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How to roll up sleeves on a shirt - 3 ways

Every man, putting on a shirt at least once, but rolled up his sleeves in it. Some pursue the practical purpose of this event (for work), others for convenience in the hot season, and others to emphasize their individual style. Therefore, we will consider several ways to properly roll up the sleeves on the shirt of a man so that it looks appropriate and neat.

Representatives of the stronger sex can, with the help of a light tackle of the sleeve, transform a restrained classic shirt. The main thing is not to tighten it with an accordion, but to make it look outwardly neat and concise.

Why roll up the sleeves on the shirt?

In the wardrobe of every man there are several classic shirts. They can be combined with classic trousers and regular pants. Today it has become fashionable to roll up the long sleeves of shirts, which adds brutality to the male image, and in some cases just helps to keep the cuffs clean.

So, let's look at the most common cases when it becomes necessary to roll up the sleeves of a classic shirt:

  • for convenience. It happens that corporate ethics involves at work only a classic style of clothing. But at the same time, a man actively works with his hands (repairs computers, draws, etc.), then he rolls up his sleeves intuitively for convenience,
  • for cooling. In the summer heat, wearing a shirt is very difficult. To cool down a bit, guys often roll up their cuffs
  • to maintain a stylish look. And the last most common case among young people is the creation of a laid-back style. After work or on a walk with friends, jeans and a shirt with rolled up cuffs look harmonious and even sexy.

Why roll up sleeves on a shirt?

There are various reasons why you want or need to tuck sleeves:

  1. Practical need. If you work with your own hands, for example, when cleaning a garage or repairing a car, in order not to stain your shirt or tear it, you need to roll up your sleeves. In addition, it is much more convenient to work with rolled up sleeves, since nothing prevents you from moving.
  2. Heat. A light cotton shirt with long sleeves is usually suitable for walking along the street and going to work. But what to do when it is really hot outside or indoors ?! Properly rolled up sleeves will help to cool off a bit. It should be noted, however, that you need to roll up the sleeves of a classic shirt only in extreme cases, as this is not accepted by the business dress code.
  3. Style element. Sometimes a man wants to “scream” to everyone around him that he has done his job and is ready to relax in a bar or restaurant after a difficult day. Or vice versa, to dilute the situation in a difficult situation, when it is necessary to demonstrate control over the situation. Sometimes the big bosses take off their jackets and roll up the sleeves of their shirts in front of the audience, demonstrating control over the situation in the more laid-back atmosphere that he created.

How to roll up sleeves on a shirt

In fact, there are many ways to roll up your sleeves, but the best ones are only 3. Remember the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”? So, now we will learn "how to roll up our sleeves in 60 seconds"!

There are some basic principles you need to know:

  1. Roll up sleeves must be no less than 10-15 centimeters from the wrist. Anything less will not look harmonious.
  2. Roll up to the elbow or forearm exclusively in an informal setting, not counting the cases when you were left alone at work in the office and work for everyone else.
  3. It is better not to roll up your jacket or blazer, even if buttons are unfastened there. An exception is the urgent need to roll up your sleeves when there is no way to take off your jacket. On the other hand, men's fashion is changing and this, perhaps, will be taken for another stylish image.

Method number 1. Roll up the sleeves to the forearm

This method is very simple and intuitive. It allows you to free your hands as much as possible, which allows you to work with great comfort.

How to roll up sleeves in the classic way:

  1. Unfasten all buttons on the sleeves.
  2. Turn the cuffs inside out, carefully adjusting the edges. At this point, set the width of the rolled sleeve to the width of the cuff or half the width of the cuff.
  3. Continue to wrap the sleeve, carefully adjusting the width, until you reach the forearm (biceps).

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Method number 2. Roll up the sleeves to the elbow

The next method of wrapping sleeves is perfect for men who have finished work, head to the bar with a jacket thrown over their shoulders to drink beer with friends or colleagues. It is quite simple and does not crush the sleeves of the shirt if you suddenly need to return everything back. By the way, this method looks good with a light sweater, if the sleeves are slightly tucked up to the elbows. He also looks good on thin hands, which is important for many.

