoons of nuts, mix them in a darkened bowl with three tablespoons of honey of a very liquid consistency. Everything is poured with vodka in an amount of 500 ml and for about a month is left in a dark place. After insisting, the drug should be taken 2 tablespoons three times a day. Before use, it is advisable to shake the infusion.

Means are prepared for a long time, but at the same time give a positive effect immediately after application. If at least once there is a problem with potency, you can buy a pharmacy and use it while the drug is being infused. In any case, you should not delay the treatment, since the sooner the problem is discovered, the higher the positive result can be achieved.

Benefits of a quick break

To be sure that the upcoming night of love has brought only positive emotions, it is worthwhile to find an opportunity not only to take certain drugs and funds, but also to make some time for a short rest. As practice has shown, for a full recovery and a certain “reboot” it will be quite enough to sleep for about 10-15 minutes in the afternoon. This is an ideal opportunity to maintain a high level of performance and physical activity of men.

Here you must make sure that the time of daytime sleep does not exceed 20 minutes, since you can achieve the exact opposite result. To prevent this, you just need to set an alarm.

Make it a rule, every day from the morning, first thing to start.

Correct daytime sleep can be compared with real meditation and relaxation, it can provide an instant increase in potency. For the reason that little time is spent on daytime sleep, it is worth following a few rules for falling asleep quickly. You need to close your eyes with a towel or a special mask, even out your breath and relax, if possible, the whole body step by step. At first, it will be difficult to fall asleep and especially sleep in 20 minutes, but then this relaxation technique will become a habit.

Correct short-term sleep is a mental break, which makes it possible to quickly remove all emotional tensions and clamps. The obtained forces can be directed not only to increase working capacity, but also to increase general reproductive capabilities. Accordingly, you can solve the question of how to quickly increase potency.

There is a couple of hours left before an important date and it would be nice to know how to quickly increase potency? The video will tell you about easy and effective ways to increase erectile function.


The issue of weakening potency is of interest to a large number of men of different age categories. If certain problems are observed, the modern man begins to deal with the issue of how to quickly increase potency. You should not despair here, since there is a fairly large assortment of drugs and traditional medicine.

Do not forget that treating the problem is unpleasant and costly in time and money, because special attention should be paid to certain preventive measures. It must be remembered that the reproductive system can work in full force only in a completely healthy body. It is important to give up various bad habits and lead a healthy, active and calm lifestyle to the maximum.


  • Incredible ... You can increase the penis by 3-4 cm, extend the first sexual intercourse up to 30-40 minutes, give an anatomically correct shape and enhance the sensitivity of the penis at any age and forever!
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Many members of the stronger sex suffer from malfunctioning of the reproductive system. This can occur both in young and in old man.

How can you quickly increase potency before intercourse? This question is asked by almost all men who suffer from the above problem, or who want to quickly improve an erection before having sexual intercourse with their partner. Consider the most effective solutions in this article.

How to improve potency before intercourse

So, the following are considered the most common methods for increasing potency:

  • balanced nutrition, as well as eating the right foods,
  • physical gymnastics
  • medications
  • methods of traditional medicine.

According to research and statistics, almost 50% of men suffer from decreased sexual activity. This is manifested for several reasons, the most basic and common are:

  • improper daily routine and lack of a balanced diet,
  • with a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle,
  • with a decrease in immunity,
  • chronic fatigue, as well as frequent manifestations of stressful and depressive conditions.

Now we propose to consider how to improve potency before the act in the above ways.

Drugs for a quick increase in erection

A quick restoration of potency in front of intimacy is possible when taking medications sold in a pharmacy. Acceptance of such funds begins only after consulting a specialist, otherwise side effects may occur that can only aggravate the situation.

Consider the most basic and common drugs that a doctor can prescribe:

  • Levitra is prescribed by a doctor with a weak or completely absent erection in men. Its action is aimed at improving erection amid sexual stimulation. It can be prescribed for pronounced sexual impotence. They drink the drug half an hour before an intimate meeting with the chosen one. The duration is up to 7 hours.
  • Cialis is prescribed exclusively for erectile dysfunction. Due to its action, blood flow to the genital organ is normalized, which affects the improvement of erectile function. After taking the drug, it begins to act literally in 10 minutes, and its long-term effect is 1.5 days.
  • M16 spray to enhance male sexual activity is very effective. It is this substance that helps to improve potency in almost all cases.
  • Ziden is used to restore an erection, in its composition contains such a component as Udenafil. Its action begins half an hour after administration, the effect persists for a day.
  • Viagra is the most common drug sold in pharmacies, helping to quickly increase potency before the act. Take this species once a day for 60 minutes before sexual intimacy. Improves attraction, increases potency.
  • Impase in pharmacology is considered a homeopathic remedy. Use it to improve sexual activity, as well as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is recommended to take 60 minutes before the intended sexual intercourse.

