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Selenium for men

Until the mid-twentieth century, selenium is not used in clinical practice - it is considered toxic. In the 90s, selenium was recognized as a vital trace element, and after another 10 years it was simply necessary for health.

The benefits of selenium for men

  • Selenium is part of a special enzyme that protects the protective membrane of the cell from destruction and oxidation. Lack of selenium leads to the gradual destruction and mutations in the cells of the heart, brain, liver, joints and provokes various diseases, the worst of which is cancer (especially for men is the prevention of prostate cancer).
  • Selenium stimulates the formation of antibodies and increases protection against colds and infectious diseases.
  • Selenium has a protective property against the harmful effects of environmental pollution and bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Thanks to selenium, heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic are more actively excreted from the body.
  • Selenium is important for the functioning of the thyroid gland, as well as protecting it from damage by free radicals.
  • Selenium is necessary for men's health, as it participates in the biosynthesis of the main male hormone testosterone, supports the normal functioning of the genitals, improves sperm quality and is used in the treatment of male infertility. Part of selenium is excreted along with sperm, so men who have an active sex life need a sufficient amount of selenium.

Products containing selenium

The undisputed leader in the content of selenium is the Brazil nut: 1917 ± 230 μg per 100 g of product. It turns out that eating a couple of Brazil nuts per day provides the daily rate of selenium.

Fig. 1 - Products containing selenium.

Selenium can also be obtained from various food additives, vitamin and mineral complexes, but not all of them are suitable for consumption. Such preparations may contain an inorganic form of selenium, which is poorly absorbed by the body.

Selenium, testosterone and childbirth

(excerpt from the book “Testosterone Factor”, Shafiq Kaadri, 2007)

Selenium has a direct effect on testosterone and childbirth. This trace element and its molecular complexes form an aid in the process of testosterone production, known as the biosynthesis pathway. It is also essential for the maturation of anatomically normal and live sperm. Sperm produced against a background of low selenium have mobility problems. They do not move properly because they have irregular-shaped ponytails and other structural defects.

Selenium also helps to detoxify the body. This element is one of the main structural elements in the group of detoxifying enzymes, especially known as glutathione peroxidases, which give the command to cleanse the body of chemical disorders. Ecological toxins (exhaust fumes of gasoline, pesticides), which are mainly estrogens, are partially neutralized through this command of molecules.

Take 200 mcg of selenium daily. This food supplement is specifically recommended for men who are regularly exposed to industrial chemicals, who consume too much meat, smoke or have problems with childbearing.

Beneficial features

Further study of selenium confirmed its beneficial effect on human health:

  1. boosts immunity
  2. participates in the work of the heart and the entire circulatory system,
  3. is part of more than 200 enzymes of the human body.

In this regard, it has a direct impact on the work of many internal organs. By activating thyroid hormones and promoting the absorption of iodine, selenium literally returns youth and well-being to patients with metabolic disorders in the body.

4) People who normally have a good selenium level tolerate not only commonplace colds and viral diseases, but also steadily resist herpetic infections, hepatitis, and parasitic diseases. The positive effect of selenium on the recovery processes in the liver, kidneys and pancreas is known.

5) This element plays an important role in maintaining cellular equilibrium, protecting cells from damage and participating in their division and reproduction, protecting them from the harmful effects of the environment.

Selenium-rich foods

  • fish, shrimp, squid, chicken eggs,
  • brown bread, bran, sea salt, garlic,
  • coconut, brazil nut,
  • lentils, barley groats, rice, corn, beans, peas.

The list is not rich, therefore, the production of selenium-containing preparations in tablet form is currently practiced.

What is selenium for a man’s body?

Experts say the substance is needed to support men's health. But, in order to answer the question, why selenium is needed for a man’s body, in more detail, one should understand its effect on organs and systems.

Selenium is involved in the synthesis of the main hormone of the strong half of humanity - testosterone, ensures the normal activity of the prostate. Supports sexual desire, improves sperm motility and ejaculate quality. Moreover, it resists the appearance of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.

Interesting about selenium

  1. The only product that fully meets the daily human need for selenium is Brazil nut. It is enough to eat 2-3 fruits and the norm of the element in the body is achieved.
  2. The constant lack of selenium in men reduces sexual desire and can cause infertility.
  3. It is impossible to build muscle when playing sports with a deficiency of selenium, it must be consumed in sufficient quantities.

Signs of a lack of selenium in the body:

- fast fatigue and decreased performance,
- constant colds, viral diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases,
- the appearance of skin rashes, pustular redness,
- a decrease in potency in men, a weakening of libido in women,
- decrease in visual acuity,
- long-term healing of small wounds, scratches, abrasions.

Daily rate of selenium for men

It was found that the average norm per day for an adult representative of the stronger sex is 70-110 μg of selenium. This is a relative indicator calculated for a healthy person.

It should be borne in mind that the trace element is excreted from the body of a man along with sperm. Therefore, those who lead an active sex life (or even just masturbate regularly) must replenish the level of chemical compounds. The same thing needs to be done with intense physical exertion, for example, with enhanced sports training (for the most part - strength).

According to medical statistics, deficiency is observed in the body in almost 70% of men. After laboratory examinations, in the presence of impaired sexual function in the patient, the daily norm of the element increases to 150-200 mcg. The same "dosage" is recommended for people who are regularly exposed to industrial toxic substances that consume alcohol, a lot of meat and fatty foods.

In order to avoid problems with overabundance, it is necessary to learn the main rule - the doctor should prescribe the intake of preparations containing the microelement and determine their dosage.


To replenish the level of the norm, there are pharmacological preparations containing a valuable component for men. They are formulated with the ability of non-metal to interact with other ingredients. For example, zinc accelerates the process of its absorption by the body, and toxins, in turn, carry out the necessary transformation of the formula of vitamins. Therefore, pharmacy products for this purpose are often presented in the form of vitamin-mineral complexes and dietary supplements.

For therapeutic purposes, buy drugs with selenium and zinc. For men, the following are most beneficial:

  1. Selzinc Plus. The form of release is tablets, in which the content of active components is designed specifically for the stronger sex. A product is prescribed to eliminate the symptoms of fatigue, nervous tension, and treat inflammation of the prostate.
  2. "Speroton." Water-soluble powder with targeted action to improve the quality of seminal fluid.
  3. "Spermaktiv." It is made in the form of capsules. Purpose - strengthening the general condition, normalization of the sexual sphere.
  4. Spermstrong. The drug, which in addition to the main active substances contains 8 more active ingredients. It completely strengthens the body.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to popular complexes, including vitamins with zinc and selenium for men. The most popular and effective include:

Take the described funds according to the instructions, with the mandatory observance of the daily dosage and the duration of the entire course.

Selenium for potency and conception

If the trace element balance is disturbed, the amount is clearly not enough, this negatively affects the hormonal background. And without the main male hormone, normal sexual activity is not possible.

Selenium is of direct importance for potency. It ensures the stability of libido, is responsible for erectile function, including necessary for conception.

With a deficiency of substance, the quality and quantity of seminal fluid suffers, and sperm motility decreases. That is, the chances of becoming a father are greatly reduced. Men planning to conceive a healthy child, it is recommended to take a course of selenium-containing drugs with a parallel transition to a healthy lifestyle.


