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How to wear a men's denim shirt

This underrated item has received a recent revival in fashion and is now the most stylish men's item for every season. There was a time when they were exclusively worn by elderly people, but this time has passed, so you should figure out what to wear a denim shirt for a man in everyday life.

Denim shirts are a truly modern way to improve not only the look, but also give them elegance. Moreover, after finding your desired color and style, the possibilities of combining shirts with other things will become endless.

Denim shirts are the main trend

Jeans are a material that serves as the basis of men's clothing. It has a lot of advantages - a durable material that can withstand the most difficult conditions, as well as give a favorable emphasis to the image. A denim shirt can be difficult to purchase. Loose and baggy denim shirts should be avoided, especially for men with lean physique and pumped up guys.

Thick denim products for oversize shirt lovers. Paired with knitwear, cardigans and a pair of hiking boots, tight denim shirts form an appearance with a distinctly masculine taste.

A shirt made of lightweight jeans is completely versatile and is especially advantageously combined in casual style. A light denim shirt is the perfect trans-seasonal item that can be worn on top or under layers of other things depending on the weather.

What to wear?

One of the most popular combinations is the so-called "total jeens look". To make this look harmonious, you should definitely select different shades of denim. In case things are similar in color, it is necessary to dilute them with accessories of other colors.

On top of the shirt you can wear a sweater, semi-sweater or cardigan. At the same time, you can set the collar, cuffs and bottom of the shirt. A cardigan can be over the shirt as fastened with several buttons, and fully unfastened.

One of the easiest options is to combine a denim shirt with a pair of chinos. The combination with chinos in light brown shades looks especially successful, and for light denim shirts, you can use tan color chinos.

Color combinations

When putting on denim above the waist, the general rule is to choose a blue denim shirt or faded wash color, which will be easier to combine with current clothes than a heavier dark shade.

Blurred denim also works with all skin tones, while keeping the image vibrant rather than yellowish and painful. A black denim shirt may even fit.

If you plan to make a denim two, then indigo or black jeans should be contrasted with the shirt.

Shoes and accessories

To complete the look with a denim shirt, a variety of loafers or chukka boots are perfect. Also with this shirt you can wear shoes, sneakers, espadrilles, sleepers, loafers or boat shoes. At the same time, depending on the change of image, you can wear shoes with a toe and a bare foot.

As for accessories, sports watches, hats, sunglasses and high-quality leather belts with silver buckles are suitable here. One bracelet or a minimalist necklace will look no less relevant.

Stylish looks

So, if a men's jeans shirt is already there, then you should learn to combine it correctly so as not to look like a cowboy. In order to create a laid-back look, it is necessary to combine a denim shirt with a white T-shirt, without the need to fasten the buttons on the shirt. This way, too hard or constrained a look will not be created. Complete the image should be a hat that will make a difference in appearance.

Denim is not the number one choice for formal wear, but it can still be adapted with the right items. You need to play with your classic suit and tie, while the Oxford shirt must be replaced with a long denim. Be sure to choose a shirt made of thin fabric with a cut-out collar.

Denim shirts are ideal for preppy style, especially if you choose a thing of light color with scuffs. For a casual look, combine a denim shirt with beige pants.

It will be a little more difficult to combine double jeans. Color contrast is allowed here, for example, a navy denim shirt with black jeans or a white denim shirt with blue jeans will look good.

For a summer look, you should definitely choose shorts for a denim shirt. Do not wear shorts that extend beyond the knee. White sneakers can complete the ensemble.


Do not be afraid of a denim shirt, since there are no questions about what to wear with it for a long time. This thing can be combined with the brightest sneakers and with durable boots, and with any jacket from the closet. Today denim has unquenchable popularity, which exceeds time and age, and deserves to be a must-have item in any wardrobe.

How To Wear a Men's Denim Shirt With Pants

You can wear a denim shirt as tucked in trousers, and for graduation. In the first case, it will give the image accuracy and restraint, and in the second it will support a more street style.

The combination of this shirt with jeans will be a winner if you pick a dark bottom to the light top or vice versa, i.e. so that between them there is a difference in the level of the depth of tone. If you wear a shirt and jeans of approximately the same shade, dilute the look with bright accessories (such as a beige or green belt).

Informal chinos will look great with a light denim shirt and rolled up sleeves. If desired, the legs can also be slightly tucked up.

If you can brag of inflated or at least slender legs - feel free to wear shorts. The sleeve length of the shirt echoes the length of the legs. Shorter shorts - shorter sleeve.