Physical exercises to enhance male strength

For men who do not want to take medications, there is a special gymnastics that is aimed at activating improved blood circulation to the genitals. If in the man’s body there is abnormal blood circulation, then blood to the genitals comes in less quantity, therefore, erectile function decreases.

Using a series of special exercises, you can easily improve and increase potency. The advantage of this method is that, unlike drug treatment, there are no contraindications to it.

Of course, it is difficult to say how quickly it will be possible to restore potency with the help of such exercises, because everything is individual, but what is the effect is unequivocal.

Consider special exercises that will help activate the reproductive system:

  1. On the gymnastic mat we assume a supine position on the back, while legs are slightly apart. Strain the muscles of the perineum, then relax. The gluteal muscles should be relaxed, try to tighten the testicles and anus during this movement. It feels like urinary retention.
  2. We sit down on the floor and bend at the knees to the maximum possible angle. Then with our hands we spread our legs in different directions trying to lay them on the floor. We bring the knees together, and with our hands, on the contrary, try to hold them a little. Thus, the muscles of the perineum will stretch, and the potency will increase.
  3. If you stimulate the prostate, then there will be no problems with potency. To do this, we sit down on a comfortable chair and try to pin down the area between the anus and the testicles to the chair seat. The gluteal muscles should be relaxed.
  4. Another way to quickly restore potency is to train your anus muscles. Strain them and relax for 1 time, it is necessary to do 20 times. Perform such exercise per day is necessary about 4 times.

This is only part of the physical activities that are recommended for EVERY man. Also, we strongly recommend that you study the Kegel exercises and these home exercises in order to increase male strength.

Traditional medicine to improve potency

In ancient times, people used only recipes of peoples to improve their health. To increase potency, mainly recipes were used exclusively from natural ingredients. These tips are not forgotten to this day. Consider the most effective ways to quickly increase potency before intercourse using traditional medicine.

Garlic tincture

Peel and chop the garlic to a puree state. In a suitable container combine garlic and vodka. Stir, cover and insist thoroughly for 1 week. Pour the tincture into a suitable container and take 2 tsp twice a day.

Mixture: nuts and honey

  • walnuts and pine nuts 100 g each,
  • honey - 200 g.

Heat the honey slightly so that its consistency is slightly liquid. Sort and peel nuts (if required), slightly chop. We combine them with the beekeeping product and mix thoroughly. We transfer the composition to a glass jar with a twisting lid and store in a cool place. We use 1 tsp twice a day before meals for 20-40 minutes.

Vegetable smoothie with honey

  • fresh carrots, juicy - 300 g,
  • honey - 10 g.

Carrots must be rinsed under water and peeled from the skin, pass through a juicer. In the finished juice, add the required amount of honey and stir until completely dissolved. We divide the glass of the finished drink into three parts and take 1/3 three times a day, preferably before meals.

Some tips for men

To consolidate the effect, use the following tips and tricks:

  1. Before intercourse, it is important to relax a bit. The main thing is to lie on the couch and not think about anything, try to turn off all cell phones, a computer. During the rest, no one should bother you. In time, it should last no more than half an hour.
  2. After you rest, take a contrast shower. Your mood will improve, therefore, testosterone production will be increased. First, turn on warm water, then bearable hot and only then cool. Changing the temperature is allowed about 5 times, and only the body needs to be rinsed. We wipe ourselves with a hard towel.
  3. It is also recommended to drink any hot drink except coffee (we advise you to read how coffee affects the potency of men). It can be hot tea with ginger and honey. The main thing is that the drink benefits the body.
  4. In addition to the drink, you can enjoy pumpkin seeds or a sweet treat with nuts and honey.


To quickly increase potency before the act, you need to relax. Half an hour's rest will help. But first you should turn off all gadgets, TV, radio. You need to sleep or lie no more than 40 minutes. Breathe smoothly, not be distracted, and it’s better not to think about work, but to dream about a date.