How to roll up the sleeves to the elbow:

  1. Open all the buttons on the sleeves of your shirt.
  2. Using the width of the cuffs, wrap 1-2 turns to the elbow joint.
  3. Correct the folded sleeves so that nothing bothers you.

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Method number 3. Roll up sleeves in Italian

The most stylish and interesting method of wrapping sleeves, in my opinion, is Italian. It is interesting in that you can adjust the cuffs and make a difference every time you decide to roll up your sleeves. The only condition is that the back of the cuffs must be different from the color of the front side, contrasting. Have you noticed shirts that have a colored inner lining? It was made precisely so that the sleeves rolled up by the Italian method looked stylish.

  1. As always, open the buttons on the cuffs.
  2. Unscrew the sleeve and stretch the edge so that the cuffs do not reach the elbow a little. You should get a sleeve folded in half, turned inside out.
  3. Next, fold the edge of the sleeve and slightly overlap the colored cuffs, which is located at the elbow. It turns out that you turned the sleeve 2 times on the wrong side. If necessary, align the sleeve at the cuff to open more or less the color inside.

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In fact, you can roll up the sleeves in many other ways: unfasten the button and roll up the sleeve with a roller, you can simply fold the sleeves with an accordion, but he will not stay there for a long time. You can wrap the cuffs on the wrong side, and turn them under the sleeve, however, the sleeves will look strange if you put on a little boy’s shirt and it’s small for you. Etc…. All of them, in my opinion, are full of shortcomings, so I did not consider them in this article. Thank you all and wish you good luck!

When rolling up sleeves is considered unacceptable

First of all, I want to roll up my sleeves in the summer, when the street is unbearably hot. However, this is not always permissible.

It must be understood that rolled up sleeves are first and foremost sign of informal style, there are situations when this is not recommended.

Tuck shirt sleeves appropriate in the following cases:

  • at parties and corporate parties,
  • when visiting bars and restaurants,
  • in meetings with friends and family.

When to wrap the sleeves will be inappropriately:

  • at work, if the position requires a business style of dress,
  • in meetings with business partners,
  • at official events.

It should also be noted that sometimes rolling up sleeves is a practical necessity in order, for example, to wash your hands or when working with dirty objects. In this case, the above restrictions do not apply.

In order to look beautiful and stylish, your shirt must be not only perfectly clean, but also perfectly ironed. You can read about how to iron a men's long-sleeved shirt correctly here. How to properly tuck a shirt so that it looks stylish and is not going to fold.

A shirt is an integral part of not only a business men's style, but also a popular casual style.

Method 1

1. unfasten the buttons of the cuffs,

2. using the width of the cuffs, wrap the sleeve 2-3 wraps until the required length is reached,

3. tuck in the protruding edges of the cuffs if necessary,

4. Gently spread and pull the lapel towards the brush.

Method 2

1. unfasten the buttons of the cuffs,

2. to turn the sleeves inside out by stretching the cuff so that its edge is located above the elbow,

3. straighten the hanging edge of the sleeve, stretch the bend in the direction of the elbow so that the bend slightly overlaps the edge of the cuff, located,

4. Gently spread and pull the lapel towards the brush.

Please note that the sleeves must be rolled up to the length when the edge of the sleeve is more than 10 - 15 centimeters away from the wrist. Otherwise, the lapel may look inharmonious.

You can consider both methods in detail in the video:

Imagine and do not be afraid to experiment, create new and unique images every day.

Why and how to do it right?

There is a practical benefit to twisting the sleeves of the shirts: cuffs are not dangerous for splashes of soup during lunch or dinner, drops of wine at a friendly party.

Why it has become fashionable to tuck sleeves:

  • Also, filmmakers noticed that a man in a shirt with open hands looks attractive: just remember the image of the young Leonardo DiCaprio in the film "Titanic". A white shirt with tucked-up sleeves will accentuate your hands and visually slim.
  • Following the men, women began to wear shirts. And of course, they adopted the habit of tucking sleeves.
  • Teenagers also appreciated this way of wearing shirts. An attentive viewer will see that the heroes of famous TV shows for teens wear shirts with their sleeves tucked up.