Pants on a figure will be able to approach a more business image. The color of those is better to choose natural - beige, brown.

How to wear a denim shirt for men?

A denim shirt is a simple and versatile thing that is rarely given due attention. Today we will fix it. How to wear a denim shirt for men? What images can I create with her? Let's watch.

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A denim shirt, a shirt is good in that it can be combined with many things, creating beautiful and stylish images. I love this wardrobe item because in 99% of cases the ensembles with it will be stylish and restrained.

In addition to its excellent stylistic properties, a denim shirt is convenient and practical. It breathes well, because it is made of natural fabric. In cold weather, it will warm, and in the heat will save from overheating. She does not require special care.

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How to wear a men's shirt with jeans

The main criterion for choosing clothes is the physique.

  • It is advisable for men of short stature to choose a shirt that must be tucked into jeans.
  • Men with a tight figure are better to refuse jeans of a narrow style with fitted shirts that fit the figure. In this case, it is better to stop the choice on a loose-fitting shirt that is worn out of the way, but it is important to choose the right size so that the upper body does not look baggy and disproportionately large.
  • If there is a belly, it is especially necessary to be careful about choosing a shirt; a product that is not sized properly and worn out will create the impression of a figure resembling a “bell”.

Note: the shirts of a strict, classic style are least combined with jeans. This top suits classic trousers, strict office suits. If you had to put on such a kit, you can dilute the strict style of the office shirt by rolling up your sleeves. Also the jacket will save the situation.

What to wear over a denim shirt

Quite a large selection of various additions to the image, except for the situation when a denim shirt acts as an independent element of clothing.

A pullover or sweater will look great on top of a shirt if it is not very tight. You can expose not only the cuffs, but also the lower ends of the shirt. The most important thing is that it is not too long and does not dangle in this case with a skirt. Shelves should be set in corners.

A jacket made of leather like “pilot” will complement the image in cold weather. A denim shirt goes well with leather goods. Choose a brown jacket and plain shoes to it.

For an early off-season, a jacket over a shirt is suitable. However, it is better to choose an informal jacket, because The combination of a classic suit and a denim shirt will lead you into bad taste.

A cardigan is a great alternative to a jacket. It is important that the cardigan is not too tight, because he can sit ugly on a rough shirt. He is usually worn open.

A denim shirt in itself can act as outerwear. It is enough to put on a T-shirt under it, and a stylish look for all occasions is ready, if necessary, you can tuck your sleeves. For example, if it becomes stuffy, you can remove the “outer clothing” and stay in one T-shirt, and put it back on cooling. Also one of the best combinations for a date: if a girl walks cold, you can put your shirt on her and walk on in a T-shirt.

With things of a classic nature, you should be careful not to go too far and not lower the idea “below the baseboard”. This option is not for everyone, basically it can suit a young guy.

How to wear a denim shirt for men?

Recently, the most common combination is a denim shirt and jeans, the so-called “total jeans look”. Not many people remember that until 2009, such a combination was considered completely unacceptable. But in their collection Dolce & Gabbana 2009/10 they offered this combination and a general fashion began on it.

To make this combination look as stylish as possible, I will share with you advice. The easiest option is to combine contrasting in tone things. In this case, a shirt is better to choose a lighter shade. If you decide to wear things of the same color, be sure to dilute it with accessories of other colors.

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A plain shirt and jeans can be added with things of different colors, this will revitalize the image.

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In addition to jeans, denim shirts are worn with informal trousers. Chinos are great! Such an ensemble will be the solution for the summer. Depending on what other things you decide to wear, what shoes and accessories to choose, the images can turn out in a completely different style.

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A sweater, pullover or cardigan can be worn on top with a shirt. You can expose not only the cuffs and collar of the shirt, but also its bottom. Most importantly, the shirt should not be too long. The shelves of the shirt should be slightly exposed by the corners, and not hang with a skirt.

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A cardigan can be worn either buttoned or unzipped. It is important that you are comfortable and the cardigan is not too tight for you. Denim is rather coarse, so a thin knitted cardigan can lie ugly on it. Before leaving, carefully look at yourself from all sides, raise and lower your hands, spread your arms to the sides and bring them back. See how the fabric moves;

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A win-win option is a denim shirt and a leather jacket. A great solution for the offseason.