After rest, it is imperative to take a contrast shower. It is good to make contrasting baths for the perineum: pour cool water into one basin, hot water into another. Alternately sit in the pots, lingering in each of them for no more than 30 seconds. The number of repetitions is up to 20.

Contrast shower tones the body well, enhances testosterone production and improves mood. And after a shower, drink one of the proposed cocktails and you can go on a date.

Advice! If the soul is not enough for vigor, do not rush to drink strong coffee. It is better to brew a cup of chocolate, cocoa and drink it with a pinch of dried ginger, cardamom. This will help improve mood and quickly bring the body into a “fighting state,” but coffee can lead to dehydration..

Alternative methods for a quick increase in potency

Certain foods will help increase your erection. You can enter them in the diet both in advance and immediately before the act - a light dinner an hour before the comfort should consist of such ingredients as:

  1. Seafood: shrimps, mussels, squid in baked, boiled or stewed form are rich in fatty Omega3 acids, minerals and excellently increase testosterone production.
  2. Baked asparagus is a natural aphrodisiac that can increase potency almost instantly.
  3. Zinc-rich walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts provide a quick increase in erectile function. If you eat nuts regularly (5-6 pcs. Per day), you can forget about problems with potency and depression.
  4. Fresh parsley salad (50 gr.) With a spoon of fat sour cream is an excellent homemade dinner and a means to quickly increase sexual opportunities.

Advice! Nuts with honey is a proven folk way to quickly increase a man’s potency. Taking one spoon a day, a man will not only maintain his erectile function, but also reduce the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular, urogenital system, avoid seasonal colds and many other problems.

A portion of pumpkin seeds, a bowl of strawberries, and an avocado fruit helps to increase potency per hour. These are foods rich in zinc, potassium, contributing to the synthesis of testosterone and therefore increasing not only male strength, but also libido, as well as prolonging sexual intercourse. Here are just strawberries, contrary to popular belief, should not be eaten with champagne or whipped cream, but with a pinch of grated ginger, ground black or red hot pepper and a drop of honey - an impeccable recipe that helps to increase male strength in adult men. Berries can be cut or made from honey, pepper and ginger dressing and mixed with whole strawberries.

Often used baking soda to improve an erection is not an option for everyone. You can try:

  1. Porridge from soda with honey (1 tbsp. L. Soda and 3 tbsp. L. Honey) - take 1 tbsp. l once a day.
  2. Microclysters: 1 l. pure water 1 tbsp. l soda. The product cleanses the body of toxins, prevents inflammation in the prostate.
  3. Baths: 0.5 kg of soda 3 liters of water - mix the mixture, pour into the bath and then lie down in warm water for 30 minutes. Take a shower after bath. A good sedative before bedtime will help you relax and enjoy the intimacy.

Advice! Soda for potency is a controversial recipe, but many men prefer this particular option, which requires systematic use. Remember, a quick one-time increase in courage is promised only by microclysters, however, the effect is temporary and for the stability of an erection it is necessary to carry out procedures at least 3-4 times a month.

Drugs for rapid potency increase

Modern pharmacopoeia offers many ways how to increase potency quickly with the help of external and internal use. Depending on the plans for the evening, a man should choose one of the suitable means of stimulants of sexual energy in tablet form or in the form of gels, creams:

  1. Viagra is a strong erection for 4-6 hours.
  2. Levitra is a prolongator working up to 10 hours.
  3. Cialis is valid for up to 36 hours, guaranteeing long acts and vivid sensations.

Important! All funds must be taken at least an hour before the act. The drugs are sold both in conventional capsule form and in chewable tablets..

  1. Titanium gel provides an increase in penis size, does not cause irritation and does not require rinsing.
  2. Phalloston is applied to the penis before the act, has no smell and does not leave a greasy shine. Due to these properties, you can use the cream unnoticed by the partner.
  3. Rhino cream helps not only in cases where you need to quickly normalize an erection, but also prevents early ejaculation. The cream contains components that reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings, so excitability comes a little later. Be sure to use a condom - the cream can cause mucosal irritation in the partner.
  4. The M16 Safe Spray is not just a tool and option how to increase potency quickly, but also a way to achieve brighter orgasms. The package is small, convenient to carry in your pocket, no need to rinse or rub, no need for condom protection.

Knowing how to quickly improve potency, the prevention of erectile dysfunction should not be neglected. In particular, pharmacy products are aimed at achieving a one-time effect, but you can only heal the problem by eliminating the cause of the pathology. And, of course, do not forget about physical activity and maintaining a diet.

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