Reference! In hot weather or in a work environment, turning the sleeves is not only convenient, but also essential.

So that the cuffs do not puff up and the sleeves look neat, you can apply three stylish ways to tuck the sleeves of the shirt: to the shoulder, to the elbow, and the refined style of rolling up the sleeves in Italian.

Now more about each of them.

To shoulder

The easiest and most informal way to wear a shirt. May become part of everyday style. It is easy to roll up a sleeve in this way in any setting without looking in the mirror.

How to roll up a sleeve to the shoulder:

  1. All buttons on the cuffs and sleeves are unfastened, the cuffs themselves are turned upside down.
  2. After this, it remains only to roll up the sleeve to the forearm. Adjust the width of the segments on which the sleeve is rolled over the cuff.

In the sleeves up to the shoulder it is comfortable to do anything; the main thing is not to use the described method at a business meeting.

Important! Shirts with very thick fabrics should also be avoided. If the sleeve on such clothes is tucked in half, it will be massive and hamper the movement.

Watch the video in which the Italian shows how to roll up the sleeves of the shirt to get it beautiful:

To the elbow

Sleeves to the elbow look equally good on plain clothes, and on shirts with a pattern. Perhaps the most popular variant of wearing a shirt, it is the golden mean: simple, convenient and not too catchy.

Reference! It can be combined with a vest or cardigan with a short sleeve.

The process of rolling up the sleeves:

  1. To roll up the sleeve to the elbow, you need to unfasten the buttons on the cuff and on the sleeve, turn the cuff inside out.
  2. Further, it all depends on what length is convenient. You can do one or two turns, adjusting the length of the cuff.
  3. After it remains to straighten the sleeve and make sure that there are no folds. This method is used by almost all shirt owners. It is most comfortable and suitable for any type of fabric.

This method has a slight advantage. If the sleeve is returned from rolled up, it will not be wrinkled after it is again bent to the front side.


Well, of course I didn’t know a couple of points from the article, I do the rest of the ways by regularly putting on a shirt.

The first method is simpler, but the sleeves will often fall off. The second is somewhat more complicated, but more reliable - this has already been verified.

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In Italian

This way to roll up sleeves is different from others. This is because the color of the sleeve on the wrong side should be different from the color of the shirt on the front. This creates a contrast between the color of the shirt and the color of the cuff.

Important! Unlike the methods above, in the “Italian” version the sleeve turn-up cannot be improvised, like rolled-up sleeves to the shoulder or to the elbow.

Correctly and truly beautifully tuck the sleeve in this way is possible only in front of the mirror: then contrasting cuffs of red, blue and other colors will peek out at an acceptable length.

Roll up sleeves in Italian in three steps:

  1. Similarly to the methods above, first you need to unfasten all the buttons on the sleeve and cuff.
  2. The sleeve is turned inside out to the elbow.
  3. Wrap the inverted sleeve again by closing part of the cuff. It remains to verify that the open part of the contrast sleeve or cuff looks neat.

Reference! It is important to adjust both sleeves, the contrasting color of the rolled up sleeve attracts attention and flaws will be especially noticeable.

Roll up sleeves in Italian is a very effective way. Do not forget that it is characteristic of the classic style of clothing.

How to tuck sleeves in Italian is described in the video:

Models for men with special buttons

Fashion and progress do not stand still: when it is necessary that rolled up sleeves on a shirt do not have to be adjusted or adjusted, designers equipped them with additional buttons. In youth fashion, there are clasps on iron buttons. They are more practical and easier to use.

Special buttons are needed in order to fix the sleeve at the desired length. After the sleeve is rolled up, the fastener with the button holds it in one position and does not allow it to slide down on the arm or straighten it.

It is easy to roll up a sleeve with a fastener:

  • You need to unfasten the buttons on the sleeve and tuck it to the fastener. The distance to the button on the shirt models can be different, depending on it, the sleeve is tucked once or twice.
  • After the sleeve is rolled up, you only need to fasten on the button a special “tongue” sewn from the back of the shirt. (As soon as the sleeve is tucked, it will be outside).

