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To the large genital organ to be - how to enlarge the penis and fix the effect forever?

No need to conduct regular polls among the male population to find out - most are dissatisfied with the size of their penis. Moreover, the answers about how much I would like to enlarge the penis are limited to 1-2 cm. In fact, such “achievements” can be easily achieved without resorting to operations. And to master the techniques and methods available to everyone.


The effectiveness of such methods of "building up" the genital organ is explained by physiological processes. At the time of the onset of erection, the elongation and thickening of the penis occurs due to the filling of the cavernous bodies with blood. The greater and stronger the excitement, the “stronger” the member will be. These cavernous bodies themselves can be stretched a little, then there will be more “vessels” for blood, which means that the penis will be thicker and longer.

The main recommendation when performing any proposed exercises is compliance with safety precautions. The first is the use of a good water-based lubricant. The second is to prevent pain in the process. It is almost impossible to harm with massage, and the beneficial effect affects not only quantitative indicators, but also the quality of sexual life.

Myth or truth?

It is believed that the male penis cannot be enlarged. Often you can find offers that do not bring real benefits, and therefore it seems that the methods of increase are deception and fraud. This is actually not the case. And you know about it, if, of course, you read this material. Although the size of the penis is determined by heredity and developmental characteristics, it is quite possible to influence them. And proof of this - photo reports - the results of an increase in the member of our readers.

The desire to enlarge the penis is quite normal, especially since now there are a lot of opportunities to do it realistically. You can use them both at home and in the hospital. Of course, you cannot decide on the choice of the method yourself, because you can cause irreparable harm to your body.

Before starting the enlargement procedures, it is necessary to consult a doctor so that he conducts an examination and gives useful recommendations, as well as tells in detail what to do next to increase the penis. Andrologists deal with such sensitive issues, and many of them have considerable experience in this field.

What size is considered normal?

Starting from 11-12 years old boys begin to “measure” their dignity, figuring out who is longer and thicker. And some teenagers for many years provide themselves with an inferiority complex if they decide that they have “less than the norm”. In fact, only a size less than 8 cm in an erect state is considered to be a pathological micro-term. Such a “format” of the genital organ is recognized as an anomaly and may even be the cause of male infertility: it does not penetrate deep enough during intercourse, sperm are not able to overcome the vaginal obstruction and enter the uterus.

In other cases - the medical norm. Even a small, 10-12 cm, penis can perfectly satisfy a woman.

A few tips on sexual techniques:

  1. Do not attempt to penetrate as deep as possible. There are many more nerve endings outside.
  2. Choose a position in which the clitoris of a woman will be stimulated at the same time. A good option is considered a “rider” or Doggy Style.
  3. Do not focus your partner’s attention on the size of the organ. If you try to give pleasure, then the "technical characteristics" will not be significant.

Mutual feelings and attraction are much more important than sizes. On the contrary, an excessively large penis can hurt a woman, especially if she is not very tall, petite and with an unstretched vagina. However, if a man still remains dissatisfied with the dimensions of his penis, he may try to use the knowledge on how to enlarge a member at home.

Wet jelking technique

According to reviews, this is the most effective method to increase the reproductive organ. It does not require large expenditures (it is enough to give it 10-15 minutes 3-4 times a week), and the effect persists even after the massage procedures are completely stopped.

In stages, this method is as follows:

  • Penis warming. Alternatively, you can sit in a hot tub, but you can use any heating pad. Also, a hot towel that needs to be wrapped around the penis is suitable. The main thing is to prevent burns and stop heating when you feel a pleasant warmth,
  • Lubricant application. Any water-based lubricant will do. It’s better to put the tube nearby, so that in case of discomfort, add a remedy,
  • Stimulation. The technique resembles masturbation, but this is only at first glance. It is necessary to connect the thumb and forefinger, forming a ring. Sliding is with the compression of the penis and slowly - one “lift” should take about 30 seconds. Fingers do not touch the head, and such repetitions are recommended at least 50,
  • Squeezing. You should clasp the fingers of both hands and place a penis between them. Next, you need to squeeze it with your palms for 5-10 seconds, simultaneously pulling the organ in different directions. Such approaches should also be about 50.

Not newcomers to the wet jelking technique can afford to perform this procedure several times a week, bringing the number of approaches to 100 or even 200 times. The load should be gradually increased - this is a success factor for the whole event.