Theoretically, the benefits of selenium for men have been proven. Is this really so, the reviews of men will tell:

Maxim, 30 years old:

“My wife and I did not plan children right after the wedding. They wanted to live for themselves. After 5 years, they thought about procreation, all efforts were in vain. Both were examined and were healthy. But analyzes have shown that I have weakened sperm activity due to a lack of selenium. The doctor prescribed Speroton; after the course, everything returned to normal and the wife became pregnant. ”

Sergey, 44 years old:

“I work in hazardous production involving toxic substances. Previously, I did not even think that it harms male power. I consulted with a specialist, read the information on the Internet, it turns out that I need to take more vitamins and selenium. I opted for the vitamin drug Complivit. I drink pills regularly and do not complain about my health. ”

Anton, 27 years old:

"I'm an athlete. I train a lot. Along with this, I lead a regular sex life. Recently, I began to feel lethargy, irritation, headaches, weakening potency. He attributed this to severe fatigue. But it was not there. It turns out that my activity provokes a strong consumption of selenium (the doctor said). He began to eat more nuts, seafood, cereals. His condition has recovered, now everything is fine. ”

What are the benefits of selenium for the body

This item is important for proper functioning of the body and its defenses, namely:

  • makes the human immune system work more efficiently,
  • strong antioxidant
  • reduces the risk of heart disease,
  • anti-cancer
  • is a component of thirty vital bioactive compounds synthesized by the body,
  • regulates metabolism, fats and carbohydrates,
  • helps the body to survive during its poisoning with salts of heavy metals,
  • promotes reproductive activity. Its deficiency reduces the amount of testosterone and affects the quality of sperm. Therefore, selenium is included in vitamins for men, due to which potency and fertility increase,
  • positively affects the nervous system,
  • participates in the endocrine system, is part of many hormones, is involved in the absorption of iodine,
  • helps to suppress inflammatory and allergic processes,
  • affects the condition of the skin, nails and hair. Therefore, selenium is often included in complexes for the health of hair and skin.

Important!Doctors warn: taking vitamins and dietary supplements will not replace a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition. Smokers, alcohol and fast food lovers should not rely heavily on them.

When vitamins with selenium are needed, and contraindications

Most of the territory of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus has a deficit of selenium in soils. In the Scandinavian countries, where the level of this element in soils is very low, the population is recommended to take selenium-containing preparations, and measures are being taken to selenize some sections of the population.

First of all, selenium-containing drugs are necessary for people who have a deficiency of this element. In this condition can be observed following symptoms:

The ability of selenium to influence oncology was discovered by chance in China. Residents of one of its provinces were noticeably more likely to have cancer. The search for the causes of such a high level of cancer led to the discovery of a very low content of this element in soils. After conducting soil research in all provinces, the Chinese learned that residents of areas with a high content in the land practically do not suffer from cancer. Experiments in mice when taking selenium-containing drugs found a seven-fold decrease in their cases of cancer.

One of the reasons for the insufficient amount of selenium in food is the use of mineral fertilizers with sulfur and phosphorus, which prevent the plant from taking it from the soil.

But more often than not, a person deprives himself of the necessary dose of this important element by consuming too many carbohydrates and alcohol, which interfere with his absorption from food. Gastrointestinal diseases also worsen absorption.

Its deficit is often observed in the following segments of the population:

  • residents of places with high levels of radiation, Chernobyl,
  • the population of large industrial areas,
  • breast-fed children
  • pregnant women,
  • HIV carriers
  • aged people,
  • vegetarians and vegans (since selenium usually comes from offal and seafood).

These segments of the population have indications for the use of selenium in the form of separate supplements - tablets.

Separately, it should be said that its deficiency in pregnant women can cause miscarriages, late toxicosis, weak labor, swelling and various pathologies in the newborn, which makes taking vitamins with selenium content for a pregnant woman living in contaminated areas of the country, especially relevant. But before taking any drugs, a woman expecting a baby should consult a doctor.

In case of an overdose of this element, the following symptoms are observed: brittle nails and hair loss, nausea and vomiting, severe redness of the skin, garlic smell from the mouth, fatigue and irritability, weight loss.


  • taking drugs to thin the blood (aspirin, warfarin, heparin, etc.) is undesirable with selenium, as it can cause increased bleeding,
  • undergoing chemotherapy. It reduces the effectiveness of this procedure, you need a doctor’s consultation,
  • taking drugs to reduce cholesterol. There is a decrease in the action of these drugs,
  • the use of birth control pills can cause a high level of this element. Need a doctor's consultation.

Organic selenium compounds

The human body absorbs organic forms better. Selenmethionine and selencysteine ​​are complex amino acid compounds that also have a prolonged effect.It is in this form that this element is found in various food products and is most accessible to the body. Organic forms include selenium glycinate, "Selexen."

The most natural organic preparation with selenmethionine is Astragalus syrup. Since this herb has the ability to strongly accumulate this element, a prophylactic in the form of syrup is made of it, but with a severe deficiency it is somewhat weak.

Some preparations include spirulina enriched with selenium or other plant materials. Enrichment of yeast is considered promising, but in such processes up to a third of this element passes into organic form, the rest remains in inorganic form.

Important!When taking drugs with yeast, there is a risk of dysbiosis and candidiasis.

Organic forms are much less toxic than inorganic, but their excess can cause poisoning.

In Venezuela, mass poisoning was observed with the active consumption of Brazil nuts: diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, dry skin and hair loss.

It is believed that this was due to the ability of selenium to replace sulfur in compounds.

Inorganic forms

For the treatment and prophylaxis, they began to take such an inorganic form as sodium selenite (Selennov drug and Darida drinking water) for treatment and prevention. Sodium selenate is also used.

Excess inorganic form of selenium is toxic to the body. In this form, it is poorly excreted from the body.

Dosage of selenium

It is very important to know the dosage when taking drugs from selenium, since the gap between the therapeutic dose and the toxic is small. At a dosage of 800-1000 mcg, it is considered toxic to the body if taken for a long time.

A person’s daily need for this important element is about 70 mcg, but since a person still receives part of it from food, its amount in vitamins with selenium for men and women and children is less than the daily norm.

Daily doses recommended by the World Health Organization:

  • children 0-6 months - 10 mcg,
  • 6-12 months - 15 mcg,
  • 1-6 years - 20 mcg,
  • 7-10 years - 30 mcg,
  • youths 11-14 years old - 40 mcg,
  • girls 11-14 years old - 45 mcg,
  • men 15-18 years old - 50 mcg,
  • men from 19 years old - 70 mcg,
  • women 15-18 years old - 50 mcg,
  • women from 19 years old - 55 mcg,
  • pregnant women - 65 mcg,
  • lactating - 75 mcg.

Large doses are recommended only under medical supervision.

Such doses (200-400 mg) are used for the prevention and treatment of cancer in the United States and Germany. It is believed that with viral lesions (herpes, HIV infection and others), the body also needs high doses of selenium-containing drugs.

