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Classic men's coat

A man’s coat is a thing that should be in the wardrobe of a stylish, confident guy. It becomes a good accent of the image and can warm in cold weather. But in order to really create a good image, you need to know what to wear a coat for a man and in the composition of which image it will look most successfully.

A good men's coat is that in the wardrobe it occupies an honorable place and it is worth having for every representative of the stronger sex. For both daily and business style, such a wardrobe item fits very well, because it can be considered virtually universal. The main thing is to choose the right combination of colors and styles and everything will be wonderful. Pea jackets can be worn with sports or military-style clothing, and a classic British coat is better suited to a business or holiday look.

How to combine a men's coat depending on its model

When buying a men's raincoat of a certain style, you need to know what to wear such a thing with and what compositions should be avoided. A man's bow with a coat will look as stylish as possible if all things are well matched. For example, a classic coat can be worn with a business suit, making it a successful complement to the everyday look. It is necessary not only to successfully combine different elements of clothing among themselves, but also to choose accessories for the men's coat correctly so that the image looks successful and holistic.

The trend of this season will be a double-breasted coat, which, depending on the style, a man can wear with suits, things from the style of casual multi-layer images. Coats with bright prints go well with classic pants. For monophonic, classic models, it is worth choosing bright details to emphasize their uniqueness and individuality.

What to wear?

Choosing a men's coat of a certain color, representatives of the stronger sex are wondering what specifically can and should combine such a thing. To deal with this issue closer, it is worth considering the following scheme:

Coat colorWhat to wear
GrayThis color scheme is considered to be one of the classic. This coat can be worn with a business suit, jeans, a tone lighter or darker, shirts, turtlenecks or sweaters. Together with a gray coat, you should not wear very bright things, it is better to create a good, monotonous image.
BlackThis is the most rigorous and formal option. Most often it is combined with business bows and holiday images.
BlueThis is a classic, versatile color. This coat looks good with a classic suit, casual items, clothes of white, gray, blue, lilac, black, lemon shades.
BrownThese options go well with dark trousers, suitable for creating an image in a casual style and daily use.
BeigeSuch a coat should be worn with things that are a couple of tones darker. For a business image, this option is clearly not suitable, but as a daily outerwear or for informal meetings, such a men's coat is perfect.

Under a coat, you can wear shirts, jackets, sweaters or turtlenecks, it all depends on the individual taste of the man and the time of year. With what to wear a black coat, there are few options, but outerwear of other colors can be combined with various wardrobe items, creating new, interesting and relevant looks.

Shoes & Accessories

What to wear with a dark blue coat or what shoes to choose for brown, I would like to know every representative of the stronger sex. In addition, you need to decide on accessories, so that the image looks holistic and appropriate. So, with a light brown coat you can combine classic shoes or sneakers. For dark blue, black shoes or boots are suitable, classic, neat, elegant options. For winter options with a collar, you need to choose boots - black, if the image is classic or other colors, when it comes to brighter bows.

Regarding accessories, it can be scarves, glasses, stylish watches, men's bags. Everything needs to be selected carefully. For dark coat models, a man can pick up accessories of lighter colors, even slightly bright, light and bright coats can be diluted with classic, plain, restrained accessories. A blue men's coat is perfectly complemented by things of a lighter color and bright accents, but you should not experiment with black because this option should be very strict.

Men's looks in a coat

A men's pea coat or a gray coat of a classic cut is what perfectly suits representatives of a strong gender. Single-breasted and double-breasted models, options in the British style or military style emphasize the figure well. There are quite a few models of men's demi-season and winter coats, so it will not be so difficult to choose the best option for the combination.

Here are some stylish looks using a man’s coat that can be considered successful:

  • black suit with a tie, outerwear of a classic cut, black boots,
  • brown overcoat, black pants, white turtleneck, brown shoes,
  • gray pants, white turtleneck, gray outerwear, black shoes,
  • marsh coat with a high collar, gray sweater, dress pants and boots,
  • a coat of dark gray color with a stand-up collar, a scarf collar, denim pants, classic shoes,
  • gray, cropped check coat, classic gray suit, blue shirt,
  • beige coat and black business suit.

In this way, you can create a lot more, the main thing is that everything be done with taste.


A beige coat, brown or blue - this is what complements the stylish image of a man. A black, blue, gray coat with what to wear for men should know every representative of the stronger sex. For example, a brown coat can complement not only business, but also a sporty, casual style, and black can be considered completely formal.

Having picked up the right things and accessories for a coat, a man can always look interesting and attractive. The main thing is to supplement the image with exactly those things that will suit a representative of a strong age by age and type of figure. If a man’s wardrobe has an interesting coat, then he will always look stylish, combining it with various things and creating interesting images every day. A coat is simply a unique thing that must be present in a man’s wardrobe so that he can always look very attractive and fashionable, striking everyone with his appearance.