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Creating a stylish look with things of a classic cut is quite difficult. Not everyone feels a fine line between, stepping over which you can destroy the whole idea. The balance should be color, cut, length, fit. You need to combine them with accessories. This is the only way the ensemble will sound.

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It is much easier to wear a woolen or tweed jacket, a knitted knit and a denim shirt. Look down jeans or casual pants.

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In the next photo, a wonderful image with a bomber, now this combination can be considered especially fashionable.

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You can wear a t-shirt under the shirt. It is stylish and comfortable. If it is too hot, you can take off your shirt and stay in one T-shirt. You can throw a shirt if it gets colder. And you will have a wonderful opportunity to pamper the girl. Imagine you are on a date, it became cool in the evening ... You can offer your shirt to a girl, and you will remain in a T-shirt. Shirt and T-shirt - this is a “gentleman's set”!))))

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As you can see, a denim shirt can be worn both in a feast and in the world. A discreet casual look can be an office solution.

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With a suit, a denim shirt can be worn for a meeting, a date, for going to a museum or theater. Your look will be at the same time restrained, creative and easy.

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Add chinos, a straw hat, and espadrilles to your shirt - the perfect look for a walk along the beach.

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You can wear a shirt with shorts. If the sleeves of the shirt are long, then the shorts should not be short.

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You can pick up plain shorts or with print. A classic denim shirt allows you to experiment.

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Blue and blue denim shirts work best with all brown, beige, dark green and burgundy shades.

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As you can see, there are many options. Everyone will easily pick up what pleases them. This shirt can be worn at any age.

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It's time to talk about shoes. With such a shirt you can wear shoes, sneakers, espadrilles, monks, sleepers, moccasins and boat shoes. What it is and what it looks like, see here. Depending on the style of clothing, you can wear shoes both on the toe and on the bare foot.

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I hope you no longer have questions about what to wear with a denim shirt. Choose options, collect images suitable for you personally.

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Remember that in addition to the classic blue and blue shirts, there are plenty of options with interesting prints. This is where you can show your unbridled imagination in creating interesting ensembles.

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Classic men's shirt

  1. Soft, natural fabric with delicate weave.
  2. A tight collar, this is due to the fact that a classic shirt is supposed to be worn with a tie. To keep the collar in shape, special plates are inserted inside.
  3. Neutral, conservative color scheme. The most common are classic white shirts, they are worn for special occasions and special occasions, in offices where a strict dress code is in effect. Another popular classic color is blue.
  4. Flat bottom, as a classic shirt is supposed to be tucked into pants.
  5. There is only one pocket on the shirt of the classic cut, which should be empty.
  6. Solid models, lack of decor. The color of the classic shirt, as a rule, emphasizes the stylistics of the entire model - strict and seasoned. A small, neutral box or narrow strip is allowed.

Classic Check Shirts

What shoes to wear a man's denim shirt

Choose shoes depending on the image. Summarizing, we can say that sneakers, sneakers, loafers, boots, etc. are suitable for a jeans shirt. Everything will depend on the style created. “Light” shoes can be chosen white, beige or brown.

Shoes “heavier” are better to choose brown shades, given the fact that each tone of denim has its own tone of brown.

Men's sports shirt

  1. For sewing, more dense and coarse fabrics are used, for example, oxford, chanel or denim. By the way, denim shirts are no less relevant, combined with jeans, provided that the color scheme of the trousers is darker than the top.
  2. Varied color palette.
  3. Bright decor - decorative fasteners, pockets or epaulettes.


A classic tie or an exquisite scarf is unlikely to fit a denim shirt. Choose your belt, bracelets or backpack. Braces will also look spectacular. For summer looks with chinos, you can wear a hat - a hat.

Do not use accessories and do not combine a denim shirt with things of very warm colors (red, etc.). Also discard an overabundance of blue shades.

Shirts with prints open another door to creating images and interesting ensembles.

A denim shirt with a long sleeve is a versatile and indispensable item in a men's wardrobe. And with the proper knowledge obtained after reading this article, you will surely be able to create a unique image that is right for you. Everything is in your hands - just show a little imagination.

Men's shirts by type of cut

  1. Shirts of a traditional cut - ideal for men who do not have a perfect figure and tend to hide small flaws.
  2. Slim-fit shirts perfectly emphasize a taut male figure. Such shirts are represented by two types:
  • narrow or slim
  • narrowest or extra slim.