There are several most effective methods that contribute to the growth of a member. They are available to any man (even a teenager) who wants to solve the problem of small size. These include the following methods:

  • surgical intervention,
  • the use of ointments, sprays, gels,
  • exercises and massage,
  • the use of pumps, extenders and other devices,
  • the use of folk remedies.

How to enlarge the penis at home?

Men who want to change the dimensions of their “dignity” to a large extent are often sent to a plastic surgeon. However, this method is, firstly, not cheap, and secondly traumatic. Without urgent need to perform surgical operations on the penis is not recommended in view of its increased sensitivity. Some men after surgery complain of a decrease in the quality of sexual sensations. Non-surgical methods are not so fast, but much safer.

Dry jelking technique

The main difference from the previous method is that massage is performed without the use of lubricant. Therefore, it is so important to follow the regulations in order to prevent injuries.

In general, the recommendation is as follows:

  • 5 minutes - warming (heating pad, hot bath, towel),
  • 5 minutes - stretching (grasping with the palm of the penis and pulling it in different directions),
  • 10 minutes - jelking (efforts are slightly less than with wet). The number of repetitions is also better reduced to 25-30 times,
  • 5 minutes - warming (it is better to prefer a bath in order to relax the tissues as much as possible).

Both dry and wet jelqing show a lasting effect after six months / year of regular training. Therefore, you should not expect a quick result. Also, such methods have a positive effect on the duration and quality of sexual intercourse.

Surgical intervention

The operation to increase a member is currently considered one of the most effective ways, however, one “want” will not be enough here. So not only the length, but also the thickness of the organ can be improved. An experienced plastic surgeon will carefully study the anatomical features of the penis to make the right decision. Next, an intervention will be performed, after which the patient will be under the supervision of qualified specialists: urologists, andrologists. This will allow for the proper postoperative recovery and restoration of sexual functions. It is possible to enlarge the penis through the intervention of the surgeon up to 4 centimeters, which for many will be a really tangible result.

The operation is performed by crossing the muscles that support the penis from above. Then they are sewn in a new place, slightly lower than it was before.

Before deciding on an operation, it is necessary to weigh all its pros and cons. The main advantage is a high level of efficiency. As for the cons, here we can include:

  • bleeding,
  • wound infections
  • prolonged edema
  • temporary decrease in sensitivity,
  • pain during erection.

Later, they usually disappear. But even after a long time, some problems may arise. The most common consequences include:

  1. Change the angle of the erect penis.
  2. Penis instability during intercourse.
  3. Deformation and curvature of the penis.
  4. Erection Disorder.

1. Jelking

The story of our reader to increase

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The jelking technique has existed since ancient times - it was used by the Romans and Greeks, it was widely used in the East. The principle is based on the fact that the penis is a cavernous body, that is, it can be increased by regular stimulation.

The jelking technique is similar to masturbation, but requires preparation and a special approach:

  1. Prepare a hot, humid environment. A warm bath is best.
  2. Lubricate the penis with a lubricant or special cream.
  3. Massage the organ to achieve a mild erection.
  4. Make a tight ring out of your thumb.
  5. Pull the penis as far as possible without the appearance of obvious pain.

Repeat the exercise ten to fifteen times daily, gradually increasing the number.

Remember that the technique must be stopped if you notice unpleasant side effects - pain, irritation, discomfort in the inguinal region.

Mechanical Enlargement Devices

The principle of operation of any functional means sold in online stores, pharmacies, and even made by hand at home, is to increase the flow of blood to the penis and stretch the cavernous bodies.

Unlike exercises, the effect is achieved immediately (1-2 cm in the black), but more often it is short-term. In addition, excessive enthusiasm in such ways threatens with impaired potency. Therefore, the main recommendation in this block is to observe the measure and abandon the procedures in case of the slightest deviations in the sexual aspect.

The use of ointments, gels, sprays

Currently, manufacturers offer a huge number of various funds that are proposed to be applied to the penis in order to achieve its growth. Funds are available in different formats: ointments, sprays, gels. Each of the drugs has special properties.

Some of them have a short-term effect and can only be used during intercourse. This leads to a slight increase in the penis, which persists throughout sexual contact. There are also funds with a longer duration.

They are effective with continuous use, although impressive results are usually not obtained. Another option for drugs is those that are effective only when combined with other agents.

When studying the composition of sprays, creams and gels, it becomes clear that there are no miraculous ingredients there. There usually there are essential oils, amino acids, pectins and other similar components. They increase blood circulation, promote temporary lengthening and increase erectile function. Unfortunately, usually the effect does not last long.