The fact that the fasteners are on top, directly on the front side of the shirt, does not matter: they are sewn from the same fabric as the shirt itself, and are almost invisible when worn.

Important! A shirt with a button-down sleeve looks very democratic and does not require an official dress style. On the contrary, such a shirt can and should be worn with jeans, casual trousers, even with stylish suspenders.

This is how the ways to roll up sleeves look in three different styles:

Each of them has its own visual advantages. Having looked at the photo, it is easy to find an option suitable for yourself.

An important condition for shirts with rolled up sleeves is a correctly selected wardrobe.

For a way to tuck a sleeve to the elbow and shoulder, casual clothes and shoes are suitable; for the Italian version, clothes of a more strict style are selected.

Ways to roll up the sleeves of shirts, with the exception of the latter, in Italian, can be useful for both women and men.

In what images is the fit

Nobody will argue about the convenience of rolled up sleeves of a shirt. Almost every person has ever used this technique. There are various reasons for this:

  1. It’s too hot, and you need to free your hands as much as possible.
  2. I do not want to stain the edge of the sleeve, performing any easily soiled work.
  3. The sleeves are too long and prevent the woman or man from looking at the watch.
  4. It is necessary to make the image less formal.
  5. There is interest in some business and I want to immediately start working.
  6. Creation of a certain style in clothes.

In all these situations, various methods are used, so it will be useful for both men and women to learn how to tuck their sleeves. For physical work, for example, it is reasonable to raise the cuffs to the desired height in a simple classical way. Using this technique to give a fashionable look to perfection is easy if you understand how to roll up sleeves on shirts. Such a detail will become an appropriate addition in street style, casual, sports, safari, military, disco, folklore, floor, oversize. No need to experiment with her in a business, office, romantic way, as clothing can become shocking.

Plaid shirts with a rolled up sleeve are worn with jeans and a T-shirt, and pants without arrows will suit them. And the first ones can also be tucked up, complementing the image with sneakers, moccasins. With shorts, this technique is not acceptable. You can wear a shirt with lapels on the sleeves with a vest, this option will be appropriate at an official reception. In this case, an expensive watch will help to emphasize the status of a man.

What is the best way to roll up sleeves on a shirt and why do it

If you learn how to roll up sleeves on a man’s shirt, you can easily transform a strict element of clothing into a stylish wardrobe item in casual style.

Only at first glance, it seems that wrapping the sleeves of a shirt nicely is not difficult, but one wrong move and instead of stylish turns will make you uncomfortable cushions. Let's figure out how you can roll up the sleeves on the shirt so that the image is moderately concise, with a touch of sexuality.

Why roll up sleeves on shirts

  1. Practical need. If there is a need to do the work with your hands, it is better to take care of the cleanliness of the clothes.
  2. Hot weather. Some companies have a strict dress code, according to which even in the summer you need to wear a shirt with a long sleeve. In this case, you can roll up your sleeves and provide air to the body. However, the question - how to roll up sleeves on a shirt with cufflinks - is more theoretical, because in accordance with the rules of the business dress code, this is not accepted.
  3. Image element. From the point of view of psychology, rolled up sleeves of a shirt demonstrate self-confidence, control over the situation.

How to roll up sleeves on a shirt beautifully - from theory to practice

There are a large number of ways to roll up sleeves, but we have chosen the simplest and fastest. So, remember the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” and learn how to transform the sleeves of a shirt in 60 seconds.

Before starting to practice, a few recommendations from experts:

  • the minimum distance from the brush to the edge of the opening is 10 cm,
  • rolling up sleeves is permissible only in an informal setting, or if you work in a company where employees do not care about the appearance of employees,
  • you can roll up only the sleeves of the shirt, but the sleeves of the blazer or jacket are better left alone.

More clearly about how to properly roll up the sleeves on the shirt, see the video.

How to properly tuck sleeves on a shirt - the five most popular methods

Of course, you can go the simple way and, without thinking twice, roll up your sleeve with a tube or roller. But think - is it in your plans to crumple your shirt? Of course not. It does not look aesthetically pleasing and spoils the appearance of a thing.

It turns out that you can easily and simply wrap the sleeve so that it is as simple as possible to return the shirt to its original appearance. Sounds tempting? In this case, let's figure out how to properly roll up the sleeves on the shirt.