    Slim Fit Shirt

Note: the division of fitted shirts into two types is rather arbitrary and depends on the particular brand. In any case, fitting is needed. The fitted shirt can be worn over and dressed. If cuts or curly edges are provided on the sides of the shirt, they are worn exclusively over jeans.


Another important criterion for choosing a shirt of a suitable size. In this case, the “golden” rule applies - one or two fingers can be freely placed between the neck and the collar of the shirt.

Note: after the first washings, the material may shrink, therefore, the true size of the product can be set only after washing the shirt.

How to combine a shirt with jeans - tips from stylists

Considering that a shirt and jeans are the basic things of a men's wardrobe, many men are interested in how to wear a denim shirt with jeans, whether it is necessary to tuck a shirt into trousers. Undoubtedly, a shirt is not just a T-shirt or a T-shirt, one mistake in choosing things and the image will be spoiled, and harmoniously selected details will give the image a unique style and attractiveness.

To refuel or not to refuel a shirt

The answer depends on the chosen style. If your image is selected in casual style, the answer is necessary. In other cases, the man himself determines how to wear a shirt. A sports-style shirt looks harmonious and natural in a tucked-in look and outfit. If you prefer to wear a shirt over jeans, pay attention to its length - it should be up to the middle of the back pocket.

Note: in some cases, it is allowed to wear a shirt on the run and complement the image with a sweater, but, according to some stylists, such an image looks somewhat messy.

T-shirt under the shirt

The perfect combination - a t-shirt and a check shirt

Complete with jeans and a shirt, the T-shirt is a harmonious addition, in this case, the top can not be buttoned. The best choice is a flannel shirt with a large check pattern.

Note: when buying shirts, you should not save money, since the quality and appearance of the product directly depend on the cost. In addition, the shirt is exactly that element of the image that attracts attention and is a key detail of the male style.

How to wear a white shirt with jeans

Initially, a men's shirt was considered an element of underwear, but today without a shirt it is impossible to imagine a single men's wardrobe. The assortment of modern shirts refutes the assertion that a shirt is a part of an exclusively office image that can only be combined with strict business suits.

It may have been a few years ago, but today men can choose a stylish shirt for any look and style. In the collections of such famous designers as Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Givenchy, Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein, an honorable role is assigned to a men's shirt.

When it comes to magpie, the first image that appears before my eyes is a white shirt. Product Advantages:

  • universality - white color is classic and harmoniously combines with a strict, business suit and loose jeans,
  • white color is suitable for men of any type, regardless of the shade of eyes, skin and hair,
  • goes well with vests, cardigans.

10 versatile jeans and shirt combinations for a stylish wardrobe

Men prefer to combine shirts with jeans, because it is not only beautiful, but at the same time convenient and comfortable. How to correctly combine a shirt with jeans, you need to know to create a successful and attractive image.

The style of the top and bottom should be in harmony, for this reason straight cut trousers are best worn with fitted classic models, and wide jeans with loose items. Elegant, but at the same time, a composition of jeans will simply look "Comfort style" and "Easy style » and a plain shirt in a classic style, a similar option is perfect for both the office and for walks with friends.

An ensemble of jeans and a shirt tucked into them looks attractive and extravagant. This option is rather sporty, comfortable shoes should complement the image: sneakers, sneakers, moccasins. This style should be preferred if you want to get used to the image of a young man, easy-going, athletic, mischievous, leading an active lifestyle.

Tucking a shirt into jeans or trousers is best for slender men, since such sets can favorably emphasize a sporty figure. Shirts with a loose and wide cut are perfect for dressing in a straight fit jeans, fitted models should be worn out of style. As for the styles of jeans with tackles, a tucked shirt will perfectly fit into such an image, giving personality and brightness. Men who are inclined to overweight should give preference to options with a straightened shirt over jeans. About how to wear a long shirt with jeans, our photo selection will tell.

Shirts with plain or striped cufflinks, with a high collar and long sleeves are perfect for office and business meetings. The fabric of such a product should be natural and soft, with a thin weave. The high stiff collar is due to the fact that it implies the presence of a tie.

Typically, these shirts are made in a conservative, neutral color scheme. White color is considered the most common, models of a similar shade are put on for special occasions, as well as in offices with a strict dress code. Blue is the second most popular color. There is one pocket on the shirt, which must be empty.

Checked shirts and other bright models with rolled up or cropped sleeves are a sporty option. You can complement the image by putting on a jacket or leather jacket. The division of fitted shirts into two types is very arbitrary and directly depends on the brand. The fitted model should be tucked into jeans, and the one where cuts or curly edges are provided on the sides over jeans.