But, despite the recorded positive dynamics (a drop in mortality from prostate cancer to 50%), in the clinics where such treatment was carried out, there are opponents of this therapy.

But even they confirm the importance of this element for the body's defenses and its preventive role against the onset of cancer and other diseases.

Assimilation of selenium - features

Selenium together with vitamin E complement each other, help to unlock the potential, as antioxidants, more fully. In the absence of vitamin E, drugs with it are no longer as effective. With a lack of vitamin E, the digestibility of selenium decreases dramatically even with sufficient intake. The presence of vitamin C also enhances its effect.

The combination of this element and vitamins E and C have an increased ability to inhibit oxidative processes, and, therefore, delay aging.

Organic selenium is well absorbed by the body in combination with vitamins B1, B6, B12 and folic acid.

These vitamins are important for eliminating the amino acid homocysteine, which has a negative effect on the human body, contributes to the occurrence of atherosclerotic, peripheral vascular lesions, Alzheimer's disease.

With the help of vitamin B6, the formation of the amino acid cysteine ​​occurs, which is important for the binding of selenium in the body to the amino acid selenocysteine.

With a lack of selenium, a deficiency of a very important element, which together with it takes part in the hormonal processes in the thyroid gland, iodine, is often observed. With selenium deficiency, iodine deficiency is always observed.

When taking drugs with this element, sufficient presence of sulfur in the body is necessary, since selenium can be included in the metabolism of sulfur and replace it. But usually sulfur enters the human body with food and its deficit, in contrast to a deficiency of selenium, is very rare.

How to choose vitamins containing selenium

Before acquiring vitamin complexes containing this element, you need to be guided by certain rules. So, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the content of vitamins C, E, A, because so they enhance its effect. For the organic form, the presence of B vitamins and folic acid is encouraged.

It is also important in what form the drug is produced - in the form of drugs or in the form of dietary supplements. Medicines are much more effective than dietary supplements.

After all, dietary supplements are nutritional supplements, and with the release of any medicines, relevant studies and certification are carried out.

Food additives do not need such studies, and, therefore, do not guarantee a result from the use, but this also indicates their safety in use.

When buying drugs, you can choose the individually preferred form - in the form of tablets, capsules, powder, or in gel form or in the form of sweets. It is important to pay attention to the dosage that is prescribed on the package or in the instructions for the drug.

Depending on the dosage, the drugs are divided into the following groups:

  • therapeutic, containing a 100% dose in case of a lack of selenium in the body. The drug is taken for one to two weeks,
  • supporting, which contains a dose of less than 100%. Taking this drug takes about two months,
  • preventive, containing a norm of not more than 45%. Such a drug is recommended to be taken with selenium-containing food.

The therapeutic dose should be taken only as prescribed by the doctor. Most vitamins and dietary supplements usually contain maintenance and prophylactic doses.

Selenium-containing drugs should be given to men who have problems with potency, the ability to conceive, or the prostate gland. It should be borne in mind that if it is not indicated in what form this element is in them, then most likely it is inorganic.

Vitamins with selenium will also be useful to women after 40 years. Indeed, for this period before menopause, strong hormonal changes in the body are characteristic. In vitamin complexes, the presence of vitamins A, B12, C, E, F, and iron with zinc is also desirable.

For women and men after 50, vitamins with selenium should be taken to protect the heart and prevent cancer with the following complex: A, C, D, E, K.

Overview of effective vitamin and mineral complexes

Now many pharmacies offer a fairly wide selection of selenium-containing drugs. Such drugs contain a certain dosage, which does not always correspond to the daily dose. Dwell on the most popular vitamins with selenium for women, men and children, their names, a brief description and price:

  1. Complivit Selen - a complex dietary supplement of vitamins and minerals containing a daily dose of this element. On the basis of a special technological process, all its elements have excellent compatibility among themselves. This dietary supplement is taken as an additive to the diet. It also includes vitamins of groups B, A, C, E, folic acid, calcium pantothenate, as well as minerals - zinc, copper and manganese. This drug is taken on the recommendation of a doctor every day 1 time immediately before a meal. The recommended course of taking the drug is one month. Estimated cost of dietary supplements is about 11.6-11.7 cu
  2. "Selenium Forte" from "Evalar" - a dietary supplement (BAA) contains a dose of 70 mcg of this element, as well as vitamins E, C, grape seed extract, soy lecithin, zinc, a wax product, beta-carotene, fish oil, and yeast. It is available in the form of tablets of 0.24 g. The recommended dose is one tablet twice a day with meals. The course of admission is about three to four weeks. Estimated cost - about 1.78-2.6 cu
  3. AlfaVit Classic - A complex of vitamins and minerals containing a daily dose of the necessary substances in the form of three tablets. The first tablet - calcium D3 - prevents the appearance of osteoporosis, strengthens bones, teeth and nails, and also strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases blood clotting. Antioxidant plus - selenium (70 mcg) with a complex of vitamins strengthens the immune system, protects against poor environmental conditions. Iron plus - prevention of anemia, increases hemoglobin. Tablets are taken one at a time every five hours. The course of admission is one month. Estimated cost - about 5.4-5.9 cu
  4. Multi-Tabs - A complex consisting of vitamins and minerals. Reception occurs during meals as prescribed by the doctor. These vitamins containing selenium (50 mcg) are suitable for children from the age of five, as well as for adults. This complex includes vitamins D, B, A, E, C, folic acid, as well as minerals copper sulfate, iron, zinc, magnesium, nicotinamide, manganese, pantothenate, chromium, iodine. Estimated cost - about 3.9-4.2 cu
  5. "Selenium Forte" with Vitamin E tablets 240 mg No. 20 - each tablet contains 70 μg of this element in the form of selenoxanthene, the price is about 1.5 cu
  6. Centrum - vitamin and mineral complex. It includes an extensive complex of B vitamins, vitamin C, A, D3, E, K1, as well as minerals - iron, chromium, iodine, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, selenium (30 μg), nicotinamide, pantothenic acid , biotin, lutein. Take one tablet once a day. Estimated cost - about 26.4-52 cu
  7. Tsefasel tab. 100 mcg N20 - contains a therapeutic dose (100 mcg) and is used for proven deficiency of selenium, a new generation drug with selenocysteine, the price is about 9.6 cu
  8. Selenium from Solgar (USA) 100 μg tablets No. 100 - contains 100 μg of this element in the form of L-selenomethionine, as well as calcium and phosphorus, calcium phosphate. The cost is about 13.6 cu

Important!When buying vitamins or other preparations with selenium, pay attention to the expiration date, carefully read the instructions and contraindications. Not all of them are indicated for children, pregnant and lactating women.

Preparations and vitamins with selenium should be paid attention to residents of contaminated industrial centers, the elderly, people with thyroid diseases and in the presence of tumors.

The protective and preventive abilities of selenium can play an invaluable role for them. But to use selenium-containing drugs above the WHO recommended doses should only be under the supervision of a doctor.

For prevention, do not forget to include in your diet foods rich in the content of this element.

5 best vitamins for men. Rating 2019

All existing vitamins and minerals are necessary for both male and female sexes, since the physiological processes that occur in organisms are the same. But their frequency and intensity are different. Accordingly, the need for vitamins that participate in these reactions is not the same for men and women.