Option 3 - Italian

On the question - how to tuck the sleeves on the shirt in Italian - we will dwell in more detail. This method looks stylish, as if in front of you is not a man, but a confident gangster. This method is also interesting in that it allows you to adjust the cuff.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • unfasten the buttons on the cuffs
  • lift the cuff to the desired height,
  • straighten the sleeve
  • Wrap the rest of the sleeve to the cuff, but so that its edge remains visible.

Two conditions to complete the Italian twist: you need to unfasten all the buttons on the sleeves and you need a shirt with a multi-colored, contrasting wrong side of the cuffs.

Returning the shirt to its original version is very simple - just pull the cuff down.

By the way, this method is perfect for more refined and elegant women's shirts. Of course, it is not suitable for blouses made of thin fabrics, and it is not necessary to roll up sleeves on light, summer clothes. But on more dense fabrics such an elegant way will look very stylish. Accordingly, the question - how to roll up sleeves on a denim shirt - is relevant for men and women.

More clearly about how to roll up sleeves on a shirt, see the photo.

Method 5 - how to roll up sleeves on a shirt with a button

In this case, the answer is hidden directly in the name of the method. It is necessary to tuck the sleeve in the classical way and fix it with a button. The main thing in this method is not to roll the sleeve with a roller. However, stylists believe that for everyday use this method is outdated.

Method 6 - Elegant

This method can also be called the most unusual. If you follow fashion trends and love to be in the spotlight, follow this advice - tuck the sleeve so that the cuff is exposed. This method is suitable for both men and women.

What stylists recommend

If you believe that the rolled up sleeve symbolizes freedom of spirit and informal style, you are absolutely right.

But, if you think that in such an insignificant detail as the sleeve turn up there are no rules, you are mistaken.

The main danger is that a minor mistake will make you look like you finished work in the garage five minutes ago.

So, recommendations of stylists will help to avoid mistakes:

  • regardless of the chosen method, model and fabric of the shirt, the distance between the turn and the brush should be at least 10 cm, otherwise the shirt will visually look several sizes smaller,
  • You can only turn up the sleeves on a carefully ironed shirt, if you try to do the same for things that have already been worn, the reputation of a stylish, well-groomed man will be lost,
  • do not tuck up the sleeves of jackets, jackets and blazers,
  • turning the sleeves of the shirt, carefully make sure that no wrinkles appear, after each turn of the fabric smooth it,
  • the optimal length of the turn is slightly higher than the elbow line, the shirt is tucked up to the shoulder in exceptional cases when you need to do some work,
  • careless twisting can only be allowed in the case of denim shirts.

How to wear a shirt with tucked sleeves

Turns on the shirt sleeves require compliance with a certain style and a careful selection of other details of the image. If we are talking about a classic shirt, then wearing it even with lapels is possible only with classic trousers.

If the image is more informal, casual, it is permissible to supplement the shirt with trousers without arrows. However, if you are a rebel in spirit and like bold experiments, read the article on how to wear a shirt with jeans for a man.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to wear a shirt with rolled up sleeves with shorts. Such an image looks out of place in any situation and setting.

It is permissible to tuck the sleeves of the shirt and put on a jacket on top. This image is suitable for formal occasions.

If it comes to casual style, jeans are acceptable, you can wear a t-shirt under your shirt, and comfortable moccasins or sneakers on your feet. To make the image holistic and harmonious, underneath on jeans you can also do upside downs. Read about how to properly tuck men's jeans in our blog.

If you want to demonstrate your status, put a watch on your hand and then a rolled up sleeve will demonstrate your status item.

Some practical recommendations

  1. Stylists recommend rolling up their sleeves only at shirts made of thick fabric, since in this case the lapels keep their shape better and look neater.
  2. The thing needs to be ironed before rolling up the sleeves.
  3. Roll up your sleeves without rushing, calmly, make sure that there are no folds.
  4. Be sure to check if the sleeves are the same after the turn, just fold them together.
  5. For each shirt, the twist must be selected individually, experimenting and imagining a little, since the width of the cuff for each shirt is different.
  6. Do not make perfectly flat lapels; if they turn out too right, it will look too boring and pedantic. It is better to give the image lightness, a certain negligence.