It is recommended to use funds for external use in combination with other methods, for example, with active massage.

After you master these exercises, you can compare the results of increasing our readers with yours and measure your dignity!

2. Stretching with loads

Stories of our readers

Kirill, 42 years old, Kazan

“I never believed in all these methods of increasing, but walking with a small member was terribly tired, and the girls were shy. And I decided to try all such this way. After 1.5 months, the penis increased by 5.5 cm, while I took only 10 minutes of time per day, thanks for the article and the method ”

Properly suspended cargo will increase the penis at home by 2-3 cm in a month. To avoid injuries and unwanted side effects, purchase special extenders - special bandages, they are sold in sex shops, and can be ordered online. The essence of the technique is simple: tie the load and hold no more than 20 minutes.

Basic Rules:

  1. You need to start with 200 g, not more.
  2. Erection during exercise is prohibited.
  3. It is necessary to tie only with observance of safety measures and by means of devices.
  4. The maximum duration of the exercise is 20 minutes, you need to start with 5-10.
  5. A little discomfort is implied, but severe pain and pain are an excuse to stop stretching.

During the exercise, you can not walk, sit, swing the organ. You need to stand strictly still, you can hold the timer, counting the right time.

Vacuum pump

As the name implies, the device works by creating a vacuum around the penis. It is positioned not only as a useful tool for increasing dignity, but also as a way of treating erectile dysfunction.

The device itself is a plastic or glass structure with a hand pump (or electric). A member is placed inside, and due to the created pressure, blood circulation is activated. As a result, the erect penis will please with its large size and long “work”.

With proper use of the device it is impossible to harm. However, frequent use leads to vascular injuries, which causes bruising or even bruising on the skin.

The practice of using a vacuum pump indicates an organ increase of 10-15%. Such a stunning effect persists for a couple of hours, and after that the size returns to the original.

A stable result is theoretically possible only if the device is used for many years. It is about several years of daily “practice." True, such a periodicity threatens not only positive shifts in length and width, but also lymphatic edema.

3. Massage

Before the procedure, the organ must be warmed up by applying a special warming cream. Then wrap your hand around the penis, if one is missing, add another. Cramp tightly, but not until the appearance of discomfort. Knead, moving from left to right, from top to bottom or vice versa. Repeat ten to fifteen minutes. An increase in size to two cm will be complemented by an improvement in erection due to increased filling of the cavernous bodies with blood.

Pumps and Extenders

A fairly popular method of penis enlargement is the use of a vacuum pump. Also, this device is able to help with an increase in blood flow to the penis, if there are problems with an erection. The pump creates a vacuum around the body, which helps to increase blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the penis.Before using the device, it is necessary to apply a special cream, and then insert the penis into the cylinder.

Then the air is pumped out, and the male organ is under pressure. The desired pressure level is regulated using the built-in pressure gauge.

The main disadvantage of using a pump is that the effect of it is short-lived. If you use the device before sex, you can achieve the desired result. But for a long time it will not survive. Also Among the disadvantages of using a vacuum pump are:

  • temporary impotence,
  • bruising
  • damage to blood vessels.

Another device that can be used to solve the size problem is the extender. With its help, you can increase the size of both the length and thickness of the penis. Besides extender helps eliminate penis curvature, therefore, if such a nuisance is present, then the device can be completely used.

The principle of the device is to stretch the body. The device must be worn on the penis for at least 9 hours every day. At the same time, there are no restrictions for a man; he can freely move, sit, lie down, and engage in everyday affairs. After six months of use, you can see an increase of 3-5 centimeters.


Another device that in recent years has transformed from a dubious model to a safe one thanks to the introduction of modern developments. The extender is used not only by those who want to increase their dignity by 2-3 cm, but those who dream of a perfect shape.

The principle of operation is based on the traction method. By the way, in terms of its functional properties, the extender is the “brother” of the Ilizarov apparatus. Long stretching of the tissues, firstly, leads to the emergence of new cells, and secondly, helps to increase the volume of the cavernous bodies of the penis.

The device is considered effective and safe, since it is prescribed even by doctors after surgical operations to achieve the goal of the intervention. It is worth remembering that the only signal that warns that something is not going as it should is pain. In no case it is impossible to tolerate severe discomfort, it is better to choose a more suitable model.