Hit! Plaid shirt with jeans

The perfect combination is a T-shirt or T-shirt, worn under a checkered shirt. Complete with a shirt and jeans, the t-shirt is the perfect complement, in which case you can not even fasten the top. The best choice is a large flannel shirt.

If we talk about the color scheme, then jeans and a shirt do not always have to be made in one scale. The combination of a dark, bewitching bottom and a light top seems to be more attractive, or exactly the opposite. A young man in jeans and a shirt looks impressive and tasteful if his image contains a correctly selected style and shade of individual elements of the ensemble. Perfectly combine a shirt, jeans and a vest.

A plaid shirt with blue and blue jeans blends perfectly, while the shade of the cage should match the shade of jeans. It can also be dark straight pants. Neutral colors help create images for the office. A gray and white shirt with jeans in light blue and vice versa in deep blue looks harmonious.

A black shirt is a universal element suitable for any color scheme. Black color always remains at the peak of popularity, it is filled with style and sustained, and if supplemented with bright accents, then even a shade full of conservatism can sparkle with bright colors.

Loose-cut jeans and a release shirt are a laid-back look for parties and meetings with friends.

Do not forget about the correct length of the shirt for the issue, it is easy to make a mistake. Orientation is the length of the palm below the waist.

Only jeans: how to wear a denim shirt with jeans

A denim shirt with jeans is a completely winning option. At the same time, all kinds of combinations are possible with all shades: blue and cyan, light gray and black, pale blue and bright. The top and bottom of the jeans make up an integral single gamut and make it possible to create a full-fledged masculine image.

For casual looks, straight cut jeans and a shirt made in a classic style: checkered or plain are perfect. The range of models is very large, so understand how to wear a shirt with jeans, You can fully rely on taste preferences and wishes. Regardless of the status of the man, his age and body type.

How to combine a black shirt with jeans

Black shirt also has several advantages:

  • this is an element of a classic wardrobe that always remains popular and relevant,
  • black color scheme is always stylish and consistent,
  • in the presence of additional, bright accents, even such a conservative color can sparkle with new colors.

There are certain tips on how to wear a black shirt with jeans:

  1. so that the image does not seem too strict, it is better to combine a shirt with jeans of light shades, for example, with beige,
  2. if you picked up dark jeans for a black shirt, you need to complement the look with a bright scarf or sweater in bright colors,
  3. as for shoes, it is better to choose a pair of burgundy or brown color with a black shirt.

How to complement the image? (accessories: butterflies, glasses, shoes)

To create a festive look, you will need an additional element that can decorate and give originality, such as suspenders, a butterfly or a scarf in a contrasting shade. Properly selected sunglasses will be able to add sophistication and style to any look.

For a successful selection of shoes that will look harmonious with the kit, it is enough to rely on your image and stylistic focus. When creating an ensemble of a business young man, straight-cut jeans can successfully complement classic leather shoes without fasteners and related accessories.

Free models are best combined with sports-style shoes: sneakers, sneakers, moccasins, and rough boots. You can fill wide spoils in boots by wearing a jeans or flannel shirt on top.

The most practical footwear, combined with a shirt and jeans, are desert shoes that were once part of the military uniform of Great Britain worn by soldiers. Such shoes are very practical and versatile, as well as comfortable to wear and multifunctional. These boots are combined with both informal and sporty outfits.

Determining how to properly make out sets in which a shirt and jeans are present is possible only through trial and error. To do this, you need to create many ensembles, and after that already choose the most successful options. Most importantly, the composition of the clothes should look harmonious, fit the style, status and age of the man, as well as his physique, in line with the weather and season.

How To Wear a Light Blue and Blue Jeans Shirt

Such shirts are more related to the everyday look. Depending on the details selected, the look can be classic or smart casual.

Blue and Blue Jeans Shirt - Classic Casual

A blue shirt goes well with light jeans. According to stylists, the two most attractive masculine looks with a navy shirt:

  • with matching jeans
  • with beige jeans.

As shoes, moccasins are used.

You can beat the summer man's look with a blue shirt with short sleeves in white denim shorts and brogues. If you are going for an evening walk, throw a bright sweater of a beautiful lemon shade on your shoulders.

How to wear a red shirt with jeans

A shirt in a red color palette is a great choice for a special occasion, and it can also be used in a casual casual style. Definitely a red shirt is excluded from the business image, since such a bright detail is inappropriate in an office where a restrained, neutral style is supposed.