Many pharmacological companies take this important point into account and produce individual vitamin complexes, the composition of which is developed taking into account the physiological needs of the male body.

How to choose an optimally balanced product among a wide range of products? Our rating of vitamins for men will help determine the choice.

  • The best vitamins for men
  • Rating of the best vitamins for men
  • conclusions

The best vitamins for men

The best vitamins for men should definitely contain the following beneficial compounds.

  • Vitamins of group B. Participate in the assimilation of protein foods and the construction of the muscle frame, the synthesis of sex hormones. Folic acid (Vitamin B9) has a beneficial effect on fertility.
  • Vitamins A and E. Activate the production of male sex hormone testosterone, respectively, support potency. They are powerful antioxidants that slow down the aging process.
  • Vitamin C. Another antioxidant that protects cells from the negative effects of free radicals. Also, vitamin C eliminates brittleness and increases the elasticity of the vascular walls, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, heart and vascular diseases. In addition, ascorbic acid enhances immunity, prevents frequent respiratory viral infections.
  • Vitamin H (Biotin). Responsible for maintaining male beauty - provides healthy skin and nails, prevents baldness.
  • Lipoic acid (vitamin N). Helps maintain healthy liver health, primarily needed by smoking men and those who occasionally drink alcohol.
  • Vitamin D. In a young body, it is synthesized independently, but with age, vitamin production decreases, due to which calcium and phosphorus are absorbed worse. The result may be the development of osteoporosis, the rapid destruction of teeth. Complex vitamins for men, which include vitamin D, will help fill in vitamin D deficiency and prevent unwanted problems.

Rating of the best vitamins for men

TitleWellmanParityAlphabet for men
Complex composition
Effective actionConvenience of receptionPopularity manufacturerOnline Pharmacy Availability


Vitamin and mineral complex contains:
vitamins - A, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, D, K, N,
minerals - magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, magnesium, iodine, calcium, selenium, nickel, copper, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, boron, silicon, vanadium. The tool is recommended for the prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis in men older than 50 years, after severe prolonged infections and the complex treatment of chronic diseases.

The vitamin complex helps to strengthen the immune system, helps to prevent the development of age-related diseases - diabetes, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke.

  • Improves overall well-being, improves performance.
  • It does not cause adverse reactions.
  • It is convenient to apply - a tablet per day.

  • Not everywhere can be purchased.
  • High cost - about 650 rubles (packing 30 capsules).

The plant-based product contains extracts of antlers of maral, euricoma, yohimbe, ginger, as well as vitamin E, nicotinamide and zinc. The combination of active ingredients stimulates the production of testosterone, helps to improve reproductive function and increase potency.

It is recommended only for adult men, available in the form of a liquid concentrate and capsules. The only contraindication is individual intolerance to the components.

In rare cases, while taking the drug, allergic reactions can occur. Application: by dessert spoon of liquid concentrate or by capsule per day for 15 days.

The liquid concentrate is diluted in a glass of any liquid (juice, tea, coffee, water). The drug is taken with food.

  • Noticeably improves male sexual function, increases testosterone levels.

  • May cause palpitations, confusion, tremors, increases pressure.
  • There was a review that the patient, after taking the drug, had a sharp and strong increase in pressure, had to call an ambulance, the doctors diagnosed a microstroke.
  • High cost - 500-550 rubles (packaging of 15 capsules).

The complex for men contains:
13 vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, E, D, K, H, PP),
9 minerals (magnesium and manganese, iron and copper, zinc, iodine and selenium, chromium, calcium),
organic acids
eleutherococcus extract. All components are divided into three types of tablets: for morning, afternoon and evening use.

The complex of vitamins and minerals stimulates mental and physical activity, helps maintain the normal functioning of the reproductive system. With individual intolerance to the components, hyperthyroidism, increased nervous irritability and sleep disorders, arterial hypertension, the drug cannot be taken.

In rare cases (with intolerance to one of the components), allergic reactions can occur during the intake of vitamins.

  • Useful components are divided into three different tablets, do not change the bioavailability of each other.
  • Small tablet size.
  • Acceptable cost - 350-370 rubles.

  • Most men did not notice any changes in health after taking.
  • It is not very convenient to take - 3 tablets per day.
  • Some cause nausea.

One of the vitamin complexes for men from the Slovenian pharmaceutical company. The product contains vitamins A, E, C B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, D, iodine, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese.

The drug helps to fill the deficiency of the missing vitamins and minerals in the body. With individual intolerance to the components and at the age of less than 10 years, the drug is contraindicated.

In rare cases, against the background of taking the drug, hypersensitivity reactions may develop.

  • Vitamins are really for men, significantly increase testosterone levels, positively affect sexual function. They also increase efficiency, improve overall well-being.
  • A positive effect on immunity - fewer cases of the common cold.
  • The action is noted already a week after the start of taking the tablets.
  • It is convenient to take it once a day.
  • One package is enough for the course.
  • Acceptable cost - 400-450 rubles (30 tablets per pack).

  • Some patients did not feel a surge of energy and the positive effect of the vitamin complex on their well-being.
  • Large tablet size, hard to swallow.
  • Dyes in the composition.

In the composition of capsules:
13 vitamins (A, E, C, D, H, H1, PP, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12),
9 minerals (iodine, copper and manganese, chromium and selenium, iron, magnesium, silicon and zinc),
amino acids arginine and methionine,
carotenoid betacarotene,
extracts of ginseng roots and dried garlic. The therapeutic effect of vitamins for men is Wellman complex.

The tool is recommended for increased physical and mental stress, deterioration in concentration and memory, overwork.

The complex also accelerates the recovery of the body after severe illnesses and chemotherapy, helps to eliminate dizziness, headaches, tinnitus and other unpleasant symptoms that occur in cases of cerebrovascular accident (especially in the elderly).

  • Effective multicomponent complex - increases working capacity (it is easier to wake up in the morning, less tired in the evening, activity and cheerfulness throughout the day), helps to recover after severe overwork, supports athletes in tone.
  • Helps normalize blood pressure during hypotension.
  • The first positive changes are noted already a week after the start of administration.
  • It is convenient to take it once a day.

  • Not all patients notice the manufacturer’s promised increase in performance.
  • May cause pressure surges, dizziness.
  • Some cause nausea and pain in the stomach, even if taken according to instructions - with food.
  • High price - 620 rubles (package of 30 capsules).

When choosing a vitamin complex, you must always consider your individual needs and characteristics.