There are several varieties of the extender:

  • Loopback - suitable for men with a big head,

  • Strap - allow you to adjust the tension

  • Vacuum - Improved models, with the help of which a more dense girth of the penis head is achieved.
Vacuum Adhesion Extender

The first results appear after a month of use, however, to achieve a lasting result, you will have to walk with the device for at least six months. Moreover, you need to wear an extender every day and wear it for 3-6 hours, depending on the model.

By the way, modern devices are invisible to others and do not cause inconvenience to a man. Pain syndrome occurs only with excessive pressure. Fortunately, the device can be adjusted at any time for comfortable use.

In general, an extender can actually grow a member by 3-4 cm, which is comparable only with plastic surgery. This determines the cost of the device. A good device is not cheap to buy. However, in this case, the price / quality ratio is much more important.

4. Supplements and nutrition

Some natural substances naturally stimulate the growth of cavernous bodies and the multiplication of cells in them. The result is lengthening and thickening of the penis by an average of two to three cm. Natural “magnifiers”:

  1. Ginseng - can be taken in the form of tinctures on alcohol, crushed powder.
  2. Ginko Biloba - the plant helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body, increase erection, more complete swelling of cavernous bodies. It is equally beneficial for the brain, blood vessels and men's health.
  3. L-carnitine. The supplement is well known to athletes and bodybuilders, because during training it promotes rapid muscle growth. Not only muscles grow from L-carnitine. The natural amino acid is found in lean red meat.
  4. Watermelons Citrulline contained in red fruits stimulates the expansion of blood vessels and improves blood flow. The main thing is not to eat up a watermelon just before a romantic date.

Before taking dietary supplements based on herbal components, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The main contraindications are allergies, heart disease, high blood pressure.

It is recommended that a man who wants to enlarge his penis at home, go in for sports, adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Excess weight visually reduces the penis, and smoking contributes to spasms and constriction of blood vessels and cavernous bodies. All methods work gradually - the first results will be noticeable no earlier than in two to three weeks.


In other words, this is a more convenient option for an extender. The difference lies in the lightweight design and in the variability of the position of the organ during stretching. The device is an elastic belt with a vacuum cap (mechanical, loopback grips are also possible, but they cause discomfort when worn). One end grabs the base of the penis, and the tip is fixed to the head.

An indisputable advantage is the ability to leave it overnight. Unlike metal parts in the extender, the stretcher will not bring discomfort in any position. It should also be worn 4-6 hours daily.

The design itself involves several options for wearing:

  • The belt is fixed over the shoulder - stretching upwards,
  • Around the waist - adjustable stretching left or right,
  • Under the knee - a dynamic load is achieved when walking.

Cons of the stretcher - the belt wears out quickly, and the tension force gradually weakens, because of which it is often necessary to adjust the device. Therefore, the effect of this option is significantly inferior to the extender. Doctors recommend combining these devices.

Folk remedies

Not all men can afford to spend money on appliances and creams for their genitals, as well as constantly doing massage. In this case, folk remedies can come to the rescue. This is not to say that they are highly effective, but a certain effect can be noticed. Usually, this is not a serious increase in the penis, but an increase in erectile function. Man can take the following drugs that can help in this situation:

  1. Infusion of thyme herb.
  2. Garlic tincture sold at the pharmacy.
  3. Infusion of Lungwort.
  4. Honey with nuts.

You can find more information about what you need in order for a member to grow in our other article.


  1. The proven remedy No. 1 on the market is Titan gel cream. We wrote a lot about him in our section, whether it is true or not and why Titanium gel is not sold in pharmacies. Bloggers also write about him here.
  2. You can learn a different exercise - Jelking. And if you use it with different creams - the effect will be several times better!
  3. The pump is also a good tool.

Please your ladies with a beautiful large size!


This is one of the oldest methods to increase the reproductive organ, which was practiced in the Indian tribes. Today, no one hangs stones on the penis, because the technique has undergone global changes.

It is worth mentioning right away that stretching a member with loads is an extreme way that threatens with unpleasant consequences with an illiterate approach. During stretching, microcracks form on the penis, which subsequently begin to regenerate. Such tissue growth contributes to an increase in volume and the phallus lengthens.

The technique is quite simple - the genitals are tied under the head with an elastic bandage. At the other end is a load. Beginners should choose a light weight and start with 5-10 minutes. The penis before the procedure also needs to be warmed up, and carefully monitor the sensations.