Highlight your look with one simple yet stylish piece.

As stylists note, only one careless detail and shirt miraculously transforms into a stylish element of the image. Thus, it is possible to give things a second life, they will look in a new, original way. All you need to do is wash the item, iron it and gently tuck the sleeves, following the instructions.

Important! Sleeves can only be tucked in shirts with tight cuffs that hold their shape.

We suggested the most relevant and stylish ways to tuck sleeves. Of course, you can just roll up your sleeve with an accordion, turn the cuff inward, but in this case the image will turn out to be groomed, sloppy.

And how do you tuck your shirt sleeves? Share your opinions and recommendations.

What are the ways?

There are many ways to effectively roll up your sleeves, but they all comply with the following rules.

  1. The cuffs are rolled up at a distance of at least 15 cm from the hand. If you do not adhere to this principle, then visually the hands will look shorter and rougher.
  2. Tackling to the elbow or forearm is appropriate only in an informal environment at work, such a solution will be most successful.
  3. If you roll up your shirt sleeves normally, then you should not carry out such manipulations with your jacket, even if the model involves the presence of unfastening buttons. The jacket is always off!

So, let's look at the three most commonly used and most fashionable types of tackle.

To the forearm

This method of rolled sleeve among men is the most popular and intuitive. First you need to unfasten the buttons on the cuffs. Next, the cuff is turned on the wrong side.

This movement should set the width of the future tackle. It is best to make it equal to the width of the cuff or its half. We continue to roll up the cuffs, adjusting its edges to about the biceps.

What styles are appropriate?

It is important to choose all the details of your image correctly, if you want to complement it with a classic shirt with rolled up sleeves, you need to complement your image exclusively with trousers. They can be not only a classic cut with arrows, but also a more loose style without arrows, which is quite acceptable if you dress in casual style.

You can complement shirts with rolled up sleeves with stylish jackets. This option was appreciated by mods and is often used when going to special receptions. An open wrist will help to demonstrate to everyone around expensive accessories that will tell without a word about the wealth of a man.

Simple ways

A schematically simple tucking of the sleeves of a shirt is as follows:

  • sleeves are straightened over their entire length,
  • buttons are unfastened and cuffs are also straightened,
  • the cuff is neatly tucked up, the created bend is straightened,
  • the action is repeated several times until the desired length is reached,
  • folds straighten each time, including at the end.

Before turning the sleeves on the shirt, you need to decide which part of the hand will become open: the hand, forearm, elbow, half of the humerus. Any of these options is possible.

It is necessary to adhere to the rule: if the bottom line is raised up less than 10-15 cm, the men's shirt will look like “from a younger brother”.

The technique described above can be applied on a shirt with a long or short sleeve. Before you start wrapping it, you need to think about how the product's style and material are suitable for this. From a practical point of view, the following restrictions apply:

  1. The sleeves of things sewn from silk, synthetic, acetate, and too thin fabrics do not hold well wrapped. In this case, the width of the lapel is involuntarily reduced, up to the complete folding "into the pipe" or a gradual lowering.
  2. Not suitable for loosening the male version with cufflinks.
  3. It is impossible to make the lapel neat on modern models of shirts without a cuff, as well as sleeves with a style with an extension to the armpit.

Shirts styles in which the lapel looks good:

  • bilateral
  • with a button located on a special element for securing the lapel (in the expanded state, such a detail is hidden inside),
  • equipped with a double cuff closure.


To wrap a shirt in a classical way means to unscrew its sleeve by 3 or 4 deferred cuffs. In this case, the length to the elbow or directly above it is obtained. This way of giving the appearance of some swagger and a touch of sexuality is often used by office workers at the end of the day. This is a demonstration that the severity in the suit is reduced, the person relaxed. Despite the fact that the difference in the size of the lapel is not so significant, these things look differently. The disadvantage of this method is not recommended for shirts made of silk and some other materials.