  • Age. A young male body (up to 40 years old) needs vitamins A and E, group B. If you have bad habits, you need to pay attention to the presence of lipoic acid in the composition. For men over 40, it is important that, in addition to other vitamins, the complex contains biotin, which supports male beauty and prevents baldness. Those who celebrated their fiftieth birthday should buy a product that necessarily contains vitamins B12 and D, since the first one is absorbed worse with age, and the second one is synthesized more slowly.
  • Features nutrition. If the diet includes healthy and varied foods, you can choose vitamin complexes with a lower content of vitamins - after all, some of the beneficial compounds enter the body with food. Those who have an unbalanced diet, it is better to give preference to complexes with the maximum content of nutrients.
  • Lifestyle. For athletes, men, leading an active lifestyle or experiencing constant heavy physical exertion, large doses of nutrients are needed.
  • Men's features. For men, large amounts of iron are not required - an excess of the mineral negatively affects the work of the heart and blood vessels. It is better to choose vitamins with the lowest dose of this element. But the need for vitamin E, zinc and selenium in men is higher than in women. These active ingredients increase testosterone production, due to which the reproductive function is normalized. In addition, regular intake of these substances helps prevent the development of the prostate.

The pharmaceutical market offers a wide range of vitamin complexes, developed taking into account the physiological characteristics and needs of the male body.

Each drug has its own focus: it improves immunity, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the reproductive system, and increases mental and physical performance.

Some drugs can cause tachycardia, increase blood pressure and cause other adverse reactions. Therefore, before buying the drug, it is better to consult a general practitioner.

Selenium: benefits and harms to the body, how to take

A huge number of useful preparations enriched with microelements, including selenium, appear on the market.

Nutritionists around the world agree that it has the strongest immunostimulating property, helps get rid of free radicals, and is a natural carcinostatic agent that favorably affects the body as a whole. But you need to take it with caution. What are the benefits and harms of selenium?

What is selenium and what is it for?

The benefit of selenium is the powerful support of enzymes - glutathione peroxidases. They play a key role in detoxifying vital organs.

Thanks to this useful property of the element, the body is cleansed, overall well-being improves, the skin becomes elastic and smooth, protective mechanisms that provide protection against oxidative stress are activated. This is the name of the property of cells to oxidize, in which they are damaged or completely die.

Selenium benefits five of the known eight glutathione perxidases. However, the improper use of drugs with a trace element can harm a person.

The thyroid gland is responsible for the production of hormones and their properties in the body. Coming with food, useful selenium-containing enzymes can convert T4 hormones into active T3.

The benefits of the properties of selenium for the thyroid gland are reflected on the body immediately: immunity to various diseases is increased, the hormonal background is leveled.

The benefits of selenium for a woman's body

The female body is most sensitive to a lack of trace elements, so it is important to monitor your well-being and be careful about yourself.

  • Selenium directly affects hormones, which beneficially affects women's health.
  • The constant intake of selenium in adulthood helps to delay the onset of menopause.
  • Acting at the cellular level, it allows a woman to remain attractive for a long time. The beneficial properties of selenium for hair, nails and skin are irreplaceable.
  • Women taking selenium-containing products are less likely to suffer from gynecological diseases, are more likely to tolerate pregnancy and recover from childbirth. Modern medicine recommends the use of a useful trace element when planning pregnancy for both parents.

What is hematogen useful for?

Is selenium pregnant and lactating

Pregnant and lactating women are considered the most vulnerable to various colds due to micronutrient deficiencies.

In order to avoid poor health, weakening of the internal organs, the consequences of carrying and feeding a baby, to reduce harm to the body, it is necessary to constantly maintain immunity.

This can easily be done using the beneficial properties of selenium preparations.

Attention! Before using selenium, be sure to consult your doctor.

After the appearance of the child, dull hair, falling teeth, diseases of the joints and spine become common. To avoid this, it is worth evaluating in advance the benefits of selenium properties. Its intake with food will help get rid of the young mother’s worst enemies, causing irreparable harm to the body:

  • lack of sleep
  • constant fatigue
  • decreased immunity.

Signs of a lack of selenium are expressed by depression, persistent headaches, depression, decreased immunity. Noticing these symptoms, it is necessary to adjust the diet and add healthy selenium-containing foods to the diet.

What foods contain selenium?

Selenium deficiency can be avoided by eating properly and fully, consuming plant foods with benefit.

Fast food and quick snacks that cause harm to all vital organs have become commonplace for most city dwellers, hence the need to saturate the body with useful trace elements.

If you adjust the nutrition by adding selenium-containing products of plant origin to it, you can satisfy all the basic needs of organs and systems.

  • The richest in the amount of selenium and the preservation of its properties is considered to be sea kale. Its specific taste is justified by the benefits. By adding seaweed twice a week to the main dish, you can completely cover the body's need for healthy selenium.
  • The competition of sea greens consists of nuts, among which nutritionists especially distinguish cashews, almonds, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts, which fully preserve the beneficial properties of selenium.
  • Cereals and cereals are the basis of proper nutrition. Selenium is necessary for children, so cereals are one of the first foods. In addition to supplying the body with useful trace elements, they have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to an increase in the cleansing properties of selenium.
    Important! The beneficial properties of corn, wheat, oatmeal and millet are proven by nutritionists.
  • Vegetarians and vegans include in their diet a huge amount of legumes, which have a lot of useful properties. These foods are an ideal substitute for animal protein foods, and they contain enough healthy selenium to keep you active and healthy. In high concentration, it is found in beans, lentils, peas.

Plant foods are an ideal source of trace elements. Therefore, it is necessary to eat healthy fruits and vegetables daily. Of particular benefit are thermally untreated products that retain a maximum of healing properties. Salads, smoothies, and just slicing fresh herbs will become indispensable allies in the struggle for health and well-being.

Daily intake of selenium

There is a generally accepted recommended daily allowance for selenium calculated on the basis of age and weight:

The benefits and harms of Cardiomagnyl

The daily rate rises during pregnancy and lactation.

Benefit will be obtained only with the competent use of the element, exceeding the norm often harms the body.

Symptoms of a lack of selenium in the body

Selenium is one of the many trace elements that support the body, so determining its deficiency can be quite difficult. Ecological harm, soil and water pollution become the cause of selenium deficiency even in rural areas, where, it would seem, there is an excess of healthy foods with a high content of vitamins.

Important! It is necessary to know the signs of selenium deficiency in order to pay attention to them in time.

  • sudden deterioration in performance
  • poorly healing wounds
  • frequent colds
  • poor tolerance of harmful gases,
  • impaired coordination and / or vision,
  • weakening of sexual functions.

Having noticed such changes, you need to try to adjust the nutrition, add more useful selenium-containing plant products by season. If after some time the condition does not stabilize, then it is better to consult a specialist.

How to identify selenium deficiency

To identify the lack of beneficial selenium, you need to monitor your health, know the strengths and weaknesses of the body, as well as the above symptoms. To confirm or refute guesses, you need to contact a therapist who will give a referral for tests. The main way to remove selenium is with urine, the result will be ready in a few days.


Selenium is a chemical element and is considered non-metal. It was discovered back in 1817, and since then numerous studies have been carried out. Once scientists discovered the toxic properties of the element, and until about the middle of the last century, selenium was considered harmful and poisonous. But later it was discovered that it is useful for the human body and must enter it. Modern scientists are confident that without selenium, the normal functioning of vital organs is impossible.

An interesting fact: in nature, selenium is found in the soil, and its content reaches 500 milligrams per 1 ton of land.

