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How to find out testosterone levels: how can a man check his score without leaving home

It is well known that testosterone is responsible for sexual desire and erectile function. But this hormone is also involved in many other processes: it stimulates the development and growth of muscle mass, ensures the normal density of bone tissues, and affects the fat metabolism.

Hormonal imbalance is fraught with overweight, fading of sex drive, memory impairment and other problems. Recognizing the signs of low or high levels of testosterone in time, you can begin to restore it and maintain health. Fortunately, there are ways to do this at home.

Signs of Low Testosterone

Doctors advise annually taking an test for testosterone levels. And both men and women. It is better not to start the situation, waiting for the first signs of hormonal imbalance to appear. But if this is not possible or it is too late to think about prevention, then you can determine the decrease or increase in the concentration of the hormone according to the characteristic symptoms.

The most obvious sign of impaired testosterone synthesis is a decrease in libido, accompanied by erectile dysfunction and a lack of sexual desire. Another important symptom is overweight. Testosterone inhibits the activity of lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that is responsible for transporting lipids to visceral fat around organs. With a decrease in its level, the enzyme becomes more active, and fat mass increases.

Attention! In women, obesity can occur with both low and high levels of the hormone.

A low concentration of testosterone in the body leads to poor mood, loss of strength, drowsiness, chronic fatigue and loss of muscle mass. If you eat and exercise properly, but cannot take the weight that you recently had with ease, take a blood test for testosterone. Another pronounced sign of a decrease in its level is memory problems.

Signs of High Testosterone

Elevated testosterone is most dangerous for women. It leads to the appearance of acne, excessive oily skin, hyperkeratosis - a condition in which the natural cleansing of the face from the old epidermis is impaired, as a result of which it becomes rough and dark. In addition, hormonal imbalance is fraught with a malfunction of the menstrual cycle.

Testosterone activates areas of the brain responsible for aggressiveness. Cortisol and serotonin reverse this process. Excess testosterone and the previous concentration of hormone antagonists make this process uncontrollable and lead to the manifestation of negative.

Attention! A calm and balanced person can restrain anger, but he will be capable of unjustified and thoughtless risk.

Testosterone Level Questionnaire

You can determine the level of testosterone using special questionnaires. One of them is ADAM (Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males questionnaire). To suspect male androgen deficiency, it is enough to answer only 10 questions:

  1. Does your lack of energy bother you?
  2. Have you lost body or muscle mass?
  3. Has your interest in sex decreased?
  4. Do you have a weakening of a morning, situational erection?
  5. Do you feel weak, drowsy after dinner?
  6. Has your performance dropped recently?
  7. Do you often feel mood swings, apathy, irritability?
  8. Has your ability to enjoy life decreased?
  9. Do you feel a decrease in activity, stamina?
  10. Do you find it harder to play sports?

List of existing methods

You can check the level of testosterone in only two ways: a laboratory blood test and external signs. The first test is more reliable and can give the most accurate quantitative characterization of the hormone. The determination of biologically active testosterone in blood serum is possible only in a laboratory of a medical institution, which makes this test not so accessible for a simple man who simply does not want to visit a clinic or hospital. In addition, the analysis in most cases is carried out on a paid basis. Although an express test has now been developed with which you can measure testosterone at home. This is rare in domestic pharmacies, but in the West this is no new thing.

A testosterone test conducted in the laboratory helps to quantify. Check if there is a decrease or increase in androgen, possibly without leaving your home apartment. The test is inaccurate and gives only indicative value, but it becomes possible to find out your testosterone level without the participation of a doctor. To do this, you need:

  • Perform a general examination, pay special attention to the external genitalia.
  • Explore the properties of sweat.
  • Monitor the frequency and quality of erections.

A sign of a decrease in testosterone in the body is a weak stubble on the face.

How to find out the steroid content by external signs in men at home, if there is no way to measure the amount in the laboratory - more on this later.