The classic combination is a red shirt, black jeans and a black sweater. Agree that in this way there is a Spanish mood. Casual style involves a combination of a red shirt with blue jeans, the image can be complemented with a blue jacket with a tone of trousers.

Note: if you want to impress others, try combining three colors - a red shirt, blue jeans and a yellow sweater. But remember that only three colors can be combined in one image.

How to wear a green shirt with jeans

Men's green summer shirt with jeans

Such shirts are especially popular among fans of casual and smart casual styles. This shirt can not be used in an official, classic and solemn style. It is important to consider the shade of the shirt, as the green palette is very diverse.

For example, light shades are more suitable for a laid-back look. Shirts of darker tones are more suitable for brown-haired women, they can be combined with beige trousers and a warm sweater.

Item No. 1 - Navy Jeans

The most versatile piece of men's wardrobe. Stylists boldly talk about such jeans - they will always be a fashionable and relevant trend. With their help create bright, diverse images, they are equally harmoniously combined with a sweater, jackets of various styles and styles, t-shirts and cardigans.

Navy jeans are a basic element of men's clothing

With a sufficient budget, choose jeans from trusted brands:

You can wear trousers of these brands for a long time without worrying about their condition. If you are constrained in the budget, pay attention to jeans of the Zara or H&M brands.

Item number 2 - white and blue shirt

This is the most functional detail of a men's wardrobe, goes well with everyday wardrobe, used for special occasions or in business suits. It is enough to purchase two shirts of each color and wear them alternating.

Well-known, trusted brands of quality men's shirts:

What is popular with men's denim long-sleeved shirts

Today, a denim shirt with a long sleeve is rightfully considered a tribute to modern fashion along with fitted shirts. The popularity of this wardrobe item among young men is due to the fact that such a shirt makes the image more fresh and interesting. Men of age like it because it gives them a slim figure and makes them visually younger.

Item number 3 - plaid men's shirt

An original and brighter alternative to discreet white and blue shirts. With their help, informal images are created. It is important to remember one rule - the larger the cell and the contrast of the color, the freer and more informal the image. Only a small check shirt is allowed to be combined with a business suit.

The advantages of a denim shirt with a long sleeve:

  • Stylish and versatile. In most cases, men's denim shirts create a fresh informal style. They combine with different things, creating interesting and stylish combinations.
  • Easy care. This thing will not require any special care from you. It will serve for a long time and at the same time maintain its presentable appearance.
  • Convenience and practicality. In addition to a fresh and stylish appearance, a men's denim shirt is a very convenient and practical thing. It passes air well, allowing the skin to breathe. This is made possible through the use of natural materials. Due to the optimal heat transfer, this thing will warm in cold weather and protect it from overheating in the hot season.

How to wear a pair of men's denim shirts with a long sleeve?

As the top, you can use a pullover, cardigan, sweater or leather jacket. To create a stylish look, you can leave open not only the collar and cuffs, but also the bottom of the shirt. At the same time, you need to look so that the shirt is not too long, because otherwise it will hang in the form of a skirt. A classic jacket from a suit or coat will not be the best option for a combination.

Optimal combinations:

  • Jacket. It is best to choose leather jackets, teddy or pilot-type jackets. A denim shirt goes well with leather goods. A blue denim shirt, a brown leather jacket, gray trousers, dark brown boots, and a brown leather belt are a perfect choice. This combination will create a stylish informal image.

  • Blazer. It is a good top option for a denim shirt. However, here you need to choose a non-classical top from the suit, and an informal tweed jacket. Of course, if you want to break stereotypes, you can combine a jeans shirt with a classic suit and tie. However, this image may be just tasteless. A great option is a combination that combines a blue denim shirt with a small-cage print tweed jacket and slim wool pants. Such clothes are suitable for early autumn or spring.

  • Cardigan. Perfect as an alternative to a jacket. With it, you can create an interesting informal style. A pair of light casual pants, a blue denim long sleeve shirt, and a gray cardigan will be the right combination. In this case, you should not choose too bright shirts with contrasting details or scuffs. It is best to choose a plain thin denim shirt with a gray wool cardigan.

  • Jeans shirt. This thing in itself can become outerwear if you wear it on a T-shirt. If you feel hot, then the shirt can be removed and stay in one T-shirt. When it’s cool, the shirt can be put on again. This combination will provide you with an excellent opportunity to look after the girl. For example, you can offer her a shirt, and you yourself will remain in a T-shirt.