The role of selenium in the functioning of the male body

Selenium is necessary for everyone: both men and women. In the body of a healthy person, from 10 to 13-14 milligrams of an element is normally present, which is concentrated mainly in the spleen, kidneys, liver, as well as spermatic cord and testicles. And it is the presence of selenium in the male genital organs that explains the increased need for males.

What is selenium good for men? Consider its main properties:

  • Regulation of metabolic processes. The element provides a complete exchange of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. And this allows you to maintain normal weight.
  • The element actively interacts with enzymes and participates in important reactions occurring in the human body, as well as redox processes.
  • The considered non-metal helps to strengthen cell membranes and thereby ensures their safety and restoration of the structure, protecting from damage.
  • Selenium is an important component of muscle tissue proteins, ensures their proper development and maintenance in physiologically correct condition.
  • The element is also present in the myocardial structure, providing normal contractile activity of the heart muscle and reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease.
  • Protection against negative influences, especially associated with bad habits and adverse environmental conditions. Selenium helps the body remove toxic and poisonous substances, heavy metals.
  • The thyroid gland really needs an element, because, firstly, it helps to properly absorb iodine, and secondly, it provides the synthesis of the hormone triiodothyronine and the conversion of thyroxine.
  • Numerous studies have shown that without selenium, the normal functioning of the immune system is impossible.This non-metal promotes the formation of antibodies, enhances resistance to various viral and other infections, strengthens the body's natural defense against attacks of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Selenium is necessary for vitamins supplied with food to be properly and completely absorbed. So, it interacts with vitamins E and C and translates them into active bioavailable forms that are more favorable for the body.
  • The element is also useful for the central nervous system, which regulates the work of almost the entire body and is responsible for many important processes.
  • Especially men need selenium, as it allows them to lead a full sexual life and reproduce healthy offspring. The element takes an active part in the biosynthesis of the main male hormone - testosterone. Non-metal also supports the health of the genital organs and promotes full spermatogenesis. Due to this, spermatozoa mature fully, have a physiologically correct structure and are active. Selenium is taken for infertility, low sperm quality and even problems with potency.

Daily rates

It has been established that an adult healthy man needs about 70-110 micrograms of selenium per day. But this is an average norm, which can vary depending on the characteristics of the body, state of health and lifestyle. So, with a deficiency of the element, which, by the way, according to WHO, is found in almost 70-80% of the world's population, the dose can be increased to 150-200 micrograms. The same dosage is recommended for violations of sexual functions.

The need increases with active physical work and intense stress. In addition, selenium is excreted from the male body along with seminal fluid after each sexual intercourse, and therefore, if the representative of the stronger sex leads an active sexual life and is sexually active, then he needs to replenish reserves and prevent shortages.

It's important to know! It is not necessary to exceed the permissible specified norms, since an overdose is likely. With an excess of selenium in the body, symptoms such as hair loss, mental instability and emotional imbalance, severe nausea and vomiting, changes in skin condition (redness, unpleasant odor) and others can develop.

How to get the?

Selenium is found in some foods, and these include:

  • nuts, especially walnuts, pistachios, almonds, peanuts,
  • turkey meat, chicken,
  • offal, especially the liver,
  • meat (beef, pork),
  • legumes, especially peas, lentils and beans,
  • some cereals and cereals: barley, rice, corn, wheat,
  • seafood such as octopuses,
  • broccoli and other types of cabbage.

But the real leader in the content of selenium is an exotic Brazil nut, in one hundred grams of which there are approximately 220-230 micrograms of the element. That is, using only two or three of these nuts, you can fully satisfy the daily requirement of the body.

With selenium deficiency, preparations containing it are recommended. These include such as "Selenium Asset", "Cefasel", "Complivit Selen", "Bioenergostimus Ultra Top". But they must be prescribed by a doctor who will also select a dose and draw up an appropriate dosage regimen.

The strength and health of a man largely depend on how he eats, what kind of lifestyle he leads. And if the representative of the stronger sex takes care of himself and even more so wants to become a father, he simply must know how useful selenium is. Therefore, it is necessary to get this element from food or take it additionally in the form of drugs.

What is selenium?

Selenium is one of the trace elements that was previously considered poison, but it turned out that in small quantities, it is useful for the human body. The daily dose of this trace element is 15 mg. Selenium reserves accumulate in the human reproductive system, kidneys, skin and hair, and if they are not replenished regularly, this can adversely affect the appearance and health. The microelement is useful not only for those who want their health to be always normal, but also required for the normal functioning of the male intimate sphere.

This trace element is necessary for men so that they can avoid infertility, because it is he who takes part in the synthesis of testosterone. A trace element is not synthesized by the body on its own, but is obtained from food or special vitamin complexes. This component, obtained from plant foods, is better absorbed, and the tablets with its content will become the worst choice.

What is the danger of an overdose of selenium

Excess selenium is not beneficial, but rather harms the body. When the norm is exceeded, a useful microelement has the ability to turn into a strong poison. This is possible when taking vitamin complexes without measure, longer than the recommended course and without consulting a doctor. Even a small daily overdose can be harmful:

  • hair begins to fall out
  • flaky skin
  • teeth are crumbling
  • the nails are flaking.

The problem of diagnosing an excess of selenium is the ambiguity of the symptoms. The fact is that such signs occur with various violations of the immune system, internal diseases, a deficiency of certain vitamins and simply as a consequence of harm to the urban ecology.

  • With prolonged intoxication, irreversible consequences occur: a violation of the mental state, difficulty in the thyroid gland and hormonal disorders.
  • In more detail about the consequences of the deficiency and oversupply of selenium, the video will tell about its benefits and harms:

What are the benefits for men's health?

Selenium for the body of a man is an extremely necessary component. It is this trace element that is recommended to be used to treat infertility in the stronger sex. The component helps to produce enough testosterone, which is responsible for the state of intimate male health. When wondering why selenium is needed, it is worth mentioning that it significantly improves sperm quality, and also plays the following, positive role:

  • allows men to make an intimate life better,
  • eliminates the appearance of many problems with intimate health,
  • retains reproductive function for many years.

There is no doubt that the benefits of this microelement for the male body are enormous, so you need to monitor your diet so that the quality of male health always remains at its best.

What products are contained in?

Knowing how useful selenium is, men should determine in which particular product it is most. The list of such foods is as follows:

  • Brazil nut (3 pieces contain the daily allowance),
  • coconut (contains a couple of times less trace element than nuts),
  • rice and corn
  • lentils, beans and barley groats, peas,
  • almonds, peanuts, brown bread and walnuts,
  • garlic, sesame and pine nuts.

Foods and vitamins with selenium are poorly absorbed and consumed quickly if a man abuses simple carbohydrates, refined foods, preservatives, certain medications and dietary supplements. Also, do not abuse alcohol and smoke.

Interaction with other drugs and supplements

Vitamin E is an ideal ally for the absorption of useful selenium-containing preparations. Thanks to it, the properties of the trace element are enhanced.

But sugar and sweet foods interfere with the absorption of selenium, harming its proper absorption.

It neutralizes the intake of the substance and reduces the properties of selenium, the constant use of paracetamol and phenacetin.


The benefits and harms of selenium are proven in the writings of nutritionists. A useful trace element is present mainly in plant foods, so selenium-containing products should form the basis of the diet.