General inspection

With a decrease in testosterone, a number of external signs suggest this condition - this is the easiest and most proven way to determine the androgenic saturation of the body. The following symptoms help to suspect pathology:

  • Absence or inadequate hair growth in the armpits and pubis.
  • Weak stubble on face.
  • Voice with high timbre.
  • Lack of muscle tissue.
  • Deposition of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen.
  • Dry and peeling skin.
  • Excessive sweating.

With a normal hormone content, none of the symptoms listed will be so pronounced.

Particular attention should be paid to examining the external genital organs. As you know, the testes are a male organ that performs testosterone synthesis. Accordingly, by their size, we can indirectly talk about how actively they perform this function. If the testes are small and atrophied for a long time, the person probably has low testosterone, then there is no need to even check anything in the laboratory. If they look large and full, then this may indicate normal or high testosterone and good production of seminal fluid.

Under certain circumstances, the synthesis of androgens decreases, and sometimes increases, the size of the genitals changes accordingly. You can check this position yourself at home. For example, testosterone in men is adversely affected by the intake of hard liquors. Inspect your genitals before going to the banquet, try to find a landmark and measure the size, then in the morning, after walking, check if something has changed. Of course, this method of determining testosterone is very subjective, but completely free.

Sweat research

You can find out the amount of the hormone indirectly if you determine how the sweat smells. At first glance, the idea of ​​such a test sounds pointless and even stupid. But this method has a logical scientific justification. Scientists during their experiments learned that testosterone affects the functioning of the apocrine glands of the skin. The secreted fluid of these glands is rich in various substances characteristic of a particular person, which makes the smell of sweat a special feature. In some literature, the term “apocrine sweat” is found, which has a harsher, bitter and unpleasant odor.

The amount of testosterone in the body can be determined by the smell of sweat.

The work of the apocrine glands is regulated by testosterone, respectively, an excess of the hormone stimulates their functioning, excessive sweating with a characteristic odor is observed, the lack is manifested by the opposite effect. In children before puberty, the apocrine glands function poorly, sweat fluid does not have such an unpleasant odor, because the body has few androgens.

Relationship with erectile function

A good erection is directly dependent on the level of testosterone. Depending on how often it occurs in a day and with what force, the quantitative content of testosterone can be determined. It is clear that when there is not enough testosterone in the body, a person experiences certain difficulties in an intimate life, and the more androgen there is, the easier it is to get an erection.

A pattern was established, due to which the need to measure the hormone in the blood in the laboratory disappears, provided there are no signs of other diseases. According to observations, erection problems develop when the testosterone content is about or below 300 ng / dl. For young people under 30, this number is slightly higher (some report erectile dysfunction at 400-500 ng / dl). At 800 ng / dl, men do not even think about problems in sex.

What to consider when conducting a survey

Whichever test you choose for the study, you should know that the testosterone content is variable and depends on a lot of factors. First of all, it is worth considering age. It is believed that the production of male testosterone begins to decline from about the age of thirty, a further decrease of about 1% per year. The appearance of a person will change, this will affect sexual function.

With age, the level of testosterone in the body decreases.

A significant impact on the indicator has a habitat. A study was conducted when it was necessary to measure testosterone in people of different ages with a residence in the city and in the village. This study showed that in rural areas people after 50 years have the same amount of testosterone in the body as young boys born and living in the city. This difference is due to the characteristics of labor. In the village there is more physical work, a large number of household duties (garden, household), while in the city office work predominates.

The test results will be incorrect if you take any medications that may affect the synthetic activity of the testicles.

To make sure this judgment is correct, it is worth checking for side effects according to the instructions attached to the medicine. It is recommended that you refuse to use home remedies of traditional medicine, since any test is likely to show a false result.

How to know the level of testosterone in men, you now understand. Which way to choose is up to you. But if you have serious health problems, it is best to seek the help of a doctor and measure the steroid in the blood with a more reliable laboratory test. Good luck

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