What is the best fit for men's denim shirts?

  • Casual trousers are a great choice to complete the look with a denim chemise. For example, an ideal summer option is a light blue denim shirt with a tucked long sleeve and chinos. By the way, trousers can also be turned upside down, which will make the image even easier. Lightweight summer shoes such as espadrilles or canvas shoes are best suited as shoes.
  • Jeans also work well with a denim shirt. However, jeans made in the same tone as a shirt will look very boring and tasteless. Therefore, in this image it is better to create a certain contrast, which can be achieved by a combination of a blue shirt and light or even white jeans. Also a great option would be a combination of a Wrangler shirt and quality jeans.
  • Shorts are suitable for the summer option in combination with a denim shirt. However, it must be remembered that this option is only suitable for men who can boast of inflated and beautiful legs. Otherwise, it is better not to wear shorts and a denim shirt together. If you are confident in your physical shape, then shorts and moccasins on your bare foot will help to create an interesting and fresh summer look.

What accessories are better to complement the image?

Men's denim long-sleeved shirts go well with various informal accessories such as a belt, bracelets or a backpack. At the same time, a classic tie or an exquisite scarf for a combination with a denim shirt will absolutely not work. It’s best to choose brown accessories that work well with the shades of blue or blue. For example, to complement the look with a light blue denim shirt, you can wear a light brown belt, a dark brown backpack and a bracelet on your hand.

As shoes with a denim shirt, they combine:

  • sneakers,
  • sneakers
  • informal shoes
  • Brown boots,
  • loafers
  • boaters,
  • sleepers,
  • monks.

At the same time, a denim shirt does not go well with classic shoes and rude winter boots. The choice of a particular type of shoe depends on the image and general style of clothing. For example, jeans and a denim shirt will perfectly complement stylish sneakers. At the same time, in combination with shorts, loafers or boat shoes worn on bare feet would look better. If you plan to wear a denim shirt and a tweed jacket or cardigan, then the best choice is elegant brown autumn boots.

What color scheme does a jeans shirt look good with

Before deciding on the color scheme for the combination, you need to choose the color of the shirt itself. Modern men's denim shirts can be blue, blue, light blue, dark blue. In any case, the most successful color for the combination is brown and its shades. If you plan to wear a denim shirt with jeans, then you need to choose the right color scheme. It is necessary to achieve a contrast between the top and bottom. This can also be done by using bright accessories, such as a belt. A good option for separating shirts and jeans is a beige, green, or white belt. To create a contrast for denim, you can take a T-shirt in white, black or gray.

Rules for creating a kit

Country style jeans “Boot cut” or “Country style” harmonize perfectly with plaid shirts. Baggy style jeans with a baggy style that have a low waist are best worn with long t-shirts or loose shirts.

How to wear a shirt with jeans? It is important to know this to create a harmonious and attractive image. The style of the bottom and top should be combined, so straight trousers are best worn with fitted classic shirts, and wide jeans should be combined with loose-fitting products. Elegant and simple jeans “Comfort style”, “Easy style” are suitable for office work, evening walks, they can be combined with plain shirts of a classic style. “Job style” jeans are ideal for work, which are combined with straight and fitted shirts of the same color.

A shirt tucked into jeans looks beautiful and extravagant. This is a sports version of the ensemble, the element of which should be comfortable shoes - moccasins, sneakers or gym shoes. The shirt should be tucked in jeans if you want to create the image of a sporty man who is easy to lift. It is better to fill shirts in jeans or trousers to slim young people. Jeans have the ability to add harmony, but men who are inclined to overweight, it is better to wear a shirt on top, without tucking in. Wide shirts look perfect if they are tucked in straight jeans, and fitted ones look better when outfitted. A tucked-in shirt is suitable for the style of jeans with tackles. Such an unusual style will emphasize individuality and add brightness to the image.

As for matching shades, jeans and a shirt need not be the same color. The combination of a dark bottom and a light top and vice versa looks much more attractive. A man in jeans and a shirt looks stylish if the styles and shades of the elements of the ensemble are correctly selected. A checked shirt can be combined with light blue, blue jeans, or straight trousers in dark colors. Neutral tones create an office and business style. A gray shirt and light blue jeans, a white shirt and dark blue trousers are harmoniously combined. The black shirt is versatile and fits all shades of jeans.