Due to the properties of selenium, it is possible to maintain the thyroid gland, respiratory system, and the integrity of muscle and bone tissue. Patients taking the substance all the time notice a decrease in asthma symptoms, a surge of strength, and an improvement in overall well-being.

But it is necessary to saturate the body with a useful microelement with caution so that the treatment does not result in harm.

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Selenium for hair: effective vitamin complexes

Selenium is a useful microelement that strengthens hair and prevents hair loss. Its deficiency is dangerous for the body, as well as excess. To replenish selenium reserves in the body, a vitamin complex is prescribed.

The benefits of selenium:

  • normalization of metabolic processes,
  • antioxidant effect
  • natural shine.

Deficiency or excess of this antioxidant can cause alopecia. With prolonged intake of an increased dose of the substance, alimentary selenium toxicosis can occur, which manifests itself in the form of dermatitis, anemia and nervous disorders.

Doctors recommend analyzing the concentration of selenium in the hair before prescribing drugs. The essence of the procedure is that the hair is placed in a means for disinfecting and removing external particles. After that, the material is dissolved, and the resulting solution is analyzed.

The principle of action of selenium on the male body

First of all, selenium is useful for the body of a man with its antioxidant properties. Thus, experts have proven that selenium neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals in the male body, that is, the formation of cancer cells is prevented. Selenium is an anti-cancer agent of natural origin. It is scientifically proven that selenium is involved in more than 200 hormones and enzymes of the human body.

Not only the above processes depend on the presence of selenium, but also internal organs and systems - these are primarily nails and hair, liver and kidneys, digestive organs, heart, and bone marrow. In this regard, selenium has several actions at once:

This is just elementary! To return and strengthen potency, you need once.

  1. Protective function - cleanses the body of toxins.
  2. Stimulation of the immune system - Increases defenses against bacteria and infections.
  3. Restorative effect - promotes self-healing of liver cells and tissues, and also strengthens the vascular wall.
  4. Antifungal effect - neutralizes mold spores on human skin or blood.
  5. Anti-inflammatory function - prevents psoriasis, bronchial asthma, colitis and arthritis.

In fact, this is not the whole list of beneficial effects of selenium in the human body. Such a comprehensive beneficial effect on the whole organism allows a person to avoid many diseases and functional disorders at once.

What is selenium - a common characteristic

The mineral selenium was first discovered in 1817 by a scientist involved in the study of sulfuric acid. Today, in the table of chemical elements from Mendeleev, this mineral is marked as Se or Selenium from the Latin language. You can find this mineral in nature if sea water and the earth's crust, namely mineral complexes. In medicine, selenium is considered non-metal, but rather an analog of black sulfur.

Daily rate of selenium for the body

The indicator depends on gender and age. For men, the norm is 70 mcg, and the female body needs 55 mcg. The optimal dosage for a child is from 10 to 20 mcg, depending on age.

Exceeding the daily dose can harm the body and worsen the condition of the hair. Excess trace element is more dangerous than its deficiency.

When choosing a drug, you need to pay attention to the percentage of selenium:

  • from 30% - dose for the prevention of deficiency,
  • about 100% - the amount calculated to make up for the lack of a mineral in the body within a 1-2 month course,
  • more than 100% - concentration intended for urgent restoration of the microelement norm in case of serious deficiency.

Before taking vitamins, you need to consult a specialist. The doctor individually selects the medicine and prescribes the duration of its administration. Preliminary, tests are required to determine the deficiency of substances in the body.

The role of selenium for men's health

In order for a man to understand how important selenium is for the man’s body as a whole, it is important to know the beneficial properties of this mineral. Many scientists have proved that more selenium should be contained in the body of the stronger sex than in the female body, since potency and reproductive health depend on its level.

Why do you need such a mineral:

  • protein formation is impossible without selenium,
  • has an antitumor effect, eliminating free radicals and toxins,
  • slows down senile processes
  • removes foreign substances from the body,
  • converts vitamin E and C into the active phase,
  • protects blood vessels and heart from pathologies and disorders,
  • increased resistance to pathogenic pathogens,
  • involved in the formation of enzymes and hormones,
  • stimulates the full functioning of the male reproductive system,
  • establishes metabolic processes,
  • normalizes the central nervous system,
  • improves the appearance and health of the epidermis, hair and nail plate.

Without the selenium mineral, the body will not be able to produce antibodies to bacterial and viral infections. Selenium also cleanses the body of toxins that come from smoking and alcohol addiction. The most important function of selenium for the male genital area is participation in the production and biosynthesis of androgen of testosterone, which significantly improves the composition and quality of the ejaculate.

List of drugs

The most effective selenium preparations are as follows:

  1. Complivit Selen - a complex with a pronounced antioxidant effect, which protects the body from radicals and toxins.
  2. Selenium Asset - a drug in the form of a dietary supplement, in which in addition to selenium there is vitamin C that protects the vascular system. This drug offers a complex effect - stimulating immunity, hepatoprotective, detoxifying, anti-cancer and antitoxic effects.
  3. Cefasel - a source of selenium, which is prescribed during periods of vitamin deficiency and in the complex treatment of diseases associated with a lack of such a mineral.
  4. Bioenergostimus Ultra Top - such a remedy with selenium is prescribed to patients suffering from constant fatigue and excessive nervousness, as well as to improve overall health.

Despite the natural composition and content of such an important component as selenium, the listed drugs can only be used after the approval of a medical specialist. In rare cases, but an overdose of selenium can lead to side effects.

Selenium-rich foods

The trace element is found in products of plant and animal origin. Main sources:

  • bow,
  • corn,
  • liver,
  • eggs
  • dairy,
  • rice
  • cereals
  • sea ​​kale,
  • seafood,

Most selenium is found in Brazil nuts. 2 fruits are recommended per day. For vegetarians, the main sources of this trace element are cereals, rice, beans and lentils.

It is important not only to eat foods rich in selenium, but also to ensure that it is absorbed.

Excessive amounts of simple carbohydrates, preservatives, and sugar reduce the concentration of this antioxidant. Some drugs interfere with its normal absorption.

Complex hair vitamins contain selenium and other beneficial ingredients. They are recommended to be taken during the off-season period. Vitamins with selenium are available in the form of drops, tablets, capsules and powder.