There are no clear recommendations in time and specific weight, each man selects comfortable conditions. The first results are shown individually (1-3 months). A persistent effect is developed during six months of practice.

Making the penis head bigger

Sometimes a man is tormented not by the size of the penis itself, but by its head. This problem can also be solved in order to eliminate problems in sexual life. The small head is not able to fully stimulate the female vagina, so discontent leads to conflict and disagreement.

At home, the head can be increased with the help of daily exercises, which will not require any financial investments. There are several techniques that can solve the problem. These include the following exercises:

  1. The erect penis is compressed by the fingers at the base until it becomes hard enough. Next, you need to unclench your fingers for a few seconds, and after relaxing the body, squeeze them again.
  2. You need to take the penis with your hand and alternately hit them on the right and left thighs. This must be done with caution.
  3. You need to firmly squeeze the penis at the base, and then move your fingers towards the head. The squeezing force cannot be reduced.


Magic pills that are able to make a sexual giant from an ordinary man in the shortest possible time - a myth. If we are, of course, not talking about hormonal drugs. Testosterone deficiency is indeed one of the reasons for a small penis. But to correct this situation is medically possible only during puberty.

It is not worth expecting an adult man that hormone replacement therapy will fill in the possible “problems” of the teenage stage. As well as the miraculous effect of magic capsules, as the advertisement promises.

But the so-called dietary supplements with natural ingredients will be a good additional tool when using the above techniques. Supplements improve erectile function, blood supply and potency. Together with effective methods, the desired effect will be achieved faster.

Increase sensitivity

Another common problem in men is a decrease in penis sensitivity. Often this is observed in those representatives of the stronger sex who are too actively masturbating. therefore it’s necessary to reduce the frequency of masturbation, and also apply for this new ways to wean from the usual movements. Do not chase a quick result, it is better to act by slow and smooth movements.

You can also use natural aphrodisiacs by adding them to food. The category of such products include pine nuts, parsley, seafood, eggs. Another method to increase sensitivity is the use of special lubricants.

In short, if a man has a problem with size or sensitivity, then It’s not worth worrying about. There are a large number of ways that can achieve the desired result and get rid of problems in bed. But it is important to start to consult a doctor for advice so as not to make a mistake and not harm yourself. In any case, if you want to know what the correct increase is, how much it will be effective in your case, then it is better to contact a specialist.

Gels and creams

The same applies to ointments, which talented marketers position as a magical tool to increase a couple of centimeters in their pants. The effectiveness of such gels has not been proven, although a certain effect is achieved through massage during application. But with the same success you can use any lubricant.

The combination of training and titanium gel increases their effectiveness at times

This useful product is recommended to be taken internally, in the form of baths and even sprinkled with a member. Needless to say, such a “grandfather way”, if it has any kind of efficiency due to improved blood circulation, is completely short-lived. It is ineffective, but quite safe to enlarge the reproductive organ.

Whatever method a man chooses to grow his dignity, the first thing to do is consult a doctor. The presence of certain diseases and infections is a contraindication to the implementation of any techniques and the use of devices for stretching the penis.

Penis Enlargement - MYTH!

That is exactly what those who did not achieve results in this matter believe. This is exactly what those who say:

  • tried jelking (penis enlargement exercises) - and could not enlarge the penis,
  • smeared with different creams - and saw only a temporary effect,
  • applied a pump - and only stretched the skin.
Do you want to be on the list of these losers? Then do not read further.

How to choose the right method for penis enlargement? Actually a bunch of them. The most common - jelking, pumps, creams. Jelking alone will not produce results. Tangible results can only be seen with cream. More about this later. But the pumps give only a temporary increase, and are very traumatic.

The Most Effective Penis Enlargement Method - this is jelking + cream titanium gel. Separately, each of them does not work (so that the cream manufacturers do not declare), but together they give a REAL EFFECT UP TO 5-7 CM! So why does everyone on the Internet write that they used Titanium gel and he did not help them? The answer is simple. Titanium gel alone will not enlarge your penis, only with exercise. And the exercises were all too lazy to do - that's why there was no result!

Are you still in doubt? Of course, it's better to sit with your standard 19 centimeters (if you have less, then this is completely sad) than to try. What are you losing? Especially with our 50% discount you can still save!

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Watch the video: How to Kegel for Men - Professional Guide to Effective Kegel Strength Exercises (April 2020).

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