Choose a shirt

A denim shirt goes well with jeans. Moreover, there are different options for shades of clothing - blue and blue, light blue and dark blue, gray and black, light blue and blue. Denim top and bottom make up a single style and allow you to create a solid masculine image.

When choosing a shirt, it is better to proceed from criteria such as taste, fashion preferences, personal style and image. There are many models of shirts made from cotton, synthetics and knitwear. All of them combine well with jeans, and the combination of cotton shirts and jeans trousers looks the most spectacular. An extravagant and fashionable positioned shirt on the issue with jeans. Today it is the most acceptable option, which is popular among young people. Half-fitting slim fit shirts look harmonious when worn over and over. Such shirts are exquisitely rounded at the bottom and have an optimal length. A skinny shirt with skinny jeans creates a cowboy style and adds a slim figure. If jeans are loose, then the shirt should be wide and not refuel inside.

The perfect combination of jeans and a shirt will help create a harmonious look. It is important to consider every little thing - the shape and length, type of collar, sleeve length, model and color of jeans.

  • For work and business meetings, a shirt with cufflinks and plain products with a high collar and long sleeve are suitable.

  • To create holiday image, you will need a decor element such as a butterfly.

  • Sports option is checkered or bright options with a rolled up sleeve and a classic collar. You can wear a leather short jacket or denim jacket on top of a shirt.

  • Outfit for discos or party - Loose jeans and a casual model.

  • For everyday wear Straight jeans and a classic plain or plaid shirt will do. Do not smooth the arrows on the jeans, as this element of clothing is more consistent with the sporty style.

The assortment of shirts is huge, so you can make a good choice and take into account your own wishes and taste preferences. You can choose a product for a man of any status, age and characteristics of the figure.

Solid dark shirts add harmony to men prone to fullness.

The vest is perfectly combined with the product; these elements of the ensemble complement each other and emphasize the dignity of the figure. Absolutely all models are suitable for youth - in a cage, strip, plain and multi-colored. In the photo in glossy magazines you can see how jeans with a classic shirt look perfect. You can use traditional ensembles - the classic top and bottom, or try experimenting using combinations of jeans and shirts of different styles and shapes. Baggy jeans with low waist, used for dancing or sports, are best combined with plaid or plain loose middle-length shirts.

Color scheme

It is important to choose the color of the shirt for jeans. Of great importance is the figure. For business meetings and office work, a carpeted, floral pattern with abstractions, waves or dots is not suitable. Business style is a combination of classic trousers and a monophonic model of discreet tones, so it is better to exclude green, orange, turquoise and lemon colors. If you want to purchase a striped option, the shade of the stripes should match the color of the jeans. The color of the cage should also match the color of the jeans. Stylists do not recommend wearing shirts with epaulets of a color that differs from the basic shade of the shirt. For office style, you can put on a tie and straight classic jeans under the shirt. For work it is better to use black or dark blue jeans, and blue or light gray trousers are suitable for walking.

You can only determine how to wear shirts and jeans by trial and error. For this, it is necessary to compose many ensembles and choose the most suitable option. It is important that the combination of clothes is harmonious, consistent with its purpose, age and status of the man, suitable for the weather and season. The best gift for a man on a holiday is jeans and a chemise selected in color and style! From the side it is always better to see what is suitable for the representative of the stronger sex. To please loved ones or friends, just make an online order indicating the size and model of clothing.

Item No. 4 - Desert Boots

Versatile Desert Boots

These boots were part of the British military uniform, worn by soldiers during the Second World War. The main difference between shoes - they are comfortable to wear, versatile, practical and multifunctional. Perfectly combined with clothes of informal and sports styles. The most famous brand of really high-quality and reliable shoes is Clarks. The budget option for deserts is Offise and River Island boots.

Item No. 5 - Round or V-neck jumper

Given the climatic and weather features of our latitudes, you can not do without a warm sweater in the wardrobe. This is not only warm, but also versatile clothing that will suit both a student guy and an older man.

First of all, you need to purchase a sweater in a neutral beige shade that harmoniously fits into any look. Then you can add a wardrobe with several more jumpers of brighter and more saturated shades, for example, burgundy, blue, brown.

Crew-neck jumpers are great for an informal look, and V-neck models can even be combined with a business suit.

When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the wool - a product in which more than 15% of synthetics is present will probably quickly lose its external aesthetic appeal, stretch and lose all appeal.

Note: when buying a product from wool, pay attention to the features of washing and immediately select the appropriate product.

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