Popular and effective drugs:

  1. Country Life Maxi Hair Plus. The multivitamin complex contains selenium, iodine, calcium, vitamins A, C and E.It is suitable for vegetarians, does not contain artificial colors, soy milk and gluten. The main disadvantage is the high price.
  2. DHC Vitamin and Plant Complex. The preparation contains millet extract, selenium and other vitamins. Active ingredients give hair a natural shine and enhance their growth.
  3. Complivit Selen. This product contains ascorbic and folic acid, selenium and calcium. It allows you to replenish the daily physiological dose of selenium. Vitamins are available in the form of blue tablets. One pack of 60 tablets is enough for 2 courses. With the right dosage, Complivit does not cause side effects.
  4. Selenium asset. A dietary supplement is used as an additional source of vitamin C and selenium.
  5. Oksilik. In addition to selenium, vitamin C, E, lycopene and beta-carotene are present in the composition. One capsule contains a daily dose of antioxidant. Selenium enhances the action of other vitamins and minerals. Such a drug helps prevent changes in the structure of the hair.
  6. Solgar selenium. This is an American dietary supplement. It contains selenium, calcium, phosphorus and calcium phosphate. The product does not contain yeast.
  7. Arnebia Vitamin C + Selenium + Zinc. The drug is made in Germany. Composition - sodium selenite, ascorbic acid, insulin and zinc gluconate. These are white effervescent tablets that dissolve in cool water. Ready solution resembles soda with orange flavor.
  8. Selzinc Plus. Czech dietary supplement that helps fill up the deficiency of zinc, selenium, beta-carotene and vitamin C. These are large peach-colored tablets. In rare cases, an allergic reaction may occur. The drug not only improves the condition of the hair, but also normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system.
  9. Evalar Selenium Forte with Vitamin C. This is one of the most popular vitamin complexes of Russian production. The optimal duration of the course is 4 weeks. Active components are well absorbed. However, there is a risk of individual intolerance.

Before using any drug, you need to consult a specialist. He should prescribe the optimal dosage and duration of the course.

Vitamin preparations have a complex effect.

They give the hair a healthy appearance and improve overall well-being. Before starting the course, you should make sure that there is no individual intolerance to the components.

The drug contains bioactive components that improve microcirculation in the vessels of the scalp and activate metabolic processes.

The composition contains the following useful components:

  • arginine - an important component of the structure of the hair shaft, which provides nutrition to the bulbs,
  • lactic acid - enhances the effects of other components,
  • glycine - helps restore hair structure,
  • wheat germ extract - has an antibacterial effect,
  • Scutellaria baicalensis - natural growth stimulant.

Such a preparation does not contain dyes, silicones and parabens. The effect appears after the first application. The composition of one ampoule is applied to dry scalp and hair roots. Then the product is carefully distributed and rubbed with light massage movements. The course is designed for 16 days.

To achieve maximum results, it is recommended to use a complex of products: shampoo, serum and balm from the Selen + series.

How to choose?

Since selenium is a mineral, it is accordingly necessary to choose vitamin-mineral and only mineral complexes in composition. For men, those preparations that, in addition to selenium, contain vitamins C and E, A, will become more valuable and useful, since they only enhance the activity of this mineral. You also need to choose a drug based on its form of release - it is a dietary supplement or a medicine.

Medicines are in great demand and trust from specialists, as they go through numerous tests and studies to go on sale. But no one can guarantee the therapeutic effect of dietary supplements. You can choose preparations with selenium in the form of tablets, lozenges, lozenges, capsules and dragees, powder and sweets, it all depends on the preferences of the consumer.

When choosing a remedy, you need to know your daily dosage, and then select the drug whose capsule or tablet corresponds to this volume. A dose of 300 micrograms of selenium per day or more is considered harmful to the body. For the rest, the attending physician can help with the choice of a particular product with the content of the selenium mineral based on the individual characteristics of the body.

Rinse conditioner Selen +

The composition contains provitamin B5, which gives the hair flexibility and shine, as well as arginine, which strengthens the hair cuticles.

Thanks to the conditioning formula, the drug provides keratin and protein care. The balm eliminates static electricity and makes combing easier. Improving the condition of the hair is noticeable after the first procedure.

Reception features

Use preparations containing selenium can only be as directed in the instructions for use. The following situations are considered indications:

  • poor gastrointestinal tract function,
  • paralysis
  • asthma,
  • anemia,
  • avitaminosis,
  • arthrosis,
  • osteochondrosis,
  • vascular and heart diseases
  • low fertility and potency,
  • fatigue and nervousness,
  • oncology,
  • diabetes,
  • endocrine pathologies,
  • skin diseases
  • allergy.

Take the drug according to the annotation by the oral route, drinking plenty of water. It is better to take tablets and capsules in their entirety, the choice of the form of release of the drug is not particularly important, since in any case, selenium is split and absorbed in the pancreas.

Selenium-containing foods

The most basic and full-fledged source of selenium in normal quantity and in its original form is the Brazil nut, which is able to quickly and fully compensate for the shortage of such a mineral. Compared to any other product containing selenium, Brazil nuts have a 10 times greater dosage. Next in descending order are the following products:

  • turkey,
  • chicken meat,
  • duck,
  • pork and beef
  • eggs
  • seafood,
  • liver.

In plant foods, selenium is even less - it is corn, lentils and beans, walnuts, peanuts, wheat, barley porridge and rice, almonds and green peas, almonds and pistachios. It is possible to fill the deficit of important minerals if you eat a variety of foods, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables without heat treatment.

Compliment Selen + Hair Serum

It is an indelible care product. It makes hair shiny and supple.

The active ingredients in the composition contribute to the normal growth and strengthening of the internal structure of the hair.

As in other products from the Selen + series, the basis is the Baicapil complex. It stimulates the cellular metabolism of the scalp. As a result, tissues are saturated with oxygen. Such a product helps to normalize the life cycle of hair follicles.

The tool is sprayed along the entire length of the strands. When applied regularly, they become silky, thick and obedient.

Danger of overdose

The risks of an overdose of selenium are high if you take drugs containing this mineral without a doctor's prescription. Irrational use of it leads to a glut of the body, which is fraught with side effects. Namely:

  • alopecia,
  • skin erythema,
  • bronchopneumonia,
  • nausea, gag reflex,
  • disruption of the liver,
  • garlic odor from the mouth and skin,
  • weak and brittle nail plate,
  • unstable psyche.

In rare cases, but still this happens when an overdose of selenium occurs against the background of excessive consumption of foods containing selenium. 300 μg of selenium will be dangerous, and a dosage of 800 μg causes severe poisoning with the ensuing symptoms. In practice, there have been no reports of cases of overdose of drugs and bioadditives with selenium.

Active complex for hair of double action Selen +

Used to enhance hair growth and prevent hair loss. Active ingredients tone the scalp. They also protect the strands from the negative effects of the environment.

Selenium helps restore hair and make it healthier. Replenish its lack will help proper nutrition and intake of vitamin complexes. Before using any dietary supplement, you should consult a specialist.

Selenium is an important element for conception

What is selenium and why men take it, many individuals who asked this question have already understood. The benefit and harm of this trace element is a concept that is accessible to all. It is harmful to take it more than normal, and if you receive a daily dose, you can improve the process of producing testosterone, which will make sperm healthy for conception. If selenium is not enough, then there is little testosterone, which reduces the chances of a stronger sex to become a father.

To be able to conceive a healthy child, a man needs to take a sufficient amount of products containing selenium, because this will improve reproductive function.


The body of every man needs useful trace elements, so that the indicators of general and intimate health are normal. A particularly important component for the male intimate sphere is selenium, because it helps to synthesize testosterone. If there is enough of it in the body, then intimate life and reproductive function will definitely not suffer. Taking selenium, you can improve your health, cheer up and make intimate life much brighter, as well as better, which many men are clearly not always enough.

Watch the video: Selenium, Finasteride and Other Prostate Health Supplements (April 2020).

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