Classic coat: style features

Despite the fact that classics are a timeless trend, in every season we see how in each season designers demonstrate their vision of style, interestingly beat the usual details, experiment with forms, textures, colors.

Coats in a classic style are sewn from expensive fabrics such as wool, cashmere, tweed, drap, characterized by practicality and versatility. High-quality products are made from one piece of material, budget options can be sewn from pieces, the seams in this case are located on the back, waist.

The color scheme is mostly restrained, although lately designers have been offering men more expressive models of bright colors. The traditional cut of a classic coat (Paletot) is characterized by smooth lines, a straight or slightly loose silhouette, a minimal amount of decor, since the classics do not accept luster and decoration. Product length - to the knee. Elongated cut is allowed. The belt is optional.

A classic coat can be single breasted or double breasted. In the first case, the product is fastened with buttons in a row and has a more loose and informal look. In the second - buttons are arranged in two rows, so that the product looks more solid and formal.


A long coat sits perfectly on tall slender men of mature age. Such a thing, which can be worn by a true dandy, adds an image of respectability and solidity and is an excellent option for combining with a business suit.

A short

A short coat is more suitable for guys, as well as for men of short stature, on which long products do not look quite presentable. It is very convenient for car trips, walks, outdoor activities. The coat can be worn with a classic suit, as well as with things in the styles of casual, sporty chic.

Fashionable stylists recommend having both a short and a long coat in the wardrobe so that they can be used in various situations.

Fashion models

Modern manufacturers of men's outerwear offer a wide selection of products. Today, trench, duffle coat, and crombi belong to the classics, which allow you to create ensembles not only in the classical style, but also casual.

Thanks to this coat, depending on the cut, can be used for everyday wear or for a special occasion paired with a tuxedo.

Consider the most popular models of classic coats.

Duffle coat

Duffle coat is a practical, versatile, single-breasted coat that combines elegance and excellent protection against the cold. The only classic model involving a hood. The length is three quarters, the silhouette is straight. It is sewn from dense wool of deep saturated shades - burgundy, green, blue.

Trench coat

Trench coats (Barrier) are sewn mainly from gabardine - a well-ventilated and dense, warm fabric. Also, manufacturers use wool, cotton, and leather for tailoring. Traditional colors - beige, khaki, black, blue.

Checkered patterns look interesting. Characteristic features of the cut: the presence of a cut in the back, belt, shoulder straps, six buttons in two rows, wide sleeves with cuffs and straps, length from 95 to 115 centimeters.

Polo is a double-breasted American coat. Initially, it was sewn exclusively from camel wool, today designers prefer to work with soft cashmere, ordinary wool fabric.

The cut features include a large English collar, with sharp lapels, a straight silhouette, the presence of patch pockets and a belt, 6-8 buttons. Colors: beige, golden, sand, tan.


Ulster is a double-breasted coat made of dense tweed. The model is ideal for the cold season, in fact, it was invented in Ireland, a country with a harsh climate. The cut is simple, classic. The edges of the coat have a thick, slightly rough edge, pockets are sewn on top, the sleeves have cuffs, a high collar that reliably protects from cold and wind.

The number of buttons is 6-8 pieces. Suitable for creating an image in the style of casual, for the business looks a bit cumbersome.

Seasonal Models

Trench coats are created for the cold season. Even if this is a model for early autumn, it will still be good to warm and protect from the wind. For frosty weather, winter coat models are suitable. Usually these are elongated variations, which are comfortable in snowy and windy weather. Let's try to figure out how the winter and autumn models are fundamentally different.


For a classic autumn coat characteristic:

  • average length
  • slightly fitted cut
  • low collar
  • welt pockets.

In such clothes, a man will not feel stiff, and the image will turn out to be elegant and concise. Youth variations for autumn are represented by short single-breasted and double-breasted products with a stand-up collar or a turn-down collar.

The color palette of autumn models is more varied than that of winter products. Along with practical black coats, the assortment of men's outerwear includes nude tones, light blue and grassy green trench coats.

Interesting! Black color is always out of competition. It is more convenient to combine it, and it suits everyone, without exception.


With the onset of the first frosts, a man should take care of updating the wardrobe. To stay in trend and look elegant, it is recommended to pay attention to winter products in black from drapes or modern technological fabrics with improved protective properties.

In the decoration of winter coats often appears natural or faux fur. Unlike down jackets and parkas, coats are rarely complemented by a hood, so a fur trim is usually present on the collar and / or sleeves.

Black men's coat - assortment

Do not think that all coats are alike. They differ in length, density, cut and style. Even a plain black coat looks different when it comes to a business design product and a modern men's coat for young and confident men.

Fastening methods, design options for pockets, collar types differ. Men who spend a lot of driving, prefer wool coat shortened in length and relatively loose cut.