Three quarters

You can raise the sleeve by three quarters of the length of the arm by carefully folding the cuff, laying it with an accordion or curling it with a roller. In this case, the item of clothing will be dented completely. In addition, such a lapel does not hold well and with any straightening of the hand will tend to straighten back. Such methods are often resorted to when they create the image of a macho man who does not accept accuracy.

Those with hands of small thickness, with such options for lapels should be careful. A sleeve with a hem three quarters further emphasize thinness. For these guys, designers offer a comprehensive version of the turn: first - twice (or once) to unscrew the cuff, and then pull up to the desired height.

There is an opinion that the sleeves bent to half the elbow of the arm give the width to the shoulders, which is beneficial for any male figure.


For those for whom an office style is required in clothes, it is important to know how to roll up sleeves on a shirt so as not to leave the image of a business person. For such a status, in principle, turning off this element of clothing during working hours is unacceptable. If this needs to be done, then an elegant twist is the following:

  1. Determine whether the entire width of the cuff or its half will be laid in the basis of the lapel.
  2. To straighten the unfastened cuff.
  3. Carefully wrap up the first lapel and carefully smooth the fabric at the fold.
  4. Make several similar lapels to half the radial part of the arm.

The fabric should not look jammed. Each turn is accompanied by smoothing of creases and manual “ironing” of folds.


Shirts with a long sleeve, turned away in the Italian style, look stylish. Despite the fact that the method is simple, it looks elegant if the quality of the fabric allows it. Phased execution is as follows:

  1. Spread the sleeve down, unfasten the button.
  2. Taking the cuff on the lower edge, take it up, just above the elbow.
  3. Fold the lower half-folded fabric in half again.
  4. Partially apply the newly obtained fold to the cuff, covering it by three quarters.

The lapel is especially beautiful when the inside of the cuff is made with another fabric (for example, in a cage or print). Another condition is the sufficient density of the material. For shirts from light fabrics, the method is not recommended.

For shirts with a button

Manufacturers in large quantities make shirts equipped with special buttons for lapel sleeves. The fittings are usually located on the outside of the clothing item, at a height of one third of the elbow. A special strap is attached to it, which is sewn inside and holds a sleeve that wraps it 360 degrees. Such models are suitable for men, women, adolescents, children. They are practical and functional: at any time the sleeve can be unfastened and straightened. Such options are often used on workwear, as well as in sports and youth styles.

Nuances depending on the type of fabric

The gateway looks good on cotton, jeans, synthetic fabrics with the addition of lycra, twill. Products made of such materials should be wrapped with a careful expansion of each layer of the hem. Such varieties are slightly milder: velveteen, oxford, poplin, jacquard. The fabrics of this texture do not hold the shape of rolled up sleeves well, twisting options are acceptable for them. Silk, polyester, flannel, knitted, nylon materials should not be rolled up at all. They will not stay in this position unless pre-secured with threads.

There are recommendations regarding the patterns on the sleeves that you plan to tuck. Ideal when men's shirts are made in the same color scheme or decorated with a small frequent print. For shirts with a large pattern, the solution is double-sided fabric.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Today's fashion is not so strict with rolled up sleeves. Nevertheless, to look fashionable and beautiful, you should remember the rules:

  1. The lapel should not be less than 10-15 cm.
  2. A white shirt with rolled up sleeves loses its impeccability.
  3. Do not raise the sleeves to the armpits.
  4. Models made of materials with large bright patterns can only be wrapped using the accordion method.
  5. Not suitable for tucking silk fabric, flannel, knitwear.
  6. In a simple style of clothing, as well as in a soft romantic, turned sleeves are an extra detail.
  7. An elegant option for rolling up is suitable for women, but you should not tuck the light, airy fabric of the blouse.
  8. The Italian lapel looks stylish on men's shirts with a cuff, the color of which differs from the inside and outside.

Having resorted to using such a detail as rolled up sleeves in his image, a person sometimes underestimates their significance for the overall image. From the outside, this does not always look harmless and correct. Taking into account the above recommendations, you can avoid unwanted sloppiness in the image, swagger and even outrageous.

Watch the video: How To Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves 3 Ways 3 Ways To Roll Up Your Sleeves (March 2020).

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