How to choose a coat model?

More recently, a men's coat was associated with business suits and classic clothes. However, at present, fashion has become more democratic and tolerant of mixing styles and elements of clothing, so the coat has become an integral part of different trends in fashion, for example, casual, military and sports.

Coats for men are straight and fitted, single-breasted and double-breasted, short and medium length, with and without a belt, similar to a military pea coat, with a turn-down collar, a stand-up collar and with a hood, with patch pockets. The color scheme is also quite wide - black, gray, blue, green, beige, brown, mustard, khaki and even red and muffled orange. They are usually sewn from plain woolen fabric, cashmere and tweed.

To choose a coat model should be based on the growth and build of the man:

  1. Tall thin men can afford a coat of almost any style and length. The higher it grows, the longer the coat can be.

  1. Short-coats to the trouser belt or to the middle of the thigh are more suitable for small men of large physique. They should also avoid models with an abundance of large décor and patch pockets.

Regardless of the height and type of a man’s figure, the length of the sleeve should reach the middle of the palm or at least to the base of the thumb when it is extended along the body. Otherwise, the man will look awkward, and the coat as if a couple of sizes smaller.

Single breasted

Products with one row of buttons are practical and convenient. Such coats are always quickly unfastened, and, if necessary, are fixed at the expense of only one central button. Often men wear a single-breasted coat and are wide open. Such variations are appropriate in multilayer ensembles, as well as in warm weather.

A classic coat with a single-breasted clasp is suitable for men of various ages, but more often young men choose office crocheted items with contrast buttons: office workers, students. Under such a coat, cotton or denim shirts are suitable in combination with a jumper or a vest from knitwear. Moreover, the shirt can be left empty. She will look out from under a sweater or vest, giving the male image a slight negligence.

What to wear a men's coat?

  1. Classic models are a coat of wool or cashmere of a straight cut, with a turn-down collar and the absence of any decor, black, gray, sometimes beige, medium length. They are ideal for business suits and trousers in combination with a classic shirt and boots.

  1. In order to create with a coat in the classical style not only a business image, but also an everyday man, you should opt for this item of outerwear sewn from tweed. The tweed coat is more versatile, its fabric, with a characteristic pattern and color scheme, allows you to create more relaxed and casual ensembles with it. It is better to choose a tweed coat in classic brown and gray colors in different shades. You can wear it with classic trousers and suits, as well as with jeans or trousers in the casual style, complemented by a shirt, sweater or sweater.

  1. Military style coat. A double-breasted model similar to a pea jacket is suitable not only for clothes in the same style, but also for clothes in a classic style and in a casual style. For an everyday look, it can be combined with jeans of any style, with a simple cut in trousers and chinos, with shirts and t-shirts, with different models of sweaters, turtlenecks and jumpers.

  1. The coat in casual style implies a less strict cut than the classic one, it can be of any color, short or long, with patch pockets, double-breasted and single-breasted. This coat is combined with shirts, sweaters and jumpers in the same style, with jeans of all models, with chinos and straight trousers, with t-shirts and sweatshirts. The more strict the cut for wardrobe items that are supposed to be worn under the coat, the more the image will be closer to the classic. An interesting combination of such a coat with clothes and shoes in a sports style. Such an image will look extraordinary and original, since the mod now allows such experiments.

Double breasted

The double-breasted clasp is associated either with a strict business style or with a military one. The length of the coat varies. There are shortened articles with a stand-up collar, as well as insulated long coats with a double-breasted fastener and a fur collar.

Paired rows of buttons have a slender effect and give the image an elegance, for which men are especially grateful to double-breasted models.


The presence of a hood brings a traditional coat closer to a modern model for men - a jacket-park. Products in black with a hood are extremely comfortable and fit well with the youth style. They are worn with jeans and leather trousers, slacks and chinos, often complemented with knitted snoods or plaid scarves.

If it is a winter model, then the hood can be supplemented with a fur trim. Plain black coats with a checkered lining have gained popularity among young men, while the lining fabric is visible on the lapel of the hood.


Drap perfectly retains heat. Light autumn models, more reminiscent of elongated jackets, and warm winter coats are sewn from it. Draped trench coats are easy to care for, they do not get very dirty and serve for many years. The classic draped coat does not go out of style and fits into the everyday business image.

When choosing a product, pay attention to the texture of the material and the quality of the seams. The presence of small defects and inclusions indicates the low quality of the draped canvas.

Oversize coats, double-breasted models of military design, as well as stylish products of the raglan style are sewed from drapes. The coat in black does not look gloomy. The material itself is distinguished by pronounced hairiness and plays in the light. For this reason, the coat does not seem dark black, but rather resembles the color of the raven wing with characteristic tints.

A draped coat can be shaded with a natural fur collar made of chocolate, brown or gray.

With a collar

Models with a collar are more common than products with a hood or without a collar like bombers. Male models are traditionally presented with classic coats with a turn-down collar, which can be complemented by curly lapels.

The stand-up collar does not lose popularity. If the lapels are more suitable for elegant business ensembles, then the stand is more practical in everyday life. Such models better protect against wind and frost, eliminating the need to pick up an additional scarf. Products with a double-breasted clasp and a stand-up collar in the style of a military fit perfectly into the street look and warm well in bad weather. Such variations are popular both among young men and mature fashionistas.


Coats made of cashmere are lightweight, have a nice texture and a frightening price. Cashmere remains one of the noble, and therefore expensive types of wool, so products from it can be safely attributed to the luxury class.

If you can’t afford a fully cashmere coat, you can choose a product from a combined material - cashmere is often mixed with budget wool and synthetic fibers. In the second case, it is possible not only to reduce the cost of the product, but also to increase its strength.

A classic design cashmere coat is the choice of business men who prefer expensive and quality items.

The cashmere range includes traditional trench coats, classic single-breasted shawl coats, Chesterfields and carpet covers.


A single-breasted coat was created for hunting, therefore it was sewn from dense heavy textures that reliably protect from bad weather. The traditional color is dark green so that the dirt on the coat is less noticeable.

Today, universal fabrics are used for sewing, facilitating the use of this wardrobe item. Other features of the carpet: knee-length, several times stitched cuffs, two straight pockets, one with a slope and one hidden, pointed lapels, velvet collar.

Important! Due to the style, it does not fit well with a classic costume.


Coat with a hidden fastener, sharp lapels, pockets sewn on top and a slit at the back. Sleeves are straight, without cuffs. The cut is straight, single-breasted, there are no arrows and seams at the waist. Some models are equipped with a velvet collar, which adds a twist to the product. The length of the coat is standard - to the knees. The color scheme is black, dark gray.


A double-sided cobby coat with a secret fastener is sewn of high-quality mixed fabric or tweed. Ideally, the product should sit on the figure, like a glove.

The coat is slightly longer than the jacket, mixes well with jeans and sweaters. Not suitable for business style.


Overcoat - a double-breasted elongated coat in the style of a military, with large metal buttons, epaulets, chevrons and a slit at the back. A short option (to the middle of the hips) is a pea coat, which, as a rule, has a fur collar and a warming lining.

Actual colors

The leader among the fashionable shades is the noble blue, which designers call the “new black”. Indeed, for men who find the black color trivial or too gloomy, blue is a good alternative. Color fits perfectly into the style of the classic direction, used in military and casual.

Models of shades “bottle glass”, terracotta, refined “camel”, burgundy, sky blue, “cream caramel” look interesting.

Men gravitating towards the classics choose traditional colors, which are a win-win option in terms of combinatoriality and versatility.


All shades of gray today are more relevant than ever. Light gray coats look unusually elegant, easy and stylish, they are used, as a rule, in the fall, in dry and warm weather, as the thing is easily soiled. Dark shades of gray fit perfectly into the business dress code. Unlike black, they look more interesting without losing officiality.


A brown coat is an example of excellent taste and restrained chic. Dark shades of brown are mainly used for winter, light - for autumn.

How to wear a classic men's coat

It is widely believed that you can wear a coat exclusively with a suit and classic boots. Fortunately, this is not so. Modern fashion is multifaceted and democratic, and the classics today are not so unambiguous as before.

If we are talking about a classic straight-cut coat, then the suit will certainly be the best companions for it, but less formal models, such as an overcoat, pea coat, duffle coat can be worn with skinny pants, jeans (necessarily dark blue), sweaters and sweatshirts.

How to choose accessories for a coat?

You need to select accessories so that they correspond to the created style of the image. These can be scarves, gloves, hats and glasses.

A classic coat or a two-tone knitted scarf in neutral shades such as black or gray is suitable. To tweed you can pick up a scarf in brown tones. Gloves for a classic coat are selected simple leather black or dark brown. Of hats, a classic hat is suitable, an option for the bold, or a cap.

For everyday style, the choice of scarves is more diverse. They can be of any length and color, for example, burgundy, swamp green, blue, beige or dark red, with a print in a cage and stripes, large and small knits. At the same time, it can be wound around the neck under the coat or on top of it, or simply hung on the neck inside or outside, passing under the collar and lapels. Gloves are selected in the style of the image, in tone with a coat, scarf or hat. Headwear - knitted thin hats of various shapes and sizes, caps and hats in casual style.

The basic rule for choosing a coat, as well as clothing and accessories for it is the existing style of the wardrobe and the place where you plan to wear it. And you must measure all the elements of the ensemble, creating an image. All of them must be combined with each other in style and color scheme, then the image will be harmonious and complete.

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